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Episode 321: A Baby in Every Slice

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you're listening to Heritage Radio Network we remember supported food radio network broadcasting over 35 weekly shows live from Bushwick Brooklyn join our hosts as a lead you through the world of craft brewing behind the scenes of the restaurant industry inside the battle over school food and Beyond find us at Heritage Radio Network. Org radio network every Tuesday from roughly 12:45 yeah. David debus what's up Dave quick shout-out to Angela garbutt's of Goldenrod pastries in Lincoln Nebraska it was on the network last week and brought me some great cookies and is a big fan of cooking it

say hello I was last week she's back in Lincoln Nebraska I sent was one of the interns turns the French Culinary Institute back in the day like the hardcore good crew so I don't think Martha Stewart has stopped by her Bakery for for a pastry but I know for a fact Martha Stewart once landed her private jet to pick up a sandwich so if any of you have a private jet and you are flying over the great state of Nebraska remember the entire state is a Runway so all you got to do is choose like a convenient Spot somewhere near Angelus Place land and get some pastries right when you think it's a good idea Dave sounds good to me by the way, your questions to send money for 9:17

chamonix 49728 what sex I turn it up a little bit yesterday and it was so loud cuz it dead rabbit was having their there ain't like you know their yearly like you know new menu anniversary party thing they releasing a whiskey the dead rat Dead Rabbits a very famous bar here in New York for those of you that don't know famous bars and I was there with some of our Eno upcoming bar team out there with Don and with Jack and Nick Bennett and Jack Schramm to former bartenders from Booker and Dax Nick Bennett is of course has its own program porch light and jack turn the guest shift there so if you want to see two former bdx bartenders ahead bartenders behind the stick the same time though there tonight between 7 and like 9 or until Jack decides to go so

Summit dead rabbit and it's so loud I start screaming I was like I know tomorrow morning it's going to sound like I took up like a 12 pack if they have it and it does with a good thing about it is being a good thing about that is it there certain songs that we really good for your singing career in across 110th Street Bobby Womack

Nicole 210 Street yeah yeah yeah dude yeah Bobby Womack is not listening you think his lawyers are listening he is definitely not but he's always listening

why do you like that song that's a great song it's a great song hundred 10th Street that brought into my mind because on the way to the dead rabbit I was listening one of the all-time great movie soundtracks Superfly you know Curtis Mayfield and so like it was perfect like on the way back with the raspy voice in the morning I was like I can just continue my kind of like 70s blaxploitation film track day and it was like it was good if it's a good reason to have your voice remote it is a street

well you know there's a couple of your back in the 70s

that is where I should park ends yeah I mean like that neighborhood is mean nothing like it was back in it in it anyway whatever we were talking about how it's so sad that soundtracks now or you know that no one does he's awesome either theme songs or soundtracks and then Kendrick Lamar and crew puts out the Black Panther on my can I wait for them to you this give me an insight to see that yeah sure I don't really dig superhero movies that much but don't let School know I don't like being an aloof hipster or something I mean I said I don't have kids

get everything Nacho Libre how do I how do I work like this how do I work with this there's a character that we need to drink after it Booker and Dax called esqueleto who's like this like like super skinny guy and one of his lines as he hates all of the orphans in the whole world all of them

answer there probably better behaved so that anastacio like I you enjoy that I put the the Tweet up yesterday about day king cake with all the baby and man like a lot of Millennials can't take a joke I don't know the first of all I did was a king cake to completely traditional by the way completely in the whole thing with the all three colors of sugar that that garish looking like you know purple green and yellow no sugar on top of the gla's all this other stuff it's basically look the king cake if you've never had it before it's basically like you know I'm mildly enriched dough almost a little bit hotter than a cinnamon bun

seven-year-old up like pecans and raisins and brown sugar and crap much like his new form it into a ring and then after you bake it you shove a plastic baby Jesus into the bottom of the cake and then you slice the cake up because Christianity has Christianity and then you slice the cake up we know what the thing is is that like you have one thinks of this is as a orange thing but in I remember in Co in Spain getting you know case with this little token so like the cake and then whoever gets the baby they have to they have to get the cake next to you see what I mean so it's not actually a positive thing but the funny thing was is it almost no one who was all bent out of shape about me making fun of ever being a winner there like most people confuse like our generation with with baby boomers I need to tell Millennials that there is a whole group of people us forgotten what's what am I what am I What's My Generation X

yeah we're not the Baby Boomers like we wish we could have destroyed the environment we wish we could have thrown you guys into debt but yeah we just we never had the power to do it you know what I mean we're just we're losers that way they don't get the joke that you just slacker is he didn't do anything about it yet baby again sorry but you know now my call but you know I wish the baby so they all have to provide a king cake next year so it's like double hose anyway whatever it's delicious I know you don't like that I don't know it just seems like one of those things or it's all about the the ceremony and the the spectacle rather than actually eating it incorrect

you're thinking about it wrong it shouldn't be called like a king cake it should be called like a king coffee pastry

like only what you really want to do is have a slice of that you know when it's relatively fresh after it's gone stale you know garbage but like it was relatively fresh with a cup of coffee I mean you like a you like a coffee pastry do not Dave yeah of course I'll write up for you Angela coffee pastries. Com in the meantime because okay so today nastase I'm on the freaking train and they just decide to skip my setup

it's not a good it's not a good look on a subway station where you would have been late anyway so anyway here's the question is from Brandon Johnson and Charlotte has a high ball question do you like what I need you like a cocktails doesn't like cocktail doesn't like Bisquick should get it all doesn't like biscuits doesn't like you know lemongrass doesn't like fungus doesn't like mushrooms if she likes mushroom she doesn't like like fungus growing on things she hates Lego Hunger Hunger induced Leaf abnormality foot infections instructions

I just don't go to the gym infections though is that we mentioned something show before but it Bears repeating one more time that the Salt Rising bread man we've talked about it for on the show million signed Salt Rising bread is an interesting read Because solids action at the rising agent the rising agent is the Sheep a theme of the pathogen that bacterial pathogen clostridium equestrian perfringens the classic study was printed right after World War where they took the bacteria directly off of a gangrene sufferer who had no received gangrene from a wound that they had in the trenches of World War 1 and dude bake bread with it

and ate it how about that that's some hardcore business cuz I don't have to eat the rest of the day

that person took it for you at you I like salt in the chat room sent a tweet that somebody directed at you in response to your Millennial cake Rouge. All right dear Dave we're sorry your old well not really instead of being bitter exercise or something weird regards Millennials signed on behalf of the entire generation apparently I mean like first of all first of all

first of all not not not at all bitter about it like I'm super psyched to be part of my generation. I mean I'm not super cycle of Life Choices I've made some really good ones not so good I mean I hope everyone when they know I hope everyone's happy with every age they are in life you know what I mean like I had some really bad ages like Appalachian State but I've been super stoked with every age so there's nothing I'd rather not be right now you're blaming it always strikes me as odd when people say they go college has the best time of your life I mean if that's true then shouldn't you just kill yourself after college if it's not going to get any better what's the point in continuing but you know the other thing is so like so it's not a food issue so we shouldn't get into it but like you know what I would have issues after the election it's just the one where I was completely dead wrong right after the election I was

the Millennium I was trying I was blaming the Millennials wrongly as it turns out right I'll take the Millennials didn't come out and vote and that's kind of like it I will look at the statistics percentage of people from each age group when I was that age I also didn't vote me as a group you know what I mean so it's like everyone wants to blame the generation that came before The Generation that came after it's just you know exercise to look at it is true the Baby Boomers wrecked the economy in the environment but yeah yeah I don't know whether the scholarship is still good but the author's point was well taken which is everyone thinks that what's happening which is Bo can be true right I mean like we could destroy the Earth but everything is happening like has never happened before is unprecedented and then goes on and in like highlights all of the like basically as soon as humans have the ability to do something terrible they do it so there's no point in blaming any

a group of people like Baby Boomers right like as soon as we have the shipping capability and Vic and the fishing capability we wiped out as much of the ocean as we possibly could and its Generation by generation as soon as he have capability to do it you do it you know what I mean sounds like a baby boomer cop outfit

that's where the Baby Boomers from you I'm just saying like that guy whoever that is making the argument know how old is Mac so weird Episode by the way it has to be like if you have a problem you know you got to get in touch with me and they said oh we will we will do it in me Sears I know where to go if my man again ridiculous there are several fridges here so no I did not get a chance to check on the right

are there recent data special tap machine hookup from suntory that dispense the cocktail the results were extra fizzy with a ton of bubbles exercise does not make me feel good exercise makes me feel like garbage I want you to do this class with me okay so help you get it out when I was building up inside of you want to toss please do you know if you wanted to lower the water table of my anger you know how much you have to tap yeah that's why you should try it back to the highball

the results were extra fizzy with a ton of bubbles it's right and then I'm going to miles an hour up every stairway in the freaking Subway half a mile an hour with the freaking yoga mat in the freaking City hitting me in the face with a freaking yoga mat so real quick look at all these things like the middle of the sidewalk and the top of the stairs to make sure you totally should I love it when people stop at the top of the stairs and look around to do it in front of them know what the world is not about in the world is not a tit-for-tat situation.

hear the Brandy was dealing with and he said what is the highball machine doing to give all that extra Fizz is a mixing whiskey and soda as it's dispatch like a fountain drink all right I got to be honest with you I don't know but I doubt it here's why I took a look at the tap I could saw a picture of it and the tablets like a dedicated tab so what they're probably doing is carbonating the mixture and getting it super cold the key to Super carbonation first of all they probably do relatively low alcohol to the lower the alcohol percentage the easier it is to get ripping ripping bubbles now there people on the internet who are reviewing this phenomenon of the a highball on tap who are there clearly lying clearly lying because they said something absurd like it has four times or five times the carbonation of soda and 1 and 1/2 * the carbonation of champagne but if you do the math what that saying is that you know so that champagne has over 2 in

three times the carbonation of soda which is not the case right like in terms of actual grams of CO2 per liter of Beverage so the math doesn't even add up on its own page so don't believe the hype that they write on the internet. What the truth is that the higher the alcohol to more CO2 you need to get into it for certain level of bubbles also the more it's going to foam up because the more alcohol is in at the lower the the the higher the viscosity in the lower the surface tension so what happens is you have his phenomena in a phone so in order to get a very high kind of bubble amount you need to get the temperature as low as possible so what they're probably doing is mixing carbonating under under high pressure and then cooling it to almost almost to the point where you going to get crystals as soon as you get ice crystals in your drink they form nucleation sites and you get massive amounts of bubbling so that's the first step that they're probably doing it probably showing it to a very accurate

temperature you're probably doing a relatively low percentage of alcohol if I had to guess if you wanted really ripping carbonation I would guess somewhere between 11 and 12 no more than 13% alcohol on it maybe they do less I don't know I haven't tasted their they're mixed then the trick is dispensing it so where most people go wrong with tap carbonated cocktails is that use a relatively crappy cap for instance like a beer tab is meant to allow a certain amount of phone and beer taps are relatively bad at compensating between the very high-pressure yet your carbonating a try which is much higher than beer much higher than beer and the relatively low pressure of atmosphere also if the lines are are still for a long time and there's any leak or anything at all on me and it happens no matter what you get little bubbles in the line and as soon as you open the top as the drop in pressure propagate backwards in line you start getting foaming in the line so as it comes out

of the tap it's already starting to foam it hits the atmosphere phones even more so that the kind of stop that what you want is it at like a very like kind of long cold laminar flow of stuff is not going to create a lot of turbulence as it comes out a very good compensator valve that that lets just Upstream out nicely so you're not throwing of the bubbles everywhere the gun tabs that makes right at the thing like a soda machine does they put the the syrup and the carbonated water through very fine nozzles and then mix them in a large amount of incredibly turbulent and causes a lot of bubble that's why when you hit a soda fountain machine you see that like Niagara Falls like phony look that comes out of that like thick nozzle and that right there in a carbonated water carbonated beverage you can kind of deal with because it'll settle down really quickly and whatever the CO2 loss that you've lost you know what kind of it you just take that hit new deal with it but if you kind of piff you take that hit with an alcoholic beverage

you typically it's just it's it's all freaking over it's like you've lost so much of the Bible said it's you know almost like what why Try which is why most people if they're doing carbonated cocktails on tap unless they have a dedicated machine like this you don't remember there's no particulate matter in there's no juices there's no nothing there's nothing in there other than the whiskey and the liquid so it's very water so it's very kind of typing but most people do it need to stick with kind of low carbonation drink but I'd like to try one of these things and I'm not a huge fan of whiskey and soda but you know I'm down to down to try to break it

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how could just do it we're not a spot to figure out what kind of patent protection we have first on what's going on for Tuesday at 10 or you can just listen to the April 8th episode of Liv and 14th Street Dino days that nastassia is almost the owner of a Tesla on the air

hey how's it going I had a question about fermented orange drink that you've mentioned the number of times in the past I thought I knew your Instagram if you could give us a procedure to make that drink so I would clarify the orange juice and then and you know do it however you want I recommend you use a spinzall then you just nice nice and then you can write so let it sit for a while before you spin it so that you get like them you know most kind of solids out of it because anything it's leftover is going to be a nightmare when it once a month of carbonates up and then you have to this is where the choice comes in now you have to choose what you know ABV you're going to want to have with it so you

I think I took it up I forget what the brakes I took it too I think I took it to like 14 bricks I have to remember you just go online and you look up you know bricks 282 Brix to potential ABV and when you're doing is she going to fermented basically dry so you can just forget also the standard bricks of OJ it say somewhere like 11:00 right so you just enough sugar to it to take it up to the break so your alcohol level at the end I think I shot for like 8% alcohol somewhere in that range and then I used just like you know cheap old red star champagne yeast and pitched it and peanut butter near lock in it and fermented dry I was doing like small I think like a gallon batch or something I forget what size car boys I was doing it in the little ones though and yes as soon as it stops bubbling you can pull it and you can bottle it and you can krausen it with sugar which it I've done or you can force carbonate up to you it generally I think

Chase best fairly soon if not something you want to lay down to it's not like apple cider where you know she's going to get better and better shortly after it finishes fermenting you just give it like you know you know it like a week or a couple days rest you know mellow out and finish whatever is going to do it unless you're going to krausen it and add it or not going to force carbonate you going to krausen in which case she know you got to wait for the CO2 to build up inside of it but yeah it's super easy and it's a nice thing about it is that as the sugar goes away the the orange profile on the little bit of bitterness that slept really comes up and so it it goes back to being something kind of more complicated but when that when there's all that sugar in there it's like it's relatively simple as a beverage you know it's kind of useless and then once it ferments try and is bubbly it's quiet and I like it maybe try get a try and let me know what you think I know I like I like it

that's awesome yeah you've mentioned a few times and I've been wanting to try it so cool thanks for that Dave I'm going to take me to take the comment that entire generation earlier in the show ink in good fun as I hope they also took the king cake on at Renaissance style see how do you say here's an interesting little bit of food news did you see that you know blockchain Bitcoin so do I was talking about new lab

cuz I have two people there there are you everyone's blockchain now it's the thing like you had some money making you know dragic no blockchains all right you see that are applying it to food so they like cuz it's not so much of a problem here in the US but you know and in other countries food counter fittings a huge huge deal right and so you know they have these now they're using blockchain technology to identify foods that you can go check the authenticity of your food and it can't be faked like I don't care I don't ever have a food problem because I live in New York City and spend my money I know any good foods come on your own pasta flyer how's that going to do that this would be so much fun

nastassia Lopez set up a restaurant Dave you'll enjoy this are we going to do on this trash can like like 5 ft tall you have to be freaking a basketball player to throw food away at her place it's so stupid because whoever designed this like we have a handicap lifts like like that's the entire restaurant is based around this lift yet the food the trash receptacle and anyway she saw the dressing-down come in with your hand jigsaw and saw the trash in been crazy person I have I have Dennis back at my place I was going to go into the whole story mode gas but I'll have to do it next why do you say why am I so I finally got gas back yesterday but dad is going to pull me off the air so we'll talk about that won't be here next week I'll be flying back next week

so in two weeks I'm sending your questions and I'll talk about the travails of gas and what I've learned about the lies that plumbers tell you what I've learned about gas regulators what I've learned about gas supplies and glorify you know interested in cooking I think they want to know how their equipment works and how they can make it better I was also going to describe by the way how you what you should never do from a safety standpoint I was going to describe my history of manipulating gas-fired cooking devices and different ways of doing it like solenoid vs. bypass anyway Marin cooking issues

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