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Episode 310: "Negroni" Is Singular

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every Tuesday from roughly 12 to roughly like it on 12451 number to Pizzeria in Bushwick but we have a course nastassia the hammer Lopez how you doing good yeah Dad Dad Dave and Booth how you doing Dave through Google new equipment in here oh yeah strange and different have bad or strange and different just rained in different it's new it's new we got we can't be afraid of the new compressing really hard but I'm trying to fix it right away and I guess 80s their big hits in the 80s but yeah I feel like I'm in the song Living In Stereo it sounds like Ric Ocasek I will not I will not make a cassock ugly ugly ugly

Endwell right size for him with that we're back to take your kid to work life. Booker in the in the in the studio I doing books unfortunately it I'm glad to be here but unfortunately it stinks that I can't be independent yet yesterday we spoke to my neurologist do you want to tell everyone what she said there or do you not do want to keep it to yourself and she said she said maybe in January I'll be on my own again now you can't wait right to be independent again you're going to divorce your parents

he's not freaking Hermie from Rudolph depend yeah by the way that's very strong and leave them like you just want to be able to travel on the sound like he like he used to like he can't he like you know he has to be accompanied you know any case he's not in fact at 3 or so cuz I'm going to be sixteen in January when you're 16 the stassia will California girls like you have to be 18 to drive in New York City Matthew from Booker and Dax customer service how you doing

not doing well Duo and we have a Ariel Johnson from I guess from MIT now right

yeah but car has never visited a mighty because he only goes to overhaul when we go up to Harvard man enjoys the Sheraton Commander which is why do you like it because of what the room environment the snack lounge if you're like fried chickpeas in the body that dogs in up to 80 lb but even though major way is 85 they still don't say anything I have two dogs I'm like forget I've been forgetting

listen Booker a little bit but it's all about his not saying anything just forgot anyways the lady the lady in the lobby was very nice

yes she was very understanding but it could have gone the other way you could have gotten someone who is a real stickler for the Rules book or in a jerk and a jerk yes that could have happened I miss you last time you were at Harvard I think I was out of town so you can get to visit questions you may call in your anastacio to hammer Lopez questions you may call in your Booker and Dax customer service questions then that's searzall or spends all the way by the way any update from Amazon so literally they sold over half of their current stock in back orders and they will just ship them

what are they told you Matt

a lot of things we can't we can't we can't sell them because if we sold them we run out so so you know it's not the mystical genie in your sensory and or MIT media lab related or you know you know chromatography labor ecology any of those questions to 7128 we got to call her and just you know interrupt me whatever and we'll figure it out I always do but are we allowed to talk about the thing we just did the other week or not in this fits with the Harvard logo when tasting rums you must change for a hoe go

well Pogo is one word that people use for the kind of funky Taste of funky rhymes with another one Funk yeah but it's not really grass though part of the problem the problem is that we have this word hobo and Funk but it's not a lot of consensus about like what sort of more specific flavors and ran nephews and Smith & cross right Park hotel Huntsville Jamaican around on fire from agricole's right outside of Jamaica things that you assholes that we are asking is is is Funk localized to just one thing or is like grassy Funk adjacent like what is Funk like fuck is just to meet more technically unless you're saying something is fun

in the James Brown Santa by the way. Yesterday was like talking about dancing as I have you seen James Brown's dance moves he was like no I'm like this is this is why your generation is doomed to failure and so I showed him like a bunch of James Brown moves he was like oh my God James Brown is like amazing to like yeah there's that kind of like that funk come from kind of funk meaning stinky but like more of an animal stink more like an armpit he's sweaty Bo civet cat stink is really Technically when you say but like fun it's like animal Funk Barnyard you know what I mean not like

grab me like you know the saying it's like funky funky I don't like funky like logo means rum related like flavors that are hard to describe like Smith & cross in like rain fu rabbit out so if right now the best we can do is Pogo it's funky you know it's like that thing but not like a specific flavor then that's not a very satisfying. Smith & Cross isn't a specific flavor specifically said not valid so if it smells like Smith & cross and it smells like rain and nephew and it smells like rumfire then there's probably some platonic photonic anything remember love is writing Pages philosophy Plato the great writer

love reading that stuff he's completely like you know bat bat poop crazy the world of the cave and everyone is just watching for Jackson's on the cave wall and he has like you believe in a platonic know there is no there is no dog OK is no there is no chair no all models are wrong but some are useful I'm all down down with useful the back of this I was it but that's why people say apricot stone fruit

but okay so take your smile and a glass of wine and it smells like stone fruit like there are sensory perception in common between that glass of wine and a stone fruit and in fact usually chemistry in common between the two yes I agree right by describe it like do you actually anticipates I've seen this happen or someone is like Chanel or do you expect to be like hey this smells like I mean a C4 what's the goal for tasters like that that's what I'm trying to say so the words to me like you want it instructive bartender on how to taste this stuff your liked a Smith & cross tastes ran as you using the word grassy and everyone meaning roughly the same thing when they say grassy is the most useful thing like probably they'll be some texting Alex they smell something grassy right and alcohol

Astro Astro Williams is always playing in the background and it's 6 6 carbon aldehyde is the band has to see whether people could distinguish these things just trying to to see if if Funk and hogo is a driver of separating rooms from each other since they really

I'm still analyzing data so we are in this group of I don't know like whatever is 20/20 show where this tasting thing in Ariel goes there's no wrong way to group these things anyway you want and then when I go to cuz I go that's that's the wrong way you cook those things

is there a way to drink them but you can't have overlapping groups us the way I group them in overlapping groups are distinct you know it's funny but then when I was in grad school studying these techniques one of my professors was saying you know like we like to expert panels and like fun to do but like expert winemakers are sometimes make like the worst panelist cuz they're bad at following instructions yeah yeah somehow wrong and indeed I did yeah that the test the test he likes a nice you did it twice by the way before we leave today because I know it's approaching Thanksgiving so I'm going to go into my pre-thanksgiving Spiel cuz we only have one more show before Thanksgiving we're going to do a show on the Tuesday before we were open so it's up to you

you're Everywhere by redoing a picture of Patrick Henry's birds are they sold all of his bird so much we don't even need to talk about it I don't know I haven't heard from that gun LOL really he's a he's a wall on its should be you should he should be you know armpit deep in Heritage Birds right now and her mom long time over cooker of the heritage heritage Center's so drive all the way to my favorite word meat floss to flavortown flavortown you know what I forget who did a thing on him and then people are giving him garbage for helping me you're doing stuff for like a relief for the hurricane stuff he's apparently like a super nice guy Guy Fieri that everyone who's meet some wants to hate them in his like he's actually like a good guy so God bless him

is flavortown Nestor you know I would love to see him go do something Guy Fieri in Kyoto

train to settle down

Nigerian Guy Fieri meets Randy Savage stuffing yeah settle down yeah Cod sperm posted. She only has like basically flavorless pull up pull up before it hits the bottom of the pot and then like me either like Mega a stock that we serve two are dogs or throw it away Kyoto settle down but anyway have you ever seen the fake menu for guy's American kitchen now it's so if I can't read it out loud without losing my S

yeah anyway so I don't really know much about Guy Fieri's his work but I I mean I appreciate it was first in the movie Madagascar the zebra uses that in in the movie to replace the S word because Alex is about to attack him it's pretty funny that Chris Rock replaced a curse word and she has known for

cursing Chris Rock is a great actor class yesterday or or some crazy Let's Go for Emma Stone and ask her to describe Paul McCartney in one word and she said nice and I said that's the only word you can think of it all. What would you like to talk to anyone like if I go to a class like I asked her that you were in East Asia goes to a classic increase her anger now you're just like yellow and do a lot of rooms for rollover she needs to yell constantly that she's practicing for

all right you want to call yes, you're on the air

yeah can barely hear yet

Atlanta and tell that skid steer behind you to stop backing up messing around all right what's up

all right I'll just calling thanksgiving-related I was thinking of doing some stuffed mushrooms or something or something I want really good recipe as far as that goes I guess I'm a little more edgy or fresh fish light

I haven't thought about stuffed mushrooms in a longtime area you got any stuffed mushroom action going on

I mean like the trick is right is if you whenever I go mushroom I like to go like super duper over-the-top like Mushroom on Mushroom on mushroom so I'll be like making like a you know you can get your dried porcinis and you make like a porcini stock like a hardcore porcini so you'll be good it is to be good what if you did a porcini risotto like like almost like an arancini feeling put it on top and then fried those suckers that delicious right is to cook down so the part of the mushroom that you're going to stuff into or you could just forget the mushroom entirely and just do porcini porcini arancini which by the way sounds with a chopped-up mushroom stuffing in the middle

that is going to be delicious right there that's going to be delicious porcini risotto with like she needed to just do like risotto Styles cook a little bit drier let it set up right and then I would put a little I would make like a trap up like mushroom of your choice not something heavy like a porcini something light like Portobello or even regular buttons cut them up sauteing down into like a nice almost like a duck sounds like you would use on like a beef wellington or something like this and then just like put a little bit of that in the center of the arancini ball take it around you know bread fry and watch everyone go oh my God you're so good so we might as well

my mom used to make that's just totally separate she used to make a a a pumpkin based lasagna so not a red sauce a pumpkin base sauce and so it's it's fundamentally it's like a pumpkin soup with with with ricotta and you know parmigiano and to tighten it up she would toss into the sauce Cavatelli along with the pasta sheets so it wouldn't get too loose it was and that she put mushrooms in so it all ties together squash risotto what kind of fish it off and then with the porcinis and stuff and then top it all off with some crispy chicken skin scan I think people who don't like crispy chicken skin bad they have some issues I have some like you know non-cooking if they have more like mental issues there who don't eat

go to their opinion that is not true Booker everyone is entitled to their opinion opinion that's what you're allowed to say it like if you don't eat chicken skin that's fine you don't even like you're vegetarian like you know whatever you grew up slaughtering chickens for a living and you can't look at me anymore whatever yet you raise chickens for the fighting and you think that using them for food is beneath the chicken break but it's hard to argue that crispy chicken skin is delicious I mean you know what I mean right yeah anyway if you make any of this stuff please. Tweet back on at cooking issues let us know how it worked out with the risotto wine into it as your as your kind of staring at sauteing it if he takes some dried porcinis rehydrate them in the wine and then use the like mushroom line it'll be really good

I'm going to play the part of Nils noren like you know who I used to work with his French Cleaners to ever talk to really knows nor his favorite fun fact was that all of the porcini I can't do a new one or an accident right now I haven't worked out to it but like all of porcinis come from Sweden and then are shipped back to Italy and sold as Italian porcinis to the swedes

I can buy that yeah yeah we used to get like a son in Denmark like wild forage and get marks I fix weed now that all famous yes plus pigs

right and it's flat as flat as a famous there's a famous like a story that sometimes the Swedish police will like pull over a driver in Sweden I no like talk to the talk to the motorist and be like oh man this guy's definitely drunk and then I realize he was just speaking Danish Denmark because they're riding high in a culinary Cloud right now so they can take it you who just called your height is mushroom who is he whose call johanns to do this mushrooms and she crazy crazy country can't believe it that exists all right so let's get to some other cooking stuff I said okay no information on this year's all other than that Amazon has quite enough of them and help nastase how many do we have on the water

but they're not searzall on the water in but there not okay spinzels we still have benzos in stock and in modernist Pantry so you can get him there and then hopefully by the Thanksgiving time will have them on Amazon who the heck knows right we're supposed to get another five to six hundred and by the end of the year I was doing some spinzall work yesterday on you ready for it Dary in I was spending some variance it has a horrible stench so I've said this before on the air that I had this kind of amazing moment years ago when I made a durian Custard in a pressure cooker that strictly by accident so dirty in speaking of funk animal-based Funk right animal light Photon fruit-based yeah but with a note it it's up at the fruit that smells like it's got an animal a thing to yeah right sell for

house in the case of dirty and I think right and so as as everyone who thinks about this nose like sulfur compounds very reactive weird things happen right in generalities very reactive yes yes so that's why when you pressure cook things that have sulfur compounds them they change radically often they mellow so mustard seeds mellow onions all aliens completely mellow out in the in the pressure cooker well-known fact it happens and so what is it you know what I want pressure cook the Dorian because I owe this smells like it's so furry stuff let me throw them during into the pressure cooker and the issue is dirty and is so thick that it and stinky yes that it Cooks down and a caramel I literally caramelize is not like in the Maya and not in the my arts and slide because the temperature actually gets hired there you go to sleep I realised a turn to sugar turns brown

okay so I was like okay I'm going to do it now that I have the spins all I'm going to try to clarify the durian so it doesn't Scorch when you're reducing it and so I went and bought a dairy and which by the way they're expensive are super expensive super expensive I got a 500 grams of Pulp out of like a how much did that way before that there in that we bought

5 lb but it seems way heavier because of the spikes so I open the durian and immediately book

and I start blending the durian Pope if I weigh durian is so during has like some sort of stuff in it that makes it incredibly custody it like it's amazing custardy texture so it didn't break at all tonight added some water to it and still didn't break out so I'm blending it in poker

and then I throw it into this pencil and start spinning it and Booker's like and he was actually cursing I told him specifically beforehand we were talking about the durian that he was not allowed to curse on the air because it's a family show but what were you saying without using person is booking what you saying about the durian yesterday

I was like it's instincts in here and he was like he's like he's like I want to go get nose clips and it's anyway so then

then this guy knocks on my door and he's like we're looking and I'll pay some of those either don't know my building has been without gas because like some idiot put a screwdriver through the main gas line to the building like you know a couple of months ago and once you put a cat once you ruin the gas line they shut off gas to the whole building and then they have to check every individual line branch in fixture individually before they turn it back on a resident of this or a worker worker 20 floors each bank right so it's big building and so it took them it I don't even know if they started its weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks weeks to get the permit right because someone's got to stamp the permit and then they have to test everything so we might be potentially still are months away from having gas so this guy comes to the door

he's like a some ways complaining and it might be a gas leak up here I was like I like and I know I went back into my New York mode some like gas leak there's no gas in the whole building there's no gas How can there be a gas leak he's like oh yeah maybe they meant over there in the in the other building and he leaves I like my wife she's like oh my God it was so bad when I was spending the stuff at night that is so bad to spray the stuff at night that Jen literally woke up like the stench woke her up from a sound sleep and she came out to try to like find out what the hell we hell is going on in in our apartment and I hear is the messed up part so it turns out during and has some sort of pertinacious something in the Jews even went to treat it with SPL

where to sell fur stuff is what makes us tick I don't know but the smell itself is probably not a protein Booker but the I don't know what it is to be honest it could be there you go well yeah that's why you should bring a real scientist now me to talk so mean I get it I very strong that's is that your first chemistry joke who is Riley saying like father like son yeah anyway I wish I could come over some like that so here's the point so it didn't clarify very well so I pressure cook the juice that was left over and unfortunately the gaskets in my Coon Recon are gone and so it it leaks steam a little bit and it reduced over the 45-minute pressure cooking and I when I opened it it had characteristic

spotting like you get when you pressure cook milk which means it is a protein there's a protein in it that clouded together 15in yeah form like a raft almost like a you know like you know those milk cookies that that goes like milk protein like when you cook down like NES milk and a really good caramelized dirty and juice that I kill the funk on but it was a little over a little burnt it was maybe like you know when you take something like and you take it 5 degrees too high and it just takes a little bit burnt so it's like still okay but it's like I wish it wasn't that like that then I took the darien puree put it that was left over from the spinning which was very smooth obvious he goes and spends all then I pressure cook that in a container in water and it kill the smell and it was actually quite good Brown as much because it was introducing it was in a water bath so preliminary

translate when you open the new bar Dave how the hell you going to do this every once you can't cook durian in your freaking out about the my goal is to have I want to make a durian old fashioned so if you take the kind of like nice fruity notes of a durian and remove enough of the offencive kind of fun stuff since it's not off-putting which the sheriff is not but still characteristic leader in if you can do that would make a fantastic like old-fashioned with like a pineapple garnish like they are like it you take like ale infusion into pineapple garnish that with like a whiskey old fashioned with Dorian so everybody wins because no one will step foot in your freaking bar if it's not even I

was like my eyes were watering with the Statue little that I was like man cuz when it's spinning right when it's spinning when your blending it your Vata lies and all that stuff and when you're spinning your bottle eyes and all that stuff so anyway cuz my Darien and Booker was like I need clothes pins dad to shut my nose you're but you're not being very what's the word understanding where you Booker

but I promised I wouldn't swear on the radio to hold back anyway

I'm good how are you guys good excellent thank you I have a question for you making a drink with peach infused why it was that about change and holding -5 Celsius in the freezer and it's getting cloudy after how long

immediately or are or wait two weeks and then cuz you're trying to be reasonable size volume boost right variety pet connects and then typically I have inscribed re clouding in spun Liquors to a couple of things in in protein Bay sings It's typically protein aggregation so protein that is solubilized like whey protein for instance will aggregate overtime in the presence of alcohol lose its solubility and clock out and then settle right sewing milk washing situation that's typically what's going on that's not what's going on in this situation because there's not that much protein in the peach

spin out when your spitting it out I think what's happening is dried like fully dried fruits like peaches fully dried fruits like apricots have so much pectin in them that even during the spin out I think there's probably some residual packed in pectin is also unstable in the presence of alcohol and overtime will join to create a haze or a cloud I've had that happen making like bitters right for like citrus peel right so what I would recommend is hit it with that connects again and that should kill any of the residual unless it's a must have been function lie so much of the picnic and Tackle anymore and then see whether it settles out on you if it settles out I would say it's most likely effect in Hays that most likely I mean I don't remember whether or not so I'm going to talk about it again later but

synthetic winch problems yet probably little bit more about it than pectin and alcohol is very interesting and you know it's a well-known test of pectin that it will it will a navigate in jail in the presence of alcohol I don't know frankly with the temperature relation is on the freezer is Excel text me I assume it is accelerating gets colder yeah and if it's actually Frozen you'll be like preferably freezing the water and the pack will be more exposed to the alcohol I could definitely

also remember in a brown So when you say it Hayes's when it warms backup is it on Hays or is it Stay Cloudy when it warms back up so that is a oak polyphenol phenomenon probably so all brown Liquors when they're over chilled Hayes and then when they warm up the unCloud so chill filtering works yeah so and it could be that the combination of the peach and the things somehow clouds at a different temperature than just regular Manhattans alone but I used to at the bar use as a visual indication of the correct drinking temperature that it went it goes from being cloudy back to being clear and that corresponds not because of a physics reason but just because it happens to correspond to the proper that the coldest proper temperature at which I'll serve in Manhattan

I also like if your if your freezer is -5 that's a very special freezer you're using a Dipper like an ice cream Dipper fries or something like that cuz most most freezer is going to be rocking around minus 20 Celsius is minus 5 shouldn't Cloud -5 should still be not cloudy so it's it's interesting to me that it could be interesting to me that that happened to could be like some combination of the open the I mean they're different phenomena I don't know mean Ariel know much better whether those phenomenon have any sort of interaction packing hazing versus the polyphenol like the Oakwood it was it I don't know what really is there you go

anyway I'm larger complexes at McLeod at a higher temperature

I'm not sure I know that they interact with protein but like that's how it's going to work I would have to look into that for you remember the old detergent add protein Gets Out protein protein this detergent had protein in presumably some sort of enzymatic protein guess I'll protein like that has meaning that's like you seen this there's a there's this advertising I forget what it's for I don't know what to say it's like the moderate to severe plaque psoriasis cuz I have no idea I can't keep track of all the medicines that are advertised on TV today it's always moderate-to-severe something modern and they're like six is greater than one we act on 6th Ames the other one that's on 16 by the way greater than one that's why I love advertising that's like written by people have no idea what's going on with the actual product I love advertises written by people that have no understanding of the underlying action of what they're doing don't you love it by the way

Nick Devlin is our comsol and RR difference are partial differential equation modeling expert did you know that

Xbox pushing it but then a physics person he's a sustainable energy house person but trying to make their trying to make with my wrong most. Most people try to go to high-tech when they're doing that don't don't just do the simple things to make your house more efficient than what you told me yes yes I think so many pretty functionally asleep so it probably looked as though because I was just kind of like sitting erect but I was in fact absorbing information by the way that's the only function that I have on Earth is I absorb information and then later can spit it back out so anyway yeah so for those of you that are like you know thinking about spending a zillion dollars on whatever system to make your house more efficient you probably haven't done a simple stuff

I might by the way the same thing with cooking I'll have it when you were talking about hitting it again with that connects do you think in the diluted state or when I figured out the first time and then hit that guy my PEC tendon or just wait till today to see what happens or just the booze on its own cloud see a small amount of Hays okay to me that the that the booze on its own does not Cloud leaves me closer to the the

the oak base stop being the problem because the clouding on an oak based liquor gets worse and worse at lower temperatures when it's more and more diluted up to a point because that those those tanning things that I don't know what the hell they are that area was talking about are less soluble in water and I'm an alcoholic and so they have a tendency to complex more in the well reversibly, whoever the hell is doing the Macon Cloud up in the freezer at dilution than pure that's why you can stick a bottle of bourbon in the freezer and it's or rye in the freezer and it's fine and then once you make a Manhattan and put it in the freezer the clouds I don't it's of the booze doesn't do it on its own

sounds like maybe the pectin is making it happen at a slightly warmer temperatures in otherwise way but it sounds like you're really at a temperature based reversible temperature based issue that has to do with the oak my gas but it was packed in a tour before Technics either before or after and just see I would just do a small intestine and see it's a real hassle to have to re-spin stuff but empiricism always comes theory yes that's true and that also goes back to what we're saying about how people don't do the easy stuff same thing happens in cooking people like all these complex theories and is Nastassja says just go in the kitchen and do it why don't you just do it why you asking me all this theoretical why you still cook it see what happened so many times

how do I take a break take a break come back with more cooking issues

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and we're back we got we got Booker we got Matthew say something between the mics

so to mix between a question in from Kyle rights in about a cocktail aging before we leave a little bit of time with spicy be low temp method of mimicking the effects of cocktail aging really started tinkering with the concept with mixed results unaware that Tony Conigliaro has been doing this technique for many years and were recently has produced a line of bottled Negroni what do you think about using the growney as its own plural their bottled Negroni wooden American would say negronis Negroni okay well yeah but Italian lady in the Sasha likes the last name

but if it was a Negroni family Italians would still say what does my other once a singular well maybe you should come up with a daughter that she was me wonder Grody isn't Agro know and I'll have one with my Panino when I go to Harvard right me to anyone who says pinito by the way what are your thoughts on that I would like a penny no

actually two years I resisted using whatever Starbucks Starbucks was trying to tell me to order their sizes I would I would always say I would like a small I was at my classical with cuz I only really get espresso so I get I was like I will have a double espresso they like doppio double doppio double and both of us would just stand in silence staring at each other and the coffee would appear but no one would give up I feel like their situations where you're technically right but you're a jerk because you're wasting the time of a person who is underpaid to deal with you I don't do it in crowded places apparently you were time because they use their vocabulary

but I don't want to be forced into some stupid purse while they're all Americans like you know what I mean like I don't want to be forced into using some say that the chopper delay argue with you about psych right there he's like I come up she's like please not please not he's not have a double a fat guy espresso

Ethiopia right now she has to go through it a little worse for her but the Lord give me strength question what is your feeling on allowing yourself to get the Starbucks Corporation has made a made a decision you don't enjoy right you're not so you're not so angry about it that you won't have in your cash but you don't like it right you're only point of interface is with this person so she is bearing the brunt of it but I mean who else you supposed to do

write a letter tweet at them tweet Airlines when you were like delayed or there's some other problem will usually respond to these days I mean it's a it's a greater problem of like the what did you say to them I understand this is not your problem and you're just saying what you have to say but I will only say double

and don't say I understand that but I have to say that a double espresso and she says doppio espresso and you both know what each other is talking about you can be like okay with that if you're in Montreal and like you're speaking English to McClure and they're speaking French back at you and you both speak like slowly enough that you know what the other is saying but neither of you is like such a jerk you're going to insist that one that's when the other way you're like you're like a diplomat here I like it I like it very all the diplomats in the brownies remember where we started aging negronis remember everyone remember where we started Tony has produced a line of bottled Negroni that have undergone General circulation at low temperature for an unspecified amount of time to Ideal either producing more mellow and subtotal subtil settle settle down we're going to settle down settle beverage do you have any suggestions as to time and temperature for circulating stirred and are built cocktails

when the intent is to mimic the effects of classic bottle age of my life Bill cocktail shouldn't age that much because you haven't really changed the proof appreciably and you're not adding any wine based stuff so they don't think of changes radically a built cocktails not going to change his radical unless the syrup is fruit base or has something it's going to move right so like certain things move and certain things don't move like a straight edge distillates that are just distillates that have been aged 10 after they've been bottled to move not very much so it's true that I'm very much maybe they move but not a lot I mean we're as things that have anything that is anything it's still reactive like fruits or any non distillate bass stuff you know that they tend to move when they're in a bottle and can be changed by the temperature with their store the time at which their store the oxygen level above the bottle about blah blah blah blah

do we have any times temperatures also do you leave some air in the bag when circulating too loud for mild oxidation or pull a vacuum and remove all are my first attempt was I believe it to lower temperature to shorten the duration to produce notable noticeable results within 48 see my second trial is too high because the bag ballooned up and I was concerned about a popping a 58cm really shouldn't balloon a58 any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated Kyle so first of all like eating

what there's wine in a Negroni so I would imagine that heating it is going to produce more maderized oxidized kind of notes and the actual what do you think yes but we need any suggestions as to time or temperature is it like that

and what do you think the primary thingamajiggy is with the with the bottle agency sing the primary like axis of change yes

and do you like four seated already someone oxidized yes but we all know what happens to remove when you like it run peanut peanut e flavor of light oxidize Martini & Rossi like the classic crappy oxidized over use vermouth peanut paste I want to say I hide but that's about right yeah yeah it's nasty I don't like it yeah do you like it not really and it's turning me off of Martini & Rossi which other people seem to still like that the growing up with that kind of half-open crap bottle up and ruin the whole that whole thing for me but so that you will you still agree that the main axis of changes the vermouth Campari moves in the presence of acid

I know this for a fact like in the presence of acid Campari get much more intensely better over time now not that much acid present it's just the acid that fruit acid from the vermouth red but what are your thoughts on Forest temperature aging and wines

who does a people so there's a famous guy whose Name Escapes me because he was famous in the 1980s who had an amazing Wine Cellar and his wine cellar was always at a fairly constant but high temperature and his argument was that his wines just age faster than people who store their Wines in normal seller temperatures in the trailer to side by sides fade faster in the Caribbean then scotches do in Scotland and yeah it's cold in Scotland but and white and why you can have a longer aged Scotch then you can a bourbon other apartments also Newark Barrel so smart track is the double whammy for every 10 Mi people join us but 10 degrees Celsius raisin temperature will double the rate of

chemical reactions that are happening yeah meaning roughly right on that order on that order the same time that you can't you can't you can't Speed Shift most cooking things cuz they're too complicated cuz the rates don't there's a hundred percent all increase but not to the same degree Fandango and that's why I also when you're doing infusions when you change the overall infusion rate you change the you change the resultant because things don't scale like infusion rates of different compounds don't scale linearly with pressure with temperature with solvent

anyway my point is if you like it do it if you don't like it don't do it

hey we're going to the antivirus talk Thanksgiving Road in a while ago with a bunch of other questions but he was interested in doing low temperature evaporation and ask about freeze freeze thaw concentration somewhere with them with Applejack and I went to Cuisine Solutions you know Bruno Gusteau's company the seven craving are they the new guy the guy you know is like in low temperature isn't he he has his new think not newborns cry oh concentration we're on purpose they're doing free still on there spitting it out in things like salad spinners and what not and they're doing freestyle concentration on on stuff up to a fairly High Brix an equivalent to Freestyle agar clarification or freeze thaw

are fries. Gelatin clarification because your ex preferential extracting the stuff out that melts purse would you like me to watch ice one yeah right but within an alcohol-based I think the analogy that they use is when you buy an icy or slushy or Slurpee and you stick your straw in the bottom just keep on a sucking without stirring you end up with white ice and all of that syrup in your mouth so anyway so yes you could have text I would look up cryo conservation on the Cuisine Solutions website is Thanksgiving religion or is about to be out there thinking about what you're going to do for Thanksgiving take into consideration this idea to turkey's two turkeys to turkey's two turkeys one turkey know how many turkeys are you know

do turkeys first of all the next. Chavez is that big turkey's they are more difficult to cook two small turkeys properly because they're just it's still had the way the physics works and it take longer but you can cook with one if you're going to cook a cook a small side bird whole much easier to get a small turkey to be decently done and we can talk about that later whether it's brining that just a breast by injection weather slow tempo whatever you need to bring a whole bird to the table because hello kinds of reasons because of America but then you break it down into small pieces and you chicken fry it

right and you can cut them into the same size that you chicken fry and then you have a basket of chicken fried turkey if you wanted to you could pan off or Cacciatore roast individual whatever but Break Apart 1 turkey and serve it piece-by-piece cook it exactly the way it wants to be cooked or rather the way you wanted to be cooked but too expensive acacian and then just do a smaller hole Roseburg you bring to the table and you know what everyone will be happy the rose bird they can eat for for leftovers on turkey sandwiches which is kind of what God wants you to do with the turkey anyway cuz there's your sandwiches are sold more Thanksgiving questions but take that advice when you're planning this year cooking issues

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