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Episode 312: Infinite Pounds of Butter

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every Tuesday from 12 to 12:45. We got Dave in the booth different Matthew Matt Matt what are you do for what do you do for a living in the booth over there I just watched Dave move knobs yeah specific hey by the way this is the last show before Thanksgiving so calling your last minutes although it's Tuesday if you haven't planned your Thanksgiving I'm not going to say that you're hosed but pretty much your hole in your Thanksgiving or other related questions to 718-497-2128 at 718-497-2128

since this week is Thanksgiving what does that mean for next week nastasi do you know

it means we will be knee-deep in Christmas music. And I go because I'm surprised which is one of the great hats of all times have you gave you seen of course you seen assassin's Christmas made it every year with the same sort of expectation that other people wait for the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree well I'm going to I'm going to light it up this year I'm going to guess the lights that would be battery if she never does she spends too much time on the wine Santa's by the way you've seen it as a Christmas tree lights but they're not a little balls it's got little things coming off of it and it's like pointed and tall and in year after year it manages to never looked crestfallen like that like hemlock trees

what's his name my Socrates that's a small plant three poisons cell phone allowed in Boise with hemlock trees they they ate the tip of them goes over to one side that's one of the ways you know a date at hemlock tree not like I'm some sort of regular pine tree and be that's how you can tell the direction of prevailing wind usually because that's how they that's how they go over but always erect some sort of spruce or fir or you know is the word I'm looking forward to that I'm looking forward to obviously Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer our favorite our favorite yet although I played the name is R Lee Ermey know the guy from Full Metal Jacket so I played the version of his voice over top of the lead elf screaming at her me in two and you know what my Jen was not amused

because she thought it was inappropriate language for a 12 year old to hear but I mean Alexa, but you know that they have a difficult time that used to be that like it was super easy for them to find drill instructors a lot of people wanted to be depends on which branch of the service you're in whether it's a drill instructor drill sergeant drill yeah but yeah apparently like the rules now because you're not allowed to personally insult people to the extent that you used to it harder and harder to find people could everyone wants to basically scream maggot at people all the time you know what I mean anyway aside anyone who anyone who is currently in the service and is on the chat Noir if you recently Yahweh in on waiting on new school vs old school drill instructing there's no way it's kind of like a little bit about the kitchen the way a lot of kitchens kind of run this way

I think I'm necessarily because it's not the military and you know if you don't have enough stick on the person next to you whether you load them as a human being right in the military if account on them with your life like all the time you know what I mean and kitchen this more like it's important that you not mess up the food you know what I'm saying I mean obviously II bass I based my professional life on trying to not mess up the food I'm trying to be a personal quality but it's not the same I mean let's be a little bit let's get a little cold but I mean what I'm saying is let's get a little bit of perspective on on it you know what I mean can we talk about that since I was there going to be an Amazon tune hello there supposed to be there already nastase and I afford them by Black Friday summer going to be there by bus that's a lie I am hoping we're hoping for Cyber Monday which is what a load of horse crap Daddy

right Cyber Monday

are they special listen listen people listen to all ready have it first of all we have one at what we have a listener who said I bought one but I didn't tell my significant other and she already is like why you have this searzall thing and now and it'll yes it is a man yes has a spinzall wants to know what he can making it to please the significant other such that they will not think that it is that it is a ridiculous purchase cuz I was like I don't know what do they like you know what I mean unless you really clarify juice doesn't make a lot of butter for them cuz that's cool make labneh guess your favorite I think it's one of our former Canadian when were they made you guys have recipes out there to convince the significant other know how they're using it and if they're using it for Thanksgiving purposes

what's up with Thanksgiving we're hoping to get likes to impact Nastasia wants to have a contest we got to see what we're going to give people but a contest for you know cool uses of the spins all other than the stuff that we've already done so look for an email today going to do like t-shirts cocktail cubes what

I know we could get a cocktail you don't like the T-shirt so you a bunch of those laying around as a prize that doesn't involve traveling across the nation to give David personal phone call with no one wants a personal phone calls me no one wants first time they go I'm either like I'm either just trying to get off the phone or you know

I don't like I'm not going to stress you scream at each other on the phone everyday one of us is had has had a bad time and so like we will we we can't allow the other person to just go along with it we have to be a phone's exact said hey Dad you going to get to any food things this week in that in the grocery store right and I was watching this kind of you know twenty-something Millennial person like her face like connected to her phone as she was checking out at the grocery store such that the cashier who also is usually faced even a phone while she's doing her job is like shoving the receipt like in to this lady's I and I was like I was like you know

if I lived in if it if I pull this kind of garbage of not knowing what's going on around me in New York City in the 80s like like I would have been naked I would have I would have looked like where's my pants they've been stolen along with my you know oh my God like if I owned a car I'd look over in like all the wheels would be gone and if the thief was nice and be on cinder blocks usually not you know what I mean like if it helps them get the rims off and not going to bother with the blocks and I was like like like you would have been like that's it you would have been toast like this whole New York City Millennial phone self-absorbed think would not have been possible back in the days before it was ridiculously safe here in the city you know what I mean you're so presuming that only Millennials get lost in their phones which is definitely not true that's true but I mean

as someone who used to walk around the streets having to like you always had to look over your shoulder or you had your bag and certainly on guard I see people now with crap hanging out of their pockets at dollar bills and it's like eating one way it make thank goodness the city of safe like that but on the other hand I mean gracious like what like when people travel to we just get do we just get like obliterator and other countries that aren't safe because we just don't pay attention to the world around us or do we suddenly get our kind of animal Instinct back on in like learn how to not animal Instinct Monday nights on Heritage Radio Network how they taste in sinks no no no no it's it's I don't know what it's like loving and caring for animals really like pets Wellness early like there was one about whales you know I have a I told you like I would never eat I would never eat a whale right I have several old recipes for will

and apparently like in Norwegian Wales the big marker is like I said forget whether it's one ton or two ton they so weird like to read old recipes for things that are horrific that you would never eat nowadays but used to be out and then you ask yourself what's going to be like in a hundred years of people going to look back and be like who hamburger what you know if you had a beach house in a whale washed up on shore okay that's illegal and for those of you out there at everybody should know that it's a long-standing proposition of mine that if my arm was severed and there's no possibility of reattachment that I would have course cook it and needed because why would you not like I wouldn't do it to somebody else is armed because that's gross and I think invasive you know it to them was already off and you were starving you undo that

restart router me it's off what you going to do we can do it soft didn't want to waste the arm

yeah I mean like am I wrong on this but what if there's plenty of food available now

oh my god wow okay so this is this is a well-known or well-known way to operate so in the same way that when you're testing whether something is poisonous or not when you're testing something that you have a very finite quantity of letting you want to cook it first thing to do is to research history has came up research historical antecedents this is something that people used to do right notwithstanding some scholarship from the early 90s saying that almost all cannibalism stories are overwrought not true I think that person was wrong but in a so this isn't a known thing you don't look it up first of all and then small small small pieces to do some tests you know I'm saying I know I know but you obviously I'd probably do the emergence circulation not a problem is is that being a 40 being a 47 year old person you know my collagen is in such a state that

connective tissue on older animals if you've cooked older animals like it very old animals like that it's hard to do the long low temperature stuff is somewhat difficult because the muscle structure doesn't break down the same way so it tends to be tougher overall even throughout the kind of cooking process but I haven't done enough test on super old animals for super long for old animal compared to my like me I'm like relative to the rest of humanity you know when are average you know mortality age was in the twenties so I can have a double that is Mewtwo spoiling my point being that my feeling is that a lot of older animals are pretty fussy in the cooking and at the low-temperature stuff that you would do with a normal

younger food animal would not necessarily work exactly the same way on an older animal that you might go from a situation where it goes from tough to being mushy with not allowed in between so you might have to go through some as we pray pilot mechanical tenderization some sort of Jack Harding of the situation first and then with your one remaining hand

Happy Thanksgiving people Happy Thanksgiving to the argument that it is gone there is no chance no chance no chance of reattachment

starting your own are with the remaining hand I mean the thing is you wouldn't you're saying you wouldn't if I was starving to death yes I wouldn't do it just because it was laying around you would throw it away

we just throw it in a dump will so it if if I again if no option to reattach

you just wasted you would throw it away my first inclination would be to eat my own arm unless I was starving

you would just throw it away

I guess so yeah is that what you want me to say I don't know I'm curious too many like when I when I when I push what I believe is logical to that far as the extent of what can be pushed I am often referred to as you know it was very unkind comparison to put this way I was but I mean you know the thing is is that's why you got to you got to push push your belief all the way to the edge of kiwi Miguel I hope it will never happen I'm not looking to Lou I like having my arms for the issue it's just that if I didn't need to eat my arm to survive why would I

nastase is a little bit with me I'm a little bit like a wedding cake one year later and then just like what happened to me what if your cousin goes into your fridge and needs it terrible Happy Thanksgiving as I said this year I'm doing the two turkeys the two turkeys come out and then and I'll report back but I don't anticipate it being a problem one thing if you're going to do a two turkey situation and you break up the one turkey to cut into individual at it to cook individually in individual pieces I'm doing it my second turkey I'm doing I'm doing chicken fried chicken fried turkey so I'm cutting that I'm cutting the pieces into manageable size pieces that people would want to eat as single singular pieces I'm going to do a milk salt sugar

Sugarloaf pull them out when they're still hot let the skin flash off then I'm going to do flower then I do a mixture of butter milk eggs so typically one egg one large egg per cup of Buttermilk with you know too I can pour cement on measuring it is stuffed baked baking soda to counteract the city and baking cuz if you don't counteract acidity in buttermilk batter people this is a nice technical point for you if you don't counteract the acidity in a buttermilk recipe your crust will not get very Brown he'll stay blind because the mired and the Browning reactions that happened in the crust or accelerated by basic and but they're also inhibited by acidic conditions so if you ever made pancakes lot of times will happen when you're making a pancake with buttermilk with same

is your add a combination of both baking soda and baking powder right the baking powder is the stuff that you know Rises usually typically when it's heated although double-acting rise twice and the soda makes bubbles right away but the soda also counteracts the or or neutralizes the acid it's in the buttermilk and if you don't add the soda and you just do baking powder into your buttermilk at you'll notice that all of your pancakes come out blonder than they would otherwise and most people don't like their pancakes to have kind of a sallow tone so it can be can be somewhat problematic so I don't think it'll affect the labor necessary that much but a lot of people judge a fried good based on its color when it comes out of fryer and it is also a note that unless you're doing tempura which is supposed to be like horribly undercooked and blonde people like a nice golden color

the life we never talked about that really are you like ding ding ding really I'll call her as a cannibal related question is Thanksgiving related to our when cooked her humans white or dark meat or a blind above or are they just red meat and all one color but I'll throw that out there for thought I don't know if that has an answer but the real question I had relates to potentially a cranberry sauce and I don't want to kill people with I have some raspberries that for just in Maine in August that I forgot about that the back of the fridge that seem to have been living in

the sort of free colder Zone not exactly freezers on at the rear of the bridge they seem to have started fermenting but they don't really taste on like alcoholic at this point but they're not moldy either and I'm just wondering if one if they're just partially frozen to that what's going on is there any good way to use these in this some sort of cranberry sauce with some sort of funky flavor appropriate or should I just tossed he thinks he right there's no mold on them so that's good news if they were moldy I'd say get rid of him especially in a semi liquid environment like the any sort of toxins Michael toxins produced by the mold can penetrate deeper than you can see and specially in something where it's liquid like that or liquidy I would definitely not I'll definitely not chance it I will

now I regularly when I ended this is by the way a tip for you if you know any spins all people out there when I clarify juices for an event and I have stuff left over I keep it in the fridge and let it ferment and so typically there's enough kind of wild stuff floating around and typically the acid level of most of these juices high enough and you're not sealing away oxygen so you're not going to get in a situation where you have something unsafe you get some really nice kind of fermentations and they happen over very long. Of time almost like loitering and in fact you'll get like a bottom off and you'll get like a bottom sediment of yeast at the bottom of it and they'll keep going and what I typically do it is so if it was sealed in a jar you should notice some gas puffy you open it Puffs out

that they taste pretty good in plastic so it seems to pop. But there's enough air popping up popping a lid off at something to escape but how's it taste

it's a funky I haven't delved deep into it cuz I wasn't quite sure

exactly what it was it was safe or not though I was presuming would say I'm not up let me know fair warning here not a microbiologist but I do this on a constant basis and that's how I figured out that I really liked from ending clarified orange juice until it's dry so now I pitch I actually pitch yeast into clarified orange juice to turn it full dry cuz I love it you know what I mean that's kind of like you know like a it's I don't know what you would call it cuz it's not a cider is not a beer I don't know what the hell I called like orange beard because it gets its bitterness back when you ferment out all the sugar it gets this bitterness back which is nice I'm fat guy little bit of extra sugar if I did a cook preparation like a cranberry sauce kind of thing with this whatever Funk it has well it'll lose some of that alcohol and the chase flavor will change as it Heats but it will retain in the same way that when you cook with

there's a bad example because it's got the Hops in there as well which interacts strangely but like when you cook with like white wines or ciders or things like that it'll I think it'll it'll maintain its flavor in the way that those will the lad something to it but obviously it will also change so you're going to use this in lieu of are you fan by the way of you a fan in your cranberry of adding orange because it could be and you know it instead of like orange do you like orange and cranberry some people hate it there. They only use water I also know what I had my cranberry that is not standard some people like some people don't add vanilla a little bit of vanilla to it I mean no nut in my cranberry I want I don't want any nuts in my cranberry I'm also I'm also you leave the skins in person you thought about you color your Skin's are no skins

I like the Skins but I mean no one has done a anyone donate version of just the jellies with jellied cranberry where comes out of the can with all the pan striations is to make it strain it through a jelly bag and then and then set it in a can you have purchased for this purpose that that that that that has not that I have not seen that come back to the Forefront that was my primary cranberry experience for about the first 15 years of my life

yeah do you remember the episode when Bart was trying to help with Thanksgiving and he's like I want to help I want to I want to help and then like you know pestering his mom to help and then she find it and then she's like a do the cranberry sauce and he's like where's the cameras cameras cameras cannabis cannabis cannabis get it wrong when he goes when he finally goes

onto the plate it collapses but my memory of my memory of ya can cranberry sauce is a sucker stands up I do like a salad cranberry sauce and just formatting assassin him but could it be done nicely do you what do you like European pectin fruit candies which are like that squared like you like parsley and all that crap I love that stuff I think she has someone could do like almost like yeah you can only do it I mean I think it's a lot of extra work to go through saying I think I think you think something Frozen just like a sorbet we were also work or you going to taste like regular fruit if you see if you could go down that wine sorbet sore like cider beer sorbets they retain some of the characteristics that they had I mean I've never done it

with whole fruit for right but may I deserve this stuff like I like a couple of weeks ago I served like a five-month-old fermented strawberry juice it was just really good you know what I mean like when I was originally maybe more than 5 months old really good people really like it depends on how dry it is remember if you're making us for many years short of making making it to the strength of wine you can drink it before when it's in between yeah whenever you want I mean like the real question is is is how much residual sugar is left right so so so certain fruits as they ferment out there residual sugar they are way too acidic right and so those typically need to be augmented or you need to do something with them but other your other fruits kind of almost get better as a drink as their sugars for mint out there is one of my classic drives of people when they start

first making apple cider is his they taste their they taste their apples and they're like oh this apple is balanced and then you know when they ferment it out it loses its balance because obviously the acid pops way the hell up our fearless leader Patrick Martin's calling me in the middle of our radio show even though he apparently should know that were mean we've only has he has no regard for decorum items there is only have this time slot for what five years six years of like that so it's like anyway

tell my sister might those are my suggestion get a thing you can do it you can make a juice out of it and then it's a little late to make it you could mash it and then and then clarify it later it'll eventually settle out if you mash it I don't know how much of it you have a pouch I would just a little bit just cook a little bit just do like a like a microwave test on a couple of them to heat them up so you can do it you know in a finite amount cover it with you know almost like steam it right so like you know cover it so it doesn't get desiccated microwave some of it and then I'll taste and see what he liked the flavor I think you'd probably like it I mean I've never had one that I didn't think was at least had some Merit

okay I'll well I'll let you know how good that's that's helpful you 200 and back to the original question front in about cannibalism well-known well-known fact that human beings are referred to as a long Pig so my guess is that were closest to Pork and if you're a fan of Patrick Martin's Heritage pigs you know that the Heritage pigs are not necessarily quite meet you know what I mean anyway I don't know if Eileen obviously we have different different muscle groups to do different things I would bet that there is a difference in that we should stop talking caller on the air

pictures of I was wondering your thoughts on Thanksgiving turkey movie doing low temperature this year so I'm not going to have special things but I do have course the carcass I can I can roast it actually you know used to monitor stuff like less of Sinners and gum I've got one typically is when you have the carcass I'll rip out the car cuz I'll sometimes supplemented with some parts for gravy to get kind of more more meat on it yeah I roast it and then I make a stock and so if you have a pressure cooker I'll typically I'll make sometimes a double stock sometimes I'll start with a chicken like a light Chicken base and then turkey adjust to make it even more so bad I don't always it depends on kind of kind of what mood I'm in then once you have that that bass stock you can you can really get like a nice

is gravy even in the could remember when you're roasting off the carcass if you roast off the giblets and all the other stuff you can get a lot of the same stuff that you would get if you had your normal a pan drippings right so you can get like a lot of that same effect as long as you don't lose the liquids that are in the bottom of a roasting pan as long as you deglaze the bottom of a roasting pan and dump that in when you get to stop talking when you pressure cook it that's those flavors get even Browner so I think you know a lot of people's love of pan drippings is that obviously you know there's not there's nothing at Taste kind of like you know that little piece of skin that goes down and then Clues itself to that freaking carrot in the pan and gets all brown and crusty and coated with turkey fat and you pick it up and eat it I mean that delicious as long as you salted as long as you saw but the you know I think you get a lot of that same effect just by using the carcass and in fact like the the peace of mind I get by making

my stock well in advance and having it basically gravy ready and not having to worry about it when you're pulling your bird out is a huge benefit to me euge Eugene benefit to me but not going back to the sickening I never use xanthan in it except so xanthan you should only ever think of xanthan in these kind of situations as like the the fine focus knob on a camera right you want to get your you want to get your coarse focus with kind of standard thickener so whether you're a you know whether you're a Wonder person you know I'm like what I typically do that and you know is I tend to use regular flour to use regular flour & Co sometimes I'll do a roux if I'm you and then if I if I'm too late to do a rule or I really messed up I'll just take a couple of cups that you shouldn't do this very bad idea but I'll

I'll do a couple of cops and now does vital prep the hell out of it Elna call the the lungs back out and then I'll dump the vital pet stuff back into the into the pot and then you know you never get any lumps that way but that's really cheating like obviously I'm supposed to tell you the science behind it where buy your like will start till 10 to come if you put it into hot liquids so used to make a slurry of it in cold liquid and then stir quickly the cold liquid slurry into your hot liquid so that you know disperses before it hydrate that's why I'm supposed to tell you but in the real life you're like

I don't like throw something to the vital prep and then dumped it back in and everything's copacetic at the now some people believe and I don't really know where I am on this the oldest coffee a thing where buy flour in a base to thicken should either be cooked almost not at all just to the boil or for like 20 or 30 minutes and then anything in between is it kind of a floury taste I don't really know if that's the case but there's there at the end you know some people if you need to thicken up at the end that's when people usually get like they're Bernie wrightson out the mash them I don't I don't know anyone that uses Bernie that doesn't just have it in the fridge and I don't know anyone that doesn't that has it in the fridge unless they're professional right but where money is a really good way to take a step up at the end but remember it also adds fat and sometimes can leave at like a sheen on the top of top of what you're doing now

on whether you're going to use at the end of find focusrite if if you have the flavor of your stuff correct and you're worried that adding a little more starch in the form of flour or whatever if you're afraid that that is going to kill the taste or mute that flavor too much right that's when you can add a little bit of Zan tan but you never want to add more than about you know a gram per liter of or to grams per liter so that's like you know less than a quarter of well under a quarter of a percent and you only wanted to kind of moved cuz you don't want your gravy as it cools off gets kind of jiggly enough so you don't want it to kind of look all like a jiggly and and jelly that's kind of unpleasant although my grave he's actually when they cool we'll set hard like a jail because I use very thick stalks like the stocks that I use my gravy base gel pretty freaking hard so might typically like I have a very very strong

shocks for my gravy so they'll get almost like go get real hard when they get when they get super cold but xanthan you know it can be problematic that way so just don't use too much paper to use it like I say is a fine for another thing is this cornstarch is unpleasant I think as the sole thickener in a gravy just doesn't look right you know what I mean it looks like cornstarch sauce however you can add some cornstarch to sauce at the end to increase its thickening without compromising as long as you know your initial base was flower it will add that extra thickening and doesn't need to be cooked all the way flower does because it appears starch you get what I'm saying another another thing is if you're doing Southwest flavors Maseca masa harina is an interesting thickener that tends to disperse rather easily and thick and thin but it doesn't fully dissolve you sometimes see some little particles of it and it ad

definite Masa flavor to your product but you know I'll use I use a little bit of myself sometimes in a flower and I don't use it and tortillas cuz you know I don't but I sometimes you didn't pancakes and I sometimes use it and sauces I'll sometimes if you're making out if you're making a pressure cook gravy I saw a pressure cooker chili so they are to go to because gravy any other the sauce and gravy when your pressure cooking a sauce like that they tend to be too thin because it's hard to get the full kind of chilly texture in a pressure cooker because if you if you set your base that way it might scorching your pressure cooker and so typically when you're doing those kind of pressure cook things you'll extract the the the meat and whatever else and then you thicken and or reduce the liquids and put them back together again or sometimes I'll just toss in a pinch of a Masa masa harina in that but that's only if you're going on more of a Southwestern gravy which I never do for Thanksgiving but anyway so that's that's kind of what

how's it going it

when you do your roots you do like a butter ruler by juice lecture turkey sat like what I mean I have a lot of turkey fat kind of sitting around and so I will I will use it I honestly don't think there's that much of a difference you know I just I don't like in the grand scheme of things I just don't I don't I never considered it you know it's kind of whatever is at hand at the moment is all so you know whenever I move shopping for Thanksgiving the first thing on the list is like infinite pound of butter like infinite pound butter cookie got mashed potatoes you got your stuff in the hole requires butter you know if you're doing a roasted turkey all Bass the hell out of that that's butter so it's like you know it's like you know if you make biscuits are Parker House rolls butter butter butter butter butter everywhere you know so I used to have a lot of it lying around but turkey fat also good

thank you all right and I also don't care too much on how dark my room is because often you know like ice like I say my my sauce is significantly Brown already so

Wanda's spinzall video contest they like doing personal phone calls with you

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Hammer back and I'll rejoin on the studio with a Heritage Radio founder thanks for helping me because I can't listen I know I called you during the radio but he's like you no listen you know how you can tell a Heritage bird when you look at the picture how is Patrick Howard Keel bone High Heeled Boys Basketball breast that is a rip-off now that I look at the magazines they say they have a Heritage bird I look at the cue ball not a heavy Let It Be Like a Basketball over bread for hundreds of generations to have huge breasts cute big round basketball breast if you see around bird with a huge round breast and it's being sold as Heritage you know you're getting ripped out dividend words over 24 25 lb probably not Heritage also black pinfeather marks is a sign that it is Heritage and also a huge thick legs were the legs almost bigger than the

that's how you know it's early cuz I run around so Patrick are you going to run a special in Heritage Meats for the after Thanksgiving by the way we are turkey I was talking to the other day I have to question to get it for them I was talking to Dax the other day and they were learning about that you know first Contact you know Columbus was not I was like okay so Dax name a list of things that we have we had here like you know in in the new world that they didn't have any old one hand, turkey turkey is like are they well know you don't give enough credit cuz actually the turkey came the turkey weed today was brought back to Europe by the early explorers bread there and kind of what they say improved and then brought back to the us and that European eyes breed was bred with the wild turkey which is the turkey weed today so actually we eat a European size turkey if you like

just because the turkey moved to Europe for a century or two doesn't mean it still doesn't come from here I come again no more current history you're going way back what holotape do we get the Tomato did he get corn he got corn he got the tomato potato which I was happy with chocolate and vanilla

I still have stuff to learn that I didn't get vanilla what else there's so many things that are only from here you know what I mean what else what else salmon and Alaskan the most beans most orchestras River call them bass bass Patrick here for a minute I got a question couple questions I got to get to Michael rights in hopefully I can sneak dissin For Today Show in so you have a turducken I want to do a turducken using bone. Hold Birds what's the best practice I've got meat glue and a circulator I'm serving enemy of quality and Siri enemies equality so slightly over done breast is the least of my worries cheers Mike okay very important so the the traditional the traditional like Louisiana to duck in right is kind of backwards in terms of How It's a Sin

how old for a modern palate how we like to cook meat because the there. They're doing a simply based on size and to put a duck inside a I know it's arranged such that you have to overcook the hell out of everything to cook you know the stuff that's on the inside and I'm saying stuffing stuffing elongates the cooking time of a Heritage turkey so you're not supposed to put stuffing inside there to church if you want to cook the stuffing to a temperature that safe like in fact like a technique that I use sometimes is a use hot stuffing so it's actually it's difficult to it difficult to do hot stuffing because it burns the hell out of you but one way to really do a fast cook on a bird is to is to make a log of stuffing then

put it in the oven cooked the hell out of it or put it like in a zippy cook the hell out of it then Ripta in a cut the backbone like your spatchcocking the bird ripped ripped up all the bones out of the kind of breast and back. And then lay that like layover the super hot stuffing and then it Cooks from both directions and catch you out rather quickly but I'm not going to do it because you probably won't but it's pretty good but turduckens typically arranged in a way such that you have to overcook the duck now a lot of old school people love over cooked duck especially if you're using people just like some people just like overcooked up me think about this you like not depressed but you like the legs when they're comfy right arm is a horribly up but doesn't hardly that you love them even though they're technically overcooked because you cook them enough sex with their tender how much do separated Marley on which famous football coach and an announcer put turducken on the national map that it always existed but there was one football announcer that mentioned it and it became a real

you can say any person and I would say okay that's Football announcer I don't know where he was born anyway so back to the introductions if you have here is a problem with turducken I've made many many of them low temperature Sonos not used to what we used to do is we would arrange the birds in the order that they want to cook so we would do actually we would we did a turkey than a chicken then a duck Dennis khwab and we would lay them and we would roll them the problem is is that it's hard to get the role to be centered and then we do as you throw everything into like 67 degree and you put sausage layers in between I was in 67 degree stuff and then you pull it when the center when the squad gets to be like 57 58 and then everything is kind of cooked properly through the two but you need to to do we not too thick and actually when you slice through

a bunch of meat like that is perfectly cooked it's a it's a little off-putting write a status of you has can be a little while putting Target to me and I think in general people would prefer to have like slices off of it to have like a little bit of each thing rather than like a giant like like log like like Arrow Target of I think it's especially if the middle of it is like rare like squab you know 50 me of 57 you know 56 cuz I'm cooking duck breast on its own I cook it the 57 Celsius in 35 and then I'll crisp the skin and that's how I want my duck breast lot of old school friend she's actually like it more cooking that when I'm cooking Squaw bit slower like 55 right but you want your tenant but turkey all of that stuff is really moist when it's at like 6600 your chicken in this case is going to be at like 6065 your turkeys and be like 66

getting wet and moist at that point which is okay if you have a crispy outside and then a little piece but when you're looking at something that's a size of your dinner plate and it's all that texture it can be a little problematic so one thing you can do is cut the discs and fry that fry it so that those discs get like a crisp section all the way across that maintain their cook section in the middle and then make sure you have plenty of gravy you can also coffee out the legs mix them in with whatever sausage make sure you want spread those in to get some textual variation with all about sexual variation in between just remember that you have to get smaller and smaller think about a sushi roll the stuff you put in a sushi roll it looks like you're not putting enough into the middle but then when you roll it you realise that oh my God I put too much in the middle and now my Nori doesn't close anymore so when you're making a roll like that you should look up on the cooking issues blog how to do rolling in plastic cuz that's how you should do it if you're going to do tube tube turduckens which is kind of what we used to do but that's how that's how we used to do it and those are some of the things I'd look out for

the Americans make Chana value-added Specialty Meats Maurice and Europeans do it in the Europeans were always confident to put the various tastes and textures in different parts of a roast like a porketta so that no one bite is the same and if you want the kind of salty meaty stuff that's only every third or fourth bite where's the Americans trying to put everything all at once or every single bite is like a home run hit and it's not like is Nuance a porketta has flavored it's just it's crispy on the outside but have like rings of different things so you can't get every case then never forget it has different things in the Rings will you can't get all the tastes in one bite because it's a big piece and the Europeans will do that where the American seem too much everything together and you do get one thing I know about that I love book it on my God I love porchetta porchetta and ripped off cuz it's often like shoulder or just a loin that's not the deed boned pork metal wrapped around the belly Italian special

a food store makes a Fantastic Four kid I think what you like they're picky picky lady and there's a very simple super simple am I so you're going to have some turkey leftover we're going to have a thousand people should be ordering a bird's for after Thanksgiving people don't give the turkey I think everyone's like I was listening to NPR and they're like oh turkey at what do you do with the turkey turkey is not Bland turkey taste like turkey turkey is delicious turkey gets back right by people who don't think about life they think they think they're the Wall Street Journal always dumps on the turkey too because I think it's too expensive there it is read so they try to say all with turkey doesn't really taste of anything inevitably The Wall Street Journal article Thanksgiving saying that the $200 turkey is a rip-off what do you do what you do to them to to hear that's just their stick in the New York Times goes the other direction their food sections always trying to say oh you know you might want paper quality The Wall Street Journal that

is there thing it's anti slow food I mean in general I like the flavor of turkey and don't find Turkey to be Bland or without flavor or I mean I think it's difficult to cook because all whole animals are difficult to cook and it's one of the only times we take on the challenge of cooking a whole animal is on chickens we do but were used to chickens and and on Thanksgiving with turkey turkey that most Americans know is just added salt cuz it's the commodity turkey where they add salt to it to add flavor but they aren't it's jerky as you know one of the best Meats in the world has a higher percentage of dark meat so Patrick what do you think of Marty turkeys

just messing with you so you going to run a sale after Thanksgiving or not it doesn't it doesn't discount how much the turkey cost to grow so we we can't discount it too much but yeah yeah yeah and I think but I think that's why I'm saying people should think about the turkey as and all your presence you want to make your traditional ass of these would be closer than to like something for traditionally wahalote for like a male or something all seasonal meat should be eaten a lot of when they're in season turkeys are seasonal meat Ducks geese lambgoat all the other animals have sex all the time they're available all the time all right I retake a question real quick and then we'll and then you can do the pacifier Clips ready to go by the way I had a good friend in high school and Prashant and he was the guy who at our reunions came back and was not forgiving of anyone that had bothered him he was the guy who at their High School reunions was like you suck tonight

I hated you in high school and you still held a grudge wow 20-30 years you know someone will come up who you know was a dick in high school or you'll be like you are a dick I don't forgive you and then it would walk away I was like I loved it but it's kind of like watching Viborg are meet Meet the Fockers like a cringe a little bit but I love it are you still aboard the People review Prashant is the reason for a lot of my musical taste you would make me all mixtapes of life example because he wasn't insecure doll that's my horse right before I ask my question I want to let you and Dave know that I'm not a chef I just cook for myself being Indian using a lot of

places I have been wondering about the science behind them and how they interact / change during the process of cooking is there any resource appropriate for my level you could direct me to I'm looking to improve the flavors of my dishes and was hoping that knowing the science would help and it's a difficult question because I think a lot of people when they focus on the science of spices in particular it tends to quickly devolved into a discussion of this particular chemical or that particular chemical I would say in general obviously anything that Harold McGee rights is something you should look at and he has a couple of segments in a mind of the chef that you know I would look too there's a couple of books that are about pairing on a quote-unquote molecular level and as a thesis I find it problematic at best I think you know we should instead of focus I think sometimes the chemistry can be very interesting but focusing on the chemistry I think really turns off kind of what your

yeah what's going on in your palate your mind I think there are certain things that you are very useful like I said keep mine up for instance like if you know things are sulfur-based you know that they're going to react in a rather violently with heat change a lot I mean with heat like aliens onion things like that I don't know I would check out obviously if you don't have on food and cooking go by on food and cooking his next book might address this a lot more because it's going to go into chemical compounds like how terpenes work out things like this way but I think most people attended just throw around words like terpene and not actually use it to help them become a better cook look at what you can look for it what Mandy aftel and and your Patterson have done recently liked you know that's got some interesting stuff on how this stuff in her place and some of the science behind it you know cuz he's at he's interested in those things that she's interested in those things but is rather difficult we always should get we should get air when Ariel's on the show next will ask her for you know she's our our flavor not a flavor chemist I did everything but she is a cheese

dentist who studies flavor right but she's not like she's not a flavorist Lea before the December so Patrick you had a question now supplier I mean how are all the Italian restaurants in the city dealing with how this pasta is so good and so cheap I mean do you think it's going to drive down the pasta restaurants around the city cuz that again because I mean for $7 you get a pasta that's as good as basically almost any other restaurant I mean Italian food is supposed to be cheap so when people charge a lot for it what is it called that sings simple chocolate

doing it for 7 so I mean it's unbelievable I mean he's basically proved in the pasta should never cost more than 8 or 10 bucks

because it's like food isn't just about like any one particular dish like food at a restaurant but I think I think the problem is is that we put so much emphasis on high with high-end cooking that we kind of the flavor of a dish is different from the ingredients that you use and the staff you have to pay for in the time and stuff you're throwing away I mean it's not always about the skill of execution of a particular dish you know and you know because you don't pass why are stocks you can talk about it they spent a boat ton of money on the back end to get the stuff such that because they know they're going to do it in huge amount of bulk and they've erase the need for a hyper skilled person at every second to be looking at it like that's where all the money is spent but that doesn't mean that the money is selling charges at a restaurant is valid because they have different overhead that they have different a different expectation

you know the service you get at the table a different expectation for all of that I just think it's it's basically saying you can have a world-class quality pasta for 7 but I think that is not legally butchering a rabbit in the in the back of pasta flyer and making like you know if I mean it still requires a stop to run the fast food takes more time to pay than it does to get the boss of nuts are quick to pick up his all the way to Brooklyn it still Exquisite Clarence Birdseye of pasta

it's amazing that pacifier pass is amazing it's so delicious everybody says it Italian people I work with everybody at a time people like Dave Arnold very well come on please please hey you know we need to bring back use this you speak can you speak English like how do you say sandwich

yeah we got to bring back the sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich anyway like I was I was watching the Vietnam documentary and listening to the this is not this is this is Bobby a political I was listening to the New York accents from the day they were interviewing protesters on both sides in in the set in the sixties and seventies in New York and we just don't have those kind of asking everyone sounds a little bit like Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny original accent was based on you know a New York like a hodgepodge of New York accents and most of those accents was like kind of awesome kind of mean I like them like a working-class like New York accents Regional accents are all being phased out in outside languages

you know so happy to end with on Thanksgiving Patrick anti homogenisation Thanksgiving it's the one holiday that everyone celebrates right I mean who doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving

access any Native American who goes to 7-Eleven on Thanksgiving. We have plenty of foreigners here who don't care about Thanksgiving and they need somewhere to go shop Happy Thanksgiving everybody cooking issues

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