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Episode 31: Torch It!!!

Fisher's Fish vodka hello and welcome to cooking issues here on the Heritage Radio Network on cooking issues and we're here with Miss Tosha to Lopez Hammer just phone back for Miami Justice Morning Call in all of your questions to install to give the number 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128, Hammer the nastasha Lopez huh I know for the next 45 minutes or so today is the episodes brought to you by Hearst Ranch horse ranches the nation's largest single Source Supply are free-range all-natural grass-fed and grass-finished beef since 1865 which is a long time ago that his family is race cattle On The Ritz sustainable native grasslands of the central California coast the result has beef with extraordinary flavor that is memorable and natural as a surrounding landscape for more information go to dub we've had their beef and it's quite good writing so we actually I got back yesterday for yesterday we were at the Miami South Beach Food and Wine Festival I was doing a thingamajig for the Liberty Science Center which is having an exhibition on cooking which is going to open up in the fall of the science of cooking which is going to be very interesting Chris Young from the new modernist cuisine cookbook was I doing it with me and we were basically fluffing for the Food Network stars and I like a Guy Fieri and Rachael Ray and Tyler Florence and you are the Ace of Cakes and we're coming out to do a show for the kids and their parents and we would sit there and do some some science questions fluffing up a little bit we had a bunch of little kid asks about the liquid nitrogen and I had a kid asked me if agar agar with a chemical also Jackson asked me that question I got to go off on one of my favorite tangents about how well you know a cow is a baguette

does eccentric cetera but the most important part of the entire thing was that we got to visit some rare fruit Fruit Place is tropical fruit places in the south Florida to

those of you that know me know I'm kind of a temperate fruit nut and a stash and I have gone sampled pairs at the account the Brookdale couple hundred varieties varieties of apples at the Geneva Station to Station up in Upstate New York sample a whole boatload of mustache and I did Citrus almost a year ago at the gene Lester's Ranch out in Watsonville California couple hundred varieties they're only chasing a hundred though we've never done full on Hardcore tropical fruit south of Miami right at the very tip of Florida and South Gate there are two places we visited that are simply amazing where the visit one of them is the Fairchild Fairchild has been a garden for a long time that has many many different varieties DeStorm a different rise of tropical fruit Citrus and otherwise we visited not their show Garden but they're kind of actual Tree Garden

unfortunately most stuff you want to taste their like mangoes and Jack fruits are in season right now so we're going to have to go back and we are going to go back Christian and Anastasia Harold McGee and I are going back to their in July drive to Mango festival and we're going to we're going to eat mangoes until we die or the kicks out of the park one of the two and Jackfruit because they also have I think like 75 ride is a jackfruit which were going to do you know eat until we're all jacked up as they say but the second place that you need to visit less well-known in South Dade is the fruit and spice Park the Miami-Dade County fruit and spice Park and we had an amazing tour of that place and they have you just paid but on with the entrance fee is not that much you pay you go in and you can take it to her if you want and you just eat a Preposterous amount of the month the craziest tropical fruit so other stuff that we hadn't season I think if one called add Chipotle, sounds like chupacabra but it's not it's too potent Kava and if they look like little grapes but they taste musky and they grow on the actual bark of the tree so the

little tree shrub trees growing there and it in the little gray things are growing right on the bark and it tastes like a grape with a little bit of a musket has another one really amazing one is canistel can I sell a car like almost like a similar to the Loo, which is the their fruit that's a famous in Peru that I've had chipped up kind of preserve which I didn't like at all because it's not that stuff that we were given that we didn't like it all. I think that preserve stuff from was it Peru or Chile that we were given yeah I think that was a sweet potato is and kind of an egg custard e fruit mazing stuff and it makes it fantastic ice cream if you're in a Whole Foods in South Gate by the way you should go to get Gabi gabi's ice cream she makes amazing ice cream with both Candice Dale and the next thing about to tell you about witches black sapote black sapote they call it the chocolate pudding fruit and you cut it in half and Stark and it looks kind of like chocolate pudding but it's super creamy and makes us

it makes an amazing ice cream you like ice cream right decision was very good ice cream please if you're ever in South Dade go visit the fruit and spice park and if you're from Miami and you never been to the fruit and spice Park you should just jump out of your window right now if you spending all of your time like you know being all pumped and tan on South Beach like a moron you should get out of there and go to the fruit and spice park that's a lot more rewarding I have to say the whole Southeast thing not my style. You can stash it did you enjoy the actual South Beach last week's show I was in Seattle actually Bellevue Washington at the lab of Nathan myhrvold the Microsoft billionaire food nut who along with Chris Young and you know if 13 other people have the past four or five years been totaling a toiling away at the modernist cuisine cookbook which I believe is just released now actually

shipping now from so you and about 450 of your closest friends that means for her $50 can go on Amazon and purchase you know that modernist cuisine which is I think six volumes of me like that you know and I know some of the stats from visiting them it weighs 40 lb chain of 4 lb of it is I think it's got like you know the greatest ink ever made there's only two factories on Earth are too pretty houses on Earth they can do the printing the date that they can do anyway it's amazing cookbook so I flew out there to Seattle to have a dinner at Nathan's lab and it was really it was awesome awesome experience so we probably will probably blog about it if I ever have time remember for those of you that are angry at me for not writing my blog post starting tomorrow I'm contractually obliged to have a post a week so you know we had that question

show me wait so I'm sitting there at the place and the taxi was supposed to come take me to the airport I missed missed didn't come so came like 20 minutes late had a problem in security miss my airplane back to New York by 1 minute and slept in the Seattle Airport because I was too pissed off entire to actually go back to anyone's or anyone's house or anything like that I later found out that all of our friends had stayed on at the dinner and party til 4 a.m. while I was busy being pissed off at the airport but there you have it so and I believe him said what's going on in preserved lemons what is it that causes them to you know be preserved what is it's probably is it bacterial or whatever and I didn't know the answer I was seeing wholehearted Neil hopeful on stopped and the answer in the name of the person who called in but the answer is yeast so I looked online for it and it is a couple strains of yeast that are involved in The Preserve lemons that can survive the saltiness of that involve

and give The Preserve lemons their characteristic flavor eyes and conferred with Harold McGee when I saw him out at the when I saw him out at the at the Nathan myhrvold dinner and he agreed that yet he'd heard that was easy to make sense to him so that's the answer it is it yeast okay on to the first of this week's questions

Josh from Somerset England rights and he says I was very interested in your take on rapid infusion on the cooking issues site what I'd like to know is can they see what it what are we supposed to say is i r e c u c can the EZ soda siphon be used to do the technique instead of the Whipper quite simply I wanted both for a long time but can only really justify getting one or the other because of money in space excetera what are the advantages and disadvantages is it best to use a 1 liter or a half liter for home use and he he thumps up up and says the technique of Genius I wish I could turn the fundraiser discover more things like this keep up the good work thank you very much for the kind words and if you can only buy one in fact that you can only buy two just kept that just get the whippers I wouldn't bother getting the the soda siphons the soda siphons are really specialized and most the time when we're doing first soda siphons have a very thin neck so it's hard to get a lot of stuff into them second of all soda siphons they draw from the bottom so really they're only good if you're like a big Three Stooges

man and you like to spray people in the face with Seltzer or if you're going to keep the Seltzer in the bottle for a long time and keep it in the fridge most of the techniques we do I'm pouring all of the stuff out right away and I find that you can actually lose quite a bit of the carbonation as you spray out through the spray head on a on one of those siphons so for a number of reasons even if I was going to carbonate with one of those things I would never carbonate with the soda siphon I actually carbonate with the with the with the whip with the Whipper the only difference is that you know you have to shake it more to get the CO2 in right if you really wanted to it want to make it act more like a soda siphon as you put the cartridge and you can hold it upside down and then the CO2 would rock it through the drink as it goes up which is basically all that the only thing that was soda siphons the competition for you soda siphons also hard to clean so I would only buy whippers I would even carbonate like I say if you were going to carbonate in one of those which I don't really recommend but if you're going to do that out of carbonate in the Whipper so I would I would buy only whippers I think they're just a superior Superior

Supreme Clippers or the half liter for home use it because you're going to do a lot of drinks then I would get there and you're going to carbonate them I would get the leader if you're going to be doing a lot of Rapid infusion just going to go through a couple more Chargers either that or you're going to have to infuse into more product if you have if you have the leader one so you know you write all of our recipes for the half liter ones because we're doing lots of tests and they don't scale exactly so you can use either one but just be aware that if you use a leader whipper with a smaller amount of product in it you're going to have to probably throw an extra charger into it so you going to have the expense of using extra charges if you're using the leaders opposed to half liter but both will work waiting waiting by that Joshua says PS

I love James Brown as much as the next guy but surely you've got another CD you can play well it's interesting you should say that josh because someone else emailed just the same week and said that they enjoy the James Brown because it's exactly in sync with their treadmill as they're listening to the podcast so now I've got for and against on the James Brown I could come up with a different James Brown song Perhaps or I could I could possibly move to something a little less funky like a Merle Haggard something like this I'm not sure what it what are your thoughts and stuff should we stick with the James Brown I didn't know we were allowed to change our our middle C maybe we're not allowed to change our theme music but we can change our middle music I don't know what do you think what you thought any thoughts

o dark thirty this morning and she's pounding coffee as we speak trying to text all the people that were texting her when she's on the plane and like in in superspace land so I have to answer her questions for her because she looks to be frank stoned anyway okay show and I don't know I assume that's a last name Cho rights in the first name Joe okay show rights in and it in all caps by the way so she really wants an answer what temperature should I poach an egg at Joe this is us I'm assuming you have an immersion circulator which I'm sure most of our listeners know immersion circulator something that keeps the temperature of water exactly accurate you can buy one at Williams-Sonoma we love them excetera excetera so what temperature you should cook the egg to really depends on what you're looking to do that if the lowest temperature we ever cook an egg to is 62 degrees Celsius which is 143 1/2 in Fahrenheit land and that is a runny poached egg okay

so that's like you know you're going to put on eggs benedict whatever you cook it in the shell for an hour you can actually get away with 45 minutes but you know you cook in an hour and then after that hour you drop the temperature down to like 60 or 59 degrees and then you can sit there for hours and hours and hours and then when the time comes you just crack the egg out and the thin white separated from the thick white and you have a perfectly poached egg if you're going to serve as is and you wanted to look a little more that white to look a little brighter white and well done you can put it through simmering water at on its way out to servicenow

that is going to be 95% of all the eggs you do if you want a little bit cream here in the inside you don't want it running then you cook it to 63 degrees Celsius which is 145.5 for an hour on the. And then you lower the music for large eggs large chicken eggs can you lower the temperature down to 68 again and that is a creamy egg yolk is still run by its very very creamy good for consummate if you want just set but still very soft and creamy 64 Celsius is 147 Fahrenheit is what you should go if you want also for an hour if you want something that is kind of like a hard-boiled egg but not then I would have put it in simmering water for like 4 minutes 5 minutes something like this then put it into 70 degrees Celsius water 158 Fahrenheit for about an hour and the yolk will be perfectly yellow and creamy it won't smell like an older cook egg and you'll have a perfect hard boiled egg

if you want a interesting thing are Beatties who writes a lot of books on the science of cooking all of them I think bad and wrong he and by the way Tisa spelled this if you're looking for a r i t e s in the Google write this cuz that's how he spells his name are ventis has written and said that the 65 degrees Celsius is 149 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect kind of poached eggs because and this just goes to show you how little he thinks about things he puts his eggs in the experiment he put his eggs and what he calls a very highly calibrated oven now anyone who's ever cook an egg in a circulator knows that 65 degrees Celsius is not a is not a runny egg and because there's evaporative cooling out of the egg shell in fact you can use it so you can do my yard reaction humming eggs in the oven by cooking them in the shell in the oven and as they evaporate the alkalinity of the egg goes up and they go out and to go Browning reactions

the oven even without a pressure cooker so the evaporative cooling alone is enough to drop the temperature of the exits cooking by about two or three degrees to get a runny egg yolk and so are a tease chew on that one in fact he did a demo the French Culinary Institute 5 years ago and he he had to set up a bunch of circulator to cook eggs and he said all of these eggs are off and the reason is because he did all this initial test in an oven just goes to show you what he knows anyway. Let's go to our first commercial break calling all your questions to set 71872 on that 718-497-2128

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hello and welcome back to cooking issues calling your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 so are the email question came in and said that when I when I was in Seattle did I get a chance to visit armandino Batali salumi place and where do I rank him in kind of American ham producers not the question so armandino Batali is in fact Mario Batali's dad he was a really thin case because he he used to be a chemical engineer I believe at Boeing but I can't remember I interviewed him a number of years ago for an article I was doing on house cured meats at 4 food art magazine and he is a scientist is very like very keyed into safety and proper techniques and a tenant in a guy that I've only ever had his products at

at the summit alley restaurant I had didn't get a chance to go there when I went out I wish I'd had the time I was basically I would have been in and out had I made my airplane instead I was in and stayed stayed over unfortunately in the airport so I didn't get a chance to try basically any of the really interesting places out there with the exception of Nathan myhrvold was quite interesting so I don't really wish I had more more to say on it the one thing I will say is just as far as I can tell and I've never had his famous lamb prosciutto either but as far as I can tell he's not doing an american-style product he's doing more of an italian-style product and so I wouldn't I wouldn't try to rank him alongside of American Producers that you know like Sam Edwards or Allen Benton or financing a happy with Nancy Mahaffey is from Colonel newsom's ore in a people of that of that nature or like a finch Hill Farms me they these are what I considered American products are making American country hams

which I consider to be fundamentally different from European style products do you know the the temperature that there that they're done at is is different American hand that typically age should a much higher temperature after they go to their Equalization process so I wouldn't I wouldn't come together but next time I go out to see how I will be sure to have something else be sure to go to the site and have a whole boatload of armandino Batali products I'm interested in cooking steak sous-vide but I have a question on steering method it is obviously possible to use a super hot Skillet grill or Broiler you forgot deep fryer which is my favorite way to do it to Sierra but what about a blowtorch a focus points can reach a much higher temperature than any of the other techniques many more pink inside increase BMR caramelized outside of when you say caramelized I'm assuming you mean my yard because it's not actually caramel but you know we all say

I'm just saying in case anyone to stickler in case Jeffrey steingarten ever listen to this will call Up and Scream if I don't say that so intense it's the only reason I'm saying it might be even nicer Dimensions 1/3 Advantage is that Siri Siri is taking place before the water bath in a more shallows hearing that would cause the me to contract less opening the way for non-traditional cuts of meat and this comes in from Justin okay now we also says they could use some welding equipment and if so what kind of welding equipment would you use I hear my thoughts on torches first of all of course we see before and after in the reason we see her both before and afters we see her before it kill some of the bacteria on the outside temperature cooking by the way so you cook something to that to the temperature you want it so if I'm cooking a steak 230 degrees Fahrenheit I have a water bath 230 degrees Fahrenheit make the steak is perfectly cooked all the way through it means great technique typically I would sear it beforehand to start cross development starts labor development kill back to

show me outside by the time it comes out of the water bath are the crust is gone and so you see it again to put a nice crust on it the trick is when your steering it as I Justin says you need a very high temperature because you don't want to overcook the meat so the way I usually do that is by dropping the temperature of the bath a bunch so if I'm cooking in 55 I'll drop the bath to 50° Celsius for like 30 minutes before I sear it so that I dropped the whole temperature down Anna and I can see her really hard without overcooking the meat that's in general how I accomplished it

here are my thoughts on torches in general first of all I wouldn't go in use if you mean by welding equipment straight up acetylene I wouldn't use acetylene because of your mix is not exactly for sure settings ridiculously hot absurdly hot there's a famous guy when when they were building the Spirit of St Louis you know Lindbergh's airplane the guy at Ryanair Ryan with a company that built the spirit of st. Louis he used to cook fish with a acetylene torches on pieces of aluminum by all accounts they tasted god-awful like fuel I have never cooked with acetylene how do I have it towed somewhere at the I haven't fired up you set an alarm my feeling is acetylene probably wouldn't be a good call now the commercially most people use propane and butane torches the problem is propane and butane torches is that if unless you have a special source of the gas they add odorants things that smell to them so you can smell if there's a leak right and typically they're adding either methyl more

captain or ethyl mercaptan or some group of mercaptans also known as like misamis an acai all there sulfa containing compounds you can smell and very my new quantities if they're not completely combusted right they tend to stink up your product and yet have what we call torch taste right now the more that there is on a on a product write the more you can smell the torch to the things that aren't very fatty tend not to pick up a lot of storage space but things that are high in fat 10 to pick up a lot of the torch taste now there are two ways you can get rid of torch taste you can either use a gas it doesn't have any of these odor in the number to kind of hard to find that's why a lot of pipe pipe lighters and cigar lighting butane they're very clean butanes does butane torches 10 to smell less because they I think I have little less of that product in them the other thing you can do is make sure that your torch has complete combustion so some torches are much better than others that completely combusting most of the Torches that we use in our in our house is like the propane torches aren't

so you get a lot of a lot of first taste you can take and fire that torch through a grid heat up the grid and then that will basically enhance the combustion of these things and cause you not to have a torch taste but it can't we use a chinois but it tends to ruin your chinois so I had some nichrome wire and that also work then you got to go buy some nichrome wire Chris Young of the modernist cuisine cookbook I was asking him about it he uses MAPP gas m a p p gas I don't know if they had an order into it or not but not gas can be purchased at Home Depot it's a lot hotter now if you want to go really balls out on this right I have you the roofing torch with a propane tank as a searing device as a test the problem with a roofing torch

is a roofing torch will light your whole Kitchen on fire if you're not if you're not careful but I was able to get a complete enough combustion with a roofing torch I said I had no no torch taste I Scorch the entire work service that the thing was on it was hard to get an even Quest on it but I did get it to work so first of all that's the first problem you have towards taste the second problem is is that I think certain mired reactions you don't want it to two hot I haven't been able to run experiments yet to figure out what the maximum heat that you wanted but I don't think that the my our products you get from a hyper-intense heat like a torch are the same as the ones you get from a more normal kind of the heat so I don't think that it's the same and also you don't really want I just a thin layer of black on the outside of a product for real crunchy like really crunchy crispy crust you need a certain depth of crunchy crust formation and if you did that with a tour if you have to either be very very gentle or you

basically incinerate the top while you were getting that that thickness of crust that you wanted I also tend to find that torching is really uneven in terms of its distribution so even though theoretically and get all the pieces evenly it's hard to get an even torch job so if you look at a torch sear off and you'll see spots that are darker than others which isn't as pleasant as as you could be. Maybe you could get around that by using something giant but then it's easy to go overboard really quickly so I can only use a torch as a touch up in areas like if you have a bird like around the thigh area or around like where the wings are sometimes you can lose a little there and I'll do a little touch up by 10 not to use them as my primary searing searing thing

maybe we should go to our second commercial break and I'll boot up the rest of the question so let's go and we'll be back in a minute

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I love that color is alright a second time I've allowed to have my down D in the middle will maybe we'll change it so now you guys know how awesome the downed is you know you can just go listen to it on your own and it's bringing a different song for the for the thing I do update what do you want to do

but which one do you want to do genesis Genesis is one thing I know we will not do all right, it's invisible touch or sussudio kind of a kind of a girl I think that's my feelings. You took all your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 only if we can do genesis you want to do like that's all that's wrong that's all I have a question coming in from Hawaii I think Aaron Melvin calls and I assumed it from Hawaii because Erin grows lilikoi and what that is is a Hawaiian passion fruit and actually we had some delicious passionfruit down at the in Miami at Gabby's farm right down to the whole thing but you

someday we will get to go a nice problem to have I recently made a little corn souffle and little boy from Brule both were delicious and potentially flavored but the texture is not perfect as the dairy was just beginning to curdle siderius Rd high-fat I'm not sure where to turn try and prevent curdling without reducing the intensity of the liliquoi I can try mixing some cornstarch into the dairy before combination with lilikoi juice but would you recommend another hydrocolloid technique certainly my somewhat off a cup of cut the temps these could have used a bit more structure solidity now are you could use something like you get Dupree Dupree Jello the dairy or add it to add a little bit of carrageenan to it carrageenan locust bean gum if you add carrageenan locust bean gum these are the same stabilizers that are used in ice creams I would use probably if you don't want it to firm I would use a Iota carrageenan asking me more putting me in a few want a little firmer you can use Kappa which is rigid but I wouldn't use Kappa actually in a high acid

which way should persuade you don't want it rigid and second of all in high a situation if there's a possibility that there might be some carcinogenic action with carrageenan a very low PH but hasn't approved yet but I tend to stay away from Kappa carrageenan a low PH but you could use I think some Iota carrageenan in LBG and and that should take you somewhat closer to stopping you from curdling but if that's not working for you corn starch and also prevent it from breaking the cornstarch will definitely stopped and no cornstarch will definitely stop egg yolks from from curling when they're overheated because why that's how I lead makes his until Wiley makes his his mayonnaise is a is a Hollandaise sauce he adds enough starts to the egg yolk so that he can heat it up without curling llego so I need those techniques would work so hopefully you know you could try one of those things and hopefully someday we can go to Hawaii and try some reason he also tried to make meringues

if 50 is a product that is a whipping agent you can make mimosas with it like almost like shaving cream very Advanced Moose's and they act like egg whites and they can be whipped and so will you do is you make a meringue out of something like a puree passion fruit puree let's say a little quick right and then you you just put it on a dehydrator and you and you dehydrate them and they turn into into crunchy meringue it is it cut it so humid there they got that kind of dance not a super crunchy but then he hit it and he said and I'm glad that worked out for you I think that's a genuinely delicious techniques glad to hear our thoughts on chocolate tempering from two weeks ago and we ever experimented with sous vide tempering so basically the idea is in by the way yes it works there are people that do it I haven't done it so what you can do is instead of if you have chocolates in old school traditional tempering techniques assume like an hour

where you have to go through a bunch of different steps are for taking shop that's not in temper and bring it into temper if you have chocolate that is already in temper and you just want to melt it and keep it until then you can just throw it in a in a sous vide bag vac it down throw it in the water and set it exactly the melting point you want and it's going to work fine you can also actually do that to temperature ramps in a bag by moving them around if you if you wanted to the one issue with it and people do this they can keep it in tempura long time because the temperature is very accurate within a couple tenths of a degree the problem is you got to make sure that when you take it out if you take it out and you don't get any water in the shop at off the bag because there's a lot of it's easy to mess things up that way so I would put it into something it's easy to get something out of like I would seal your chocolate into a pastry bag instead of into a regular bag when you're when you're working but yes it would be basically in the tension free way of doing it okay pepperoni bill which is an awesome name

does website yet but pepperoni bill is better handles

do you know what's being CBR what if we move to Convoy Hazard Hazard song No No Love Convoy anyway pepperoni Bill, he says I love the show James Brown music is perfect sync with his with his treadmill walk so he's that he's a James Brown lover he'll be at the pizza Expo in Las Vegas March 1st through 3rd just wonder if you guys have any plans with tending if not we'll have to meet some other way maybe you can come to my pizza joint someday when I finally open one well seeing as how it is March 1st right now and we were not in the pizza Expo in Las Vegas no but we hope that you were having an excellent time at the pizza Expo I wish I could be at the pizza because I love myself some pizza I would like it anyway so pepperoni Bill let us know how it is okay Allen from DC rights and benefits of the podcast for a while as a fan of Food Science and he's decided time to start playing with some of the fun techniques that we talked about

vse byli to build a basic immersion circulator but want to know my thoughts on what is needed his understanding is that he needs a heat Source a simple fan and a control feedback loop control with your phone I can handle that what I want to know is how exact the temperature needs to be and what kind of fluctuations might be allowed are there interesting recipes that require changing the temperature part way through the preparation and how precisely rapidly do these changes need to be any other thoughts on what my circular needs to do Allen from DC now okay so it's not a fan you need if you want to build an immersion circulator me if you want to build your own temperature Loop that's great but everyone uses basically what's called PID control pain control which is proportional and an integrative and interrogative control right and this control Loop technology-based lose control algorithm it allows you to go directly up to the temperature and not overshoot it not porpoise around like a bang bang does right and very very few people write their own

control loops if you're good with a microprocessor you can look up someone for the Arduino wrote code to do PID Loop for is coffee maker and you can look up on the web under Silvia PID Arduino and there's a Code out there that you can write to help you write code to do it but that's the only really method that people use accurately because it needs to not fluctuate around so you don't want to use an on-off temperature control you want to use pit the other thing is is not a fan that they use up most people when they're building their own you can buy a small I'll pump you can buy small pump that you know like one that's actually using a circular but the vast majority of people use aquarium pumps and you can either bubble are in which moves moves around a bubbling air or you can actually help water and if you look online there at the pump that people use to do recirculated Mash rims for brewing there's a lot out there's a couple of cheap pumps in the like $15 range that can handle it Ann

handle the temperatures and can pump a good amount of liquid cuz you needed to move around a lot as you're going to need all the commercial circulators are a thousand Watts thousand watt so you want to want about a thousand watt that he takes more heating is not going to hurt you but the problem is if you go over a thousand Watts you're going to have to make sure that you have a plug that can handle it right so all the circulator that are built are basically built to go into a standard 15 amp plug and once you go what you know over a thousand you have to start worrying about it but if you have your own plug you can make it as powerful as you want and then it's going to go up and down a lot faster going to be a lot more responsive and so like these are the kind of things that you need to be so kind of things you need to to do I would I would say that you want your temperature to be within a couple of tenths of a degree in terms of accuracy and precision right so the question is how accurate do you need to be you need to be within about three tents I'd say

give me Celsius accurate and precise in Tokyo 2 accuracy is like how close you two what the temperature you really want and precision is how often can you repeat it and as long as your accuracy is within like 3 tent you be able to recreate other people's recipes now you're Precision should be dead on like a tenth of a degree or so because there's no reason for not to be at the PID Loop can do easily that and that way your recipes even if you're not accurate even if you were wildly off accuracy wise if its precise if you can repeat it again and again then then you're good to go and that's why you no speak to Philip Preston is the name of the guy who builds from polyscience he says yeah like even the old analog ones are extremely precise like once you set that the knob on the analog one it's going to hit the same temperature all the time and stay there with very very very high degree of precision it's just not accurate so you have to use a second thermometer to 2 to judge exactly where you are because it doesn't have a readout


does never read out on exactly how you know how hot it is so those are my thoughts on building your own thing now I have built many many of these in my time but I used to do was I would get like you know they're all bad let's put it this way I built like three or four of them and I now use the poly science one just because the Homebrew ones are always know how to put this a little bit of a pain in the butt right now the Philip is totally ridiculous like so what used to have with me is how to get shocked like I used to I didn't build one wants where I used a bunch of those coffee heater that cost like two bucks if you get at the dollar store even though it's at the dollar store they cost two bucks anyway you throw them into the thing you throw a bunch of the men and then when you go in to get your your eggs out of the circulator you what happens if you get shocked like really badly shot know what I mean so that one was out the window I build another one

you know I bought like a heater for like twenty bucks off of McMaster-Carr and but it's just like now I have like wire sitting everywhere in like you know now that I've kids in my house I didn't want them running around with like these flyers out everywhere but this is because I'm a moron and all I care about is functionality there are people out online if you search like to make Community or the instructable community or any one of these DIY sites there people that know exactly what like plastic box like you know they're like gold by the Rubik's Cube not you know I got to be this Rubik's Cube cuz got the exact size box for the parts they want and they then they can walk together one for under a hundred bucks I think it's the current going rate for everything you need including by the way a premade PID controller with digital readout in case you know in case you value your time and don't want to write your own code you can now get one of these controllers for I think like 35 bucks and they work they work like like gangbusters the only other thing I'd say is when you're buying when you're going to have to control the heater and there's two ways you can go you can go

the regular relay but the regular relay is going to sit there going click click click click I hate that so I go for what's called a solid state relay and solid state relay is completely dead silent you can run it at whatever rate you want and it never ever wears out but they are more expensive so instead of like four bucks V bucks you going to spend like twenty bucks something like that 20 bucks twenty bucks but anyway I would say go get the one for twenty bucks just because that extra $20 for that little bit of Silence in your kitchen instead of having to click click Newport this way a my stove right can't run off a solid state relay relay kit I'm actually opening and closing a solenoid valve for my for my I'm actually closing a solenoid valve for my my gas and it's irritating cuz it's like but luckily most of time making pizza go to go back to pepperoni Bill's Pizza a question I'm making pizza and so I have it on full bore blast out mode so I can get it up to 850 degrees and you know

light light everything on fire basically okay so on my way out I will say that you should all I wish that everyone had the money to go buy Nathan myhrvold and Chris Young's new modernist cuisine book they've already sold well over half of the initial Printing and they've ordered another printing on it it is a pretty cool book I am extremely jealous I visited their lab they have a water jet cutter a crazy one electron microscope and by the way Nathan has one at his house too in case he should want to do in case you know he doesn't have to go into the Office Depot scanning electron microscopy you know he can do a scanning electron microscopy at home you know I'm like you know regular light microscope at the office because he wanted to keep his good one at work so I got to know anyway store nearly jealous of you couldn't they have but we had a really good time at the meal there and

I'm sure you'll be seeing about it you know that it's on Wired Magazine I think a lot of the things you can see the kinds of things they were doing in the in the meal o and I had their ultrasonic french fries so Josh ozersky you know he writes things right he came back and he said and you know Chris Young's ultrasonic french fries the world's greatest french fries so I had the ultrasonic French for I know it's not a french fry was quite good and I spoke to Nathan they've done the SPL he like somebody likes the ultrasonic one better but I have not yet published I want you guys to know this on the blog I have published my 3/8 inch SPL that's my Ensign that I use recipe I will place up on his french fry was very good not say but I will place my new half inch cuz he was a half inch French writer I will place my half inch french fry up against it

and we should also try maybe his ultrasonic technique along with rspl technique to see there we can do the double ridiculous when Daniel of like of monstrosity french fry Madness because that might be the French fry to kill all french fries but remember there's no such thing as the perfect French fry because french fries something that can always be improved all right and that's cooking issues will see you next week

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