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Episode 316: God is in the Deep Fryer

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stop Hammer Lopez you were here last week why what were you doing I was thinking with your life goal my life goal was to feed Saturday Night Live and I did and became the first black writer and Saturday Night Live history to become head writer same day so

big so I also if you want to see what anastacio Lopez can do if she actually likes someone like Michael tell you can check out Michael Tay's Instagram and look for the pasta flyer thing like you know you can be thoughtful sometimes yeah and creative sometimes sometimes I think it went well I think they liked it you made a cocktail for them think about it well I did you were like that you like right only maybe you're lazy or maybe you don't have they told us the day before the time or what you know what's really good is like high-quality if you don't mind to cook flavor right so the thing is is that like a lot of the stuff that we do we're trying to get like a Super Fresh flavor and that's when we bust out like you know centrifuges and you know cold clarification techniques and all that kind of stuff

rotovap if you want like a cold reductions like remember we through the ports are cold nest of the delicious you know for those kind of things but if you don't mind to cook Flavor jelly is delicious and so you just hit jelly with pectin X and then you jelly anyway so you take jelly and then you put it with the liquor so there's completely stable and you can make these delicious jelly syrups so we did that with concord grape because you know we like a concord grape are cooking issues about you Dave

Dave and I didn't say hello to you yet today how you doing I'm right here

yeah what do you what are your thoughts on Concord grapes make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are you part of the allergy generation you're the whole generation of kids that don't know what it's like to be an American you know I'm saying I mean seriously like they grew up me like I'm all for not having that stuff in schools if people are going to if people are violently allergic now which I guess they weren't in the 70s or least we didn't pay attention to them I don't know what happened maybe they were there and we just we wiped them out because I like majority we were so while we were so non-caring in the 70s that we just didn't care about people and so we just need a sprayed allergic people with peanut butter and I don't know I don't really know I haven't thought about it but I mean that that you know my kids generation did not grow up in school on PB and JS at least not in New York but a lot of tuna fish sandwiches growing up

like a lot of tuna fish like a probably enjoy that level went crazy and got arrested and said it was because he ate so much sushi that he had mercury poisoning sounds sound suspect but so is his acting career now yeah well I love any kind of crate like the number of insane food defense is over the years and I've often been linked while course because you're in the defense right been linked to like horrible Behavior like in that was at 70th and Harvey Milk was murdered and they they the murderer instead of just saying I'm an evil like hater homophobe was like I ate too many Twinkies member that is called the twinkie defense literary and he blamed if you're going to blame some things I have to be Twinkies like you know like our favorite childhood sponge cake with cream filling does it have to be Twinkies means it actually wasn't only Twinkies we just believe it was

a long time since I research it felt like I believe it was steroids and lots of sweets and so they called it the twinkie defense I don't think Twinkies were actually specifically implicated or Mel Gibson

oh my God I just heard that song alcohol where it's all about anyway I was at Brad Paisley sings alcohol you don't listen to any sort of country 72128 that said 18497 to 128 Better Way everybody's favorite punching bag


Peter the punching bag can he listen if any of you people out there are game designers and are in 2

but I hear someone that takes old game ROMs and then hacks himself to listen what I want you guys to do I want you to go get don't do anything illegal for punch out or for super punch out and I want you to modify glass Joe's Sprites to make it into Peter Kim I will see if anyone can do this out there anyone in

he has to make the sound up on your phone I don't remember whether Punch-Out is a sample bass sound or whether Punch-Out is a computer-generated sound anyway anyone is out there was a ROM hacker will know what I'm talking about I will get you the correct images I will get you the pixel art for Peter Kim in the various glass job positions and we can do a super punch out of of Kim Peter Kim I think I will be a great gift to him to have the Super Punch Out version of Peter Kim

oh yeah

I mean he'll be great honor I mean I would love to have myself get their crappy out of me and look you don't even have to make you turn to Glass Joe we can make Peter until like mr. Sandman or any one of the characters there but you know I never beat that game now I couldn't beat Mike Tyson Punch-Out version I guess you could choose whatever is easiest to hack on a recruiting your kid whatever is easiest to hack arcade was interesting the original Punch-Out monitor kind of a situation where I would you have your kid do you need to have the console in your possession to do it clearly you're not up on ROM hacking like as not having any later and you have a the ROM and it's it's easier to hack I think that the console stuff because more people have done console hacking but you can't cuz another dream someone as I thought you already got it but my editors don't work I wanted that hack the editor the Sprites for

a game called Tapper where it took a bartender thing and put like my favorite bartender services in place of that person's face and then have a selectable like which ROM you open and you can have you know you can have any bartender you want be the tap Ruby great first of all they need a female Tapper and then you know swap out the dancing ladies for somebody else when you give him a tip anyway all good stuff my current the current guys, so someone out there has to know how to do this evening so Peter Kim is not here he was supposed to come here and make a pitch for the museum instead lyrics like I have no time because you're sitting there hitting refresh waiting for you to donate to the Museum of food and drink so he's sitting there constantly refreshing his email waiting for donations coming in and it's refresh finger is so like you know so hurting that he you know couldn't come into the radio show today

stop and drink some pretend to be a real company I mean true or false a relatively in-depth question on a moped punching bag Peter Kim body blow reading this I'm supposed to put food in Drake desperately needs your funds for his continued operation

and so what what's what's hilarious what's hilarious is when he wrote this poem out for me to read and doesn't realize that you kids heart believe or not folks like it's hard to act like the combined ad-libs from a promo in the middle of a actually reading out the promo so it's like if I can either just completely adley but I'm going to tell you or I could just read something but the combination of reading something in an ad living is relatively difficult to get it to come off properly you never notice that day that I don't know most people seem to have a handle on it more like I'm more like you know when I do it you see what I like to do is insert like a fake a fake voice in the middle of it she will do that towards the middle of show and I will just look over kind of what the points he wants me to get and then I will just tell you guys something from the heart about the Museum of food and drink but I will say this don't you like what you're going to want to do regardless of whether you listen through

this entire program or not you're going to want to go to donate. Mofad. Org donate. Moped. Org to help us put the Museum of food and drink I'll talk more about it I'll give you the extended PSA later maybe after you come out of the break even on your turn now we try to get in touch with Chef Karen at used to teach bread at 4. For used to teach bread at the French Culinary Institute and now she's at hot bread kitchen and does education there to get a question on brioche and it was really complicated in-depth questions specific stuff on brioche and as I told nastassia this morning Karen can like wake up and you know and to doubt some brioche a like like no problem mean like by the way interesting fact you know I like to say you know it's always been said

who cannot teach do poorly I mean everyone's used to say no she can't do teach this is crap if you actually teach something day-in-and-day-out you learned so much more about what you're doing because people ask questions people mess up in ways that you don't understand so if you really want to ask a question about something like brioche go ask a bread teacher who for years taught students like day after day how to make brioche and saw everything that could go wrong go wrong with brioche and that's how you figure out what's going on same way that like with low temperature cooking or any of that stuff that you know I used to teach on a daily basis is just seeing people mess it up day after day after day makes you sure is a teacher so much better because you had to be able to explain to them how not to mess up and be you get the undersea really see how things get messed up over time by the way I will say one thing before I get I'll do a question then I'll say remind me low temperature is only say okay

one more time Ed cold brew coffee on radio show interested in hearing more errand I wish I could help you out because here's why I mean I know how to make cold brew coffee I'm doing some interesting work on cold brew coffee in the spins all and I actually have some really interesting so Paul at Adams you know friend of the show and yeah came on the air and promoted his his new kitten right which is interesting I mean I like the fact that you know he feels he has a promotion to come on he's he is our resident cold brew Expo and so occasionally he will come to me and say can we do this or that with cold brew my problem is it's hard for me to develop stuff without Paul because I don't like cold brew coffee and so I can't judge whether or not I've done a good job or a bad job on the cold brew coffee because I don't enjoy it and I don't even think so

coffee in the world like if any street corner or remember this episode has the greatest hit that has some sort of quilted stainless and and like yellowed acrylic window box where the coffee was brewed like in the last century sometime as been sitting in a pot mouldering and turning the garbage and is then poured into a substandard paper cup that excoriates your tongue and makes you realize that you're a crappy New Yorker and then has Plastering and cancer since that's what she enjoys right and and she enjoys it because like my grandpa right like my crazy dead racist Grandpa like she likes to like crappy stuff on purpose just to piss off people that care

true Dave

there's no others where the conversation duverge last time as well the intent behind it with the bowl haircut

which one we always make it up ways to make it up hey is that is that David Hasselhoff sitting there in the corner know that's Danger Man

nothing like the kid has a kid in flannel

schistosity really going over the edge here anyway she seeing Stars everywhere now right so I have to say this is getting on my case to design a stand-alone cold brew Brewer in the $200 range that can make cold brew in under 20 minutes with good extraction and the short answer is yes I can do it I figured it out but the long answer is I haven't marked up a working prototype and then I would have to actually talk to Miss Darcy and see whether she wants to get in the business of selling said piece of equipment and then I would have to go a different different thing the wine zombie zombie where you been

what is the piece of equipment that most people would want that they will not get behind the piece of equipment that nastassia Lopez and Piper Christensen design and build on Booker and Dax time and money Booker and Dax owns it so why doesn't Booker next build it because it is not part of the is not in the which ones of Booker and Dax style equipment wine zombie / wine Santa is is a mannequin that shoots alcoholic beverage chilled or warm depending on how you want it out of its mouth into a punch bowl and it can be made to look like it's vomiting so into zombie case it's more of a vomit and then the final iteration nastassia had one that was I had a motion sensor and a voice recorder on it such that Santa would say things to you when you walked up to it it would Santa would say things to you like too much

and I was like he was throwing up line was like vomiting Kermit

not now yes I'm good how much would you pay for this item is life live in Brooklyn Apartments it's it's free standing right so so big you know how I like the old joke is that guy's got to have you not getting drunk and he's drinking all the stuff you know I'm saying so like this like Santa literally has Leslie play more of a plastic leg it's like it's filled with liquor and they just like circulated up with this with a pump engine light goes down and the it'll give away this but I think people can figure out how to put a tube in the bottom of a bowl and run it down Santa sleeve into his boot I feel like this thing would kill it on the startup party circuit like all the Bro dudes if you running in for their parties

I think I could fall off the airplane that flies just fine and I noticed like three fights later that the thing fell off a week ago and can't be that important that's my life that sounds correct

Willam Chicago

first off for the survey I'm 30 year old man married my wife loves kitchen gadgets the most years on Synthol owner has been ball coffee related question not to belabor the dead horse here at all but I'm going to be making probably right after the show and turn it into a coffee Stout and I think what you've done or I hope it was thinking about maybe using The Malt to extract to coffee but more recent coffee experiments sense since I did the manual

in a manual I think I used like a relatively fine grind the issue on and I think it's probably better courser Grimes I think I think I'm getting better kind of forced percolation results with the courser grind and so what I've been doing is an exercise animated I think simple around myself is I know you I pre-moistened the trick is you cannot pump grounds like. You cannot pump coffee so what I've been doing is mixing it putting it into the into the thing spinning it up now the trouble with the spins all especially if if there's any sort of vibration with it's just getting it to start up sometimes people have had issues with it going into into flashing mode with coffee grounds because if it doesn't spin up fast enough it doesn't settle out fast

I'm going to flash mode and so sometimes people have had trouble where they need to do it a bunch of times to get it to go but once it goes once it's going

how to fix that problem what is going that I would just recirculate the does recirculate the water through it and is walk away from it and let it recirculate and I was able to get it on recirculation I was able to get the TDS I forget forget what the correct numbers were but I got it into the range of a regular concentrate just by doing on recirc mode and I got to do it kind of relatively relatively quickly and so it was working well keep the extender tubes on it cuz the idea here is you're trying to force the water to the inside of the rotor and then have it percolate Under Pressure up through the app through the grounds be issue with this pencil and the Cobra coffee and we're can be improved is that if you were to stop the unit in the middle of circulation and look at the grounds you would notice that some of the grounds are more heavily percolated than others because we're the tubes are it had its like preferential to have the stuff percolate through there and so

you know someone who thinks I'm considering doing is making a like a force percolation attachment or for the for the unit that but again that would be sometime next year or just doing a stand-alone cold brew thing but those are the basic tips that I have for it that makes sense extraction good idea bad idea your extract as you know as a brewer your extraction would like your extraction medium right has more profound influence over what you extract than you would imagine right so I would say that you know the coffee might strip something for you ever know like something's going to add sorbonne to the coffee out of the war

so you're definitely you'll lose probably only a tiny bit of sugar me depends on how much you're going to do you know what I mean it might work and might be a might be delicious I mean I would just I would make some extra and and test it you know what I'm saying remember though the advantage of cold brew for this over other things is that the idea being a cold brew I guess is that it is more stable because it doesn't like the cold extract and stuff doesn't sell bottle eyes as much as the as the high priest of man I guess theoretically that's why is that is a spinzall is so much better than regular filtration a typical zero finds 05 especially if you're using the course or ground stuff zero finds I would try it with I would try it with and see what it what's going on in and please you no shoot me back at cooking issues and let me know whether or not you had success with

yeah I need then I sent at the same time to do a couple tests bathroom so I'll keep track of my results and I'll let you know where are we by the way she do what you do when you take a break or we will how we doing

Dave Dave

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and we're back so we have a chef Karen from hot bread kitchen on the phone how you doing I'm good how are you since we love how break if you want explain a little bit what it is to people we are at Bakery in East Harlem Pride on the job training to women who face barriers to employment you train women from all around the world and they spent time working in our Bakery we pay them away and supports all these efforts so if you can look for training for a woman to be on that also I mean like that's great and I love helping people but the breads really good Vanessa

how to make tortillas we do a true next amount for a TIA and I don't think there are too many people in the city do you like I do deal with the La Tienda people for 4:30 deal with who do you get when you get the corn from that because some of it is local but I'm not entirely sure who who were getting the other two from one of the whole corn and I'm not positive and I know you don't F in jira that you can get a New York

we've had a couple of Ethiopian Baker's through our program recently and they both been amazing at your makers that we're trying to figure out how we can yes which one of these rare kind of situations where the product quality is really high and you're doing something interesting by the way as Karen says there are breads that they make that you just simply don't see or can't get and these folks do a great job in a doing something right at the same time so definitely something worthy of worthy of your support if simply just by buying their product you should keep a lookout for hot bread kitchen okay so ain't no problem so we know each other from the French Culinary Institute I still refuse to call at the ICC or whatever the hell they call it nowadays French Culinary Institute where are you were the red teacher

and I we had a question in from Josh Galliano which is 2 Min too long to go into email it to you but it's like you would take the entire rest of the saying to read it because I was trying to read through all of the very tense information in his email right so they they the short the short of it is is they used to have a a good quality brioche they moved to a new location they're using actually like high-quality ovens now but they're having a problem with the kind of wrinkling on their brioche and crust separation I guess on on reheat Jarritos because they're sounds like you're doing it commercially and then selling the place is like hamburger joints you about the sky in this problem because an equipment guy that I know with heard him to me for a consulting job so I may not have

you should pay Karen by the way Josh Josh you should pay Karen for this answer anyway

I'm here but my initial reaction separation it suggests to me that the bread is over proofed super I think he might be right as a test to see whether we definitely recommend because he's kind of what happened in the that's why keeping records is so

important and also just focusing on every aspect of what you do is so important of the famous I think it was Armour the famous sausage story where they moved

not your famous story I believe his armor sausage where they had a new Factory and all the sudden the sausage didn't taste right anymore nobody like the sausage that they were making and they tried to look and they look at every process they were doing it turns out they had in the old factory they had to wheel the batter the sausage batter all the way across the factory like a huge Factory floor took a long time to get the batter from the mixing stage to the stuffing stage and during that time it underwent heat / whatever bacteria related change right and it was that step that that that step that removing that step because in the new Factory went directly from the mixer to the to the extruder like step change that change the complete flavor profile the sausage so yeah yeah because every step

rightlook you only got like a couple engraved video chat more ingredients but you only got a couple ingredients every step makes a huge difference difference yeah yeah I definitely want one step at a time and you say try the proof for first just prove it for Less don't change the variables just proved it for less time so it's hard for me to know how long the flu should be but he's got a pretty good especially if he has two and a half hours

what's interesting cuz I think proofing time is kind of the least one of the least well understood aspects of what the heck's going on with bread right over proofed under proved why is that is it just because you like well it's going to expand anyway so wasn't really mad if it's over prove. Is it me like is it like what is like why is that

because proofing is not just about the youths activity is also about the gluten development information if it's reached its limit you know you activity in you want them to happen at the same shirt starts the breakdown and you can see where stuff happening to the Cross or the cross right away so hopefully you know hopefully Josh will try this out hopefully Josh will you know somehow you know reimburse you for your excellent advice and Karen Bailey always always a badass with with the baking and please out of the people can't people just people can't stop by your bakery right they have to go to the Greene Mall

what days are you guys there

many different green markets throughout the sea

find out what days were there but our production facility is in East Harlem in the building and we operate a little storefront up here and all right

all right but thanks so much support hypertension and thanks for calling in one at one of us you know one of our friends on Twitter was like all they said was Google Jeff Bezos? Email and so we did it turns out that if you by the way this is about the fact that that searzall zat You know for some reason Amazon even though they have like I can't manage to sell them properly and it's like killing us another email in today I don't know if you saw are you responding these emails is Matthew people about Sears Al's not being stuck on Amazon so it turns out that if you email Jeff Bezos personally and somehow I feel like I guess a certain number of them he probably has an algorithm to look at it and it's an email to Jeff bezo saying your algorithms

it is ruining our business and and we got a Jeff Bezos? He knows what happened is Jeff Bezos than just forwards your email to one of his you know lackeys with a? I like and apparently if Jeff Bezos forward your email to one of his folks with a? On it everyone runs around like a decapitated to help you and I was like so people we are on it in the worst possible another email from them saying we're still looking into it okay

Chuck back to the Museum of food and drink this is the last money pitch of the of the year for us because we're not back until when you shut down till when Dave gets the week of January 14th so that would be what the 17th is a Tuesday thing out

yeah wow alright so where we're going for a long time people you have to ask your questions on no just wait okay just wait just wait a little self-control so as you guys know the Museum of food and drink is incredibly important to me I mean I came up with the idea I mean it's like to say this when I'm out of vents but you know my desire is that on my deathbed I will say you don't like what's his name what's his name what's his name what's his name can I States Farm Virginia Bell Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson was like like Thomas Jefferson was like my proudest achievement is UVA like for me it's like what I want to say is like the thing that I want to look back and say that I did was hold the food and he did not he did not do the nickel

the Museum of food and drink will have been the most important thing I worked on because it's a way for us to take something that we all love food and drink obviously but you know some of you do it professionally we all we all eat it and to try to create something that isn't just for you know the wealthy people that can afford $14 cocktails or can afford to go to the French Culinary Institute or can afford to go to one of the restaurants we work at where to buy fancy food but really the focus on the community aspects of food on what it means to break bread with someone what it means to understand another person another culture another time through food and so we rely and by the way the museum is in kind of a weird that we're tight Financial place right now we're still a startup even though we have the lab the lab is not really it's more of a test bed it's not we're not a full running sustainable Museum yet we need your support so we were lying very much so on donor support to run the museum and to stay in De Pere

we don't take money from big food and haven't taken money from big food because we want to appear too we want to be and also appear to be Straight Shooters us a please consider mofad in your charitable giving this year especially because this might be the last year you can never deducted off your taxes mean a lot to me it would mean a lot to the people who come to use our programs and to the Future the museum so please go to donate donate. Mofad. Org that's donate. Mofak bad. Org every little bit helps and you can become a supporter of the museum okay so back to the show here for it for a minute so I probably shouldn't tell you this because it's one of the things that's going to be in my book on low temperature cooking going back to low temperature but for all of you that have put up with like all of the crazy Rants and Raves over the years on cooking issues and I've just been for some reason you've been tuning in for

some actual tip that can help you cook better I'm about to give you that tip alright so here it is

whenever someone says how should I cook exwire Z God says but I invented the deep fat fryer right and then went whenever you're like but God my oil it goes bad for centuries God's like I invented the tube fryer with a cold zone right so basic basically anything can be cooked almost anything can be cooked to Perfection using deep frying right and not least of these is low temperature cooked meats they're very very good finished deep-fat-fried because I mean it's obvious to anyone who has taste buds in a brain that what you want to do is put maximum heat energy input into the entire surface and ain't nothing better than deep frying to do that it's easy it's quick it's repeatable these are all things that everyone Everyone likes Everyone likes things that are quick easy and repeatable

doesn't create a lot of smoke does create smelly oil but doesn't create a lot of smoke so it's not going to set off smoke detectors the problem is is that foods with batters like french fries from me but like things that are meant to be fry their oil absorbent like french fries like potato chips like fried chicken like donuts we all expect to have a certain amount of arthritis instead of like Waka it's like fry hey you know what I mean because it's like it's like that like essence of a fact that it's been deep-fried right and the problem is is that even though a steak won't absorb that there still remain some fat on the outside and to be honest there is unless your oil is brand-spanking-new and even if it is brand-spanking-new well by where is everybody knows everybody knows who knows anything brand new oil is no good because you need to you need to break the oil down a slight bit for to have really good heat transfer character

because if it's completely nonpolar it can't in the molecular says touch your food so we need to have a little bit of breakdown anyways that back to the story so there's always a little bit of fry oil cling to the outside of your meat and it has an off-putting aroma that people don't enjoy and some people are more sensitive to it to other so even if you can't sense it this is for a minute I want two things you learn when you teach or if you run a restaurant and you actually listen to your customers is that just because you like something or because you can't sense an off flavor in something doesn't mean that other people can't send it because all of our equipment our noses are pallets are tongues our brains are all a little bit different and so I'll just tell you they even if you can't sense this on the outside of a piece of meat there's a lot of people that can and so here is the solution for you go make like this is like

I did a test of done a couple of tests now on it and this thing works like a charm make some broth right so if you're doing steak you can use beef broth I've actually just use chicken broth I've used with a bunch of different bras and it really doesn't seem to matter much what bra to use but get like a container and keep it hot right then after you deep fry it now if you're going to do it only once you don't need to even get complicated with it you can just use like a quart container or later or something but if you're going to use it again and again get a sauce gun which is you know one of those depositing funnel things they're amazing I love my sauce gun or if you're just doing it at home get a gravy separator with basically a gravy separator is a is a small picture it pours from the bottom and the reason why is that grease floats so you take a strongly flavored broth hot and then as soon as you pull it out of the deep fryer you hold it up and you pour hot broth over the steak flip it

hot broth over the other side of the steak or the chicken revered is your front what you want to do this for chicken anyway right it's not it's not there long enough it's right when you pull it out it's not going to hurt the crust at all it will not hurt the crust and what happens is that when you re collect the broth the fat floats to the top and so because you're pouring from the bottom you can use the broth again and again and again to wash the the fat of the deep fry flavor off the surface of your mate and there's a win win win win win so you can sit there and bust up out of your deep fryer like all day and all night and you're not going to have anyone no one absolutely no one could detect that I had fried these pieces of meat and I did it with substandard oil I I I used oil that was over the edge to see whether or not I could get rid of the aroma off of the meat when I did and lo and behold you can so one of the things if you really want to use deep frying as a finishing technique

because of its inherent positive characteristics but you're worried about that Aroma just get you some broth and it's goes back to remember where you there when we did the hot dog juice yeah yeah so like one of the things I learned a long time ago was a people people worry a lot about like Asian Asian flavor going to get diluted by the liquid no because you're going to use an extremely flavorful liquid so you know it's not you're not reaching anything out like if anything it's like a one-to-one trade and I learn this most importantly when I went out and bought a cup of New York filthy hot dog water and drank it and that stuff tasted more like hot dogs than the hotdogs did themselves so anyways I got to ask Nicholas and I'm planning on doing a pre batch cocktail for an event and having problems figure out how to chill the drink to an appropriate temperature kind of a rum sour what

once at Nassau she says why I'm saying is the correct answer which actually could so what you do is you get Ziploc bags fill it with salt and ice and dropped a ziplock suppose we got to make sure they're not going to leak and wash them out and then those will keep the product at the low temperature right if you circulated through that just put on a circular the only problem is make sure it's not going to oxidize whatever English to make one of those things if you do you want to start a cut it's kind of a rum sour with hibiscus so I'm guessing it should be served around - 5c since I don't have asked to prom with hibiscus is it when hibiscus gets really cold it can get a little bit tenex so you might want to do a milk wash to the Hibiscus if it's getting to astringent on the back of your mouth is the temperature get low that's neither here nor there since I don't have access to a professional freezer temperature control options bring the car to a large bottles into a cooler feeling all the way up with ice and water and then adding salt to cool down the ice water to the Target temperature be this works great I've done this many times this is how we actually serve things when we're going away the problem is

make sure you wipe off the bottles when you get them out so you don't pour salt water into people's drinks also be aware that if you overdo the salt you will freeze the cocktail which isn't necessarily a problem but what you might want to do is every 5 or 10 minutes check the bottles if they start crystallizing it's okay but if you get heavy crystallization you need to pull them out for a while and let them temper and then kind of swap them in and out but we've done that for years it works fine to chilling in the room all the way down in the freezer to round -20 and killing other ingredients in the refrigerator and then mix it with you just prior to serving this also works great I hope this will end up with an acceptable final temperature it does it's a little warmer it's going to be closer to Manhattan probably around minus two or in that range but yes that works as a problem I just do you have any comments on these ideas or possibly a better solution thanks greetings from Germany Nicholas here's the one problem most sour based drinks are shaken cocktails and so what you're not getting from any of this is the texture on shaking and when you're serving Astor drink at a warmer temperature it has a different balance

just got to make sure that if you're going to serve it's it's very very very rare to serve a to serve a a shape a sour drink as a directly from the freezer drink unless here's the key unless you're actually serving it as a frozen drink and if you're going to serve it as a frozen drink then it's a lot easier because you just have to mix it a little less alcoholic and I had the proportions in the end liquor intelligence you can just go or look it up on that look inside or look at any one of the other people that now have done this and just load the stuff in the Ziploc bags and pre freeze them and serve them as a frozen drink is it in the problem is is that sour drinks with their normal sour now you can just make a sour and mix it two proportions that are better for stirred cocktails and what that means is you're going to pull that you're going to scale back on the sugar and the acid and usually make it more booze heavy because it will typically be at a slightly warmer temperature again in liquid intelligence

all the ratios you can look at it for a for a stirred cocktail unless you clarify clarified so you'll be ready for serving a cocktail that's not clarify but whatever Lena we were all enemies quality but I consider making a frozen drink in Ziploc bags otherwise just restricted temperature standpoint both of your other two techniques will work if you're going to take it away to an away game than Salt and Ice is the only way to go anyway so we were all done right by David

oh yeah or by the mall Christmas I know she was channeling my favorite villain from Raiders of the Lost Ark. When like they're in trying to get the when he burns his hand Indiana Jones is holding that guy and the bat evil Nazi guy goes like that and I love that so had a severe Applebee's great character actor anyways Merry Merry Christmas happy holidays go do your shoes

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