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Episode 319: Hookered-Up Drinks

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not joined as usual with Nastassja to hammer Lopez because of

scheduling issues now she's opening I know a restaurant over there the pasta flyer she's got to actually deal with scheduling issues like a real human being playing the part I'm just asking to have her Lopez today is Cracker Jacks friend frankly I'm okay with Drac sounds great. I got Jack was the ahead but will first was a food studies graduate at NYU then went to go work and if you can smell okay fair fair K12 Booker and Dax as a barback worked his way up to head bartender and then we close went to Nomad became a bartender Nomad and if if we start a new project together if we may or may not start a new project

Jack Meyer may not be like in Agro the integral player will see who knows

so I know people have called in before for OBD Xbox or probably even I don't know if you're allowed to release Nomad specs what's it definitely not those are mine we're absolutely I have them cute up downloaded no internet issues in Access talk about I think that's fine just talk about how great smoothie Shake is and leave it at that okay are you doing I'm good how are you guys good questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 by the way people I want you to know

we also asked because really you need to replace nastasi with two people not one people here know she says nothing the evil energy she brings into the room to the strong just so strong through time like the evil energy she brings into the studio gets me wound up like like like like nobody's business right of people to get me as lathered up as I would ya Nation despite her villainy though I'm so excited about pasta flyer it's so great the Times review is awesome so she's sitting here of course she's reading something on her phone instead of listening last week as pasta Flyers review comes out in the New York Times by the way your time is very rarely right rates that style restaurant Clear Creek casual

then she's like I'm like she like after right after the mics turn off she's like oh yeah by the way we got review New York Times Like Dinges Dinges you had a platform to platform she also had another platform it was the New York Times so I think she'll be okay be okay but I mean like you know take it personally when you're staying with her alone never close in public nope nope Republic rowing but at the same time is a cool thing you should talk about it you should talk about it because she is because she doesn't want someone to shove it down his throat later

I think that's just a personality first like in two different very high-functioning but punishing environments Momo and Nomad right and not run by Leona rubber check on the bar side friend I admire him immensely not punishing because he's able punishing because his exacting which is a good thing better human being and especially way better bartender right and then Momo also Momofuku and still be and still give someone another human being the benefit of the doubt well yeah

Kudos Kudos we got some questions in looks like

it's not for Mystic hey how you doing I'm good how to make me tell you something the next product which I'm not going to talk about the next Booker and Dax product which is specifically I will not talk about was going to be the third in my Zoll Trilogy so I guess what it was cuz I can't confirm or deny so it's going to be a Trilogy and I was extremely depressed because Chris from Hong Kong artard are Chinese liaison right informed me that the third's all is already a trademarked product and so the third installment of the trilogy can only be known

unofficially as this all been having some very depressed but haven't heard back. Robinson what's the least Booker and Dax cocktail that has ever been on the booker and Xboxes and Robinson and now she does cocktails for Andrew carmellini wherever he needs her to do so she is the most friendly stubborn person I know

how stubborn is an Robinson fully I am almost yeah differently but absolutely I mean and you know anyone more stuff anyway so all right so the specs for the struggler is 2 dashes of orange bitters we use Regan's at the bar a bar spoon of Gary Regan right I have a perfectly good orange what hey hello I have a perfectly good orange bitters recipe Why did we not use that you guys are too with I'm not going to say you were too lazy not you personally to lazy but it takes literally 45 minutes to make a like a Year's worth of orange bitters that's true and we did it sometimes do you like the Region's better I like mine better I'm just saying that's mine both we need to make it again it's been too long I actually only ever made one batch of it ever and then we used it for a long time but it didn't we I remember there being a problem with some kind of like

something with pectin I had to spend it a bunch of times it was kind of a nightmare the one time one of the times I did it I obviously screwed something up what's going on what is this what is cell that's the problem so go ahead two dashes whatever you like a bar spoon of framboises so raspberry liqueur PS we do we have to buy it or did we like like no that's something we inherited inherited that whole shelf of Randall liqueurs and then we ended up buying raspberry liqueur because of the Strand Roth When We R Rahman yeah I think so as to a bar spoon friend was open for over 5 years right and we never ran through that in here I'm going to start over and stay the whole spec

orange bitters bar spoon framboises a half ounce of dolin Blanc 3/4 of an ounce of banal and 2 oz of bourbon we used old Forester 86

now if you don't if you don't want to go out and buy yourself a bottle of friend was what do you think about what do you think about making your own like just taking some raspberry jelly jelly jelly jam I was doing a demo for servers amount of that to one of the base ingredients and then dissolving it in Lakewood about making you want to make a lot of this overtime what about making like a raspberry bourbon

you only have to add a little bit because you only have to make up for a bar spoon of this stuff

I think you might end up adding more sweetness then you're looking for but I mean I guess you don't need a whole bottle of raspberry bourbon there's three hundred or two hundred miles of the bourbon dissolve into it like a couple of you no like me or three spoons of and make like a raspberry bourbon syrup and that you can probably use in more stuff in you could use a friend was no yeah that's probably how much is a bottle of the I don't know you may consider buying the st. George raspberry liqueur because that is delicious they make a great product

how's the weather thing I was wondering is it feel like in the doctor J when you milk wash the rum yeah can you could you just like put a little way powder in there I don't think so we tried it once and our results weren't good I think because the the I think the way powder that's made is I think it's been heated I don't know I don't know what it's going to do when you take when you take milk washed

liquor and you let it sit what do you put in the fridge or whether you put it on the shelf for a week or two you'll start seeing a flock flocculation that's the way proteins coming out of solution because they don't really want to stay solubilized in the liquor right and so my feeling is you might have trouble actively properly dissolving the way powder into the booze and I don't know what you think Jack I think that sounds right doesn't want to be there to begin with and like any milk wash application really make sense in a large format like either in a bar setting or for an event or a big party because you can only really use it for like 5 days or so and then that the whole milk washing process is dead because the way fox out I'll give you the spec you should use it home ready everyone ready people's everybody ready for this here is a doctor J recipe spec for home use take yourself 500 grams of

take yourself 500ml of a whole whole whole whole whole milk blend them together until the sugar is dissolved add to that an ounce and a quarter cuz I should be a little less announced in 1/4 of 15% citric acid solution that is 15 grams of citric acid brought up to a hundred grams with water right that's roughly it's like two and a half times lime acid strength to nap time is lemon acid strength in the sugar into the milk syrup it will immediately thicken and that prefect but will not break and that pre thickening is what makes this not be grainy when you shake it and what stops it from ever break even after it's shaken so now you have milk syrup remember it's a little bit tart then I will take

take a suggested orange juice the way to ask me to just orange juice is for every litre of a orange juice you add 32 G of citric acid and 20 grams of malic acid does all that you now have Lyme strength what's it called orange juice then you do your 2 oz of regular rum in this case then 3/4 on the milk syrup and 3/4 matter just a little bit at the test it because there's a little bit of acid in the milk syrup and there's a little bit of sugar in the orange juice I have to test it but it's roughly three-quarters to go to me personally I tend to shy everything back as I get older because that's me but remember don't shy too much on the syrup because the service would bring you the texture in this case and then add a couple drops of tincture and salt right that's it and then shake that sucker and it's very very close to a milk watch dr. Jay and the milk syrup will last a long time in the fridge and can be made in any quantity and doesn't

any boots that is a great product

all right otherwise thing at the right thing I didn't say about the struggle are is star served up no garnish as all Booker and Dax drinks yeah no garnish a beer that pony High Life the champagne of beer but we stopped real quick I mean we still had pills for things

I want to work somewhere else Dave and some people say that an aesthetic purpose is also a function like it looks good but I'm like the Donald Judd and not really I'm like the rothko maybe of without the directions you know what I mean like I like I like color I like drinks it look pretty I feel pretty oh so pretty but I don't like I don't mind going to other places in and having my drink coconut salute mean but like I don't like to do it myself. But I was right with you how I really agree is a bunch of stuff to catch someone's attention because you want to be precise

does an object

right I mean that's your wish to be objectified or not you wish but the that the system wants you to be objectified so you add stuff such that you are objectified

all right we're with you on this email I don't have my two hot sauce question to you on the phone hello I was pretty positive he didn't know you were on the phone why

because it's like if you if your point is to sell your body to sell your body not your point but if it's the point is your body is to be sold then you augment in a way that you are objectified real tight pants showing the package like adding extra stuff to the package sucks

and we've all seen spinal tap people if you're going to shove a cucumber in your pants as you're going through the metal detector do not wrap it in aluminum foil for those either have not seen spinal tap which one of the all-time great movies so much man anyone out there who is not seeing this is spinal tap first first I'm not saying you should go smack your mama in the face for not making you go see it smack yourself in the face then go see you when I'm in the middle watch the rest of the the Christopher Guest catalog and have a great time. It's like that but it's but it's real real No-No tongue-in-cheek just chicken people going to the Ohio National's which is in their own words the Westminster of chickens

we got to go why haven't we been to the Westminster of chicken cuz we are low quality individual true all around it but true unfortunate between it's like you know what I missed this year Bobby I miss Bobby Burns Day I was going to I was talking a big game but haggis print frankly I was depressed cuz I thought the borrowed be open and the new bar whatever name it might have if it shouldn't exist will have a Bobby Burns Day with haggis and bagpipers Jack and I are going to learn to play bagpipes you heard it here first Jack and I are learning as soon as we get like in the bar space I'm going to hire a bagpipe teacher to come in and teach anyone at our bar who wishes to learn to play bagpipes how to play bagpipes and we will to the as early as possible be planning our own pipes at Bobby Byrne's datapipe in the Haggis and Dave is already pretty good he's got some moves well OK everybody at can you name more than one I cannot can you name more than one rock and roll tune with bagpipes in it

the whole Pogues catalog Echo & the Bunnymen stuff to me want to rock and roll is everything that is good about the bagpipe absolutely cuz it's meant to be even though it's very simple bagpiping so bagpiper still probably like it very much in fact last time I was in Scotland I said to the bagpipe girls like you listen to Long Way to the Top If you want to rock and roll he's like I don't know what you're talkin about backpack is meant to be stirring but to be stirring music and that is staring song solutely better as an accent ingredient then a lead instrument part of like that guitar hitting the well you don't even know

jelly beans like it's like so so right there straight talk and Main Long Way to the Top If you want to rock and roll next year cuz we didn't exist if we do eventually exist

okay Jack

alright hot sauce is a it's a category with subcategories and some situations Tabasco has a place and then you know sometimes we'll have a crazy extra hot you know secret secret basement hot sauce I made hot sauce recently my my partner McKinsey and I made hot sauce recently and it was we let it we let it go to lacto-fermented sauce and it got super floral like over floral it was aggressive I'll bring you a bottle we have way too much and we never going to go through that kind of coming back around I taste it again recently and it was like you know when you have something that doesn't technically spoil i e doesn't become unsafe but changes over time just cuz

Chico's in quotes bad don't throw it away no cuz it's getting better it could get better again I've had this happen many times many products we also bottled and save the brine like a brining liquid which is also funky and coming back around and it's great - Don like a salad or chicken or something that needs a little moisture nice day. But I guess Cholula is probably a go to the Crystal Gems I'm here I'm hearing a favouring of like Southern American Northern Mexican vinegar-based High priests are there in the show wanted to reach out for a quick question of the making a lot of hot sauces for a couple of years and I've been making hot sauce

search for a couple of years and occasionally have issues with separation I have to admit when I first read this I was thinking emulsified sauces like I was mad and making like the hollandaise for a long time and it was breaking and they're like oh hot sauce not like hot temperature like Conte like as the Deutsche would say Scharf you know what I mean like hot sauce did you know

I once ate at the same falafel place for an entire summer in the Summer where I one of those Summers where I was killing pigs at Adam Columbia Presbyterian when I was working in the labs there the other summer was the summer that every day I had to have a BLT to prove I can still eat pork while I was working on the pics anyways so I'm sitting there and I'm going with the flow of a guy and literally I set is like the guy was like almost like my cousin because I would talk to him everyday all the only interaction I ever had with him was this

Falafel I would say that then he would say hot sauce I would say yes and then he would say nice day and that was it everyday was written on the cardboard on the Falafel thinks I just hand him his stuff there's never you never asked me for money I would just hand in the money

did I feel bad for your cousin's if that's a cousin like interaction

no I don't think I don't think so what what should I know information now we'll get to that after I finish this question cuz I'm actually going to finish this question my process is to permit the match for a month no water at it just pepper fruit Koji shio Koji and salt then out with some vinegar bring to a simmer than vital prep to be Jesus out of it which is a setting on the body crab by the way occasionally though the solid separate out in the fridge and it just kind of looks on appetizing is there a technique to prevent this from happening or should I just use a thickener like xanthan gum if so what percentage I forgot to actually look up the percentage sorry

first I'm going to go into a couple of things one when you're working with sauces right there's or anything really and you're talking about there's stabilization and there's a multiplication these are two separate things so you add if you're going to have something at separating because they are actually are they repel each other like oil and water is the classic or like air and water or anything like that word automatically kind of repels each other you need an actual emulsifier emulsifiers are what they call a pathetic and other words they have an affinity a Philly Philly amp for both water and oil are using double-sided kind of molecules and with those things to do is actually lower the energy it takes to keep unlike things together what sauce is like this need is actually not an emulsifier but a stabilizer and what a stabilizer does is just thickens the stuff so that the solid can't separate our things can't separate up so is xanthan gum is a stabilizer which is what

1 uses in this scenario now San Tan has the interesting characteristic that it's hey nastase what's with the beeping and has an interesting characteristic in their forms a light gel that breaks when you move it that's why it's really good and can be used in very low percentage is but it's also why when you overuse it Everything feels it looks like Snot because it's a solid and then suddenly breaks free so it looks like Snot terrible and has a slimy mucus he text her which is terrible so in general you try to use it like you know in the quarter percent range if you just want to do is stabilize any anyting above half and you're in serious not racially quarter percent anyway the trick was there then is this

wait like a tisane fan stir it in wait wait let it fully and oysterette hydrated let's put it in Nevada Prep when you're doing it and just wait to add a lot and it takes like no 15-20 minutes and doesn't reach its full thickness for like an hour or something then you could add now and later has snot and that's not what you want and I'll tell you the other secret on how to do this the professionals commercial professional to make things know really well how to make stuff work so if you had this goes for anything not as hot sauce of people any of you out there that have cookie related questions whenever I want to know how to do something the first thing I do is I find a product that is similar to what I want to do but has made professionally I turn the camera bottle around and I read the ingredients so if you go back and you look at for instance Tabasco sauce which is the only one I looked down there in the radio which is similar to the one you guys are talking about and what it is right to

Costco sauce separates Frank's separates all these guys separate into rather unappetizing magillas when they are left to sit around so you shake the sucker before hand right but they're relatively low solids that's why people don't get freaked out by it but if you look at the recipes for this you have Tabasco ingredients are vinegar pepper salt right so they had no stabilizer and a separate now if you go to look at a higher solid brandware separation would be bad let's say you were going to look at Sriracha write the ingredients there this is what I do I go look at the ingredients they having it chilly right so there's a high Chile right lower liquid right so typically if you have a very high liquid preparation that has salads in it people expect the solids to settle they're not as freaked out by if you have a high solids preparation and liquid settle out of it and it's harder to get the Liquid back into it by shaking it

people freak out a little bit more anyway so Sriracha chili sugar cuz that stuff and sweet only wonder is garlic then vinegar then potassium sorbate sodium bisulfate so that with those two things one is an AT-AT acting as antioxidants bisulfate and is sorbate is there to prevent mold growing in that sucker right then your boy is xanthan gum is there so they add xanthan straight up and so like if it's good enough for like the billion-dollar hot sauce probably good enough for you if you want to look at more pasty things and some things like if you take a look at coaching right those are starch to thicken or if you look at like Szechuan broad bean paste these are starch thickened and so you know some brands of gold chain just use wheat starch goes to cheap they want to make a fast some use fermented rice paste you can use like you know whatever whatever you whatever you want but if you want a thing like that those are usually thickening prevented by separated by actually using starch

that's my answer so my answer in general is find something whose characteristics you think are decent but either you want to make your own or you want to make it in a less kind of industrialized way figure out how they do it that's the same thing when people like how do you make a coconut cream but doesn't separate I might have you look at the back of the Coco Lopez can like the back of the Coco Lopez can is like a shotgun poop spray a freaking ingredients because coconut is a difficult material to work out but Coco Lopez delicious Corporation Anastasio do I also sometimes called Coco Lopez anyone out there if you hear me make for me a slightly less sweet version of Coco Lopez not that I think that your product is too sweet but it's too sweet for me to use in a lot of preparations if you made a low presents I use Coco Lopez and drinks I use Coco Lopez in sorbet

basis cuz I'm very lazy and if I'm going to make a sorbet tonight I'm not going to go through big rigmarole I'm going to get a can of Coco Lopez but I'd like to be able to have a higher percentage coconut cream without all that dang sugar because the sugar load is so high that I have to scale back my coconut drastically scale back my coconut otherwise I overshoot my sugar bill you know what I'm saying okay so it's going to be a long long story so I have a I have a stepfather Gerard okay and you know my stepfather I've known him since I was three you know he's basically he's he is a dad to me like I have my father and Girard is also like my father writes the like but because I knew him since I was three and I was like you know

I always just called him Gerard right but I always call my parents so Gerard has like a title to me is not like a name like a title or Girard oh yes my kids calling Grandpa at right so it's like it's a child when I was very young so I called him Gerard before use my stepfather because I knew him before I took this is his background logo from calling someone so I start going out with you know my future wife when I'm I don't know like 20 20 20 rights I start going out with him and then just I never refer to her parents as anything right literally never referred to them

as anything not even their name never directly I would never I never directly by the way you can do this is a test it's very easy to go through life not directly referring to someone unless you're working with them in a work environment in a work environment you need to be your jack I didn't refer to you it would be awkward right but in most home and personal settings there is very rarely if ever a need to refer to someone in fact I think it's really weird when people overly refer to that two people in personal settings when like when someone sits there and says your name to you over when they're talking to you like I can see you're staring at me I know you're talkin to me you don't need to use my name like I know you know who I am this is not necessary anyway so so so then you know couple years later we get engaged where you were getting married I still have never referred to them because

at first of all like I've always felt very close to them like I always really liked them like you know that they've always felt like they're part of my family like Jen and I were very serious very fast and so like you know it was always kind of a serious thing so I never really wanted to call them by their first names yeah right even your Gerard right but that but that was as a separate thing because that's a part of my life that you feel like I already have this weird thing with honorifics and and names right and I'm not the kind of guy who normally thinks believe in calling your parents by their name which is why I'm saying Gerard is a time right so then I have this new family right that I'm becoming a part of they embrace me I embrace them we're going to call them by their first names no not respectful I don't think for me to call them by their first names but the same time I'm not going to pull a mom and dad on them when I have Gerard over here and I'm calling Gerrard Gerrard so I can't call them mom and dad because that's a slap in the face to draw

right but at the same time I can't I'm not going to call them by their first name cuz it doesn't feel right to me so instead and bear in mind I started going out with Jen in the year of Our Lord 1992 alright Valentine's Day 1992 ever referred to them at all

I see them all the time I see everyone's like what if your father-in-law was on fire this is Nastassja was on fire and you had to tell him I was like first of all he's going to know he's on fire believe me I said I was caught on fire him but he's on the other side of his house how do you get it what if there's two people in the house and they're both on the other side of the house go get them if you go get them

or let's say Dax is there get your grandpa right or like you can always you always have someone next to you that you can use as a through Farrell so you're like if if James they're your life and then your mom

there's always a through Pearl it's not hard people you've developed so many workarounds rather than just having something to call these people is the most is one of the most Dave Arnold things that I have ever heard fantastic any way to light a little personal but I like it

kit Rodan hey Anastasio Dave Dave and also Jack although kit did not know this

you think it's a simple question regarding the lime acid and champagne acid recipes and liquid intelligence what is your recommended storage vessel glass Peter's glass bottle non-reactive do I need to be concerned about UV light or particular material wouldn't put it in a metal that's going to react but I've never done long-term storage and stainless by Ben short term meaning in tens and stuff would I keep it at home if I'm going to use it for anything I just keep it in like a clear glass swing-top bottle and I keep it in the fridge is there a time frame within which I should use the product once in solution finally got my searzall November 11th can't wait to buy spends all thanks nice speaking of which see results back in stock people back in stock right now here's the thing so lime acid I'm assuming you mean lime acid in Champagne acid in things champagne I should we tend to use on its own It's the weird one

we tend to use on its own. It tends to come out of solution so it's got crystals you'll see crystals in the bottom of it sometimes a slight Haze in it it's still good trick it still.

Ever dated. Back in stock if it's meant off against people we have our own ones coming that are going to be here in under a month and we control when they're on the weather in stock so boom yeah anyway so back to the champagne and lime acid so the question is if if you don't a fruit juice with acid what's itself time and this is entirely subjective let me ask you a question kit how long do you think orange juice is good for and or how long do you think or a grapefruit juice is good for any and then whatever that answer is it's the same when you asked me to adjust it so it doesn't I don't think change it much in one way or the other so there are some people

who sang orange juice is only good right after its breast and if you believe that then they asked it ain't going to change it but if there are other people who believe or shoes last for weeks and lime acid ain't going to change it and the thing is and I should never say this because of something which I prefer to before I don't have time to get into it if someone cares about it ask me I'll talk next week the the law of incremental crappiness so you know in general I try to organize my life around not violating the law of incremental crappiness right not putting myself on that slippery slope grekland but one of the things that I will incremental be crapping myself on and when you do do things are incrementally crappy people you have to put a big flag and it be like okay I understand I've done something incrementally crappy here don't let yourself slide further but there's someone lit a match was that your days or someone had a birthday cake

X over here we about to die luckily that exit isn't real so so in a 3/4 use as an acid a fire in a cocktail is not as important as when you're down in a glass of OJ the OJ you use in a shake on a 3/4 basis I don't think is as important as it would be if you were drink it's not it's not important but not as important as it would be when you're drinking a glass of orange juice

if you can use high quality water shoes use high quality when she's but I'm just saying and but where where is the 3/4 of the crappy over-the-hill lime juice I think spoils a cocktail absolutely so that the adding of acid to the orange juice is tricks your brain a little bit so that it's harder to recognize the quality of the juice after it's been circulated so that I think that's the reason that it matters less because you're not used to tasting orange flavor at that high of acid levels with more cooking issues

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Saudi track people to make sure they don't just re-sign up and get two free pork chops I don't know what else to talk to you sample the banjo part from the Land of the Lost theme song No but I can't say where it's from Marshall will and Holly routine Expedition greatest earthquake ever known

ever known as a really good theme song by the way for those of you that don't know the original Land of the Lost it is a very strong theme song I Feel That 70s theme songs maybe it's cuz I was a kid but I feel ever so strong back in the day Gillian Gilligan there were just more elaborate yet Different Strokes Different Strokes Sanford and Son files in Sanford and Son sometimes on my on my phone just to hear them because I think they're so good

you know I'm saying oh yeah I wear those theme songs now I don't know if I feel like the theme song It's A Lost Art I feel bad not too bad so we can the opposite of that you guys I just the first time a week or so ago went to the Brooklyn Museum and I'll talk to you about this yesterday Jack Museum I noticed a she's never been because she hates Brooklyn is a fantastic Museum like it is a gem it's awesome fact they have a really cool feature where they have live art historians and you can you can do their app but I was like hell no I'm not down on the app because they give you just the text number and you just you're walking around the museum you think you could take a picture of anything in the museum text it to them and be like hey what's up with this and they're like and their life and they answer you like real artist

do the research after I heard stories and give you an answer so I was like yo just Fallen Angel is so it's melted what's up with that and they would they answer all the stuff and it's like the coolest Museum thing I think I've ever experienced the ability to have a live expert without having to go through that the monstrosity that is the walking tour of the museum you know what I mean it's not that I know if you give walking tours Museum as I'm sure you're walking tours great and obviously Ben Stiller needed that walking tour in night of the museum so it's not all bad but I'm saying like I don't necessarily want to do that on your own time you can just walk around amazing amazing but the reason to go there and the reason I'm talking about this for food is through March 4th they always have the main thing but they said there was an artist her name is Judy Chicago and are most famous work is the dinner party and since being triangular table with plates on it and it's representing the contributions that women have made to love kiss

presiding through history starting with ancient times and going up to today and took like a lot of took a lot of work until Every Woman there is a I forget it's like 400 women and their represented by like thirty two plates and so the big triangle the names of them are all written on tiles on the floor and then the 32 or whatever representative people have their own place settings that's done personally for them about them and like it's been eating a lot of modern criticism about it because the women that are chosen are just basically a very eurocentric and very kind of rich like skewed rich upper-class woman at contributions so I kind of classic second wave on the 70s so you know some slack I think a lot of people now the mistake of trying to view things that were done before through today's eyes would she know you should try to put yourself in the whatever but

it's a good place to level the criticisms of people know it's there but I still think it's the thing you should go see Al enjoy the work where you can go see about it and Laser caller some let me say this one thing one of these are things really interesting and we can discuss after whatever day was going to tell me but and this has to do with restaurants not so it's not just dinner party about food away food show but on the outside of the exhibition is a huge and it was exhibited at the time with it a huge mural of a picture of everyone at work on the project in a bio of it and I thought was really interesting this is why I was talking to Jack about it yesterday an interesting idea in the 70s on how to steal a push your own brand to Chicago but give credit to everyone who's worked on a project I think it's a very interesting time now in the food and beverage World about how how credit Works what credit means

how to give it to people what did I say 2 minutes

someone it because I'm always late he's scheduled someone in this lot right before us

you're not cool could get here at noon I actually was I not and then I had to wait for the show before had to get off oh you're wasting time right now you got to get my questions about making my own vermouth I keep a Kosher diet so I cannot use most commercial the Moose because they're wine-based unfortunately kosher market in this area is still small and so there aren't a non crappy options available you have any advice recipes on making vermouth in a home setting thanks for making my Tuesday can you so much more enjoyable nails so what do you have any good books on making vermouth 1000 I don't know I'm making vermouth no I mean I don't have Siri but I can go around if I was hoping you would have a book chatroom hook us up hit me back on Twitter on a on a good vermouth thing and they will send it off to meals on the next week so Jeremy wrote me in about replacing my

I mean but I guess I'll read that next week because I don't have time to even read it according to you know Grandpa Dave over here kicking me off so should I talk about but should I talk about in the next couple of minutes should I talk about tree exudates should I talk about airpods

airpods airpods Not Really Cooking related airpod review right I like the airpods I just got the airpods isn't a non hipsters review of airpods right functionally fantastic makes calls a lot easier by the way I'm not a believer in using earphones in the kitchen you should never use your phone to the music playing is fine but you need that you need to call and respond to the kitchen you know your phone's in the in the kitchen so I really dangerous everything everyone says that they are airpods are good for is true everything they say it's crap for is true there's my one point if you use ear protection in your job for instance chainsaw helmets they do not work well with chainsaw helmet ain't nothing worse than being knee-deep in muddy pachysandra garbage with a chainsaw like tripping over yourself when it's wet and crappy outside and then like having you know that antenna sticking out of the airpods rip it out of your ear every time you flip the ear muff over the dang thing

stroke engines for is on a Tarmac anywhere airpods no good no good so quickly in the two seconds I have left tree exudates I've been recently getting back on the Frank it's where your thoughts on frankincense in cooking I actually have no thoughts I've no experience the Catholic church but being strong size really anyway I'm here to make a pitch for tree exudates and other stuff that oozes out of things and solidifies and is used it was super important stuff in the ancient near East and you know in Greece that tire whole area they're super important they got all the stuff when Jeep when baby Jesus was born to things that they brought that guy we're tree

exudates you got your mom and you got your frankincense right think about this Gum arabic off in this area Manna From Heaven tree exudate right you got your camera if you got your mommy the word Mommy so mommy was originally an exudate out of the ground it was mistranslated as mummy that they preserve human and that's why European trumped-up mommies and sold them to people to consume as a medicine but another Exit 8 so I'm just going to make a small Polly here for you

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