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Episode 308: Never Rub Another Man's Rhubarb

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Brook Lopez is going to be here today but she's not here yet because our favorite the L train isn't course effed-up today right that's what I hear I have less problems with as in the queue though yeah well do you have to take the L A lot so usually the key was your problem is stupid can you not to go into Manhattan and then back over to Brooklyn via the L train of it like that goes around in Brooklyn all the time I've ever now that would that would take too much time I think you can tell by his voice that we have Dave in the booth how you doing today I'm doing good other than the mass transit problems yeah that's good

rather than a week but not going to talk about it until nastassia gets here so that we can you know how about I don't I don't rate I shall wait for her to get back to talk about that in the meantime you can call your questions into +718-718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 so a big news in big bad news I have my bad good meat okay so the Harvey Weinstein Scandal has you know such as you know Dave spread and I get into the food World recently John Besh you know from the best restaurant group in the most prominently in New Orleans had to step down a couple days ago allegations of I didn't actually get a chance to readings you know exactly what the allegations were but basically improper sexual contact / harassment / perhaps assault

so he step down and I think it's the first you know kind of big-name Chef that we heard this happened to you and at the time you know at one of the things I read is it from the person is heading up the group now that he stepped down as is he not going to all the staff which you know you should and and she's saying you know please please always feel free to step forward please feel comfortable to you know say something if something happens to you if you see something please feel feel comfortable doing so

my message to you know anyone out there who's the professional is don't wait for this kind of thing to happen in your restaurant or your bar or your Restaurant Group go out there now like I get your next staff meeting take the time you know when we start our Bar Reno this is going to be a big part of our staff training go out there now and let everybody know that they know that it's that everyone in your restaurant and bar finds a sort of behavior unacceptable let them know that you know that they are going to be taken seriously and treated with respect if they if they come forward and just make that a part of your culture and do it now before it's too late and you haven't done it right make sense right Dave

yeah to Leanne's also just to know the right thing to do at the hammer Lopez's is now he were talking about John Besh and I later she's already talked about it on the restaurant industry is a lot of people hide behind hide behind alcohol one of the big issues right they were drunk, you know that's just not incorrect you know that alcohol is not alcohol is not an excuse you know when you hit someone with a car because you chose to get drunk and alcohol is certainly not an excuse with sexual assault under any circumstances whatsoever

anyway enough enough of that for today

how you doing this. You train yeah we we mention to the I come from a nun now well it crawled through the Bedford from Manhattan to Brooklyn

that's like a 7-minute I'm assuming most of you have not traveled on the subway with nastassia but she believes that the Metropolitan Transit Authority who is the people that run the subway she believes that they purposely stayed too long at the platform just a mess with her they think she thinks that they can speed off somehow like at the three times the rate and don't do it literally just to piss her off when you say that so I think that they see if there is a delay you should stop the train don't crawl calling makes it in and it stopped Subway with Booker he'd rather at crawl if it's going it's going if it stops like why is it why is it going to start again today it's honking because there are literally people in the tracks and a dinner working on the freaking trash

get into the little side divots and I'm talking about I know I know I know but why can't they work at 3 a.m. 4 a.m. mean presumably they are working at those times so you're saying Peter Kim petercam cooking issues favorite punching bag well known for his nervous reaction to anything is eat sandwiches I think he has it in his pockets at all times he has some form of Sandwich perhaps I see the same way to pick it up like a moldy egg salad sandwich as we know he said about the show me a sandwich

write everything is Ozzy and I okay so that the thing with the Stasi and I is that where we're not good examples for instance when you're filming or whatever we need to break for lunch because they do it for the crew and all the stuff I want breaks for lunch everyone has lunch and when it's over and either will die or will eat eventually right I mean it's not you don't get hungry when I'm working when you're actually working hard do you get really hungry in this town know I will realize at the end of a day here that I haven't even right to know if you are getting very hungry while you're working unless you have actually starve yourself for like the whole day you're probably a little bit bored right I mean like I get hungry either when I'm sitting or talking or thinking about food a lot when you're cooking food you're not thinking about some eventually your stomach eats itself and then you're good are you one of those people

my wife has like this she gets to a point where she's like I'm not hungry anymore so you go to someplace and it's an hour wait and we'll go somewhere else I will wait I need to go back to the first place in our hungry anymore always either eat or not eat you know I'd say it's never I've never at the point where I get ring on his hand why is that weird

crazy guy is it on his engagement bro I was at the woman I have no idea but listen I was just in as I was saying I didn't want to talk about so I got back I was in China I was in China in the Philippines and you were at the farm right I bet you that all you can go I thought you said you went to the farm now I said it was Saturday Casella's Farm Discovery Farm will next year maybe if they invite us we'll talk about today. Vitus I can you imagine like a mashed potatoes at Willy Wonka with cured meats

build your own bed know it's not the grossest Parts is because they pee and poop in the bed because he hadn't gotten out of his bed in 20 years I think that I don't like the TV series too much into it the movie is disturbing in so many ways we lie because my whole kind of life is that I love that movie too disturbing. What what do you find disturbing about it the children getting mangled that's okay I don't know just something about the sides that Gene Wilder makes during the entire film you're probably now I have all those weird

there's a little bit of a racist knock on on gypsies in that tinker

oh hi this is John calling from England's hey how you doing how's England

yeah it's good thing there while ago I'd already delicious revolve granita at a restaurant and a nice. Pyle paint color and for the clean Taste of rhubarb and it dissolves melting ice in my mouth and I'm wondering if you have any advice from reputation that experience so have you tried it and it's been a bad experience

well I am I to go to school bash thing with stewed rhubarb but you know I had a bit too much soda fibrous material and I think we could be cooked I saw somebody what I was looking for well okay so raw rhubarb has a very particular flavor and I you either like it or you don't cuz it retains licking you know it's gets excited it's oxalic acid crystals that has a very particular flavor and kind of a string in C in a little bit of a vegetal nature that gets kind of knocked off by cooking so you could try juicing if you have a juice or you can choose where are rhubarb which I've done I've juice and clarified rhubarb before for drinks but I found that I used to do that and

most people I think like it a little bit a little bit cooked so I think rhubarb is also one of those things like ginger where the taste is the Taste changes rather dramatic from raw to cooked and so as with ginger I haven't done a lot of experimentation but as with ginger you know you might be able to get to some in between medium that's really good between that cooks and the and the raw ask for the fibers and it's obviously it's extremely fibrous so you could like I say juice in which case most of the fiber will end up in the you-know-what in the in the Pulpit comes out of the juicer or you could strain the product to Hershey, but bear in mind you'll lose a lot especially if it's cooked and you actually expect me to lose an awful lot of product if you put it through through if she wants if you had to spend all you can clarify what you clarify then you have like a

are juice then you could make you could add some pop back if you want more body to make a agreed or what not the other choice you could do to bulk up the liquids about it a little bit is too dope it in with some other other juice as well so if you didn't rhubarb and they know the classic obviously liked right thing would be strawberry but you know it happens to work they Mel Mel grata well and friends since you could probably get away with some raw rhubarb flavor if you had something to round out that kind of sharp ax oxalic note something like the strawberry with a little bit of sugar not allow you to cut the the fiber down cuz you definitely in a melting sorbet don't want those long thin fibers now if you have a vital prep you can blend the ever-loving snot out of those fibers and you can probably get most of those fibers chopped into indistinguishable paste however it will be quite sick in which case again you're going to want to send it out with some juice and me of the juice of your choice like you know whatever strawberry

orange juice you know whatever orange probably not strawberry something with more of a red to feel what he thinks as a date line from the Batman movie with Jack Nicholson he talks about rhubarb says never rub another man's rhubarb still not sure that means I would hope that his rhubarb is not shaped like rhubarb that would be quite weird

Heaven is full of jokes that has like a six-year-old I just did not get

I was just looking to do it went when it comes and season is rhubarb a lot is my son Dax really good location for the Paco jet mean I know most people don't have a package at the pocketjet is going to beat the ever-loving snot out of that rhubarb as well probably just make a base and then throw the rhubarb chunks into it and just pocketjet it'll probably come out okay but listen anyone in the chat room do any Rod rhubarb sorbet stuff Dave so far no I'll put it out there whatever happens if I have a few anyone sends me some stuff I like it or whatever and then will we can come back and talk about it next week there is one quick question from the chat room they want to know if you're going to sell low quality individual shirts on Amazon ever been there already if you can literally buy one right now you can buy one right now it's a seat on how to get one

yeah, something like Shopify Booker and Dax Google that for some reason on the upper right hand corner it just says lqi because we are low quality individuals and you click if you go to and you click like lqi which why would you know that that stands for low quality individual why would you know now you do to go to it they put the thing it says lqi I really like the Star Wars enemy equality you don't like they know anybody where you at the house Bailey about it something masculinity asking about it

Star Wars geek mostly men you saying women don't like Star Wars women out there do you like Star Wars or just like the doctor who he would do you like do re are you one of those Doctor Who telephone booth fans

well I bought you one of the kids but if it's easy for me from China that turbulence was so bad it was so so so bad that I couldn't I couldn't even operate my phone because my mind was the grave so I had to put on a movie that I Knew by heart and so I put on Star Wars Star Wars 4 a new hope y'all had to put on a movie that until the interesting thing is I don't know if you know this is not who they think so I'll try to keep it short but the green line that that is on the traces the path of your airplane is fake it's not your actual path shocker when are they know your actual path is they just draw some sort of line it's like you know it's Harold in the green crayon it is you draw a random line between the two points

because when so right before going on over there right before the turbulence I'm flying up and the line goes directly over North Korea like Direction

what would you want why would we be threatening to shoot down airplanes why would we go or

you know what I mean and I like what I asked them. I like you know what of course I meant you know I've always conspiracy theories in my head you know what for some reason for some reason they're not flying at the maximum altitude like most of my flights that take off out of Hong Kong go up there hovering you know around like 30 32 34000 ft or like I could totally get that I could totally hit that

because I'm as we started getting closer the line started moving over and over into the ocean you know over international waters on like they just wanted me to have a freaking heart attack and then right when the mine moved over its I stop worrying about that like

play that one and then I was like man because when you have 14 hours left in your flight really how long can it last you like when the flights only 5 hours like okay 5-hour flight I mean it you want to say anything you're in a window seat in the very back of the back of the airplane cuz you book late and you know so I put on Star Wars and it was like one of those 4D rides at at Disney World you know what I mean we're like and it was like Star Wars 2 beginning scene when when Darth Vader breaks into the Rebel Ship artoo-detoo or in that escaped convict I was like yeah I get it now I get it

oh my God that's my trick for Crappie airplane rides his put on something that you just know by heart in the morning anyway you try to drink to put yourself to sleep at all you are is like buzz dehydrated and tired and freaked out you know so whatever like in the evening now I'll have a drink whatever cuz why not but not every morning is a little bit when they go to the airport that there's no such thing as you know I have nose drips of Chardonnay at 10:09 in the morning they're like well it's done at night when I'm flying to so you know what I mean so it's in the action itself

some people but it doesn't help me to the bathroom while you firstly I can look out the window to see and you open the window and you see that you're flying over some messed-up Cloud you like oh it's just a messed-up clouds and you can look out in the distance and see what's going to like okay it's okay to be like at night you see like houses and it certainly like to her house and her Windows she but what I can't stand is the having to get up 8 billion times when you're in the aisle on a 14-hour flight because you know that that person who chose the window seat enjoys peeing

more than they enjoyed their own life and so I'll hold it in if I have a window seat I'm going to go bladder of Steel I will use my that sounds like a nightmare I use my Qigong skills would I have none but I'll use anything that I have to force the fluids back into my bladder back into my bloodstream until my eyes turn yellow rather than get up no way I can't tolerate that it's a miracle I made it through Blade Runner without having to go to the bathroom it looks great and it sounded great I'm like I love you and it's like my favorite movie is not in this one was dead so he's dead why did I didn't you see the original Blade Runner has a robot when he died it is make another one and it becomes this whole leg

yeah that's all that so I'll give you a couple things I went to when I went to China went to the Canton Fair Canton fair is the largest the largest me no kind of Trade Fair for yes stuff and this one had like bicycles toilets kitchenware power tools and I was going to look for for a current projects actually you know and for our new projects with Booker and Dax which obviously we're not announcing it because their new we have done them yet but a lot of knock off immersion circulators like a lot but I saw the one thing I kind of want and then I was like why do I want this is stupid can you know how they have waffle makers okay imagine a bundt cake maker a full-sized But Cake Maker that sits on your counter and flips over so it looks as she can get really light Airy you poured into the bottom part of the bundt cake saying it starts to cook you flip it over hit the bottom and then

Puffs from both sides toward the center it's actually not a bad idea because you can and make I'm sure really light Airy Bundt Cakes and apparently you getting fairly easy kind of release but I was like okay

when I make waffles right I make waffles when I'm doing waffles I go in and out of waffles between waffles and pancakes now because I don't have gas in my house if it's right but I'll make like

oh I don't know why I hate waffles Twilight eight waffles twice a week so 16 waffles a week for a year right so that's 16 * 5050 + 8 weeks and still 100 waffles right so even for a year waffle iron makes him how many black cakes are you going to make if you need one a week for a year I think of 52 Bundt Cakes cuz I member you have an oven you have a bundt cake pan you can cook a bundt cake pan in the oven so it's the convenience and speed plus you are giving your counter space up to this Bundt Cake Maker I would have told you all this kind of Mega Sceptile I totally bought one if they had it in 120 but it's only in 220 they don't make a 120 version of the bun cake maker everything a lot of smokeless I'm putting in air quotes because nothing is smokeless grilling with kind of

those kind of Courts lamps and then like weird things that I had a vertical out of vertical rotisserie for small things like hot dogs corn and shrimp vertical in glass cylinder saw that saw a lot of

what's the weather looking for to what's the word when you kill the bacteria on a surface of on the surface of vegetables recall that disinfecting for fresh veg lot a lot a lot of knock off those are things lighter knockoff blenders a lot of knock off knockout vacuum machines but who uses knock off kitchen equipment no one in the United States that I know of their menu for when you go on Amazon you can't buy them not going either to or to a European market that I don't know where they're they're still making actual name brands but the problem is is it there was like three or four or five different factories all making the same knockoff very weird very strange kind of a situation he was going to call you on the air

hey what's up I'm glad you finally got your spins all the miracle is it working for you nice thing in for the guy that was the last time you to show who made the sourdough bread that wasn't enough list

Prineville or you can just put like a a tiny amount of commercial used to that he was quite a bit I think of a relatively old sourdough so when a man talking about full to stocking about times doubling the old starter before you use it as fresh correct that's what you mean

yeah that's good advice I think you know they say eat you want if you want to go. We know commercial he's obviously if you go commercial used to reducing the starter load and that's reducing me a city but I think it all goes down to the amount of flour that you lost its ability to hold gas because it's either been eating or orange too acidic or some combination of it's been eating and is too acidic you know what I mean.

probably 2% by weight of a half of the autolyze should be fine hey do you have a copy of the book yet

no that's out of my price range able to spend on said Thank you to the modernist bread crumbs mini series for free though on Heritage Radio Network. Org are they posting on a recipes in that

not yet I need to get my hands on a copy that set of that book about the subject. So I'm kind of you know this is a weird to say but I'm actually super interested to look at it and then when I was at the Museum I only have like 5 Seconds to look at it and every we know everyone else with you I had their grubby little paws over its I couldn't read it

no. You have with the S Pen. Maybe I'll see you next time I'm at Mystic I saw some cool holographic display my cooking playlist I want to talk about an out every once in a while you wait there in China in China I didn't had to have anything super Spooktacular in China that I've never had before I'm going to get myself 32nd and not even Thirty Seconds to go to know but Cakes was among the things you do it but Cakes in checking the archives but I will say this I will just put it this way so when I went to the Philippines I was in the Philippines for a day and I was the

best of the Shangri-La Hotel in Manila in the fort and I did a master class there and then afterwards that didn't know the guys from the curator bar in in Manila took me out on the town late night cuz I had a 5 a.m. flight so basically we went around Manila until 2 and then got in a cab to go to the airport and one of the things that they got me was balut so I finally had balut is the Philippines a Filipino egg that is the day before it hatches they boil it and then you eat the chicken fetus

it's a well-known thing so I thought it tasted fine let me know what you do is you crack the top of the egg you put salt in it you suck out the juices I have videos but you know what kind of horrifying for people to my wife looked at and she's like that's horrifying never show anyone that video ever again so you suck out the you suck out the juices like and then you break it open and you have there's just like weird calcified blob where all of the waste from the growing Bird Goes it's hard when you throw away that calcified blob and you eat the little Chiclet ball thing that's left over and I have to say it tastes pretty good it tastes like a mixture of chicken soup

egg and like giblet stuff and so

I know you love the word Woodcock watching you eat Woodcock watching me eat Woodcock is much more horrific because the blood particles were hitting you in the face in the phone with the Woodcock was you were getting hit in the face with the blood particles the groupie the groupie totally decayed cuz they hung the Woodcock until it was nice and stinky high as they put it in England and then yes spitting those you're as you break the bones are crunch so that I can see it like this. It's like it's like you were at a dentist office in like Woodcock was flying out of my mouth and my hitting you in the face is nasty there was a good time to take a break but don't want to taste it do it or taste of the closest thing I can say if you want to mimic the flavor of Baloo is a pressure cooked eggs so if you do you know this my standard kind of pressure cook egg which is you take

Greg you put it in water you bring it up to a simmer you simmer it for a couple of minutes to set it you put in in your clothes at the post a live in the pressure cooker take it up to fifteen p SI which is second ring or internal is it in bar it's like what it's like 1000 extra millibar so you know 2,000 total pain how you measure anyway do that for an hour let the pressure come down naturally and when you open it the eggs will be brown and the flavor of those eggs with salt is very very similar to the flavor of balut the only difference is that it's not going to be juicy have that soupy thing so if you serve that with a little bit of chicken stock you will have almost a dead ringer for the flavor of Baloo and by the way for those either wondering do the feathers get stuck in your teeth no all the bones incredibly crunchy know so you know what your

had a fairly accurate flavor representation what's going on should you try to do that should you try to do a less horrifying looking at easier to produce below

Bob's Red Mill has been Milling whole grain since 1978 when you Mill whole grain to get all three parts the brand The Germ and the endosperm the brand with a rough Edge makes up about 14% of the whole grain it's the outer skin of the edible kernel it contains large amounts of B vitamins some protein trace minerals phytochemicals but most importantly dietary fiber learn more at Bob's Red Mill. Com podcast

I have a problem in that we have so many old questions that I can't remember which ones we answer I think we should send Dave I'll send Dave like earlier rather than later a list and we'll see if we can get someone to figure out which ones I've answered so they don't double answer the the questions that make sense where do I have to do that I know is there someone who just got to be someone who knows no

you guys to know whether I've answered the question. I can't remember whether I ate breakfast in the morning I can't remember anything people ask me questions all the time how can you not know what you're going to do tonight I'm like because that tonight like I might not be alive then check off which ones are the questions and then if I printed the questions I could check them off and then we could Circle the ones that we don't do so going backwards and technology is the solution to this problem I don't think so I mean

Excel Excel my but how am I going to sit there and check it off

hey easy for everyone else to say you know whether you know I'm the one has to sit here on my phone and read these questions you don't have a contest for chat room or for the listener is like you know go back back through the archives on your own time. I don't know give him a shirt give him a shirt of their choice will be at 4 mentioned the enemy equality shirt seems to be a hot item radio shirt if they want to hear no surely I'm one of those to which one did sleeveless I can't wear sleeveless shirts who do you know that wear sleeveless shirts with like the the regular show graphic on it that are the weird like a tset ladies graphic but nastase doesn't like to see the ladies graphic something to get from people saying that you can if you want to State the question and then they will respond whether or not it's been answered but I'll try to remember

I'll try to remember you know what we can put them up because that's it we could put it up on the chat room is that room only exist when we're here well no no I'll tell you what they are though I'll make you a deal they here's what we'll do next week at the beginning of the show will post the questions right and then people can say which ones we've answered

chirp sounds great deal with some new questions now this way I know I haven't answered them in years I don't actually have answers for them so we can just talk about them Alex from Toronto rights in Dear Dave Dave Anastasia I've been contemplating buying a half cow or Pig and wondered if you had any suggestions for how to ask him how to ask the butcher to break the meat down I'm hoping to get his little ground meat and sausage as possible and it's many large cuts of meat as possible traditional Butchery is optimized for bone-in cuts and seemingly waste a lot of meat they can be cooked a Licious Lee in a circulator has anyone developed alternate ways to break down animals that avoid this waste if so any advice on how I could communicate this request to a butcher who is not familiar with it would be appreciated thanks Alex well I mean one thing I will say is that you can definitely do a lot of bone-in Cuts in the circulator so you know cuts of meat can be done in the circular buy things are

interesting question I think this is the kind of question that we should perhaps like defer Andre asked what do I have no way to remember when we're it cuz we're trying to set up Army Dave are our meat or meat show like meat curing all that mean and Butchery goes a lot with that what do you think the question is is anyone in the chat room has experience with this but they're trying to figure out a more efficient way to butcher an animal for sous vide cooking specifically for work which show were you referring to so done with you know we're going to get Johnny Hunter and you know maybe someone else and we're just going to do during and perhaps butchering question is spicy today right cuz we're awful week is it

how can I ever give you peace with greens they don't like us they're never going to give us peace with rims on it ever right now we used to be used to bring it in and I know we said it before we used to think we can shame them into serving it to his by pulling it out of our pockets and put phone in don't want to cook them on the phone you can cut the bones off and roast them and it's incredibly delicious like one really good way to do something like a rib roast is to get the rib eyes out do the rib eyes low Temp and then just roast off the bones with the meat on them cut them and serve them as kind of gnawing bones and it's quite good or you can load temps of Bones and then flash fry them and then serve them and likewise they're incredibly good so most of the traditional cuts of meat if you maximize for a traditional

meat cutting I also have good applications low temperature be the exception would be of course the tenderloin which unless you can I have cooked it low temp and it works really well but you just have to make sure when you're doing low top you don't cook it too long or turns pasty does test we did with the with the fillets and how pasty they got when you cook them a long time we're there for that it turned like a even though they're not overcook they turn light just paste deck yet to know if you can do a fish Butchery / curing show maybe they could be part of the the meat show say sugar should you have a day

Yeah Yeahs on Facebook tree form and get them in the family show said of course I can he can go more than 30 seconds without cursing

Aaron Springer family show Jim lady is coming on later this afternoon anastasi in the past I fat washed gin with avocado oil and when I put it back in the freezer the oil Rises to the top the puck is removed and a simple filtering give me a workable Spirit but I'm working on a fat washed vodka using coconut oil to coconut oil is unrefined organic coconut oil I'm having a difficult time getting to separate out which is weird because coconut coconut fat anyways so solid you know what I mean is strange and coconut oil in like a coconut milk float to the top so readily and turn into a puck it's weird that the day you know if they're just having problems here but maybe some of the chat room has a something the first time I put in the freezer it came out like whipped cream the second time I use the refrigerator but only a small quantity of oil goes to the top for easy removal and they ended up putting it through a coffee filter

slow the last time I tried to just use it without the coffee filter but tiny oily solid what you think of that string of words what if I put the word olestra what if I put the word olestra in your mind and so now you're thinking of the tiny way solids after they've gone through your body and adjusted now how does that work well consider trying to erase some of her anger anger internal anger but I think some of her internal anger is focused towards things like tree fungus and Mark man's not forget the last time I tried to really solid ended up sticking to the inside of the glass and it was ugly and tell him I borrow get spins off do you have any ideas for how to get the oil out of the vodka

cuz you don't but that's great so that I would try separatory funnel so here's a cheap before you invest in a separatory funnel please put some of your product in in the freezer in something glass rights what I'm trying to figure out is is are you having a tough time separating it because of the pouring or having a tough time separating it because it's not coming out of the liquid at all if it's not coming out of the liquid at all that's a separate kind of an issue but if it's just that you can't separate it then if you have a separating funnel this oily stuff will float to the top and the other stuff will sink to the bottom and you should be able to get a nice you know clear product and bring it all then we're going to have to do some sort of you have to add some sort of filtering a the problem is filtering AIDS will in fact strip some flavor out of it so

try to use the smallest amount possible if something like Ben tonight or even maybe gelatin something that will get rid of that will just be a grip on to some of these small particles that may be because is unrefined coconut oil it might have water left in it or other particles that aren't pure oil and that's why it's not floating to the top and which case you'll need to fundamentally do a clarifying step on it because the stuff is actually in solution but the easiest way to get the oily part out the actual oily part is to use a separatory funnel funnel is interesting because it's got a little stop cock on the bottom that you rotate and then you are removing the liquids from the bottom and then you can swirl it to get that the faster rise to the top and you can sit in your freezer for as long as you want and rock and roll but that's what I would try out

answer this is from can receive is a rather long question from canker long time no hear with my Thanksgiving coming up I thought I would pose this question when if ever does one use a covered roasting pan there are plenty of fond Recollections of mom using that thin speckled granite ware covered roaster on the internet but very little actual information about this let's first dismiss those who's who say don't use any roasting pan mostly because the side prevent good circulation sure but sometimes you want more volume below the thing you are roasting carrying a hot heavy turkey or other big roast may be dangerous on a baking sheet in a roasting pan gives you the pan sauce option especially the pan is heavy enough for a cooktop I will miss interject here I use roasting pan a lot however I don't have I always elevate my bird above the roasting pan to get that extra kind of

I always elevated now I will be honest I've never run the tests right I've never tested elevated versus not elevated so it's hard for me to say really what the difference is but you know about the underside of my birds are always blonder underside of my roaster always blonder which is why you know I do the old when I'm doing traditional Cooks I do the old school where I started on the underside cook it off high for a while and then flip it over so they get colored on the bottom you don't I mean anyways okay back 2 tha Hood back to the question you might say that covering the roasting pan is steaming not roasting okay so what are the pros and cons of steaming maybe with uncovering for the last half hour or so you see discussion points about how covered cooking makes me moister or retains moisture is that true no no I mean it will it depends I'll answer all these questions at once instead of going to me Moises is more of a function of the moisture retainer on a muscular level which in turn a function of time and temperature

covering I think I overcook pot roast to be swimming in liquid but the meat taste dry and pasty search stew science on Sirius C for kangaroos related investigation on this issue by the way as an aside the interesting thing he posted I saw on clarifying old oil with gelatin to filter it as a fast way to get your flywheel back in I have to run some tests on that because he's not using a 35 or 50 lb deep fryer he's like no cooking in a pot of oil and so what you do is that the end of the night you leave it in the pot you stirring a gelatin mix it settles out into a puck the next day and then you have the engine you have clear oil such an interesting idea the idea what what I would want to test and I haven't had obviously had any time so I just read this today but oil breakdown is for a number of things there's particles in it right that Linda flavors but they actually you get free fatty acids a little bit of free fatty acids and oil is good because it makes the oil more polar

send means that you can actually get better a heat contact in from your from the oil into the food's why hyperfresh oil doesn't work but excess fatty acids have those awful rancid flavors and it will start to go rancid to what I want to know is his canvas gelatin trick actually suck some of that crap out of the oil and make it as though it is fresh or not just that has less crap in it but is the oil itself actually fresh with I don't know any way to wrap up in a minute I likes a steam trap in the covered roaster cook stew meat faster I bet you're very little Mayer Brown until you uncover The Roaster I'm hoping you confirm or correct me or shansa a shed some entertain Nuance in a subject one other point I have not yet tried it but just manipulating a covered roaster and Associated steam make for better bread that regard can okay so really really quickly on this might my thoughts on this obviously cooking bread this all goes back to this is this isn't the miracle of moisture management we are dealing with the miracle moisture management problem right here

if you go back in the fifties people used to make turkey Ovens that were essentially covered Roasters where it roasted and the entire bird roasted in the in this contain thing which is not much bigger than those big old enamelware turkey Roasters and it did Brown and the issue with it is covering a pot does one thing and one thing only it increases the humidity at allows that allow it it reduces evaporative cooling right so anytime you cover a pot with something with liquid in it you are decreasing the ability of liquid is the flash off your increasing the humidity or decreasing the amount of temperature drop you can get buy a evaporative cooling and so you're increasing the temperature now it is true that when you have a lot of moisture on the surface of a of a product or if you have a lot of moisture let's say bubbling out of a bunch of juices below it so if you have a a turkey say

Inn at the pot with a lot of juice underneath and the juice hasn't solidified are caramelized yet right then that juice is going to keep bubbling as that keeps bubbling it's going to keep the temperature is going to keep it keep it at 2:12 at the surface and is going to be harder to Brown it cuz you have to overdrive the temperature to get the surface of the meat above the temperature of boiling water what you need to do you need to evaporate some of the liquid off the surface dry off the service went to Services dry whether it's in a pot or whether it's anything else it's going to start Browning so inbred you get the initial higher temperature and the and the rise and then presumably the services of bread enough moisture leaves the pot such a dick can start Browning right that's how late he does his write his his pot bread thank you in a in a in a cookware situation all you're doing by covering the thing is increasing temperature at which is cooking and whether or not it Browns going to depend on what

there is excess moisture left weather the surface of the meat can be driven fast enough to get the temperature higher days not going to let me go long enough and do you have more questions on there so I can get back into it we can talk more about roasting pan Technologies cuz it's getting close to Thanksgiving anyway I'm going to talk about how I'm going to do my turkey again this year will get back more with roasting next week and we'll catch the other questions next week on cooking issues

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