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Episode 302: A/S/L?

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phone holder for doing that work every Tuesday from roughly two elderly couple to buy from the word of Pizzeria in Bushwick

calling all your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 joined as usual by nastassia as a Handler

that's the rules sorry rate

join as usual with Nastasia the hammer Lopez how you doing says yeah yeah because again this is take your son to work life we have Booker Arnold with us in the studio

night-night you say some books stop clapping so Booker have already gone over Booker's hatred of the Happy Birthday song before on the are the happy birthday girl I got it so that noise you're hearing is Booker practices will do is is he's like if anybody comes to my house and sings to Happy Birthday song Nobody Gets sprayed in the eyes is like I'm going to miss them about it so you live in again somebody's birthday has doesn't matter if he'll practice to watch what we used to do if we practice I'd start singing and I'd see what his reaction time was just like off the battle be like happy see that's how fast is reaction time is which is why which is why we don't let her

let Booker have bear spray because if Booker had bear spray he would have used to by now so anything interesting cooking Adventures of food Adventures recently I've been practicing I was talking about the steamed cheese steam cheese I've been practicing with steamed cheese I have to say like I really like steamed cheese I'm super pro steamed cheese so liking a look at it the sound of the phrase steamed at she is trying to emulate the exact text her that we got I got at Ted's Inn in Meriden they're steamed cheeseburger joint cuz I told you that you use it for their version of a grilled cheese is a steam cheese sandwich and they also do steamed cheese fries they basically steam Cheese's the stuff

the burger they steam because they kind of have to cuz that's the Connecticut thing but the real Innovation people is the steam cheese so I'm working on it going to buy maybe some some cheese Steamers I've been making my cheese Steamers out of aluminum foil because I never have anything it's nice my rights as I'm going up to a week to talk on Monday which is a holiday Harvard is so Harvard is so holiday likes Harvard is so like I don't give a crap if it's a holiday

hotel called the strata know that's your favorite position you go to a lounge with free snacks if they don't book us in the club Lounge when she could never do or New York City which PS no offense we call it the yes I'm just letting people know because 99.9% of the people called Sheraton

it would you rather live in the Sheraton Commander on the club level with the free snacks where the dogs can stay because the pet friendly place or right across the street from where George Washington command of the troops or would you rather live directly on the Bruckner Expressway Expressway because it's because they have a t there they have a Subway that he is like look at your second favorite one anyways Like Glue stuck on New York right it's like if New York City wasn't here you think they have a PATH train Booker on Monday which is which is it labor Memorial I was getting confused Labor Day on Labor Day Harold McGee and I are going to give a talk to a public lecture to which you are all

fighting at Harvard in Cambridge

but for him it's it it's stuff I never talked about before it's called New England New England on the world beverages like that no angles old beverages you know what I'm doing and I talked a lot about Saratoga Saratoga Water in fact I'm going because I'm going to be having Saratoga Water at the new bar I am going with some of the opening barking tomorrow to Saratoga get a bunch of Saratoga Water to see whether or not it's stores properly in kegs for a month because we're assuming we're going to need a month of Saratoga Water so we're going to taste out Saratoga Water real Saratoga Water not that not that rain water in a blue bottle that everyone pays for that has a Saratoga label on people that is not the real Saratoga Water it comes from Saratoga but it's really just rainwater time we were up there last year in September we were like this is for this is fruit jackasses is now closed but we have an entire

article that was supposed to write on Saratoga spring water and why you know I'm interested in Saratoga spring water so I'm going to do a version of that plus it's possible I'll tweet it out if I get it I don't even want to mention what it is but I might have the world's greatest water-related surprised at the Harvard lecture that you could possibly imagine pot than you can possibly not going to say it because who I know it

maybe I'll tell you off are because I don't even want to put in people's minds if they might be able to taste the stuff that I'm going to try to get ahold of I don't even want to put it as a seed in people's mind because if the if I did

anyone who likes any sort of quality at all anyone has any sort of Soul anyone with a modicum of spark in their eyes would cancel their plans and go to the public lecture if I got this which I don't know if I go to harvest harvest the waters and go to the Saratoga Water the original Saratoga Waters what kind of medicinal Waters which no but they're very highly let's say taste they have a very high taste to them some of them are Iggy self read write and some of them but that flashes off pretty quickly a lot of them are carbonated from the ground which is why we were interested in the first place because both Nastasia and I believe that God wants you to drink water with bubbles in it right where is Booker only drinks Flat Water because he is an enemy of quality right Booker

are you are you an enemy of quality

well are you are you getting better about being picky or no last week baby steps also I found out if your parent you should probably not do kind of what I do so like I constantly mango frases de mango phrases so I realized like a couple weeks ago that Booker only knows the mangled versions of the phrases and so he uses only the mango versions of the phrases found out I saw the show The Tick yesterday and to take use a very similar variant of a mangled phrase that I used on the TV my version is we'll burn that bridge when we get there when we come to it will bring them witches course not exactly what you're not supposed to burn your Bridges at all

break when we when we come to it and so the tick use the very end of that which I was appreciated kind of you because I think that's what The Fray should be because it's really like you never get to win the other one I like to say is find a penny find a penny pick it up this is what Dad says all the time find a penny pick it up all that day your luck will suck find a penny let it lay your good luck will last all day

so anyway so like I got you Zayn mangle all sorts of phrases like that but I realize you probably shouldn't do that when you have kids. Can we get to the guy from last week that I said was middle-aged once already answered his questions I know so what do you get with me already answered his question and then he rode into me and said just turned 38 so middle-aged man is right thanks chip do you happen to be right doesn't mean that you are a general rights middle-aged men who like cooking and weird equipment about what about Dido who wrote in who's that who's that woman but so you see the disgusting thing she sent. Which I appreciate what I do it supposed to prove that you're just in a second but Nastasia suffers from the same problem that afflicts all of of everything I see on the TV nowadays which is you choose one

specific and then say she approves the General in correcting that I say not true but you take individual examples of things cooking people take individual examples of things and falsely generalized constantly that people constantly to help people get everything wrong all the time Boston relations based on one or two specific cam with your age and your marital status thank you because they're mostly married his wives won't let them by the kitchen equipment I hate your characterization of our listeners

also message one thing before you start missed osseous point is also a self proving she was she is saying is please write in if you fall in the demographic yes I just human nature nature around here

for the record I'm 29 and I'm married 2929 not middle-aged Stars

how's Florida my first

really really wet right now it's been raining for the last 4 days which is something good I would say hot is good for you guys not so good for the guys West of you anyway what you got going on I was actually had a question about the spin so I ordered one still waiting on it but my question is are you able to clarify beer

so I have done some tests in

I've done some tests of beer action after I did cider and then I did some tests spinning yeast out of beer and it was successful the issue with it is obviously, because you're shooting it out of the out of the spins all when you're doing it it tends to attempt to throw some oxygen into it at a point usually in the beer making process when you don't want to have oxygen in it so right cuz it's at the end when you're doing it and so I generally that point you're not really wanting to oxygenate it somewhat but

the what I would say is what I did with cider I also did it at a point where you don't want to add oxygen to it at the end and so what I did was is after I clarified it I I hit it with some CO2 I carbonated at the flash off the oxygen real quick and to protect it so I had to do an extra you know post post filtration step that you wouldn't have to do if you were let's say like crowds anymore naturally carbonated or so something like this so that's that's kind of my only copy I know what I was thinking obviously as if you were going to do it a lot I would just like put Co I would just like put a line turn it on and bleed CO2 into the into the chamber as it was going through the time and like then I feel that you know you probably wouldn't have an oxygen problem but you have to run some tests and answer is yes it works also

mean what I would do it for frankly is I would use normal racking for 99% of what you're doing unless your beer is extremely cloudy and then I would use it for Recovery off the stuff at the bottom just to increase your yield because otherwise you know what to really get a super super clear result you're going to be talking like fairly slow rates like 80 maybe a hundred miles a minute and so will I cover up ugly no a 5-gallon batch should be kind of be talking a lot of time but it'll work you don't you don't need to attend it because you know unless you're actually filling up the rotor with Gunk you know you're not going to have to like change alot but it is just a lot of kind of physical X those are kind of the caveats I'd I'd put in place but yeah I tested it with cider and small cheddar beer

and I got another question one of them and find breaker write down the ones that I was using but they're also made by novozymes and distributed by goes mer who's the one to do it here now amount of pantry got me some samples but and hopefully someday they're going to carry them the ones that I use for 1 called terminal and I used another one called sand clear and I forget what the designation of it and there's another one I think was called super like super saiyan or super clear and that there's basically there's two there's two or three different enzyme types that are used in distillation for starch breakdown and the one one of them is used kind of during What's called the like during the cooking process and it's to make the the starch slurry thinner

because it's a lot easier to get to everything if you break up the stuff in the start starts there he's not so thick and so and I believe that one is I believe that's the term Emil that does that one and then after that they use a Sakura to Cason enzyme which is I believe the the saint but again it I have to go back and look at that look at the date on their things now and I'm doing it because I'm not doing a two-step process what I would do instead is I just did things like cook a sweet potato steamer roasted or cook a potato steamer roasted same with anything or like a a banana that had accessed starch in it you take the leftovers you cook it and then I would let it cool and I would hit it with a mixture of all the enzymes at once and then just let it sit long enough to get to get it to go just to see if that was a reasonable procedure and I was able to get pretty good results at Sweet the sweet potato Pace was just crazy I didn't really actually like regular potatoes converted into a sweet Pace as much as I kind of thought I would

but it's really good for that tall so it was good at knocking excess starch out of corn starch out of I didn't try it very much on for instance one of the problems like I haven't really done a lot of testing with starchy bananas to see what I could knock the starch out of them because they don't really have enough flavor for me to make to make it worthwhile ditto with starchy Apple's usually starts the Apple like isn't ripe yet it doesn't have like a full flavor development so you wouldn't really want to be clarifying a starchy Apple like I was focusing on things more that had starch that you know that you'd want to hear that that even at maximum flavor potential Point have starch in them you know what I mean update yesterday I don't know what it is. I got a bunch of people on Twitter saying that they didn't receive the email update I don't know what it is but I have them all email modernist pantry if you haven't received a check there spam some did they all said that they did

sometimes they give an email address that they don't use anymore when they bought the spins off rather than blaming the customer I'm just saying if you haven't received it email modernist pantry and let's figure out why you didn't receive the update right well you want to say what the preferable email is think it's just info at modernist Pantry. Com- okay and then say regarding the kind of spins all then they built all the in the update was they build all the units but our guy Chris in China wasn't happy with the QC on it and they had to basically they they put rotors in that weren't at our respect for balance and so we had to they literally unboxed every single unit and tested them and divided them into piles of ones where they had two rebounds the rotors and not and it's looking

like we are going to be okay for everyone who is pre-ordered to ship this week I'm going to send out an update later later this afternoon or possibly tomorrow when I verify the exact numbers but it looks like we're actually okay to ship all the pre-orders this week with all the additional ones that we ordered or probably going to be postponed for a while while they rebounds the Realtors but before we took another called you want to hear some of the demographic information to chat room is reporting all right we got 30 married and my wife doesn't allow me to have a pressure cooker 33 married to kids

41 single and I buy all the stupid kitchen equipment I want to single

which very upsetting Isle of Man, Isle of Man

but like I married two kids one dog

that's all we got to keep it comin to that person just added I have an expensive fissler pressure cooker don't tell my wife how much it cost didn't tell my wife how much it cost and you already have the one. Just get the second. Just get the second. Anyway the world please on the are all right my name is Quinn I'm from Canada should I enter my demographic information to 24 male and desperately single adoption

what are you got for us okay for people who are on the keto diet no starch no sugar or on keto being keto and not the not the Andean Capital High up in the mountains only eating foods that are grown high in the Andes that would be an awesome diet going to go ahead and extruded pasta okay with no starch

best spring of starch initial plans or Flash cauliflower probably and powder and then maybe some flax or Chia to go to reinforce it hey Booker what what do you think about cauliflower cauliflower but I don't know how that Melanie is going to work on Extrusion but can I can I push you in a different direction for a minute. You Booker call her by pushing a different direction

do you have any any fish allergies or or shrimp allergy isn't in this group back in the day way back in the day so I'm going to want to say like 2002 or 2003 or something like this in the early days of using transglutaminase meat glue the enzyme that makes meat stick together came up with what I think is one of the greatest meat glue which available also a Minor's Pantry not to not the you know pushed chill for them but you know too much but they are you take a train from Tampines powder and you basically you you roboku or blender process whatever you want shrimp is what he used enough Neo salt to make it taste good and then about a percent 1% of transport a mayonnaise and then enough liquid to make it pumpable and then he extruded it directly into

water hot water I think he was doing you might have been doing 57 or he might have been going as high as sixty see I don't remember and then at that temperature the enzyme immediately sets the shrimp into a pasta and it has the because you solved it them and because it's finely Blended together it actually has tooth like a pasta and it's this great works great Torch Fantastic and Santa shrimp pasta the other pasta also that Wylie Dufresne came up with and this is the other one I'd recommend if they don't want to go it's not strictly vegetarian because obviously because got gelatin in it but he used to make vegetable pastas by

and you got to look up the recipes been published on the internet a couple times but it's a little bit finicky you got to work on it a little bit but he mixes gelatin and he meant he does whatever makes the puree that he's going to turn into a pasta and then he mixes gelatin and he'll he'll put the gel in water dissolve it makes in transglutaminase to it I think he was using the Straight stuff the ti but I can't remember he says that my memory is he said it worked with RM which is more casein in it but it really doesn't need a TI which is a straight stuff so you mix the gelatin what happens is the transcript hamonaiz cross-links the gelatin and when you cross link gelatin it no longer melts so once you spread it out on a sheet let it set overnight overnight you let it sit overnight then you can cut it into noodles like whatever you want fettucini tell you tell you whatever you want I actually pronounce s that's all right and it doesn't break any more it sets into a pasta

with a nice texture so those are the two both things I would recommend for these kind of completely non-starch not gluten free pasta not a problem but no starch at all I would recommend recommend going to transport a miniature out either with a directly with a protein like shrimp which is the classic one that Wily did or with Wiley's gelatin vegetable noodles they're awesome and they're pretty good I would certainly mushrooms and baby Similac milk powder and my OB powder protein content

mushrooms is I believe Titus an Oreo chitin rather and so I don't think they'll glue together I mean obviously they provide kind of a kind of a meaty texture I've never tried to make a posse basically you need to hold it together with some sort of protein that you can set right so you're already on the path it's either like eggs if you were going to add flax you're basically adding that just a snot it up so they hold itself together while you're sitting with the proteins not going to permanently set it right witcha spend powder extrude brighten different hot water

I have never done it so it's hard for me to say I would me try it mean thing is it doesn't hurt to try it because when you're putting it through your machine you can just put some directly into water and some not and see what happens I'd be hesitant to say I have a recommendation to cuz I have no idea how it's going to behave shrimp noodles and give it give them a shot I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised and so will your keto friends

yeah I just got to pay shipping to Canada from US Customs and stuff maybe Activa which is ajinomoto they probably have a Canadian distributor with the problem is is that when you buy directly from them you have to buy in kilo units it's also available in stores here to Wylie who is you know why lie and no snoring where the two kind of first chefs who were using meat glue here in in you know but down in this area and states and Wiley they sell it now kalustyan's which is a store you know here in in Manhattan but they sell it in like they sell it at room temperature repackage in plastic bags why every time my Legos and he feels compelled to go tell them that he disagrees with this way of storing it but whatever we can do we going to do

maybe Brown for my vehicle, just come on the air

hey Dave how you doing doing well

good so I'm 24 I'm a male and I'm trying to convince my significant others if I spend all getting better one I tweeted you a while back about trying to keep my pork terrine from oxidizing and you had mentioned vitamin E do you have any specific resource for that or is that it simply just like going to a like a supplement store and just getting vitamin E okay so I do not have a specific Source it's just like that's typically so if you see like vitamin E or tocopherol on a label that's added as an antioxidant like that's for oil I know commercial oils are doped with that to keep them from oxidizing

but I don't have a source I would just go yeah buy some pills and then like blend them up you know what I mean and see kind of see kind of what happens but you know you know back when I was at the SEI and I could do this kind of crap everyday I would just tell someone to be like when these two things and then we'll let him sit week and see what goes on but I haven't been able to run those kind of test in in a while but that's what I would do but I would never rely on just you know all this seems like it's okay I would definitely do an A B test you know what I mean yeah but I would just try that unless maybe has a source gave you can put that out to them see what they had to say children

okay alright I'll definitely give that a try if you find anything out number to tweet me back so that I know what's going on already

yeah it's Billy one more quick question for you actually I've been doing a little bit of research on cocktail gin martini and I've heard somewhere along the lines I think it's an old wives tale about not shaking the martini you're supposed to stir does to not quote-unquote bruise the Gin is there any kind of science behind that or is it just a wives tale

Is it wise with an S or Y with a v

it's why this is why it's not wise it's not an old tale that is wise it is a tale told by old wives really so answer your question and it's actually why we're doing this that goes right into the next question so I can answer your question but I'm also going to read this question from John that Rouge go about about that very similar things so you're going to hear me read this question and then I'll answer both of them at the same time

I've been reading a book of a complex question I'm not sure will yield anything useful but it's been driving me crazy and maybe it's done this is from John I want to figure out what the relationship of Trace oils and certain Spirits absinthe Jane whiskey is to the difference of a shaking and stirring them does it have something to do with why whiskey becomes cloudy when it's shaken is it related to the Lucian effect absent experiences I've heard of aternum along the lines of spontaneous and motion but I really don't know much about it I know you're busy and your emails find out the hinges but thanks regard John this is the venue in which I answer questions anyway so now I mean answer both questions should you shake your gin martini by the way by the way

in my world

you have to say vodka martini but if you say Martini it is Nastassja right even Booker Booker do you know what's in a martini

United listen to me anymore he's playing Fruit Ninja now anyway you're with me on this right 5 minutes Jen I think a lot of people would

I think I think Society has conditioned to the vodka martini I don't like people to get them to you so at the bar we would always want the bar you write martini and then you write under it Jin so that people know what they're getting you know what I mean but yeah I mean I would always tell people what they're getting just because it's you don't want people to be surprised you know what I'm saying the world really is falling to pieces his neck so the which by the way are you familiar with Peter Tosh anyway you know that song vampire anyway

not his best work is the album that came out right before he died and it was that album called I think it was called No nuclear war and that's the album it which so I've been listening to a lot of like the Wailers and Bob Marley and I just got into Peter Tosh as his own person I bought that album and then you got it he got basically murdered right before he was about to go on tour for then I was going to see certificates I like but like I always miss people like that you know what I mean like I'd obviously missed Marley because he had been dead by the time I was listening to him but then Tosh I had an opportunity and didn't you should go see the people you want to see now while they're still alive you know I'm saying

this is never going to see Billy Joel live in concert because nastassia had tickets to see Billy Joel live in concert and instead of her was at a stupid event with me that by the way she treat every once in a while she tries to blame me for making her be at that event and then she's like you know what no it was my fault you didn't know there was a concert in tell you I forgot been literally like as we were packing up she's like I supposed to be Billy Joel concert tonight and even though Billy Joel is one of the statues favorites right up there was one song I could eradicate from Earth it would be sweet Caroline song crap on you it's a good song What About Cracklin Rose

BSN against the Roy Orbison song Pretty Woman

okay for a lover over something but not for fuses to go see Billy. I offered to get her tickets once and she was like no I don't deserve it I will never see Billy Joel in concert hall don't be so hard on yourself used to play them TV nastassia would you rather be Billy Joel or what's his name ugly man which one will ever be Billy Joel a rather go Petty what about you Dave

I mean I like Tom Petty but I mean Billy Joel I think is I mean like I don't care like what I look like I mean you're Billy freaking Joel what does it mean to play The Garden every month

came up with

songs been almost anybody you even if you don't like him you have to say that he's come up with more good songs than most people could dream of coming up with you know

how could you not like I mean like I like Tom Petty Runnin Down a Dream full moon fever the Heartbreakers all good but I mean Billy Joel like album after album after album in the people give him crap for not coming out in 83 degrees like in the album sky like it is album stand as artistic Works cuz he has more albums and I have see you in a rather look like Billy Joel

all the questions look like yeah I'd rather look like they were just look like Oh I thought the bull looking like Tom Petty was just supposed to discourage you from picking Tom Petty

it yeah what about Tom Petty or Ric Ocasek

are there any cocktail like this when someone says bruising right it is somewhat confusing with the idea of losing right so in a losing situation Sunday with absent what's happening is is there is an oil in it an essential oil that is an assault I believe it is I forget the name of the exactly but it's in it's in the absence and at the high alcohol that absence is a bottle that it is soluble and because it is soluble it's clear when you add water to it and very quickly shifts into a place where it is no longer soluble in that anymore the water content goes too high and at immediately that point it drops out of solution but it does so in such a way that the the actual bits of oil are so tiny

they form a spontaneous emotion and if it stays a x for a while after awhile it will settle out if you let it sit for a long time so if you want something loose and then you either heat it like a red hot poker or you could have done it or you let it sit for a long time dilution effect will go away but that that's what Lucien is when you shake a drink you get swirly things in it but really what that is is just bands of different dilution when it when it's not mixed aeration and a lot of other shaking secondary effects that aren't really don't have really have anything to do with solution so if you shake up something and it's turbulent cloudy and you can see the aeration doesn't look a hundred percent clear and you let it sit on your bar top for a mere couple of minutes it will actually go clear again so in order to make the the things like whiskey and whisky like all of the wood

you know that polyphenols and whatnot from the wood in order to drop those things out of solution and actually had to go cloudy you need to remove a lot of liquid so if your distilled redistilling in a liquid once you get all the alcohol out and some of the water it'll at one point go bang it'll go pay it and you won't be able to see through it anymore and that's because you've oversaturated the remaining liquid with you know the wood solids that have been absorbed into it but you won't get that from shaking but where is it where this all fits together people what they say is bruising is it is a bad visual phenomenon but in reality shaking a martini is a bad idea because it's just too diluted right so unless you're going to shake it for just a small amount what do you want your Martini to be clear crystal crystal clear so in order to do that you want is a little agitation as possible so if you actually want an over-watered martini right

you should just do is Stir It longer so they are still looks good alternatively you could just add ice water to it a classic stirred Martini is only going to get down to about Celsius maybe - 1 - -2 at the most if you shake it it'll get down probably to about -4 - 5 Celsius and be consequently more diluted now if you're having a vodka martini odds are maybe you want it over chill because it doesn't have any Oak problems and really you're just trying to slam hard liquor as fast as you possibly can in that case you should just water it down to whatever amount you want to water it down two and then throw it in the freezer and then chill it down to whatever low temperature allows you to slam back the alcohol at the fastest rate humanly possible because it seems to me that is why you have a vodka martini is that incorrect mean nothing anyway hope that answers that question

Vaya Billy Joel this episode is brought to you by Castor and Pollux maker of America's number one organic pet food Organics you put a lot of care and thought into what you eat after all you're a food radio listener that thoughtfulness goes hand in Paw with how you feed your pets purposeful pet food doesn't happen by accident Castor and Pollux scours the Earth to carefully select the best organic and responsibly sourced ingredients new Pristine from Castor and Pollux is the only complete line of pet food made with ingredients that are responsibly raised caught or grown feed your dog or cat the new standard like grass-fed beef wild caught fish and vegetables grown without synthetic fertile

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it's 3 minutes and we are back so let's get into proof that we actually have some women riding into the show me to get a recommendation for getting Vitamin D from Amazon go figure. The chat room on that so Dido spelled like the musician Dido but pronounced Dido who is a woman writes in Mayan statues like I'm going to just the musician is not the musician in because musicians name is Dido this person's name is Tito spell Dido

she's covering up her real identity ww.w slipcover that's why you like sad things coming from Amsterdam and a real food and heart and soul I decide to move to Spain and follow my dream to become a winemaker currently I'm working in the vineyard in Spain starting Harvest tomorrow I'm enjoying your show every day as I make my way through the back catalogue I could not help but notice nastase is hate for leaf viruses something I encounter on a weekly basis so for you to enjoy anastacio leafy face and she sewed Dido sent pictures of Dave you seen on those leaves with those gross's like tumors grow that pop out to look like columns and tumors coming out of the tops of leaves no

what look up play pirates on your Google so this is a a Mite bug disease called Erin OC kind of harmless but it is indeed looks disgusting so in the US it's called her name might a gray Terranea my twitch there's a bunch of different genus and species put that the family name is Ariel a fighter which is a family more than as of Wikipedia for the 200 Junior of mites which way does plant parasites commonly causing dolls or other damage to the plant tissues their hands down his Gall mites and the one I think in the u.s. is called call Damaris Vitas and get us does they are tiny microscopic mites and are yellow to pinkish-white the mites are worm-like and have only two pairs of legs at primary method is to spread by wind all over the stats his body on a wide range of plants and several major pest species causing substantial economic damages

Average Joe today eat on the stuff as it's growing I guess and then like perturb how it grows naturally grows into those weird shapes anyways

do you also have some questions many people I talked to seemed to Proclaim that white refined sugar is the devil why is this and why is it bad for you is this the same hype use around fat and salt as health enemies and still is yes so yummy this is my opinion is my opinion my opinion is yeah sugar is sugar no matter how you get there and yes we add a lot more sugar to our diet then we used to and that high level of sugar you know maybe not healthy we may not be designed to have that much sugar I don't know I'm not an expert in that what I am telling you is that if you're eating sugar you're eating sugar and whether that Sugar comes from taking an entire Orchard of pears and condensing it down into a cup so you can pretend that you didn't add sugar to your fruit juice to your cranberry juice or John Oliver so aptly puts it bogberry he's a funny guy you were seeing that show John Oliver fantastic

anyway so it's sugar in any of its forms is a sugar so that's why people like I don't need sugar by raisins raisin is like is Nature's like fruit sugar it's crazy high in sugar so I it might be true the flipside might be true there might be natural sweeteners let's say honey that do have other beneficial effects other than their sweetness that you do not get from refined sugar this might be true but to say that refined sugar itself is the devil I think is just patently kind of anti-scientific and silly now you might not like refined sugar because you might be against how it's produced you might be against labor practices you might be against the state of Utah which apparently Idaho and Utah used it like that Mormons you said control the sugar beet manufacturing and it says that was their thing in the Jake

through and today like sugar only Beach sugar although many chefs pastry chefs prefer cane sugar to be triggered any way whatever so there are some reasons you might not want to be part of sugar and their reasons probably did not have boatloads of it but I don't think if you're going to use sugar I don't think that by using you know brown sugar evenly naturally produce brown sugar like vanilla or feeling chill or any one of these things I don't think any of that stuff going to save you from you know from anything that your Eno vs. white sugar I think it's just the two I bought a big cancer but a big canister of Santana see this is why if you were in Spain they eat like Santa and so much more than we do because it sounds cool right

Sansan gum sounds like some nasty business and I'm saying what you think Dave would you rather have sprinkled into your sauce or or xanthan expires after December 2017 is there really an expiration date on xanthan gum no no no there is not an expiration date on these things when you're manufacturing a product I know this from first-hand experience when you're manufacturing a product you are obliged to put a an expiration date on it is xanthan gum that you have and it's possible that some of it will break down in the absence of moisture overtime so become less effective but if you were to take that xanthan gum and keep moisture out of it right to remember if you put a silica packet into something it's not food don't eat it has anyone really try to eat those freaking silica packet stars that they stay right do not eat not food all over one of those packages it say do not eat

Dave you ever tempted to do that somebody has so anyway if you can say that that right and put it into the pyramids and waited another couple of thousand years and pulled that Santa and gum out my prediction is it would still sick in your sauces into a snotty Mass if you use too much but that's just my prediction question 3 is there a way to keep her is there a way to keep bearnaise sauce table for days I ask because I started a butcher shop on display and it made me wonder thanks so much and best regards from a bloody hot Spain Dido so and it says right here size pronounce Tito I'm a girl a girl says she's like under 16k so another thing with Nastasia is is that if the Stasi it doesn't respect a woman calls her a girl calls her a girl

I seen her do it a million times so I could you call yourself a girlfriend I'm going out with the boys that's one thing but if you like if you can you use it specifically to try to take away someone's Authority by calling them a girl is supposed to a woman I think it's wrong and that's what you do as she referred to herself anyway so we ask this I asked I've never made one so fundamentally a bearnaise sauce is similar to a looser mayonnaise IE it's made with less oil than mayonnaise would be and it's made with butter instead of oil so the problems are this that when it cools down if the butter recrystallizes it will go possibly break the emotion and too because it has a higher water content it might spoil bacteriological it might spoil where is mayonnaise a properly made mayonnaise is

I mean don't you know take but as far as I've been able to tell an actually proper mate probably made mayonnaise after it cures for a while is in fact shelf-stable because you just doesn't have a high enough water activity and the water that is there it has enough acid in it to actually stop bacteria from growing and so it is in fact shelf-stable it's basically awesome now I put this question to two different people to I put this to Alex Talbot from ideas in food and Alex said I said opposes question and they said Yes we made a reheatable recipe in our first book we keep it refrigerated and heat it to order and they use methylcellulose F50 in it to check out his first book he sent me some pictures but I'm having trouble downloading because for some reason Heritage Radio doesn't want me to be able to use my phone they're trying to turn his phone keeps working but mine for some reason is not and I also texted

McGee and Harold McGee said there are no foe bearnaise is out there made with mayo and milk she said there are now can you just read battery but I think a real one will always break on rewarming after the butterfly has crystallized right so you have to do like a full version with like I don't know whether they also might supplement with some oil so that it doesn't kind of recrystallized activate wave Davey told me that we're done real quick

Play Bill Jeffrey in Costa Mesa terms of flavor and the consistency of the stir up but I'm wondering about forming a or or keeping the cherries firm I have a shape and I have calcium hydroxide calcium lactate gluconate and what was your approach be I wouldn't use a hydroxide I would use actually a small amount of calcium chloride small I don't remember the percentages of hand that you basically just need just enough kind of calcium present to help in the cross-linking I've run out how would you incorporate that yeah so when they do the novo shape stuff a lot of time for you you're leaving stem on you I would run some tests I did some tests soaking things are easier

liquids into cuz the problem with a cherry is at the skin is relatively impervious which is why it takes a while for the stuff to go in and I think why some people might pull the stems although my you know my step you know great my step-grandfather who you know it had cherries that were 70-something years old their family secret is to never move it the stands and they're putting him in the alcohol but yeah I would do a pre stroke because I don't know what Noble shapes reaction to alcohol is so I would do a pre-soak and I know that some of these guys will needle the fruit slightly and then vacuum the novo shape into it so they'll like do like a light needling and then those vacuum an oval-shaped the idea is that breaking the skin normally would would hasten to break down because you're about to cross link all the pectin is not a problem and so then they would vacuum an oval shape into the fruit on a on a soak and you could do that in juice so that you're not getting any of the flavor

and then Brandy the hell out of them that's my recollection I never got I can't taste cherries anymore and so like I've asked I asked the bar every year maybe the new bar will actually get it done but I've asked to run the protocol and once I have the broker log-in information are you going to share my taxes on a non so I need when you got to say some delicious cherries how are they for you how were they amazing a bunch of plums how big how rotten it was like where the Suites in the showers in at the same time

when is sweet cherries and a sour cherries in at the same time that they just Harvest there so Godly I love cherries someday someday I will take this evil allergy and I'll be able to have cherries again and I will just eat cherry cherry is one of the very few things I have never I have never had too many cherries I've never been like you know what I don't want another one of a cherry it's never happened you probably never will

I couldn't keep up with the two are cuz I was just stopping my face and getting a stomach ache and continuing on

pecan tree that was fun until we got to the gift shop Judy shoes making because that's our business nastassia doesn't care just as he was like you know what I won't spend the extra 5 minutes to actually have this be useful to have a lunch once I missed Asia of my life doesn't matter we were given the opportunity to taste hundreds of varieties of a fruit not going to get into I want to call anyone out hundreds of varieties right anastacio can't be bothered to put up with an hour and a half of a crazy lunch so that we used to be freaking polite. Just to be polite it doesn't even matter who cares if it was an hour and a half getting beaten with cricket bat who the hell cares we were getting something we wanted and so you're polite and she's wasted days of my life since those that hour and a half years

bring it up again and again and again anyways thanks for calling you let me know how the cherries work so I'm being kicked off but Caleb's I got your buckwheat Crepes Crepes on on notice I have some answers for you I think more next week we already talked about the outdoor Komodo thing last week Scott still got to get your question on smok I hope Julian is not gone to what to call Hawaii at because I have some recommendations for your Mai Tais next. Next week I'll be in Harbor next week after cooking issues

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