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Episode 317: Out of Hibernation

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Bushwick happy New Year first day with new you're not because it's Darcy and I they are Spirit was willing to the Heritage Food flesh was weak they're back at how was your long Hiatus their Dave what kind of sexy to get a chest cold and then you know you're going overboard at the Mucinex everyday the flu even if they got the flu shot cuz it's only what like 30% effective this year

add the pee poo in the vomiting pee poo I love pizza is a great is that like a we use here at the booker and Dax and cooking issues the program to buy just so you know cooking issues the program is nastase and Dave cooking issues the Instagram and what's the other thing Twitter thing that's basically just me so if you need to pester Anastasio you want to pester at Hammer bdx right if you if it's if it's like spring like rainbow death out of the eyes than that's that's her you can tell it anyway so we have two basic things we like to either we like to say that you got the people who or we like to say that you know we set your butt on spray doesn't it to casino those are the two official Booker and Dax terms for it

well welcome back to us can you give you are a 23andMe story

way which particles and first of all I want you guys to call in your cooking lady questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 what which part of my mom got us all 23 and me you know like I spit swabs right that said it like you did as well right so that I can find out what I am as white as I look like what's the weather today is going to tell me there's a smattering of some other northern European country in your bloody didn't know that I'm going to get the most boring results back I think that is kind of humanly possible like if they're you know I mean like I can't imagine what kind of anything of Interest except for figuring out exactly what percentage of Irish vs Scottish vs. German I am anyway did you get good results what are you what are you what are you what are you got no I don't remember I have to look back you don't remember what you are you done this thing

so anyways so because like you know I go through my life kind of hoping someone will steal my identity so I don't have to use it anymore like I gave them all of my information filled out all the surveys and participating and everything you know that they have and so they're asking me series after series of random questions like you know how many times a week do you snore answer I don't know I'm asleep you idiot and then I know it really is I guess what they mean is I mean I know I snore because my wife wakes me up to tell me to shut up but like I can't tell that I'm snoring whatever anyway that's not the point the point is at one point there must be some sort of algorithm because they said it maybe they just got it from my profession because they said does the sound of people chewing throw you into a rage and I said yeah yeah the sound of chewing throws me into a raid particularly the sound of snack food crunching when you're doing when you're cooking

dinner and stassi the same way but how do they know that about me no but then they said how often are you angry and you were like the minute I open my eyes so it's no secret but you know a good healthy healthy hair dyes so do so do you know what I mean it's like the anger is what county we're not there you know we're not really kind of funny no not really bad at math noises everyone's favorite punching bag

I got people got to listen over here Dave so don't deploy is it's more like a it's not that the crunching bothers me the table because you know I have two kids it's my job to stop them from eating with their mouth open because I have to send them out into the world and then I will be judged based on their mouth noises but that's only one thing the thing is is that when you're actively cooking dinner and someone goes into the pantry next to where your cooking and trying to get everything to come together armies oh my God eating the meat like we just walking up to somebody's meezan plas and starting to Crunch on it you know what I mean it's like what the hell you doing what the hell you doing you know what I mean but like also just sitting there behind you eating like tortilla chips while you're trying to get dinner and you know that every tortilla chip did they eat is one last bite of the food that you're trying to prepare now that they are going to eat at the meal Plus

it sends me into kind of an irrational rage I'm surprised that the 23andMe people were like you know I bet you this is the kind of guy that you know goes into an irrational rage when he hears people crashing on things you know but you're the same way. Just didn't have that back then they didn't have that they must have gotten we've never seen this profile with luck

The Color Purple Pantages so far so maybe maybe that's the thing so I want to give a quick a shout-out I went to so the whole break right this looks like you not often I get to go out I think I got to go to like two or three restaurant included the fact that I flew to San Antonio's in San Antonio last week but first right before you did yeah I was in London this past week and had some amazing Indian food everything you'd expect it was a vegetarian place just to solve the standard fare the doll was amazing the curry yet really really good over here because because you were over there and having fun and when you're here you're depressed and get to come back and talk to us or the trouble may have had something to do with it just the excitement of being somewhere new but but it was it was definitely top quality mean

good as anything I've had anywhere that food tastes better when you're with people you like for food pays much worse when you're with people you hate right don't you think something is very hard when you're eating with someone you hate like that time we went to California. My God am I ever going to hear the freaking end of this anyway but they and then also like if you're having a good time food obviously taste better that's why that's why I asked David so I went to a long time friend of the show Joel Gargano has a relatively new restaurant Grano arso up in Chester Connecticut home of Tom he's dead now he's a sculptor artist I should say it's all the Whip and I go up there quite often goes really good place you guys should all go so he's you know doing the he gets his weed from me know that you know that area and then he grinds it makes his own pasta I think he I think I hear that he uses the arcobaleno the same kind of one that did the ideas in food guys have like Alex Nike hat

and I thought I was really good at they did a really good job and who's he took so this restaurant right in in Chestertown in Chestertown is one of these kind of like you know cute it's cute towns like it's not my thing to town like I could care less about acute town do you like it two times. Sit down right I'm in a cute town and I'm like why am I here you don't even like if I look like I don't really care as a thing like I like I like being you like industrial like rundown industrial hate that I like I like I like I like being like in a forest I like being like like you know in a mountain like in the shade having a glass of wine like that's what I like like being in a I like a town for like a little while ago a newt sound like you throw me in some sort of town that I don't understand it's new to me like some sort of new thatching on the roof perhaps and I'm like I like that roof I'm grooving on I like it

I like the way this feels that fireplace nice a groove on it and then you know but like cute cute New England town I mean how many times have you done that before in your life to New England town if you never went to another cute New England towns would you be okay really I like them but I mean that was like you know I just went wherever I am that's where I am what about you did kind of freaks me out sometimes being out in like the middle of pastoral New England or anywhere else like that I wouldn't go up to quiets too dark

imposts and I really warm

you know what you got to do anyway I like Chester I like Chester I love Chester has a nice town all or all of these towns were built up they had like a lot of streams and so there's a lot of early Millwork in these areas because they had a lot of early industrialization so Connecticut all upcoming New England when America was was building up agriculturally they'd already been somewhat spent right that the Land There had already been somewhat played out so it wasn't so good that we know there was no agriculture already allow the octopus with moving out of that area and it got filled up as Industrial in a lot of like the name of the local streams and whatnot that we have a lot of up there were converted to provide Power for early industrial Mills and so every area had its own thing so like Connecticut and Massachusetts and what not we built a lot of guns right guns with a big business we made a lot of tools rent including like famous famous towns like Bridgeport was like the machine Capital anyway so I need a lot of this started pre electricity and so they needed power

like water so do you know what kind of chest that whole area Chester a success or not so much but Essex and Deep River I return you know what they were known for two thousand and piano keys so they made like the majority of the ivory piano keys in piano actions and so there seems like piano keyboard so like it's strange connection and ivory story is incredibly horrific like horrible like really bad like such like animal exploitation human exploitation see his cute little New England towns that are literally founded on misery like sound like specifically found it on on misery you know what I mean human and animal misery and and in fact like the ivory was still being handled by slaves in new off of the east coast of Africa being shipped out of like places like Zanzibar and up way past

you know what we would normally think of as being the slave area so it's it's later so continue that human misery and I don't lyrics long past what you would think is reasonable so cute you're cute New England town but I do like it there any way Jose restaurant in trento are so is a great restaurant so there's a vegan restaurant in all vegan restaurant and the chef who is there they spent like a zillion dollars on the build-out of this place right same place a couple years ago and got built out as a vegan restaurant it was kind of the only vegan restaurant in the whole area but they spent like a boat on on the on the bill and so the chef who is there she's like you know what I don't really want to live here I want to go back to California where I can get all the vegetables I want all the time so she left and they're left with this huge build out and they couldn't find an equivalent quality of Chef to come in and keep running into the place shut down so Joel got to go in and get this place Madden ask Mom if you paid cuz that's rude but

I am so he got this I think he didn't have to do as much as you would normally have to do maybe hit me I'm sure he did a crap ton of work to open it up but I'm saying he took over that space and so I'm glad to see that space is going and going well I had a I had a great meal and a second place I got to go to in San Antonio couple days ago at San Antonio cocktail conference you were going to San Antonio to stazio so I went to the went to the Alamo and everyone says the Alamo was not as big as a couple tickets being jerks because the Alamo is gone it's just the church is left of the picture there one takes in front of the Alamo it's just a little chapel the rest of the Alamo has been kind of this is wiped out is all of the people who are those yours is no Crockett and Bowie Were You Know Travis knows God, which I guess you have to kind of do but I went to this restaurant called a restaurant Gwendolyn and the chef there Michael and their butcher his last name I so hockey right and so this guy has his rest

right and I had a good answer for lunch I'd like to go back for dinner sometime but it he's he has an actual Manifesto he was a ramen restaurant that just like pumps humans in and out like it's got like you know whatever call people out the door but he's got this Manifesto which he gave me a printed copy of you also does things that like I don't want you to stick right is no ingredients that were available available in San Antonio prior to when Texas became a state so I 18 like 46 or whatever so like that like an ingredient that you'd have to use has to be available within that San Antonio area era prior to 18 like 48 date a river that theme and no electrical tools used in preparation at all everything has to be cut by hand when he uses gas because you have to and he has refrigerators cuz you have to

I need that so I love you sis anyway so what is like he has like all of these things but the interesting thing and he has his like crazy Manifesto to have crazy manifest as like something like what's interesting is if he's not trying to run it what you think he would do then is he's like okay I'm only doing recipes that would be a Veena work at that time in San Antonio no you have to choose something that has an a storical historic or cultural or seasonal basis but it can be any any culture any season

and I didn't see happy currencies in any culture any basis any era as long as you can make it with the ingredients that were available in San Antonio prior to 18 whatever and assuming you can do it without you know electrified kitchen equipment and choosing what the constraints are and then he's like he's also like also I don't tell why cook supposed to make they have to come up with a dish with an I just come in if it doesn't meet my standards to get to get Snoop got this cool kind of like interesting idea anyway so you know a shout-out shout out to a restaurant Gwendolyn and a shout out to manifest as we think about Manifesto since I was you

don't know when I have a Manifesto

I mean I don't know that I couldn't function understand with Manifesto know I would function poorly against and I think Don and I are going to write you know certain kinds of things like we were well-known certain people's you know quote on quote manifestos are documents have become legendary in the service industry right so Sasha's milk and honey bar manual was a widely circulated and you don't think so that yeah I'm sure we'll come up with some stuff I'm interested in trying to get people to choose music properly super hard I think I really am very very anti you know automatic first of all the worst a shuffle the worst a shovel the worst thing you can do on Earth is just hit Shuffle on on your phone so I can just it that's a joke what you think Dave

yes Shannon Shuffle I mean supports the shovel can be better than the human controlling it though I think that choosing music you look people are going to be more or less talented right but you can also trained somewhat people to be able to do it better than they do it now he had a fit the vibe of the plays volume but I think they want to listen to rather than the music that's going to get people to buy the most drink for those about DJ though right that's why I think that can be taught like in other words like to listen to death metal guess what people don't like to sit and have a cocktail for pizza listening to death metal you know what I mean like it's a good it's a good thing to do if you're trying to get people to leave if you want them to order the food and get the F out you know what I mean

by all means like you no crank whatever skinny puppy voivod you choose whatever you know what whatever you want get them out you know some sort of like finish or Norwegian craziness any of the sure but like a people also people don't understand like Shuffle doesn't understand that though it's late night don't play that like you know slow sappy crap now because people going to fall asleep you need them to need some need to keep them up you know what I mean so anyway so there's so stuff like that I think will write a little you know probably write a little Manifesto on how to choose a music it would help if more people like you place value on this because as it stands you know about a restaurant owner bar owner might be happy to just throw on the Spotify Shuffle because they that's free you know I don't have to pay anybody hears my feeling on that right I think like on the Spotify stuff you know what I think that's for me to see what do you agree as a person in any no more in that feel than I am

those kind of service is where you choose at channel are like if you're by yourself or your in a small group I think they're fantastic to learn new songs you don't otherwise do Discovery Discovery fantastic Discovery tool terrible like terrible for a bar I think you want if you can't come up with like a roster a personal roster of let's say a thousand songs right from which you can call decent list over the course of light or maybe two or three thousand South you can call a decent list over the course of let's say you know a week then what the hell you know what I mean look at that you don't need all of songs everywhere to make a list it's interesting to your to your customers right you might not be interested because maybe you'd heard these songs a lot but you know they're coming to your place for the first time maybe or second time who never seen him saying day if you see where I'm going with this and soap

steak to put into your playlist a song you don't know right you know I think it's also a mistake to put in songs that you that you hate because of you put on the song if your staff is not happy with the music that's playing they don't seem as happy and if they don't seem as happy it rubs a bad vibe off on your customers but the same time you have to also play stuff that you know comfortable for your customers there's a there's a maximum anger level in the music that I think it is allowable and it is very context-dependent so let you know at you know that you don't at 8 p.m. right at 8 p.m. when people are still about to go out to dinner you don't play sound of the police right or you just don't do it right but at like you know midnight if you've just gone through you know about a bunch of Hip Hop and you decide it's time to jump into some like you know Old School East Coast up sound of the police can keep the room bumping and it's not too angry at that time if you've kind of build up to it with a bunch of other songs get my drift day

fat and so I can people think about this the real sad thing is is that it's by far the best way to do music is to have someone live picking music based on what's going on in the room at that time but it's just not feasible it really is not feasible in a regular bar so you have to you have to think about our ex but me and maybe there's some way maybe we can talk about it some point of figuring out ways to gently shift playlist in certain directions without having to sit there and queue up each song based on what the room is doing you know what I mean intelligent music service that does something similar also like everything depends on the size place you have so a lot of the energy of a bar comes from the bartenders and a customers at the bar and radiates out to the tables right so let's say you like someone comes in and you get a group of people that are from a pert

your area right like someone comes in from a why don't know they come in from from Jersey well let me look a like it depends on what time of day it is whether I'm going to go to Jersey songs are easy right just Jersey people are are easy to please you throw on the Bon Jovi or you throw on freaking Springs nature of the wedding playlist one song and they're happy but you know for god sakes don't put on highway patrolman or everyone's going to be weeping into their into their beers and leave your leave your place depressed but like you know but I'm saying I choose a couple songs I mean when you're going to go something like Bon Jovi or Springsteen I think that the trick there is to pick a song that bumps hard enough to keep the place going but isn't the same one that everyone hurt all the time that's a challenge with that but like you know you should you should store like a song from every area so that someone if someone comes up you can get him something you know what I mean

and I'm saying like you don't believe in that I think people really like it like when you when someone from San Francisco comes and you play and you know I Got 5 On It comes on right people like oh yeah I need and then like they feel a little more comfortable with its own played something for the Amber you know what I mean you don't believe in that day you asked me about manifestos that's how I have one in the bar that may or may not exist that we have not announced yet but they're not going to be any TVs there's not going to need TV signals I will not have a bar with TV signals in it they will not delay. We will not be able to come watch the game at the bar but that's not going to happen so nastassia will never come to the bar because she should join two things and stassi at three things he likes to do drink Sparkling

rozay wine preferably champagne but any sparkling rose they will do in large glasses and copious amounts so that's one that's a unitary that's a multi-faceted unitary thing that you like to do Bananagrams watching some kind of crappy Sports thing on on on the television ball football yeah that's what she likes to do it before I only like to play Bananagrams with real players like you people who have some Integrity it would take a quick break. Answer the question but okay we'll come back so we'll go through some serious question answering on cooking issues

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did you get someone who actually speaks that way or did you imitate somebody else's accent is a former Heritage Foods employee who is from the South but that's not really his natural way of speaking a good way of saying pork chop to free pork chop shop pork chop to fry pork chops brother caller caller ID on the air

hey Dave is Andy a from Virginia for sunflower yeah so cold right now

so it's for ice cream place I'm trying to stay away from the dairy so I'm just doing a Wonder one simple syrup with some Fresno chili and coriander been hitting it with some cocoa powder chocolate

and I hit it with some versawhip and it didn't it didn't fluff up now so used to sell it also didn't fluff up I was wondering if you give me some pointers I'm just let you know something light light and Airy right so like that I forget I'm going to forget who did this first but you know there was a time I see whether this is kind of what you're thinking about like there is a time oh five six years ago when everyone was doing not everyone like it was a thing aerated chocolate was a thing so it was your people had looked at the Aero bar ever eaten a narrow bar it's interesting like I'm more of a crunch guy so it's not my normal kind of thing but I had one the other day and actually enjoyable enjoyable but not normal anyways so

aerated chocolate was thinking literally what they would do is just melt their mixture out and put it into a vacuum pan like a FoodSaver vacuum pan and suck a vacuum on and then throw it in the fridge to set a real real quick with the vacuum still on it and people getting these amazingly tall aerated chocolate so I think Heston Blumenthal did some work with that I think Johnny is he needed some work with that Wylie Dufresne I think there's some work with that but yeah that's that's one technique it really interesting technique similar to that is Alex stupak did the same thing with ice cream base and those ice cream base is when are popped up almost tasted like ain't like texture like angel food cake was with you ever have that stuff is pretty is pretty I thought was pretty interesting and then why are they of course also did aerated flaws that way like flaws you know preparations I forget what hydrocolloid to use for it but that I had that kind of like a cakey kind of texture so I don't know it was that the kind of thing you're looking for a more like a standard

I miss something something that I can type on to the plate that I give me a little height also that you want to do non-dairy right he said normal but non-dairy no no egg either I would just try to do you know he's like I haven't looked at it a long time but like you know the the texture saying you just do a standard I would just do a standard then like a chocolate mousse base and swap out a coconut for the dairy or or almond for the dairy but like I happened in coconut and chocolate go really really well together and I said I said before in the air because my mind really got blown by a a coconut-based chocolate sorbet back in the in the day like I said it's like Sharon's sorbet years and years ago was doing a lot of like chocolate sorbet that I thought was like very I thought at the time I think the recipe is changed by the time I thought very very well done

and I'm pretty sure that they used coconut and so whenever I am doing non-dairy things that would otherwise be Dairy my go-to isn't isn't maybe you should be at 7 and experimentation almond door or anything like that it's coconut 100% of the time and I'm always been real happy with the combination of coconut milk and or cream with with chocolate

I mess around with it let me know how it works out and I hope it warms up for you down there since I was a kid

Grist Mill has I don't know where that was Herndon I don't know where Herndon is that's where that you know we like that Gristmill it was for sale and we kept on looking at it and finally someone sold it I think I'm going to get rid of going to get rid of everything in my life is over my kids and my wife would not have gone with me and then my life would have been over but like we remember every couple of days I'll go on that website and look at that Gristmill like working Grist Mill and had rights to the Stream So that U thing couldn't stop you from using the water at had some sort of crazy deeded rights to the water use based on like the early eighteen-hundreds when it when it was built and I was like I want and I want that dress I want to do for cheap so cheap so much last how much Grist Mill and like so what show is about the slide off of its foundations into the water I can fix that like like you know if you have nothing else to do like fix foundation with me and you know whatever anyway that was a dreams another girl

I check my call Mike I'm in Philadelphia I have a question regarding a Moscow Mule keg I've been doing I can't get Ginger to be appropriately clear and still be boldly ginger-flavored and wondered if you had any suggestions what you doing right now is you know peel the ginger I slice it a paper thin and then I just make a standard syrup that way because I actually like the flavor kind of cooked Ginger if you don't like it cook you can vac Infuse a bunch of times or pressure infused but you pressure and she was Orvac infused you'll tend to throw off more starch and that makes the carbonation a lot more difficult will you start throwing off cloudy stuff if you just do like a light hot steep with very finely sliced Ginger you can get a very strong Ginger profile and keep it very clear lyrics what are you doing right now

so I started doing a really strong ginger tea and felt like it wasn't quite spicy enough so then I was trying to clarify a ginger juice in a centrifuge and hit that was here after the fact and it was clear it had lost so much flavor that was not worth doing all that effort I agree first of all like little secret on on Ginger like whenever I do Ginger I always add chili to it always drink ginger already that you don't need to add I guess to the ginger itself but like I always use I use a red I always hit it with a red heat right so like something like

just something it's red because I think that the fruitiness of the redcaps he comes I think helps balance Ginger out really really well and integrates better like green spicy things like I love red jalapenos but most people don't don't get them but I love red pandas like to eat jar after jar of those little cans of the red Jalapenos in in tomato sauce I just eat the hell out of those but the green ones while I love the flavor of green ones as well like I think green won't won't marry as they won't taste as good but it won't seem as integral to the ginger jalapeno have you tried just tried super old school just like really slicing at Fannin and doing the boil up with the sugar in the syrup and then straining it out

I had been cooking down ginger for a while making a really strong tea cupboard and letting it steep for a while and then straining all that on to sugar and getting in to see if that way is sugar from the get-go and I don't know where the key is going as long as just like slicing it really thin and actually not have it not having a breakdown right so it's like the more you cook ginger the more the flavor is going to change right so like you know I will the way you know the way I always do it as I bring it up and then I basically bring it up to the Heat and then turn it off and then just keep I just keep your finger tasting it you know it's like isn't there isn't there and I've done that with both with the sugar in the ginger and without so when I'm making sodas and I'm using Ginger I usually do Ginger without sugar and add sugar separately but I've done it both ways and the results are slightly different both ways so I would do it but the Ginger Zee

Greenlee susceptible to the amount of time that you that you cook it and Pandora I was trying to get up and see if I could get the flavor that way but there's just so much that payment coming out of it have any benefit of doing fine Place Ginger and just confusing got into the Vodka first and it's only work I'm tryna remember whether I have done it I'm sure that would I'm sure that would do so now I would play a roughly around at one question I have is like let's say you were to do is I write the question is surprises I made flash pickled like sushi style vinegar Ginger rather last week because I hate the stuff in jars and so I always just slice I get a younger Ginger that has less fiber in it right I slicing super thin and then I just throw it into you know what amounts to 121 sugar rice vinegar and then with some salt right and

I don't care if the crap spank or not and then I you know I basically pressure or vacuum infused is seared into the ginger so that it's ready within you know 30 minutes or something like this so and I'm trying to think back that did not throw off any starch but I don't think I used to back when I think I use a centrifuge to do the infusion I think I did centrifical infusion instead of vacuum infusion I'm just wondering whether with you pull a vacuum on it or if you pressure and let it blast out with her going to throw off a lot of sediment because that sediment is really going to make the carbonation touchy you know what I mean yeah vacuum seal it or do it right in a corny keg hook up the carbonation to pressurize it it with the vodka and then run all that through centrifuge go to starts back out of it into it the only thing that's going to save you is time cuz it's got to settle way the hell down cuz it's not going to form a puck unless you put something else in it but that there's something else that will form of park with the Stars will also scribble out of the flavor out

I'll be your enemy I'll give it a shot and see if they have any luck with this kind of stuff

you're here too so we'll see you then hopefully someone post something up there and you can see whether they get the result so Jarvis Racine from Milwaukee I'm currently from ending my own peppers a little bit of fresh garlic bulbs to make my own hot sauce I got an airlock and little container it's been there since late October my question is when it's time to blend a jar at Cypress and preserve it should I blend it with vinegar will that suspend the fermentation process I just wanted to know my options on making it I think I wouldn't necessarily I mean there's a bunch of ways you can stop fermentation but you know like ethanol can suspend fermentation to problems using vinegar is that the vinegar that you have unless you have that super high grade Swedish stuff is probably only four to 5% and so you're adding something that's very dilute anyway and you know you'll slow down and stop anything but even after you kill the lactic

bacteria lactobacillus or you know the end is probably acetobacter in there well depends on her know how your thing is fermenting or whatever you have in there you know you'll slow down but you won't necessarily killing even after you do kill at the enzymes are there will continue to kind of change that flavor overtime least so far from what I read I would say that the best way to kind of mostly hauled it remember so I don't really know what vinegar is is going to do to it I'm assuming if the acid content goes high enough to lack of the lactic acid bacteria won't be able to operate anymore I know that you know you probably don't want to add a stabilizer that you can taste like a sorbate or something like this and you probably you know you know when you're there stabilizing things like me so partially stabilizing to stabilize them with low concentrations of ethanol which in conjunction with what else is there stabilizing but I would just I would just hate them low temperature so you're not heating

sterilizing loud pack them in jars and heat them up to you know about 60 Celsius that shouldn't affect the texture too much and that'll stop and kill you no kill the stuff so doesn't kind of continue a any further and should you know stabilize my change that tastes a little bit I would I would check the temperature but I would do something I mean are also stop you from going on it as long as it was I would check a small sample first to see whether does anything untoward to The Taste but that's probably what ended up doing Russ rights in Hay Day wondering if you're still happy with your orphan espresso grinder looks like they just came out with the production model and I was thinking about getting one I'm also in Brazil right now so if you get around to this before the 19th recommendations for restaurants and brands of Kinshasa it is actually the 19th but I don't have any cuz I never been I never been down there ever been down there I'm in South Jose dos Campos soaps and we'll spend a few days in Sao Paulo so if anyone out there is from Brazil and wants to give Russ and recommendations right now

I should have went over to the what's it called to the chat room as for the grinder they have to Grinders back when I bought them they had to Lido grinder and they had the Pharos grinder in their stick with orphan is is they make hand crank coffee grinders they're relatively inexpensive for the quality that they make but have very very high quality burgers in them and so you'll know you for $700 you can have a grinder that uses the same birds as a mini thousand-dollar Chino grinder that you would use for espresso in my experience with the Lido was it would be a good travel grinder Lowe's a pain to kind of crank up 100% of the time now in fact I hook it up to a grill and then when I had the Pharaohs you know I had to modify it somewhat because the way the way it was built wasn't friendly enough to use like kind of constantly so I modified at the clamp down to the table I made a bean shoot that went into it I haven't looked at what they've done for their production model and it worked great I really I really liked it but you know I was given for

for where I was using that I didn't have my stand by using a like a rocky you know it's not the state of your name or raise a rocky at home or where that coffee setup was someone gave me a supermodel with a grinder on it and I thought I was going to hate it but I ended up not hating it since I wasn't making coffee hundred percent of the time I couldn't convince other people to make coffee by Grand grinding with the pharaohs so I ended up I end up using that that grinder that ended in the Super Lotto so take that what I mean but I think it's very high quality stuff and I'm a fan of what they're doing this is from Kenny where longtime listener the question of his food aren't usually boils down to craft vs. art argument I avoid these conversations at all costs that's a quote that I gave I get surface magazine which is true because he only comes when our background do you hate those conversations with Dasia is it at the food is it hot in the food

longer so they said this is a crucial and then can point out to the lawyer this is a crucial and unavoidable part of the Supreme Court argument the recent one on the same sex marriage verses cake baker case and so if you're interested in how like whether or not a cook is an artiste like goes into law just search you know Supreme Court oral arguments cake maker or cake and the oral argument starting pay at 11 to go through what is there was not an artist and so the idea being that if the cake-maker is an artist right then then then the cake there making is speech and is therefore protected and therefore they can withhold it right they cannot bake the cake if let's say the same that someone's going to have same-sex marriage they can say I'm not going to make a cake first time I seen that that someone has been

chicken is use the definition of what is art to try to discriminate against somebody so mean it's kind of fascinating but what's interesting is they go through in the oral arguments like what is this is the person does a floral arrangements could that be an artist yes the person who makes the ring could that be you know cuz the Jeweler be an artist what depends on what they asked if you were to do but yes could be an artist and then the person I forget what Jessie was May begin with it was it was what about the hairdresser absolutely not the hairdresser cannot be an artist I was like what the hell is hairdressing I like why is making a cake art like like hairdressing baby that you know maybe the name of the lawyer had never watched any like you know interesting movies where people had amazing hairstyles but I mean like how is it like why insult hair styling that way and that's stupid and on that my two favorite cases involving art and food one Constantin brancusi had a sculpture in in the twenties like 20

1926 1928 called bird in Space movie with this it's like it looks like he didn't like Bronte didn't marbly did it looks like a like a like a I don't know like a doesn't look like a bird by the tall skinny like to be like a suppository it looks like it looks like a like a like a large suppository on a pedestal anyways so he goes to ship it right and that issue was he was shipping it between two localities and the questions are you going to pay taxes on it so most of these cases about you know about food or art that are interesting are have to do a tax law so when that Customs inspector opened it up cuz inspector goes I don't think that's all I think you should I think they saw like a kitchen utensil or like some kind of a some kind of a thing like that even though it's much bigger than you can never use what kind of kitchen utensil is giant like bird in space but it got that kind of tax category and so was 40% duty at the time on that and so they got two huge court case

where they got steichen photography was the owner of that particular version of it and so they went to the huge court case decided and kind of what art is and was it art answer was it was Art so you have these old school artists and art critics Quizlet very famous one come and argue against it being art and some force that was an interesting one on is it R and a second one was a famous case on whether tomato also I believe tax base and you can look it up just look up tomato court case on whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable

hey you know that nice so there's my two favorite court cases based on either art and both of them I learned either when I was teaching cooking or when I was in our school come on I got to get one last one last one last one last come on one last name something associated with nice everyone loves bass player and also he says he's pretty amazing hear one of my favorite ingredients used but my impression my impression Colin is it it's not the same grapefruit we have it's the department orange the New Zealand grapefruits an entirely different fruit which I love even Estancia like it okay so he says I four questions I can get the one the one the one to the uni sea urchins are called Kiana I'm relatively new to dealing with him despite being a California Native I some trouble with my Keena where some of the Rose sack

RockShox I like that when you roast a committed a white milky substance after sitting around for a while in the fridge the color also changed it became a little more Brown I wonder what caused this and what I could do to prevent that from happening near the number of observations I wondered whether perhaps the key know where to stress when I killed them I did a few tests the dish before I serve at a dinner party had no problem with any white liquid in Mission we think so I had to leave some of the key not on the bench top alive for a few hours they were all live when I killed them and refresh that morning straight out of the sea other women out of the water may be 8 hours and they can store them in the fridge but they were left out for some time and so the question is you know what happened you know can I do anything I can do anything better okay this is an interesting question and you know I love them but it led me basically your question pointed that I didn't really understand a lot about them in this lot of interesting information on the internet about it and what does

what does had to do you know I learned a lot from kind of looking at the question is that my assumption was it had something to do with the reproductive cycle of the Urgent and a short answer in case they rip Sierra off is that that's true you were using a sea urchin that was about to go into spawning so it turns out that the particular variety that is called Cana from New Zealand goes into spawning in November through March and so you were getting a you know what it was about to spawn and it's a well-known fact according to the JJ McDonald corporation that you can get milky row if it's very close to spawning time and at that time you'll have a much more bitter taste and it'll be more watery than it would if you get it at other times super like that's that's what happened to you but what I didn't realize is that there's so many are so many more varieties of sea urchin then I knew about and that the spawning cycle is relative

different and can do many different your go through many different places were here someplace here are some things that you should look at you should look at sea urchin aquaculture. and see sea urchin roe the product fantastic read you should also check out you should check out a guide to sea urchin reproductive cycle and staging sea urchin gonads samples by Philip James and Sten Asik of a pool I can't pronounce a person's name stand somebody where I learned this interesting fact GIF is the gonad index on the gonad index is the weight of the gonad the weight of the gonad inside of where we're not even really the eggs specifically you're eating the gonads and it can be male or female and don't know whether you have a male or female typically unless you put under a microscope and look at it but you need to donate but it going at index is the weight of a gonad versus the weight of the whole row of the whole sea urchin and it can range from one percent

at 20% so you can have a huge range in the gonads side of a sea urchin another interesting fact nastassia is that when you're raising sea urchin there's no way to know what the sizes until you kill it and so like to have no one's figured out a way to Fat to fit free figure out the size of the thing is going to be and here's the other thing it's like super super fascinating on it that you should pay attention to so typically sea urchins as they're as they're Grazing In growing the sea urchins will the gonad size will increase increase increase right before spawning like a couple weeks before spawning they've gathered as much stuff is there is there going to gather then they get ready to spawn that's when they start building up the egg so you can have what happens is is first of all the size of the hole gonad changes but then the percentage of that gonad that is storage cell now it's a storage cells is what you want to eat right the percentage of the storage cells is highest like a month or so I think for my reading before spawning then it starts building up

actual either eggs or sperm cells and those are more bitter so the hot like the closer you get wanted to build up the gonad to its maximum size of store sells like that's the peak point and then from then on on even though the size is going to keep getting slightly bigger it's going to get progressively more bitter than it will spawn go get the lose their texture besides will go way down and then it will start building up again and I'll still be okay tasting when they're small and after they've gone to their spawning but they'll be unacceptably small so you have to wait for them to build up again so this it's all about the it's all about the breeding cycle and look what it's all about the breeding cycle of it's a look at those things they're actually for me if you want to see what I think interesting reading is read those things on sea urchins and then we'll see you next week I'm cooking issues

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