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Episode 32: Change the Music

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fishes are you calling with all of your cookies without nastasha the hammer Lopez calling Audrey questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 will be here for about the next 45 minutes or so anything anything to Natasha before we get into our daily business weekly announcement about the upcoming fundraiser for the tickets available to I think it's got to be one of the coolest clothes events we've ever run cuz it's the first and look it up but we have cesare Casella from Super Mario Rosie doing preserve meat we have Dave Chang we have white

friend we have Mark Ladner we have our very own Carlo from libertas Brooks Headley from Del posto new ignoring our buddy Christina Tosi we have David bote from Prime Meats Jamie Gordon from Pernod Ricard can't go to a from pegu Club along with Audrey Saunders from taking Club Thomas wall from death and Company and Evan claim from Be Our Guest all doing Museum themed and you've got Ailes nd I'm going to be doing in a moose boosh I have you know that in private I always refer to it as an amuse-bouche but I'm aware that it's in a moose Bouche I'm using the mouth I'll be doing a news boost myself and lucky lucky people might taste a little bit of Mana from Heaven dissolved into iconic right going to be the richest anyway there are still tickets available but buy them while they last it's on Sunday March 27th at 1 p.m. at Del posto restaurant and it's must attend event on the season yes or no

okay I'm going to tend to some of our email questions been rode in and said that I mentioned I got a cheap PID controller and PID controller for those of you that don't know is a controller usually we control temperature but you can control anything with it you can control humidity you can control pressure and very accurately get to a particular thing that's a temperature without overshooting whatever going over it just sits rocks out there and it's become basically the norm for a high-end temperature control immersion circulators have it people make their coffee machines have enemies just the thing to do with used to be that you can get one for a controller that is 4 less than a couple hundred dollars but recently the price is way down the cheapest PID controller band that I have seen comes from Auburn instruments Auber instruments and handle so you a complete PID controller for about thirty five bucks

I don't know if it's any good or not but they'll start send you one for about thirty five bucks I have used a love controllers from Dwyer instruments they're going to run like $89 you can get the more higher brand name one Fuji or watlow for a couple hundred bucks but mean from Auburn instruments for 35 bucks couple of dollars delivered not such a bad deal they all you can get them to a 110 socket that's not that's not a problem one thing I would look for with them is if you can spend a little extra money and get one with a solid state relay as opposed to regular relay for the output I think you're going to be happy to be quieter and it's going to be longer lasting you just want to make sure that whatever you're running that you can drive the amount of current that you need so if you're going to be making the chain immersion circulator it's not going to need more than about a thousand Watts so you really not going to need more than about 10 amps through if you want to make sure that the controller can handle about 10:00 amps and then you're going to be okay so then I hope that answers


go to another question we have from Ryan rights in about creme de Violette and I noticed a ship to test creme de Violette I'm actually not such a big fan myself by the way I have had it Ryan's interested in going to be specifically because of the cocktail gin base cocktail the aviation that uses it famously using it and so he says I love the classic cocktail the aviation and you probably were made this requires creme de Violette sadly my state of Ohio doesn't allow just to get in the state at the moment and well I'm sure I can order a bottle online and pay shipping we're only about a month away from Violet season here in Ohio so why not make it look for a recipe to make creme de Violette have had no luck any pointers to be great and I also sheet for see the issue of the Violet infusion eventually Browning so many heads up on how to avoid that would be great

I looked in a bunch of recipes online I don't get Rothman which is one of the people that actually distribute creme de Violette here in the states and they claim to actually use Violet flowers but when I looked on and I'm sure you can basically so then I would just take a boatload of violet flowers macerate them in the highest proof liquor you can get in the state of Ohio don't use crappie like I mostly 151 that they sell on the market are are pretty pretty crappy if you can find one that's decent smell it taste it I mean sorry not 151 Everclear 95 95 proof mostly smell pretty bad if you can find one that's decent I recommend buying that we buy from a lab supply are we buy our scrape oozing is pretty pretty high-proof up at the person you're going to need is very hyper liquor mean 151 really isn't ideal that's only like 75 75 1/2 in a percent just really very good at least like eighty-five 90

but try to find one that's good flavor and then just basically packed that full of violet flowers that masturbate probably for several weeks to a month or so and then you can't it off mix it with sugar to taste in water it down to whatever percentage you want a recipe that I found in my in my old source which is a tree sits on the manufacturer in distillation of alcoholic Liquors by Pierre Deux play copyright 1871 which I have a hard copy of but is available on Google books for free to look at actually doesn't use Violet in their creme de Violette they use Orris root and so Orris root is something that apparently a fiance to flavoring in a lot of the tours but apparently has somewhat of a violet Knows by Aroma and flavor to it and was used in the old days to make certain creme de Violette live didn't have all the flowers running around and see these guys basically say take 12 of Orris root infusion which I guess you would make the same way that would make the violence you can buy steeping in the highest proof liquor you can get for a long time

24 L of 85% straight neutral grain Spirits 56 kilograms of sugar and 26 L of water and they actually recommend a coloring it with coutinho much is red and blue food coloring which they don't specify what to use as probably specified elsewhere in the book Connecticut agricultural experiment station reference where they tested five or six different creme de Violette and found that they were all adult rated basically with dies with some of which were not so Savory so I would recommend one first thing you want to get ahold of his some high-proof Spirits make sure their food grade make sure they smell good that they don't have a lot of off case because otherwise going to be starting with a bad base then if you have the iris flowers and violet flowers just pack a whole bunch of them into the highest proof liquor you can get and let it sit taste

every once in a while see how weather gets the color you want then add just that I guess they add sugar to taste Watertown there's a couple of books available on homemade body reference. I'll see if I can find something else to get back to you next week and then if if not try to order some more to see whether you can get an interesting flavor that way so Ryan I hope that helps and let us know how it works out Mick rights in with an interesting Kalua Pig question my friend Mel is having a housewarming for her new house she doesn't have a proper Garden yet if I had a house I would really want a proper Garden every one of the first Pizza Oven outside Pizza Oven at Tandoor buried in the ground which is similar to the question about to answer and then a garden hose will be my first my first orders of business and maybe someday we'll have one who knows and she's letting me dig a pit in her backyard to cook a whole pig like in a lion in Hawaiian basically hole in the ground

OK Google take being the buried pig that you would have delicious I should say very picky you have a luau not that I've been to Hawaii anyone wants to fly to Hawaii to taste tropical fruits we are your people to write a session right never been my wife is born in Hawaii has a Hawaiian middle name anyway and you will be their temperature that sounds awesome and it is Nick I tried it that sounds awesome but probably not a good idea too crowded party also to I'm planning on using a probe to monitor the internal temperature of the pig while cooking so food safety shouldn't be an issue okay first of all

Pier Pier my tips one it is true that many different types of rocks explode I used to do a bunch of experiments on Bay City heating rocks to throw them into liquid it to it to heat them up so I can my red hot poker experimentation days which are basically over now because we had a pretty much settled how to do a red hot poker right hot stones and so we end up settling on using these Korean basically stones that are that are used as part of the Korean stoneware cookware the giant God dolls that you may do that you make bibimbap out of they told me I should say you make bibimbap and the stone bowls are by the way of some of the greatest things in the world everyone should go to the local Korean supermarket and purchase at least six of these a hot stone Bowl anyway those things don't explode but I've had very bad luck with regular Stones even ones that I thought were igneous igneous rocks are basically volcanic rocks in the theory being there heated so high

when they were made that there's not first while they're not very porous typically must promise or something it's been aerated as explained in the air but hopefully not for us and don't have any water in them so they won't explode when they now I have the other types of rocks are metamorphic and sedimentary sedimentary rocks or lay it lay rocks like sandstone a metamorphic of basically then compressed and turn the other kinds of turn into a denser than Ciroc I had all of these things explode even an igneous rock when he died very suddenly if it has inclusions or anything inside of it can expand in weird ways and explode I have had rocks explode in the kitchen and fly completely all around over the kitchen I didn't want to the pastry in the one the pastry kitchens the French culinary and completely freaked out a group of pastry chef and plus I had to clean up the Rock part of the good news is that you're going to be heating up those rocks well in advance because it's going to take hours and hours to speak to cook so you're going to be heating these rocks up well well in advance of the party people being there so I wouldn't worry about blowing up

especially if it keeps fairly evenly and being heated from above to probably how it's going to happen from the side I wouldn't worry overly much I can might blow up a little bit but you know I just don't stand with your eyeballs over a hot rocks it's warming up and once it's very hot once it's been hot for an hour or so I think mainly your risk of explosions are somewhat over at that point so you're going to get it nice and hot and then they cover it with lots of green vegetation that are being a stuck cause steam similar to the way you would use steam in a New England myself hands on internet the lasting obvious he's going to want to find some nice leaves to wrap the the Raptor and now this is something I have done many pork shoulders in a in leaves do my own version of a clue it take it home and it is delicious you want to use tea leaves if you can get him if you're not in Hawaii I don't think you are so you

when I get to why use banana leaves what you can get at any local Asian any local Asian market so I hope this helps Nick and I hope you have an excellent Pig experience but it should take several hours to cook like you said you're going to have a temperature probe so you're not too worried about food safety I wouldn't worry about that either it's going to heat up and it's going to cook to a very high temperature you just keep enough liquid in there so that it doesn't dry out on you that sound like a good advice questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 cooking issues

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why don't we have a name like that hot grease sounds awesome right like that a lot 18497 to 128 Dale Arnold said that sounds like a better bet I think I want to remember Hall & Oates as they once were I think it most no offense to either hall or oats but in general you know I find that I preferred you remember people not on there come back to her what do you think I would have liked to see like Elton John whatever it's not a scene with a series of statements and questions I'll just go down and we'll take a look at them

you mentioned you mentioned that you occasionally get an oil slick after looting Boos that Lucia's like like Jakob eat that we make with Caraway and fennel when solution when you're pouring when you can you dilute something that has a lot of the alcohol at the has a lot of dissolve oils in it you can you basically decrease the solubility of those oils if they deliver till they pop out of solution inform at Hays like ouzo does call the clues effector or interesting solution is there a good way to stabilize a toil and booze the oil has a lot of flavor obviously so I want incorporate the slick back into the hooch I suppose I can hold off on deluding the drink strength until right before serving but I prefer to get the whole bottle balance in one go Fairly rare that I actually have a something where the oil separate out on top most of the time what happens is you get enrichment it won't actually fully separate but you'll get an enrichment Royals in the top part of the bottle but it'll stay somewhat in in in suspension and then you can just shake the whole bottle and get it to come back together again if you actually have a bottle that it fully

lights out and get the stuff on top and it won't shake back into a homogeneous suspensions not really solution anymore but suspension then I recommend you could go with an emulsifier like a gum arabic or something like this but the problem with that is it is that you know it's going to change the body of the drink some what gum arabic will help to emulsify those well so much and keep them in and luckily Gum arabic doesn't add that much viscosity to your booth You Can Dance the next step up from nap be to use something that's a mixture of gum arabic another stabilizer legs and handgun I recommend t i c gum salad eyes are two 10s with sounds gross but it basically just San Tan and handsome Arabic but it's going to definitely affect the texture of the drink which is why I stay away from it unless you absolutely need it that's the product that we used to do our butter syrups and are pecans and you're all of our sort of emulsified

all are multiplied boil syrups that we put into drinks with your with your delicious secondly he asked how far do you typically reduce your I'm running a simple vac still rigged with a stir bar magnetic stir bar musume and stuff to estimate the final final viscosity of the scissor up and I appreciate the use of sippy Sip and simple scissor anyway. There we all have eaten so much fun that we get iodine poisoning while it's warm and being agitated lastly last time I simply wouldn't give it much more H2O without a fight with something the consistency of more me it was great but I have a hunch you something less viscous in the three cheese course she's talking about a course where we take three different dessert wines we break them into his syrup and a brandy in the rotovap throw away the water water middle and serves delicious cigarettes with the Cheetahs yeah I take them down to the consistency approximately of maple syrup and it is very hard to deal especially if you're not in a row to that when you're dealing with a rotovap you can stop the spinning and you can watch

pallet falls down and you get used to judging when it's when the reduction is done at based on hot you can can I get a feeling for where it's going to be like when it cools off just by experience though you know when I do strawberry I take it down to you know I said I could take it I can get the breaks fairly High I like in the in the in the fifties or sixties even I can get the brakes up to but the problem when you take pork especially down to low it starts tasting a little weird and tanek sometimes when it gets to to reduced so I like to take it just to the edge I also often will break the system open and just tastes a little bit and then and then put it put it back together again and continue running it so I actually just like everyone else but it's experience like anything else and obviously distillation introduction under vacuum is a fine art that I wish more and more people would would Mark and speaking of t i c gums, thanks for helping to hook you a him up with t i c guns someone a t i c heard him ask for information on the show and got in touch with him and now that

head of a rtic gun dr. Martin Nieto is going to the University of Maryland to talk about this structure properties of gum polymers and and Colin and dr. needle or holding an event at this Friday at 1 p.m. and that's a March 11th posted by the University of Maryland Material Science Department and any listeners apparently you've you've garnered an invitation listeners in the Maryland area to go to room 2108 in the chemical nuclear engineering building if you're anywhere near UMD Campus there in the DC Maryland area stop by it should be very interesting should be very interesting lecture another S4, last thing he called in a while ago I wrote and I forget what he was trying to get some money astringency out of a walnut liqueur because he comes obviously from the from the skins in the Walnut and trying to remove this pregnancy by freezing the Finish liquor the idea being that a lot of times if you take like Persimmons or Quince has a lot of pain in it

10 principles that they are astringent if you freeze them those tens complex basically and become non astringent anymore and so it kills a 10 and he was hoping to use liquid nitrogen to do that to a bottle of finish Boos bad news it doesn't work you have to go back to the drawing board and try to get and I'm going to have to quote this one if listeners are our friends of ours will know that Harold McGee has the world's greatest walnuts we walked into his place one day and night because will snack on anyone's crab fish is laying out right we start taking these walnuts off the table

the world of course McGee has the best damn wallet in the world and I Remix Nelson radio show before and so I will leave Collins with with this he says I got to find his exact quote he says he's going to try again if he can get ahold of McGee's sweet sweet nuts exact exact get a hold of Nikki sweet sweet nuts and when we all liked him okay thanks for reading in and tell us any of your adventures and tell us how the cic gums lecture goes with an egg tempering question hi I've got a question for the cooking issue show my questions about tempering eggs and making custard and gelato and excetera is it really necessary basically I've learned to make custard by Elton and flow Incorporated the heat of milk in the egg yolks bit by bit slowly raising the temperature so they cook but don't go agulate I question is because a friend of mine recently made an alfredo sauce

cold and it slowly raise the temperature of the complete mixture he said that this way it is always mother always made it I hate it over double boiler to be extra safe so that I get lucky both times or is there any reason to do this whole temperature temporary thing in the first place and I'm becoming convinced it's an unnecessary time-consuming step all right I don't think there's any technical reason to heat the milk beforehand and pour it into the a ghost accept this you want to Heap like a lot of times were dealing with large batches right and so you have a lot of milk are going to be putting into your a ghost so the idea is to get the milk hot first rights that you can heat the milk up fairly quickly you don't have to sit there note ending and worrying the whole time right then you can temper it into your egg yolks and then slowly bring up the last couple of degrees to get it cook so I think in actuality when you're doing a large batch the tempering is really a time-saving procedure and not a time-wasting procedure if you're doing a smaller bag

and you're going to have to take it up and you're going to take it up slowly and you can watch the whole thing and keep it staring as you go I don't think there's any need to heat the milk first and then tempered into the egg yolks I think it's it's just a matter of convenience if you're starting to completely cold mixture stirring it together making sure it's completely mixed and then slowly heating it you're not going to have any any problems may have but I think until I think we're smaller batches things like an alfredo that you can basically hold or I got it like you were making like something very small and then it's probably easier to do it like you said you going to find it easier to go the other way to take heat the big batch of milk quickly of the temperature and then to temper into your egg yolks I hope that makes hope that makes sense I think I think that's the case someone's going to someone's going to write any more of an expert on this

I get that all the time by the way you might not know it because those guys tend not to call the call the show they end up like riding me later and saying that kind of thing over the email address that's my interpretation what they say them since I'm just reading it anyway Joshua 5 times with varying results my procedure is scalding milk and letting it cool to around body temperature spoonfuls of Greek yogurt and place the whole pot in the oven with almond interior light pilot light light or pilot light you think I place it in the fridge and straighten straighten toes a little less than 11 a which of the Greek yogurt with reduced fat probably because reduce add milk doesn't taste as good as whole milk my question is how does a fat percentage of milk affect the final yield and thickness of the yogurt and also do I really need a scalded milk with Patrick and I just combined

milk and yogurt and let it sit on the countertop for a day or so I'm not big on checking temperatures what's the easiest way to make authentic take yogurt labna style OK Joshua hear my feelings on this I don't frankly know how the texture is going to be affected me how the thickness of its going to be affected by the fat content but I guaran-damn-tee you that the whole milk is going to taste a whole hell of a lot better than the reduced fat stuff especially cuz reduced fat milk is such crud anyway me I really like a it makes me so angry like when I see people that use like the 2% in the 1% me what are you really saving just don't eat as much as stuff and just use milk that tastes better for goodness sakes go back to using the whole milk what do you think instead of having 18 quarts of like 1% or skim which is vile disgusting poop instead of having that in your coffee just add a little bit less of something delicious and satisfying with whole milk

if you can get it stuff to taste delicious anyway that's my feeling on the whole milk has a lot of bacteria wiped out but there's always bacteria left in it which is why you know that they just arrived when you're when you when you open it close it back to the recipes always recommend heating it up to like 180 and then letting it cool down it also helps the night you're warming it and as it cools down you know it's right for accepting the culture that you going to put in the yogurt there's also and I don't know what is affecting it but it goes back to a question we had before when you pasteurize milk you're changing the characteristics of the milk right so you're basically free agglomerating some of the Whey proteins and you're also stopping some of the curdling ability that you get on rennet casein from

when you're making cheese so it might also be but I have I didn't have time to research I apologize Joshua but it might also be that the heating of the milk helps the texture of the yogurt aside from any properties of killing bacteria but I don't know next time I speak to Mickey or so maybe also right in and tell me this I looked in that you and Mickey's books and he indeed even in pasteurized milk so there might be something there from a technical standpoint affecting the milk with the heating as for then letting it cooling you want to let it cool down to about 1:15 give or take stir in the store in the show the live Culture Yogurt you already have and then the temperature isn't really crucial right except for the taste is going to change depending on the temperature at which the yogurts inoculated and you know it could be done even in a couple of hours depending on how much you store in and how active cultures are that they go into it but I think you are going to get varying results depending on the temperature that you that you used now if you fine

some stable place in in your kitchen like the oven with the with adjust the pilot Auto the my oven is too hot for that or a particular place in the kitchen and you do it once they're right then it should be the same every time you do it in that location as long as that location stays the same as long as you keep all of your variables the same from time to time even if you don't have a lot of control right or you measure temperature you should be able to get fairly fairly consistent results but it's never going to be as thick as you wanted it real Greek style in less after it's made you put the yogurt over a you know over a cheesecloth or over piece of muslin then let's train in a colander overnight in the fridge to let it take the extra way drain out that's the real key to making a really nice thick Greek yogurt but I hope Joshua hope that helps and with that we will go to our second commercial break calling all your questions to 718-497-2128 at 718-497-2128

oh yes they do with the Hall and Oates your stash I have to say that much as I was making fun of the Hall and Oates earlier eyes I definitely appreciate that. I really do appreciate that was really making my dreams come true making my dreams come true every day here on cooking issues I still have about 15 minutes to call +849-721-284-9721 to let you know what you guys think I'm going to put a call out for people to write in with guess if they would like to hear appear on the cooking uses what you think about that and stuff we're not going to get Barack Obama on if that's what you mean but we have a group of friends that if we get a request I can pass through them like I can pass through McGee I can Pastor Tony Tony Conigliaro and are known friends and Associates in the cooking world Wylie anyone request them and we'll see whether we can wait a week

pestering them with it with a live request to El Reno weather for 5 to come in to get to get them on but you know don't ask me for Barack Obama you know we can't we can't get that right and he says Dave I've been researching various methods of crystallizing flower petals that I can use them to make a syrup which will then be made into a caramel crystallized a flower petals to make a Seer with some formula say use egg whites and other state use a combination of egg whites and gum arabic and go surprise him with a fun note that gum arabic was using the mummification process and II to appreciate Monday's massage is rolling your eyes because she's sick of hearing me talk about mummies but I love you Mommy and any kind of a funny story and I was wondering why is there a difference Joshi the egg whites solution and why would it be called crystallization when they're technically know Chris was being formed well either dipping a flower petal in egg white or gum arabic and then

brushing it with superfine sugar to and then letting it dry out so assuming we're talking about the same thing there's they're basically two different to different think Gum arabic is CIBC hydrocolloid said it's a tree exudate and it's one of the very few hydrocolloid instead of being a basically linear chain with very short branch of is a highly branched molecules they look like big ping pong balls like a Melo pectin almost there like big butts and what that means is is that it's extremely soluble you can have very high percentage of gum arabic serious right so if you look at something like some syrup Old Skool gum service basic is simple syrup with a lot of gum arabic at it so that they use for is as in he Civ or or coating because you can have something it's still fairly liquid right but has a high percentage of solids in it and then when it dries out it dries to you know a clear Crystal Lee and I clear crystal but it clear like you know hard or

Arabic fairly quickly so if you use a lot of gum arabic at you know it can it can do that only Gum arabic to do it I don't know why you would use egg whites and gum arabic together I have to do more research Frank I didn't get a chance to it to look at it very closely but I would guess it if you are using a lot of gum arabic and had it sitting around that you would just have that syrup and you could and you can just go and it wouldn't go bad kind of because you have a very high solids in it you probably wouldn't get a lot of bacterial growth in it because we have a high solids content and it probably easier to keep around an egg that's also probably more sanitary than eggs in the house I'd probably just use egg whites because it's so fast and in general want to try it out I'm not so worried about contamination and I don't know why but then when I got it you are brushing with crystals of the flower itself ends up being crystallized even if you don't actually form your own crystals

Musashi said we had another question come in

okay it's comes in from Red I said you answer my question about the Reds standing of chicken thighs due to pulling hard vacuum on the lowering the vacuum has been a complete success thank you from I have a webinar switch to bone-in chicken breast from boneless I don't know why but I have the thing I noticed after cooking for 3 hours at 60c depending on the thickness is a place it in the fridge they tend a wheat blood do I need to cook longer is this part of the standing from the phone I'm not sure 60 C is low is low for that for chicken breasts mean but most people are going to want them up around 60 for 63-64 especially out of the bones mean even at 3 hours

I think you going to be better for 64° for like an hour rather than 64 3 using the extra hours to two hours to try and get the color into it at that low temperature I would switch up to 26044 / 63 or 64 for an hour but you're going to have a really tough time with the with the phone and stuff coming out in the back and leave it at a lower vacuum I don't know please speak to whoever it is and tell them that you would really like to take the bone out of it because I really have a lot of problems with the putting chicken in the bone in the vacuum you could try to switch to a ziplock situation where there's no vacuum at all and that might help it but I'm not sure but please give some give some of those things at try and then

you know right back or call back and tell us how it works will try to do some more troubleshooting right it sucks the vacuum at the Red Crab comes out and then you know you can't really get rid of it unless you took it to really really high temperature like in the 80s 80s and 70s 70s race so I tend not to like the and also I think the vacuum effects of textured the chicken so is as much as you can I think you should suck a very mild vacuum if you suck a vacuum at all on a piece of chicken one last thing, and redness on by the way that I forgot to mention is a contractual post I'll have you know that I add a person writes I said that a week ago and in fact the post is already up in draft form I'm adding the pictures will be up by end of day today it is a 4000 word mega mega post Mega post

on nixtamalization so keep a lookout for that way we got a call and I'll take that real quick hello Lansing garlic and milk a couple times does it take away the bike in the pressure cooker I also cook it in milk and I don't know why how about that I don't know but I have the book on garlic and Aliens so I'll look it up it's like it's also I blanch horseradish and milk and I don't know why as opposed to water right we don't we all kind of do that we're trying to do that but I don't it's kind of natural for me to do it but I really don't know why if there's any sort of chemical

chemical reason I mean the stuff that gives garlic his fight our groups of sulfur compounds and things like that and I wonder whether there's something in milk that sounds like it sounds like an area for for further further research I mean why don't you can cook garlic obviously in a pressure cooker and when you do it you blast the you blast the pungency away even without milk but there's a host of things that we blanching milk and no one really says why

I'm trying to think I'm thinking in my head this silence is me thinking in my head can you think of any reason yeast question I mean even though this is something we do it is obviously need some further investigation so what I think I'll do is next time I Pastor McGee I'll talk to call McGee once every two weeks or so and then I sit there and I just pepper him with absurd questions for like 45 minutes and then he maybe says hello and then and then the conversation. She thinks I'm a low-quality human being for the way I pepper him with questions this but I'm going to add this to my list and plus I'll do some research and I'll go read the I think the name of the author of The Garlic book is block I think it's the guy and it's actually really interesting book but I read it kind of very quickly it's got its got a forward by a Nobel Laureate pretty cool book on garlic butter

no blanching in general cuz I think it is interesting cuz it's quite expensive really when you think about it to blanch everything and milk

no I will call him and have him up maybe we'll try to get them for next week but you actually know what I'm calling I'm calling in next week because I'm going to be in Vancouver at tales of the cocktail maybe the week after that I'll try to get I'll try to get McGee all right cool thanks a lot for the question is a pretty badly burnt my tongue last 250 I pretty badly burnt my tongue last week on what day of the week was that Friday

Thursday Thursday Thursday Wednesday whatever last week I burnt my tongue with lie so here's how it happened we use lye in cooking for a lot of things for pretzels we use it in the air on the G Class for our Exile I have a use for it in the nixtamal post that you're going to read a hopefully if your reader the blog which I hope you are and somehow a bunch of lye sodium hydroxide I put into a quart container with no label on it and I we're moving a lot of stuff around and someone puts this container in front of my hand and I'm not in front of my face and said what is it I'm not used to thinking about something in my kitchen being so dangerous so I stupidly put my finger in it cuz I have literally dozens of different quart containers with powders in them sitting around and most of them are hydrocolloid

simple acids like tartar eccentric and Malik you know what is a hydrocolloid sugar things like that and so you can just lie it's the most violent reaction I've ever had on my tongue is the equivalent of eating a handful of those Szechuan buttons and I instantly knew something was horribly horribly wrong spot out ran to the kitchen and started washing my mouth. You know what thankfully I didn't swallow it or I'm being really really really really big trouble start washing my mouth out after several minutes look in the mirror my tongue is bleeding the roof of my mouth is bleeding it's eating away all of the taste buds on one half of my tongue and go to the ER should I go to the ER and had to snow stay there for hours while they made sure that I didn't ingest and I have to take steroids and all this other stuff but

is mostly back although they're still out swath where I have my taste buds burned away but it's coming back I'm here to tell you I had it in my house right through it all the way because God forbid my kids to get ahold of it so it's reasonable to cook with ly it's like you know a good ingredient for for what it's for but just be extremely careful if you have anything like that and you have kids around it doesn't take much for them to really really really really damage themselves I know I've known for years how dangerous it is and I've always been paranoid about it getting on my hands but I never knew how fast the damage happens when it happened to me last week so just be extremely careful when you have it around make sure that everyone cooks with it in your kitchen is extremely careful about it and make sure that there's no possible way on God's are there any child could ever ever get their hands on it are you going to be in big big trouble

I say a little story Anna and I hope and a help I need a help from our listeners for four more research so I've been researching a lot about corn for various reasons most cross-selling it basically said there's a lot of corn research and genetic corn research that was brought about by the atomic nuclear testing at the Bikini Atoll in the forties after World War II because what they did was they took a whole bunch of corn and they exposed it to an atomic blast several, class and then they would plan to see what are the seeds presumably to see whether the seeds germinate or not but they noticed that there's a good bit of mutation in the patient so if you look at a lot of the research on corn in the in the forties and fifties it's sponsored by the atomic energy commission and they would actually create radiation sources with various forms of

Thalia radiant seeds to try and get genetic mutation so it causes explosion in genetic research and different kinds of corn mutations main core mutations that was discovered discovered in 1949 I believe was a gene called shrunken to and trunk into is the precursor to all super sweet corn today and before that corn was relatively sweet or not but not the super sweet that we have today so if there's a researcher who just happen to be chewing on a bunch of mutant corn while he was sorting through it and noticed that this one shriveled dried piece of corn was super sweet isolated that Gene regrew it and that is the Genesis of all the super sweet corn today so here's what I need to find out and I got a bunch of calls and I want to find out the exact chain that leaves from the Atomic Testing in Bikini Atoll to super sweet corn cuz there's some sort of Link there right now

I'm hoping that all super sweet corn as a result of radiation by a Kobalt as a result of the initial experiments done with the Atomic Testing because I just don't you and this has been cooking issues

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