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Episode 309: Sometimes Dead Is Better

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every Tuesday from 12:45 Dave but somebody spilled like an entire like coffee plus Coke plus slushy freezy into a mixing board array in fact like we in the studio here can't hear Dave in the booth so it's like a weird I feel like we're okay

hexagon sky so we're okay so you can hear us but we can't hear you that's fine happy Halloween everybody we have as usual nastasi the hammer Lopez how you doing sexy yeah good anything interesting happen or the past week

what interesting happened to you last week

Chile starting a new business and like like leaving right now

you came to friends and family and your son broke the elevator like this is what you came and broke the elevator the best in the 120 whatever you hire to come fix the elevator while we have I wanted to be a trying until we have a ball while Adams trying to show how you doing I'm good although apparently I'm not his friend or family come whenever you want Paul formerly known as boat that was how I used to know him by email p o t e what did I stand for fall

Pooch is a domain name that I bought back when you could buy it for letter domain name and after I bought it I made it stand for Paul's online text editor before Google Docs existed I wrote my own online text editor in 1999 and I'm here on the show to promote my online text editor microphone

I don't see another one like the way I cross the way sorry we're just having some we're having a good day today have invaded don't know if you can hear over the crackling I don't know if you can hear over then the crackling but we have some serious Gremlins in the in the board today okay so we have a boat near malls online text editor when she started in 1999 and it's a free online text editor well so I used it and using it to harvest the email addresses of African medical students who are the primary users is that his real but usually popular in at least one East African medical school which can you call it by name or that that be like we're like what I haven't looked at the site since

probably 2010 so I don't remember the name but how many users do you have

in the three digits I would say so like there's a medical school in East Africa it's like I don't know what this code is but that's what we use cuz I ain't giving my stuff too big Google that's what's happening he's your stuff available in China are you an alternative to Google Docs in China yes hey people if we have anything if we have anyone that wants a an online shareable free text editor documents or send your in China and can access Google Docs and don't have access to a VPN I'm sure they have their own solution now some sort of something but you're welcome to use Falls Wichita Falls online text editor which I believe is no longer currently functional

is it rain China please hold while I try to get around to it you just leave an entire medical school high and dry how many people have died as a result of you not keeping your online text editor current fall

and sign up as a new user to an existing medical student you're fine all right all right all right if you're in medical school now and you were in there in 2010 which is the last time you looked at it you are an extremely poor medical student and probably call you don't want to count them as your users all right so I fall for those of you that don't know is that what your title in their senior editor my senior research editor America's Test Kitchen and his his outfit with nastassia Will Instagram out maybe later is America's Test Kitchen and he's got cat ears on because I like it the unusual man dressed as cat sleep a long time love affair with a cat's yes I bought these cat cat ears

Halloween probably 15 years ago every year and every year I come up with a new way to get my money's worth more dollar store Macon Halloween and my favorite favorite favorite Luchador look is Luchador in a suit and tie like a like a Luchador mask suit and tie I think it's just like the look in fact I'm considering just having that be my look in general may look at my face so you put a mask on a suit and tie all of a sudden acne people don't want to hang around someone with a cape all the time or they definitely don't want to hang around me with my shirt off definitely not if I'm all greased up like a Luchador this horrible and in like in a little Spanish or anything but Luchador mask so you get rid of the face at plus one and then suit guy right good news right to go find a resource for some of those super wide 70s ties

I have one at least when you can borrow my spot where like this every once in awhile someone exactly my size goes to die and gives all their clothes to this place and I snapped them up and you know right now is the sweet spot for people from the 70s dying your people who had these suits in the 70s are starting to kick off you know what I mean by people who are in there you know 40 East like we were my age in the 70s are like dropping you know what I mean and like leaving their suits to this this you don't even like give it to this a thrift store by so you saw the picture I had up ago might my stepfather's father who died fairly recently was a butcher to have all those who denies I have his scale I just hung his lamp which no one else wanted in in my place is giant awesome 70s land I wish I had a high enough ceiling cuz originally where it was it was in a high space and it was hanging crazy crystal lamp over a table lamp

and it look like you know it look like something out of the Death Star like Obi-Wan might be going around like disabling the tractor beam on it was sweet but I just don't have the space for it by name my New York home like like a like if you hung it in my New York place it will be hitting the floor like what am I going to do you know we don't have high ceilings appear in New York Halloween around otherwise for 97212 +871-849-721-2811

but how does that feel my Dave David's shoes and buy a Google which is free I don't know if maybe that's okay thank you

Empire Rugby Club Rugby Club in the Netherlands and we have like Tuesday oh tonight sexually based on a houseboat for the typically we will try and cook for like 50-60 people in a euro 25064 / switch in dollars about such a doll and a half the dollars how many students

you know they finally cook for themselves that much but loan cook for a lot of people from the food quality is super poor and anyway as an older member I'm trying to improve things but I was hoping that someone on the panel had experienced looking for large numbers of people on a shoestring we also have a limited equipment what's your equipment instead of a do you cook off board or onboard

long steel hollow houseboat nice do you have on board

like we got a go to a large hot like kind of cauldron style it's really huge but it means that people can't get the water to the boil and they're trying to do past and stuff we got pretty high BTU portable gas burners with obviously the gas canisters let's see Large mobile cooking stations and some smaller pots and pans and then you know the time the oven and microwave or hardly worth talking about this is so fired or goes on your burners

and the kettle is separately fired

ketalar another electric just common household things are probably don't donated by members in the past they're like

how many liters is kettle

I like which 1.2 maybe maybe one and a half liters and you're feeding how many people be talking about how large is large like candy stove large like rip roaring like a rip or I mean can you just tear off on these things could you just purchase or steal a large large kennel and then like it. Go ahead Story of My Life quality little sketchy strong enough to cook let's say soup for 30

yeah you know you can get it to a simmer but but if you need to get up to a boil at it's always about you get there and you're not under way when you're cooking right so you don't have to worry about slashing

no no no. It's totally stable and no fire regulations or anything like that could you can always supplement with very cheap candy bars you can get candy stove burners or Wok burners and you can supplement like from power-wise off gas those things are like a mother if you need more hot side nastassia I'm sure she hasn't said anything but I'm sure nastase was wondering whether that budget includes liquor

cuz she's like advantage of these burners is because they're low to the floor if you're doing a big Kettle full of stuff it's a hassle to move around a big Kettle when it's high up so these we used to call him candy stoves are candy berner's weed also use them for stocks and for everything like that is their down low and it's a lot safer to move those things around when they're down low now one or two LR44 like you're the other Kettle thing I mean like you know what you going to do with one or two leaders for 30 people mean I'm sure if you get one of those candy burners. I think now all of a sudden pasta becomes a reality if you can get a big bowl on it a big sorry kettle on it you can rip That Thing Up Get It boiling snow salt the hell out of it and then you can just

batches stream Mountain go by baba baba baba baba baba baba baba and you can get it because ain't nothing cheaper than doing pasta need to be able to do it in you know in quantities that you can get it out and hot and good and not turn it either into mush or have it be rocks on the inside ya owner of a pasta restaurant do you have any recommendations other than just going to your new pasta restaurant South you'd like you can invest in a $300,000 freezing machine for your pasta also obviously you know soups are much appreciated as the cold weather kind of you know rolls in like a hearty or stick to your you know like a rebuild eat that kind of situation

what do you know what he says he has a giant paella pan the question is are his burners going to do everyone loves paella it's just a question what you're going to throw in it for cheap right you're going to have to short out your phone using the pi of pandas is actually pretty good cuz it's nice and thin and it's like well not to thin it it just something delicious you have a power on this boat electrical power

like electrical power so you can also move you could also move into low temperature right so if you have some Screaming burners you could do for instance student Club so we can work on like a large sort of have to worry about obviously is I'd let me know I don't know what liability insurance is like over there you want to make sure you don't get any you want to make sure you don't get any stray voltage in your

and your water till like you know what you know what you could use a GFI or whatever the equivalent is over there gcfi but you know a lot of the cheaper Heating units that you are innocent people used to make over here immersion circulators out of the immersion coffee heaters and the Assumption from the manufacturers of those immersion coffee heaters was that you weren't going to shove your fist into the cup of coffee while you were eating it and so they have stray voltage all over the place when you put it's very disconcerting to put your hand into a liquid and get electrical tingle out of it very disconcerting just want to make sure that you don't have like a lot of stray the guy look like I say straight straight bolted but hell yeah turn a bathtub into a into a circulator you're not a problem if you have the power the other thing by the way if you have a lot of gas one thing you can do for low temperature is let's say you said for instance that water limps along right in the in a big pot on your stove Sophie

water limping a lawn you put in a gas input where where to buy you know the gas inputs never going to take you over the top of the temperature you need and then you electrically heat the rest and so I used to do that for like very large things you would put your spear block on the burner heat up the water and then take it that last couple of degrees and just use the circulator as a as the as let the cynosure all in the same way that like that guy Curtis kernig's egg has his car with electrical and and gas but not because he cared about energy and hybrid just to get the fastest possible acceleration you seen that car Paul know Ernie Davis guy Swedish guy think he has his car that a good so fast that he electronically limits the speed of 250 miles an hour and his sex t 0 to 60 is limited by traction of tires and his 60 to 120 is limited by traction of tires and you can have his car for the paltry price of 1.9 million dollars if you would

play back when he first offered them cuz they're all sold but he hasn't built them yet yeah yeah whatever you need an electrical and if you do have a limited model Echo Power then you can use supplementary stuff like gas as long as you know it's not going to go over and if your heat input from the gas is constant right so you don't porpoise it around had to go up and down and a PID control Loop can just account for it and use the electrical to take it take it up to the last little bit

alright nice had to go fix this to the rest of the guys were obviously you know students on a shoestring but I think I can make it I like the idea of the beer brats obviously like chili and stuff is good for the winter as well and what are the recipe you think our go-to that are simple enough for people follow simple method

an about me like I obviously like things that are like boneheads easy are things that people make in huge quantities for family so stews soups I mean when I say if you go if you're going to go to the low-temperature route I would start with Zippy's ride Ziplocs as a public because you probably want the money for vacuum machine right now although building a DIY vacuum machine is cool right I would just

me to put your problem is is it you're looking at an inherent hard limit on the input cost right and so like most the time when you have a hard limit on input cost you want to have the majority of your calories come from cheap stuff like brains pulses and then then you supplemented with the high grade stuff like meets this is why things like paella Seafood wasn't so expensive right if it's more of a sausage place would like a little bit I'm sure muscles are cheap where you are so if it's like primarily things like muscles and and you know and sausages then you know you can hear your pie is not nearly so expensive and you can Splurge a little bit on the rice and get the good stuff because even expensive rice isn't that expensive you know what I'm saying same goes for Soups or like you know we believed as being dishes since like this is why this stuff is peasant food because it made lyrics stretching out the expensive ingredient by using cheap ingredients as soon as you're going into full protein cookery then you have to find a protein that you like to eat that is not that expensive right

just went to Dutch restaurant in Canada where I had stump pot which is as far as I can tell potatoes and bacon restaurant, Oregon and you don't have a big old big old oven here's what you're going to hear it here is a good recipe for you you got to make a you can make it doesn't actually have to be low temperature because you don't actually want it that low temperature you can do it in Sydney the relatively high temperature but likes fine hoxha is pretty cheap I think even in the Netherlands find Honda is super cheap so what you do is that you get your circulator and you heat know you hate this there the stuff up you cook you cook your your spine Hawks at through until they're done pull them out when they are hot I can't stress this enough pull them out when they're hot and let the skin flash off so you get rid of the moisture on the skin then if you can get a candy burner fire that sucker up with your oil and Fry off the

find hoxha until they're crispy on the outside and serve with some sort of a breathing so I left my not so it's not traditional that way but you can make it that way I mean Everyone likes crispy pork hocks where we cut the hawk it's whatever it's like that many people like we don't have any training and we're probably going to kill each other by the end of the name for very very low temperatures on your stuff and if a bag blows up just toss it you know what I mean like if a bag inflates just toss it start out with you know relatively short-term or relatively high temperature stuff and if you're going to do cook chill you know get a bath near not a bath to get a large enough vessel to chill your stuff down and you know are you ice challenge their know I like all of Europe is ice challenge right so it no you got to chill this stuff down and

reasonable reasonable rate in the US you know you know we have more ice than we know what to do with in general not and houses but we can still the ice house but I wouldn't drag it behind the house clean and never jumped in the canal over here

yeah thanks a lot by weight so we were trying to call we were talking about what America's Test Kitchen

we were talking about your if I would ever let's get some question I like the idea of this stray voltage cocktail though stray voltage God damn they help you only so I was lucky enough to grab some of the elusive ashmead's kernel Apple you love so much I do know I'm going to make you tell me please tell me that you started in refrigerator before you processed it please from liquid intelligence but what else should I make and will the juice freeze well if it will should I clarify it first juice will freeze well I I don't think it'll matter too much when you clarify first you want to hit it with ascorbic acid as you do sit so that you keep the character of it you know I usually buy juice it right away if you know if you have access to very high proof high grade ethanol and we'll get into this late

if I ever get to that are the questions you can do the auto who's Dina with Angela the questions I meant the questions that written and so do you like you can do an auto who's Dino on it which of the pectin track which one of the written in questions deals with later on but yeah I Would by juice but I'm sure it'll freeze fine and then if anything it should be easier to clarify when it thaws out I don't think you're going to get any more oxidative damage in it by freezing it before or after I don't think but I never tested it so I can't say for sure the one thing with Ash meets or any other apple and that's why I asked you about the refrigeration is Ashley's in particular all apples ashman's in particular if you leave them warm especially if they're aspiring together in a case or in a bag they will relatively quickly

reduce their malic acid content substantially and this is an actual just can be a benefit for cider I think one of the mistakes people make when they're making ciders is they use at apples that are too high in acid content and then when the sugar ferments out its unpleasantly acid you know any of that can be a big issue but in juice for cocktails you want to maintain all the acidity that you can what happens to the Malik what did get converted to I don't know I think it just gets consumed I don't know I should look it up but it's just so you know the acid levels starch levels go down acid levels go down sugar levels go up and I think sugar levels go up absolutely and not just relative to acid but I can't be sure and vowels go up so overripe arsenic in apples tend to have that more flowery Aroma that you get you know any good if they were allowed to over ripen on the tree you get that greasy skin phenomenon but yeah ashmead's like

which very depressing when someone buys a new bunch of a sash medes and then let some kind of go too far and they lose that amazing kind of Rich acidity that they have because they really are just remarkable when they're good they're remarkable Apple from the 17 like her very early 1700s English 1701 or some of that same year that the post was founded by Alexander Hamilton. I believe it's been a long time since that's what I would do with it and please turn on back and tell us how the cocktails worked out great yes very very I spoke to this guy his name just went on ahead and he's like the most famous Virginia Apple grower of old varieties he has a book out he's got he's got a huge apple or should I forget his name but I was at I talked to him once but Ashley's car looks like they're too good to juice and I was like Hey women's my job and I got to make cocktails and I don't serve slices of Apple two people for a living

interesting oh yeah what about it was not a big deal about it it's like you know what it's like if I want an experienced right like I said I want experience you can't get anywhere else on earth right right and you said to me hey Dave in order to get this experience I'm going to run over your foot with with a medium sized car and I'm like okay we'll lock our break my foot know she's going to hurt for like a second it's going to be over but then you get to do this amazing thing right you do that and you don't keep complaining about the freaking car that ran over your foot we get to go to this like tasting is unbelievable tasting that you can't have anywhere else and Nastassja had to sit inside and watch someone else eat cuz conversation she didn't enjoy it was not 3 hours was not 3 hours

there's not three hours because that would have meant that we left after dark which we did not and in fact we were there for a little bit of time all she has to do is sit there and pretend she was dead when you're in a place and you don't want to be anywhere just sick of everyone we were having so you can steal all of their freaking citrus fruit and you can't just sit there and pretend that you're dead for three hours just sit and pretend that you're dead that you're not alive anymore that's how I get through half of my life I just sit and pretend that I'm not alive that's Bleak pretending you don't exist anymore and it's okay all of a sudden is this what it's going to say who can't see

bored and doesn't have glasses yet and you have to live through all of school what you do is just sit there in your seat not like seeing anything that's going on around you and you pretend that you're not alive anymore and you learn how to daydream like a human being you know what I mean it's like it's like just take yourself out of the situation have an out-of-body experience like think about that think about the freaking Universe goes then

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and we're back so we have a collar on the other two statues give me the dirty looks when we can quickly answer one of the writing questions I told you right in grilling I'm interesting in a grilling set up I've seen your photos and videos from professional kitchens it essentially a small or medium box with charcoal in it and a great slapped on top I've attached the pictures below I'm interested in a solution for quickly and efficiently finishing means that I low temperature cook you know you can buy a Sears I would also like to knock it and you can bet you can't because Amazon whatever I want to get into it Amazon Amazon has over a thousand plus a thousand back orders for this years old and they're not and they have 2,500 of them in stock and they're not selling them because they're afraid they're going to run out I swear to God that is what's happening they have how many thousands are on the water right now 2420 on the water wave 2400 underwater maybe then they'll start selling them

jikook I would also like to char vegetables I would also like to char vegetables to get that woodsy Amber flavor I have a gas grill but it doesn't put out quite enough of course not gas grills are buying large terrific monster sings It Ain't gas grills you like Paul

okay handles when I tell you this you can tell you this just because I have a job because I have a patent on the stairs all technology my dream and I would like to do it in the next not it's not the next part of her coming out with but I'd like to develop it may be in town and maybe not is it's outdoor only cuz I can't possibly make the same door legally but the searzall V8 that's like a Teppanyaki Grill that's like maybe 12 in longer like maybe 16 inches by like a 10 in and just have like the power of it's probably in that space so it's about the size smaller than a Garland salamander but with like 40 thousand BTUs or 15000 BTUs in that up fired how sick would that be

and it would stay and we get hot within 10 to 15 seconds you do you're like you know Teppanyaki from hell and then you pull it off what do you think I'm in my lifetime as soon as my life times longer than a year which you never know anyway I have a gas grill that doesn't finish low temperature meat a full-size charcoal grill doesn't seem time or charcoal affect it when I'm just hearing office take my wife and I set up the one he's talking about you see it seems like it'd be great for my purposes I looked online but couldn't find information about this type of Grill box you have any experience with this kind of setup I'm looking for advice on how to build a Pier One if it's good to have my purposes I was also curious about the safety of such a big thanks for any guidance you can provide love the show 11 spends all thank goodness I just made a fall punch with Burr Cognac and clarified lemon and clarify. But cordial cordial Kody Brown include a picture from the greatest mccrady's Charleston what you have there my friend is a konro grill so that you can get those at and they are for

like a Teppanyaki style stuff and they amount to the it's like a imagine if you had a box made out of fire brick with a thing great over-the-top you'll have to replace the great quite often and there's a little door at the bottom to let you increase or decrease the amount of air that comes in from the bottom of the reason she had to use these is because you don't listen them on your plan so if you want to have something grilled you can carry this box into your kitchen put it on your kitchen everyone throws in binchotan because people have this like feeling the need to spend an enormous an exorbitant amount of money on their charcoal so they buy Japanese binchotan maybe it's partially in a little bit cleaner Burnham you can buy fairly clean burning American charcoal you ever done American hardwood charcoal vs. bench at on either we should sometime resources are limited smoke and carbon monoxide

you guys have a name which I don't remember to call Andy Andy records cheap cheap binchotan energy this has is portability so any restaurant that doesn't have the permits to have an actual flame thing and they're only doing a couple units of time so if you're doing like a you know if you're doing a steak for a billion people you can't use something like this but if you know you're only going to fire two or three small pieces at a time for particular table then they're kind of Ideal for this and then you can put them away and then when the inspector comes and says yeah you guys use in Nagano charcoal in here like to talk with you. So I don't have the permit to do that when you stupid you know what I mean and you always have to be like with you you're the other way you can do it at professional people used to do in New York now you can get permits for it I think which is hard but a used to be people would buy these gas grills that you could throw in wood chips and quotes and some people just build wood

Harry's Indies gas grills but if they were technically gas and that's how they got in on the plans really everything in New York's about messing with people on the air

yeah it's crazy cuz that's what my question was about we are you doing this is not Cameron in Delaware but hardwood lump charcoal oven that I'm cooking on right now is a kind of like it's a marra Forni it's a new kind of Jasper style oven which is beautiful great biography action caramelization but really for the test kitchen what charcoals do you guys cook with what do you recommend for that type of cooking Paul is there a is there a Party Line in an America's Test Kitchen There is almost definitely a party line but I do not know it I'm not on this show as an official representative of America's Test Kitchen which in fact is

in Boston so I'm almost never there in my home kitchen I use Royal Oak hardwood lump charcoal and I use electric-assisted airfloat again it's super hot is that the red bag stuff brown bag with red trim

sometimes red bag stuff I use his red bag I think it's called royal and it looks like hunks of would it come out we had we had Meathead Goldwyn on and he said something against those things you know he's very Pro briquette but then I went and ran my own test briquette versus hardwood and I really think it's just a matter of preference and I prefer using the Royal Oak I just prefer using the Royal Oso you hadn't Apollo you do a Chimney Starter that are assisted the same way that those little ovens are that you can buy that solar powered you seen these Sheena solar powered Evans as big as a Peltier in them and they use the heat energy from the beginning of burning of the kindling to fire fans to force the air through their extremely efficient at converting small amounts of fuel to very you know trickeration but high intensity flames and it was powered by plugging it into the wall

do that you got to get a Peltier and there's also a brand of it's a Canadian brand of wood grill called cook air which has a fan built in which I've never turned my cook are above

power 2 out of 8 because it gets too hot and too powerful I like it and I was through a hunk of wood in like a minute I like that a lot cookies are quite like it doesn't doesn't work during lunch time at any given moment it might be out skiing with the family so I have to go skiing otherwise we are not going to choir The Good the good people just can't get them on the phone when you're trying to work that's all I'm trying to say you know what I mean

I think we made it we work too much that's that maybe maybe you know in America we work too much which Paul doesn't have a party line on it I tend to use the Royal Oak because it's incredibly available I also I need to scale back the way that I think about cooking in general because I have so much wood would when I do outdoor cooking and and so much would a LG see guys he freaking guys

early if I started using done if I started burning if I started burning trees right now I would be dead before I could burn all the stuff you know what I mean and so I tend to put the stuff like no like although my my son Dax younger one likes broccoli by Big Baby dram and he was like Dad do you know that he's talking about burning trees like marijuana make a note to ask by the time it's an issue for you it's going to be legal everywhere so you know whatever right mean anyway point being that like I I I go through profligate amounts of burning things that contain ligament or contained leaving at one time and are converted into Kohl's right is Gazeta neutral enough for you guys you can't make some sort of drugs or sex reference out of it

we can people find a way Andy Ricker is a good guy and I trust him and so like if he's Hawking I haven't personally use his charcoal but I'm sure it's good because yeah he's one of us he's one of those people that if he says it's good I buy believe them you're the piece their uniform they burn really hot and they last a long time the good value of Houston Fogo charcoal right now which is very similar to know what your thoughts were there is a website I have no recollection what it's called it's one guys Endeavor to review all the hardwood charcoal

is it similar to the guy that reviews all of Hershey's chocolate batch by batch you seen that guy's website nope there's a guy forget his name it's a bunch of random things with one of the things he samples as many date batches of regular Hershey's milk chocolate bars and makes tasting notes on every batch and they're all bad but here he finds more nuanced and Hershey's milk chocolate bar you know then you and I would find in a in a fine wine let's say by the way in East Asia this happened to me the other day so you know what everyone who knows me knows at home I'm the cheapest human on earth right so at first Vault from a technical standpoint box wine is is is good technically box wine is the best you can drop a box of bottle of box wine on the ground and it will not shatter the same way that four bottles of wine will shatter if you drop them on the ground you can take one glass out of them and not end up finishing the bottle and it doesn't go bad that it's not like the way that bottles of wine work however like I've been buying the Fairly cheap stuff because that's all they sell in the box and

I'm trying to push back and then like I accidentally opened a really nice bottle of wine and poured it and we're like why does this not what what's this color it doesn't look like fresh pressed grape juice and like though this is what real wine pay so I can show nice to have real wine again cuz usually when we have fresh grape juice with alcohol anyway

yeah I do but this is Joe from the Bay Area this is a Bittersweet moment for because I have years of the backlog that I burn through but now I'm going to be lonely without the other ranting at from you and hate maybe we'll just do like some ringtones adjust Nastasia spilling invective and then the anyone that wants to just subscribed to Miss Asia I have a standing 10 a.m. call that one of the other one always sets the other one off such that it's just like a blood boiling like 40 minutes of straight screaming and anger like I've almost been hit by cars walking across the street because the anger is Wilderness her own oh yeah

recipe for the cold buttered rum in the cocktail book and I have everything I need to make the butter but I want to do a hot version of that either with cider with rum at first of all I wanted to know if that would be stable at higher temperatures and if I'm even on the right path if you approach this a different way yes and yes that that is not is not the broken by heat such as a gum arabic and is xanthan and he has Santa and gets slightly less thick at at temperature but it's going to it's going to work fine and in fact we've done that hot and it works works like a charm

okay but if I want to burn the sugar in a pan that I can't put it in the syrup so yeah

what I would do is I went out with Bri Burns I would pretty burn some of it and then you know you have the sugar after you can pre burn some of the sugar and then dissolve it into the into the serum after you added after you share in the after you multiply and stuff you can dissolve does all that in and then just equalize out the sugar level with you know with fresh white sugar and it shouldn't be a problem

I've never done it but it shall be a problem

should have no sugar in the bar syrup yeah sure and you know you can you can go whenever do I have to do is like I would not add all the sugar I would burn some of your sugar and then you can actually because it's not the same but a lot of people can't distinguish between caramel and brown sugar when they hit so if you do a mixture of caramelized sugar and brown sugar that contain molasses like they'll reinforce each other and it'll it'll give people the impression that you've used more that you burned it harder that you burn the whole thing

okay cool thank you I let us know how works

okay Michael and David are going to pick me up Happy Halloween home so I can surely Dave Road in Shirley Dave Road in about pectin and about he made a quince syrup we can talk about it more next time it'll quench serum and added alcohol and it gelled look up look up Dave alcohol precipitation of pectin what you're getting there is it because you're Siri is not a high enough acid and so it's not gelling on its own and when added to a height of Fairly High proof ethanol it's been reduce the amount of pectin in it is allowing the pectin to drop out of solution for Majel we can talk more about this next week and then Gordon had a question about methyl sale at 50 we've never answered. Came on we can talk more about Matha sell at 50 bust but Gordon your main problem when you're making these Pasar that you don't have enough solids metha self a does not foam well does not whip like egg whites unless you have a fairly High solid system so don't start with juice start with p r a a Dior Mathis lf50 the more you add that they'd answer the phone will be but if you

more than about a percent you going to start chasing them at the cell it's going to suck and remember everybody when you're making phones if you want them to have taste you need to start with very high Flavour base because you whipping and air and the air is going to reduce the physical quality stuff you going to eat so you need to start with very high flavored things if you want a good flavored phone also if you're going to make a 50 meringue they're extremely hygroscopic so you need to store them in the dehydrator until right before you going to use them or they're going to go jogging cooking issues

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