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Episode 318: Bitchin' Camaro

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Heritage Radio Network every Tuesday from roughly 12 rugby 1245 from Roberto's Pizzeria in Bushwick but joined as usual with Nastassja of the hammer Lopez how you doing David LaBeouf how you doing Dave Pelzer good questions I hopefully cooking screaming too much you get in too much of a refundable tell you that

by the way by the way like did you have King Kong into this freaking studio is like your shock mount on your microphone is broken and your normal chair also broke I mean you're one of the repeat offenders who is grabbing and twisting the things

directions you I'm just saying it in the right direction ever it's like I feel like I said before I feel like Lemmy except for the fact that like he was awesome and like an icon and he's dead otherwise let me and I are the same we're talking into a microphone with a pointed in a crazy-ass Direction You Motorhead fan speed at work though great song right is that your favorite Motorhead what's your favorite Motorhead song

I couldn't even name them one of those bands where it's like you know you know their music but it all just sort of flows together we are the road crew give me my favorite especially when he's like another tube of superglue he thought mean like on Lemmy's good freaking which day before the show wasn't sure whether one of the lyrics I was quoting was Dead Milkmen or Wesley Willis I was like this pair right I think Wesley Willis come on man you know I saw it probably doesn't even know who the Dead Milkmen are do you know who they are

you familiar with the song Punk Rock Girl you familiar with the song Bitchin Camaro which is Camaro by pronounce come on over to not using it's like bitching like awesome it's a female it's not bitching bitching is awesome I don't even know what that has anything to do with the B word

bitching it's like you know is that really haven't even anything to do with like is that even related to the to the b word anyway

so anyway point being that the Dead Milkmen was one of a series of are you familiar with the guys from a with gangrene

the disease about late 80s like comedy hardcore know anyways so gangrene was the Boston comedy hard core group right they had sex Austin is alcohol and battle of the bands in Boston doing the hardcore version of hush hush voices carry strong anyway they're they're like kind of best album title ever was older Budweiser hahaha get it and then the Dead Milkmen down Philly way and they had bitchin Camaro and they had a punk rock girl with their Big R Radio hit and the album that I you know that came out when I was listening was Beelzebub and I saw them in concert in Rodney Anonymous there lead singer

accordions Dave

miniature accordion concert Angel Eyes of a miniature but miniature accordion is like a concertina shaped like a full size accordion right I don't know why I thought I had one right and I played it in a band in high school you better on the boardwalk I stole it from my friend Ted who actually is professional musician now anyway so a point is is he signed my accordion-like at the concert and he signed it thanks for saving my life in nam that was how he signed they go well together but they don't never ends well the same way that like my moves call never made it out of college have a few drinks and then it comes out of the party and everybody hates it

no just keep get stolen you have like that the first two things were accurate you have a few drinks you have a party and then the next morning there's no more most call there's no more miniature accordion you don't mean it's right right it does things just kind of ticket item operate like like like water you know what I mean like they'd is gone you can't hold on to him the worst was I had a party in this is way after college and my my Navy flight helmet with the gold blast Shield which I used to wear on stage or like at parties evaporated I don't know where it is I love that thing that thing is amazing you know if you've never been on stage and had your lead singer beat you relentlessly on your flight helmet with the gold shield down while you're you know that's that's life right there that's how it's supposed to be

Bluto like my papa yes papa by the band before that was Graciela plastic base never good at the miniature accordion they gave me the address that I would have something to play I was that guy in the band that didn't know how to play anything in high school band in the band at College I had a band in college like well-known bass player that was around my age in college he he was in the college band like he was in the department of Music Department my account the fact that he was a real musician and like it's a long time ago so I guess he stole an upright bass for from Yale and I was like damn that was sweet and he used to play and he was a really good player and so he used to play both

and you know an electric and I was super jealous and he was like he didn't talk with this he's like no one uses the upright Dave I'm not stealing it because it's like it's dying where it is it's just it's it's dying and so I was like you know what fair right at home I got people to change the lightbulb they're trying to turn off a circuit cuz then I guess they're worried about getting electrocuted changing a lightbulb Dave do you turn off electricity me to change my phone plugged know this place is falling apart that's not the case needs a lightbulb our house and our friends and you sitting here by the way people for those who the donor stassi at this is what it's like to work with nastassia on a constant basis is that she will just burn you down if you

do a kindness to her or help her in or befriend her in any way she would just sit there and burn you down like an incense stick like maybe like siblings or like that

alright so calling your questions cooking-related otherwise to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 Dave any cooking related anecdotes nothing good ones are clear so Now's the Time to knock out those emails I don't think I need some advice you have a cooking question I do the cooking issue this is a major cooking issues so for those of you that have listened to the recent episodes my building has no gas and has had no gas for for 5 months at least write at least they don't give you Squat and get you what they give you one certificate for 1 Pizza by the way at a place whose Pizza my children hate right and then that's an odd consolation gift certificate for a pizza place

cooking advice for you they give you a hot plate right but a dual burner Hot Plate now listen people Perhaps Perhaps you think that a dual burner hot plate is better than a single burner Hot Plate baby got the little Family Feud strike noise not not handed answer to the gets what to do when you want it all in one they don't design at such that you could put all the power into one burner so each burner is half as powerful as a single burner would be and you can't even boil water for pasta on it like you can't like let's say you have a family and you want to cook a whole town deposit back if you want to cook like you ever like cook just took a tiny amount of pasta are you a whole box lady

why would you leave that box just lingering unless you're like doing a or the ideas in food where it's like a minimal water does it look mini water in Rochester to the mini water thing in and ideas in food does the the soaking water thing anyways point being that by the way ideas in food people if you if anyone is listening that talks and if they're listening the freeze dryer that they gave us is going to be installed into the new bar once everything go so you can come I can come hang out for a minute and in the league is equipment female names

it's a pronoun he uses her for every piece of equipment the refrigerator the welder anyting nastassia haten and yet I know she never liked me like that he prone on never thinks of the stuff that she works with as a person that's why maybe they should Never Lie co how's the oven feeling today anyway getting back to the oven which is what I'm talking about so they ruin the gas in my building to give me the scrappy Hot Plate which I immediately page because I have a Breville control freak and I have another decent induction burner upper bucks if anyone out there has experience with a $29 Ikea induction burner please let me know I'm super curious to know whether an induction burner at that price point performed well we got each other and speak up

so some idiot punctures the gas line and whole building's been out of gas for like 4 or 5 months they come and inspect my apartment today because they're trying to get it back together and it failed why because I have a commercial oven and even though I bought specifically a commercial oven that was a brand that sold both commercial and residential so they could be like it's a wolf man is residential residential Evans I bought the commercial one and the guys who did inspection caught it when like this is a commercial oven so now I have to get rid of it didn't even know by the way by the way people they did not even know how heavily modified is commercial oven was like if they had seen if they had opened the metal plate over it and seen that I put a direct bypass of the thermostat into the main oven so they can function as a pizza oven they would have crap their pants you know what I mean like

no they did what they did now they would be this late they said basically you fail a put a lock on my gas line and I have to put in some sort of garbage oven so then the question is people here's the question should actually get rid of my oven right and find some sort of like we are minimal acceptable threshold home oven to replace it with no or quit this oven in the corner throw a really Dirt Cheap disgusting oven into it right now so I pass inspection and then put the old Diamondback but maybe there's a decent plan on an object

all right with I am going to do whatever my wife wants but I want to know what the crew thinks

you think I'm not going to give me good advice massages give me

thing but doing your wife was there going to be like this but she's cutting you down in the same way she's cutting Roberta's down cuz everybody done how does it feel I feel

you cannot multitask nastase is the worst multi-tasker in the whole world just person you know who is the least racist we be the least racist person that you know I don't know the guy and be like come on I mean like if you include people that you know that includes the pope. We've all heard the things he said in the patina things that he's done so yeah it is impossible. I respect women more either very similarly likes to say that she has XY or skill that just aren't she has skills

is that she got really mad at me one day people very very angry like virulently angry at me because she said she's good at darts I'm like you're not you're terrible at dark I play her I beat her handling and she's like see I am going to dark you didn't even beat me by that much I was like yeah but nastassia I suck at darts and I beat you and she was so angry at how angry you are so and so angry she does suck a dark people if any of you guys are dark sharks out there and you want to like hustle her on the dark game you can just meet her at crappy bars the name of that bar again

she gave up I gave up on my bar there was a regular at when I moved out of the neighborhood when you move out of the neighborhood you don't feel like you belong anymore and we were like Springsteen song so like you 45 minutes to go to the bar that used to live around the corner from The Irregular at just doesn't feel the same so there's a call already missed your chance to email questions question and said that they were going to call in call or you're on the air

hey when you want to read your question or do you want to just do you want to just ask me that they question question and it said

I'm wondering if the cooking issues team has any advice in this is actually one chat room listen up and also I should call at some point I have a friend who like works for the government on this and she might have some ideas to anyway basically I was wondering for cooking issues team has any advice for a passionate cook with a physical disability I can explain my situation further but essentially I just come up with ideas and other people actually do the cooking obviously I'm never going to be a chef but I would love some kind of career in the food world I hope to eventually sell some food products but I also think I have some potential as a consultant so how would I get in the door without the ability to get restaurant experience or go to culinary school currently I document my experiments on YouTube and Instagram but that's about it so I want to give a shout out to what your what Your YouTube and Instagram handles are so the people on YouTube

143-7337 and your YouTube handle is cooking with q and that's the letter Q right okay so now that you said you discuss it more but the so before we get into it like what like what are you like a like specifically like what is it that you can and can't do any kitchen what is Akron area so

and but like your your your your pilot's your palette your sense of smell all all all good you're good with it and and do you have any you have any allergies or anything like that or I've never had quite this question before but back when I was at the French Culinary Institute when they did their kitchen renovations don't remember so I know you said you're not going to go to cooking school net that's fine it is going to be extremely difficult obviously getting a restaurant experience but cooking schools might actually work with you I don't know if you look into it because I know that cook cooking schools have to give loans to people and the loans are given by the federal government and cooking schools are

regulated under under statute such that they kind of have to try to provide education to anyone that wants it so you know we met we never had someone to my knowledge that you know friends couldn't do the knife work or anything like that but we definitely had people who couldn't couldn't walk who who were who were there and working so there might be something that something you're cooking school is willing to work out for you if you just want to get the experience of what it's like to be in that environment right or be around one of those kitchens or I'm sure there are some chefs and maybe you've already done this you know who would set up some sort of a nonworking Steiff where you can kind of absorb some of the environment of what goes on in one of these kitchens which would be useful for you if you know I do say someday you want to be

or maybe an owner even of a restaurant of of that type of be useful to get some just physical time in one of these places just so you can because you know kitchens as much as you know that they can be awesome and they can be horrible right the kind of you know that the camaraderie of the kitchen to feel of it like you know what professional cooks are like in the kitchen and it's widely varied depending on what kitchen you're in but you know it's it's quite different I think then you'd get from watching the TV about when you say it's a trained assassin guess so then the question so we know it you know that it's not you don't feel that you know you are going to be on the line obviously so you know what what what advice well

taste as much as you can do you know can you go out to like you know the restaurant is that a problem for you or or no town I got rid of all right and if you if you can you know like if you know if you have the ability to take a trip to you know one of the larger towns or we can go you know to some of these restaurants by the way I know it it it it can be a huge hardship to do that like cuz it's expensive like no matter what like even if you even if there were no barriers putting away at all I can be expensive so can be a hardship but the advantage and you know and you know maybe

I don't know your I don't know you're here I can eating or economic position in Life or are you know but it is a kind thing if you if there was a problem this is something I guarantee you could probably get like a A Go Go fund me to go to do because there's really not tasting cooking experimenting watching these are all like super super super important but you can learn so much having somebody else is food right there's there's I've always kind of marveled that certain groups of American cooks for instance hamburger joints pizza joints places like that these kind of people tend to not go and taste other people's stuff because they like I make the best hamburger why would I go taste this person's hamburger you know what I mean where as in the chef World normal Chef world of Pinot the people that I know it's the exact opposite you know I know I fall off the grid sometimes because I don't go out and eat enough you need to go taste other people's stuff


looking at it isn't the same thing as actually seeing what somebody does even just on the plate even if you're not in their kitchen and so you know the advice of Jeffrey steingarten was kind of one of my you-know-what early you know models in terms of like you know his palette his brain right and if you know if people if they haven't read that the man who ate everything is still a classic book you no-good go read it but you know he's advice to people was always go more places eat more stuff and only through eating a bunch of other people's food can you actually gain knowledge and so the story that I told hear a bunch of times is that I thought I knew about this was decades ago this is like you know 20 years ago I thought I knew about you know espresso this back when you know nobody know anyting about espresso so I thought I knew everything went to Seattle which at that time was the only place in America that did a good job at espresso

you know that that basically by and large and it blew my mind I was like oh there's all this stuff that I don't that I don't know and just experiencing what someone else can do that you that you didn't even know about is a mind-bending thing and helps you grow quickly and immense immensely in terms of what you can do so if you can somehow arrange your life to get out today these places just to go eat at places that you admire from afar whose whose work you think of something that you like to emulate I think that's the first real step because that's the pallet building step and also the mine building step on seeing how how people do things that I think takes almost everyone to the next level whenever I know she gets really mad when people like come up and you know ask how to how to do XYZ when they haven't actually just tried to do it right size is not your that's your biggest that's your biggest

and so I think you know in this I mean it's obviously more of a challenge but I would try to organize my life such that I could go out and do those things not then you have okay what what's my end game like are you do you like to write

yeah I know I might be something that doesn't work remotely there there is many different kinds of Consultants as there are people because that when you doing consulting work it's just a matter of convincing the person who's going to write a check that you're worth the money right but in the food and bar World typically you know they likes there are many different kinds of Consulting so you know I've been called for Consulting where someone's like we're going to build a new piece of equipment we want you to come in and just sit down and talk to us about what you'd like to see in

equipment right why because I have a niche for knowing how cooking equipment works and so they'll come in and how do I make a living off that no could I maybe I don't know if we want it if we want to do that full-time could we do that it's not always secure it's and it's super hard shell CEO usually build their Consulting career on I open these three restaurants I ran it it was a pain in the butt because it is and now I just want to do some Consulting work those folks can make some time some decent coin because what they're doing is they're going into a failing restaurant or into a new restaurant they're building the program and then they're getting out but you know those people a usually have that like kind of chunk of experience behind because when you're Consulting

they're paying you for a chunk of experience there either paying you for one a skill that you have that nobody else has which is usually built off of some experience that you put under your belt so that you have it and other people don't that's why theoretically you're worth the money to them so from a standpoint this very rare that someone's going to get a consulting job just for like writing a recipe right because you know most people with the Consulting money want someone who can set up a program figure ordering do hiring make sure that the and then come back on on a regular basis and make sure that the cooks are performing adequately that XYZ is Happy Wheels for the consulting jobs that I normally see right but the great thing about the food world is if in you know 1989 in the year 2000 or 2001 2002 when I started getting interested in trying to be in the food world right

I didn't want to be a chef now that's not what I wanted to be but I love the food world I wanted to be in food and so the thing was I had to find a niche right so I thought they knew she was going to be the Museum of food and drink I like this is what I'm going to do but then I realized that looked up there's no I have no clout in the food World why would someone help me start the Food Museum so you know luckily my my sister-in-law was just getting started in the food world right around that time she now runs the Food Network Magazine I was able to meet people like Jeffrey steingarten I eventually came to the attention of Michael batterberry who ran food and wine and your he introduced me to Harold McGee you know I started building up experience new in writing and a knowledge that they got me higher to the French culinary where I build a niche in kind of new techniques and Technologies based on my friendship that I had built up with Wiley Dufresne where I was working at w d v not working at butt

getting stuff for Wylie wd-50 and working on those kinds of problems so I found in Niche that allowed me to work in the food world without being a chef right because why would anyone hire me to be a chef or why would anyone hire me to do a TV show when there's already people who are doing TV shows that had proven track record so you need to find what I would recommend if you need to find a niche that's either not currently populated and build a nice yourself or like find some place that already exists where you can build up the experience it makes your that makes you valuable to someone who is going to write a check right so my main skill was I cooked a lot I knew I knew a lot and I just read an intense amount and absorbed intense amount of information at a time when information was harder to get and I was able to get equipment and fix equipment better than other people because I am basic

treat myself like a piece of equipment not like a human being right nastassia but hasn't decided whether I'm more animal or more cyborg but I'm working on my board cyborg have to find out that you have to find some Niche so me shoes that already exists that I would look first at niches that already exists that aren't working in the kitchen on the line right side

I'm on Vancouver Island in Canada so basically you live in was is Vancouver Island just like all they have is oysters and nothing else is just oyster after oyster after laser well right they grow oysters where you are are you like how big is Vancouver Island near the water then

I've never been I guess to Vancouver Island I have been to Vancouver lot of great restaurants there

show like one of the big niches is writing so a lot of people will go to cooking school to get some experience and then they'll start writing write another thing is you know if you are interested in in in in equipment or I don't know like what like what you need maybe your Niche is accessibility I don't know you know maybe there's some nice something that you have that nobody else has that makes your skills and your ideas worth money that's the thing you have to kind of hone in on and it's it's like so personal you know how do you get into cooking and Technology I'm like well it was easier back we know when I was doing it because there were a lot of people doing it so you get to build your own your own Niche but it's very hard to see forward into what the future nations are going to be you know

yeah I know I felt I am going to start offering people my knowledge entry for free be worth money right so like it like that if you look at Ida's idea as in food those guys and lexan a key right they had a they had a restaurant right was very small and by the way I don't like again I don't know your your economic so if you get really into it is possible for you to start a restaurant it's just going to cost you a lot of money write a lot but you are you could theoretically and that's an incident way to get credibility in the restaurant world is to run a restaurant that works I'm not going to recommend to you that you do that because it can be in an incredible heartache and I would definitely if I were you if you even thinking of doing you need to go like fine online a chef who simpatico with you who will let you at least just like hang out in the kitchen for a while with them to figure out kind of what

the deal there and what what's going on read up on margins read up on Staffing read up on ordering food on how this thing works because the actual nuts and bolts of being in a restaurant are like you know not necessarily fun but still I say you and your brother were going to open a place that's like instant credibility so Alex Anunnaki they opened up a place I think in Colorado I think somewhere right there was very small very high-end they did their nice thing they had of you know a Blog that became very well known but they they were kind of new techniques and Technologies when very very very few people were doing it and they built up a following and that following a now I think I've have a donut shop date they open things occasionally that are to the public but they actually do make a good living off of being consultants and you know putting out their knowledge and ideas

and you know they've managed to make a good life of it are well-regarded and let you know in the end they do their things are there are model I would actually you know why would contact them if I were you so the point being that yes if and if you if you build a following the way they build the following that following is is is monetized will the mistake people make I think is that you can do everything for fun kind of without a plan and then all of a sudden you'll have money and that that doesn't happen I think you have to do everything with a mind to you know I'm doing this for free now but is there a way is there someone eventually will pay me money for it and ask that you know that's the thing that I think a lot that's the part of the puzzle that a lot of people just kind of pray that that puzzle piece is going to fall in and it turns out no one will pay you money unless they have a reason to pay you money

I don't know like like like look a lot of shifts if you go to like a chef someone who's been working for you know you know 10 years 12 years and they just open their own restaurant and they were working on a line they have less than charitable things to say about people who only run pop-ups that just been my experience I don't I think that everything has its its own challenges right and chefs are very friendly like in front of you they can be a snarky group when they when they sneak off by themselves in her and have a few beers and rice does you know it's kind of a code no chef ever says anything negative about another cook in public but he can be difficult like most most chefs only respect huge amount of work and I hate anyone that tries to get ahead with you know without putting those huge amounts of work in and they definitely don't see a pop up as the same as a full size run

permanent restaurant true or false. A true but your case might be different right me everybody is different if you can sell yourself to that to that if you even care about selling yourself to the chef were like you know who cares really I mean like the question is can you sell what you can you sell yourself if someone is going to write a check cuz he knows not going to write the check to shut the chef not going to write you a check so it's like you know

it's hard for me to kind of say what the the right answer is here what you think so we do this why don't like we gave out your the you are cooking with q and dragon Q13 that's it YouTube Dragon 1337 at Instagram why don't we do this why don't you have some suggestions that we can revisit next week

that's not good people all right cool alright thanks Quinn and will talk to you soon

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all right I'm going to get in huge trouble for this going to get in huge trouble Dave for this but when someone bust out that accent and says they can trace their Heritage back over a hundred years I'm like what is a white supremacist come on come on now we're trying to combat that perception hear Heritage did not have anything to do with that BS not like you know like you know I can trace my bloodline back 100 years talking about pigs and turkeys starts with Willie no it's not that it's just they came for the pigs and turkeys yes but recently recently like that's how his mind works his mind works it's not racist to just feel more comfortable around a particular group well yeah it is

what's the definition I don't know whether he prefaced it with I'm not racist so like that's the only part where I don't know if that's what he said the prefaces in itself of an immediate red flag yes yes I'm not racist but finish doing my taxes like super organized I do my taxes like in October when they're on extension you don't have your end of February anyway mom and Nick is already done his taxes I just finished doing my taxes and wanted to treat myself to a fun new purchase with my return the worst thing for compulsive Shopper is a sudden inflow of unexpected money that is true write you every are you money spender like that says are you like I just got a hundred bucks

alright I already have my spinzall and my searzall has an expected ship date of May 24th because Amazon can't get their head out of their ass is it is there any sort of the word on how far up Amazon's Ash they're headed for my neck hole again Ren pop up through those like their head will pop up through it or not used to being able to see again so people know how many Sears stores have we ship to those fools we now have what's 4680 + 2 4 3 0 almost 7,000 when are we going to get stock again I just got the quote for the boat shift so that should be going out today so in a month-and-a-half we'll have our own in a month-and-a-half we'll have our own so

we set ourselves 50 and then they lost them because you're there some people who think but it's as bad as the a word is don't like the word but even though you could just use as interjection I think it's weird that people refer to it as the a word I guess this is a family show certain words you don't use even indirect quotes like I never never direct quote like the c word of the n-bomb in any of it there's 4 minutes left to find pressure cooker for quite some time and I think it's about time to purchase one Dave has been using his with a polyscience / Breville control freak was wondering if you had some pointers for cooking on both at specific induction hob by the way

Nick are you European because Americans don't call him Hobbs do they do Americans call Tim Hobbs week on burners yeah I thought was only British people to call them hogs on the show do I ever called Hobbs never heard that word before English 4 burner like I want said aluminium as a joke is on the week British I'm like hell no anyway David's been using this with a polyscience Breville control freak was wondering if you had some pointers for cooking on both. Specific induction burner and on induction burners in general I have a control freak but I am sure I am a small minority I know nastassia detest second questions but is there is time I want to pose a question to all three of you in any guess what would you buy with your tax return money other than it spends all of course one hit that one first and I'll talk watch Brothers

put it in my savings will let they think about it while I answer this question right yeah if I spend any money right now you want I want I want I want a decent like I wanted maybe that remarkable Pad but I'm thinking the keyboard iPad for something I can write on because I've been doing all of these things that require notebook paper and it sucks having to switch between a PDF reader on my phone and my paper to write on it's been a huge production issue for me that's what I would do anyway induction so the issue with you cooking on it that the great thing about cooking with an induction burner and pressure cooker is that one of the main problems with non electric pressure cookers Litecoin Recon and whatnot is that when you're cooking something thick and you're trying to get it up to pressure you put high heat into it to get it up to pressure fast my special because you don't want the cooking time to get thrown off too much and then you have to throttle it down really low in order to maintain that pressure during their initial ramp up time especially if you're cooking things a lot of old pressure

recipes where she tell you not to cook things like tomatoes because they Scorch on the bottom of the pan and nothing's worse and scorching your pan with a pressure cooker when you're getting it up to pressure because you can't smell it because I think it's sealed smoked a little bit when starts leaking but you tend to burn it and not know how horribly burned it is until its way way too late the great thing about a induction burner as you can set it to ramp quickly to a temperature but you the temperature is only about 20 or 30 degrees higher than your finish temperature so that's what I do I set my induction burner at like to 260 or so Fahrenheit let it get up to a little higher actually sorry I-275 let it get up to pressure and then usually with the control-freak you have to maintain a temperature Delta of roughly 10 to 15 degrees between the thermostat and the actual pot temperature because you can't use a probe with it because it's seal so that's what I typically do and it's very even and you can do very thick things in a pressure cooker that way

without having scorching the problem is if you're cooking something it's extremely thick in a pressure cooker it can be hard to build up pressure because it's so thick that it doesn't have convicted forces so that's like one issue with cooking things are extremely sick is the lack of convection inside of that stuff but eventually you can get over it and also you'll get like blurts if you're doing like like pea soup you'll get blurts from the bottom on to the top of your of your lid even though technically shouldn't be boiling too much so what I tend to do is I'll put the pressure cooker I'll seal it and I'll sit there and I'll just shimmy like it'll start coming up to pressure and I'll ship it back and forth I'm making up like a shimmy with my hands and ship not like a shake weight like a shake weight shimmy and on the burner to kind of move the stuff around because of the lack of convective forces and so that's kind of what I do I wish I still love my clean Recon you know all these you know decades later hadn't used it I still recommended even though I broke the handle off of it and had to weld a handle on to it which by the way I welded it with

without actually damaging the pots I wasn't I didn't weld on to the structure of the pot I welded onto the rivets they held the handle down so don't want to hear anything about how I made my Life Changers I don't want to hear it I don't want to hear it people seem to like this thing from Kistler the Vitae whatever the Vita Vite of it which I've never used but it's a great thing, and asked me for big pressure cookers that don't vent I've never seen one the only big pressure cookers really big pressure groups I've ever used are they that doesn't vent is the American pressure canner to problems with it at all aluminum also it appendiceal and here's the thing there's a website sorry Dave is on my way out website said the wrong thing in the world they said this you can cook anything you want in a big pressure cooker the same way you can cook in a small pressure cooker but you can't cook a large amount is small pressure cooker that's only partially true when you get a pressure cooker the size of the American pressure canner it's like 50 ls40 750Li it takes

forever to come up to pressure so unless you really need bigger I would just get the biggest style Coon Recon that built it can do small amounts of stock and you're good to go if you only buy the giant pressure cooker that you actually need to cook a giant amount of stuff cooking issues

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