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Episode 303: Any Issues

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don't tell my niggad calling all of your cooking or other kind of any kind of question really missed a CD really care what kind of questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 and I guess it's been kind of a rough week for a lot of the country so she start out just you know our thoughts are going out to everyone who's been you know it either by Harvey or Irma or any one of the other things that's going on right now but we have a two guests longtime recurring guests to get Paul Haute Adams from my what are you at now what are you doing now Cooks Illustrated

yeah you an illustrated cook full-time do you live in Boston now know I live in Queens let me ask you a question poll any question okay so I have the entire first several years of Cook's Illustrated going back to 1993 which is when it started well and some of the original Cooks Illustrated recipes from 1993 like for instance there muffin recipe still I use that muffin recipe to get muffin recipe here's what I don't like about Cook's Illustrated

they're always like the best this the best that you can say anything's the best anything it's like it's like here's a path here's the path have you had better muffins I really tried I was like that's the best I was like these muffins are good enough it's the best but then like here's the thing if you've been reading it since 1993 they'll come back like 20 years later and no right the best it's a different recipe Mike Campos before you can true or you have to check the date it's the way it's not interesting take on what the journey to muffin Hood looks like

first of all like better muffin than any preceding muffin do you like muffins know in the end play on Empire formerly pastry chef at the empty on Empire but now just general empresario and wizard how you doing this is awesome because this is the first time in a long time it is take your kid to work life but kids but not mine this time so who do we got here

Jackson plays two and a half years old that's a good age stay that way he's got a question for you what it is

you can ask a pastry related question what are you got going on what's what's going on with shaking when sitting in a restaurant I bet so pretty much Once I Was Pregnant enough with Jackson and more of an inconvenience in the kitchen then help I kind of been on a little retirement but doing cakes on the side you know helping out friends with birthday parties and then it just so happened that

of cake was Instagram's by DJ Natalie from baby DJ school in Brooklyn and then all the sudden a few of her clients were reaching out to me via Instagram oh I want that cake to I want that cake to so kind of spiraled into a little side business of kids birthday cakes and she'll likely a couple things which would baby DJ yeah it's it's actually a quite a phenomenon in Williamsburg really cool young lady named Natalie started this

group as she just teaches kids anywhere from Todd like infants to Young toddlers I think the four years old or something like that how did DJ play Wiz DJ equipment scratch like she said she has like all these different you know equipment that she brings with her two other someone's house with if they're hosting it or if they come to her apartment where she hosted as well she even did in McCarren Park couple summers ago you told me they're like rocking like the Technic spiders with labels on it with the Wiggles please please I like one little ducks what is fitaid a kids don't understand what that means and for some reason over the past five years when I was when it was actually relatively current when I was in high school college

like it would get played but like it wouldn't get played at weddings now every wedding closet and I saw I was at a wedding for a friend of mine a couple weeks ago and they literally they played OPP not really appropriate for wedding and for those of you that don't know what this song about not a perfect living Family Show

well some people say stands for property nastassia but then but then the minister was freaking getting down to it now too freaking Minister was like I was like their people's you know it depends if your kid has no idea what it means neutral because they both start with P or certain euphemisms for them both start with p

haha yeah anyway so the point is but that's one of those like now it's like a wedding standard to which I had no idea why would you play that DJ is a baby I think it's all goes back to Natalie okay so what style of first of all is this like dislike intensely rich people's cakes well I mean like if I kind of charge as as I as detailed as they needed to be so I don't even have like a set

pricing yet I'm still working on that but like one party I did was actually for a woman for one woman who had two boys and so I had basically this this cake that on top of that there is a rectangular smash cake which is just thinking about that makes me crazy but I do is I have the regular cake which is like maybe a big rectangle and then the rectangle a smaller rectangle on top which is the DJ booth I cover that in like fondant and then I make a little gumpaste Avatar that is similar looking to the child nice and they're like with headphones on

standing up like spinning and and then when it comes time to serve the cake I just take off DJ booth give that to the individual birthday kid and then everyone else gets cleaned cake that's not nice not mangled yeah no one really wants that mangled cake although the fondant Anais text cuz you can brush off most disgusting things by the way I'm this guy I Love Actually van daan I like I like it with the almond paste underneath like old school so yeah I love that I absolutely love it and you know what I don't like buttercream

apparently I'm the only guy I mean like I am not afraid of Greece you know what I mean so I don't know why I'm not a huge buttercream fan but I'm just not vanilla extract but then there's also what I do is an Italian meringue buttercream I love like I love them even though you can't do it on this kind of cakes it doesn't last I like the old school straight up meringue icing has those are delicious I like cream cheese icing on carrot cake I like do you like that do you like the that crunchy coconut the German chocolate cake icing stuff I like it I imagine this is the thing that stops he does not like it you like it

thanks pistachios and coconut pecans and coconut usually will you hate pecan pie rice us okay are you okay in the same Hospital Pokemon really like Sublime kind of sleeper I think you actually been said also that I was talking to someone and I said like a word or something and you're like wait that's my area like Covina you're also from Covina Park in La Canada

now just it just is so like there's a long going thing with cakes in my mind maybe I'm just too cuz I like to I like to like create fights in my mind I mean between groups of people to the fight that I have in my mind is the like that the image cake the cake as like object and then the cake as flavorful thing that I eat Rite Aid you think it's a real dichotomy and be where do you stand on that and my husband is very much this way to is flavor is the first thing you have to have a good good cake that's nice and moist that's I mean doesn't matter what it looks like at the end if it tastes great and just to let you know if if you said something tasted good and it wasn't with low-quality he might not saying he would punch you but he wouldn't be he's not he doesn't he doesn't enjoy things that he thinks are


recent accurate things slide so much

I don't know what different about it though I mean like he's really like I feel like I've seen him I don't know him that well but I feel like I've seen him be kind of like deeply emotionally hurt by a low-quality dish you know other people's acceptance of a low-quality dish having a mayonnaise cake like that man is Cape I'm not going to I'm not going to give too much out but you know I'm working on a new bar right now and we will have a mayonnaise program oh my goodness I have a man if we won't call it out but like we are going to have a wide variety of mayonnaise is I have found it mayonnaise is delicious and for those people who do not enjoy mayonnaise I'm not saying you have to have mayonnaise on a french fry

but if you don't like mayonnaise on French fry could grow up just grow up you know what I mean it's like it tastes good it tastes good you know like when I was a kid I would quit now this is bad I would put mayonnaise on hot dogs when I was a kid

Method Man You're supposed to only mustard or mustard and relish maybe I me I was the kid who put mustard and ketchup on my hotdog so yeah I did that sometimes when I was a kid I sometimes quickly off 3 something about I feel that the average American hasn't had I'm sure that listeners hear otherwise but the average American has not had good sauerkraut the sauerkraut to eat by that's been like like like preserve and stabilized and whatever the hell else I do with no offense to the Sabrett Corporation but they're like Sako sauerkraut that the average person is buying in a supermarket

it's garbage compared to real sauerkraut and he is straight up garbage it's not even the same product it doesn't taste the same it's like it's not right but that's what you want what you want the first thing I'm personally not a fan of too much gumpaste and fondant as more so than the cake like you know you see all those things where it's like they have these beautiful sculpturesque cakes and stuff but it's like 75% fondant or gumpaste and the structure of just for looks for like the looks I mean but the kids if it's for a kids party they want the cake and unless you have a sheet cake in the back that you are done with that so you're down with like in town would like the cake as like a hat it's almost like an Easter bonnet and then you have like a sheet cake in the back

3 bittersweet it's called their sweet and

we were all about making these folk cakes that you know made of Styrofoam and they're just decorated and it didn't just have one little wedge cut out that you insert real cake so that the bride and groom can do that. That's creepy creepy though because in the back everyone has not fondant covered delicious cake so you don't read maybe you didn't know where is the rich come on yet and cake and then they insert the fake wedge for the cut in the face smash I do not believe in the face match people does anyone here believe in the face smash everybody the thing is is it like I've heard that you like the people reuse the blank I've never ever heard that cuz I'd be like divorced

marijuana cake that has a bad record with like big houses that do weddings like what they like three weddings a day and they're just crank a line came out about machines no because he can also do that because the cake the folk egg is alright is is completely covered in fondant and then won two slices taken out you have

I'm making air quotes people what about the top three layers and I never did that whole ceremonial eat your one year anniversary cake that's been in the freezer my cousin ate my cousin went into my aunt and uncle's house and took it and eat it not going to call him out on you but my mom actually did say that top layer for us to have that ceremonial thing and we never did it and I think just last year she finally threw it out or maybe this is past year she just threw it out.

it's been frozen frostbite Ice Cube for tradition I would lick in Ice Cube I am the guy who might one of my greatest desires in life is to cook a woolly mammoth as it gets picked out of the permafrost in Siberia because of global warming all the time life goes people if you know anyone in Siberia who has access to any sort of woolly mammoth is just starting to come out of the ice so it's still frozen you know it's a mere 12,000 years old lb sweet when you meet that Paul

I just know you were the vomit coming out to The Parkers apparently from what they used to train astronauts and see what they do is they fly parabolic trajectory so you feel weightless when you're in there and then I was like well maybe we could serve food on the vomit Comet as part of the Museum of food and drink anything but then Peter was like it's called the vomit Comet you can't serve food on something where half the people are projected to vomit Paul. Did you eat food on the vomit Comet stuff on the plane what day will they allow you to bring like a Capri Sun pouch on the on the vomit Comet vomit on the vomit Comet only one person out of how many out of at least 45 people interesting fact for you vomit, folks out there you actually go weightless on the up trajectory which I didn't realize

hi what's up alright so it's overtime about cakes so what's your favorite cakes and what do kids like these days and he likes you say it's the best like icing to cake ratio and if the best Bake Off in other words like you're only if you mess up your only messing up the edges in the bathroom door. Your sheet cake is okay

there's something not as enjoyable about the square block of cake as the sweet sweet wedge of like good old-fashioned American Katie sheet cake so it sits do you still get a good good good so it's not like it's not like it's a I don't do that for kids so much but

just like the wall they're so like what's your favorite flavor there for the for the kids where they said there is espresso powder in there so he's their kids running around and pooping all over everything funny story a friend of mine who wants babysat a small Chihuahua not things that Chihuahuas should not have chocolate and coffee and this dog got into a couple chocolate covered espresso beans and apparently they was jumping I don't have Chihuahua apparently the dog wasn't jumping into the air and then projectile pooping on to the wall

wow and so now I like I have this image of this like I don't know like maybe like armadillo jumping height you have armadillos bounce in my mind this is Chihuahuas I like all over the wall that's my image sounds amazing I know but it's not really safe to do to do a very small amount of traffic can throw a dog for you no pretty bad with my wedding cake as my favorite like in general do you enjoy raisin cinnamon bread for some reason I don't know cuz it looks as much fluffier in finder on a carrot cake and then you got this raisin that just if bites are too much with me do you like panetone toasted like a slice not not like just straight cut from the cake because of the fruit do you like dance things like fruit cake

you don't answer don't know that I've had are legit fruitcake I really don't know that I have never come across it's a gummy dance block of sugar you buy it this year and get it next year I'll order the cake of record is claxton's I don't know whether or not questions he ever made the buckwheat that. Let's call Jamie Cooks Illustrated stop. Cramps never worked on Crepes I make buckwheat pancakes yeah but you cheat you add regular flour to the right is is okay first of all I would have this is from this from this is from Caleb I would have tested these recipes myself except for I have no gas in my building these idiots I don't know there is maybe they're good people maybe

you can be an idiot be a good person they broke through the gas line while they were working on our building and now the whole building is out of gas and they're lovely okay so like you can't fix like tomorrow and they're like will the permit he's going to take like six weeks is going to take six weeks now people I don't know if you know this we live in New York City here we pay a buttload of taxes to live in this freaking City if an entire building would like 500 people in it like is not on Blake has no gas maybe you could expedite the freaking permit because you know it's just some person sitting in a room somewhere I going

you want to make it so it's like why can't they just like accelerate that for all the people that are there you know what I mean it's not like I'm trying to get a gas permit for a building that is like being built in three months and you like if you needed a payment now why did he ask for it 6 weeks ago you know this like the thing just broke you know what like I can go like go out arrive in fact I have a really nice induction burner so I can cook without it you know what I mean but there's plenty of people who can't afford his cereal to eat out every night who like cuz it's not like we haven't you know a lot of electricity are Apartments the New York City Apartment when the reasons we don't often have like electric evangelist kind of stuff is just because we don't have a big enough electric service into our units to be able to do it but whatever 6 weeks anyways so it's okay if I couldn't actually test it's all so you know I used to have a real crepe maker Krampus real Krampus crepe maker gas wait what

I don't have hooked up right now I ask the old place I'm going to get hooked up again Dax much as I love it more than almost any other piece of Hot Side equipment because it just screams like a mother is so much better than any electric crepe maker I've ever used or anyone see everyone's like I make pancakes on my stove with my crypn I know you don't like like a real like me to do I'm not saying your cramps are bad but if you like the actual like giant French style Street crepe looks like a squeegee like like a like a spike like if you're driving down the Bruckner and there's traffic and someone comes with a squeegee to what that's like that but made of wood I went to France I was on the street and I had a crepe and I was like oh this is the piece of equipment you need to do this the stuff we have in the United States is garbage and and at that time

and this is like two decades ago or sunny you couldn't really get you know you could maybe you can get them here but they were really really expensive but like cramp the actual brand Grandpa's wasn't really brought in here yet and so I was like

I'm just going to buy one put it in my backpack and it's heavy cuz it's like heavy heavy and I asked around Europe with this giant crepe maker and you know what worth it totally worth it amazing piece of equipment that has so many spider arms of gas are needed so even when you flip the cast iron piece over the the top that has like a bunch of thins to spread out the Gaslamp so that's really even and it can scream scream scream scream scream so the hear something about crave something about Crepes when you're making regular paper about to go into this question a minute is recovery time right so people are using it a little stove and then you're putting the Crave E-liquid equates not that big so what kind of it is it can't be that big of a deal to cook it but you're covering the entire surface of your cooking area with wet and when you cook the cover the entire surface of your wet and you needed to be like a real TV even shade of brown from the middle to the outside and you're using a regular stove you're hosed you ruin unless you have like a giant thing so the answer is it

we're making their awesome Krantz at home Happy making it to relatively small pants like that's the answer you know what I'm saying or if you but you know if you maybe if you had like an Accu steam would be the ultimate thing to make crepes on but no one asked you steam does not make a crepe maker but I guess you can make it in the regular square griddle exactly that's the company that what they do is is they literally have it a double-walled stainless like a sandwich when they heat the steam up on the inside to such a high-pressure that it actually can cook pancakes but the cool thing is they have it at such high pressure that it can cook pancakes of it like you know 35036 is amazing amazing I think I had we had one in culinary school but it's free and culinary school and then you're like oh that was awesome when I was using that and then you want to buy one in your in your restaurant but apparently did not work but maybe I should send you one day

Panera do you named Jack accu-steel really yeah maybe said something about you Paul makes me think of a q steam to have a deep fryer to make it in a fryer I don't know it's like I'm buying a really good place for hot holding a 3D printer diamonds bring up old bad memories I thought I did buy it you just have to deliver it so anyway so the deal with the crepe is is it standard crepe batter is like relatively fluid like 1 to 1 or similar white with eggs and milk milk flour like it's similar to 121 eggs whatever I buy salt and I have a little sugar come you meant Monday night or whatever

yeah I have no flavor in the cage me like a hit of liquor and or and or Sherry because cuz you know why because it's my freaking house and I can do what I want never know it's just so much money you don't need to actually flame it out anyway and yeah you know I hate to say this because I can never know where your bread is going to be buttered next speaking of bread buttered I was at Kansas City and we can talk about like they're Texas toast machine in the auto button ring they have you seen these machines he's toasters and that use a top of the toaster they have a role in it that goes through the butter and it's just basically like a steamroller of butter and it's just like it's just like I'm looking at it and like my mind is going back to the 1970s they had this advertisement for cheese where they like hanker for a hunka chunka hanker for a hunk of cheese

Wagon Wheel but I'm looking at it I'm watching the toast go in toast by toast by toast by toast by toast and I'm pretty sure that there's something in there for me with a Texas toast and cheese combo it's going to be free game that's going to be the money in the bank right there

that's going to be the money anyways you make that batter you if you know yet you let it be let it sit for a long time you strain out the lungs to get rid of the bubbles bubbles your enemy because they pop and mess up your late the mess up your rep letting action and if you have any unhydrated particles of flour at all they just tear through your crate when you're working right thing about crazy is that the you're better off making the batter letting it hydrate and then thicker than you need letting it hydrate 100% for as long as you want and then sending it to exactly the right consistency beforehand so that it's right so

play what's that's a regular great but regular creates a relatively easy to work with if you follow those simple instructions you you know you take your label Legal Group you put it on to your crepe maker and you just take her up let and you drop it down and you gently wipe it in a circular motion the crate gets large it gets beautiful UCA get brown you flip it over maybe you paste it with butter or spray with Pam or whatever the hell you do I don't know what you do with your house you flip it over you take it off and then what do you think about reheating the trace what you think about people like making the stack and then reheating it as opposed to just making them they're better when they just made I mean like side-by-side like if you had them fresh earlier that morning and then later on that day you reheat them you're like okay it's not as good but

if they didn't if you know okay how about this one best crepe best dosa

where do I find them like which would you eat right now

all right now crapo in probably two years 70 am I right or no

is like is first of all I can think about is his Doses and the reason I bring them up is unlike a standard crepe they are a gluten free recipe and they rely on the natural hydrocolloid in the doll to create their texture and use a mixture of doll like so you have like a doll and like rice and then like but like this one place out in Queens they're like our secret is we had a little bit of China chickpea to it and that's how they get their texture and have to say their stuff's pretty on point but what's interesting about the reason I bring this up is because dose it does have that crispy texture and it is a gluten-free kind of a situation and so like you look at those are technology payments let's see what the c word problems Caleb is having with the with galette's AKA buckwheat crepes

and savory egg angry at who I like myself and gruyere even astacio like yourselves and gruyere yeah hell yeah I do what I like I like cheese steak with gruyere fancy trust me it is fancy in the sense that cost money. I have a I have a wine fridge it was given to me and I put cheese into it when I have cheese on Cheesesteak though queso you like queso is there anyone that doesn't like queso

he redid a version of a Tex-Mex queso but of course he schmancy it up I believe that's what I'm saying if you go somebody's house and they have Rotel and Velveeta and chips does he dip into yes cuz you know why it tastes good that's why I love that don't do that this to pack you know I mean with him everyday that he would be dead because you would boil is blood on a constant basis cuz there's nothing to stassi loves more and finding someone who she can make like their blood boil and then like I said I'm boil Jack will check wheel Jack what type of oil should I get like it's like it's like Nastasia likes to play people like jousting to that video game joust and it said you're it

go they crash and kick in the back of a cavity go to high they fly up into stassi is the master jazz player with people's anger so she keeps people like right at the layer and then they were there flapping I'd like one level of anger anyways I have longed Master basic Crepes we're back to the question and produce pleasing delicate lace cheeky craves based on a batter an AP flour eggs and occasionally I'll go fifty-fifty with Rye who who eat or buckwheat whole wheat actually pain in the butt with Crepes unless you have very finely milled stuff a flower is like is like chapati flour because it's like it is I believe hole or grandpa but like it's it's very fine like flowery doesn't have those like brand particles that are going to mess your stuff how you doing their boring eludes me this Savory crepe made from made him from Britney made only with buckwheat flour

clutter most articles on them seem to suggest they are impossible to make it home without adding eggs under milk but to me is crazy different product when I mix flour and water and let it sit overnight and try to make crepes the next day they don't spread well they stick and they come out too thick to spike sending the batter and then you know that he comes out with look at David Leibowitz is article pimp my crib I don't like I don't think it's acceptable anymore to say your pimple if you really think about what painting is it's not cool like you don't want to pimp your you know turn your pain into a sex slave back to the question again what's going on here some suggested creperies have higher heat than home stoves that is true but I'm not buying you should buy their stuff as sick as grandpa loses are sick does mean you can't make it home yes buckwheat has little or no gluten no I think but you know what someone is like it's not a grain

I read it on the Internet it's not a green it's a seed what do you think freaking grains are if you plan one of those things it grows and you know what that makes it or see it anyway are there any tricks suggestions thoughts as to what's going on and what make what magic The Cranberries have an eye missing many things look forward to seeing your lecture in Cambridge next week that's too late that was last week and it PS I also dislike human do you are you a human or a human say are people I'm a human Ser I said my Aunt Sandy, we were born in if it's auntie. Auntie I would never say auntie I'd say

I do say antimatter that's Adobe that would be my like my drag science teacher named don t matter but the thought I was the only one to me it smells like Bo has my wife from using it all the time but you can't have chili without cumin you can't it's not chili what is it nastasi without humans tomato soup tomato beef stew soup do you like pork chili

I think so yeah I like pork chili like Snot like you know a traditional like thing but flavor of chili meat of pork my kitchen traits one I went I went on the internet and I looked up to see some actual how do you pronounce Brittany how do you pronounce those guys anyway like getting their their gullets and they do not use the same replit technique as a standard AP flour crepe maker so I would look at what they do so when you're like I told you when you're making a standard crepe your like put your labeling it down and then you're like you're wiping it through these folks they put it on pretty hard it spreads out like pretty good from the gecko and then they do like a double push to push it out into a wider thing and then they just do a touch-up with the reply to get it around so they're not using the standard white around technique that you would use their using a different push technique

12 I really think the key here is long long hydration I really think the key is going to be letting the batter make it thicker than you want resting it not a hundred percent stake a thicker than you want letting it rest overnight there's two things that are going on here I don't know that and this is why I'm another reason I brought up those earlier I don't know the actual chemistry what's going on here but I know that other gluten-free things like millets if you ferment or even the Lightly for mint Millet for let's say 12 hours before you use it you have a much better Realogy texture in your batters and Dough's are made with them because as they ferment they make other stuff that actually helps the batter right and so my guess is that the standard full-on like you know Britain galette is the batter that is at least overnight or possibly longer old they probably don't work unless you do that they also you know the legal it's saying said that they use organic flour this might mean French

badflower ID damage flour and so maybe the damage flower is helping out I don't know cuz I often recipes if you have damaged starch granules act very differently write learn right there so like the flowers are using might be different than a flower using so I would look to buy like like a similar kind of flower to the one they're using I would look to rest it overnight because for two reasons I can say there's probably some fermentation going on with will change the reality and it they will also finish the hydration and like hydration and letting it like like hydrate properly I think is a key in many recipes that don't involve gluten it just is like doses like take forever because you have to soak them then grind them then fermentum to get them to work right so I would say those are the two keys and I would look at videos on the internet for people's replit technique to see what they get it right

and they're everywhere it now I mean honestly you go on Instagram and you can see a ton of them I love I love me like I've learned so much from YouTube yet the accurate Turkish coffee technique I'm just not good at it YouTube people and then he gets mad he's like they're my idol am I so there's this guy he's like the most famous like one of the top paid YouTube people on Earth pay for what his name is brother Lupo when is Paul Brothers anyways RuPaul like guy who breaks plates and has millions of followers who I'd walk into a hotel and break a plate iron anyway so

my friend has a shirt from this guy and it says Maverick unlike you can't climb onto someone's internet personality and be a Maverick they don't fit it doesn't work I'm wearing a t-shirt that just says what I am low quality individual that's just true you know what I mean Maverick or I will take a break Bob's Red Mill products stand the test of time even if we're talking about the beginning of time Bob's has a wide range of paleo friendly products but what is Paleo anyway

so yeah I've been doing the paleo diet for a couple months now and I'm feeling great I think I'm going to stick with it I keep hearing about this paleo diet doesn't just mean you like eat a lot of steaks or something I love brunch too much too sick to one specific diet I get that but it's mostly about cutting out processed foods and simple carbohydrates according to the paleo diet our bodies weren't genetically designed to digest that stuff well I don't know about the whole genetic argument besides I don't know why anyone would cut out bread to it I love bread you're just mad because he wouldn't be able to give it up I dare you to try paleo with me for the next week I know you loved Brad and Suites made the traditional flowers but Bob's Red Mill makes a Paleo baking flour so you can make cookies muffins even pizza crust while sticking to the caveman diet cookies and pizza okay that changes things

no matter what side you follow Bob's Red Mill has you covered learn more at Bob's Red Mill. Com podcast

what the reason I've been avoiding Pizza is because it's processed for Humanity agriculture I know there's so many paths it would have led to the iPhone that don't go through agriculture first

it's true it's like you know what it's like I'm pretty sure yeah that we would still have music and culture if we were gathering berries a way we would only be able to live in like the five places on Earth that have food all the time you know what I mean nomadic and our apps would help us find a food color you're on the air

hey there what's up nastassia David David crying baby and I believe I heard Paul in the background is Marcel calling from the bed of Kohlrabi in the Hudson Valley Hobby Lobby amazing awesome up here and I've been making and I like it when I make it I do it at a lower temperature like I did in sous vide at like 1:30 or 1:20 sometimes because I feel like when I cook it it gets this sort of like the flavor almost of when you think of Schrute on a pie is that really cooked sort of berry flavor kind of jelly out of it

because I really like I think it would taste good as a jelly but I don't want it to have that classic sort of cooked flavor and all the recipes I find involves like boiling it with the pectin and other stuff like that so busy wondering for advice on a something that's sort of like a jelly but it is made without boiling it ain't all right so pictures you're just really pasteurizing it right I'm Yours looking to pasteurize it they at those temperatures they won't even pop right

Brett lights and make sure I'm putting all of the grapes in a bag with sugar and then I sous-vide it and I massage it every once in awhile to get as much of the juice that has I can say I'm not really. It hears what I would do so I'll tell you it's a technique that I did never Ferb service because it's a pain in the butt but maybe it'll give you an idea I once took a strawberry clarified it removed like looks like enough water that I was up at like 70 70-something percent solids in a liquid it was like leaving a little bit higher so it was like a seared would have set and then I like heated a bunch of sugar until it was you know just starting the blond out right so it was like would have been candy and then I mix the two things together to make like a Taffy and that because I never cook the strawberry because it was low temperature even though I was mixing it into a high

everything right and still retain because they cooled off relatively quickly quickly so what I'm about to recommend to you is this I would make a like sugar pectin some great or grape juice with some sugar reducing add a boat ton of pectin cuz you're going to need it right then like do the boil out then full din your warm I wouldn't go cold cuz you're going to get free gel and also other stuff but then I'd fooled in your warm grapes so that you maintain now that's not going to last because you haven't cooked grape so if you pass your eyes and you probably not going to get sick but it's going to weep like a mother over time and I know this because my classic strategy for blueberry pie because blueberry pie Lauren right around get you the right way anyway so I cheat I cheat on my pies I blind bake the crust why because I suck and then I make a blueberry basically jelly fundamentally I pour it hot in to my blind bake

and then I throw a bunch of fresh blueberries into it they sink down and it's good for exactly one day and then they're fresh blueberries turn the garbage what do you think what are the suggestions and what's going on

but the pie no no no with the grapes I'm saying the things that I've done is similar like like what it like to jam with frozen frozen ice cream in liquid nitrogen and tell it shatters like glass then puts it into the ice cream and then let it melt out in these awesome blobs it's that's why I mean like you got to love Sam Wright Sam good man man man is banned him personally or his products are you a dreamlike take that kind of coolest checkout guy ever I just liked all pastry chef you looks like he's like a younger kind of like an alive like Chris Cornell he's got that Chris Cornell die

so sorry he's a rock and roll Vibe you're not cooking it you're smashing them though yeah you can stabilize it with

what hydrocolloid would I use a very good with flavor released very very good that's why it goes like you know those does pectin base candies are pretty good is that they have a very high flavor release or like what do you call those pet pet safe weed which I love those suckers question I was in my mind

he said jelly but is he talking about like jellies like pets if we but it clearly was really hard to do it when he got there like they're wild Upstate grip so they're basically like kind of concord grapes, you taking him to like yeah he's he's killing the istana me the temperature by the way have you read the grace of New York edited by UPS Hedrick yeah so you need to go on the internet right now internet archive and look up The Grapes of New York part of the fruits of New York series edited with the exception of apples in New York which is better to buy is a beach by iup Hedrick and it is available on the internet and The Grapes of New York I believe has wild-type varieties and also all the weird obscure I want with plates I can't

Amber the year of Grace in New York but I might guess is it somewhere like 19 it's either or like like 1920 or 1919 or some like that to go check it out you pee Hedrick believe it or not he's from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan 1908 did was in the twenties and it was the vegetables in New York but you never finished it and my favorite title of all the series is the cucurbit some New York and so like I like that I like there's a couple of like are you familiar with the group Culture from Jamaica the reggae group

oh yeah yeah yeah so lay my head like I have all we ever hear that word I'm like 10 think you could bake cucurbit cucurbit somebody that's in my head anyway yes I have regular braids going through my head right now anyway tell us what goes on with this and let me know let me let me know how it works out and and maybe someone in the chat room you have some suggestions thank you guys have a good one we have no time spends all this started showing up we hope you like them we've shipped apparently all of them have left Hong Kong but we don't have individual tracking numbers for non us and for about I think 40 of you guys that are in the US but like Southern California SoCal where you guys are from they've already received a most of the people in Soul Calibur see if there's

let us know how it works email Matthew at Booker and Dax. Com if you have any questions or comments are we want to hear from you we want to help you use them better and and thanks for coming Lauren thanks Paul thanks guys now they're happy what are you playing there anyway cooking issues thanks for listening to Heritage Radio Network food radio supported by you for a freshest content and to hear about exclusive events subscribe to our newsletter and to your email at the bottom of our website Heritage Radio Network. Org connect the dots on Facebook Instagram and Twitter at Heritage underscore radio

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