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Episode 322: Keep Your Special Instructions To Yourself

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he never gave me Tuesday for this time pretty late like 22 like 12:45 183 and Bushwick

got nastase the hammer Lopez on the horn cuz she's you know she's busy doing catering again for her favorite people who are

are you today Night Live yeah she's dating a pasta Flyers doing me as a how you doing today it's like you know that you've done it do it goodbye you know what I mean like if I can re-up weidlinger remember back when I was at the top so you seen some Glory Days from a guy that never passes Glory Days he just gets better and better that guy I mean listen nothing against Bruce that's the first concert I ever went to love Bruce I wouldn't say he's in his

Prime anymore but I don't think that he's also not like clinging to add away like the Rolling Stones are you know like seeing it wouldn't be right now is like still working doing other stuff. I mean like

Musashi probably hate Bruce Springsteen because he's never know like I said before my Man Neil Diamond retired like right before I was going to get a chance to find a ghost I had like you know I had over 30 years of being conscious of his music and didn't go so bad on me see my prescription but you know the promise Bruce Springsteen concerts as they sell out like 13 seconds you know what I mean the scalping is going out of hand on the subway that

bothers the heck out of me all right so it's like so what's the ordering application to people they like the delivery app do people use an art for New York City GrubHub these GrubHub that's the one that they use elsewhere most people think you seen was here right are you leave seamless what about you guys seamless so for those who are from New York seamless I guess it's like your version of GrubHub or whatever they have the most irritating Subway ads they just really bug the hell out of me it's all of these it's like a bug add add like a and it's like all of these like pseudo witty notes that people have added to their food like instructions bird does it mean to be the whales need to be

be ready just means to look confident and we're like go tell my neighbor to stop stealing my wife I not funny listen like it's cute right I guess it's cute but my feeling is that everyone and no one involved in that advertising campaign has ever had a job delivering food that is my dad is my guest absolutely zero people involved in that ad have been delivery people and I guess you know what to be honest the vast majority of New Yorkers for ordering stuff is probably never worked delivery before I have work. Delivery before and let me tell you like we are not your plaything staff with like we are delivering you your food and were hustling out to deliver the next like order of food we just want to get our freaking job done and be left in peace we don't want to be a pain in your freaking game we don't none of that you know what I'm saying it's like

got to say it has really like it is really effed up the way that delivery is the now because we've been doing delivery of pacifier and people rights do that delivers food right it's got to be a little bit different now look when I was doing it it was also like that that the hyper anger crapshoot not knowing where you were going to get tipped now I think the vast majority of people are tipped ahead of time we just kind of bizarre like you know you know you know what you're going to get tipped in advance so you know whether or not you hate the you know the person or remembering back to Rod fine or who I work with and delivery whether or not they were going to spit in that person Pizza PS people happens in the real life if you really messed with your delivery person they're not all like super friendly to you you want to saying Stars not that no deposit fires going to do

why would you mess with someone who is with working hard and like trying to get like they're they're going out in the freaking rain big probably been T-boned by a car like who the hell knows what I'm saying it's just leave him alone you know what I mean a restaurant and you know he is trying to be like really clever with a server and like they don't they don't like that you know they're pretending to like you right now but they don't they don't need this in their day you know they've got enough going on for a long long time it's like basically everyone comes in starting at about a c and can go down

if you can't go up like you started to see and you can go down like don't underestimate write the fact that they get this person is being paid to be pleasant to you doesn't don't abuse that you don't I mean like don't have use it whatever silly what's some stupid stuff stripper is not your girlfriend just got on there because my my boyfriend likes it something like that and you're like crap now I got to do it but they're not paying for it

what is there a slot to buy extra sauce there's a slot to buy extra sauce and they don't use it

yeah and it's like no you like no I got to go down to like Chelsea Market I got to buy a lobster

but let me ask you this is there some mechanism whereby you can be like yes sure and charge them extra

not on

not on we have like three different ones but not on two out of three of them can you remove the guess you can't remove the notes section out of curiosity because I've never had to deal with these people and how much are they charging you like what like how much

open the space so that everybody knows because he knows restaurants in like tell cuz they have a deal or whatever and I ordered $50 worth of stuff from you how much how much does like the seamless equivalent get way how much 5501


what weight yeah that's negative prophets you're losing money everything you sent you drop it then how much does it cost if you're just like you know schlumpy make slump and shine on it usually where people fall so you're telling me you're telling me that it's as much as the food cost yep it's as much as what if you have your own delivery people

I'm not sure but it's got to be less but how did it go directly to their delivery people late at the McDonald's on the laws that we have

I'm not sure

that's crazy well be able to tell you don't do it cuz here's the thing right part of your business right it doesn't cost that much to hire delivery person because they're tipped wages so you're paying them you know whatever you're paying the tipped no tipped workers so then just a question of like yeah I guess that workers comp insurance right speaking of when I was working on a Booker and Dax prototype was sanding something yeah yeah and a pizza I'm saying something with a Dremel and I didn't put my safety glasses because literally I was saying a piece of plastic with a Dremel and this sanding that's a nice lad cutting discs that I had on must have had metal from the last time I was cutting metal with it on it through off a piece of metal right in my freaking I now

Dave when I was a young man my eyelids were good they can close fast and stuff wouldn't hit my eye but now you know now that you know I'm getting on here apparently my eyes have slowed down and a sucker went straight into my directly next to like all my cornea next to my people right okay so I'm thinking

pretty much so I'm thinking to myself this sucks but what am I going to do the same thing I always do I'm going to break it out right I'm going to Blink it out so I'm just breaking it out and like by the time like in a midnight rolls around them like maybe overnight my eye will swell up and the extra mucilage and pus will cause this object to come out of my eye when I wake up I'll be fine right as I do cuz this asking cuz I'm what

I'm a I'm an animal right so I wake up and at this point when I wake up not only can I not open my eye but even shining a light on my clothes dye causes an even shining a light on my clothes I is intensely painful because here's what's interesting when your eye swells up or like has like a like internal irritation every time your iris moves to accommodate 2 light level it's intensely painful that's what like light sensitivity is so every time I passed in and out of it as on with different lighting I go through so I had to go in and it's a tiny piece of so you can be completely incapacitated by the metal so yesterday had to like strap my head down and flick the thing out of my eye with a needle and then they had to get it

taking it out of your eyeball with a needle and then I get another the ER attending did that and then they wait for the for the eye doctor to come in and he does the same thing to remove get this Dave you'll enjoy it the rust ring around where the metal was you like that and then I had to get a tetanus shot booster cuz I couldn't remember no I wish but the very next day I got stabbed with a piece of rusty metal so like I was like I don't have my tetanus booster so I'm good I mean I didn't even I completely ignored the Stab Wound the next day with a rusty piece of metal because you know I was set

what are the roebling's around every cloud is the sun waiting to Blind you anyways that we were going that don't why why did you even bring that up what we talkin about we were talking about bad things happening who knows where your safety glasses people wear your safety glasses show me see so last week we didn't have a show because I was in London and visiting Stonehenge and bath. Go back to bed nice place I didn't really get to eat out that much any fancy places because I was with a bunch of kid but I did indulge my favorite English confection which is talking and love English toffee

what is the original why do you know like you'll caramel right you like do you like crap

do you like late waiver freaking care about what

what I only like those Bulls I want those are your delicious that's my favorite all-time candy so but that that same kind of flavor but like 30 times harder is what like traditional English toffee and I got like it because I like things that fight me on a constant basis when I'm eating them you know what I mean

tell him that you met my anger teacher and I did the day I flew back from London was like you're doing a talk so I gave it talk to the Christmas tosee app for as much as she's like I can afford a microwave I dont have space for a toilet right like for all that talk but she's a graduation is always claiming poverty on everything right space but she is like a an organizer of the Stanford entrepreneurs entrepreneurs Christian the statues on the list she's buying one of these tests but again so free cable free stealing cable building was like Hey everybody here gets cable anyway so

yeah we had to talk about what it was like to start a business and I met nastassia Sanger teacher

and she was like that you're angry enough you should come just to clarify the teaching you how to be angry or how to manage your anger

how to use anger as a way of not exercise in the Linda Blair sense right exercise in the demonic possession I mean is there a difference it's just a slight matter of degree you think

about this whole thing was that Dave completely like massacred our business the trailing Edge Equipment business it was seemed really stupid up there I'm proud of what we do we do a good job but like but imagine if you did like it's like when it's like when my wife went into architecture everyone tries to dissuade her from doing it because if you really want to do it you're going to do it anyway but it's not a good business to get into unless you really want to do it you want I'm saying it's like you know anybody about going into the media industry is you really want to do it you don't I mean like cuz the odds of massive success are minimal rack

then do it you know but you know if you just are looking for selling some way to make money like you know learn blockchains anyway block any chain block ID block block block any chain for dinner Often by the way friend of the show and Donley friend of the show are starting a blockchain related fake business together but I can't discuss it because they would sue me it's big as of now it's fake you know knowing Donley he's already registered the name it's one of those things where it's all about the name next time he comes on organic comes on we'll see if they don't tell you about so I'll let's get to some o and by the way I probably will not be here next week because I need to fly to knit I need to fly to Denver Colorado because I'm going to I'm going to be filming another teaser for yet another television show that will never get picked up all right

it wasn't called time machine fridge

it was not call it was called time machine chef

and I would have to go in the refrigerator to go back and I don't have to go to a frigerator I was merely a judge

I was merely a judge is going to be a show and they actually released it they did the show but it never got bought but it was for a real Network so people if you're ever going to do like some sort of TV saying if they still have TV these days are in the future if they have TV the money is ginormous Lee bigger on network versus cable right so this was a network show so yeah that was years and years ago but that was you know the first time when I was in a situation where I wasn't allowed to like go get my own coffee because they needed to know where everyone was it every second anyway so that didn't get picked up here's the thing

90 times out of a hundred no one's going to pick up the show so no matter what work you do the safest thing to do when you're going to do media work the safest thing to do as a talent which by the way is a when I call you talent that means that they hate you right so like if someone calls you a talented means they hate you but if that if that's your job the the truth is just assume that it won't happen like when you're working like work as though you know it will work but assume that nothing will happen because 99 times out of a hundred it doesn't write Natasha that is true unless you're already famous which case chances are it'll work but like if you're not already famous or if like your basic pitch is like there's nothing no one in media wants to hear I'm going to do things totally different from the way everyone else did it there like no I don't know how to write a check for that I want you to do it exactly like this other person did but just looks like

different right that's why we have all these superhero movies are you talking crap about Black Panther superhero movies in general superheroes hero now everyone's a hero he's making sandwiches Davis almost 12:45 a.m.

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I saw the first segment sounded like Jackie molecules but this segment did not sound like Jackie molecules yeah I'm saying whoever was reading it there was a really didn't sound like in the second time around first time it sounded like him I might take some love Corin here's the thing like that's as maile Carpenter my sister-in-law the head of the Food Network Magazine would say not a range like like American to pan-Asian to French Lick those are three things you pick

I don't think we were out that night or Pan Asian sharpening stone people say this very quick that said a million times before super expensive typically Japanese kind of like water stone people work with like they're great obviously they're fantastic but that is like a religion that's like a like a religious thing so if you want to belong to a religion that has to do with sharpen your knives then by all means like get the different grades like soap the stuff like true them out you know you know get down on your knees and pray to your knife before you sharpen but you know for the rest of us I think Diamond Stones work fine it's just me anyway I've never had anyone frankly who's use the ice forget to DMT or whatever whatever one I always recommend the big the big big big big big big one be like you know what my knives are dull now that's because they they sharpen great and they take no freaking maintenance nastase if you were a night person would you want to spend half your time when you're when you're doing nice maintenance do you want

about your knife or about your stone

my knife yes anyway the whole Sushi thing and it's some sort of like you know yes Sensei kind of a situation and then by all means like Go full water stone you know enjoy okay so Eddie from Manchester rights in I was after some tips on fermenting and vacuum bags remedy when making a number of different flavored me so's I was hoping to prevent them in vacuum bag so I can make small batches and save on space and mess he's a good reason to use a vacuum bag remember in in I Think It's the Great Pumpkin when Lucy threatens line as he's like or would maybe it was in that was in Bay Christmas when when when line is goes why should I and she goes I'll give you five good reason to make such a thing as face those are good reasons to like like my kids and I say that to each other all the time those are good reasons

my plan was to make miso badges vac them and then store them inside larger bags in case they explode which is a good thing I always double bag anything that's fermenting by the way as things for meant if they're producing carbon dioxide they will inflate and like they get real hard like pillows typically the bags that you use have enough gas permeability such that they will vent gas especially those High pressures prior to exploding so I have never I've had them leak because like a bad seals which happens you know depending on your bags your Technique in your vacuum can happen up to one in 10 bags can have a small leak in it a lot of that has to do with whether or not you know getting the bag exactly flat on the ceiling bar sector II sector but which by the way is Willy Wonka a reference anyway but from the end memo piss anyway

but typically as they inflate if the bags are the no commercial strength ones that we use they won't rupture they'll just get real pillowy real hard and then they slowly vent out their gas as they as they go because you're not a hundred percent gas impermeable to answer that

I'll check them regularly and if bag puppet pop up excessively then I'm guessing I can open and release the gas and we vacuumed them and I don't think you should I was wondering if it was okay to pull a full vacuum on the Miso and have it for man successfully and safely I heard a podcast from the Nordic Food Lab team who mentioned that they were trying to leave some are in the bags when they steal things for fermenting in order to avoid botulism risk any thoughts and tips would be great PS I'm enjoying my spends all looking forward to trying more stuff that to Cheers Eddie okay so here's going to say about that so he wrote and said he's doing sweet miso and he's in the 5 to 7% salt range with with what he's doing and he eventually gives a very short short term fermented miso he wants to do some longer-term ones during the 20th 25% salt ring okay

so here's the thing so me sew is is a multi-phase fermentation but if you think about it there's two main steps right the first step you using a mold and aspergillus to know to actually put in the enzymes that are doing that the other coach Estep remaking the coach and doing all that that obviously requires oxygen because molds require oxygen to survive and that's why I'm old is on the top of prison to your making pickles near the pickle crock and water gets into it you can get some olamina air gets into it you can get some mold on the top so putting something in a vacuum will inhibit mold but the mold isn't really a big thing in later stages of miso fermentation later stages of muse fermentate Lisa fermentations are lactic acid bacteria typically other bacteria and yeast both of which can function in an anaerobic environment now

if you have let's say you just had soybean paste with nothing else in it right and you were to inoculated with botulism and then you were to seal it as long as you're above about 8.5% salt in the liquid phase or 10% salt according to clostridium botulinum ecology and control and food by hauschild the water face concentration for complete innovation of botulism growth and toxin production should be about 10% but me so you gotta remember me so it's probably only about 50% solid so anything about above about 5 6% and you should be a salt by weight of total batch you should be in a pretty safe Zone in terms of botulism add that to the fact that you have other bacteria in there that are competing with it other Yeezys that are competing with it and you probably never measured the pH of me so but it's probably somewhat lower than neutral so that's another hurdle and you should be fine

a small amount of air that's in it will probably be leaving the bag will probably get consumed relatively quickly by the yeast in there that can consume oxygen if they want to their their facultative that way and so I don't think it's going to be so helpful lot of times if you're doing straight lactic acid or other things you can leave a little bit of air in the bag such that if there's any sort of aerobic anaerobic bacteria stuff that you want to happen at the beginning and then have it stopped then you can leave a little bit of air in the bag I actually don't get used up and then it'll go into fully anaerobic fermentation but short answer is I don't think it's going to be a problem if you were really super duper worried about it you could add a pinch of nitrate to it and I tried to it and that should knock it out but I wouldn't be overly worried especially in your later recipes where you're going to be moving up to you know higher salt content like really really really don't don't worry about it from a New Orleans I'm about to buy a really sore country hamburgers

descriptions on how to carve it on your show and can't wrap my head around is there some reason I can't just carve this like a Jamon Iberico gets card on the YouTube I figure between carvings I'll just cover the car spot in lard and wrap the ham up and wax paper will that work yeah you wear the wax paper is touching it you can get like probably things growing on it molds and what not growing on the actual kind of cut surface Morris Berger I think was Maurice I forget what I haven't spoken to the burgers personally in about 14 years but yeah 14 years but yeah they used to just cover the cut surface with lard they would leave it hanging as I've said on the show before to prevent Vermin from getting to it and prevent it from drying out so covering large should be good. Monte berico people cover it up temporarily with pieces of the of the fat they sliced off so that should work just to prevent but remember that especially large that you buy goes rancid pretty quickly so I would wipe like some

I mean it really wipe off any large that you put on it make sure that doesn't get too greasy and maybe throw away the First Slice that you take off of off of the top if it gets kind of rancid and nasty not to your former thing is that the problem with by the way when you're buying a Burgers ham you want to buy any any ham that you want to hand slice right you want it to be for an American country ham especially you going to want it to be well over 9 months a year as it's hard to slice a 9-month ham to be independent how you make it but if it's traditionally being hung and it's not in the forest drying room if you slice it any earlier than nine months that the center of the meat is just too freaking soft to slice adequately it's going to come up on it's not going to look it's not going to have that mahogany look that you know that you see in in like a like a really good I'm all alone or you know even in like you know Prosciutto de Parma but aren't around

12 months is really good slicing range for American country hams but because of the way that they're hung and because of the way they're cured the confirmation of them there's always going to be a big giant difference in texture between the center of the meat and outside so the outside needs a special on exposed flesh part are always going to be a lot harder and that's hard or so to 12 months Hannah going to be a lot harder there and still going to be fairly soft in the like the fat part of the kind of pushing area of the meat and so it make that also makes it a little bit more difficult to slice it along the way that you would for a Jamon Iberico but that the main challenge here is it there just cured in a different shape if you look there some people who cure their hams American to cure their hands long you stretched out and long and those ones are probably be easier to slice as though it was pneumonia berico you might have to remove some of the bone around the H bone area if they leave it in to try to let you know make the slicing more effective but the ones that are scrunched up tight

printer more cannon ball shaped I think you're going to have a tougher time doing that you know the three Direction slicing like they do with with Emma but hey give it a shot and let let me know let me know I haven't had a Burgers ham in a long time. Is that good enough answer no more no more

all right well I'll do it alone cuz I have I have three more like a yes or no question

UGA you hate me regardless of Colin Hunter Road and I'm not going to answer this one right now, and Hunter Road and answers from people I want them dead to email email problems in New Zealand and he's working with this product called Mama coo right when you type Mama coo into your browser it thinks you're looking for Mama say Mama saw mamaco saw from Michael Jackson when in fact you're not you're looking from Immokalee which is this Fern that they eat in in New Zealand but it's extremely mucilaginous right and so Collins looking for a way to combat mucilage in general in foods and so I'm going to leave that out I want people to text or write Us in and like talk about their mucilage things he says he's tried to treat it like okra please try to soak it is soaked from 30 minutes to 3 days and various amounts of salt you soak getting acids for varying lengths of time both before and after salting Cesar classic things to do with mucilage right he's

frying it deep frying and baking it roasting it sous-vide high to low temp and his enemies can't get rid of enough of them usual age to have it be what he thinks is like applicable in most people's like of mucilage right so he's hit all these high notes of things that you would typically say to do I would say I would like to hear some tips on people I was looking at Mountain yams cuz those are some slippery things those are those are the ones where we were peeling on the front of Nastassja and someone picked it up and shot across the room and it shattered on the floor and everyone liked was relating it to think things that we shouldn't talk about on Erica's nightmares complete nightmare I had a non used one of those it was kind of temperate and I got to figure out how the chef on the Slime there anyone that has me stuff on how to get rid of this sort of slime or they have any experience in particular with this particular slime I'll be interested to hear it

just FYI people mucilage in plants are typically extracellular polysaccharides okay so you know similar to legs and pants not so that the thing is is a lot of times if you keep them in the plant product until you consume them it masks their kind of present opener works sometimes the mucilaginous texture develops and get stronger as you add it to more liquids because the stuff leeches out and then can functionally slime up a lot more liquid that in itself contains right so just not cutting something can prevent a lot of slime drying things can prevent slime if you drive the outside for instance and then fry it once the outside is dry perhaps it won't be mucilaginous in the middle but this is why I saw a thing why vinegar because they shift how and soaking is because they shift and or dilute this polysaccharide it's in there that's a slime but anyone that has any suggestions I'd appreciate it so next week or not next week so I won't be around next week we'll get to Marlow

questions about martinis and cooling them and dilution in martinis cuz we don't have time to get to it now this will have been cooking issues

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