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Episode 307: Overcooked and Underseasoned

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Brooklyn showing as usual with Nastassja to hammer Lopez how you doing good. Dave in the booth and everybody's paid hurricane

well hello by the way they say that they listen to cooking issues and they'll come over and the first thing they'll do is introduce themselves hey you know I'm fixing to cooking issues that may become mofad the second thing they say is you're the punching bag of the show huh

that's right you're not allowed to actually punched Houdini is going to have some sort of like you know late and appendicitis and someone's going to punch him when he's not looking it's going to be a nightmare is prune a medical problems today what it what he have here too much like paralegal singer from all that hitting copy copy copy the recent series to make a paralegal to that of course respect your paralegal that all respect chatroom says you should offer to take punches for fundraising for moped so that's why might a that's on the table now

personally I speak in paralegals you know how like when you're in law office you get you noticed by reams of paper you buy like pallets of paper and there in those paper boxes right there in those at yeah so the papers come like many means to a box Betty way the lid of a copier box is an amazingly satisfying thing to hit somebody over the head with but it doesn't hurt that much so I used to think that what we would do is we had this one really really strong guy in the law firm that we would just go down into Grand Central with a bunch of these boxes and allow people to smash them over my head for like five bucks and then you know if someone got out of hand wanted to swing up understand me like the large gorilla like person would just be a crush them into a small cube but the match is over your head it sounds like you're doing something my dad who had issues with me leaving this legal career to start opening this Museum will certainly be puffing a set up a chest up with pride to learn that is my lady

fundraising scam are you referencing the old Uncle Jemima pure Mash liquor cartoon commercial that the Morgan did for Saturday Night Live back in the day that I'm sure it is okay then and I have a long-running thing that we both like Boston the band nothing to do with this the city but like both of us like we made the mistake of wanting to learn more about them before dealt Contra call know what the lead singer Adele who is a normal height in person but, I'm sure he has his last name what's her last name anyway

recorded his sister-in-law in the bathroom I'll Chuck Berry bedroom bathroom and then without her knowledge yes and then somehow his I guess his wife found out about it anyway so he he took his own life but it was kind of like a terrible he like plugged up all of the doors of his room and made a bunch of Hibachis and just like smoke himself to death so he can't think of it and just asking are like that's not like a that's a give up your whole life move away kind of a situation not a kill yourself if we can't listen to the music the same way anymore cuz it's kind of like just kind of down a way to start the show

little bit last night I went to the WD 50 pop up down there on Front Street in fact it's out I think next week check it out it's you know I don't know whether it's all the recipes but it's like a huge portion of the recipes from wd-50 they're actually from the restaurant so if you ever you know decided that what you really want to learn how to do is make while he's not for which by the way is not like to not like k n o t as in flagra tied into a knot that has I think also the dessert recipes and I'm just a Savory recipes take it out it's you know one of those things like $75 on the Amazon retail but I think Amazon's got it for like 40 or 50 and it comes in its own box it's one of those books that comes in its own box what you think about books are coming around box assassin

coming out right now this is a season of books of all Nathan myhrvold with his bread book was on the Atocha Museum Volume size is like modernist cuisine but modernist bread and it's the same price to change bucks employees carry it around in a nuclear resistant case and the new the new cases metal it why why why did you say why he did that with that and probably Philly cracking or something in the last one so and just so you guys know if you wish to know more which I'm sure you do about my know I do about a modernist bread you can check out a series of podcast here on a Heritage radio hosted by none other than our man turkel is that true Dave what was the name is podcast modernist bread crumbs 2 episode 1 is out now on the Heritage Radio Network website episode 2 is coming out next Wednesday and then every Wednesday thereafter will do one episode a week but this one

they were releasing the talk that Nathan did with my dilemma fat and what we're going to do is we're going to wait for that the book to be out for a little while I wait for you know folks out there in the community to generate their questions and then we'll have marveled on the program and you can ask him all of the questions about the book directly to make sense make sense I hope you have as much is in the book why would they have a section of sandwich bread on bread not a freaking sandwiches sandwiches I mean do you have a section on like air quality that to find everything right no like you know what I mean like no like I like what you have and the following that Trump be in logic and political

Brookstone get me some freaking guests nastassia do you know any political people for the tenth time no Peter you know any political people

you don't know if you know them I don't think about it another book coming out Jimmy Jimmy hands new bartenders manual book is coming out I saw an advance copy and even though there's a picture of me in it it is still a very good-looking book it's like a very very pretty but beautiful book you know that in spite of you quotes from bar people and bartenders and bar owners plus you know Jim's inside a few years in the business plus recipes super pretty book super awesome I would check it out so Peter what do you want to show to put a push out here already miss alright fine I just mean the time is taking for you to interrupt me and harassing me is basically yeah so

natural wine means we all kind of know what it means but it really has no meaning for tomorrow what would what's going on with that way so he's he's one of the top chefs in Chile and he's going to be talking about this new book just released we have some recipes are doing from that. Where you've got a food trivia thing next week and a program on the cuisine of Istanbul how do you limit it to food nanogram

this is like it's been really successful food trivia about Istanbul and we also have a thing they have all the trivia food question there every season of this Temple and Village

there's a woman in Robin Eckert's she had a cuisine on the Serie book on the divorce wasn't the turkey and so Regional Cuisines life in the village of cities farms and high pastures of the lesser-known provinces. Turkey going to make sure to make some supper she talking about I don't know if I have to say I really like I wish I could go back to Istanbul I really really really love the food there I thought I was really good then we have our friendship reporter from Batali and Bastianich Hospitality Group doing a Chianti wine tasting by the way you can't have anywhere else he or he's going to leave yet that's been my experience with me always has interesting stuff coming in so you don't want to check out whatever he's doing that interprets the range it's the over and under Peter

bike time to 3035 so basically like less than it should cost so it's basically a bargain you should go to these tanks

all right so if you have questions you can call them into 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 next week we will not be here in just a sec because I will be in China I will be at the Canton Fair trying to research suppliers for the next product that's coming out in a post spins all will be well moisture management system that's my whole life has moisture management system that's my whole life so stop pretending to actually be three if it's three years I will not I will not be alive if it's 3 years

realistically if it takes 3 years I will not be alive LOL.

I'll never be happy that's a lie like you tell yourself it's going to get better to deal with some like crap that's true I want to not be dealing with some of the crap and I had to deal with him anyway this is Nick Nick nastasi Peter reporting to themselves when I was saying I just don't have to deal with some of the crap I currently have to deal with their like that he means us like that and not just you guys and in a shout-out to Nastassja to myself to Dave in the booth and if he's there also to Peter of overcooked and under season does a little more time then goes to a guest not even paying for his own food they could I mention he wasn't even paying for his own food is being paid for by say yum then you know I mean Yumm if I laugh at a comedy so you know I find it kinda funny family show freaking

how do you like our favorite restaurant

the lights dim everybody stops eating classic classic camp in Peter though it's true it's like around nastassia feels ridiculous cuz she hates that she hates it write 2 in necklace and always had this issue when dealing with dry aged beef we would get in the 109 ribeye so 109 ribeye is a specific like a cut so it's a no it's not you can order that's one of the standard u.s. custom 109s the whole pound of ribeye with certain kind of train line

steaks on either end would inevitably be a little more dried out not really an issue to cook the portions for the middle but the end pieces after being cooked a proper temp would look to be undercooked you show more of a rare color it didn't happen every single time but it happened enough to pique my interest I'm guessing it's an issue with the are interacting with the myoglobin on the end pieces but I'm not sure I know the stakes have been cooked to the appropriate temperature but sometimes it's hard to explain that to a guest that it's actually okay you suggested covering with fat during aging but I don't have control over the meat during that process is there anyway to try and control that a little better besides flashing the slice meat in the oven to manipulate the color is not cooked to low temp or in a bag huh that's really interesting problem and so you know I've done a lot of work with the color temperature of meat asari the color of meat cooked too particular temperatures in bags and Outback but I've never thought about the end and variation based on

dry aging I don't know what it is it could be that it could be the lower moisture content is doing something or it could could be something that you're saying typically exposure to more oxygen would make it look less rare number to even long-term exposure to oxygen would make it look less rare than it would otherwise because you would either be in ee wouldn't be more oxygen would cause it to be in an oxidized state which would be redder true but would denature faster than if it was in a deoxygenated stayed so would look cooked faster that's this has been my experience but I don't know it's an interesting problem I would like to hear from anyone else out there whether they've noticed is whether dry-aged meat tends to and the more the more dry it is whether it tends to take longer to lose its fur coat interesting problem I think about it might be moisture issue what do you think

is not your Forte but you have any thoughts on this equality sit like sandwiches like is it a book about like Meats is it a book about Cheese's is it a book about vegetable toppings is it a book about the main problem with sandwiches which is people making them to freaking dry or not getting the bread to a product ratio of correct or using a bread that's too crusty for the sandwich that they have involved so you sit there chewing on it and and I can't even get the the bolus of bread down is that what the book about know it's bad bread now I'm sure they dealt with the best varieties of bread for a sandwich maybe they had a couple chances that would be a sandwich bread Filipino the people who make sandwich bread do they make sandwiches no I feel like cooking issue side needs to have a little barometer of the Dave irritation

humble and Dave Nick just texted and said that he's still waiting to hear Jen on the show and we've all been waiting and he said it's been two years in the making so well invite her on and she's busy she's working you know what I mean but you know she's doing architecture work but in the studio

yeah with the big-budget sterilizing for the census of 28 male married and I have an emergency ocular I've listened to your show since before the long break in the pocket was that we had like a couple weeks break can you let everybody know that the Sears all is on backorder we'll talk about that in a minute bring it up after this year is on backorder fake news no one called anyone