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45 + 300

you got everybody's everybody's favorite punching bag evil in the house what's up guys bad guys in WWF Boris badenov more of a Dick Dastardly more of like what you know Randy Macho Man Savage

wait but what about me okay that's a good choice and I like choosing someone that's dead but you also now have Rowdy Roddy Piper to choose from your favorite dead bad guy wrestler

and what in you choose Macho Man Macho Man Peter Kim yeah she said married Wheaton away whenever the hell is not doing what you doing is buying shoes on Zappos I hate having emails I was also emanating reading emails were busy delete my emails. Dave and I really too many

episode questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 yeah by the way people we mentioned on the show before and stassi and I are anxious to try to swim going to try to start a new show we talked about this right ruining dinner like discussions that you can't have at dinner with people you disagree with things like politics religion allows the problem is also incredibly busy and so we haven't had time to kind of book anyone so if any of you out there do you know what it would be fun to get

Play the song after he got fired from being white house chief of staff but I would love to have a good love to pick his brain over a couple glasses of wine over what that Miguel was like would you have scaramucci on would you have the massive which it was either listening later like this episode is taping like right after the kind of tend a whirlwind of vulgarity that was scaramucci at the White House communications director which was which was I mean just an epic performance on your part I mean just like an intense

intense 10 days I mean the guy you know I think during that 10 day. He became communications director like. File for divorce had a son right used the most crazy Bulgarian language ever to come out of the Communications Department from the White House like you don't remember LBJ when he was cursing at people and like making people take meetings while he was on the toilet like with major flatulence issues like that was in private you know what I mean like he did that to embarrass people in private right at like this is like a and then fired. So the best people out the fire the entire staff

regardless of where you stand on the political Spectrum amazing theater

how's it going Dave fans first time father

I got to ask the first one is more into the into your mic

is it

is it possible to make powder using into orbit and tapioca Michael Jackson yes there's no water you said tahini right there's no water in tahini the main issue with the main issue with ends orbit brand tapioca maltodextrin made a mistake people make is they try to mix things in that have any sort of liquids or any sort of Wednesday lake by me water-based liquid so like oils liquid oils are okay like olive oil works so I'm not sure whether I've done Sesame or not maybe have like over the years the main issue you're going to have is you know taking any is like depends on what brand you get but like tahini tends to compact into a very kind of dents buffed don't worry about the solids come over peanut butter works so you know but I wouldn't try to mix it by hand I would post it in in in like a Cuisinart or roboku or similar

you always have to get a lot more and zorbit powder than you think like a lot more I mean the whole point of benzocaine powder is that it is a bulking agent so you requires vast amounts to make a relatively small amount of powder but it should work night for a gram bigger than a football amine 400 grams is a lot of an exorbitant mean like correct me if I'm wrong but it probably looks like an orange juice container full right I like I said it like like there's one size of orange juice container moron so there but yes that should be more than up but just so you know it in general what you do is is you you start the the the the Cuisinart don't use too much tahini at the start so that you kind of get a feel for its kind of going on you need enough for the for the Cuisinart actually start working and then start adding the ends orbit

first you'll think it's not working cuz it's going to turn into a thicker and thicker thicker paste and then all of a sudden it's going to break from a paste into kind of a powdery thing and then as you add more it'll just powder more so it should work. Don't act like the green eggs and ham dr. Seuss and the only application my wife has come with me is like maybe try to eject blue coloring to New York I don't know if that's possible if it'll break the membrane and it's going off

because I know you can make them by green green green egg scramble an egg and ham but I want to have like the white the white and I'll tell you a story very quickly when I was a child I read obviously as we all day Green Eggs and Ham classic and I told my grandma that I was going to be fine with the green eggs and ham and I wouldn't have the problems with Sam I Am hat and a better way I'm not a picky Caitlin Doughty anything like escargot whatever so after a lot of controlling she actually made me the green eggs and ham and you know what I was like I can't eat that I looked at it like as a little kid I was maybe like I was like man I can't I can't do that I can you don't I mean I can't say what I would do is if you want to do a fried egg you can just drip food coloring over the top to put my grandma did but it doesn't work so well

I'm trying to remember

how like how well that stuff in fuses clearly if you're doing like a a pickled egg into with Beats for instance the Red Ghost goes fairly deep but you have to soak it for a while right so in a raw egg I'm imagining that your transport might be as long as it goes through the shell which I think it will or you can eat all you can poke a hole where the air hole isn't it and then like put the food coloring in and then just let it sit and some very saturated food color for a while and it might permeate I don't know how much will permit it but what do you think. They go from you I think he's talking about having the egg white stay know he wants a whole thing you want the white white or you want the white green and just a yolk background be it will be quite separate the eggs

separate the eggs into whites and and yolks then macerate the yolks in a concentrated green food coloring right technically you should be able to use just blew it and get it to go green but whatever playing around till you get a color that you like then put a ring on your griddle and pour like the appropriate amount of egg white into the ring and then after it starts to set up a little bit but pretty soon because you want to cook through gently with a spoon lift one of your macerated egg yolks out take the bottom of the spoon and put it into paper towels so that you're not going to Mar the white with any of the Green from the from scooping it out of the solution and then gently just right on top of the egg white and afterwards

wake me up with a deer song Bingo but that's definitely that's definitely the way to the way to do it and the egg yolks should be fine for the amount of time it takes to master ate them good luck getting your daughter to eat it though maybe they will my grandma did it it look pretty janky but something about it being green just the reason of green eggs and ham is so bad is because it evokes spoilage that's what it is so like you know and I had recently it took me about 20 years to be able to eat Kreme Donuts because I ate a moldy cream donut once I took a chance I eat very quickly even when I was a kid a break on the inside and so I couldn't have Kreme donuts for 20 years and like things in general things that evoked mold for a long time or very difficult for me you know

his job when he eats so like basically I can take down half even like as a small child like take down half a jelly doughnut in like one or two bikes so like by the time my brain registers it taste nasty by the time you register oh my God something is horribly wrong there's a bunch of it in your mouth you know what I mean cuz it's like I'm like at the time I still remember where it was my mom was very young because my mom was in med school so I had to have been like five 4 and we got it in the crappy like cafeteria where all the med students bought the garbage food they ate while they were staying up and my mom was trying to study and I just salad on way into this thing

play I got a man man bad news holy moly Donuts still to this day someone hands me cream donut I will eat it I will never choose a cream donut I will eat it I'll never choose it

you know why he's the he's ready El Macho Man Randy Savage / Emperor Palpatine of even have a shirt I got to buy you a quality individual shirt Peter will you wear it if I buy you one you take a picture and put it over to me all right babe I'd like to shout out a thank you to Derek Bodkin for making the shut up Dad ringtone a reality so it's on my phone now whenever Booker calls me so it must Asia have textbook her to call me and I'll leave my ringer on and said you know we can hear the ringtone

just in the middle of the show you'll just hear him yell shut up Dad by my new ringtone which is awesome so now I have Peter's amazing ringtone which is no joke

Peter in the box and I have anastassios ringtone which is you are mean to me and then I have I have now Booker's ringtone I need to get like specialized ringtones for everyone on have one for dads Dax didn't have anything mean that he does to me on like a regular basis number your your kids asking me if some point like why does my dad like the sound of you in pain so much I don't like this. That I like it it just like it was a moment in time right girl screaming that's a No-No like a young like a young young young boy

prepubescent Family Show

hey Dave nastasha Peter and Dave happy 300th episode Roofing so I've been making a lot of yogurt and I'm trying to I was interested in making that a salt risen bread but I've gotten nowhere to to keep these things where they're going to stay at a consistent temperature for a long time right when I was looking at maybe I'm looking online for some sort of fermentation chamber and I saw some stuff on the fresh loaf about converting a chest freezer and some stuff about people using a Cambro and putting heating pad in it but what do you think is the best way to do that some sort of DIY

Piper accurate but let's say in the future someday you might want to get into dehydrating an Excalibur makes a good Excalibur dehydrator makes a good off the shell solution it's not super accurate but when you're doing Salt Rising bread the trick is obviously you keep it like covered so doesn't dehydrate inside of the dehydrator but you can get fairly accurate temperatures when I was doing and I was doing it in an Excalibur you then yeah me depends on like converting a freezer says to me that you want to do this a lot I don't know if you do want to do it a lot me the good thing about a freezer is is that in between things cuz remember when you make doing Salt Rising bread for those of you that don't know Salt Rising bread is actually the leavening the leavening agent is clostridium perfringens so it's like a a a pathogen and so you know if in fact they original one of the original studies to study it literally took like gangrene

bacteria off of a World War 1 trench victim and use it to make Salt Rising bread and it has a very specific odor to it when it's kind of fermenting so you're going to want to be able to thoroughly clean out anything that you do this so freezer are good in that respect but then you're going to need like you said heating pad or heating element and some form of PID controller none of that's extraordinarily complicated I mean it's been a number of years since I've had to you know recommend a PID controller to someone but Auber instruments has a bunch of an expensive ones that you could get away with it if you have it like a heating element you can convert any old box cuz you don't need a lot of power to do this you're only talking about taking it up to like I forget what the number is but something approaching 90° Fahrenheit write something in that range once you have one of these Chambers so you can do lots of other stuff so you do yogurt I really like doing

like that the mixed-mode rice fermentations for either like Korean or Chinese beverages those are good and also FYI my dad used to call use yogurt making yogurt as of the euphemism for pooping in children that were still a diaper itch making yogurt but if you ever going to get a dehydrator and you don't want to make a lot of this like you're making just a couple of those for the house it's nice having a dehydrator around I use it if I'm not using 100% of X I'm not one of these raw food people but I like I like having a dehydrator but but it's more expensive investment but it's more versatile to have around and you know this camera with a bunch of wires coming out of it which is also a fine thing

okay great yeah I'll look into that thank you know how it works and send us a picture of salt reason but I actually really likes all this bread but there's also a website forget the person's name who runs a little pushy ass but she's like somewhere down in Virginia or some like that has a whole website to go to the Salt this bread any way that you just answer emails from The Grapes a new so

Dave just interrupt me if there is a

Peter what the hell

Rosa wine Peter what the hell what the hell is that he was trying to kill it by the way the other day he's doing been doing the vinegar and vinegar and baking soda stuff and he was like I'm going to seal this in this little Poland Spring bottle and I was like oh there's a there's no way it's going to be a lot of pressure right I wasn't worried about it and then he showed me a video this is just somehow the surface area that he did it will do it cuz you put the baking soda into crumpled-up Sorvino plastic wrap and put the vinegar and seal it and something about all the extra service area for the plastic wrap didn't let the baking soda, and nothing builds up so much pressure that would be Uncorked it outside it sounded like a gun going off and then when I felt him do it again the bottle felt like it was like at full like inflation ruptures bank and I was like that's awesome you should do it how to in my life was like for you

I was like so dangerous here or to you

try this me yes you're going all right

all right so I'm glad you listening live what's your question in terms of spicing it 1 being actually adding all my spices to the Cure mix like so to the sugar and the salt and curing it and then at the end of washing that off and having that be the finished pancetta or shared it with salt and sugar and then once it's done caring wash that off then covered in spices and hung out to dry and I heard on a passcode talking about whether spices are actually being absorbed into the fat or the meat or not so basically based on that I'm wondering which method probably make more sense terms of having Spice from the spice flavor actually come through in the finished product since I have not actually like if you are doing

I don't know are you just doing a bit like old school or are you are you I forget are you vacuuming it when you have the mixture on it to get better penetration or no vacuum sealer right now right so most people and you probably heard it from someone else on the show because I tend not to make pronouncements about this kind of stuff unless I've actually run the tests most people's opinion is that these sorts of things are relatively surface-based treatments that said you know it's like it's hard to deny when you eat back for instance that you can taste the Juniper right so even if it is like you know fairly surface related thing it makes it makes a difference so as to whether you should do it before or after I mean if you've done it both ways which one did you like more

well it's kind of hard to do anything of that kind of hard to tell because it's almost hard to tell anymore and I feel like I haven't done enough trials yet right so I was sort of hoping to not have to do too many more trials but I mean it's going to be easier test is going to be an easier task because it's not well presumably not smoked you know what I mean so you're not going to have that much overriding kind of flavors but if you have a specific question like this when I always do cuz this is all about your taste right is look it's going to be also like I do this this is so it's just something that I say to myself all the time I worry a lot about you know every step of something but the truth is is is probably going to be good either way and so what you would do is is unless you're doing is commercially like I would just be

take every batch into to you know that they're going to be pretty good you don't I mean and so if you break every batch into two and just change one variable only then you know exactly what that variable it's easy enough on this one you're like take half of your I know batch this time and do it in in Kure with spice and the other half where you add that the spice after the Cure and then by the way this is this goes for everything you hate you ever do and you know that the best way to lock something down is to just do that change one variable and then put the put them through the rest of the procedures together so that it's all same same and then you know what you might end up saying you know what I really can't tell the difference between these two and if you really can't tell the difference between these two you should have someone else taste by the way and in reality if you really really care you should do a triangle test but the fact of the matter is is that what you're probably looking for his relatively large differences and so if at the end you can't you can't really tell

difference other people can't tell the difference or if you can't tell the difference but you can't decide which one you like better because they both have different things that you like about them then choose whichever one's easy as for your workflow your work process right but another thing about doing recipe testing that a lot of people miss a lot of people famous people make this mistake on a constant basis and it's this that because you did a test and you altered one variable you think that that variable is 100% independent of every other variable and that is not the case so for instance if you're doing spices on something with it with a cure right and then you you do you do a test on which cut of meat you're using to think that your test on the spice a hundred percent correlate regardless of what kind of product you're making is an incorrect assumption it's a good first approximation

because you build up your intuition to know that I like the spice this point or at this point but it's not a hundred percent so this is why I say like every once in a while especially as your recipes change or you know DV8 a lot from your starting point you should go back and read test earlier theories and this is what does not happen very often when people are doing things like writing books because it's very hard it takes a lot of time and energy to go back and revisit things that you think you've already mentally litigated and so you like the test that you run is valid for the test that you run and you can assume or try to assume that the results you get our independent of other variables that you're going to manipulate in your process but they're not necessarily in so you have to be open to being wrong all the time and that's kind of how you grow is opening to say okay this is the way I think I'm going to do it now this is what I think is going on but be open

to being wrong

I think I think I'm definitely want to try and get some what I want to end up with is something that tastes like the spices but we're when the person Cooks it they don't have spices around the outside sort of like when you get that. Pepper covered bacon that has all the pepper on the outside I don't want that so rich some of that some of that stuff off I don't like overly I love pepper like lots of pepper on sling like a steak but like that overly pepper we're all you taste is pepper and candida thing else I don't understand why people like that I don't understand it but a word of caution on it by the way Greg blonder from the genuine ideas he's done a lot of work on on penetration stuff like that and I don't always agree with his results but his methods are very interesting and you should always read his blog he has some stuff on this and I think when

we're doing the the you-know-what episode where he was on I think we talked about it a little bit but he you go read what he has to say about it vacuum vacuuming something increases a penetration of rate penetration rate of small things like salt like nitrites but I don't know how it I mean I don't think it's really going to I know print for a fact it doesn't increase very much the penetration of fmdc blue number one and so like I don't think it's going to necessarily increase the penetration of let's say fennel or Caraway and find out and then read other people's kind of opinions but take everything with a grain of salt because they all have their own you know methodological problems as well

thank you very much in from Scott regarding smoke a while ago were actually getting some go to questions Nastassja not that she cares she cares only because she likes you actually don't want me to get to the questions because you'd rather just torture me on a daily basis

the newest Fashions R I think you should go back to all the people who have been waiting a long time you put their questions back on the thing then you always give me the new ones which kinds of questions we can answer in the never answer any question face Peter can I don't have to smile

I won't be I won't be a jerk right I'm at what you mean fact were adjourned I was not injured you were in fact a jerk

look it's Nastasia says you are a jerk then that's hardcore he was giving the stink eye but doesn't the comedian have to earn it those things just have like a dead smile like you didn't pay 30 or $150 to go see Dave Chappelle you know what I'm going to do that I never didn't you're at a free comedy experimental Comedy Club needed you you have paid nothing you're paid not one thing and someone's getting up there and so I'm not like I'm just saying so

no word on the phone you were were aggressively not smiling wow you are like being aggressively stoneface should go in the back of the room if that's your tape and I don't like that because it makes it worse for everyone if you do something here if you do something to cause the comedian to be less funny cuz you're throwing them off their game you're actually reducing the utility of everyone else in the room just so that you have the pleasure of being stone-faced oh yes oh yes it is

call out so that the course not because he says he's like he's like all you're doing is pointing out how unfunny you are I mean that's what Peter says I'm going to go more stoneface just so everyone sees how not funny you are when really wouldn't want to hear some funny crap you're the same size gas tank does a ship by the weight room is green with you right now. Heater does not believe in playing two people strength help the person be better. Don't fake laugh don't do any of that we can't you at least for the sake of everyone else in the room who doesn't want to deal with Peter enjoying making this guy's life a living hell by bring a stone face as possible because it's not abusing for all the other Spectators no no no no

you don't have to laugh just give the blank smile there you go once my horrible horrible just weird want to go up there again behind the mic and see everybody suddenly tilt their head and smile like some kind of dystopian Peter it's all about just being blank like if you just have like a random look on your face even if it's this or this one even

is Grace radio by the way that's what I'm doing right then as opposed to like this one

cuz it's like chat room is making me analogy if you went to a friend's house and they cook you dinner and the food sucked you should tell them

different levels of telling your friend right so don't go a few save on how much you like they're cooking if it blew what you can do there's like how do you like your dinner your like this person didn't like what I did but there are human and so they're being polite to me you don't know classic Peter King City Town Hotel and then

overcooking undersea saying that literally the guy the guy next to him after that was like a college student by the way people listen I just wanted to listen I mean but the point is really sure that's where it's at

I told him look try to differentiate yourself and go like do something learn skills oil to use for the color industry if you want to work in the coal industry but like if you were a good business person or if you understand by cups are in product really well if you specialize they can come back in just trying to go in and be sure was a smoker he would have flipped a but in this guy's face even like kid get away from me what the weather is grounded out on him

the advice season that was a moment of Candor okay

family show all right so apparently is what you do as being be okay because because

it's just like the comedian's going to look at your face and be like there's something wrong with that you know him alone. Like he's trying to mess with me anyway Scott get to that

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and we're back on your real mother card

a color called dis what's going on in Nashville

turn on my lunch break I love your show I figured I'd try and get that call I am an engineer for Plastics Company and we have all kinds of neat equipment like I work at 11 firemen have all this stuff lights look at it I think man I can cook something in that and they won't let me of course I probably in trouble weasels weasels anyway one of the pieces that I was interested in is in an ultrasonic bath right so basically you know it and I was wondering if that would like speed up like a low temperature cooking application or something like that there has been test on application of ultrasound during cook steps in the bath and I think most of them were

relatively inconclusive the only ultrasonic bath technique that I saw getting kind of wide press was a modernist cuisine when they first come in the first set of books came out recommended they did their french fries in an ultrasonic bath so yeah one of their steps in the ultrasound basically to the theory being to disrupt the the surface they of the French fry to get kind of a better crust formation I have one I got to be honest I never tested it because it never seems feasible for for chefs because no one has a bath that large to do a reasonable number of french fries at the time of that book came I was really only dealing with things that I thought might be kind of useful for chefs I think they might have even looked into getting a patent on that for the larger ultrasonic baths

that's the only mean other than obviously I used to use it for cleaning all the time it's kind of fun to put your hand into steel access to any like you know of the web of science or elsevier any of those yeah it's been a long time since I read them but I think in general rather inconclusive lot of people have done work with the high temperature mean sorry the high-power ultrasounds write the homogenizers but and most of that like I don't know that it's worth the effort to be honest especially because you know they're really irritating like the enclosures are not as irritating what you should steal is one of the pilot extruders if you work in a few yeah yeah yeah yeah

transcripts dangerous diameter and I definitely could put any food so so someone I'm pretty sure one of these days someone's going to break in and steal one and maybe one ends up in your house like especially if you're familiar obviously with that you know that the cereal industry actually took the twins the twins a screw extruder from the Plastics industry so the entire modern cereal industry is based on the technology from the Plastics industry looking at a piece of Captain Crunch and it looks just like a Big 5 pellet of what we produce you need to listen to take care of right at me come on

it's all pretty much a nerd you know so I mean we have to clean the crap out of it but I don't have any more highly proprietary gently crenellated texture we've had Captain Crunch. Captain Crunch as it extrudes Alpha machine at any moment and they can't afford to tell a fact is to see how the production's going see if there's anything that needs to be fixed and he described it as

but if it's like to go to do that and control the CEO coming in and out of the machine is like it's like looking in the face of God is like freaking that they're not that expensive so we win the museum gets an extruder right they these stroboscope to set up so that you fire it from a certain point on like the axillary time so your it's based on on rotation rate of the thing coming out but then you have all you have is a phase angle setting so we can choose like when and that point is it fires and so you can be really sickly accurate with getting stuff to go online because this is actually like the way to inspect things like high-speed bottling lines or even you know any piece of equipment that runs rapidly and you don't you want to actually look at it in the Real Life scrubs with a phase adjuster so we can buy one of those Victorian Annabelle Museum

oh hell yes oh hell yeah but it really only works once you get up to a fast enough rate such that is like Persistence of Vision Works mean like if it's a slow thing as a proof proof it doesn't have a good effect that needs to be like but it's amazing amazing I will totally want one and I are so like if you need two people named Peter Ben and David marnell dad and maybe someone else named like Mustachio Lopez to come down with a truck and maybe want to hear extruders disappears like you know we can make that happen I have one other real quick thing that I think it's very interesting so and Plastics if you want to paint something you have to do some sort of preacher

sure so we do I want people to Plane Tree and I'll just take a blowtorch or some sort of machine basically it just run him over there the plastic real quick

what are the other options you can do at a plasma tree and it it produces the same sort of functionalization of the surface but it doesn't at a lower temperature and I was wondering if you tried to steer a steak or something with plasma if you would give you sort of the same results that's lame or if it would you know maybe you changed that the Browning reaction a little bit well I've never seen me mad when I think of blood plasma is it look like the like the tip of like a of a TIG welder like what does it look what does it look like here is it like what are you looking at

real big it's probably the head is probably crap maybe 6 cm in diameter and their plasma kind of a bluish purple color

I don't see

it doesn't say anything about a link to one so I can kind of see what there is a maximum speed there is a maximum searing speed above which things don't taste good anymore and so I think that's one of the that's one of the things with like a naked torch for instance on a piece of meat is that it's just too damn too damn much too damn fast can you get off to get off flavors not see no that's kind of what time does he was always doing aside from this spreading it out so famously you know how to use to use lasers to burn things and by all accounts made some terrible tasting things with the laser because it just doesn't taste good to see her things with laser what I really wanted to do like in a major way was

add to get like to beam spreaders so you can take a CO2 laser with a known output do a beam spread right and then you could do two things one by by positioning a piece of meat at a particular place away from the spread you know what the drop off of it are intense energy intensity per square centimeter is and you could basically figure out what the what the optimum is on a continuous basis but even more so then if you could like you switch that son-of-a-gun you could sit there and flashy like the pop up and see whether or not a very high intensity short duration and you could really then just dial in all the parameters of what is going on and test it but you need someone who had the lasers and had the Optics and kind of was interested in you know what I mean but I think I'll be a really fun experiment to run up I've been wanting to run it for years and years but just don't have access to it you know this is why what I should have done is become some

sort of like professor of some bull crap at some large State School like Michigan where somebody has everything you know what I mean and but you know that's not the way my life ended up so that's alright alright but thanks for calling in too many to mention we got one more call her eye color color on the air

am I near a hey hey everybody I got a little bit of a cooking issue I used to you know I used to cook with a lot of molecules and now I can't find my molecules anymore and I just to get my molecules from the show you know but I haven't had any molecules around me

how's it going down in DC that I miss you guys a nice we miss you meme offense

everybody everybody like loves a Jackie molecules how's it going here in DC can you get us any people for this new idea for a show should I watch start this new show here's a concept I'll give it to you real quick the concept is that people come in and ostensibly it's about kind of you know talking about food so it's kind of like being a dinner but we bring up all the stuff you're not supposed to talk about and then just have like knock-down argument about like politics religion things you shouldn't really talk about things that would ruin Thanksgiving like I've ruined so many thanksgivings so it's imagine that every episode is you're ruining Thanksgiving so you'd have people who kind of either disagree with us or disagree with each other and then we talked about food but also any any other kind of issue kind of No Holds Barred

Jack spends all his time inside the west wing with the people so you can't talk about it cuz he was appropriate for dinner parties I mean like you know not to curse too much at the dinner table because of my kids are there I don't mind ruining your dinner but you don't want to get you know your family mad at you for cursing in front of the kids overly much percent of your kids honestly like I made a mistake in front of the kids it's like thing isn't it I believe and I should have shown the air before that

to really be good in the English language you need to be able to like lay a string of curses and invectives like a Babbling Brook and so you need to kind of have that but apparently you know we need to wait until the kids are of a certain age in order in order to do that but Peter do you do you don't you don't want to deal with someone that can't lay down some curses do you write a job actually so I really do miss you guys and I would love to see people on the show I'd love to come back and visit and you are welcome to DC anytime I'm actually calling though because I want to remind listeners

that they should be donating to Heritage Radio Network remind me to show going cuz what would what would the world be without cooking it going to be August 4th you can still buy one little Ship Direct from China as long as you got your check book out the same we just haven't

you got my vote over Kanye a hundred percent what about The Rock The Rock stuff I like the rock so maybe you guys could run on and I think everyone likes to rock rock molecules molecules the next week but can I get can I get one question here literally are we going to have to do a whole nother show now which one would it would it would I do what are the ones from last week let's talk about the person who is Stan okay optician coming up the September okay he says thanks the show a question that might be a bit outside of your area of expertise I did register to compete in a baking contest in the fall we have

3 hours 3 hours now right to produce an opera cake right now on top of cake is it sat well here it says right here within layers of sponge cake coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache and they're not allowed to use a freezer apart from practicing home including under time pressure what advice can you give me I'll obviously way and pack all the ingredients separately for the me's before the clocks are so what is telling me is that you get to bring your own me's which is interested in general what are some good practices for Cooks participating in competitions are culinary school students preparing for exams many things stand so if you look into an opera cake recipe it's like it's thin layers baking sheets but here's the thing it's not just about everything with a cake like this there is so many steps that involves like cooking chilling Frost chilling setting the opera cake takes a lot of chill time right so if you don't have access to a freezer in my questions can be will do you have access to a fridge if you do have access to it for

are you the only person has access to a fridge or the most people have access to the fridge and when I and I literally was just a guest judge in a baking competition show that has a couple of weeks ago and I observed a lot of mistakes so what would you have to do is completely analyzed the recipe and figure out what the time bottlenecks are going to be right that's first and then accomplish them and multitask in the correct order such that they're going to get done this is a classic thing you see people do don't forget something until the end and then anything on this recipe at home a bunch of times but never actually sat down and figured out this needs to happen at exactly this time or it won't be ready in the future like that is especially if you know in advance what the recipe is going to be this is what you need to focus on the other thing is is that if you're not if you're going to bring your own ingredients that's one thing you don't have to worry about but I had a discussion with Bobby Flay once about being an Iron Chef

and he said that the Iron Chef has a tremendous advantage in Wichita Chef Stadium Stadium whatever it's called kitchen Stadium whatever they call it has a tremendous Advantage is just because they know the kitchen what I would do is I would do what I said I would plan out exactly what needs to happen when what the time bottlenecks are figure out where your PIN points are going to be right and I guarantee you it's going to be like you got to figure out a way to cool that cake down fast so like whether it's you're going to use parchment paper instead of silpats because it's going to cool faster the closer it is to be luminum Trey you know where there's any one of these things you're making sure that if you are going to stick in the fridge that I can vent off a lot because it's going to be evaporating cooling that really gets the cake cool as fast as you want matching surface area in contact flashing off so it's like whether it's going to steps like that figuring out or not practice in somebody else's kitchen just so like

whatever you know you're going to have make sure that they get whatever it is that you're going to have available to you go to their kitchen and make it because there is so much time saving something like if I ever write a book about this subject which I never will but I should probably is one of the reasons I think that people in general don't cook right or can't cook it's because it takes a long time for them to cook and the reason it takes a long time for them to cook is a recipe will say something simple like get a bowl right and so for me even though my kitchen nightmare mess all the time I know exactly where all the Bulls of every size are and within half a second I can have that bullet in my hand right and if you need another one I know exactly where that same size bowl is cuz I'll stack I go for it I get it in my hand someone and if you've ever had this experience cooking someone else's kitchen they like you walk up to them and what do you say you say

can I help you cook I never do this is why I never do is can I help you cook and they're like yeah okay dice up you know dice update this carrot

where are your knives

where's your cutting board

I don't have anything to put it into can you have it

because if like is it the irritation of like having to ask and explain where every freaking Implement in the kitchen is comedian deserves a smile Bring It On in the kitchen I'm giving you my internal dialogue I don't push my internal die I'm letting you and letting the listener know what's going on in my head what comes out of my mouth is and I share in that drawer over there

you know what I mean but then the other thing is horrifying this is another problem to is like this is why it's fun it's fun having people over to your house that you cook with a lot because they know a your house and they know be like kind of what your liking you know what they're like but it's like when people come they're new and then like a chef comes right they tried another I like to show me one and I'll make the rest which is kind of good right there show me one make the rest so you get to carry it out you get the nice you get too bored you put it down you do one thing and then they bust out the rest the problem with a chef is is that double dice every care in your fridge or like I needed one can I need a one carat and a shepherdess go through every carry you have because they're pretending it's Mimi's for restaurant events happened rights does my point is is that go to someone else's kitchen because you are vastly less efficient in the kitchen you don't know the layout of then you are at home so I seen this a million times well or more like 10 but like don't like don't practice practice

please go practice in somebody else's kitchen and that is a basically kind of a tip from me or from Bobby Flay through me and we have a whole bunch of stuff I was going to talk to you about Stan his safety with a smoking was going to talk about daddy and you know that the outdoor cooking that they're going to do when they moved to New Jersey which I guess we'll have to get into next time and then we had so many good questions we never got to but I guess we'll have to get to him next time do you think we should read someone actually from Toronto Michael writing about searing and ceiling in the juices so we maybe maybe we'll get Harold McGee to come want to talk about that you want to do that guys you want to get Harold McGee to come on talk about that or you go do that I can definitely do that so we'll get it back next time on the 300 First episode oh by the way the next week I might not be here I might not be here for the next two weeks I'm not sure

I might not be here by might be away for two weeks I'm not sure low-quality individual which case I'll let everyone know on the two on the Twitter storm what's going on too loud to go to our time in the car Dax will sometimes say do the cooking issues intro on my cat kick it why why you can't just turn it on there like why would I use on the show while ago and he like he's like do the do the voice of like you know what like whichever moron I'm doing Harvey's one of them you don't even know what I mean so also if you have any recommendations I'm building a Mame cabinet with Dax next week so if you have any if you folks have any suggestions on specific

Angel what not in the main cabinet we come on to me I'd appreciate your advice and we'll see you next time on the 301st episode of cooking issues

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