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Episode 313: Duck Minus

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Dave annable I think that's confidential I really don't know was our special guest at the de Paul Adams who is the editor and what's your title over there I can never get you know I hate titles yes it's more difficult because my title is different every day today I am Senior research editor at Cooks Illustrated exactly exactly what they they are two separate names are they not I mean know where it's like there's this one to one idea with mostly the print magazine Cook's Illustrated I thought you were on their website

well you're not here to talk about that although I have to say Cook's Illustrated when it came out in 1993 I believe was the first year you don't have that I was I had all the initial first one I know there's money really I also have them bound I have the only ones that like 10 bucks round for the whole the whole years were no instead of a percentage to Heritage Radio network is here to promote his new cat I have a brand new kitten she is adorable her name is the bat because she resembles a bath and you can see her at my Twitter account which is salad, so do you want to hear a story about that yes so I can't I can't tell the story it's not that I can't tell the story is that I should not tell the story is it no other one of my favorite story about bats know I'll say this if you

date night this is not about me this is not one of those things where I'm not talking about myself because I like to myself right at night you should find a bat swimming about in your toilet like what not to do is just pee on the back close the toilet seat and then go to bed

I'm not going to say because the next day right if you haven't like if you haven't like maintained as if that's going to drown if you close the lid this is just an FYI but you then have to finish the bat out and I have to test it for rabies because you haven't like what's the word I'm looking for you haven't fully accounted for all the time the bat was in the house and you know some Bat Bites you can't tell if you're bitten by the bat because you can't tell so you might have to fish the bat out of the toilet after you peed on it so the first fish it out and then pick the correct answers first issued out first fishing down and then rabies can't swim up the urine stream no no the only problem might be if you don't poop on the back because then I can bite you in the behind without it

another question is that maybe it was flying around the house prior to this because it ended up in your toilet so it was clearly in your house without your knowledge because it ended up in your toilet how did it get in your toilet in the middle of the night you know what I'm saying so you were at some point sleeping with a bat that you went to bed and presumably there was no bat in your toilet you wake up you go if you are bitten in the meantime you know you weren't so the moral of the story is fish the Bat Out prior to paint or maybe test yourself for Bat Bites at that second I don't know I don't know I wasn't there for it and that's a question that I never asked so I don't know, I will ask I will ask when I when I next see the person who who in their name again was that that that is a confidential part because I don't know if they wish me to share the story of I have so many people that I see it's all over Thanksgiving and then the

I think I just went to two days ago but I thought I was going to get my Christmas tree on Sunday and then I realized I so I've spent you know my elementary school years in New Jersey most of it in New Jersey in place called Bergen County Bergen County is right across the river from the George Washington Bridge from Upper Manhattan right and so in the 70s they had these things called blue laws where none of the stores were open on Sunday you couldn't buy anything other than food basically Foods on on Wesley Willis songs it said don't and don't ask me for for sugar honey iced tea is one of his songs and don't ask me to pay for your Foods anyway so like Dax can I stupidly put the axon to Wesley Willis and now he whenever he's in the car alone with me he just plays Wesley Willis songs constantly over there over the radio which just shows what a bad parent I am today like it's an appropriate whatever that's not the point

the point is I am I going to get my Christmas tree because obviously these blue laws have been repealed cinccino 1970 Hino 8 nope nope they're still there if you go to Mitsuwa Market which is the amazing Japanese Market in Edgewater New Jersey did you go on a Sunday the appliance aisle is barricaded because you can shop in the market but you can't shop the appliance aisle which makes a lot of sense because the internet closed on Sundays so yeah yeah yeah everybody's closed on Sundays then it just gives everyone a day off and we're not in this kind of mutually assured destruction route me to start with no blue laws like you shouldn't be shopping on the Lord's day you and I mean but at this point you know they should switch it to Saturday anyway and then you don't look like it's like none of it makes any sense anymore yet the internet is competition you can go to malls used also be Bergen County what's the county of malls like Paramus was where all the malls were you know you're like I'm going to drive a whole County away just to go shopping

New Jersey counties are not like you know big state counties New Jersey counties are like the size of this table so anyway interesting fact that the blue laws are still there

you're not to give you a blue something else I'll have a blue Christmas without you from A Year Without a Santa Claus are you cuz I watch that last night I don't watch Rudolph yet to understand if you watch how many times you watch it I think someone needs to take a picture in the stassi is wearing the Christmas hat that I want to be the prize for some of our contacts if one of them is that what I'm sure one of our Intrepid in a listeners if we take a picture of your Christmas. So how was your bird Nastasia always into the brutal honesty honesty

Prince and they were the people I did three turkeys how many people what's 18 + 8

twenty-six twenty-six twenty-six people I didn't I did three turkeys excessive but I happen to be in the small correct smart percentage of the people who think that turkey is a delicious bird and delicious meat and you can't have too much turkey you're the one Psychotherapy no flavor we talked about this before Thanksgiving or it's good but the turkeys are stupid go hunt turkeys and tell me turkeys are stupid why is it so hard to get a turkey if they're so damn stupid turkey turkey's Rite unlike you know dumb chicken which I love right turkeys like sleep on the tops of trees come down and eat and go back up that's so baller turkeys at giant bird goes up and sleeps in the top of a tree think about that

and the you know what turkeys are a delicious and they smell delicious and people should eat more that's why I try to tell Patrick before is that he needs to tell people that turkey is not just for Thanksgiving although he's like it's one of the only seasonal meat since turkeys and they only have sex one time ago be seen around Thanksgiving sound like that's one like my normal voices where they sound nothing like the person that sounds kind of what is actually not even my invitation to Patrick Martin's if Peter Kim from The Museum of food and drinks imitation of toast of the main course that's his more measured tones I am Patrick Martin's turkeys and it was not excessive I didn't actually have that many leftovers but

I did too I did a completely boned out in chicken fried right so for that one you completely blowing them out do you chop up the bones roast them and do a double stock in the pressure cooker which means that you know while you guys are sitting there using your canned chicken broth and you're freaking pan drippings to make gravy me when I have like in 10 cups of a very rich double stock to turn into a gravy so all I need to do is you know thicken it and add some freaking Sherry that's all I have to do to get a nice kind of a gravy right unlike you Trump's appointed you too and the other one was your turkey

I'm not a connoisseur of turkey my parents make the turkey okay and it always tastes just find me like a Thanksgiving turkey and one then a few days later I get the feedback from my parents that was not a very good turkey was at fault for the companionship ratio of meat to gravy

when I'm eating it when you're I don't put gravy on the meat I put gravy on the stuffing and on the potatoes because I tried it not over cook the meat to the point that I need to put gravy on it to eat it

so desert better with gravy no matter what degree is cooked without I like it built by what about what about what about gravy on your potatoes

I like gravy on the turkey meat I don't I don't I don't like I don't put sausages typically unless it's a braised you know on my Meats on my roasted Meats I don't put sauces typically is why I like I favor styles of BBQ where the meat taste good on its own as opposed to and I'm not a huge fan of this why I am mad at me is cuz I can know I am like Can I taste the meat before you slather it with vinegar and tomato products you know what I mean kind of taste it before you slather it with sugar tomato taste good like I think barbecue sauce taste great on French fries you know what I mean or maybe in a little bit on the meet but do you like a big fan of that stuff to know so I the trick with the with the breaking the turkey part is cutting the pieces into individual size pieces into the size pieces that they would be word of chicken and the other thing it's a pain in the butt

just a couple years ago but I didn't say it this year is that when I was a kid you could buy turkeys and stassi won't remember this I don't think it probably remember this you could buy turkeys where they had taken the tendons out of the legs so you used to be able to buy unless this is some sort of dream I've had to spend reham printed on my Patty they used to make a machine where butchers could go pop out ripped attendance out of the leg and still have the leg there which is why I detest that the I detest the Disney World Turkey Leg they said that they sell you a not because the turkey leg taste bad me and it's me know what I think it's just a smoke kind of overly driving cuz they don't remove the tendon until you have that stick with all those freaking tendon sticking out of it cuz it's there tendons in the in the legs that are the unpleasant part of dealing with turkey what happened to the D ten denies our machine I don't know it was not a dream it was real sorry Mastiff

so nicely like a beef tendon does as you cut the especially the leg parts Part make sure that you cook the legs separately in a bag I cook them in a in a I cook them in a milk Bryan I do the low temp cooking in a milk Bryan I take it a couple of degrees higher than I would do for myself just so that everyone super happy like I do like a 67 and 265 for the white anyway she cooked the lake separately pull them out let them flash off and cool and then rip the tendons out before you read them don't try to remove the tendons from the legs prior to cooking them because they're lies anger I mean more anger and more and more angry

I have a policy with Thanksgiving and any large event where you're going to let people bring food of a no oven policy a no oven so do you like my oven is entirely for the guess because guess guess in fact I bought a separate oven just so that guests could use Anna had a toaster oven it's like I want to use as little of my equipment when people are in my house as is humanly possible because everybody is like well I'm sure I can just throw in these rolls at 400° for 20 minutes right before we eat right about the my mother my mother-in-law brought the rules and she doesn't do that she brings them all done in nice and stuff like this hour and a half to two hours for months or I wish I had that in my dream is someone who makes and by the way I mentioned before on the radio Louis Armstrong my wife but at the farm she used to work at had a project at Louis Armstrong's house in Queens and

they're looking at it because they were there I guess preserving it I don't know whether to museum but the house is preserved Louis Armstrong's house in Queens is preserved yes and his dishwasher this was their Christmas card 1-year his dishwasher had a button member old dishwashers used to have buttons on them like similar to an osterizer blender still has to this day those little click buttons and one was party

and so they just took a picture of his dishwasher control panel and then they're like and then the title was set the party and that was their Christmas invitation to they are check if I'm at work now

so the reason why you know a home dishwashers don't work quickly is because they want to a save energy and be they want to be quiet and see they don't want to be too rough on your dishes right he's so commercial dishwashers a take a lot of energy and BR relatively rough on your dishes right and there are ya in a rough sea is there up yet and so but the only real difference you can take you no pick your quiet dishwasher a choice Posh whatever and all you know so you need to do but I hope I could do this cuz they make it is put a boiler unit in it right and then say you know what I want this sucker to run like a commercial dishwasher for the next you Note 3 hours heat up that boiler and the other probably commercial dishwashers is they don't automatically get rid of all of the gunk you have to like drain it went to put solids and so that's why you have to pre rent better

for those things but you could you could have a home dishwasher that runs like a commercial during a party and be doing like minute Cycles in a minute and a half Cycles where they're coming out blazing hot and going bang-bang-bang are we so amazing when you love that Paul where the party button I was a party but get well yeah you wouldn't call it set to commercial because that doesn't sound fun at the party and then you know in party mode the boiler comes on if you know any of your energy use goes way up as loud as all get-out but who cares because you're at a party you and I'm saying yes in the car Tuesday in Moncks over and like you know everyone has a vow of freaking silence and you're interrupting it with your dishwasher you know sometimes I do

you want to drink and they're like they don't answer I forget you only drink like two days a year when your toasting you know like like Good Friday or whatever yes but they're not heavy drinker so even though they make the structures

I do know that they only have a good time. They used to used to make iron they were iron workers and then when the iron ran out they were like that we could make booze all they didn't say that cuz I don't talk I don't think they have telepathy but if they did they would use that accent for their telepathy whatever the French version of that accent is for their telepathy it's a weird thing those guys cuz they make a high really high quality product but they really don't care about it in the way that you and I care about products you know what I mean they care if they're doing a good job because it's through work that they become closer one of the ways I can come closer to God is through work right but like the Mennonites like the Martinez Brothers pretzels with her some of my favorite pretzels on earth right but they don't care whether you like it or not doesn't factor into the equation

do they get married know they're monks and we got a monk on the show no I mean I can sit there have the best like the carthusians have the nicest will Habits Like so nicely made the will have its poop apparently when you join the carthusians you have to choose what you're going to go the the father route or the brother route and I have different kind of jobs what are the jobs well once I guess more of a Priestly route and the other one's more of a monkey mount route anyway like one's more working and the other one is more sit around and contemplate

what year was you and I sitting around contemplating please poke my eyes out some sort of Zen person you know what I mean like like I can do you know how some people are like ozen you know it's like when you're working it's like sent well I don't know if that way maybe I could do that but just like sitting and like contemplating what are you going to do when you become leather man he walks and contemplates her like my worst nightmare is going to the beach right cuz unless I'm searching for clams love that phone call hogging at the beach awesome too bright to freaking bright why would I do that I will go inside and read or ground go to the woods and read or you but I don't like this and touch with him and my point is is that like and plus when you have kids nastassia you're supposed to watch the kids so I'm literally pretending I'm dead at the beach

watching the kids to make sure they don't drown and mean like why why am I here I'm not I'm not Gathering food I'm not cooking food I don't have a margarita in my hand and I'm not reading right being in the sea yes I like being in the C that's why I go to the gas I like being and see you could buy that cooler with a margarita maker on it

my wife is not so much on you watching the kids at the beach while I'm pounding Margaritas it's not considered you know it's not considered other leader we all know that's that bad

hello how are you doing well yourself

you're welcome so I have a quick question I bought one of the instant pot electronic pressure cookers and I got one of the ones with the yogurt buttons and a lot of people seem to like to do it without doing the usual 180 degree boil step of cooking if they use the Fairlife hyper pasteurized milk and lactose-free and I always thought that was what the bacteria was eating in order to make yogurt questions about this I don't know Fairlife I bring my milk to about 165 and it's all about texture

what happens if I don't do that it's a much thinner run your yogurt which I don't enjoy and is it also presumably right he has a couple of things one you're killing off anything that was there that's not what you want right that's one presumably and if you're pitching in a culture right then you can probably fairly easily swamp anything that is already in there right because it's not there that long until those things are going to be even if you heat it right the odds that you get zero other stuff in Arlo And so really with yogurt you're you're counting on competition to win and the drop in PH to also ward off any nasties that might be present in fact like in the old days prior to milk was pasteurized it's it's inherent beasties were enough to drop the pH like old soured clabbered milk does not taste anything like modern pasteurized milk that's gone bad in your fridge it's an entirely different set of microbes

hey so there's that and then the other thing is polishing with texture is as you heat it you will be denaturing some of the proteins and therefore altering how they agglomerating that must be what you're getting on that actually have you done any research on a pole

I haven't done research I've done experimentation at 165-170 175 + 180 because I make a lot of yogurt at home and 165 gives me the thickest tangiest yogurt 180 gives us a thinner blander yogurt and what about this whole thing about they used to having the the bacteria having having enough to eat if there's if the lactose has been removed I've no idea I've never tried making yogurt with lactose-free milk it sounds like it would work sounds like we have a thing that works right so then there's obviously other stuff in there that they can eat

you know what I mean

it definitely sucks up nicer and it sets up fine and I don't even need to strain it in order to make a pretty thick yogurt but I was just curious because again I always thought that it was eating the lactose maybe it likes it that it's already broken down I don't know

I haven't even looked at so what they're doing is there pre out in the enzyme to break it down right that's what they do to lactose yeah so you know they probably don't get that much energy from breaking that it's more of the actual you know it probably doesn't take that much energy to break down lactose when lactose is you remember it like this is probably what the heck is a disaccharide right I don't remember what that too is a disaccharide right lactose and I don't know what the two monosaccharides are there has been a lot of so in other words that's typically not that much energy right so yeah if the constituent monosaccharides are still in there then I'm sure it's all copacetic for the for the bacteria

show pictures of small children look at the pH drops I would say if you were willing to you're willing to you no drink it prior and you know the pH drop happens probably relatively quickly at those temperatures like how long is your incubation. Before it starts getting Tangy

I like it to let it run cuz I really liked any so I usually let it run 12 hours so I don't know when it gets to me

are you 24 hours

8 hours I mean you'll you buy commercial yogurt machines and they have an 8-hour cycle and it comes out Tangy right so so there you have it so like it's probably dropped a pH of probably dropping low enough to start inhibiting some of these off things relatively early like in the range of a couple of hours instead of in the range of like 24 hours so mean I you know the thing is as a nod of microbiologist I can't like give you a specific recommendation but I can say I would serve it to my kids

and let us know if you have any experiments whatever shoot me a tweet over the cookies let me know how it works out

Michael thank you instapot since my mom does not live by I can't people love in the instapot I got it we had to call her I think 2 weeks ago who was gave me the very good tip that you can because the instapot inserts are stainless steel you can put them on a burner and therefore you can Brown and even though they're woefully underpowered for Browning woefully underpowered are you just add to your sister by an instapot nastassia that the check this out I forgot to write down who it was but one of the people on Instagram I should have written down who was sent me like the greatest Emoji of all time it's the poop emoji and the plate with the fork Emoji so what's it what's that the emoji for dump meals it's a greatest duel Emoji ever are you give me the give me the address cuz you're a dump meal fan Dave I never said that

excuse you you're the one that doesn't Brown your meat before you throw them into your slow cooker slow cooking with pressure cooking we do brown the meat known I shall I don't know I don't know how to do that but I can in a Paul knows how to do that stuff back on the whole bird that I did for service for preserving I did very very traditionally so back to my I'm I know of in policy right so I'm not going to use the oven this way everyone else can use the oven I don't have to worry about it so to get around this I have an outdoor fryer right I think everyone should have an outdoor fryer Wylie Dufresne my brother-in-law he has the Cajun fryer he's actually really likes it a lot and the nice thing about that friar is that it has a lid that meant to go over so you don't have to use them for aftermarket lid and it's meant to get rain hitting it directly where is mine is not so mine I have to cover and make sure the train doesn't get on it because I have a regular or stainless commercial fryer that I have outside

then I converted to propane okay so a couple of tips one if you live in cold weather and this is by the way not just for Thanksgiving this is any sort of outdoor cooking in cold weather if you're going to do outdoor cooking cold weather with a piece of equipment like a wok burner with a piece of equipment like a deep fryer that is propane that can't be fired off of wood right Sauvignon normally outside when cold if I'm going to grill a grill with wood and so you don't have to worry about it but propane especially if you're using a small 20 lb tanks if you actually almost ruined Thanksgiving with this once if you use those in extremely cold the cylinders can no longer supply high BTUs right because at those at those low temperatures outside there's not enough vapor pressure to push on a propane through your lines and through the orifice that's in you know in the in the burners to get to get a good result so years and years ago like you know 1516

years ago you know my mom had a fryer and it was below freezing outside when I was cooking the turkey and it wouldn't light and so I had 2 overdrill the orifice I'd literally went to the garage and overdrill the orifice said I can get enough propane out of the tank to cook the turkey that turkey tasted good but some of the oil flu up with just know your second if I didn't dry out the inside of the burden of and the problem with what they sell is turkey fryers in the in the in the big vertical pop is 6 gallon pots at they have by Sufjan pods is it when you lower the turkey in if it's not dry you have water on the inside forming like a tunnel like almost like a cannon and it can fire oil straight up and it what you did and it gotten killed the grass in an area and my stepfather you know with this please add with the with that anyways so what's the solution to this the solution is you go on Amazon or whatever may I hate Amazon we can talk about them but you know they are

our only source of income so I shouldn't say on the air that I hate them but I'll owe them with an intense passion

Saturday and spends all her on Amazon right now literally like every nickel that Booker and Dax makes really comes from and yet still they burning white passion of hatred has Booker would say you know because of what they sow

go on Amazon and get a pail warmer pale warmer make sure as in not as in you know I am pale like a pale that will hold liquids get you a 110-volt pale warmer with a thermostat on it and he's wrap that around your propane tank and you're good to go and you don't turn it to high lowest setting and then it will just keep your propane tank at the right temperature in this is how I know that no matter what the weather is like if I want to deep fry I can go outside and deep-fry so if you're going to get an outdoor deep fryer you live in cold weather climates the first trick is to get at one of those pale warmers it's what we use when we were trying to also if let's say you're going to run a puffin gun let's say you're going to run a public so my deep fryers 90,000 BTUs just to give you an idea so I can suck and even though it's below freezing outside I can suck 90,000 BTUs out of where the propane out of my Pro 20 pound propane tank no problem that's the second

about right to let's say you're let's say you have a puffin gun right Puffin gun is more on the order of two hundred thousand BTUs and how you can't ever suck 200000 BTUs out of a out of a regular propane tank is not designed for it you're supposed to pull it out of a hundred pound tank so what are you doing what happens when you when you take off too much propane out of a tank at once it just cools off radically curly evaporative cooling off all of the surface of the liquid propane as it evaporates and it cools the whole tank down and eventually you get down to a temperature where it doesn't deliver propane more so any of you that has sat there and I don't know I turned on the searzall and suddenly gotten tetanus and not been able to release a series of laws for five minutes you'll notice that the tank it's really cold in the Sears all stop delivering propane tank stop living propane to the Sears off so we were firing the Puffin gun no matter what the weather is outside even in the summer we have to use Kale heaters to keep it going

anyways that's one tip second tip is if you get a horizontal fryer they are very good for turkey so what I did there as I just I did a smaller turkey so on the order to 15 pounds salted it very old skools salted it didn't bother phoning it or anything like that and just are dried it in they know lifted off of rack people make a mistake when they are dry they worry about breast up or breast down just put it on two racks so that it's suspended well above the pan right get the get the wings way the hell away from the the and legs way the hell away from the animal so that it's like you know it's basically like it's going to give you a hug and said how can you say I'm dead I'm dead how come you don't like that like that's what you wanted to look like right cuz I was busy cooking this. She doesn't even look like I was cooking by myself that's life you know you cook before hanging trip

it gets dark at 4:30 hear you wanted me to tell you what time did you eat this year exactly like what do you want to eat we want to eat at 7 so 87 like okay but people don't believe you when you're doing this I'm like this or like the turkey is raw and then when you're frying the way I fry is done 20 minutes later so like you know 40 minutes before dinner the turkey is still raw like drying out and people are like he's not going to get this dinner done in time until they go start doing other stuff and then me while I put the turkey on the table I'm like it's freaking ready right because the technique is you fried a turkey as I'm about to tell you to do next and then you do the chicken fry after right so you're outside you do your reading outside and by the way I hooked up my pressure pressure washer I finally put hot and cold running water on the outside of my house I drilled a hole through my kitchen wall and installed like anti frost siphon proof like regular like garden hose faucets through underneath it my kitchen sink tap into the lines there and have hot and cold running water outside

but you just attach with a hose to Lykens Ikea dislike you know really cheap Ikea kitchen outside so I get all my breading outside and then afterwards the next day cuz I didn't want to clean it right but it's not in your house who cares so I left it out there and I took my pressure washer out there and hook it up to the hot water not to hot people who not to hot or that happened in and then I just pressure washed everything it was so liberating to pressure wash all of the sheet trays with all of that freaking fry goop all over them anyways so you of already low temp to all the meat for the for the ones that are turkey fries and a small anyway so they don't take a long time to heat through so you just double basket back back zero to three turkeys like and as far as the other people think it's magic that I told him it's all there you know what I mean anyways so the nice thing about horizontal frying is that you can put the legs Inn

so you can you can put the back side down in and tip it up so that you have the legs more in the fry oil then you have the breast and you can just Let It Rock there and easy to manipulate because you can shove spoons and tongs into what would have been the butt of the turkey you know what I mean and flip it around without doing too much damage it's easy and if you need to you can almost pinion from two sides and flip it so you're not like drawing up the skin and you can manipulate a turkey a couple of times to make sure that it is your that's good because you manipulated a couple times you can make sure the skin gets crispy everywhere and you can make sure it Browns everywhere but you can also take you know I don't use thermometers when I'm cooking this kind of stuff I just use a cake tester right because that's the way I was trying to do it so you get a cake tester and you shoved the cake tester into the thickest part you sit there you sit there you sit there you sit there you sit there okay now you pull it out and you put it against you live if you do it too fast with no way to know you have to let the

cake tester equilibrate with the meat that's there then you pull it out and touch it right under your under you know I'm point where my boy what it is. I'm enough than you like a great I love them but really why don't you have cake testers when we think about that when we take a quick break

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spelled spelt told you I'd Roblox

Texas where does that come from

what's to like or not like if someone's hair who cares do you like me like like has no meaning to me do what I have dreadlocks know I might hairs to straight I cannot road trip why what the hell is wrong what do you mean you're dirty will someone please like right in on the beach at boarding-school nastase on how dreadlocks work anyway so I'll let you answer some questions that were written in dreadlocks because they invoke fear in

non mirror so they're working in a booth and hopefully everyone's favorite punching bag Peter can Peter come now being played by Paul I just can't do it in person though I got into you guys a few years back and downloaded the entire back catalogue and listen to during a 19-day volunteer Mission helping world how farmers in Madagascar wow I can't believe we've been listened to on the island of Madagascar it's one of the places I really want to visit you two you've been there but I haven't been challenged go for the vanilla and the Lemurs both yeah I want to make a vanilla

Sirhan Sirhan like you would a sponge just

put it in you know how I wash my jeans with so I'm a cook for the now Amazon own Supermarket that everyone loves to hate that would be a Whole Foods we had a special request for a goose this weekend that is to be cooked chilled and given to a customer to be customer to be reheated at home while I've cooked plenty of poultry in my career I've only roasted one goose and found it to be relatively tough and dry I'm contemplating brining it and also using the Chinese prick skin and Plunge in boiling water to render fat before roasting it circulator at home I don't have one at work I do have convection oven steamer is an alto shaam and deep fryers at my disposal nice if they're so Whole Foods has deep fryers huh

if there's a can't miss method involving brining bringing my circulator from home I'm willing to do so but keep in mind I don't have a chamber sealer only FoodSaver or Zippy's I'm working day shift tomorrow so I can't call him but would love to get any advice you can share to help me provide my guest with a quality product including suggestions on techniques for reheat with common appliances at the gas would have it there disposable disposal thanks in advance Jonathan shove it in the disposal so I also have only cooked Goose a couple of times and it's been probably 20 years since I've cooked goose and I was not super jacked about it at the time it seemed like

a it seems like kind of a fatty or less meaty more pain in the butt duck to me like it was kind of like Duck - but that was a long time ago I think Goose deserves more I've had delicious comfy Goose not that I've cooked but that other people have cooked for me but I have not had a roasted like Christmas style Goose Inn in I haven't cooked one in twenty years but I don't think I've had one in probably 15 years Nils Sonos noren is being Swedish like you know cooking Goose for him is like you know waking up in the morning but you know Paul are you a goose cooker know I've never cooked a goose I've had extremely good roast Goose at the home of Chinese American family and I've had really good smoked goose breast so the problem with the reason that goose is difficult is that it's it's difficult in

the other reason I don't cook it is it's a lot more expensive than duct and so if I'm going to have a better if the duck is going to do me more proud than the goose then why would I pay more for something I like less it's been my mentality but I think my mentality is wrong and I need to revisit it because obviously if Goose was the festive bird for you know hundreds of years and places like you know England and It's gotta be it's got to have Merit write the roast Goose I had was more flavorful than an average roast duck goose and so I did some I did some research and problem is the kind of whole roasting of it you're not going to get you're not going to go

the legs and the breast to be in a position the way that you would want it if you're the kind of person who likes a medium rare breast and a soft blanket just won't happen like the either you'll have the breast meat the way you want it or you'll have the leg meat the way you wanted but you're not going to get both at the same time using normal techniques I looked up like some ways that people get around that the toughness 1 a hunters and this will also saw some of your skin rendering problems you mentioned the Chinese technique of freaking it but there are Hunters out there who do full Jack hard so they're Jack Harding the meat prior know that unfortunately will shred the skin which I don't think is what what you want but it's interesting that people are using some people like joke At Doe Run Over the goose with the with their with their four by fours Hunters you know any more run over the goose with their four by fours as a tenderizing so you might you might help make the leg meat less Pro

Automatic by the good old-fashioned technique of beating the ever-loving snot out of it Brian and also helps Hank Shaw who has a whole bunch of stuff on cooking hunted meets his favorite technique which is not necessarily going to be what you want and heating it's his favorite bird right is he will brine that Brian heck out of it for a long time right to kind of protected by the way okay and then he will roast it and then okay so if you're free give me the repressed doc right Paul press duck situation you you park a different technique that you've you partially roasted bird pull it off slice off the breast and then you re you can roast the rest of it to what you want so that's what he does he roasts he roasts the birds at a regular thing you know renders out that the fat on the skin area which you could probably accelerate by pricking it and doing the hot water like taking duck style stuff right you could do all of that inflate it all that stuff of work but then he slices the breast off

Nebraska is done and then throws the acute it warm and then throws the rest of the meat back in on the carcass until the legs are the way you want then pulls it out then put the stuff back so if your customer is willing to not have 100% presentation mode you can cook it slice that stuff up and relay it back on but even if you meet meat glue it back on which to make glue will hold by the way like if you are chilling it and then like once it gets down to you know it's just getting cool enough you layer the breast back on top it will reglue but you're never going to get it looking like a goose it hasn't been cut into this is not going to happen you know what I mean but yes but if you do do that if you have that blue goose look as false as then that's that's pretty easy to read them just make sure the cavity is completely empty and throw it in a hot a very hot oven and just let it you know warm through like this and you won't get much over cook

because you've already cooked it all up so just let you know come up to room temp you know for a little while throwing the super hot oven and boom you should be able to reformat no problem and it'll re crisp the skin but it's never going to look like you know like it would otherwise now you're going to bring the bird in for landing I was going to say like if you wanted to get super complicated you could you could Inside Out rip out the legs and and me and then comfy them without their skin and then kill them stuff them back into the raw skin then roast the whole bird off focusing on just the breast and game the skin Crist up like almost treated as a robbery with the legs back in and then you'd have comfy Goose leg and Brett the Pats a huge pain in the butt to go through for a customer who you can't even trust is going to be you know a friend of equality and not ruin it on the on the pickup you know what I mean to say Asia

yes yes no it doesn't even require circulator right because you're doing basically traditional techniques one last name because day is going to kick me off the off the air here remember that I I don't know this for a fact but my guess is is that long time low temperature cooking on a goose breast is going to do a very similar thing that does it does to a duck breast which is it makes the texture mushy / grainy and can create liver flavors in it which is dependent so some duck breast will get Livery and some duck breast won't on online cooking but this is why I typically when I'm doing low temperature on duck breast I like to keep the cook time down to about an hour or less and so roughly 57 is what I typically do a duck breast at chill it and then do that the panning of the skin to put it up so my guess is that goose meat will probably have similar if not worse problems with going a livery and be getting real

text your loss on very long temperature cooked so just bear that in mind if you're going to do long term low temperature either next week or the week after Johnny hunter from underground Meats is going to come in so please send your questions our way and we'll try to tweet out beforehand weather going to be next week or the week after but definitely before the New Year Johnny hunter from Wisconsin from madtown going to come on and we'll do a cured meats question you got the Paul here is pushing his new kitten to get she want to eat at new kitten you know go to his website which is I don't have a website for what is it where they going to go salad, salad Puma salad Puma updated but I will post a kitten photo

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