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Episode 301: The Cream Also Rises

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12:45 from Roberto's Pizzeria in Bushwick joined as usual and I got Dave in the booth Dave how you doing that's good and we supposed to have he just said o f word so

so it looks like we will

looks like we will

not have our guess I won't even down to it is so that no one can have him on blast right

so also in the ongoing saga of take your child to work life we have Booker Arnold High doing Booker

yeah what are you up to just playing my phone right now I mean in general

enjoying life in New York how's your vegetarianism going

I missed chicken so I went back to it I now don't eat red meat anymore

no bacon is utterly disgusting see I was somehow he's convinced himself he doesn't eat it anymore. It's disgusting which is just wrong thing last couple of weeks since I seen anything interesting last couple of weeks every restaurant you've been to in the past couple days and sold it made my annual pilgrimage to Dirty Dick's Crab Shack for all-you-can-eat crab legs were they as big as the crabs you were eating builders in North Carolina on a constant basis back in the 80s Ben may have sprayed the area because one day the ocean was filled with dead jellyfish

saying about the humidity in the Outer Banks so hot that you once saw a bass chasing a squirrel up a tree and sitting there with his ear phones on Glee

write it up Booker you know to Telegraph which me to do just do it at 718-497-2128 I actually had an interesting culinary adventure time we talked about steamed cheeseburgers on this program so there is a weird Connecticut only subculture of cheeseburgers called they are steamed cheeseburgers and it's a rose during the Depression someone in Middletown Connecticut came up with the idea that they were going to build a steamer box I don't really know why I should go back and read the read the patents but they came up with this steamer box and

the steamer box you put the meat into this little box and you steam the hell out of it and then you put the cheese into this little box and then you steam the hell out of it which doesn't sound particularly good right so there's only a couple places left to do it there's this place called Tom's in this place called rourke's works is kind of a well-known Diner rourke's I like going to work Booker actually been to work see likes works okay they're steamed cheeseburgers is that got off I don't like it but the times actually does a decent job and I actually don't really need a picture this is a square Burger esteemed and then square piece of cheese that's team picture a square piece of cheese but not a burger while some people make Square Burgers but they're not Steve's Wendy's

Louie's lunch restaurant that I recommend it's in New York like a Japanese takeout joint some good news Nastasia and none of my Dropbox stuff is working so I can't get to today's questions maybe it's okay we got to call her or vertically grilled in their own special vertical Grill are they use cheese whiz don't allow you to you take Kate take ketchup and they also have a vertical toaster to the grocery thing is cheese whiz on white bread with their burger that's done in the special vertical grill with these little like crematorium doors that open and close to put the burgers into the steam Burger is like they take a hunk of a thing of raw beef which is about I think a little over a quarter pounder there about smash into a square container and throw it into a steamer and steam it doesn't tell us just done so it's still got some juice to one eye

other one was like incredibly drive to work does a good job. I think so you just have that steamed cheeseburgers did to keep up with history but the steam cheese which they said it's a revelation they take the long giant blocks not a government cheese but if the harder cheddar cheese but in Long blocks cut into giant strips cut into pieces and steam it inflates and the cheese which they also put on cheese fries they also do a steamed cheese as a grilled cheese Marion steam cheese is delicious so I'm going to try to figure out their steamed they're steamed cheese technology steamed cheeseburgers

yeah hey so I finally got some MSG at the bad neighborhood grocery store and I'm wondering as far as just cooking with regular MSG what what are some good applications does it supposed to be no typical more complicated Umami flavors I butt dialed the truck was trying to make your Noodle Town style Greenwich turned out pretty well. I have no no clue what to do with it cuz recipe seem to avoid it entirely so legislators and I'm trying to get like a what's it called if I'm trying to get a level what's your what did you find disgusting about the popcorn

it did math the typical Popcorn Place and it added every part of it didn't taste good it tasted like he should like something else on a Dana file not as good bad it just did it was almost just like it's just Roy the popcorn flavored and so is you it tasted probably like what I was looking for is it tasted like accident tasted like Dashi right so Taste of everything taste when you add MSG everything tastes a little bit like Dashi right so you don't notice that so much in something like beef jerky which has that particular flavor but popcorn which isn't intended so for instance if you were going to take the popcorn and make a dashiki flavored popcorn well then the MSG would be good if you were going to take the popcorn and make a beef jerky flavored popcorn than the MSG would be good when you're making like a Doritos flavored thing that has like a high load of things like cheese and

Meto MSG taste good but that backflip ever that you have from that back flavor that you get from MSG doesn't taste good in things that are intended to be Savory in that protein breakdown since right so only things that are intended to have kind of protein breakdown flavors in them like cheeses which undergo you know protein hydrolysis during aging or tomatoes have natural free fatty acids or things like seaweed that has enough sorry free three amino acids Sushi masu she's really like people some people would say stuff like that like Flick Fishing hours to a crawfish or like greens are just cuz you expect that flavor to come with Chinese green and why are you putting bacon and you putting bacon in your Chinese greens or no

what time are you putting bacon into your Chinese greens or no chives are the things those things are straight up those things are straight up delicious on their own I don't know that they'd need MSG the great thing about MSG is you can treat MSG like you treat salt so you can take you could take like a small amount of it add a small amount of MST to it and and then see whether you like the effect you know what I mean

it's really good even without any of that you know any any added me as though there is cheese as though there were tomatoes in other words like things that are either high and free amino acids or are high in protein breakdown products right so anything is soy sauce would be good in or you want soy sauce and MSG can punch that right anything that you can like sent so this would be good if we were going to add parmesan MSG woodworking it anything where you think oh I'm going to add a bunch of tomato that's how much tomatoes with tomato paste anything you would add tomato paste to liko a little MSG might might do well here in Italian

do you have access to those already pointed in using MSG at all or shortly sauce has a lot of extra flavors to it as soon as you add frankly as soon as you add me I think I said in the air a million times I had someone make me a fettuccine alfredo analog with reduce sodium and the way that they accomplish reducing his sodium was to add an SD to it but didn't at MSG because that would have been a bad label declaration they added like you know like soy protein isolate or some like that and to me it all the sudden shift in from being an Italian Dish into being something that tasted much more kind of recognizably like had an Asian slant to it you know what I mean and it's always pushes it even farther in in in that direction now so I can book you have a question

was crowding my face so I was trying to push it away guess what no one can see that because no one sees or doing they can only hear it so you don't need to mention that the okay so the last last last last last video where he claimed to be eating stay and he was in Thailand and he claimed that the steaks marinated in MSG for the driver I nor am cold salting it or if it was action of Brian

is that is that going to penetrate the me to do anything different or is it just going to break down into that the component MSG is a good bit larger than Salt but it's still a relatively small molecules so honestly I don't know I don't know I don't know I've never done that that kind of a test math it depends on what you mean by marinade or someone like Jack cards the hell out of something or beats hit with a mallet breaks apart also if they're marinating it also an acid or marinating in a lot of salt here's the thing right from people testings like marinades that I've been doing a lot of these kind of tests like they typically test on something that has a fairly fine structure because those things are cheap so they test things like chicken breast write me a lot of the things that you've seen on marination Testament chicken breast or you know it's like a relatively like even grained muscle meat because they still feel that this is going to be a more kind of relevant test because it takes away a lot of the variables but as it turns out when you saw the hell out of something that

I had a lot of intramuscular College in like the college intend to separate is why when you pick up a piece of meat that's been salted heavily and you pull on it you can see it separate along its grain boundaries because the intramuscular the entry of fiber a college and has kind of broken down a little bit broken way we can the college in and see you actually will get penetration of liquids into those crevices now those things will probably get boiled out almost immediately when you going to cook it but solids right things that aren't liquids things that don't boil things like MSG possibly do have a greater penetration into those areas in situations like that I think you can think of if you ever thought about like a taking a piece of meat like a London broil so let's say out of a marinade and lifting it under its own weight you can see that gaping and separation in your mind I don't know if you can see it I can see it in my mind this gaping and separation and in those places you will get liquid so is liquid contain solid and even those liquid boil right out again so you can think of no effect right the solids it will deposit the same time still there so MSG

will probably get in there I don't I don't know the effects from my my feeling is it that I don't like it when things go to like to Mommy and I think that MSG unlike salt where I am trained to like withstand a relatively wide range of salt concentrations and still be happy I can't read I don't really like a like a huge amount of MSG in it once it's detectable to me as MSG once it seems that there's more of that flavor in there then kind of God wants there to be in there based on the ingredients I start seeing as an off flavor which is I think what it was happening to you in the in the popcorn scenario right that's the same way also like I love salt I'm not I mean I love salt is anyone who's had my cooking knows but I'm not a huge fan of desserts that are so salty that

taste like salt I'm not appreciate them but I wouldn't I don't want to pound a bunch of even though I know they're extraordinary popular and most people like it

a lot of chefs nowadays Booker and for the past I would say eight years including chefs are like good friends of mine have

salty caramel

salt water taffy strangely not very salty bet he's not eating red meat but is there a good definition of red meat so I don't think there it is not a good definition color is a bad a bad way to a kind of budget like really you should just in case you just say look I'm not eating like I'm not eating mammals mammals basically chickens

chickens chickens like a chicken's a bird it's like a dinosaur

what you say

my God I'm dealing with some dealing with some highly highly nowadays are birds nowadays are cat it like a categorize basically being the direct descendants of dinosaurs so somewhere in the past 10 years natural history museum has black read on all of their stuff to say that birds are dinosaurs when I was a kid this wasn't how you thought of it you thought of birds had descended from like similar route to dinosaurs would like Archaeopteryx was I believe the name of the bird but nowadays you like birds are living dinosaurs that's the way they that's the way they put it are you going to do you believe that stuff in Stasi or not

most birds are mammals are a specific group of animals warm-blooded developed prior to prior to mammals

will there they are red blood so now that that's not necessary what animal has blue blood and listen try not to make I'll try not to make excessive sounds with the mic I'm I was just pushing it away from me not to cry my face is pushed away from my face okay yes okay since I'm having trouble with my electronics are can you locate the questions from yesterday so you can just leave us have it in the email

hello Dave this is Lewis in Florida how are you doing how you doing how's Florida right now is it is nasty as it is here

oh my goodness to where I was in Connecticut I'll honestly I started yelling at my whole family I was like who dumped water all over the freaking floor cuz we have these tile floors that like now that's just it's just it's that freaking human like when you go to bed at night the weather is like main human ever been up to Maine in the summer time it's a different kind of human because I guess in Florida you're used to being here would like mean humidity is like everything is like wet cuz it's not hot enough to burn all the wet off of everything's everything's just wet all the time anyway go ahead and what's your question

my question is I have a client that's interested in hooking a suckling pig Traeger grill one of those electric grill smoker and I thought you would be the best way to prep poop the pig inside of the whole thing one of those things most people who do the suckling pigs how big is a pig like what like is it like is it like tiny or like most most suckling pigs are like on the large side compared to what you would get let's say in Spain right so I can most of the suckling pigs that I bought in the US are in the like 20 to 24 lb range whereas yeah

I mean the good news is that most people are used to having that stuff incredibly overcooked anyway right so you're going to depends on what your kind of going to do I would I would probably end up going to probably go low and slow with that guy I mean that that's typically what you would do I would salt the the heck out of the interior of it rub some on the outside of air-dry the the skin out a little bit and then have a rotisserie or no

no I have a good results with rotisserie he's but yeah I would go low and I would go loan and start the promise the problem with these with suckling pig

is it the meat is just so thin in like a lot of place it's hard to get the thing to come together all the same time that's why you know you just want to like end up not drying it out because everything in order to get the inside of my cheek on a low temp in right unless you going to do low temperature cooking on it like parts of it are going to be horribly overcook so everything is going to basically be taken up to like a barbecue level she's going to have to treat it like a piece of barbecued meat otherwise you keeps not possible to do it any other way so then what you do is you do it low and so and then you've got to make sure that you crisp up the skin it at the outside like I actually like doing like

like almost like almost like like like steam at the cook it like Lolo right low pull it out air dry the skin like Helena does Chris the hell out of the skin but it's been how many years has been since I've done one of these things it's been like it's been a long time it's been probably 10 years since I've done something pay the longer but I'm trying to go back I want my best kind of results have been I mean my best results probably have been traditional spit-roast but you don't have a spit in this case you have to do it sooner or no

do you have to do it soon or no

yeah and you don't want to low temperature you want to cook it entirely in this thing right is anyone in the chat room have any good suckling pig stuff Dave we get the chat room on it will get back to it the towards the end of the show me some questions you have a your mustache nothing's coming through no I'm not getting any information on my phone

like nothing like my phone is no longer my phone. Then people right now I need it right I need it right now okay

this guy says he's read the manual that old spends all be life-altering for baby food have a baby that is about to start eating food this may save myself I mean my friend from getting into deep trouble do you have any guidelines for the best pretreatment of ingredients in our methods to get ultra-smooth purees can't wait to make baby food and gin and tonics thanks for the great show duration food bottle of luck and so they feel they need some sort of excuse to sell this pen so they are they could be 22 how the hell you make a lot of assumptions about PJ please write in and point is this so the baby foods what you think it's amazing about it is that you can.

hope it's left over after you take the water out of something whether it be a fruit or a vegetable is incredibly smooth and Incredibly rich and dance and amazing so the best baby food results I get unfortunately we need to get being so you could do any fruit and just take the liquid out of it and the pulp is amazing so like strawberry but you have to take the stuff off the top so you don't have a little seedy Parts amazingly smooth Peach packing Peach is insane so you get the peach juice and then you get all the pectins and solid amazing but my favorite my all-time favorite did you take sweet potatoes

you heat the hell out of them actually know what this way and then you blend them with a little bit of liquid now I add an enzyme which I'm going to try to be able to try to get my streak are these enzymes eventually like the starch conversion enzymes and that distillers use like at and then you hit that and it converts all the excess starch to sugar sweetens it up and freeze it so that you can get more juice out of it you spin it you get the juice out in the sweet potato that slept you tasted that even you like that section yeah it's like super super smooth and delicious but you need the starch are enzymes to get samples of them I'll get the ones I used again and try to talk about him next week it was a used term Emil and I used sand clear forget the number of it but they're they're distillers enzymes amazing amazing but not currently available and in the rush to put some products out there

didn't want to add too many things so miners Pantry hasn't started carrying that yet they just started carrying the the Titus and but I would just try it with something like peaches or anything like that because it's just a few vital prep the hell out of something and then break down the pectin so it's just solid but it's not expecting any more the texture of these things is freaking nuts and the density of flavor is extremely high because you remove a lot of liquid anyway that's how you do it next

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and we are back so still trying to deal with our technical issues here

so what else anything good on the spins off right we're about to ship these suckers there like we have over 500 of them made tested boxed shipping confirmation number is going to ship it like this week from Canada who were missing numbers and their addresses have been contacting us when you missing numbers forgot to put her in there street address like if their numbers 101 they only put 10 so so what are Canadians are very helpful doesn't come through so might as well just read me another question anytime soon are probably about 10 minutes before I go there other oily fish which is better packed in water or oil but you this is a distancia now I understand why she doesn't want to read questions because she's red look like 1/2 to 1/4 to one-tenth of the question

person is interested cuz I remember that a reading it this morning the person is interested in increasing their omega-3 fatty acid consumption. So they're interested increasing their there omega-3 fatty acid consumption and they want to know whether or not the oil in the oil pack sardines somehow the oil leeches out the omega-3 fatty acids so that they cuz you typically drain the oil in the sardines even though when I was a kid Miss Asia I used to like I would like every week when I went to visit my dad we would get a camp Booker

we'll get a can of sardines and I would sit and I would dip cheese and breadsticks into the oil and then eat sardines and they should eat water pack and now I will say what I always say Nastassja first I looked in the scientific literature I could find nothing on someone testing residual omega-3 fatty acids in sardines based on packing technology apparently either just I missed it or no one's going to study at 2 I will say this forget your help my friend

sardines packed in water are the devil sardines packed in oil or what you want to eat even Booker prefer sardines packed in oil to sardines packed in water put your headphones yes he does the first game is humbleness I think most people do although I wish you would eat the bones because they have more calcium but I will agree that I don't like the gritty texture is it the gritty texture of the bones that you don't like Booker

yeah, this guy wants to know I seem to recall that a while back he discussed the study on cooling sous-vide protein be the actual question so that you wasn't so listeners listen so listeners can understand what the question is pulled immediately and you didn't mention guiso so how could you say you read the whole thing word for word I thought I send you some feedback you discuss the study guiso Broncho cooling suvi proteins specifically you are comparing proteins that were pulled immediately on eyes compared to a stage technique which involves room temperature then cool water than ice, call the results of study or your thoughts on it since I'm always looking to improve my to be products can you please elaborate on this topic Nate oscar-worthy performance assessment appreciate

all right yes so this is something and by the way I will say this for the for the record again even though I said is 8 million * there is no best way to do anything right this is doesn't exist best way to do anything there's what you like here's another thing you cannot you cannot determine what is even the best for you in isolation because you cannot trust yourself to you cannot trust yourself to have the same or even similar taste buds to everyone that you're cooking for the even like the same things I've been running back when I used to teach a sous vide low temperature work at the FCI I would have 20 or 30 people and we would have every class we would run the same test on 20 or 30 people and was extremely edifying to me to realize that that you're what you prefer is not the same across the board if not a huh

percent of the people like it one way or the other of most things are only small difference is one way or the other like another it's only a small difference at all and then in general what you have is more people than not like it one way there then another so this is one of those cases where that cooling technique you use when you're doing sous-vide were right more more people than not prefer it slightly when you chill it properly and this is how is this is the reason why if you chill something immediately by taking something out of this sous-vide bath and throwing it into ice water right there proteins cool relatively quickly and Bruno Caruso discovered that the amount of liquids that the meat can reabsorb as it's cooling is lower if you chill it rapidly because it will stop reabsorbing liquids once it goes below a certain temperature then if you cool it rather gradually sogou so has done it did this hit he has a slight kind of belt

where you take the meat ideally you take the meat out of a out of the bath you put it on the counter for 10 to 15 minutes depending on thickness you put it into running tap water for 10 to 15 minutes depending on thickness then I sat down to cool it and he found for him that is ideal and then me you know I thinking that that was kind of not you know couldn't possibly be true that was just a bunch of hoo-ha ran the test many times on groups of 20 people and by and large people did actually choose a multi-step cooling process now the benefits between just letting it rest on the counter for 20 minutes 15-20 minutes before cooling it all the way we're almost the entire benefit as opposed to waiting on waiting for

you don't like doing all three so like doing all three did when slightly but you ended up winning almost as much just by doing a single step by letting it sit on the counter for a while to cool down before you before you I sit down I will also say that these tests that Iran have this copy out and also the test of Bruno Cascio ran have dissed this caveat there only four meats that were cooked chilled and reheat it if you're not going to reheat it I don't know that you would have the same kind of results and this is a mistake that a lot of people make including myself when you're telling people how to cook things what the best way to cook things are is you assume that by changing one of the variables in your process you're not changing the the result of the thing that you're testing so in other words it could be entirely possible that rapid showing of the outside of the meat which is what I do a lot now what I'm doing sous-vide so that I don't overcook on the seer right maybe doesn't hurt at all because you're only rapidly chilling the outside portion of the meat and then immediately reheating it you know what nobody knows because nobody's run that

so you can't say that the multi-step chilling thing works for anything other than full chill and reheat anyway long answer to a short question but are you getting out things on their suckling pig by the way soccer suckers on sucking pig sound

he was really boring waiting for you to read it why is read it first Dave I have to say I just loved your book liquid intelligence all right in front of me is read the question you say thank you at work I'm trying to create mocktails for our clients because none low alcohol is becoming more popular here in Belgium by the probably just wanted to let the question of a lot of Ludlow ingredient was going to be so you chose this one specifically Rio Grande oh pickle up in the air and you look at the ingredients on the page you're better off just giving me your phone call around here

hey Dave this is what's going from Seattle Washington pretty cool I didn't realize there's like no good like prosumer deep fryers out there on the market is that true that is absolutely one hundred percent sure that he has the Cajun fryer is good it just doesn't have a thermostat right so you have to sit there and throttle it but that you know it is if they ever sold them right somebody in the other thing is like throttles in the back so it's got like it basically is like the most like boneheaded of thermal management techniques it's just like literally like you have like a thing in the back inside and shoots you know what I mean but you know if you can if you sit there and throttle it it does

great job of cooking because it has the one thing that no home fryer has which is a cold zone right the other good news about it is that it's got that fold down lid so all of it basically stays contained you don't have to worry about it I'm like mine that I have to put a lid over and like you know all this other stuff but mine has you know obezo valve in it and thermostatic control now you could probably post rig promised if you post rig gas equipment you're putting yourself in some danger unless you really really really know what you're doing you don't I mean because you're messing with gas right

yeah but that said I've used his Cajun fryer and you know it works really well other than other than with the copy I like I said it doesn't have its own thermal control it heats up pretty quickly

all right but it's definitely something that should exist like I don't know why anyone doesn't make no one as far as I know you could make a prosumer electric fryer with at least a marginal cold Zone the problem is is that all of those things are built to be countertop and the the height of the basket would just be so high think about it right so if you're going to put a cold Zone you actually need a drop area and a trough for stuff to collect and so if that cold zone is you know like eight or nine in your lifting the entire surface like that that fry level of your fryer up 8 to 10in and so now it's becoming a pain in the in the behind for anyone other than Mark Ladner to use in the kitchen because you need to be really tall to be able to look into it you know what I mean cuz if you don't want your fry baskets like crammed up by your shoulders when you're letting them out you know and I'm I'm of kind of low average height and

for me that would be kind of uncomfortable so if you are shorter than me then you know he'll be even harder you know what I mean

Sunday Sunday maybe maybe maybe Booker and Dax product number for after the next one we already know what the next one's going to be after that one maybe maybe maybe the fryer fryer fryer

we have a long-term plan that's right that's right it's not in the long-term Alright by the way I'm sorry for the technical thing will answer the mocktail question next next week so that is persons in Belgium right and they want to do some mocktails at their bar their professional bartender and they wanted to replicate an herbal liqueur among other things I've done a lot of work not nothing is going to taste like a like the actual herbal liqueur that it has alcohol in it right but I having Dunn nastasi and I with Piper did knockoffs of Campari right back in the day that we're not alcohol is not Gotham Bar in fact we did it for this show so when I ask for it we came up with a recipe for a non-alcoholic Campari beso de a knock off for they show with gentian and all I remember that like years ago and

what's the weather for this is made it a member and then we came on and we tasted the different Campari Taste of gentian and all the different anyways so deeply and I've been doing this a lot recently is just doing infusions T style or tizen if you I hate that word I hate it because it's disgusting and so pretentious like that you didn't like that somebody used recently in your natural environment what's it called Institute Institute got to be able to look like the problem with the word t is that tea implies that has actually like tea Camila in it right but it is but if it's something it's not tea and call it a t i want an herbal tea and then it's not as a tick but then like sounds like it is saying I'm like to say no so you mean it like you stick your pinky out and you fly with mnuchin you know what I mean it's like Instagram post

treasury secretary this is hilarious and just like hashtags all of her clothing like Hermes and like I like I don't even know the rest of that like all the Way Cafe Italia whatever they are like fancy fancy food and some was like we're to be a touchy she's like you know we sacrifice a lot whatever I don't like this is not a political show by the way someone asks what are we going to do we need to guess all we need is a start off guest someone we can argue with you know what I mean one way or the other like or better yet to people who are opposing where we get to be in the middle and take both sides probably the best way to do it anyway so back to this back to the so making T's or 2 Chainz whatever you want to call them I would just make a whole bunch of things with different herbs and then mix them in what we did is we just made kind of reference Patches at fairly strong of these things Mix Cement

proportions and then that use that as a first approximation to doing an all-in-one Brew which is going to change and then do that and then go from there doing nothing else but the the real thing the real trick and I'll talk more about this when the bar opens and I'm in a month or so month-and-a-half when we open the bar cuz we're going to have a huge mocktail program at at the bar and I'm never going to use the word mocktail never did the word you'll never hear the word mocktail out of my mouth again I don't know it sooner we got a good good

are non-alcoholic sunny but mocktail literally you put the word mock in it you put the word mock I either fate or I am mocking you how do you expect someone to walk in heels like think about this you drink alcohol while you're writing a menu write a customer comes in customer wants to be happy and you write on the menu that you are mocking them right where it's at meaning mocktail do you want to order it like let's say you weren't drinking when you order something called a mocktail or just have a glass of water because you don't wanna be mocked glass of water like I can't imagine walking in having to deal with other living breathing human beings and not needing an actual drink

other main thing dealing with alcoholic drinks is getting the texture and the sugar level right and I'll talk a lot more like incessantly about that after we open up the program in a month-and-a-half and I have tested all of my theories in the real life on actual living breathing breathing human beings so what's it what's the next one you said you could be okay I had a bunch of questions from two weeks ago to that have an answer but I can't get to them like on like outdoor cooking someone wanted to do an outdoor griddle Plancha and a komodo kamado like an egg Style Grill and I did so all right so maybe I already talked about this Jesus saying that so I will stop speaking what's the question I've been watching the development of the Sears on spends on love the way you

coach problem solving your products are Innovative affordable in the first of their kind of person they want this is an actual question for the show cuz I responded to them on email but go ahead

go ahead I have a problem I open a restaurant there are so many problems with equipment in the ancient technology that drives that my favorite task is vacuum my favorite task is vacuuming my grease trap that every two weeks gets clogged with food product is the grease is an afterthought obviously Shin is a garbage disposal with the ever-increasing rental market in the fact that we are trying to grown or fast-casual small spaces are Target there's not an option because we don't have the room for a sink that has the attachment even the food debris especially rice Finds Its way down the drain

my first crazy idea was an inline grinder that activated when the sink strain was open there by sucking the water down Pastor increasing efficiency and puring the food scrap to pass through the Trap then I saw your new spends all and it hit me how could we guarantee only water like product was entering our sewer system since you centrifugal force right to the property as a problem with using a centrifuge as a grease trap Tech not so if you think about it like the biodiesel people when they come and pick up your spent will write to make their bio ever driven behind one of those things and smell the French fry yes it's crazy right it's crazy that like all with all the processing and turning into gasoline you can still smell the fry behind the car you like it's just the car sitting there like all through with that the conversion into gasoline through they putting it through that the engine putting through the catalytic converter out the pipe into the air and into your vent and you're like

and some persistent business right there anyways

biodiesel people need to dewater their the stuff that they're taking in and they use a centrifuge right and they use a continuous enter to sit in a lot of ways operates very very similarly if not identical to the way they are spends all works in terms of continuous centrifugation problem is when you're doing something like a biodiesel you have a very large amount of oil in a very small amount of water and the water stays inside of the rotor for the entire time and you're done with that particular batch when you need to stop because you filled with water so the problem here is you have the exact opposite the vast majority of what you have are is not oil is is water-based stuff and so you and you you want to face me do the opposite of what the center fuse does now it's possible to have there are continuous centrifuges that basically

like eject the Heavies and the lights and you get to tune the ratio it which you get rid of the Heavies in the lights so cream separators with work on a disc separation day do this they're not 100% good and typically they don't work well with a lot of large and train solid so you would need some sort of pre grinder to begin with but they also rely on something that you don't have and that is a relatively constant proportion of Heavy's to lights so the input into a cream separator is whole milk and so therefore or actually even though it's hot it's actual whole milk not what we call home okay anyway but like they were lying a relatively constant Supply so that you adjust how much of the heavy stuff the milk you're taking out and that by dressing that adjust how much of the cream is pushed out of the top when you when you get the flow rate right so there's they're all based on kind of a constant input basis soap for you

instead I don't I don't really know how you would get to do it I mean like I guess if it was my livelihood I would I could try to figure it out but it seems like a be a rather difficult problem is probably easier way to do it right by the plasma and access to a lot of equipment at their in their lab what's the name again and has a lot of equipment in the lab specifically interested in touring of meats and has some sort of something that generates plasma and I are plasma is ionized atmosphere to get plasma now I want to know if this is going to be good for for searing meat now I got into some sort of that I didn't realize it was a hassle but someone later said he was at a salon searing on on Twitter and the fact of the matter is is that you don't want to go to high now

a story which I think I said on the air before it Harold McGee you know went to moto the restaurant back when home Morrow County was alive and they famously used to use a laser to shoot things and light them on fire and Harold had said that you know that that's super high temperature that super high you know energy incidence greater Lata flavors he said it tasted like burnt Transformers to him he didn't enjoy that high temperature taste Ino with Ariel

you know through her work at the gcms when we were kind of working on the spins all we we'd always thought that it was unburnt gases unburnt you no more captains that are added to propane the cause that what we call torch case in fact her work seemed to indicate although it was a very preliminary that then in fact it's just a combustion products that are made with these super high incidence of energy onto the surface that of the meat actually creates secondary compounds that are undesirable so what my take away and it hasn't been fully tested is that very very high temperature or very temperature is wrong way to put in a Vicks temperature doesn't really have meaning in this sentence super high energy input it very fast into the surface of things like meat cause it to have undesirable flavors and my guess is that plasma would do the same now I think I've said it before on

I'm very interested if anyone out there has a q switch laser CO2 laser I think you can keep switching CO2 laser if anyone has one out there that they can Flash I'm super interested in doing are like a double beam spread or so I haven't known energy density on the surface of of the meat and actually testing what like whether or not like very short duration pulsed energy also creates off labor than the super interested in like working on all of the on all that Dynamic so if you have to beam spreaders you can spread that energy out you can create any known incident watt density are onto the meat right and then you can test like consequat density vs us which watt density you could do anything but I don't know anyone that has that kind of setup was going to let me come play with it that's the last notes I will be here next week right and then but that week we're going to go to Harvard you're not going to go with me

time cuz it's on a holiday weekend right we're going up to Harvard so I don't know if I'll be back there on that Tuesday cuz I'll be I'll be teaching at the at the Harvard class and Harold McGee and Ida public lecture in Cambridge in 2 weeks Harold again I will be there I will be talking about Saratoga spring water and other weird Beverages and a Harold will be talking I think about coffee and tea and stuff like that so check it out and we'll see you soon cooking issues

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