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Episode 314: I Like Big Bundts

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I work every Tuesday for my like I still your but you don't allow yourself are you saying you don't allow yourself to be sick you know what you know what we say my family this means you don't have enough to do guys like only if you got time to clean. Time to think about being sick you have to have time to think about your body that's the first mistake if I can remember in school you be like choo choo choo choo choo choo choo choo choo choo train exams are over me like I'm going to enjoy that as soon as you no longer have

what kind of work to do you fade you know your me as soon as you retire and you don't do anything

as an upstairs house real quick to paraphrase Dave the other Dave if you have time to lean you're going to die yeah that's yours I don't know what's going on with their on right there on I get people tweeting me say no I bought one and then it disappears it's like some sort of magic mirror storyline right now

someone just bought one and shipped to them and they like Amazon still said Amazon still said by the tall Amazon is actually calling estas every colonist Asia right now normally she doesn't take calls during she just text people incessantly during the show but she's actually taking a call from Amazon. Suppose that's good that's a good cuz a lot of switching in there so Amazon recommends you buy these the tall skinny tanks for your searzall which is of course a freaking nightmare and the other people didn't think that I have recommended it and then I get very bent like a pretzel long story short they have a zillion of them I think they're fulfilling all the back orders and then we'll figure out what's going going on from there any questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 next week we have with us and pretty sure neck

weekdays at true

you know finish the sentence I know you mean are we doing a show next week or next week we have Johnny hunter from from underground you know collective in Madison Wisconsin coming on we're going to do yoga or cooking issues meet spectacular it's going to be a meet tacular event where we just so over the next week send in all of your meat related all of your meat related questions like cured meat really curing Meats smoking Meats smoking cured meats also I happen to know that Johnny puts almost at just as a matter of course it's almost everything in the kitchen through his large meat grinder just to see what'll happen like Massa through the meat-grinder I'm sure you know I'm sure he's fed all sorts of like weird things series meat grinder so if you have any questions on we know what can I do with my meat grinder

calling for that was that Amazon session

why would Seattle call 800-800-3002 cell 12 and then they go back on yes but I don't know how they're doing it there now they know that we're very angry

yet I tell him to tell him that it's called their reply email to me is like Angry Angry customer at like but it but within a bunch of numbers so they can sure handle no reply to insta reply to me is 29101 that's my Black debut think that's more of a band more of a song Angry scan one of those internal things like remember as we as we said like the minute you hang up a phone with any human being at Amazon that person has quit add a new person is taking a check at a restaurant like you describe the person instead of like the table number

actor plays there is like Pez dispensers it's like as soon as you open when it's eating and chewed up and spat out or whatever

this is why every time I go to Harvard or gone to your house and like you know what it is and for your whatever ten bucks entrance fee you fill up a sack with Pez just like a sack of pets cool do you like this I mean like I I I used to sit there and load them very carefully that last freaking pass never fits into the Spencer and then I was just like Quick Draw McGraw it's like shooting in my mouth as fast as humanly possibly know what I mean jelly to bite through and a whole stack of them in to see if I could do a clean bite all the way down through like a like a Kung Fu like brick smashing type of thing she never even made it into the into the dispenser once in awhile but did you save the dispensers or where you like what the hell is this time

depends Fantasia and I doubt it

is like how many like to know that says you know for likes you a very finite amount of time has been around a good long I think you know what the thing is something you would make Pez Pez know I got a business idea we're going to make alternative Pez we're going to take on the tops Manufacturing Corporation for baseball cards created the Pez dispenser or something useless that nobody has used those of you who have purchased spinzels with our holiday promotion need to set your email crap to we can contact you otherwise we can send you the freaking thing like half the people that bought it well the thing is we can send it to the address that they're spends all is being sent to we're just confirming that that's correct because that's what we do

but we will go to that address that you that the spindles being sent to we're just being nice and confirming it that's where you want your like maybe you bought one for somebody else but you want to keep the enzymes whatever so it looks like I didn't know this cuz nastase just handed to me because even though it was sent to me it sent it to her house we do not live anywhere near each other people we have

like that like while I'm in that infinitely think we just be like Stacks and stacks and still like I like they we try to avoid each other basically as much as humanly possible to have a holiday party going to sit down and have a drink James Peterson wrote many years ago I guess in the 80s one of my favorite all-time cookbooks his book on sauces which you know at the time when I leave work and apparently they just sent one of his books everybody loves that's read it and apparently they just came out with a fourth edition is much physically larger than the old one it's like a large book be like in the Stasi was considering not giving it to me so that she could use it to separate the hot side from the cold side instead of my it's the right thickness is much too heavy but from the 80s was it at the time the kind of the stick that everyone was doing was for liaison for sauce they were just boiling straight cream down until like soup

set creams we had a boat ton of reduce cream sauces in his last book and I'm curious whether or not since I don't really see that as much anymore do you size like super reduce cream sauces anyway so I'm interested to see how that book has changed but it's one of my all-time favorite books so let's see what happened all so I was like nastassia before the shows that he can we talk about you know how you make pasta and pacifier she's like no

I signed a contract I think people would be interested texture the pasta is supposed to be similar to the way Mark used to cook it at Del posto like you know not mushy not over but then very quickly without skill right and so like I was like Hey that might be useful for like you know Jane and Jo person who wants to make a bunch of stuff in advance and then like take maybe pasta to work with them and then do like a quick finish at working in the new car whatever and I was like it with you maybe we can discuss how you might go about doing this and stassi goes I am contractually obliged to not discuss this in the public so she could tell you how to do it but I could

yeah she'll blab about any other thing if you have any sort of secret and you want the entire world to know it better than using Instagram or now oh look at me don't you forget I grew up with a shrink I'm used to not being able to like I'm used to like you know someone coming home at the end of the night and being like wow what a crazy day you would not believe what happened what happened I can't tell you it doesn't bother me with the right person it's okay so

how about Johnny Hunter why you thought you were talking about Amazon we did they spend all updates are in stock and will continue to be in stock Sears also we're working real hard to style she's got her angry what's angry scan the thing that makes me most mad is that in the beginning when we first started selling searzall certain people were like this is a useless tool nobody will want it certain people you mean I wish I did not say who that was but get you some questions here missing for some reason my phone decided I'm going to print the questions out on paper so I don't have to fuss around with you becoming more of a headache as I get older and I mean about you

technology forward you look like at the Christmas has Harry technology forward as a gift for the cocktail nerds in my life they have extensive liquor cabinets and all the traditional tools I was thinking about a collection of different acids or perhaps pectinex this is for a relatively small budget just a token small token between friends I'd be interested to hear what to get on a larger budget though thank you Kevin McCue so I mean look it all depends on on you like I should never have a ballpoint pen in my hand during these because I have the nervous

Minerva's clicker it all depends on kind of a your friends so a lot of bartenders I know are very hyper obsessed with like the shiniest or like the coolest looking for how things look as for me I don't care about that so much right so I'm more I'm much more of a function guy so from a functionalist and point if they don't already have the Don Lee Design cocktail cocktail Kingdom strainer don't want the really fine wire I will go ahead and get that that way you're not going to get ice shards they're not going to get ice shards in their drink and then I can have to double strain if you double strand you'll kill the phone especially if you're doing anything that like you know needs a lot of times I highly recommend that it's basically the only the only one I use the other and you can if you want to you know doesn't actually really it wouldn't even actually make any money off of it but if the cocktail Cube you know it would help them texturized

are there drinks better when they're shaking I would also say that you know if they don't already have large ice molds those are also nice these are all things for for shaking I never use those cubes Forester drinks how do I guess you could say I'm so used to clear ice that like when someone hands me the like a cloudy Ice Cube I'm just like my way would you care about that says you never liked a drink on a rock right now I'm a bad person like rotten friend it's like you don't even like you're that person that like everyone's like do you have a friend who's just like rotten to you all the time and now yeah I got that isn't already stressful enough anyways that's great

I would get your swing like that obviously if you have a boat ton of money which are they by anastacio is it obviously you're going to give them some recipes so the the main acids that you know are used in the bar or very very foremost I was he citric and Malik those are the two most important by far and then after that are tarek and lactic and then after that phosphoric a lot of people if you're buying phosphoric you might want to buy a you know why I'm Darcy O'Neal's fast whatever it's called us some call something fast something fast charger some like that that you know his kind of buffer one phosphoric acid rather difficult to work with because a little bit too much goes a long way it's Unique in that it is in organic and therefore it has a it doesn't taste like a fruit acid has a very particular taste and nastassia.

not enjoying anything other than Cola is actor I can never any bartenders boric acid drink

that booty just Steve at Mario's bar and then you put ice in it and I didn't like it was too watery or what no it was a carbonated drink that you put ice into it because I wanted to because I thought the Mario truly like it more and you're like what have you sold yourself completely unrelated to this you just want me to feel bad you're like you just want me to feel like a bad person anyway so you like Dave you hate ice in carbonated drinks I guess so why do you serve it this way completely unrelated to the topic of this person buying acids for their friend we not even related mean I they both involve beverages it what we were doing was carbonating like I forget what it was work are being in tomorrow I forget which Amaro it was and it had a very distinct Cola like flavor on its own with a little bit of acid in it maybe that's what you thought of a little bit of ass and I put it over ice and stassi's like I hate it

and like I Porter one without the ice and she's like good at like whenever you ask him know how he is doing are you like not dead yet course not true anymore or lie giving you say which was a lot of time how you doing she will barely even say you know you always had one word or anyting Grandpa why don't you like chicken it's Grandpa why don't you like mushrooms toadstools his Joy enjoy what we talked about before that so the thing with price for it cuz I find it difficult to use

if you are using Malik and citric that's a very nice thing to get somebody I would just give him the recipes I'll give them the recipe for acid adjusted orange juice which is of course 32 grams of a 32 grams of citric and 20 grams of malic acid per per liter of OJ you conclude some others like how to adjust grapefruit or how to adjust on pineapples actually at a nice just pineapples good she can give those kinds of things that are tarek and lock that you can use to make champagne acid which is in liquid intelligence which you can find on Amazon look inside if you want to buy the book tell those are good to have one other adjuncts are good to have like eye droppers for Salt Solutions I think are useful for people that have I don't know what you think so yeah you don't care and I would much rather have something like that then

hyper fancy spoon I like hypertensive some people don't have his bar mat and you want to get a decent bar mat because the bad bar mats they stink forever like I don't know what moles they put remember like when we buy a new bar match the entire place with smell like new bar mat his gross but bar mats if if the if people don't already have a bar mat you must have a bar mat they're awesome also if they have some sort of crappy little lightweight muddler get him the bad ass mother from from Cocktail King of Random cocktails listen to the ones that you were make that you had made for customers are the people one cuz we have a whole liquor cabinet and you said if she's escaped what I say and him any cocktail that he wanted

home to go

I like the idea of baby Jesus is drinking cocktails can your baby bird feeding him I have no recollection of saying that I'm not denying that I said that I just have no recollection of it speak of low-quality individuals by the way I noticed that I was passing by on the way over here Taco Bell has a rolled chicken taco now and hello that doesn't exist rolled tacos don't exist people have a different name why would they think that they invented it you know what I mean like they own that no

okay I'm here by this is from Julie and I don't know what their answer this but I have more to say if I did Julian right and I live in a small apartment without a stove hood I would love the flavor of grilling are there any ways to grill indoors that aren't completely insane or ways to otherwise replicate those flavors I miss grilled steak broccoli asparagus excetera might have answered this already but I have different answers now get me the same big charge slightly bitter flavors that a Hot Wheel can any tips here thanks Julian okay look

here's the thing like there's what I can reasonably recommend that you do and there's like the crap that I used to do back when I was young right I mean I used to do really really dumb things let me give me an example part of the problem with hoods for anything in general when you're trying to evacuate and the reason why evacuate fumes not you're not your family is that what's that you open a wooden window and you put a fan in the window right so that fan is way far away from where you're where you're cooking and what happens is you know you're taking are from the whole room and the smoke that you're making is kind of spilling out in all directions and unless all of that are goes in through the fan and you're pretty much hosed in the further you are away from the fan in the more volume that that fax the fan of the certain amount of you know at whatever no pressure is working at a certain number of cubic feet per minute that I can suck through

right and so if you were calculating friends intend to paint hood you know I'm going to paint booth you calculate how fast their needs to get evacuated to suck out all the stuff and so you look at the area of your hood X the nearest cubic feet per minute you can figure out the linear feet kind of at the top figure out whether you're in good shape but who is don't really work this way and they don't really doing really calculates how many CFM you need if you're going to do something unreasonable which is what I used to do so when I had my first fryer right you know fryer there roughly 90,000 BTUs so a lot and they make not just a lot of heat they make a lot of oil a lot of oil stuff coming out of my eyes anyone that's ever frighten their house without a hood nose so what I did was is it don't do this by the way this is insane completely insane I went to Home Depot and I bought the two

cheapest cheapest is Patrick would say the cheapest meat I bought the cheapest range hoods I can get right two of them grown Broan equivalent to the current model 4200 which is 30 in wide and you know it takes a 7in round ducting pipe coming out of it and I just zip screw them together back-to-back so I just took two range hood and fold them back to back so I had a roughly 30 by 30 inch or 30 by 36 in wrestling like this square of hood I then just took those two pipes coming out and put them directly out the window just like took hard pipes boom boom 2 7 in Uno solid pipes and put them right out the window and bang that was it and that sucker completely evacuated all of the fumes from that friar in addition it melted all of the internal components over the years that I did it of the of the hood was probably

completely Dangerous by the way up there what are the problems with these hoods is that you can get a deposit on the inside of the hoods and then those can catch on fire and cause kind of big problems so I can't recommend it is completely on safe but you could make one of these little you could take two of these hoods bolt them together and put a pipe that fits out the window Slide the window down roll it up to it and just poop shoot this stuff out your window and then put in your closet when you're not going to use it but you would be risking fire the other problem is is if you going to Pipe smoke directly out your window like charcoal grilling smoke directly out your window you have to worry that your neighbors might call the fire department on you this is only happened to me a couple of times but it's extremely unpleasant to have the fire department, because obviously you're not supposed to have an open fire in your house but I have to say that is a if it worked well for a fryer it would probably work very well also for the grill now.

shoe here is that if you have open Flames coming out of your grill you will instantly melt all the undersides of your of your hood and you'll be in so I didn't tell you I put the hood much closer to the fryer than is advisable I hung it I hung it basically as low as I could so that you know that there would be no spill over but the longer you hang it the more heat you have in the real issue you're going to have there is fire looking up on the sides of your of your thing now if you build a extremely small fire put a baffle over at use like a small Hibachi you did it but then you're not a rip-roaring I'm talking about what you would do if you were completely unreasonable person that I don't recommend and if you go do this because you might just the fact that I have not killed myself does not mean you will not kill yourself do you know my son makes his mistake all the time Dax makes a mistake of thinking that just because he hasn't hurt himself in the past that he won't hurt himself in the future and the older you get

you realize that she's not the case

but wisdom wisdom wisdom the promises that they don't believe you did like you did all that stupid stuff and you didn't die you're like yes but what I'm trying to tell you is that I was lucky but they're like well I'll be lucky if people don't people you can't you can't get your kids or anyone else to learn from your mistakes just can't do it is not frustrated Superfest yeah that's a good idea actually

Bob's Red Mill has been Milling whole grain since 1978 when you Mill whole grain to get all three parts the brand The Germ and the endosperm the brand or The Refuge makes up about 14% of the whole grain it's the outer skin of the edible Colonel it contains large amounts of B vitamins some protein trace minerals phytochemicals but most importantly dietary fiber The Germ is only about 2.5% of the colonel it's actually the sprouting section of the seed what's going to grow into a plant it's usually separated during Milling process because it contains most of the fat and therefore has the shorter shelf life the endosperm is the main energy storage unit of the see that's where the growing plant gets its energy before I can start photosynthesizing and making its own it makes a big huge

portion of the great about 83% and it's the main source its use for white flour when you make white flower you get rid of The Germ and the brand just have the white endosperm left it contains almost all the carbohydrates are also contains protein and iron and some of the other B vitamins as well it's kind of what you classically think of when you're thinking of flour so all that's there when you're dealing with whole grains but when you will have whole grains you also get the brand which is the kind of rough Edge and gives that that's what gives that that kind of color to it also gives you extra fiber that helps you to be regular and you also get the germ which adds the fat and the flavor which we all like I'll Grant learn more at Bob's Red Mill. Com podcast

learn more how long is that how long is that Greg Dave nastase and I are sticking Chopsticks through our men and a half Is Not Unusual wrote the message for him

I didn't I didn't personally write an opinion I guess would what context would I be eating wheat German pancakes in my pancake batter yo Adams was here last week right now he's doing that the magazine Cook's Illustrated magazine one thing I learned from them back in the year 1993 was a doll of that kind of stuff to your batter up very very early because it's just like one of the reasons people have a problem is if you mix if you mix and white flower and then a bunch of other stuff like weed tournament like they white flowers going to compete for hydration with the we dreamed we jumped never going to hydrate properly so you got to do

couple of minutes of pre-soaked of things like wheat germ or anything like that to non-standard flour to get it to kind of a swell get as much water as possible and then you can add the rest of your salad little trick I love we German pancake I even sometimes will add a little bit to the milk base in something like a biscuit I love I love the taste of wheat germ I like it another thing people don't necessarily know a lot of times people are worried when they're working with alternative alternative things that didn't need extra hydration time so sticker corn meals or wheat germ or anything it's considered you know GIF difficult to hydrate

just put it in the freaking blender because it everyone's worried about developing gluten right you're going to aerate their stuff anyway so you're not worried about getting too much air in your not making trip so you know I had axes making fun of the word crap the other day he was like what kind of food do you make your food crap no they don't be afraid to take your initial bass like it's going to put wheat germ or anything until it's a buttermilk for pancakes to put all that crap in there and it was in a blender to blend it all and then pour it out and then of course don't blend in the main part of the thing as true as if you have a little bit of something start you that doesn't have gluten in it you can then add your fat or butter directly to that liquid base and then once you add stuff to liquid days in the blender it's much more difficult for gluten to form when you're stirring in your when you're stirring in your regular AP flour so I almost always when I'm making

batters I will add any non like non-gluten forming and or difficult to hydrate stuff first so I usually do a mixture and pancakes at like I say wheat germ a lot of times will add oats cuz I also like in in pancakes I'll do a very very fast blend with a little bit of the AP flour I'll add in the butter at that point you really stop a lot of the gluten do you not get a lot of gluten formation you stir in the in the rest of the flower and you're never going to toughen up I've never had them toughen up on me anyway tips about wheat germ since we racing PS2 long thing on wheat germ during the break at the extended even longer and have even more discussion with manager that's as good a little I'm so you take your buckwheat you make a buckwheat tea similar to you know how do you like sober or not

unused kind of Buckley just like a buckwheat tea then straighten it with lime and just a hint of salt and that makes a delicious soda unusual like it a lot but back to the wheat germ for one second wheat germ because it has a fat in it you want a store that sucker in the fridge you want to store your wheat germ in the fridge you don't want to let it stay on the pantry because it'll go rancid rancid gray band

natural rancidity like many nuts will go rancid I don't really know how fast pine nuts go rancid but I know there are fine as they come out of the bag Brands I don't like certain walnuts go rancid really quickly you like a rancid not as much as I hate the rancid nut told Mark that the pest out she had a rancid meter she was like rancid sensitive and that the pesto was definitely rancid and I was like

nothing else but has what is it is straight olive oil to olive oil butter mix pine nuts basil garlic so the oil can go rancid but I think you've noticed that and then may I get to stay right if we try this planet that mean there are those weird you know I remember Nick Wong got one of those weird pine nuts once it like took him out for like a month yeah I never really understood what that was the crazy Pine that but yeah he got a crazy find that it took him out there's another possibility is it This Woman's bananas no one else had a problem with it pretty much everyone and you tasted it and didn't notice anything off marquesa didn't notice anything off

it could also be something specific in her dish

maybe you and I mean no one else had a problem that they would have pesto here's another thing like when you're making pesto it's not you don't put individual pine nuts over the top right it's all right so like if you had like a couple of rancid pine nuts in there you wouldn't it would totally obliterate the entire back or answer or just off look moldy let that I was talking couple weeks ago about how when I use pistachios at the bar and restaurant I make them I make everyone sort them all because the difference between blending unsorted pistachios from blending sorry pistachios is the difference between something that is not very good in something that's completely incredibly delicious you know what I mean it's possible or this lady could have just did she wish she like otherwise a good customer

yeah did you get her something else else had oh my God I said it's one of the things I'm looking forward to it when we reopen the bar when we open the new bar customer was one of the worst customers I've ever had in my life she won't even let me pour a Drink side for the door to open on the very first day that we were open we didn't do any soft openings we didn't do any friends and family I don't think maybe we had one friends and family I don't know but we had like we open the doors

and you know she was waiting in line and it was angry that you've been waiting in line on the very first they were open and then ordered didn't look at the menu ordered like a like I think sneak Waveland like a vodka soda and I was like yeah I'm happy to make you that it's going to take me like 10 minutes because I have to have to chill the Vodka down I don't have soda I'm not going to pour soda water into vodka vodka over and Ice Cube and that's not going to be the first Drake I'm making it this far that won't happen he's like I'm more than happy to make you exactly what you want but can't take me a little bit of time to add to carbonated as if she was like it is ridiculous to got up and left us like we're being so mean to me is Greystar Greystar I honestly went like when she cuz that you know before that you know I done you know about 10 of an answer or you know, I guess things other people

whatever but yeah that was the first place that I had ever open and I was like this was a mistake I should not have done this you know what I mean like he got better clothes well we can say we lost our we lost our least it wasn't you know again contractually obliged and not talk about it Gordon Road in a long time ago so I'm going to finally get to it I have some questions for the cooking issues folks about methocel meringues I please let me know if there's a better email. Looks like you got to me so metha sell for those of you that are hip to it I'm at the cell is one of the hydro colloids methocel is spell it's not methylcellulose it's methocel spelled with one l c e l m e t h o c e l

the o l a m e t h o d o f l o v e

yo Dave is that is that the Hall and Oates method of Modern Love just needed you google eyes it so is made by Dow dude, you like it's all so it's not actually all methylcellulose hits a taken either be methylcellulose or hydroxypropyl methylcellulose but they are it's a group of hydrocolloid

that's all you can do if you can't give me the m e t h o d a m e t h o d m e t h o d o f l o v e so methylcellulose is one of the very few hydrocolloids in fact is not natural so they take cellulose fibers and modify them and so they're not all natural so some people don't use them for that reason but they have some cool properties one of them in particular is Memphis lf50 is a very good kind of foaming agent another another cool property that they have is it

method of my cool thing they have is that when you heat them they gelso most things when you keep them if they're going to do anything they'll melt and when they cool then if they're going to do anything they gel methocel is the opposite as you heat it it will form a gel but they all have different kind of numbers and and whatnot in the jelly ones like the a series of the S G Series are not the ones you use in a serious when I started singing a song Siri was like something I said to Siri makes her think that I want her to pop up videos I've ever seen any supper I surprised actually on the Gated to say nothing so the one that you use for meringues is one called f50f like Frank 50 +

you know it's a good thing to use if you don't want to use if you want to use a hydrocolloid instead of a protein like versawhip so versawhip is they make a couple different first two episodes like the competitor to 8:50 would be versawhip but the cool thing about the FBS 50 is it if you whip something into a meringue with F50 pipe it you can dehydrate it and form hard meringue right there and play hard is not the right word right it's not super hard but they're crunchy and you can actually make little like macarons. Think about what number times this is back to the question now that I was playing with methyl so is I've heard a tracking number of time about the times about Wylie dufresne's methylcellulose meringues these are made by combining fruit juice or really any liquid and Memphis lf50 ripping into a foam and dehydrating I have been able to find a more detailed recipe for this and why are these wd-50 cookbook is now it shows how long these questions been in the freaking Banks does

but yeah but your website you know that Martin Lawrence puts out I tried making him a couple of times just winging it but it didn't go well I hide right I hydrated the methylcellulose describes the modernist cuisine and then she quit it with a hand mixer and dehydrated and x-caliber it took a very long time whipping to get a decent phone and I never got the dance microphone texture of a good meringue the bubbles in coalesced a lot during dehydration leaving a structure that was not nearly dense almost completely Hollow with very large bubbles can you give a detailed recipe for this or a couple of specific points at what temperature should you use when dehydrating can't remember I think we should do a hundred and thirty-five the issue is if you go to low they take a long time to set if you go to High over the time that they

hydrate they can get a kind of they can go Brown and get kind of brown flavors banned what you're doing the one that I used to do all the time with passion fruit now I'll just grab it in a little bit and whether the easy Whippoorwill be a better option and whipping with a mixer no shame expect dance microlife own texture yes or do these meringues always have a much lower density in a typical more and they do have a low they're very micro the bubbles are very micro but they're still not dance in the fitness center they're not heavy they don't have like a lot of liquid in them something about using metal sell meringues and making a macaron star sandwich cookie with a beef suitable for that or maybe need some tweaking like with more out of solids Gordon okay so we used to actually do just that we would make like a like a like some sort of cream cream filling I forget what flavor we used to do and then we would make like passionfruit F50 meringues you type them into little Half Dome seat set them I need to make a little macarons I'm the problem with there's a couple of problems here

I'll give you some advice and in some problems other than reversal give me some problems and then some advice problems are is that F50 meringues are extremely hygroscopic so they suck moisture out of the air and they go soft and very quickly and since they don't have a lot of Mass to them they get soggy real quick. There's not a lot of stuff that they're they're the cool thing about them is it when they are Krispy krunchy throw in your mouth and as you buy tan and they almost disappear they completely go away they leave almost no residue in your mouth are cool and you can get Punchy flavor when you're when you are making it though remember any time you're making meringue especially that 50 where it's not as you say dance it can be a microphone kind of looking structure but still not very dense when you're doing that you need to really up the flavor on the liquid because it will not have a lot of flavor cuz you're putting a whole boat kind of air into it

but we used to store them in the dehydrator so when you're dehydrating let's hear dehydrating at 1:35 you dehydrate it just to the point where there they start getting hard and their little crisp then immediately turn your dehydrator down to like a hundred so that you don't get them to Brown. To be holding them for a long time cuz you need to hold them in the dehydrator for service alternatively you can put them in mason jars and vacuum pack them so that there's no moisture or keep them with desiccants otherwise there's no way if you're cooking these things in kitchen where it's humid and you leave it out for even like an hour it's going to start getting mushy and then when you serve it it needs to be served right away it's going to be problems you need some way to keep them from syrup for service if you're going to do them so it's hard to do with huge like high kind of like high run items are going to be sending out millions of these over the course of the night but if you're doing a couple and you can keep your dehydrator running or you can keep them stored individually with Jessica Norton vacuole you'll be fine and you can definitely pick this up in between

now as for the thing there's a key to your question that leaves me to think that you're there making some kinds of air one is you said any kind of liquid and it's not the case you can't take straight fruit juice and with it with methylcellulose it just won't ever achieve the kind of texture you're looking for now it is true that for any given product that you're whipping the more at 50 that you add to it the denser the phone will be in the less you add the bigger the bubbles are in the morgue coalescing of the bubbles you're going to get during the dehydration step but the key that most data getting a good result is to not use a juice but to use a puree something that has some pectin some structure something in it something to whip to the F50 is a whipping agents so it can help make bubbles but unless there's a structure there to to hold it once it's whipped up it's not going to it's not going to do anything for you so you know passion fruit puree is great NE

Berry puree strawberry strawberry puree I know it's raspberry puree point being you need some size are some people when they use things that don't have anything would literally throw you know dextrans Malto dextrin all kind of stuff into it just to add bulk so that you can whip it but you and it needs to be juice with some ball you can also take shape her some crazy stuff about Diva like the people in Devo Devo likely though you're going to start tasting the methocel and mustache it right or wrong ain't nobody want to taste in Memphis sell right you don't want to taste you on taste medicine

I don't like the texture why because I don't like the sound of Styrofoam breaking or ice crunching soap yet another one of those crazy things anastacio just does not like also I'm going to end up wanting a second but we have from skunk run on Twitter ask me about Swiss chard and why it tastes dirty and I said I didn't really I don't really get that and then McDonald and who helps that helps me with my with console to a differential equations modeling stuff for low temperature cooking and rather spend all he looked up and eat Swiss chard occasionally has Jaws been in it and Jasmine is the stuff that makes things taste dirty and you might know it best from crappy tilapia and your favorite Stars what beats beats beats on the way I'm sure Dave's going to take a selfie mic for a second I just want to put these ideas in your head for things you should maybe cook over the holidays things that I've cooked forever right but

are necessary standard anymore I'm putting this out there if you were my house for this does Were You There When I did the cranberry pudding so I am a huge fan of old school boiled pudding like British style boiled pudding right and the one that I always used to make growing up news a great holiday it's kind of like it doesn't take any new techniques at it but it's like super impressive is gourmets Best Desserts which came out forget whether he was 8 oz of the 80s cuz my mom started making it when I was in like Junior High gourmet's best resorts and it's a well-known cookbook those to those who know like the Gourmet by the way I never told Michael batterberry about the stress because he used to hate Gourmet but like I love that cookbook gourmet's Best Desserts and used to make a bunch of stuff out of it but they're cranberry pudding recipe Food Network you can find online it's not a direct it's adapted but Food Network online has a version of the recipe but you have to get what's called pudding mold and putting moles or a lot of fun they look like miniature

Bundt they look like miniature Bundt things is mainly being clear skies But Bundt cake pans the bundt pan electric countertop bundt pan in the United States should I buy one yeah there miniature they make half size cakes what do you think about a half size bundt cake that's fine you think I should buy one yeah and test it out you just do but madness put it on the company card Madness by Madness you like once I'm up anyway so the pudding Moulds like he's got them all today Dave Aikido like there's a certain point like I forget when it was but when like all of a sudden you couldn't quote Sir Mix-A-Lot anymore I don't know what it was but I guess but bundts is that a holiday was at it so I don't know but this is a small Bundt so you're saying you wouldn't like it if you're pulling out the Mix-A-Lot I mean so you prefer a big butt and you can't lie about that fact but you will

the great day with skinny blunts you're not saying that you're at you know you're okay with a skinny but absolutely okay so the to go back to it it's like a it's like a mini bundt pan with a lid on it and the lid closed over and you make them in this case you take fresh cranberries you blend them it's got cranberries eggs sugar butter a load of butter and a bunch of breadcrumbs and then the original recipe has all dried spices in it like dried Ginger but you know you can use fresh ginger I do I put a bunch of citrus zest into it and so you take this kind of mixture this agglomeration there's baking powder on her from Internet only nutmeg all that kind of stuff and you put it into the into the putting molding to go into the mold and you click the lid on and you boil it for like 2 hours and all the old recipes for pudding

there's a lot of proteins are made outside of moles in cloths will putting that aren't in a metal mold and so like all of those old recipes have you like water and flour and then tie these like cloth around you're putting all of this stuff so unnecessary nowadays just put a string or something and it so that you can retrieve it and put it on top of a rack and then let you know make sure there's not floating and bobbing about and ignore any of those recipes to tell you you have to like you know make it look like Marley from Scrooge & Marley within his jaw tied up with a crazy Ne-Yo's new Christmas Carol kind of stuff you want this job fell down and freaked out Scrooge anyways forget all of those instruction you cook it for about 2 minutes also the original recipe the bit of a toothache they make a cranberry glaze with juice I recommend making traditional kind of a cranberry sauce just make it a little on the light side so you don't want to set up 100% pull it out let it cool down know if you if you unmold your pudding superhot the great thing is

it's hard for a long long time if you just take out the pudding mold tent it and then let it sit for a million years it'll stay warm for the entire length of dinner but you want to be warm when you take it out but not hot if it's hot in the middle it'll collapse which one

you don't if you don't eat your meat you can't have any pudding how you get HPV if you can have your little kitty really like why don't these kids want to go to school how much a right back there is going to kick us out the air I hate the wall how the hell you going to have your pudding if you don't eat your meat for me as a good question but I hate that out anyway whatever anyway back to the pudding so don't make this the cranberry glaze the way they say it make it more like a traditional cranberry sauce don't let it cool down till it gels that sets keep the cranberry sauce warm to the pectin doesn't fully set up on you then pour that over the top of the pudding after you unmold it

if you celebrate Christmas rip a piece off your Christmas tree spiking on the top and here's the ball earthing warm up if you're going to do fine babe don't forget you got to warm your Cointreau before you claim it or you're not going to flame it aggressively or or right take a a cup measuring cups and I don't bore me with heat with a flame that would be a dumb way to do it hit it like in the new car something like that and then light it and then pour the Flaming Cointreau over the top of the over the top of this cranberry pudding go look it up it's extremely festive in very impressive and yet the same time old school it's so old school there's new school because ain't nobody make that kind of putting any more anyway if you try it let me know cooking issues

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