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Episode 304: Carbonated Cocktails and Vile Flavored Waters

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the hammer Lopez how you doing stuff with special guest Don the evil cocktail Overlord Lee how you doing you don't mean it like you pick an outfit to reconstruct from Star Wars stuff and it was a stormtrooper outfit the 500 first the Imperial Legion Vader's Fist and we do a charity work for children's hospitals raise money for children's hospital visits to kids that guys doing good but there was no actual bad guy in the movies this is not can another words you know on solo was kind of a new a true neutral chaotic good we all know he shot first we all know he shot first

we can use that I think of it only way the glass in a certain amount or if your if it's clearly for other in 10 you can do it there party noise you hear in the background is in fact a party with nothing to do with it and we can't neutralize it out because we never spent the money on picking up glass I'm right there do you want to take a glass you can put it inscribed your name into it weigh to not drawn a blank line 72128 that 718-497-2128 let's start with a spinzall update so if You Were Somehow listening to his podcast by accident

or I don't know you thought you were turning into pod save America or This American Life or something like that and you got us instead or you know if it's your first time he spends all is the centrifuge that nastase and I are making and trying to sell to people so that they can use all the cool centrifuge tricks you know what their restaurant or bar in their home should they so choose so I update the Stasi and I wish that we could Fly Like an Eagle over the sea to Hong Kong and completely choke the life out of the people who are supposed to be shipping you your units the vast majority of you in the United States have received your units and with we're sorry Matt and Mystic anastacio Lopez by the way it's like Steve Miller who's that what he do what he do he's never had any hits my Dad claim through smoke pot with them

sounds like it my friends didn't say he didn't rip off the big old jet airliner guy you know cuz he didn't write that song and so he ended up paying the writer that song will T's in the paint is the only thing that kept that that guy you know like basically sustain that guy cuz he wasn't famous instantly what I need you to pull up all so I'm going to go off artists other artists Garfunkel says Ladysmith black mambazo I don't know if you go to Heritage Radio Network. Org and listen live I think actually also though you need to sign up for a mixlr account that's mixlr that's what we used to string

Fred Flintstone characters is that that little guy that flew above your head and Fred Flintstone know so the one who's that guy you don't talk about the green dude makes music or something like this anyways so everyone in the United States has a valid tracking number except our good friend radio show listener Matt from Mystic and I don't know why Matt we're working on it and I literally asked for the guy's number and your unit is sitting in Carson City California I got from FedEx the name of the company that is theoretically the shipper but here's what they did they didn't give their name as an actual name that searchable on Google I searched every variant of their company name in Carson City on Google I called a few companies that aren't the correct company to see whether they were the correct company in Disguise as a company to see if I could find the person that had your unit and I was unsuccessful Carson City California it's a suburb

Carson California is a suburb of La person you want as soon as we get stock we should be fairly soon I apologize we have the block of tracking numbers from these idiots in so everyone in the rest of the world your units are in your respective countries and now we're beating on their their heads via email and fortunately not in person to get them into the hands of the final delivery people so I have tracking number to send out but they haven't picked up yet but for Canada for EU I have some from Australia but not saying we're trying to figure out why we don't have all of the ones from Australia and the rest of Asia so we're working hard people were sorry for the delays we spent like you know we thought we would like paying for a premium service to get your units and weird

Wesley Willis would say I'm unhappy with it and it pissed me off that's what he would say for those you go to Wesley Willis fans play listen to what was that guy's name you have a spends all if you received as benzo and it is vibrating it's not supposed to vibrate and so would like we might have to get you a new rotor when you get new rotors and stock or not sure contact Matthew spelled like Matthew at Booker and Dax. Com don't forget the two days cuz it's and Dax Booker and Dax., it's going to take you put a space or some crap in there and it's going to like you know who has you you'll be gone you're not concatenate in the words Booker and Dax it is b o okay e r a n Matthew and we can troubleshoot you through it roughly speaking if you download a decibel Ultra which is a free decibel meter on your iPhone when should you use an iPhone I'm sure there's an Android equivalent if you were an Android a kind of a person at 1 distance running with a full spinzall with 480 mL of water in it with the cap on it at once it reaches full speed it should be running in the mid-sixties somewhere DBA and it shouldn't Spike above 71 or so as it's coming up to speed at one-meter so contact us and we'll work on it because if it vibrates too much it's not going to clarify properly so we want to know if you have one that ain't no it isn't up to your stuff and we're going to take care of it cuz we want you to have a good thing now that's that also we had I'd say a no a mediocre review in a wired wire web what do you call a magazine it's not a magazine online online online

which is funny not wired like literally not wired right I mean like who has wire anymore like what Wired Magazine but you're not wired person I'm completely wired or wireless wireless when I'm not connected to something but it home everything is Lan cables really much faster yeah we're wired in here actually

I didn't realize I was work with a bunch of freaking moron luddites is what I didn't realize faster faster on what faster for what what is it that you were doing there's actually faster running this show streaming music streaming is one thing right like honestly I appreciate that because you're screaming out before the average knucklehead right once you can stream once your Netflix doesn't glitch anymore when you're going over your wireless router what's really the point it's cold because if you're playing at something only a video game you need to have both you know how dad was going up and down

freaking guys anyways anyways appreciate freaking wires going everywhere and it's like super expensive to route a boat ton of Cat6 through your house unless you want it stapled to the outside of your wall and again it blood that might be okay you know if you never invite me one over or you don't like have friends or relatives who are Architects but in general like stapling a bunch of Cat6 everywhere isn't valid option for me

okay alright so your cheapest way to cut hole if you if you're building a new building sure run Cat6 everywhere everywhere but let's say you live in an apartment building in New York City let's say the walls are made out of gypsum block and concrete right then now you have to Route holes through or you could do a BS solution you can buy this fake molding and the fake molding pretend but now you have some sort of like weird fake molding in your otherwise modern apartment that you're hiding your cat 6 under and then what it goes up from that there actually is an interesting solution damn glad you asked there is a it's not I don't think a hundred percent code everywhere but there's what's called Flat cable now that is like like literally sheetrock table over it's like hyper flat and wide and so you could hear it to your wall and then you run a thing of a drywall

joint compound over it feather it in you can paint right over and apparently it works okay for like TV I don't know if it'll do data but it does power I don't know if it'll do data I don't know I don't know they say that you can do high voltage but it might be kind of low voltage Wire magazine about it and it pissed me off and where was especially was the dude used my own technique against me first of all I will say this people he should not buy one he is not the customer right so he's like and then like I read the first, and then I won't go back because it's crazy ride the guys like the guy so quick agar clarification which you know that's me right so like he's like I found a bug with Dave Arnold says you don't need a centrifuge it's okay if you don't do lime juice once a year

twice a year three times a year. Don't get a centrifuge to do that but remember if you're going to do agar clarification minimum you're going to do 500 600 mL of lime juice it's a pain in the butt it's like you know it's a hassle it's finicky masasi won't do what you have to do it to the guys like one actually read my post on this subject linen napkins muslin cotton whatever you use your freaking bed sheets but what you called cheesecloth I'm sure what these home people are calling cheesecloth is that vile evil Gods crap would you cannot use in any circumstance that aside

using my own technique against me going then he's like where you can also make herb oil by just blending herbs and letting it hang over for sure if you don't care about you if all you're trying to do is impress your family once by getting five drops of oil and you don't care that it was hanging over night and that is contaminated with water and that you know it's been sitting in its own filth all night like turning to garbage and that you put in 200 miles of oil and only got 50 or a hundred miles out then by all means do it that way I'm not saying everyone should buy this unit I don't know I was just what do you think about it says

oh nice that's Wesley Willis in the his well-known song my keyboard got damaged

I'm just surprised I'm not surprised it was the wife it's not the people some people like thinking maybe the white Schneider real that the wife is effective customer technically he doesn't feel the need to do this stuff he's reviewed all Kitchen products poisoned what are also good luck good luck using agar clarification on who's Dino good luck with that enjoy good luck with that one where is Steven Seagal Liquors and you want to use agar it get lap what do you think make the things you want with it wide by why buy it you know that's right if I only want to grill over charcoal why would I buy an emergent circulator right that's right

what was hey it is probable that our customer reads wired right but what we didn't think was yeah but not everyone who reads wired is our customer and maybe the person who is reviewing it's not going to be our customer true you know they also they must have made some sort of like error or something cuz it's cuz he said that it is clear he must have been doing continuous mode because in batch mode it's every bit as clear more clear with much higher yield than in an agar it's also questionable as to what he was like it was lime juice right we had that problem in Kansas City where they gave us some weird wack lime juice that would never separate right so if you did not use fresh squeezed lime juice and did it exactly you correctly then you know he was a bad result that's a good point on someone gave us some lime juice that wouldn't clarify under any circumstances that's why you got to look for the brake people you don't see the break

it won't clarify I had a good like Johnnie Cochran saying for that at our last demo don t matter what it was don't remember these are the breaks I want to go yes, you're on the air

custom green zone NBC how you doing I'm going to put in their Define everything so like for instance like let's say we like I know you're interested in spices right so like even though you're mainly doing cocktails like a note I know like let's say you're doing I used to do a lot of them spice oils would suck to filter out and those you just born running through in your oil gets clear as day in the spice like packs itself into things so if you're going to do like I like Curry oils or any kind of oil like that like the works fantastic be without pectin X obviously like herb oils if you're going to make some of those in the most time in those work fine also bitters like settling the stuff out of bitters doesn't always require pectin

although if you're using what's the word I'm looking for if you're using what the hell is wrong with my brain citrus peels citrus peels through packed in into your Bitters and those needs some Tex-Mex to clear out properly but if it's not a citrus Heavy Hitters you can do bitters without it also Moroccan preserved lemons because you want to hear with Technic to break in a little bit but you actually don't want those 100% clear because if you fully clarify Moroccan preserved lemon lose his kind of like a lot of its interest and you can't shake with his phone anymore but you don't want like as much of the solids going and said she what else is not affect the next thing and coffee most percolations infusions aren't don't require pectinex so things are you suggesting don't need pectin X wow. That's very concisely put

it's very concisely Put liquid sugar will not leave you'll still have your sugar now if you have to solve the salad will also retain some of the sugar because the solids also have the sugar so like if you if you take a really sweet pea re-write both the solids from the puree and the liquid from the puree will be sweet but you know but no update list sugar once once a sugar is in solution it will never break something out of solution for the precipitate it out you will separate it it will say that make up what happens if you put in liquor over 40% ABV

what I did was is I wrote the manual and all the recipes around the fact that I wanted the flashpoint of the liquor to be well below room temperature right and so like if it's warm at all and it's higher proof and by the way it's usually not higher proof once it's once you know that you have your flavoring in it but I'm just what I mean Lee worried about is just explosions I don't want there to be a lot of vapor and also a fireproof things you got to make sure you keep all the caps on in the living everything I own the to Peter so that you don't evaporate off your product at the shipping people get their fists out of their butts and that's the only reason I can assume that this hasn't gone as they've been spending their time seeing how far they can show their fists up their rear end instead of shipping other products out because there's nothing else

what I said I'm not allowed to give an image that's how angry I am with them questions sure call you earlier or try to anyways and nothing else but if I ever used really fancy and molasses and I use kind of like a shotgun makes of them because remember like I'm using the Steeler stuff and not brewer stuff so you know in a brew or stuff is like slightly different in it in it and it just distillers amylase is they have Emily says that are meant to break down the initials large three that they're like sitting there sex in

Edenton and they have after that to ask and those are usually added during the cook of the starch to they get a sense Lurie and then afterwards they add a they had it like out like a sack of acacian which is probably closer to the one that's in the Brewers stuff right so be your issue is going to be making sure that you get the viscosity kind of low enough and Dupree break on it so that it can then break it down I'm not saying it won't work but I work and I use these ones that are basically meant to just convert potatoes into vodka and I don't use them in the correct way those cuz I pre-cook the potatoes or whatever and then sweet potatoes and then I'll spin 11 cool a little bit I'll spend them with the enzymes add a little bit of water and then spit it out now you'll know if it worked because if the juice is clearer than you convert it all the starch if the juice is not clear then you didn't convert all the stars but

economics plus a starch breakdown enzyme if you can get any liquid out of it at all whether the liquid clear not the liquid might not be as interesting but that puree is ridiculous and you deep and UD water de pury so you get this kind of like super dense super smooth. That you really can't get anywhere else but I'd appreciate it if you try it with like you know standard Homebrew enzyme let me know where that works is the problem is is that to get miners Pantry to carry it they have to order three different enzymes in pails batch those liquids together and then have a big enough market to sell out and so I just don't think we're kind of like I haven't come up with enough killer apps for it yet there they really want to take that on at this point it's not saying they wanted you to let me know if like home do enzymes work on it

okay cuz you know Kenzie off of has that like do the sous vide whole thing to do some of the stuff amylase stuff so I would or some combination that but Brewers enzyme and I never had much luck with that used to do like prefix on a lot of stuff the issue with the issue with using and dodging is enzymes in General Tso like some of the endogenous enzymes and people are interested in using our pectin methyl Ester a switch is like if you ever are familiar with the Stein garden yes at Stein garden potatoes which were then taken on by like Joel Robuchon Wiley and Heston Blumenthal and all that you know you need to hit to his you need to make it to a certain temperature because a lot of the enzymes that are endogenous enzymes in our only really available when there is some sort of cellular damage and in the problem is is that then you're riding the line between where the enzymes are denatured and where they're just unavailable to their substrates so you know I don't really know how it gets sweeter

about time sweetheart carrots like if you put carrots in a in a bag and cook them for a long long time at a low temperature like in the 50s they turn bright orange and they get really sweet but stay crunchy there weird but we also remember carrots are high in calcium and I don't know I don't know what is not for the answer is I don't know I mean everything has endogenous enzymes in it but typically not enough otherwise when you cook sweet potatoes naturally slow they would that would happen to them and they don't wanna long time I don't know if there's going to break down a well if anyone breaks down very well when you cook it for a long. Of time that's why if you long cook a what's what am I for sunchoke it's not as farty as if you slow cook an artichoke and I don't know if anyone's done tests on pressure cooking starches to see what their battle. I don't think the starch is breakdown in the same way in Ulan does man have two month and you need to

take down pretty well in order in order to spin them out

Eminem I'm Not do not melt tonight to just blend in with some water and send them is what your what you want to do is try to keep the volume of nuts about the same like a as the volume of the spins all itself because you just want to retain the solids you're basically using the spindle as a nut milk bag and then percolating liquid through it a couple of times almost similar to the way the coffee is so you're going to want to use up if you want your yield to be reasonable you're going to need to use a fairly high-volume of nuts and then just passed as much liquid through as as you want it I don't know that it's as is who I haven't pushed up milk as much as other techniques because I don't know there's a sufficient I've got an incredibly delicious results out of it but I remember the first liquid you push out or going to be really watery because in general nothing else you're meant to pass a lot of solids it's meant to retain solids if I spend all of the solids out then it's not water

nobody wants nut water you want like nut milk and so what you want to do is is force the lighter stuff out by like recirculating the liquid through a couple of times and keep the heavier solids in so they still have a nice rich thing it's all about getting the volume of the the volume of the rotor fairly full with the nuts

thank you thanks I go back

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and we're back Timothy Timothy Road in about minerals anastacio on 29 married, male partner said I could buy spinzall but I said I'd rather spend the money on cheese I like cheese cheese is delicious

I could eat well you can make heard but you can also just drank chords good day talk a bit about adding minerals to water before carbonating I ordered all the minerals that kind of guy talks about you should also look at Art of the drink Darcy's website because he was the first guy that really like time was a lot of what time OS it which I love Martin larish is because a lot of aggregating but like a lot of that original research was well not really I guess a lot of the bringing back of that information with by Darcy his book that you can still purchase is called fix the pumps correct fix the pumps in correctly quoted it in recently something else doing to the pumps but it's fixed the pumps and he gets a lot of recipes for minerals and followed his calculator after importing what's already in my water based on some Municipal website that I found but I'm having trouble getting the additions to fully dissolve I bet you are I'm curious to if there are some flavor / experimental experiential description

the various possible additions idea could offer I like real salty water so if you could offer a recipe or something it'll be amazing I've ever had some pushing my luck best Timothy all right so I have never had any luck with those with those recipes really and to be honest I've only really tried making the hardcore Waters like a pulling RS or gross Diner these things like this Estancia hated them all she hated them all the issue is is that most of those heavily memorize a mineralized waters are produced at Great depths traveling through Rocks Under Pressure with or without carbon dioxide and so like solubilize in them in those situations is a different story from trying to add minerals now a lot of the times what you can do to get them to solubilize properly is I would read Darcy's website on it and read I think there's a whole section listen to fix the pumps right

there's specific orders you need to add things in so that stuff doesn't precipitate out and you need to keep it fundamentally need to keep the thing under pressure with CO2 while you're doing it because you need both the pressure and the acidity to to get the get all that stuff in solution especially the carbonates and all that kind of stuff so I mean that's really that the challenge most people when they're doing club soda really just add a pinch of bicarb to as what they're doing they're adding like sodium bicarbonate or something to it and even astacio likes although she says she hates it she buys the water where that's all they've done that alkaline water where they're just basically you'll be a little bit of baking soda and stassi loves a gimmick

could you make it like a higher concentration solution dissolved and something else and then added already pre-installed it mean like the real issue is you know is it was it was made by Nature it was you and it's hard to get them exactly right if you look at the actual composition to these Waters like Don you and I booked the actual composition to The Waters at Lake Saratoga and then it's more complicated and you know I've read some papers that you know like some of these trays trays things like strontium I had to have a Taste of Italy but who the hell knows what that is I certainly don't you know what I mean I don't know do you know I don't know I just know what that water taste different you know what I mean mr. auntie auntie Scotty I don't know in the water that I don and I've been looking at

hey this is this is the other Jon Stewart on Madison Wisconsin that you guys are out here when you're out for the Johnny Hunter both bad thing on your bed breakfast is late late in the morning I mean yeah sure that works but you know like free stuff like I say even like quick where you're just doing it and breaking it as messy as finicky carbonated cocktails

Factoria to worry about the texture is the sugar dissolves sugar is affecting it but in a carbonated cocktail is there any affected worried about can I just flip some Splenda and equivalent amount of water to make up to make up for the sugar content of lime juice didn't last at all no longer than regular squeezed lime juice wood and but it seems like there's a grapefruit juice with last longer I mean I prefer being a couple weeks or more sensitive to grapefruit aging than others I am not that sensitive to it so especially wanted to clarify side and a little louder than their engine is taken out of it like grapefruit juice does last for at least several days in Peak condition in the in the fridge once it's clarified orange juice like I asked

enjoy clarifying orange juice in in fermenting it into like you know like an orange beer so like then that last a good long time to get from ending it strawberry juice again last a long time a lot depends on refrigeration what your initial load of yeast and mold is in it when you're making it your the things that don't last are the things that just destroy themselves like lime juice destroys itself like lemon juice destroyed itself whereas stuff like orange juice and grapefruit juice just like their qualities reduce overtime by natural spoilage so it's a different kind of a it's a different kind of a of a situation you don't I'm saying how long would you use lime squeeze it then clarified how long would you have to be good product and now it last forever you and I mean like you make a cordial what that so you you do whatever you going to do Fresh then you make a cordial with the rest of it and then you know you can give that as holiday gifts for people because it's going to last forever

because who the hell needs that might work but you know I was thinking of doing that at the bar and maybe down and I'll do that at the at the at the next place I don't know maybe we'll give cordial out to people you know as a thank-you or whatever I don't know because we'll be able to make a boat out of it cuz it whenever I have leftover klaroline it's like what I'm going to do this and I want to throw it away because that's your enemy equality throw it away to make a cordial you know I have a bunch of good quarter recipes not to your other question look soda is roughly 10% sugar okay attend to 11% sugar in that range the average soda Bricks now I drink seltzer water primarily when I was a kid I was a diet soda drinker but remember I was using soda as hydration right so I was drinking leaders meeting Peters I was reading leaders of this stuff everyday so if you were if you're drinking leaders of sugary beverage that's just too just too much time in UK

do it right which is why you either go Seltzer or you go diet or whatever you're going to do but you know you can't drink that much you should not drink that much sugary beverage first of all, you have that so you're looking at a 10% 10 to 11% Sugar by weight beverage and and and if your me you're drinking a whole crap-ton of it when you're moving into alcoholic cocktails remember the average alcoholic cocktail is balanced so that is it is as if that 10% product was then diluted with alcohol right and buy a little bit of water from the ice and so in actuality carbonated cocktails have a lower Sugar by a good chunk then

then so does do anywhere between on the super dry side like my gin and tonics are super super dry and they're on the order of like 4% sugar four and a half percent Sugar On The Higher Side like 7% sugar so they're a lot drier in fact once you go dryer than that you need to rebody it by adding a little bit of Glycerin so the sugar is you need the sugar and the sweetness there to provide somebody and some fullness to the flavor and if you don't have it you need to add glycerin to rebody that stuff back up but because there's not nearly as much sugar in a cocktail as there isn't a soda and because God help you if you drink as much cocktail as I was drinking diet soda or as much as God forbid I drink seltzer now. So you see me drink seltzer before to look like an anime the discussion we can't even look at me like I can like I'll have like I'll drink like a court in like in like what seconds right I mean like it's crazy and if you did that with with

you know cocktail that would be very very bad you know what I mean very very bad and so like is it keep the cocktails at like their quality level know if I'd grown up drinking cocktails full of Splenda maybe I would like them better you don't even like you like I grew up drinking diet soda and so I don't mind it I'm pretty sure that if I never had a diet soda and someone handed me a diet soda right now I'd be like

is that you know what I mean because I'm sure I would hate it because I grew up in the same room with stevia if you train kids to like that garbage from a young age maybe they will I don't know but to me it's garbage you want to meet I grew up drinking garbage I grew up drinking saccharin writes a Korean is garbage they don't even when I Taste Akron now I'm like I used to drink that you know you know what the last drink that has to Akron was anyone anyone test anyone what's the last soda to contain saccharin Peebles Peebles The Producers would like look who cares if it gives you cancer because you're not drinking that much of it anyway to know it's pounding you like a drink you're going to drink a gin and tonic quinine so bitter that we might as well keep the sack or an informant has a little more bitterness to assume I'm saying save me some money on the quinine I think that's what they were saying so diet tonic water was in fact that maybe you can still get it that way with Sacramento but I was one of the last drinks still maintain a Sacrament as it's hard

Shuffle sweetener Choice my feelings on artificial sweeteners but if you're doing low sugar drinks in general and you're going to carbonate and you don't want them to taste like some sort of vile flavored water I got out of the body that crap now the professionals don't use glycerin because they have other things to have bought a budding agents but the safest cheapest easiest thing that we have is glycerin Somebody sings anastacio what what should I do should I do that the query the people who were riding in I'll just some of these other people that answered and stassi's query about who are you male Pasadena single and dating have a Sears All About Us spends all looking forward to it and if I ever do any events in La we should we love to go see if that's Glen that's him riding in who he is female 64 separate

Kampai spinzall yeah cuz my ex spent all my money

oh snap now that that's a listener right there that's a listen to write their Peggy Mall of attitude hello anastacio male 28 unmarried first artery in the block and listen to show when I was 23 since I'm emailing you I'll also provide a timer for new podcast food in the bedroom edible underwear and whipped cream bikini is that sounds like a terrible idea terrible terrible idea in the real life so hard you make a whole podcast about that one you can have everyone send in there like edible they're like kind of like Ray Seafood stuff we can do in one of our not family show versions of it and then just like like talk about that that we'd actually know what it would be funny to get them all in get some experts in here and then actually review them as Edibles like like review the way we would review actual food and or drink like you don't even like a zit weather in my garage door with a lot less fun all I'm going to say is that there you could use natural fruits you know people have techniques you can look on the

if you want the last time I thought about this seriously was in the 80s or 90s when tampopo came out of that movie great movie Seven women black and single to be sure to Dave I hate the taste I have the taste of middle-aged white man and his hammer hate have have the taste of middle-aged white men in music. Listen to The Show for years and interactions you've had with your audience I agree with you that the percent of the average listener is a middle-aged White married man who loves kitchen gadgets

that's so is everybody in a million 25 female single graduate student Rizzi go dizzy Whizz there's some hardworking people man students I went years ago at RISD and I looked at the work they were doing and I was like if everyone in the country work as hard as these people we will be doing so well not to Spacey weasels at Brown talking to you Peter Kim BS in computer engineering no offense Brown if you are not already a so insensitive stop reading of general questions what goes on what about making Slurpees carbonated is there hope for us at home with alcohol and what is the oven toaster microwave you see everywhere now use as Subway for sandwiches 7-Eleven for pizza mozzarella Follow by Ellie okay to La I have more that can do next time I'll tell you about

I'll give you one more 35 male married the wife won't let me buy a $200 3D printer printer let alone a centrifuge Anthony George right back to this back to the carbonated remember you can only carbonate but you can't carbonate ice so what happens is is in a slushie you have still roughly somewhere like 30 to 40 30s or Thirty 40% of the liquid is unfrozen and that is what carbonated because it's very cold and sugary you can carbonated to a fairly high level that those machines are under pressure the closest thing you can get is 2 / chill your product bicarbonate it at the hell over chill it until it is like slushie and keep over carbonating as you go and then they spell it out and you can get kind of a car bow slushy affect but it's hard to get it exactly right you done that right then but you hard freeze it you are as we say Sol all right so we got all these questions we didn't get to about fermenting in Norway and

oh my God so many questions so many questions next time cooking issues

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