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Episode 315: Holiday Meat Curing Meat-tacular

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Brooklyn not joined as usual when starting to hammer Lopez and her place we have the one that only Johnny hunter from madtown Madison Wisconsin leader of the underground everything collected like underground we got your underground Meets World who got their butcher for the restaurant underground catering at Dave and the booth how you doing Dave this is the holiday meat curing meat tacular so why don't you call in please all of your meat related questions do 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 I get there right I wouldn't listen to myself either 784-9721

wait at +771-849-721-2841 of her dream like her absolute dream my I said her dreams coming true and they said well you're still alive so can't be all of your dreams of country is boxing for us today is the day of the Roy Moore election in Alabama this is not a political show so I guess we shouldn't get into it but like we're just going to see just what kind of a place we are headed feel yet acceptable Against Humanity or lack thereof yeah one one of the candidates like prosecutor the KKK and the other one you know basically is part of the KKK

Republican to the rest of us anything you know what I mean to a New Yorker I mean you know I got now play nothing out there at like what I need is like two people to basically any political person right odds are I'm going to disagree with them about something this is the idea for the show that we somehow can't get off the ground right is we're going to get some people in and we're going to ostensibly we talkin about food but they were just going to like like like hit them with some barbs about their political views and just have them argue back and forth to pretty much like almost anyone I can just I can disagree with almost almost anybody John podesta would be a good one and that one right cooking parties and then there were they thought they were spirits and Satanism in you know the guy you know

I mean I don't know we want to do it but we're trying to find like you know a gas that we can get ahold of actually was at a Christmas party with one of Hillary Clinton's lawyers he would be the one cuz they were searching his emails after they got hacked and he said you're going to be cooking a spirit dinner and and so then is right-wing conspiracy theory about how he was like you know into Satanism and all these other things came out nice but the duck recipe from delicious yeah what would you remember what it was not exactly I'm sure we can look it up by the way we can you cook a goose without without breaking it apart know Jeffrey steingarten article about that

you know packs of ice and put it on the breasts as he was cooking and I just don't think it's always going to be dry know that much about the geese that we raised here in this country right I know for like an absolute certainty that if it was within my power I would shoot and eat figure out how to cook shoot and kill every Goose on her I think they're vile creature are terrible I hate them because I love ducks and love to love to cook. I actually like ducks the animal yeah they're good animal friendly interview they leave you alone but he's with a Q geese will attack the hell out of you with that you woke up to a goose and geese

and like snapping at you and you don't have to walk up to it if you pass by and go out of your way they will still like be protective and push you yeah plus like you feel like you're on the surface of a giant Entenmann's Donut for those of you that are they only East Coast to know they have they have the ones that have like Goose turds on them but like it's like that level of goosed hurting is what if you grew up in the East like I'm sure the flight and if you saw their Fly Away in the middle of the country to write quite if you can if there's a major fly way up the coast and so like that we have like someone's like you have a fever and a pain I mean forget it you know what I mean it's like you live on again Entenmann's donut of goose poop a day like I mean Madison is basically two lakes surrounding like a isthmus and so we get keys everywhere was one leg and then the geese pooped in his ass

is it technically I guess it's not too it's not a you can have an isthmus between Lakes right when you called a little spit of land because I called him this was really a good word because it sounds weird that's so my question is is this yes but

the classic thing like it is in the same way that a lot of Americans would smack you across the face for breaking their turkey a part of giving like the Christmas goose was definitely a whole roasted bird represents nicely oh yeah sure I mean I guess but like I me but they must have had a different Goose right I mean I would imagine that the European Kuser probably like fatty urine more delicious just cuz there's a foundation of cultural heritage to cook a duck breast meat been there is focusing on the leg meat more got to give up one of the other also like even though like the geese I cooked are physically a lot longer I get Less meat out of I get out of my ducks you on such a small amount of me the breast tiny yeah

there's like the one of my first culinary things was cooking a whole goose with the neck and no new how to eat it back in that into you into geese Someday I'm sure I'll figure it out but it seems like it's a cop-out to break it up break it down I mean I understand why because you're an enemy of quality if you ruin the whole Goose there's got to be some way to do it it doesn't involve like for instance like dipping its legs into into like you know geese Goose stock for 2 hours and then pulling it air-dry in the whole thing and yeah maybe just cook it really low like 175 took it upside down

for like I don't know what date would you do they pay conducting would you do the the the hot with a hot water poured over brake disc and puff it up there I'm sure there's some jerk who don't like this music in John Day Oregon but not sure I'll be on my meeting so here you are I ordered a whole bone out the bone out meme phone removed

so what could possibly be your problem if you already took the phone out of the I mean the entire thing about a cured ham is how much it sucks to take the bone out I just cooked a cured him this weekend in New York will allow you cook it so where are we with a country ham right and so we we wanted to serve a Christmas ham right there have my friend and have a pot that was big enough to hold the pain in right and so we had a we bought it we bought a trash can and we sous-vide it nice and in the water so we cooked at 165 it's a vicious couple of things that like I haven't cooked a country ham in a long time because you know how much I've been 4 years pushing the eating it raw like slice but the thing about it is yeah but it didn't get much more salt out of it I don't think that works out well

old school way of cooking a country ham right you know what they would do if they would get the they will calm large hands cuz there a 5-gallon lard cans and you'd throw the the put the ham into the large can bring the ringer water in the large can up to the boil close it like seal it down and then just let it ride through let it like average out in temperature supposed to be really good and I know they get a good thing about that is that the outside gets a little more but I think that helps the water penetrate full some of the salt out how to moisturize will you have the cold water just did not pull out any salt let me think about it like that dance nothing's going to get into the center of that that meat which which hand did you did you cook with radar we met her on yourself in the face a little bit as you're doing it or not where you said we made like 20 so do you slice it super thin put on eggs are biscuits I did not put it on biscuits are egg but we did slice of everything

a mistake people make they cut like they do the big pieces to cut it's hard to cook cut a cooked country ham breaks up into a sharp actually Richard Sligh height like I do it wasn't pretty know but like the thing about it is is that first of all the average like modern city style American person doesn't want to deal with that intense level of salt they really don't understand the main meat course being a seasoning meat and not like a huge of quantity of Flesh meet yeah yeah I mean I mean I think that's what is amazing about cured meats in general is that they last forever and they're intensely seasons and you know lets you eat less protein you know from I think the idea that the ideal is like a 22-inch you know steak

for every meal well I mean certain periods in our history where like you know we were trying to get eat as much as humanly possible I think about it we we we slept in our attempt I wouldn't like among other things that you know we we meaning white folks did in the 1800's wiping out all of the Bison we think of how much I'm sure they'll let the vast majority of it just rot but then you no man can eat enough buffalo meat man never gets his fill of buffalo meat every that kind of people talking about hunting stuff is crazy how terrible people can be to each other

will teach other end and that's it that's one of those stories where we were attempting to be terrible to both people and not not not that can I order a whole bone out surryano ham so as everyone knows I hope he listens to the show Sam Edwards is back online and selling this Ariana hands I have not yet had one day if you had one over there do you want to go to Heritage and had one of the new Edwards Don't Go Over There on a daily basis I never go over there I'm here you never go over to the main office that's not the office anymore where you been here

we don't we don't share an office with her to choose any longer really yeah we're up the street at 100 Bogart eligard by the way speaking of driving around this neighborhood people in New York or like renting Zipcars whatever the hell else you're renting and you don't know how to drive at an uncontrolled intersection pedestrians have the absolute right of way absolute right-of-way Wisconsin to know this write an uncontrolled intersection The Pedestrian has the absolute freakin right away but you know what I did but I'm a pedestrian though and I try to wave a car through because you know you're in a car you're going to get through the intersection a lot faster than me and then they wave back like no no no you go I'm like no you go you're in the car I'm saying it's okay so go what's the time I just put my kids in front in the movie Speed

but no like I have this person and like I'm walking across the street and then they blast would uncontrolled intersection laying on the horn like trying to brush me past like I'm the jerk I mean they don't know that I'm the jerk I mean like that I might need the jerk but they were know that absolute right away people anyway back to the ham bone out ham and had some at a party the other day but have about 6 pounds left over at this point I'm going on a trip for the next 8 days and want to store it properly is the best way to store adjust exact packet and keep it in the fridge or is it better to keep a backpack at room temperature by now there are worse problems and having too much leftover ham to this point I won't need it all before I leave on Saturday I actually don't like the backpack unless you're doing it professionally like cuz I seen backpack stuff get mold on it if it's not backpack down while especially in the holes in the bone. Han what are you and there's going to be mold on the outside of it too and that's going to get like a slimy texture I mean

yeah it this is not a problem just throw in the fridge yeah just like a light like a like a light plastic wrap a gif anything and in the fridge and you're going to be by 30 pounds of lard method and the Lord vak. Dump it in there let it cool down put in the fridge their family did was they would keep their hands in the barn hanging from wires because rats and mice couldn't climb wires and so they would hang them from wires and they would cut out there like there's another frying slices for like eggs and Rec in the morning what not and then they would have wiped hard over the cut surface I mean the whole thing they were just cut surface when we have to eat so sometimes we have to take the water activity of the hands that we're doing so cut a section out and then we just put some lard on it and it continues to cure

honestly the only problem with keeping it outside meaning in your kitchen the only problem with it is that you might get mites or Larder beetles and if the Beatles start pouring into the thing it's freaking died I was hanging hands in my in my apartment for years like I would always have ham hanging in my apartment like right next to the pots and pans to my overhead and cuz I always have my pants in my pants like overhead I bolt into the ceiling I make a what are the cheap way everyone buys these racks yet I'll clad racks his garbage ass like a fixture store cuz they're all over here and I buy the Chrome rods that they use for making pictures for like stores you look like your garment racks and they start a pre-sell all of the little holders to hold the rides open at bang bang anchor into the ceiling and put S hooks over and I bend the s-hooks a little bit of top back off it's a problem and this is how I've done every hanging pot rack I've never paid the all clad Corporation

pause why would I pay them for these goofy over-designed freaking pot painting you've you hang him from there to I would always like I would order them and have them around because I am always want to have him around and yeah it's hanging but that ain't even sometimes like you know you know some of the people that they send them in burlap ask a lot of times I just have them just their naked and naked and until one day I would always at case we have mites once you get mites in your house you get my butt mites don't bother me I just pissed off that you know that that pile of like fat and might bodies off of the thing underneath the hand bother me much but like I got a Larder Beetle or some sort of boring Pam beetle in in in the house once in like that was it they were born into all of the freaking hand and I never I never went back and I moved to a different apartment I have never gone back to

cuz I'm not What's the stuff that they use to spray and make your house has to kill all of those things and then I allowed to use any more it's like methyl something something maybe something wrong I said they used to have some sort of making are quotes food-safe fumigant never had boring beetles and no thankfully like major producers but like in a home people like salt water or or like a little bit of the skin too much in potentially not getting an even so I don't want to put anything has too much of operation on it

they're from Rhode Island Rhode Island if you know this probably not like nationally but locally known culture of Super Side to call soupie you know what Massachusetts they called suicide or down here sit beside you would probably call it so pissed at me like that so you don't know me but like they call me soup to pee but their way that they do it is once they cure it down make oil pack all of their cured sausage

I mean that makes sense to me different like cuz it just like what they're doing is they're basically saying okay I'm going to let the enzymatic stuff keep going but I am cutting off dehydration so they choose their dehydration point they want and then that's it only thing I would be worried about in that situation is when city of the oil so if you can control that thing they bury it so late. So yes it's like I think they use a lick and push the sausage down the soup they have that super not down into it and then overfill the entire thing and then he's like and I stored under my sink

I want I don't I have Leo to Griffon here one day with his like under the sink oil stored Super-Sod CH4


hey can you hear me yes

so they do not have any questions like let all of the pigs go wild on hazelnut 4 months for his father so might be cool sitter Spanish style local nut hand size

have you purchased this mean we have you purchase this meat yet do you have a website or someplace where friends since Johnny can purchase some of this meat and like you're some have you ever have you ever eaten nut fat fed meet uncured are the pigs go wild I would I mean I would eat the hell out of that Johnny not finished there's a one of the Farms we work with an acorns in the nuts is it that place out of in the South or is it like in the Middle where is it where's the area just west of us so he can see that did Mass fed hands all the way through they did their own and they went Peaceful Pastures they went out of business at one time about a ham from a Amish farmer that fed all

leftover yogurt to the hamster medary plant that was next door until you taste good smells like yogurt and sure they incorporate things into into their into their fat butt

then ask it a question for you and yes it totally clarified it right

still discharge filtering it really nice and rich in the beginning but by the end as I recirculated thinner and thinner and so yeah I was just the way that I do that nothing else when I do them and I honestly like a lot of times for nut milks nut milk bags they work pretty they work pretty well right and so like you know I haven't done that much on like heavy recirculation with with nothing else I've done cold brew I can get really I've liked since I wrote the manual my cold brew game I don't like Cobra so it's hard for me to come up with a good recipe but like a microbrew game is getting much better in the in the spins off and someday I can give the respect for that or I can talk about that but with nut milks

I think you're better off doing a single run with this caveat you want the you want the nuts solids to be about

the whole

spinzall rotors worth because what's going to happen is all those salads going to stay in the rotor and you're going to get out the liquids in the fines and it's Blended nuts with water don't form a compact enough Puck for you to be able to get like a good good kind of Separation so usually what I'll do is I'll usually come very I'll use like 400 grams or 5 450 G of nuts blended with the hot water and then take it through once in the first stuff that comes out is kind of liquid are usually in that case and then it goes It goes nice and milky for a while and then I cut it off but I don't think I research could have to go look at my go look at myself I stopped experimenting with it I should start again but I stopped experimenting because I was like what I recommend this necessarily over a nut milk bag and my answer was

if I own the spins all but didn't have a nut milk bag I would make nut milk this way but if I had a nut milk bag I probably used a nut milk bag that's what you're making olive oil and I would experiment play four year old twins and so my time is limited. So what do you like to eat on ISO it solidifies okay so first of all Harold McGee thinks that you and I are enemies of quality because cured olive oil is the is the enemy to all lovers of a fancy olive oil judges would if they could press a button and wipe us off the face of the planet they would do it but that's the way to do it is you blend the olives with you blend the olives with pectin X Ultra sp-l blend when the hell out of them and then you spin them and you're going to

you going to get it do you have a vacuum machine

not a chamber okay but you have a jar on on the vacuum machine okay this is it a tip by the way that I don't know what I've never published it I don't think but anytime you going to do like a distillation rotary evaporation or spinning Bachelor you're not going to have like the the refill touring so you're not going to knock the air out of stuff a quick result of a Connex helps stop foaming if you're going to do distillation so nowadays whenever I'm going to do distillation and I'm blending stuff I always hit my distillation runs with pectin X Ultra sp-l not because I'm going to clarify it but because it gets a lot less foam out on the boiled so that's a little tip for all you rotovap people out there if if there are any of you but then the the other thing is is that hitting any sort of Blended stuff with a vac is going to knock the air out of the floating particles cuz one of the issues is that olives are as you say a triple separation you're going to

solids liquids and oil

but you're also going to get floaties do dads and the floaties do dads are what's going to make it a pain to get your full yield of oil out because the floaties do dads are going to mix with the oil so if you can soak if you can sorry hit it hit it with a little bit of a vacuum just so that most of the solids drop and aren't floating at the surface your life's going to be a lot better than I would spend it for a long long time you're going to pour both liquids meaning the oil and the brine off of it and you're going to have to let it separate old school I mean I think like a lot of us have $7 and you sit there and tap on it but any solids that are left in it because they were floating stick to the sides of your step funnel and like making everything make everything a pain in the ass and use olive oil right away because as Harold McGee says it's already it's already bad it's already been oxidized it's already doesn't talk like that but anyways

it's a bad thing to pay back to the pigs will you eat like that when you eat it do you like do you like eating nuts I was just for the hand going to like what I care about the most I mean obviously like in Spanish style like the Americas I got to love like all of the cured stuff but do you really like literally love love love just eating the pork is that way I think you're losing a lot of the I don't think you could get as much flavor. I think people using it is normal pork it did not taste especially empirically in anyway after they're going to choose what they want to eat you know and so I think they're going to be selecting a diet that's going to make more for a better-tasting take I think some people to put too much

confidence into the exact date of the pigs in lesson to like you know diversity of diet and the Animals choosing

write the softness from the nut fat like that like cuz it's cuz I could give a rat's behind about that but it's like the like that the texture of the fat that's why I think you can never sell that to like Japanese likely imagine like they love like a super hard fat amount of America hands really right it does have a real benefit for curing but nothing for

right I don't have never had like a

I also think you think lardos better off of the farmer fat pig I mean

I don't know I mean most of the things we have have a softer fattest because they are eating more protein towards the end of their life cycle but what size what size hands are usually anywhere about 20-25 pounds

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hey how's it going

I think it was the first color but I couldn't quite make out what the answer was but I just got a whole bone-in ham and it's like 15 pounds I'm not going to eat all of it right away but I could freeze that I could figure eight it but it it's safe just to keep at room temperature

yeah what are you what are you planning to see how you plan to use it

I'm just going to eat it just slice it off like charcuterie style like prosciutto or something

yeah I mean I think the only I mean I think past has an issue if you're going to just leave it out room temperature at I mean days out of hanging it or every Spanish bar has you know loads of hanging hand but you know I think in general Refrigeration is probably a little bit easier just as far as containment and you know if there's a wide variation of temperature you know you could see some rancidity in the fat-soluble like the piece of paper that comes with it says to refrigerate it not refrigerated

yes it does hams have been sitting at room temperature more or less for you know 9 months

so is it going back in the refrigerator is only a step that they're saying because of food safety and how you going to use it cuz I think one of the issues is it let's say you buy an American style him American style hams are hung differently and have a different shape than European style ham so they're they're typically in a sentence is to my knowledge is this way is hung to be plump in the in the like in the cushion of the the meat and what that means is the interior of it is softer at a given age than in the equivalent longer stretched out European style ham and translation is is that if you try to put it into a holder and do the horizontal long slices that you would do for like a Spanish style hand cutting

that you might run into some issues Johnny what do you think yeah I mean I mean it's going to be fine yeah everything's always hard to get those like that little wetter yeah little wetter in the slicing wise but I don't know we we we hang it like that tradition of the Trish American styling you know you see right at the bone that is so soft and do you do Spanish stop cutting on it we debone it for many years I was like I'm an American and I like cross cut ham and then and then I was like you know what

I like both I like as I've aged I become less of a because at first I was like don't let these traditional who are these people to tell me so what like you know they've been eating it for hundreds of years but each individual person hasn't been alive hundred years what the hell do they know what I mean and so like it alot of people do things that are stupid for hundreds and hundreds of years but I actually now I've come to like the traditional like long cut yeah it definitely has its benefits you know you get so I think it tastes a little bit naughty or richer and then you kind of get the like more salt intensity from the cross cut in the long ways I don't know she's going to do you going to try to blow this out the only night I've ever broken in my life I broke on a hand

I don't know yet that's a good question so far just in slicing it with a bone-in I guess lengthwise yeah I mean if you slice off

yeah I mean I guess like you could slice cross-section to the Bone for a while and then that would be an easier way to debone it rather than trying to get in there and don't be nice cuz I just have a mezona ux10 and its really really a men don't think that would do the job for high-end I like that that's the old school like Chef's Choice there yeah I mean I just use that could actually just a butcher curves the knife to do it and then just like fall of the bone in the segment the indentation and come keep coming down one of those old-school like like gouges like boning knives that are four hands are like look like like wood gouges how to test it yeah how do they work I mean you basically just push it in and turn and then you take a core sample out

Antoine it's meant for to help remove the bone I've never seen one of our save what I've seen a video of one I mean you seems like you lose a lot of meat probably but then I guess they sell the bone for super or what but yeah I want the meat for eating and so is so valuable I will have to meet for eating what are you a fan of cutting the cushion off and then and then taken care of the fake cuz of face is harder and physically harder anyway yep so you know I used to it whenever I was boning I'll try to Bone it and you I would leave the bone hole in I haven't hold on her why she's that's what I stupidly I just thought was a thing to do and then some of those I want you just cut off this like set of muscles slice that and then slice of the parts separately you found that for I have a fan if it's just a lot easier to separate out the I mean separate out the basically the bottom round Godlike the sirloin you know what else makes life really easy bandsaw yeah that's my favorite and I'm definitely not saying that

you should go into your garage and use your wood bandsaw to cut your your ham I will tell you this it works but the picture of salsa

that is an awesome recommendation use it cuz you get a fresh played now the thing is now here's a question here's a question for you right so bones aren't very hard right and my problem with Sawzall blades is the paint so either you got to get one that has it doesn't have pain I don't know if they make on your butt if you don't because you don't need the temper because I mean even on tempered steel Sawzall blade is 8 jillion times harder than the bone say this free and like you know torch off the paint off of your Sears this is the smartest thing I've heard all day you don't want to do one one time I wanted to buy a so I'm never really experimented with the electric night is a Cuisinart electric knife using a couple times when that experimented so I've always wanted to experiment with the handheld Band Saw as you've seen these like they make lights

damn cordless now yes you can walk around with a cordless like small throat bandsaw and you can Boo Boo Boo have you ever experimented with the rotary wheel chicken Cutters now you're seeing them so if you go to the live poultry joints here like that the person whose job it is to break down the chickens sits at a bench and then they're giving the plug chicken after comes out of the plucker off and there's just a rotary knife High spin spinning rotary knife and they just grab the chicken if you could see me you'd see me holding the acid to the chicken goes away but there's all sorts of fabric cutting equipment that I thought would be awesome to tasks for meat when is my new favorite concept of a of you taking a Sawzall to a ham because the hardest part is where the joint is right to bone out and if you could just

not that join off with a Sawzall cut the face trade-off and read the bone out that you definitely take off the head down there in like one or two a year or even worse like one or two every 10 years to get that done like Bonnie like like breaking a ham down with a Sawzall that's it that's that's the advice right there yeah. Collier on the air and I have one question cuz it to meet with it who is it called you earlier

yeah hey Dave. This is Jesse Kramer confer makers kitchen how you doing

I'm finally at the veggetti episodes so you guys entertain me on my on my ride everyday it's bad and Michael ruhlman pot smoked Kim at home and I use 1/2 Hotel perforated and after you brine the duck breast and then dry them out in the fridge you cook them in the oven and try to get it to about 160 and I was going to try and redo the recipe so that I could use the circulator hit the temperature with protection and then use a Smoking Gun and I wasn't sure if that would hurt the end results are not

Johnny so so one thing that happens when you smoke something is if you smoke with a heat Source versus cold smoking it's a pretty different flavor and I think that the proteins react

with the you know the hotel pepper Frazier hotel pan so you'll get a smoke flavor but it will be will be subtle and it won't have like that any type of ham kind of flavor also like the Smoking Gun is also like what I like to call it a static smoke it's like you apply smoke and then you walk away and then the smoke settles down your thoughts for like lives for so long to do permutation just getting like a little Chief or something like this or just like you know take a tube or just like give yourself enough and just do you know smoke it like you would over a fire in DayZ

you know the chips just burn off in a really awkward way but I mean being a good suggestions here or no like what do you what do you think the flavor of Smoking Gun stuff is more like putting smoke into things so you can see it like for an actual like smoking something is like live smoke is very different from I don't know what I called Static smoke but I don't know like what you would like and also Weber you know you're going to get you know and that's going to do you think that there's a way. I mean I don't know if the circulator is the appropriate tool to get the internal temperature to what I want but do you think there's a way to use the circulator

jikook it to my exact temperature and then somehow maybe put it in the oven with that perforated pan at a lower temperature but the hot enough smoke might still penetrate mean yeah the circular me like you wouldn't I wouldn't want to do like a lot of it that way maybe but but for insurance purposes circulators always good for ensuring that you hit your internals then all you're worried about is a smoke flavor you're not worried about cooking anymore so yeah it's just different

okay yeah means it's hard anyway so you're not worried about the textures not going to probably part of the problem with cooking a duck to long is the texture but that's all on me. We're we're not exactly alright so listen I'm going to I'm going to answer Matt Hall had a legitimately Road in a question on sausage and I'm going to get maybe I'll record Johnny's answer and let's play the next time off my phone I mean feel free to contact me on any questions so I think they've retreated or tweeted out about my Twitter handle so empty Hunter Matt Hall I'm going to get this answered on my phone and then we will somehow broadcast it next time next time cooking issues

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so this is the extended version of the program because I ran out of time and we didn't actually get to the only writing question for Johnny so I have two questions related to sausage-making is it from Matt Hall I recently made a batch of roasted garlic sausage using to make some pork tenderloin that's all I had at the time so no judgment no judgment and back fat the nominal that concentration should have been in the range of 25 to 30% by weight I saw the makes it out one day in advance and grinding I froze my grinding equipment the standard KitchenAid accessory and kept the mix refrigerated until it was time to grind the resulting sausage had a slightly mealy texture could you comment on what might have gone wrong I'm wondering if I underestimate the fat content of the tenderloin and or should have a slightly Frozen the makes an advantage of grinding and to thinking about the issues of the first question let me to consider historical sausage making everyone seems to stress keeping your equipment mix and mixed Co

what do people do prior to Modern cooling technology to achieve sausages with acceptable texture thanks for your advice man

okay I would I would assume on the male anus that the the tenderloin is going to be a problem there because it's too lean and it's going to

it's not going to emulsify well with the

with the fat and I'm so as it cuts through the other thing as is no one ever has really good success with those KitchenAid

yeah they're just like inherently there's something about the

worst thing about the throat on them that is just like they they clogged they smear I mean sister the equipment nothing is like tight and Compact and it's all plastic and stuff but they do makes there is a third-party add-on for a stainless steel

all pieces and that is great I think that works as a really good sausage maker so table-mounted Czechoslovakian cast guy again I feel like the equipment like the

Wade's in the in the plates they don't like fit up really close to each other and you got to keep those things really sharp and such but I mean they can work but it's still I see a lot of smearing when we use one what do you think about historical sausage-making so just cuz they were hand cutting everyone recommends par freezing for kitchen AIDS or even par freezing for the issue with freezing the meat is that it's a you know you're dehydrating you're pulling moisture out of the protein and so going back into that crying it's going to be problematic what about the post grind like doing the buy anything that's also an issue like you bought me like we're going to cure something obviously that you need to find but like on a fresh sausage do you worry about the buying too much you said they're doing a lot of manipulation afterwards with your hands normally

it depends on like what the coarseness that you want is but the easiest way to do is to to Brian's

tell this is leading into and hope to levels are okay guys cuz we're do you know I've no idea how to use this equipment but this leaves me into my favorite Johnny Hunter topic which is what have you put through your meat grinder is a great piece of equipment that is to be utilized for all kinds of processing systems with weights for all kinds of vegetable oil and cheese and things like that. Find please play with blades with Waze what happens if I put mashed potato soup in nightmare

I'm not so sure I would imagine that I get a gummy texture without some of the seeds and Ivy we have like a grinder that does a hundred ten pounds a minute and so we grabbed 600 lb of peppers this year through that grinder and find plate one ride yeah you couldn't get a second plate you can do it cuz it's becomes liquid it all every couple passes can you use it like a like a like a tomato strainer for doing sauce yeah so I due process Tomatoes through a meat grinder as well that's what sucks in the tomato sauce is the Skins will it hold in his Skin's back or does not but my favorite way to do tomatoes to get the skins off his to freeze them and then you just dropping in to warm

and the skin comes right off of school scoring scoring boil yeah that's I think that's a lot more live me to salads was she would score a toilet and then take the skin off answer but it was only after I started building the spins all that I realize how bitter tomato skin because I started eating concentrated tomato skins cuz I would buy like you know I buy grape tomatoes cuz that's what they had that tasted okay to make tomato water and do a little water is fine. Cuz it never has so much more concentrated scared of like this is terrible this tastes terrible I was like a big shock to me that tomato skins are that bitter and so now I'm like yeah

you should take those things off you know me or use the old school like him nails and stuff but I've never made tomato sauce that way you know that this is an auger / it's a mechanical chicken de-boner account I totally delete pick up the back pressure from the stuff coming out of the otter will stop it from going through but like me and you send me that diameter we don't have sure I can run a test I'm not sure whether the great or not but I can ride a good blood test that would be great I think that you know if people had more uses for me Grinders and they want to have to excuse the shity kitchen table new alternative monsters like rise really hard cuz it's gummy really really gum equipped will it get gummed up or is it okay and yours

here and I've done why do the meat grinder it's a little bit better because it's not quite it's not the plates on his clothes and that the sharper blade so you do get a nice you get an isotope that comes out of it and it's a little bit less of it in the ass to clean cuz you're not clean. Clean stainless steel not a rock what about nut Butters versus a champion

well so the nut butter is you need a little bit finer of a of a die so you get a pretty you get a pretty loose

crying even with a couple of patch could do it twice yeah for sure so one of the issues I have when you're when you grind nuts if you add sugar to the mix before you grind the Seas everything in a meat grinder handle that. Yes it won't cease it's a it's a better it's a better pass through then you know a

you know that a KitchenAid Aura that's a Surefire way to destroy you heard us to stop it from boiling up at they're not getting it to the point where it's good that it's going to like gum releasing the the oil but if you put it to a serious Grinder like I told you I almost burnt out my next match of smoke came out of the back of the unit because I sugared my next when I was driving him nuts stupid in the eye of the meat grinder grinder I made for you oh yeah yeah I mean I feel better too but you know we were able to keep the skins in the seeds out

I was pretty happy with that one of my problems when I'm working with let's say concord grapes or something like this is I always worry about crushing the seeds too much because that's the bitterness and tana to set up so do you if you use a if using a course or play with Graves to get the initial Crush are you do then find that you are ruptured that you did not get as much can now to get some tanning now but I mean at some point it does the Seas kind of create a barrier on the outside of the auger and it just the juices is coming in so we can't be nearly is tannic as blending and if I depressed I like to smash it with my hands like sit there likes like new Smash the hell out of it with my hands irritating if you have to do a lot of it that's what's nice about a meat grinder is that you

with a lot of equipment you put something in you blend and then you have to pour it out but a meat grinder you're just did you know Pastor you continually do it so yeah I like you know if I have to like shredded muenster cheese and you know so you know instead of like using a vitamin roboku and I just like throw through this by to medicine do you use the coarse plate do you think you can like one pass make Ro-Tel no because it's amazing near you in Madison tell me what happened so we have an Oscar Mayer plant owned by Kraft they closed it this year and

I've been waiting for the auction cuz you know there's just equipment and I knew and I I knew people who worked at Oscar Mayer I had been in the plant before I never been in the plan I've been in the office has to do the walk-through in tag what you want to live this was 1,400 pieces no 2100 pieces in the auction

and it was a 3-day auction and you know live live auction now there was online to but mostly life and so like I've been to a lot of options like almost all the equipment that I own I purchase that restaurant grocery store aisle a I prefer grocery store auctions or baking you know they got a restaurant equipment you maybe get like a now then our fire in it at a grocery store they got like 14 of them that go up so I didn't know what to expect they put the catalog on we like kind of search through it you know some of these meat grinders are like the size of you know a room in like taking handle

it's something like 10,000 lb an hour

which is not our size and make the employees but you know so we spent three days they are but one thing that I thought it was really cool is that they you know Oscar Mayer been doing suvee for you know 40 Years of a dumpster and they had all this mechanical

pump to circulate the water and then they had these like heating elements running along the bottom in order to like give an indirect heat to the water and so you had basically you know a suvee was developed for industrial food way before it ever hit like you know the restaurants are Chef their stuff so pretty funny see the size of the room that was basically for that piece off but there was some interesting PC parts and you know these $2,000 cards do you know a hundred bucks each

8000 of hearts and how much they cost but I mean it would have cost me $80,000

if you were going to go but we were you in the market for a 7-under flipagram are a lot of people don't have this the skill or the desire to like go cherry-pick the good stuff out of Notch I used to do it back but I was allowed to buy equipment and there's an art to it because you have your restaurant dealers and get your scrap guys and you are and then you have like a couple people who are just like there to check it out you know there's like a bakery and you know a couple other my mushroom farmer was there a farmers and so you only see the strap guys and they go over to the piece of equipment they kind of like lift it up just a little bit and then they stop hitting at an exact price if it will not go above that

and die and then the restaurant the other is sometimes they're there just a mess with you

like Mike's in New York restaurant New York City restaurant options it's like it's always the same group of folks and it's like if they thought they could sell it again you can't you can't you can't be that you don't even like you'll want to meet that you don't even like whereas if you get something that they don't want then you can get a free we don't really get a lot of scrap guys here cuz I don't have scrap truck so it's it's more like

you like the first fryer ever bought wasn't a stainless Kettle fryer it was a plain steel Kettle fryer and literally nobody wanted there's no resale on it like the only resale stainless fire yeah and so I was like yeah like 25 50 bucks and by that I mean it's like a little too crappy for the restaurant folks you know it was a little because it's Tanner restaurant restaurant procedure here is you by the used equipment you keep it out on the street and you like power wash it down on the street you take everything it looks crappy and you paint it with spray paint wood look like metal and then you willing to sell it so I Street constantly like washing the grime off of it and then spray paint in here but I thought I was auctions that you can get your best deals if you just wait till I guess

you know to stay the last last night our truck because here in New York is it always like you have to take it out today today and you leave it at today you have a good girl this morning my favorite vegetable options on YouTube and you know it's hilarious and produce is really nice all locally grown but then it's just like a bunch of people having really different needs hitting on you know thousands of pounds of squash like if they don't need to squash your like I have a meat grinder already