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Episode 311: Fully Firm

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I don't want me to come get you sister Carla Giraldo

not joined as usual with Nastassja to hammer Lopez because she has family obligations to attend to in the booth how you doing and special special guest special guest host today Jack Schram Schram formerly the head bartender of Booker and Dax future head bartender of the as-yet-unnamed as-yet-unannounced bar that we will be starting sooner rather than later than I ever hoped I thought well everybody knows it's going to be a bar that's just what where when Thug how also some of you who came to Booker and Dax and had some of Jack's fine drink may not know this

formerly work at Milk Bar can answer all of your Milk Bar questions also formerly was a food studies person at NYU so you when he went home on breaks what you study some food right food humans there was no no need to explain in a butcher in high school I get it made sense with a logical family-owned there's like a hundred years old in the community in Alamo California where the heck is Alamo California East Bay the just like 40 minutes east of San Francisco and they're not very exciting part of the Bay Area Remember the Alamo

Texas interesting fact so

so I think I told Jack to sign some people in for this my my stepfather's father who you know died this year in his mid 90s with a butcher for many years and is his father actually started the butcher came over came over from Italy in unlikely or 1906 whatever started the you no work for a couple years start a butcher shop in the North End and when he died I got knives and I just hung it up his scale 1912 Patton so you know it's before like 1924 so early on in their shop and stayed in their shop the entire time they were open it was made in Boston which is where their shop was call and Chadwick and Chadwick which is the legal for use in stunt like tag on it as an old spring scales I was pretty sweet does it still function oh yeah

so the top of it was impeccable like clean impeccable could see over the counter underneath right it had to contain scales old school hanging scale where the two rides go down to hold the platform onto the spring weight thing like

Decades of like lamb grease headphones over and there is like this like you know like these dams of lamb grease underneath as pretty sweet there is no dirty floor like the areas of a butcher that customers can't see it's it's terrifying you'll find some animal just raw animal build up it's like it's like layers of sedimentary rock yeah but made of animals and it has that it has a textured like asphalt you know something really firm belief firm to use that in my next text I said thanks for not even talking about which is something I wanted to use the bar oh by the way call and all your questions questions to 78497

want to wait that 718-497-2128 or you can send them on tune into the chat room but Jack's Ram has all of the booker and Dax specs that I do not so friend since he actually sent them to me but never find a passage but probably in his head he still has most of them so all of you know her like how do you make the Thunder not I'm like well I know roughly how it works but I don't know the actual actual specs and so he can you know Jack here it's been over a year but I still got them all pretty good so blah pins asked me for one when you sent me those beers to spin out and I never sent the spec dumps I don't know how you know it like I just don't know somebody specs I can less it's my actual personal spec I didn't have to make it on a day-in day-out basis and so I just don't know it but Jack does so cold and all of your back and we're still going to do that a Booker and Dax reunions we should do it may be like at like as we're about to open to a Booker and Dax reunions special sounds great

he would be super into it before she had so people can come in and solutely any news in the world of foods and or drinks Jack that you can think of

not not in the broader world of food I feel like what's exciting right now is anything everything and nothing like she's over the weekend before I get into these beef stew in the slow cooker nothing remarkable instapot purse well if it is it isn't insta pot roast slow cooker pressure cooker I would say why don't they combine all this crap and then but I'm too stupid instead I'm building like Torchy's at torch attachment and and and you know I never built the veggetti oh you just like to talk about it I love 2 Jam things end of a Jetties

yeah for the veggetti is for collecting carrots one of our all-time greatest running gags with people calling in the jetty stuff anyway so how was your beef stew yeah okay so my problem with pressure cooked beef stews in general and pressure cooker in general is Fantastic Four a lot of things you should get the hip pressure cooker book and all this but the issue with it is remember that in a pressure cooker there is not a lot of reduction so when you're throwing meets into a pressure cooker and cooking them Allah stew style they tend to be very liquidy when you pull them out and say you're doing a chili or something like this and so you need to adjust your liquid levels going in but but but but but if you adjust your liquid levels too low you scorch torch which is no good so in general a lot of times what I'll do is I'll try to hover that level right around where it where it's going to scourge

if you have like maybe your insta pot never squirted maybe it's like good at that or like can I use the I use the Breville now what's it called league did what did what time with the Breville cold like it's called like the temperature freak flirty call I think the temperature freak or something like this are the Precision free and I didn't has the word freaking it understand that you were their target market is it called if they look it up is it temperature freak

something like this I don't know but so with that you know you're not going to Scorch your product because never going to overshoot too much and I guess you got a lot of work with like a Cuisinart and stuff like this in terms of scorched pressure cooker the advantage my problem in fact my I shouldn't say my mom is listen to this was fine to my brother-in-law was like so should we get to see insta pot it's only a thousand Watts even talk like that for your mom because you know I thought maybe we get it one of these things not like that was kind of weak right because my problem with these electric pressure cookers is it is that you're going to want to brown your crap before you cook it in the stew Van Damme you brown your crap before you did your stew dr. pepper in the damn thing beforehand

what doesn't need Browning here we go what liquid did you pour in I used a combination of A1 and water

I told you this is nothing remarkable it sit out for gut reaction from pressure cooker slow cooking you know exactly those things by with the A1 you just your using is it what is a 180 weight is A1 Worcestershire sauce + ketchup + water + vinegar what is it what is a 1 on the Bell Road but absolutely love it by the way it's the Breville control freak smart induction cooker kontrolfreek Williams-Sonoma yes control freak freak

make a note once again with my iPod doesn't work really your pot doesn't work you were like how many pots like other pots that I already own before I ever owned an induction over half of them work on induction unit and the other half can be like you know built around the main ones that don't work is if you own any big like inexpensive aluminum pots like turkey fryers which I do obviously suction unit for like twenty bucks that's what I'm saying I'm a slow cooker so the instapot only a thousand watts in the problem is is that if you're not an enemy of quality Dave you're going to want a brown your Meats before they go or let's say you're okay did you put any onions into the stew okay thank Christ you put some money into this do now did you were living in a society you know you are at least sweat the freaking onions

okay so if you were going to do any such things like sweating your onions or Browning or meet I need to start sit here to pick me up today where is she family obligations so like my point is is that a thousand watts is a little low for Browning Meats it's just a little sluggish for Browning needs and if you're doing relatively large things it takes a while for a thousand watts to heat your stuff up now if you're slow cooking who gives a crap it's not you know who gives a crap so slow cooking you're slow cooking who gives a crap unless you're making a boat ton of rice and she's really not that much of a load and the amount of time it takes a lot of time it takes to get up to that like it and we spoke about the limbo Maniacs on the show before

the song that I don't think so anyway terrible song Turn the song but really good musicians is one of those groups that had a lot of good musicians with terrible lyric ideas terrible ideas terrible songs you know bad vocalization I never saw them kind of like U2 U2 all I can think about with you to is like they lost me when they lost a nigganigganigga like I'm a big fan of you to back in the nigganigganigga to call Django guitar pedal is true then like you know I'm still with them in the brain turned brown Day to a fine with that like the later on but like this newer stuff that's not it's not my it's not my Cuppa cheese night I'm not with him anymore anyway

signs of being drawn so backed it back to this instant pot thing I think a thousand watts is a what I would love to see is a 1500 watt induction cooker instapot so like you know like my Sochi Russia rice maker which is like very high high-wattage induction unit I saw one by the way I think I mentioned this on the air when I went to China I realized how far behind we are in rice cooker technology because I thought I had a really nice rice cooker and I have the nicest rice cooker that the average person could buy here in the US I got it as a gift I didn't spend my own money but I when I pick up this one in China I was like a holy crap I picked the right spot and I was like I would be proud to own this part like this just the insert part I was like

this is nice quality high-quality yeah by the way anyway. If you did so I asked I asked the guy was like how much does this cost in a in he's like that's that's $1,000 I was like ooh I'll let you know what it feels like a thousand steps if I guess if I was going to get married again and I ate rice everyday and everyone was in that wedding spending mood a bit like this rice cooker I want this $2,000 rice cooker use that rice cooker at least one 30th as much as a car

you're not saying yeah in the car is like $30,000 yeah and you can't drive your car on using I'm using your help I know usually the engine block but most of the stuff was written for relatively older vehicles I don't know if they ever did a motorcycle follow up because it was first of all like you know where the heat on your motorcycle is is really depending on how the engine layout works but

I think they expected you to have some sort of like you know you know straight six or something I don't know I don't know what the heck they were I don't know what they're expecting you to cook long but they have a bunch of recipes that all you know boiled down to wrap your crap and aluminum foil strap it on Dino to your engine block I think it's like kind of jam it into the top until like the valve cover area and then just drive until it's done so it's mainly items that you're not worried about over cooking

you know I'm saying yeah I would never never attempt but in a pinch post-apocalyptic you would never attempt it if you were driving from like San Francisco to Lake Yosemite or up to Sierra's you would never be like you know what you know what why not I'm going to save some time at the campsite yeah yeah so you know like the last time I was over there I had a picnic at where the Donner Pass was and literally up a picnic where the people were eating people and it's all I can talk about my wife is like and be like what the hell that's gross I'm trying to eat we're talking about people eating people and I'm like yeah but we're eating our picnic with the people ate the people I mean it's like we're far enough removed that Donner Party jokes I think they're okay I just blew out too soon

from that point alive and in Chile where they crash in the people hate the people they're still alive those people who are the people who got eaten to the people that play the people back to the instapot I would love to see an instapot like that and also you know you were saying before Dave at Enemy enemy of quality I'd like to make a distinction said everybody knows we are all this is the difference between low quality individual and then be equality

we are all low-quality individuals because we are all fallible we are all week we are all low-quality individual's right the enemy of quality we aspire to be better quality than we are and that's that's what makes us redeemable low-quality individuals as opposed to you know non-redeemable right and that's how I feel we are worthy of making ourselves better and therefore we're we're okay I said many times as everybody knows it if you don't have a little bit of me know of self-loathing how are you going to get better absolutely you need you need to have that drive to improve right all the time I'm so efficient Everything I Do Is Awesome everything you do is go there anyway

not not not not Quality Air Quality supposed to look like someone who actively works against quality Satan the devil enemy of quality something for choice to not get better and to not improve system ruining things I'm not sure when I come down on pre Browning but look at it anyway

hide it quicker, but the instant pot discussion and the Beast using this since y'all were on it for so long will Instant pot know it's all right I'm a big fan of the instant pot as many people are I was really surprised at how nice the liner in that is I sometimes we'll take that out and use it on the stove top and in fact that's my big because the power on it's not super great like you were saying you can get things jump-started on the stove top with the line and then move the Hot Pot liner to the instant pot so you can get up to pressure really quickly because they're not rated for that kind of stuff

from my reading instapot is it an uncoded stainless insert and so it shouldn't care what the hell you do it right yeah it does a relatively good job the only complaint is the Tour De Niro just because it's you know why Norah pot so it's not really going to evaporate off a whole lot but it says it's quality it means you have for I think 65 on Prime day for an instant pot nice being a either being so thin that you wouldn't like sports like a like a mother if you put it on to a burner or be no not being rated for it like I would never put my rice cooker Bowl on a on a burner that's a good tip and and are you like me when you do that like what I typically will do is I always do Meats in in bat in batches and then throw them in the bowl

cancel the liquid rip-off back into the thing to evaporate a little before I dump in just why don't water everything down too much you follow the same kind of protocol when you're doing the pre Brown yeah I'll get a couple of Dutch ovens going and then move it all just because I'm I hate you know it'll take you an hour to properly Brown everything separately if you have a couple of big things on the stove you can just get your mirepoix off you can you your meat and bashes more clean up but faster so I will talk about this if there's time later I tried I attempted to try a new cleaning technology over the weekend unsuccessfully so and and while I have you on the air before we go to the question if you're going to talk about what are your thoughts are not pre Browning or pre sweating your alliums

the aliens in particular I have I don't want to see your thoughts I don't know I always brought it off beforehand but I very rarely I'm always going for the darkest

view the dark is gravy the messed my RT rosti saying and that's the thing is that you're not doing a conventional braised evaporation you're not getting that Browning on top that you would normally get in if you can steer It Off

like if you're doing an oven braised with the lid off or something like that if you're going to be doing it in a closed environment is higher yeah yeah so I'm going to go ahead and say that you're on the side that's over here you're not on the side of the blue, just clarify does the Browning need to happen for both slow cooking and pressure cooking you're saying or just pressure cooking

I'm really both but the thing is that you're cooking for so long with a slow cooker I it's going to kind of happen you know what that sounds like people compounds also developed over the course of the 12-hour cooked Brown before pressure cooking questions can you challenge someone take this up someone take this up

do it two identical Parts two identical recipes one pre brown one don't cook 12 hours report back someone someone out there has the energy to do this would help us out call in will give you a will give you like five six minutes of reporting time on cooking issues to report your findings you calling you let us know whether or not there was a big difference now if you're really a high-quality individual you will or not at low quality as you might otherwise be you'll do a triangle test with people so they can see if they can tell it apart but okay so I'll give you one more time and more Kudos if you do the triangle test maybe we'll give you a some sort of a private maybe we'll give you a Heritage Radio Network food radio since 2090 shirt I don't know I'm not saying we will because I don't have the power to do that but maybe anyway so now what's your question

one final thing on the instant pot just be real quick I was actually really surprised looking at their little recipe book that came with it how friendly to Quality they are still liking their beef stew recipe it's brown brown everything off first and then there's after you cook the meat then you strain out the mirror and get the stock back to normal and act like vegetables and stages and it's very built very linear very clean and it's just kind of weird in this appliance which is furthest old is like a thing and all you have to do is press the button I like to hear stuff like that maybe the people who make it or Cooks I don't know who makes it

you know it sounds like a deep well that's a blessing Advance is Quality Inn a non-judgmental way unlike what I was doing today I saw judgy so judgy among friends I think I am coming. Is he selling a stock and fully burned-out ones available but they're going fast let me interrupt you for one second of the radio network here you know since I don't know like oh for something like this was is one of the finest a ham producers in the Surrey area of Virginia

Tidewater Virginia you know families been doing it for 8-bit know a bazillion years he is you know grandfather wrote an article in the 60s about how he'll is going to a ham was going to hell in a handbasket because they got rid of peanut the whole 9 the real deal guy that's why was Edward anyways a couple years ago his his establishment burnt to the ground there wild dogs running on his property eating scorched hams and we all cried bitter tears because his especially his his high in hand when she called siriano I dislike that name intensely but it's it's a very good product and I'm happy to see this back right now go ahead

yeah and also just had to like go get it because it's going to be gone if you want them to anybody really hot really beautiful nothing brings the salt or the funk like I were Jehovah how old are they right now are they are they are they are they a hundred days nice and so the only time I've ever had his hand was on my one visit to Booker and Dax did you get the tasting or just the way my flight got canceled and some of it is there anywhere you want to go so I went there got the ham plate and the pork buns because we had dinner reservations after where did you put a slice of ham did you tuck it into the pork bun this is that that was a real definitely the move that's a turbo bun really

the new place by the way will not have fun one thing it will not have is pork buns because to be honest with you like there was a guy named senaido who was the original pork bun maker at Booker and Dax and pride of Akron tax just at Soundbar and he would this is how we operate he he always had the same Pleasant look on his face a hundred percent of the time and it was are when in funds came out arrow goes in buns go out and stuff just a feat of endurance and strength and never be perfect until the perfect layer of cucumber slices to his station he would order like a billion bonds please and like if they would all look like perfect like you would like decapitator cut Kermit the Frog right through the mouth open cuz that's how he would lay them out

I got any maintain the steam level in his bun basket perfectly there always so pillowy soft never dryer called he just went to go work somewhere else for more money anyway I didn't say that but I did order of the other hand you had I don't know yet it's coming in the mail later but it's burned out and I guess my question is you know I would just put it on a plate eat it correctly pairing suggestions or I mean I was thinking about doing the espresso powder red-eye gravy in there quotes that light

you guys did best thing that ever came up with that red-eye gravy mayonnaise is maybe the best one I love that stuff I think it's somewhat polarizing some people don't like it right bad people I've never met anyone that doesn't like it right if you didn't know what was going to happen before he first of all like red-eye gravy I mean I grew up with it my grandma used to make actual red-eye gravy with coffee and it ain't on the drippings and stuff but so I have a particular soft spot for in general that stuff is delicious but I will tell you what you can do you know the old joke is you know a couple in a Virginia ham is the definition of forever because it lasts forever don't cook whatever you do don't don't cook it right I mean obviously you know but you should not so what I like to do is

when when God invented the American country ham he really wanted you to eat it with eggs you and I'm saying so like like Ross light like so like let's say you're going to make a pizza fire up a pizza and then you do like a fried egg on top and then after it comes out of the oven you put some Thin slices of this over top of that that is delicious or even like you take scrambled eggs and you cut some up then and put it over the scrambled eggs after it Cooks that's that's delicious

I just eat it straight and sandwiches it's good and cheese plates it's good I mean anything that it would be good anything that you would use a you know a prosciutto style thing for you could use it here but I particularly loved it with eggs and so because I like eggs more than the average person when I cook for myself when I'm alone which doesn't happen hardly ever anymore when I'm alone all I can soon as eggs and so like you know poached eggs fried eggs scrambled eggs on toast and if I have country ham and Country Ham all over up and down that and I think you'll find that if you're a person like myself and Dave if you have a ham in your home it's not going to last that long that was going to be slicing every situation here I'm going to go against what I normally stay and I'm going to tell you some of my own personal things that I don't like with that style of him now because American hands have that kind of a funk in a little bit of that

I guess it slipped adoxa a lipid oxidation so I don't know what it is but there's a little bit of thing I don't think it pairs well with carbonated beverages

I can agree with that so like I wouldn't do like I'm not big on like a champagne and Country Ham tasting not I mean if it's like super oxidative champagne like end of the the naughty side of things that ain't then it could be nice but the bubble it just drink Sherry get some chicken some really good Sherry I need a ton of ham but be aware that you will have a horrible headache the next day you will have just a rotten have there been recent evidence that that hang overs merely mimic the symptoms of dehydration but let me tell you you will have the actual symptoms of dehydration if what you're doing is pounding nuts cheese ham and Cherry even though that is delicious you will have a severe headache I'm going to tell you this it is worth it absolutely I would I would I would take that headache any day but remember when you're pounding a lot of ham hydrate in the in professionally by the way when you're tasting should you ever become

a country ham tasting professional like dr. Norman Marriott was who used to be the food safety guy at Virginia Tech and who wrote some of the books on how to make country ham one told me a apple cider so like not carbonated not alcoholic although I like them both carbonated alcoholic but a apple cider is the palate cleanser of choice when doing country and so also any form of thing like that is a natural pairing with a country ham so like your apple butter is your Apple sauces your your that cooked that cooked Apple note that you get out of a signer for my family so kind of like seasonal accompaniment

yeah appletreeauto you might want to look into this fun is I like to do if you can get any cooking pairs or pair is it don't get too messed up when you when you cook them what used to be known as wardens like I like I love like a mixed apple pear sauce like in if you look at the old medieval recipes like chard Ward and it's like these are old pear sauce is back when people used to do cooking pears a lot and it's not it's kind of Gone by the wayside but I loved and I loved it like a cooked down like little bit sweet apple pear mix and that kind of a compote would be delicious with with a ham butt like honestly but I would just sit there chewing on that I would just be sitting there slicing a piece of ham for myself. What form of slicing are you going to do

so my plan right now is I have a

you're not here by like three hundred silly millimeter Sushi slicer I don't know if that's going to work but I have other slicers to try out as well but it'll be done by hand and I don't have this kind of slip in Ann Arbor Michigan. I never did and never did Ann Arbor behind the counter that ham it'll take him 20 minutes yeah they were the first Big Chain I know this because I spoke to someone they're back in like 04 or 05 when I was doing a lot of my right after I get done my initial country ham research and they were the first big place to start surveying American hams this way and you know and like literally I would go in

whenever I went into a store I will go into Dean & deluca's and I would say your Hampshire election is garbage why is your ham selection so garbage and they would there like who are you get out of here you know what I mean and into my knowledge even though I never got to visit then Zingerman's was the first and for a long time the only establishment that gave a crap about it so yeah I'd love to go there that's a beautiful place and it took that cuz I don't know whether I'm assuming he's not breaking the cushion off and then I'm assuming they're boning it out and then they're going to cross cut it so you're getting some section of a cross cut of ham and I think that's what I think that's what it's going to be based on the picture right and so American style ham serving as a Crosscut kind of a phenomenon that has your room sure you're aware they Spanish and as cesare Casella what

who's Hamid Delicious By the way I need to try to answer as hell yeah yeah yeah he uses the old style hand cutting an old style hand cutting is not across cutting technology if they're cutting a long ways and they're doing that you know what you would think of as the hand cut that they would do in Spain and so there it's just a Gigolo I used to not like the I have come around to liking them both for forgiving things so just be aware that the easiest way to get cross cut style things with the anagi if you have an entire piece of hand is to remove the harder smaller part of the muscle that's underneath the bone you'll see it's very much darker and then that is hard to put that down and you can I would not shave that one with the unagi I would use something a little bit

a little bit with a firmer back and just shave that as you would something harder cuz it's usually harder then takes it the cushion section that you have lay that down flat on the board and that you can get long nice draw slices with your Nagi if you trim that you just trim only trim the skin back on the area that you're about to cut that will preserve the kind of the rest of it's a trim back just the area of obviously now that you're not even put that down and then those you can get nice draw slices off but I would not attempt to slice the entire thing as a piece and if you have a quarter cut thing I would not attempt to do the long

Spanish style Cuts because you just don't have that that the length of ham to do it on all right that's why we're here for cooking it should be cooking and cutting issues instant pot issues calling your question as I'm boring my drink order was the gin and tonic the Wenger and thunder nut struggling to recall exact measurements but it was a mango who steno and Louis Royer cognac with sweet vermouth yellow chartreuse lemon lime and Bitters host tiki-style serve tall named after the one and only Nick Wong who for some unknown reason was called Wang Winger

oh yeah the dance we got to have Nick Wong on in the booth have him fly back here just to do the dance at some point all right and I wasn't expecting into it over there but thanks for calling in Happy Thanksgiving we'll be right back with more

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and we are back David said we got a call around here call her I'm here I can't deal with garbage vacuum vacuum sealers anymore I'm trying I'm planning to get a real one this Black Friday nice 300 which day last time I checked I haven't checked recently but last time I checked as a relabeled Mini pack to the polyscience is the vp210 how much is a polyscience 1 760 how much is a comparable small mini pack

how many packs does not come up on Amazon that was one of my questions is it is it is there a name brand on not seen the professional ones like a lot of people have multivax they're really expensive and I 4 years of used Mini pack my question is what kind of pump does the polyscience have in it is it a is it a dry cup dry Pop I am I'm going to I don't have any personal experience no one has ever sent me to evaluate hint a a dry pump vacuum I have always been a very like a very Pro oil pump fellow with my vacuum machines and

but I have only really used professional level vacuum machines before and my only experience with dry pump ones is of the kind of FoodSaver variety which are not good one more quick question here have you ever use any of the Westin

I mean they're truly industrial machines but they're not chamber of Acts of you do you have any experience with those I don't I only you know no I don't but back to the back master I have not used them if it's a probably signed to the dry pump when I haven't used I haven't used that one I am not use the vacmaster but I have spoken to people who like it and I was like chefs who like they sent one to the French culinary after I'd stopped teaching their low temperature sous-vide class and Herve my love are who's with no touching it with you know with with me you know before I left says that he thinks it's fine he thinks it's okay to work with I have not used it and I've never spoken to anyone in depth other than him you know who has a lot of experience with real like oil pump days chamber vacuum

and it so it's hard for me to make a judgment now typically an oil pump machine is going to clock in at $1,500 minimum you know what I mean and so you know it's twice as much money so might near the question is is it twice as good what are you going to what are you trying to do with it you know what I'm saying like what it what is it that you wanted to first of all what is it that you wanted to do right

I feel a lot of different stuff but the thing that just makes me climbing the walls it's when I make sausage and I'm trying to seal it in 4 oz packages

for like to put on things on like pizza and pasta rent units of them

and the cheapos of the cheaper models I get seal 15 quickly and then they start overheating and then it takes eons to get it finished and you got sauce and sitting there getting warm right right yeah yeah wheelbase pumps the more you run them the better they are literally the more you run an oil-based pump the better it gets at sucking a vacuum because they the pump heats up and as it heats up it gets better and better because it gets better at rejecting moisture that's in it so it's just like ya and I am assuming what's happening in in in also at the overheating is as liquids get sucked into a dry pump

they lick like liquids are actually inside the diaphragm area don't get injected well enough and so you reduce your pumping action there and you have to run it even one of those things you have to run for a long time to read dry out the inside of the pub to get like decent fast vacuum levels again but this is my experience with dry pumps and rotary evaporator switch I have a lot of experience with dry pumps and rotary evaporator situation but those dry pumps also have such a lower CFM rating than the oil base pumps do those oil-based pump to strip and rip and rip it feel like if you're going to spend $800

I mean I'm not telling you to go by the hears everything right if you could you get it like a decent like mid-level chamber vac and this is the one thing that I think people don't invest in that said it back when I used to invite professionals on this constantly get a get a machine with to seal bars

bathroom like you can take the seal bar out when you're not using it so that it's not taking up room in your machine but especially if you're doing portion packs imagine if you could seal to packages every time you close the lid how much better would your life be if you can feel things twice as quickly

some of them you can literally feel like to relatively small bags at once so yeah oh yeah so yeah yeah it's a it's a an add-on usually doesn't usually cost that much extra and then when you need the extra space in your machine you just pull the bar out of the back and and you're fine you know it doesn't stop you from bagging soups if you want some of the machines like the Mini pack the one that I use you can also you can reverse it so you can have a super long bag outside of the chamber if you were bagging let's say hey giant striper that you were going to cook or something like that or are you know if you're out and Seattle whatever in the hell salmon whatever they have out there we go to rip open the clothes next week we're going to have a long cooking issues to write Dave or not for Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving gift to you the spins

going to be available on Amazon hopefully by Black Friday spends all his will be on Amazon we're working on it they're flying into the country now but you never you never know we have a bartender question Dan from Chicago about Christmas cocktail since it's for Christmas we'll do it next time and I'll tell you what I did on the way I'll check see if you think you have respect for the wedding or do you want to give it to him yeah I do have that spec it's well if you have it a spends all you're going to need to get a bottle of Louis Royer Cognac and do a hundred and fifty grams of dried mangoes Blended in the cognac spun out to make the the mango whose do you know that we used and then it's a half ounce of yellow chartreuse a half ounce of pineapple syrup would you just one to one pineapple juice and sugar

quarter ounce of carpano Antica and 3/8 of an ounce of lime juice and give that a whip and put it on crushed ice and a highball top with mango but if you guys want more specs we're going to do our Booker and Dax reunions episode if you want Jack to come back on let us know your request maybe he'll notice her come back in here is what I did on the way out I was using a pressure washer so like you know how like you have things that don't fit in your sink likes you. I was using I said what if I use a pressure washer outside cuz I had access to one to clean all my steps I hear a thing sheet pans great I didn't have access to a warm water I'm going to do a warm water pressure washer outside with a hose in a couple of weeks hopefully I'll see how that is but fantastic on the sheet trays do not attempt on your vital prep on your body prep containers like it's kind of a pain the sink full of stuff so do not attempt

and on big stainless steel bowls like big salad bowls like that don't fit in your sink do not have do not attempt to work on pressure pressure washing as a as a warewashing technique and I'll get back to you with more information on cooking issues

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