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Episode 305: All Things Should Produce Juice

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Bushwick Brooklyn to hammer Lopez how you doing stuff we got Dave in the booth and Bones is it good it's good interesting and we have with us today for the first time ever the entire Booker and Dax current Booker and Dax team in the studio with us we have yeah we have Matthews last name I'm going to withhold because he's the customer service representative for Booker and Dax I don't want you to be able to Doc's him and find him in the real life you know what I mean unless he so chooses

found himself Booker and docks going over there are you seeing the life mailed out of him nice so how did you come to Booker and Dax what we doing before was I doing before I was working in data science data science for design databases for lawyers or it could be I'm going to troll data to try to make up some new epidemic that doesn't really exist a good use of data science wasn't the best use it was credit card or so that you can find people who weren't paying so you can get him to spend more money although

fraud fraud redeeming to do

probably right you still working at business and you don't have looking good like today would have businesses I used to work and I can still instantly spit out like all of the all of the rhetoric he can't there is no fun when they didn't instill in you I hate rate of credit card fraud

just working on it I mean for my years of working with that yet for my years of working with lawyers I can tell you I still hate asbestos companies to this day I still hate them

more than you hate asbestos was called the magic mineral you know why it was called the magic mineral did you wings doesn't contracted last virtually forever it's fairly cheap it can be molded into in almost any bright if it's a mineral that comes in fiberform already it's as though God made fabric out of rocks you know and it's heatproof amazing stuff accepted kills yet

I also have the reason why any of you have a spinzall at all we have direct from Hong Kong and Shenzhen we have Chris Twitter's who is the booker and Dax representative in China and in Hong Kong how you doing Chris the Chris you know what is now like I know what you describe what you do you beat people's heads together until they do what they need to do is kind of what you do well to pay back that guy because he's going to break your knees mean like it's more like takes people who should be doing their job and aren't and then just sits there and like harangues them until they do it even called what's that job title

the house on find someone like you if they needed to find you

look up in a directory for an asshole family show Chris family show hey ho hey ho hey ho and before that Chris was a chef in like in New York at Walt Disney World what to do at Walt Disney World original Chef by Design on the kitchen side or or or not practice and a product shepherding whatever we call this job that you do mainly kitchen Wynwood kitchen massaging literally must massage parts

sometimes it seems like it's a good open the new bar is all massage parlors but it's it's it's a foot massage parlors and so like you're actually like Matthew you would be sitting next to Estancia

like like in close proximity both of you getting your feet massage and for me that's unpleasant I would not want to do that would you want to do that you wouldn't want to sit next to what island is next to me yeah right I would not you can add up the number of pedicures I've gotten in my life on zero hands you don't even and the number of manicures I've ever gotten you get out of one zero hands but I do enjoy a head massage at the hair salon what about that people do foot massager with like straight-up regular foot massage over there in Hong Kong or not bring me like regular feet massage just feet

yes more or less so calling all of your spins all related questions Booker and actually questions equipment manufacturing questions or really any questions 271-849-7128 that said 18497 at 2 one at 2 a.m.

we did have a call about that I know I had a few because he helped me with spindle problems via email so so oh well well well pic but my my question in regards to be from from the bar which was the champion you I've done I've done with the various Dinos from liquid intelligence but obviously the mushrooms don't have taken so how do I how do I work with that what's the technique question as a true politician would say that's an excellent question I'm glad you asked that question next question that that recipe was actually Nick Bennett's that wasn't my recipe and and because I made it a habit to only ever do

demos of like my specs my personal specs like whenever we had to do a demo of it he always did it and I honestly I don't know how they did it I'm pretty sure they started with dried shiitake and I think honestly it was less of a cristino and more of an infusion so late and then so what they do I don't think we bought powdered shiitake I think we bought just regular shiitake and maybe did like a pulse blend into it and infusion and then just spun out the solid because they did the trick with thumb

so as you rightly point out mushrooms are not made of pectin they're made of chitin and I don't believe they did a like a kieselsol what kind of sand and plus also chitin is not charged in the same way that kind of Saint is cuz it hasn't been treated so my guess is is that it works much more just like a settling out the same way that if you were clarifying A bitters for instance like or a spice oil leak by the way is not something we push a lot but it's a good usually for making like a courier oil or something like this to get the spices out because you're not really soluble lysing when you blend a banana you're putting banana juice into a tour dates and you're putting solubilize pectin into it that you need to knock out and in this I think it's much more of an expansion / infusion but that's just a guess next time I

next time we have Jack Schram on the show I'll try to remember to ask him to put out the order mcmenamin call Nick Bennett and have him give the the straight spec for it at some point I want to post all of the old Booker and Dax recipes up I owe actually block hens who gave me some beer to spend in the spins all a recipe I think he wants the Thunder nut which also is not one of my specs but I have to post that stirred bird from one of the men use your recipe or no Easter bird was either I can't remember whether it's Jack or or Nick remember Nick anytime something is stirred I want to say Nick Bennett worked on it because Nick Bennett whole like mission in life was to take all drinks and unshake them and so like he did stirred versions of everything but that might have been a bar wide thing as well because the entire bar was interested in kind of the NATO has everyone was

set time to junglebird and different takes on it but in general I mean it's not like like it's delicious drink but it's not my man that's not my meant I wouldn't be my go-to mentality jump-off Point not that I would be proud if it was my spec it's delicious but in general like you know I'm not a I'm not a let's see if we can work with this to get that I'm more of a you know I'm more of a I have this weird ingredient what am I going to do with it kind of a kind of a guy about if I can also get you now you're doing except for Dave who sounds like he's running through cheap fuzz pedal cuz he's really loud

Peavey I would probably go with the like the cheapest lost ones from the 90s. See ya good bass bass pedal is I used to have you know the wah-wah pedal before men with white petals they feel good while wah pedals I had a bass wah and he's never like I never loved it like it took too much chunk out of the bottom of my base for me to actually enjoy it even though I wanted the Wawa on the bay you like why why don't you Matthew don't forget who doesn't like Wawa Wawa fan not why why hot dogs not Wawa at the store from Connecticut Connecticut used to go to it

color Wella

Dave I don't know if it's bad for me

okay Matt

Matt okay so Matt from Mystic there are a couple of people in the United States where it got delivered but then someone stole it or it got delivered but the person was in another country at the time we have one or two people like that but Matt from Mystic Matt from Mystic who I personally met and spoken with enjoyed had a beer with I think I think we had a beer at on the 4th of July the threat

for some reason it is his spins all that is sitting in freaking Carson now Carson City I was incorrect Carson California and we don't know why it hasn't been shipped from Carson now what I'm going to do Chris Winters when are we going to get more units into the country

it should be October third one from the from the like we have the first next group of ones that we can send so we'll just send you one direction Hong Kong on a separate thing because I don't know what the hell happened we've I literally quite literally every day I send an email to the shippers in China and I say to them what is up with this order and then they'd somehow conveniently never respond to that question that's right and I'll personally ship that product for you so we don't have like it's like it's not even an issue of like it the frustrating thing about it is

we take like we literally don't have any more didn't have any more units to to send other than like me to the protos that I have you know you know that we have that at that at the house and so we haven't been able to send these are there some people who also who need repairs we have been able to you know what are a Maison units at things wrong and so we literally in the past couple of days Chris has been here in the US but his office in China has gotten ahold of a batch of like 10 from the factory they were going to use for returns at people need to take things on and for you because it's just freaking ridiculous my right that's correct and I don't think it's helpful but I personally hate the people who are shipping and I wish them ill and I hope that they don't have success in life and I you know I want bad things for them I'm not going to go so far as to say I want bad things for their family cuz I don't believe in

that's a good thing to do and I don't think you should blame people's families for what people do but clothes close to that what do you think Chris

Rent-A-Center just want to make me feel bad for missing or did you have another question rightly want to know where your where your spends all his whole fruit do you think crush it into that shit mentally I'm trying to crush that sentence into the share song I don't think I can maybe Dave in the booth can do it for me somehow get the share song into that enough meteorite that shirt like it whenever anyone says the word strong now share pops into my head you know I say this

how do you know I should probably shouldn't say this was correct that's why I'm saying probably shouldn't talk about yeah I shouldn't say so I didn't I just let people know that there is a story there which is no good I know you're still the international woman of mystery there nastassia

so the answer is both yes and no I mean when you're juicing Citrus you want to use a citrus press like. But you know what I mean when you're juicing apples Vitae preps or not the way to go it's for some reason apples are so high in pectin that when you just juice them like they don't clarify as well for some reason I just never had good luck with blending apples in a in a blender I always use a champion for apples but almost everything else right I guess Ginger I use ginger I use the champion if you're doing straight horseradish juice I used the champion but I actually recommend a horseradish Postino in vodka overdoing Spade horseradish juice it's much better and then you can just use the final prep so I also don't recommend fight a prepping or really if you're going to clarify don't really recommend juicing ginger ginger juice doesn't clarify very well because of the starch start sits in it

but for most fruits ride with the exception of apples and citrus yeah I would say no I mean if if you if you were thinking should I get if I depart the answer's always yes they're great to have you know I've never as I said I think on the are several times I've never met anyone who was like you know what I should not have bought I should not have want that title prep that was a bad does a bad movie know what it turns out I don't like blenders that doesn't happen I've never heard never I've never heard of that happening at maybe you know someone bought a vital prep and they went bankrupt the next day they wouldn't maybe I should have waited before I bought the vital prep when we get another hint like when someone closes a restaurant right with very very few exceptions like they have auctions what happens when you're very very few exceptions you go in there and there's nobody preps so if you just go to Restaurant Auctions you might think well maybe these restaurant didn't have I know the expense because nobody leaves if I tap right behind because everybody wants one

I mean it's like right because what happened is they they didn't really close the restaurant so much as they took the entire team pick them up and ship them to Vegas to open a restaurant on the double-quick and so like all the stuff was left in the kitchen and I was like right now by the by the prep and that's how I got my very first Five Sixty bucks with a great deal bad bearing but guess what I know how to fix bearings anyway so the answer is yes for many things have I to practice event a Seducer but the Champions also a good thing to have around because Champions really good for if you ever want to like grind cocoa nibs to start doing kind of chocolate it's a very good pre grind the champion is very good for for a pre grind on nut Butters net letters Nastasia hates

making remember when we used to stay there for hours at the French culinary like first Robo cooing and first like Champion first picking out the bad not good for you Matt from Mystic people do they buy nuts right and then they just take the can of freaking nuts and they don't the nuts into whatever process are they going to use it and if you ever take the time to look and a batch of nuts every batch of nuts has a bunch of bad nuts in it and it only takes a couple bad nuts bad struan the whole batch especially pistachios so if you're going to buy pistachios literally I spent the money on this because I wanted people to know I was like just take a take a can of nuts dump it and make a make a you know a nut milk with with that and then take a can of nuts pick out all the nasty shriveled yellow crappy tasty ones and make a batch with that and tell me that there's not a dramatic difference between the two and of course there is so you should

always pick over you should always pick over your nuts before you're going to use them right stuff anyway so I mean I don't want to get you in trouble over there in Mystic with buying a bunch of equipment but I would definitely go for the vital breath while you're already in it for a spins on a vital prep what the hell Champion is like you're the least of your problems brother just like you know it would have a champion cost now $150 right closer to 2 but it's Maurice Wright equipment on the on the counter as you can because you're going to use it more if it's on the counter which is true however or something like the champion juicer you never have like a refrigerator full of apples and you be like you know what I mean they're going to choose this or not so

all the juices out I'm going to juice all those freaking apples that doesn't happen so what happens is your like I'm going to go make apple cider today and then you go and you juice if so what you do there is you go get you know what you're going to pull it out of storage so it's okay to have something that you know is only for certain tasks and storage because you know it's never liked and I got to make pasta today I don't know I always have flour but if my machines not out or not going to make it's not one of those kind of a situation I will say this I have use for Apple side-by-side the Breville juicer and the champion juicer and the Breville juicer has it easier to use in a champion for the champion Champions also like a good like forearm and like you know I'm never seen the movie Over the Top with Sylvester Stallone it's a good it's a good kind of over-the-top work out because you like shoving apples in like one after that in fact like I said before on the air I once nastase and I just for fun did so many apples in a row that remember to stop

burn the unit out and you are just putting wet towels over the champion and they were likes like boiling hot and then when we finally turned it off the magnet have been melted out so it didn't have a safety on it anymore and that sucker still kept on going that's why I love the champion love anything that is willing to melt itself into Oblivion just to produce juice for you I mean it's just like it's like to me like everything in the world should be like that everything should be willing to just turn itself into a melted puddle of mass while it's still is producing juice anyway and I think all things should produce shoes where was I Champions apples out the Breville is easier physically to use but it produces a juice with more pulp in it so it has a sew in the one hand you might like that cuz it's a higher body of juice the juice has like a like a more of a kind of the Sky City to it but I found it when we were doing when I was making cider so I make a 5-gallon batch of cider out of a Breville vs. a 5-gallon batch out of a

champion because I don't have that traditional press that I got a higher clear yield out of the champion and I did out of the Breville because it had a much higher amount of pectin if that's helpful.

Maybe during the break if I have time I have the specs on my phone if I can find them on my phone I can try to get the specs of what we have now we have this turd bird the struggler in the champion Destino as request you know what we should just get the Old Plank shank we should get like a cross section of the old Booker and Dax bar team on the radio sometime and just go over it be fun get like Nick get Jack get like a bunch of people are still in New York and those guys sell turkey coup supposed to come on this show and I'm supposed to come on his show is always working during this anyway whatever will work on it all right so struggler it's on the list at 1. Maybe I'll try to find her a break

hello. You don't need to get off here so Dave you want to take a break and come back with more cooking issues

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all right we're back how would not that good like I was hoping I could be like I can just go into my phone and type specs and then have the specs come up but no set no said no such love so that you want to answer some actual questions and salsa at least two weeks and the Machine and I only smoke house with the ability to smoke at a wide range of temperatures I've read a lot of Marriott's keys home production which is the whole production of Quality Meats and sausages I like that I've never read that book though so I can't comment on that book but

I have a love-hate relationship with the word quality because quality can be low-quality as in all of us low-quality individuals right Nastasia that's the kind of quality we we are we saw someone in Boston with a low quality individual shirt and with an anime equality shirt like in ya

that's actually where's the low quality individual shirt all the time and you know that I got it I got an Instagram that there is a taco place in Milwaukee that has an enemy of quality Taco which ions in it it's basically it's just you choose I don't know why the name is when I'm a hex another name when I just has like meat and cheese of your choice you don't want what they chose because you don't like good things cuz you're going to be a quality which is fantastic I need to go back to Milwaukee stars and we'd like to go back to Milwaukee sometime what should we buy the echo

like meat curing questions we should just have cuz we have so many of them I'm not like you know an expert in it we should just have like like either like all in or in the studio are meat curing buddies in and just do a you know let everybody know like two weeks in advance we're going to do a meat curing episode call in all of your meat curing stuff and and you'll see why as I as I talk with you because I think that even if I don't know the answer I can probably elicit some good answers out of people who actually do it for a living so we're talking now about Mary Ann's Facebook home production Quality Meats and sausages but unless the book outlines an exact procedure that I want to follow I have trouble using that book and various room densely technical too vague and often seems contradictory now this is a problem I think that all technical cookbooks have like having written a book that has like technical stuff in it and dealing with technical issues all the time like you're if you're a real practitioner something right

you have know what you know you know what you do and you're probably pretty good at it if you know if you're good enough that if it's someone's asking you write a book about it you're probably pretty good at it but when you're writing a book you feel the need to say a bunch of external stuff to what you do all the time and a lot of times you know so much about something that's even kind of difficult for you to write about it and because there's so much Nuance information in your head it's very difficult very very difficult and thank God I have my wife to help me do this but like to draw a coherent through line through your knowledge help somebody else learn so things can be contradictory and if you had to do. Or your whoever if you had them in front of you for half hour they could explain to you why it's not a contradiction but it's very very very very very very hard to write a book where that's the case I think that in general

there's also especially in meat meat curing especially because there is a health safety aspect involved in it where people are worried that they're going to kill you with botulism or I'll kill you with something else weird that they're going to have you used Too Much with curing agent or whatever it is they're worried about from a liability in terms of that they're going to get sued but a liability that they don't want anyone to misuse information that they have and get hurt me I worry about that you know so because of those two things with me during the curing is an especially difficult thing to write a book about which is why I think it's probably would be nice to have like a like a group of people on her do it professionally and then just kind of pester them about K what can't you know what can you say what can't you say what do you do versus what you're allowed to do you know talk about anyway cuz you say I have no formal training and science of food but I usually want to know her meet type per pound assault and

content like one or two LOL honestly you almost always using the short-acting the night right unless you're doing like whole cured cuts of meat you should pretty much always be using nitrite and not nitrate I'm heading in liking you can usually tell us a non-professional older recipes that have nitrates instead of nitride so I would be a little leery of anyone that uses a nitrate recipe for anything other than like a hammer going to go very thick cut of meat how much smoke can I safely apply at what temperature and then you say for example my favorite and we is always smokier than mine my smoked turkeys vary tremendously moisture and smoking is over the year but not knowing how all these variables affect each other as preventing me from solving these problems are Brian and Carol would probably protect the turkey not for me to put in the SmokeHouse instead of a grill but I don't know how to make that safe and by the way like it show if you read that I can remember we had Meathead on the show and he has a thing on Amazing Ribs and he is vastly but he's very worried about peep

getting low temperature smoked out it's because he's worried that you're going to encourage the growth of of bacteria botulism specifically in the smoke and the real issue with it is right but you might trade it's not it's not going to be talking to get bottles move nitrates because they can't grow up or whatever let's not get into that right now the real problem is is that it's very difficult to maintain an actual temperature on a piece of me because of evaporative cooling so it's very hard to judge what the actual temperature on a piece of meat is what you keeping it in the in the kind of a safe zone or not unless you keeping it high enough to ensure that there's no bacterial growth even with evaporative cooling so it can be somewhat difficult which is why they have interesting new smokers that are controlling the whole atmosphere including the humidity there are kind of cool anyway are there any good sources of all the times for controlling use variables to formulate my own cooking process these I get overwhelmed when I research issues and find it hard to believe blogs I'd like to control these variables I like I do for daiquiris in a spreadsheet

sorry for such a general question I'm still enjoying the show and won't buy a suit be booked until yours is that why you should buy anyone's book it's going to be different don't worry about it but I think we really we should get some people on the show I think the in general it is true that different cuts of meat with different fat contents are going to respond differently to assaulting going to respond differently to the application of heat in terms of how long it takes to get to go through them but in general there's a relatively small number of bugs are trying to kill myself bugs me micro-organisms relatively small amount there's a relatively you know there's multiple hurdles right you have salt you have nitrates and you have salt nitrites and temperature and like those variables are like you know you're pretty much always trying to get some more numbers on those things and then the question is like what's the what's the near what's the right right answer so I think you know we can come we can say okay look at an oily fish and not oily fish

you know chopped up meat not chopped up me you know Lean Like a BF versus like sign fatty or like pork and we can try to Hash those numbers out but I'd rather do it with some experience your people gave us he was there anyone in the booth wants to have a show like that where we get I don't know like Johnny or like Olympia Provisions back on and just do like a cure episode see whether anyone's interested in actually somebody's talking about that right now I will try to set it up would like to come by and Koji with my sausage and cured meats no idea how to start and you go back on the ark request back to do a Captain Cody to do some cozy stuff is like a g e face on

what channel is Iowa that is primarily possibly hacking my old crock pot as a low temperature cooking bath and building a car burning ring for cocktails thought on thoughts on Witch Project to tackle first do the vacuum chamber and she know what is so easy projects by the stuff WAP it together and you in his done their vacuum I wouldn't do a Crock-Pot into it into a circulator it's just I don't see the point like you know once you buy a Crock-Pot and you get the PID and never going to be as you know as as easy as much fun as using a real circulator and you can get a real circular now for a couple hundred bucks it's just I don't see the return on in time investment there unless you really really want to I mean it's not like the average person is doing a DIY on an immersion circulator it's not like they're learning how to how to not even learning how to tune a PID Looper you like the old man

if you're like Hey listen I'm interested in control and control and I want to write a PID loop I want to learn how PID works I want to like learn the math behind it and like actually a tuning a system and then yeah then it's worth doing like but you could also just do that like theoretically on the computer like you and you can get a version of my point is I don't think this point that's as interesting a project as the DIY vacuum chamber is good because if your DIY person and you have a DIY vacuum rig you can use it for food you can use it for drink how you can use it for plaster you can use it for like degassing like urethane if you want to build things are like casting resin I use my DIY vacuum stuff for all of those thanks you know what I mean like when I'm doing prototypes you know I now have actually a much fancier you guys know about the you know those

those epoxies that have the long tube with static mixers in them so that you when you press it it comes out of the tip mix looks like a bunch of blades Mexico you don't tell me about inside of it so I have a super fancy resin gun like that that's like that it's like it's like what what size you say that is

big it's like it's like you're holding a big saying it's like it's like it's like if I was a two year-old holding a caulk gun that's like that's the size of it right if you can picture of me is a two year-old holding a full-size caulk gun that's the thing and hooks up to a Pneumatic thing and it is free pit mixes without adding any are urethane resins and deposits them without are so you don't need to do a d gas on the resin and it's hooked up to an air compressor so it doesn't even take any any any literally like you just like and it's like nothing I still do pressure casting because you know whatever but yeah cool so I would do a vacuum chamber the trick with a vacuum chamber is choosing something that won't Crush so round bain marie stainless steel round families typically do not Crush square and rectangular base and hotel pans Crush like Mother's Day

Crust & Crumble then Europe they make a special one that doesn't Crush but guess what it is expensive so I would stick with round here some other things that don't crush All-Clad pots don't crush and so what you do is you just get like I'm he get like a refrigeration vacuum machine there is oil in them so they kind of stink and their little bit loud after they've been running for a while put oil in it and then you stick a rubber tube you get a piece of like a lexan and you drill a hole in it and you put a fitting on it with a barbed you put like a little piece of like you would hear some adhesive silicone or rubber to that a today at lexan cut holes make make sure you get a hold of silicone so you can see through it and this is just the easiest way there's nicer ways much nicer ways but then that can fit on any round thing that that at the end you can get a 1-foot square piece of lexan no you know like 3/8 or 1/2 inch or something from McMaster-Carr or on Amazon that's nothing on a heart and then you put that on

if it's on any lid they all that sorry it acts as a lid you can fit on any pot or Bain Marie and I use that all the time the one square thing that doesn't crush is 6 pants small six pans 10 not to crush like the 6 in tall 6 pins they're so small and chunky that they tend not to crush on so you can do those but yeah totally do that you can have a lot of fun with that I have a lot of fun with that I still use it because you know what a vacuum machine I'm not going to stick resin in my in my actual you know many pack machine and a Mini pack machine is like thousands of dollars and you can do this whole thing for like a hundred hundred twenty five bucks that's what I do

what do you think anyone anyone have any thoughts to Hawaii but I'm flying to Hawaii with friends since like 5 months ago and it's not a so how this kitten getting shuffled around and do tests detest I like anyone that doubles up on detest is a friend of mine if you double up on how much you hate something that's strong of detest the free Mike and freezing quotes here because it's so detestable that actually they should pay they should pay him you know what I mean so it's like free in the sense that they're not charging you money but the aggravation is as though you paid money right I feel that's what they wife the word free hears and quotes the free my ties that they give you during the flight I've never been to go why do they give you a free Mai Tai on every flight to Hawaii

no idea if you're flying like Pentecostal are do you get a a free Mai Tai on on that doesn't seem likely that doesn't seem likely Nastasia once had to fly to Europe we're both fine to Europe and she flew Emirates and I thought that was going to be a dry fly but she came off that plane soaked in liquor she was like pickled like a freaking Cherry when she got off that plane and it was awesome talking about you I am anyway I was hoping I could bring some stuff with me on the flight to assist in making a quality find Tiki like cocktail during the flight have an order to keep the Free World safe as you know the TSA is Grace us with a few rules so here is there TSA rules right you know as being an international traveler that you are Hong Kong and US can't bring booze need to use what they have on the flight now that's just to be legal mean everybody on freaking Earth knows that the actual

that you're allowed to bring as many of those little travel bottles that you can fit in a quart container add quart Ziploc bag so my general what I do a hundred percent of the time is I go and I buy travel-size things I rinse them just hard bottles guys it's very hard like that that the what's it called the, so they put into those things and then you try to buy like a pack bottle so people can't see into it Head and Shoulders as a classic because it's white bottle and it seems pretty well but they take to get that smell out of the bottle is the pain in the ass but anyway but but pain in the butt so I might say so that's how I bring kieselsol with mikaitis an SPL when I'm flying around because I bring them in travel-size bottles because I don't like checking luggage I don't like checking luggage because I wants had a bunch of check luggage that needed for demo get lost I'll buy the airline and they

get it to me in time for the demo so now I only like to travel with stuff that I can carry in the carry-on to make sure that I can do my me know whatever I'm doing when I land so you the truth of the matter is as you can bring Liquor on the freaking airplane gear is not supposed to bring Liquor on the freaking airplane that was a long way to say that so 1 quart 1 quart bag I don't know that you're allowed to bring an actual court but you're has have all your bottles have to fit in a single quart bag right which is not the same thing so with four people get four chords okay I don't want to annoy my airplane neighbors with a lot of stuff for loud noises I shaking you know what airplanes are so freaking loud that like airplanes so freaking loud but like

next time you're on an airplane remember Sam from CNN vidiot his handling Styles here you would come to that she either once in awhile he did a whole series where he was shaking on the airplane who's using ice and actually just two plastic Air Line cups and using a magic Shaker and he was saying that no one had a problem with it when your nose on you basically like you know like you can do all sorts of horrible things on an airplane the sound of shaking a cocktail I'll be like oh thank God you know they think God someone is doing something that I like on an airplane you know what I mean it's like I'm like it's going to bother anyone to have a shaking ice on the on the plane

so I don't want to bartend would like to be able to be able to make their own cocktail so there that's why you don't want to shake if you don't want people to be if you want people to be able to make their own cocktails right so I would go with what you have a circulator you have a chamber vacuum the spins all or should have it by now Kegerator because you're not allowed to bring Chargers on airplanes and unfortunately are the ones in there in the in the life vest CO2 I don't think they are I don't think they are I'm not sure you might be able to get a cracker and to raid the life vest for a charger but I don't know what gas stations use and you if you did in the unlikely event of a water landing you would be hosing who's ever one you took there is a way if you bring your own life vest by the way you are allowed to bring the you allowed to bring the Chargers for your

play fast and one set of spares that said you know how many times I once went through Series where I flew a bunch of things and then only found out later that I had a bunch of charger stuffed into a secret pocket of my backpack and they never found it so like you know I could have been confusing on that freaking plane or car being on that plane but if you were to pull out a charger and the flight attendant with the see you then you would be spread-eagled on the floor with like a Marshalls down in the back of your head you know and maybe rightly so average bar equipment home kitchen so here's the thing but you're not going to need any of that maybe the spins all if you don't want to I have him Shake drinks what you're talking about is Astor drink right or built drink so the easiest thing to do is to just make a really nice syrup for old Fashions bring are you allowed to bring a white computer I think you are allowed to bring a y peeler on a plane

really I bring one with nobly I bring a no blade but but if you can bring a coon Recon y peeler here's what I would bring I would bring an orange or two I would bring a Kuhn rikon y peeler if your cherry style of person I guess you could do bring some cherries and then I would make like if I was going to do it I would make out of my book The coriander seed old fashioned you want My Thai you want TT said just too old-fashioned so nice how you going to have to make their own Tiki style cocktail I would take would make a lime cordial glass right and so I have a bunch of I gave some recipes I think last week or the week before online portal special now you have a cuz that you what you're going to have to do is going to have to do a stirred version of a tiki so you're going to go have your own booze later on the on the on The Cordial cordial and if you really want to take it out throw like a splash of pomegranate juice and you can actually clarify I have clarify

add passion fruit and and pomegranate the issue is you don't want to blend pomegranate cuz if you blend pomegranate gets bitter because the seed Parts get Blended so what you do is just buy passion fruit puree to do yourself a favor by the freaking passion fruit puree then put the pomegranate in a container with it take a mortar and pestle like a muddler smashed pomegranate seeds with pectin X Ultra sp-l you spin that out and you can temper that back with Clary line you can make a really awesome clear kind of clear Tiki ish hurricane e Ishq like syrup thing out of that and then just put that into those freaking bottles and then just you know glug glug with the liquor on the saying it'll self-deluded on a freaking airplane it'll keep you going going and going and going and going don't forget that little salt

what you guys think think it's alright mix club soda with something in the old-fashioned way what's the old-fashioned way I don't know like a gin and tonic and an Ambien

I know you know what I'm not a fan of the airplane gin and tonic I'm a white wine on airplanes kind of a guy I'm just give me your crappy white wine and keep it public Sutter Home Chardonnay nastase what's your call on an airplane and I don't want to go into that bathroom the bathroom is a horror show I should last time I flew I did red wine mixed with Coca Cola whatever the Spanish call it's a c and red wine right was not a thing like Pepsi in Bordeaux like like 10 years ago in China I heard it was a thing where it comes from it sounds like a freaking wretched idea it'll get you drunk

not as fast as just the wine will make it last statements like amazing is like you don't want to get dehydrated on an airplane right so you don't want any like like for me at 10 to feel more dehydrated when I'm having red wine and so you don't want to get overly dehydrated on an airplane and like I said especially on it I will consider Hawaii to be equivalent to an international flight because of its length

is there anything more horrifying than an international flight bathroom

hennything is there anything worse than like our 8 on an airplane in a bathroom and like you're like I made it this far and everyone else has defiled that bathroom done all sorts of Horrible Terrible Things you seen that one dude that shouldn't have eaten what he ate and he's use that bathroom like five freaking times already you've seen him that one guy and you know that buy time two or three ain't something to me right you know what I mean something's not right with this man behind that he has to use the bathroom this many times and now I have to use it so I just want to stay away from the bathroom at all costs the size of what you're feeling and airplane. I don't care really you don't go in public that's the thing I do not like public restrooms where is don't I hate public restrooms versus social interaction unless she uses the restroom like

will show up if she comes to your house for the first time people who say Where's the restroom in the restroom outside know what I hate is like the reverse washing hand if you go in today if you go into a freaking restaurant right and you have to touch the doorknob on the bathroom and then heated minutes to leave after you wash your hands why does dipping hands and poop just hope they have one that's why I hate now all these people like oh here's a Dyson for you here's a Dyson and then like you know two different kinds of poop demands billion or he'll feel fly over here like SWAT will come in and kill you to show how you can talk probably 4 hours about is vacuumed and what do you think about his Boy Blades removing individual

right that's his that's his thing moving a lot of air moving a lot of here I really put a Kegerator together and picked up a small half gallon keg and was wondering if you had any recommendations for a good cocktail on tap which would do well in a Kegerator type system not too great too much yet so if you're going to carbonate it used to make sure to get all the oxygen out has not going to oxidize so if you're doing something that has ever moved in it do it that way also because it's going to phone like a mother to something that works well with low carbonation like a Negroni is a classic one because it needs a little bit as long as it doesn't have a lot of oxygen around it it works well at various levels of carbonation and at various dilutions and so it's a good kind of bulletproof I drink to throw in that

and on that question since we haven't we have a real Rodan and said I love making cocktails at home but can't reliably finished even the 375ml bottles of vermouth I've been just accepting dumping out a portion of every bottle as a sad fact of the single man home cocktail life been thinking of buying a chamber vacuum sealer for my kitchen would that be helpful here for half the bottle into a bag suck out all the oxygen and throw it in the freezer how long would you suspect that you can hold it also just went to stassi is demographic audience score keeping yep another single guy in his forties no kids in the kitchen full of gadgets that reflect reflect that including an empty space on the counter for my soon-to-be delivered Spears all Sears all speakers all machine so the issue with vacuum bagging is that vacuum as opposed to a glass bottle vacuum bags are actually quite poor at

quite poor add gas permeability so you actually get quite a bit of oxygen into those bags versus a glass bottle with a capsule what I would do is get like eat like a suit like much smaller like almost like I drop her size bottles or cl175 or something like this and pour the stuff all the way up almost the top and then screw it down and then you're good and you're going to be you're going to be good from there on out so you're not that that's the way I would saw that cuts Glass is very good at gas permeability oxygen permeability that's what I would do vacuum bag will work I haven't run the test to see how long it will stay but you have to use a vacuum bag of cement for the freezer and has very low gas permeability that's the that's the trick there and you don't want to boil it too much so you have to vacuum it when she's nice and cold okay so tell him about the units anything you want to say on the units on the way

Alan spinzels people need to know

all right cooking issues

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