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Episode 30: Okra & Macaroons

cruise ships and welcome to an on-time edition of cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network coming to every Tuesday from 12 to 12:45 on Dave Arnold your host to cooking issues here again with nastasha the hammer Lopez back from her Florida trip calling all of your questions cooking-related otherwise to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 Today Show is brought to you by Hearst Ranch first Ranch is a nation's largest single Source Supply or free-range all-natural grass-fed and grass-finished beef since 1865 is a long time that hurts families raise cattle on the richest animal native grasslands of the central California coast result of FIFA extraordinary flavor that is memorable and natural as a surrounding landscape for more information go to www Hurst Ranch, that's are they actually Supply the

the ribeye for the Heritage Radio fundraiser that was a couple months back the one where we did the banana 15 or drink delicious delicious good product

so yesterday was Valentine's Day and a great son the horrors that used to be Valentine's Day I was at kid who you know when everyone was crying carnations for everyone you know what they would like a nation for their friends like a dollar like I was one that got the mystery admirer Carnation like they would they didn't think I understood what that meant that no one bought me a damn Carnation and it's so they didn't give one to you because no one's purchase one for you you don't even really watch California New York people aren't sympathetic but in fact you know like they give out the sympathy Carnation X day was you know basically a yearly living Nightmare Horror Story for me

actually up until 1990 90 91 92 right when I was 20 was the first year I had a good Valentine's and it was the day I started dating a actual you know Cracker Jack smart badass verifiable hot chick who might eventually married and who's my currently my wife so I ended up being good for me but was horrible for the first 20 years and my son had this happen but he was you know gave up Valentine to a girl in the third grade and I wish you would never do he's not that kind of a kitty give it to her and completely rebuffed like a valentine on the floor I don't want this complete her I felt felt awful in my in my younger son is brother basically who's an equal mix of really sensitive sweet kid and done loving crazy rough-and-tumble boy monster goes

all right we're going to kick her in the face or Dipper and poop and then like no one's saying anything to say this is crazy thing to say and then after a couple seconds is like so which is it in the face or different poop anyway that was Valentine's Day and another thing we're announcing we just sent out the press release for The Museum of food and drink a fundraiser and the Museum of food do have a call in to call first so I can spend a lot of time on the Hello caller you are on the air

I've been working a lot lately with preserved lemons and Indian lime pickles and Yuzu kosho and citrus like that I haven't really had really thought about it I'm sure that there is there's got to be some sort of got to be some sort of bacterial growth right otherwise it would be purely an enzymatic reaction is causing it to happen which I don't think it is because if the thing definitely changes over time right so if hit you up so he changes over time either you're dealing with an enzymatic process

or you're dealing with a bacterial enzymatic process or probably not a yeast-based or any sort of fungal base think I know that in this is Harold McGee I'm going to I'm going to speak to him relatively soon I should ask him you caught me completely off-guard on Sunday that I haven't studied I do know that if you that certain things do happen in them that look like they're like they're bacteria pays for instance you can get you can get situations when you're carrying them I was certain kinds of lemons or you get a croupy substance forming in the in the Keurig lemon thing which is probably some sort of polysaccharide which I would guess which I would guess is formed by bacteria but could be just some sort of wonky thing happening to the pectin overtime I don't know I wish I did I'm sorry that you have a question I might have an answer to this like this like the first time they've been completely hundred percent Stumptown with the correct answer is right

dragon statue but what I can do is go I'll go online and I'll go into like the actual literature search not just like the regular internet so I'll go into like a go into Colombia's database of of a science literature and I'll see if I can't find the stuff and barring that I will I will ask Mickey and he will tell me what's going on and we did have a question why did follow up next week so I'm just now being very good by making sure I follow up so listen to next week for the answer to the question all right

stunt that's me big jerk anyway go 6 I guess and you know Patrick Martin and I are now trying to get back off the ground again and we're having a major fundraiser in the fundraiser is going to be on Sunday Sunday Sunday March 27th it's going to let you know it's not cheap it's what is it anyway well we don't look up to five hours Extravaganza anyway so we're putting it on and here's the current and what we're doing is we're getting a bunch of shots and bartenders to come in to Del posto which of the fabulous snow restaurant in in New York for stars our friend Mark Ladner is it is the chef there and we're getting a bunch of shots and bartenders to come in and cook Things based on specific themes right so we're giving them a theme and their dishes going to be inspired by

here is the list in no particular order Dave Chang his female is American food circuit 1491 so it's going to be all foods that don't have all foods from the Americas prior to the Columbian Exchange that should be interesting with acorns which was a big native your Native American food stuff at all so they Korean food stamps we could probably pull in like you know different levels of of work there so I'm assuming he's going to do something with acorns but who knows Wylie Dufresne you know from wd-50 my brother-in-law I gave him because he's well-known Tech guy I gave him caveman food

everything's kind of mad at me but you know what he going to do and so why we actually texting me is like a you gave you gave Mark a softball there with the ancient Rome but not really ancient Roman Cuisine is it externally different from Modern Italian cuisine has a completely different basis of spice antenna in green faces you know based more on luggage seed and fish sauce and a whole different ingredient base in softball cesare Casella who is coming at the beginning and give us a whole bunch of delicious salumi to fit in with the fact that we knew we was going to bring some movie we gave him shriveled meat as his category

okay Carlo from Roberta's whose last name I've never been able to pronounce I'm going to try it but you got to say like Circa the early 1900s a group of people that basically had to leave Spain during the inquisition's settled in Italy and brought some very interesting dessert things with them you know some of which are kind of digging my family and Christina Tosi also Momofuku Milk Bar or Mumford to buy milk bar we're giving her is a tough one space food here's why we're giving her space food she's like space space food I was like well Gina tozi other than being you know the fantabulous Christina Tosi that she is little known fact she writes a lot of a hassock plans for the suvee programs here in the city that shuts have and has it was originally developed

mylar food corporations like Pillsbury and for the space program the idea being that they needed they need a zero-tolerance food system because if an astronaut gets the poops in the in the space it's a big problem so anyway so is that has it was developed in part for the space program and it's now using Facebook in all Industries for food and so I gave her that as it as it is a tip of the hat to passive skills Audrey Saunders from the Pagan Club will be making drinks Thomas wall from Death & Co I also Simon for the head and I guess head bartender for Pernod Ricard Damien bote from Prime Meats and Evan Clem from Be Our Guest restaurant and fellow tacky related Barton to dude will be doing it all proceeds will go to Museum of food and drink please go to http colon forward forward mofad. M o f a d like Eventbrite spell it improperly b r i t e. Com that's HD

Ford Ford Moffat. for more info anyway because we want you to come to real questions I have a question about tempering chocolate in the microwave most of the instructions I seen a very complicated with requiring a good candy thermometer and often instructions to use a microwave multiple times at additional code chocolate in a microwave traffic's during excetera excetera I tried about three or four times simply putting two cups of chocolate chips into the microwave until they turn glossy and removing them stirring them until they know each time these two step process is work just fine additional steps in temperature Precision really necessary have I just been getting lucky or something else at work Kurt kastorff well I think you're just lucky card anyway you say if that recipe works for you like you will be repeatedly lucky if you do the same thing and it's and it's working then it should be able to repeat itself because he hears what's actually

what's actually going on in what recipes are are so complicated and by the way you have to make sure that the chocolate is actually tempering right like a good melt chocolate in microwave questions are you getting a good temper if you are getting a good Temper by the way for those you'll hear basically the cocoa butter in it has roughly six ways of of crystallized right at the cocoa butter can form six different Crystal structures and those Crystal structures have different different properties right so those crystals have different melting points so what happens is badly temper chocolate is mostly in a form for which is also known as a beta Prime and good temper chocolate is informed 5 which is beta crystals right so what happens is if you heat chocolate melt out all the crystals and then cool it down to rapidly which is basically any kind of car

you're going to do to it is to Rapid it will form mostly Type 4 beta Prime crystals and what what what those are is there soft right they cuz they have a lower melting points with a very soft save a lot of they don't they're not hard they don't have a snap and they're dull looking or not glossy all in all their kind of crappy and even if even if you didn't care about all the fact that it did thing I didn't have good texture and it melted to low if you store those for a long time they will convert from beta Prime 2 Beta and that sounds like a good thing right now because debate is what you want but it's bad thing you know why because all of the forms of a as they get more and more hard more and more stable when they go from beta Prime 2 Beta they can track and when they can track from beta Prime 2 Beta they squeeze fat out of the Cocopah can you get that white fat bloom on the top so poorly temper chocolate will get fat bloom very quickly even if you didn't care about the snap and all the rest of that stuff

so and so that's why the typical old school hardcore temporary technique is you melt out all of the crystals by taking it up to you know like a hundred and fifteen or so fair and I'm sorry Celsius to Fahrenheit and then you rapidly cool it down to you know in the in the 80s somewhere and then Crystal start forming and then you reheat it up to about 94% to melt out all the crappy beta Prime crystals right now all you have in there is beta crystals now when you cool it again she'll be tempered because those beta crystals act like little seeds that everything kind of hooks onto right it's all about seating it right the easy way to Matt's if you're starting from all you have your on a desert island you have a pot a thermometer and a bunch of untempered chocolate right that's how you do it most of the time what we do is we just melt the chocolate to take it up melted bring it down into the range where fate of crystals want to form in the 90s right and then stir in chopped up temper chocolate that already have the good seed

Liquid Crystal form and then all of a sudden all of their chocolate as it cools will form those nice stable beta crystals right eye but you need at least you know about no one to 3% beta crystals mixed all throughout its you're stirring it right because it happened to to seed it to see the properly now when you're doing it in the new right you're starting with a hopefully with tempered chocolate you start with temper chocolate and you nougat so it's like you say just glossy on the outside and then you stir it so long as the temperature of that thing is in the beta zone right in that like 90s and not a low temperature where you're going to be forming a bad beta Prime Forest Hills right so as long as as soon as that last piece of chocolate melts you're still in that like in 90 90 92 93 94 Fahrenheit range in their 95 and that zone right then you will see properly with a betta crystals and it'll work but the reason they have it like taking it all the time and stay

sometimes Sterling and Seed chocolate it because they're assuming that you're going to overheat the mass of chocolate so that when it's all melted it's not going to be in the right temperature range so yes you got lucky but maybe you'll get repeatedly lucky if I were you I would save some seats shocked at the Starion after it's all melted just in case and you can take the temperature when it's done and that should give you the answer so long-winded but I mean trop the temperance an interesting subject the good reference book to get on chocolate that small is at the science of chocolate by Stephen T Becket it's expensive but small and fairly easy to read I think probably a smart investment in faster to read then the other book that people use now chocolate Science and Technology by Manuel a fool fool right and I don't know the old chocolate references when I started using back in the day which is Menifee Menifee if they told us that we will go to our first commercial break, all your questions to +718-497-212-8718 for 97212 8 cooking issues

what are you doing like this

welcome back to cooking issues calling your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 and although that's the longest be played that song during intermission we still have not made it to Funky D he's going to make it to Funk it in a little while but we'd be here all day if we waited for James to go down to Funky the although it is well worth the wait I encourage you all to go out and do it to death as James I guess actually did since he's now dead anyway what do you want out of me

Jason rights in from England and I think he was listening actually two two weeks ago saying that he was listening to me answer the question about cookie texture using hydrocolloid and he says more conventionally you just use high-gluten flour and he won't get a break limit the spread which I actually got confirmed and said last week from Christina Tosi but here's no further confirmation that it what you want to do to get your cookie to not spread so much as use high-gluten flour Jason as a secondary thing which is also let the let the cookie rest in the fridge for 24-hours I guess that will I just developed I don't make the weather cold will limit the spread of you said but also may be developing some of the some of the flower more I don't know but anyway thank you Jason report that now we had a question and it sent me off on like on a bunch of research

do you have to hear another one of my long-winded nonsense things but Chris Anderson right sit on the air if you get a double stuff this week but you got to let you know that you're not out there with Mike Sharon aren't where you cooking on Chicago PD but it's a whole different story

my question is I'm really interested in the nitrogen Fusion using the isi cream whipper some kind of sentence syrup I haven't but if is okay so here's the thing right honey has a honey it's just extremely sick right so if I was going to do it I'm I'm assuming it would work but I think you'd want to keep the whole thing but like warmer than we normally keep it right so I would put the whole is I in or what is it that they like now you see Jesus anyway I do it all the time. You it's me I can't cuz here it was one and in Europe it was the other and they're trying to make it both the same now but like no one can keep it straight and when I say no one me no one else seems to have a problem anyway EC so I would put the whole thing into a into a warm bain-marie for a while and the reason is you just needed to be

in enough to get accurate you know to get punched into the pores of your product right if you if it's nice and liquidy warming it then I think it should work yet to keep it liquid like warm during the whole process down to the time when you're venting it so they can also bubble back out again I have never tested it but I have I have high hopes that it will work can you put it that way but give it a shot and then let us know how it works Saturday and I was like I honestly I didn't believe that you could cloudy the water I used to drink pastis is a lot and I didn't and the interesting thing is is that it does obviously get caught by the leasing but I can put in the microwave for less than 10 seconds

I tried it with water and it still comes in from deletion but it goes away much faster with I'm So yeah so what's happening is you're adding water and as you add water to reach a point in a given temperature where the oil is no longer soluble in that percentage of ethanol micro you know droplets of oil and that's what makes it look cloudy if you let it sit at that temperature for a long time sometimes depending on her know with pasties with some of the stuff that I make that that cloud the oil wax you float the top and then it won't be cloudy anymore right you're saying is you heat it and when you heat it you're really increasing the solubility of the oil into the remaining ethanol fraction

right, but you're not willing if you boil that you probably make the problem worse but by heating up your increasing the solubility of the product and cause me to go clear again and then when you drop the temperature again but nice you're doing two things when your watering it down more which is going to increase the Dropout and you're also decrease in the temperature which increases the Drop app that makes never experimented with it before yeah yeah it was just a weird thing I thought I had to try it out so much that Dave cruising around with some Nepali the other day and I cut them into cubes and I was so committed some water and I know this is gelatinous substance was forming the other substance that the cacti used to like a retain moisture in the desert right right right

okra or like filet or is that a completely different sure is slimy interesting enough on Sunday I was cooking nopales and you know how when I when I cook them I always I try to get the I try to get the spines off with the minimum of damage because I know they're going to lose out a lot you know and so I usually Grill them first and then let him cool down a bit before I slice them so they don't get too slimy on me but never tried to actively actively extract the Slime so did you do then did you di-in't the Slime off that was in the in the water and then try to use it for something or no wonder how it without comparing

hydrocolloid just being nice things that come in powdered form but in reality hydrocolloids are all most are just like what you say they come from natural sources and they've been discovered in natural ways like most of the seaweed seaweed like you know you can extract carrageenan from Irish moss by boiling it right or you can until okra basically is has his kind of snotty slimy stuff that is actually a natural hydrocolloid just not one that's used industrially so it doesn't get lumped in but you know many products have the same so there's a chef in Spanish forget who it was who did it but you know made of made a lot of demos basically using the natural Hydro collagen aloe vera Ryan although I guess if you if you do that that wrong give you the poops because of the latex but but the so you don't answer your question I don't know

I don't know of any commercially used Cactus based thickening things but you know it is some polysaccharide right so it is some hydrocolloid and then the question is what are Red's what are its property is it doesn't seem like it's a gelling hydrocolloid right it seems more like a stick in her if she if you ask me but without making to making things too slimy it's a fairly slimy stuff you know what I mean it's it's more on the order like you save okra and so when you over-thinking with okra supposed to feel a like like those those those things can take on a bit of a slippery nature right which I actually kind of like for those dishes but some people don't you know what I mean like some okra is one of God's gifts to it you know Humanity I love okra but a lot of people a lot of people did not I don't know why it's fried okra is one of the great things in the world I think again I have noticed this affect but I haven't seen whether there's any you know what I'll do again

I'm not going to a complete stop by the way because I do know what you're talkin about what I'll do is I'll try and see whether anyone is characterized what the polysaccharides are in the new policy nopales are like a prickly pear cactus leaves you can buy them in Latin stores be careful because some of them are relatively innocuous but some of them the spine can be pretty nasty and can get in your fingers when you're working with him scrape the scrape off the spines with the with a knife I cut off usually the very tip and which is only part I cut off because it's hard to scrape that thing I can really brush with oil salt pepper Grill enjoy the delicious they're also kind of sour they're slimy and kind of tart and kind of delicious don't you think so I think so what the polysaccharide is in there and meanwhile you see whether you can thicken up a stew with him and not give us a holler back thank you for telling me we will take our second commercial

even though that was a short second because I took along with you last night right 718 what is it 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 cookie issues

you know what I mean

yay yeah


I need to get down

oh yeah down d That's the balls goes down daddy everyone else goes up James Goes Down back here cooking issues calling your questions to 718-497-2128 at 718-497-2128 or French macaroons in a few times and well they taste great I don't seem to be able to achieve the Polish flat look of a lot of lingerie which is the old famous French macaron shop in Paris my intent to crack and collapsed as they are baking soda help you use an Italian meringue instead of a French good morning be too stiff is he up and temperature too high and 180 Celsius are there any modern ingredients I can add to improve a result I really appreciate your advice so first of all we were talking about these these your macaroon macaron whatever you want to call him I will be referring to hear the ladder a style is basically a sandwich Style with either up a notch or jelly filling in between two soft almond and egg white bass

delicious things they come in various colors and they like fried okra are one of God's Great Creations I love them so here's the thing I have a lot of things to say on this subject but I will I will tell you that that first and foremost I just walked up to one of our pastry chef today and was like all right you know this guy is having a problem what do you think here's what here's what shape your again one of our Lee Pace be instructors said once what kind of sugar are you using if you're using a coarse sugar to make your meringue or a folding with the sugar with the almonds try going to a try going to a my brain's gone a finer grain of sugar he also said that if your if your things are cracking collapsing perhaps you aren't deflating your press you want deflating your your your egg whites enough before they go in so there's too much are left in the mix and there if puffing up too much cracking collapsing I thought that was really interesting cuz most of the time when you try to do a recipe with an egg white want to make sure not to deflated and he say

maybe you're not deflating it enough I thought that was very interesting the other thing is I'm not sure I didn't do that the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit but if your oven is too hot I can pop up too fast and collapsed also remember most recipes tell you to leave the door ajar when you're cooking these things because I guess they want the steam to escape so those are all those are all things things to look at but in the course of researching your problem I came across these things which you may or may not fat Financial think one is just a book that I think everyone should own but nobody does it's almost completely unavailable it's called perfect Bakery and confectionery by the resmoke Rascal and Natasha's going to be gloating because I'm pumping a Swiss group and she's like she's Queen Switzerland but this crap School in Switzerland puts out at the series of books but this one perfect Bakery confectionery is unavailable except through them it's like $99 really makes me angry and I can't find it on bookfinder anything but it's one

great pastry books because what it does is it has pictures side by side of hey what happens when the flowers too fine to coarse just right and I'll show you a picture of all the bakeries that sell their debit like a 4-page section on macaroons but they're unfortunately they're not the kind you're talking about their the old school Italian or denser not sandwich paste cookies

secondly I will go through a short history on on the macarons the macaroon obviously originally an Italian product and apparently derived from the same word as as a macaroni because it's grounds basically any form what kind of ground almond paste and sugar that is then has egg whites added to it right the French ones are beaten egg white but they don't have to be beating they can just be mixed in for a dancer dancer macaron that was the original one taken to taken to France with the metal cheese when they went over the coconut stuff is a later is a later addition we're Allman was in whole or in part substituted with shredded coconut and so that your that's how the coconut macaroons are most Americans you asking about a macaroon and they're thinking about a coconut pie but that was actually derived from the almond paste one that we're talking about the sandwich everyone credits everyone credits you know this guy at laduree in the early part of the twentieth century with inventing it right

the guys name I forget what it is I have it here here at De fonteyn right at that it was a grandson of the original ladder a right they say he invented this idea of making a double-decker macaroon putting ganache in in the middle and I don't think that's what everyone says that's what everyone on the internet says but I was researching this and I went to one of the great one of my favorite other favorite pastry books which you can actually get for free on the internet because it sold it was written in 1904 and it's called modern Baker confectioner and caterer printed in 1907 rather by John Kirkland full volume set and you can actually get them was published in England and you can still get it cheap and these are a fantastic fantastic set of books state-of-the-art baking from 1907 and actually think they were kept revising up till 1930 and copies are still cheap it's four volumes you can get each one for like you know 13 bucks if you're in England but it should

we're here it's like 20 bucks because that no one in the US has mitts in English only things where I bought my copy but I was researching macaroons then and prior to when water a was supposed to have invented it right they had they had something we're basically they would always sandwich the macaroons together to form a nice appearance and that's why if you read recipes and this is only for macaron heads out there they'll tell you to put it on parchment on a and when you pull it off the baking sheet to put some water between the parchment of the thing to make the macaroons come off easier if fact they were on wafer paper before and put on water with dissolved away for paper and you could pull it off in the bottom will be tacky and you can stick the two macaroons together to make a macaron and macaroon sandwich now one of the recommendations that this book makes I think it's very interesting is if you have problems taking these two things together right then because maybe they're not wet enough and there's not sticking then you can take some off some apricot jelly they recommend and white between forming what up a standard louder a style

the run so maybe this dude at laduree pumped up a bunch of macaroons one day and was like these things are sticking together and then put ganache instead of a jelly in between them all and sold that as like you know the cool thing because they definitely popularized them anyway those are my thoughts on macaroons and you should definitely go out and look on the internet for a Kirkland's modern Bakery confectionery or buy a hard copy like I have has a really good section on molding and cornstarch and it's a lot of me even though it's very old has a lot of them a lot of if this goes wrong do this if that goes wrong do this excetera excetera excetera really great set of books and things to say about macarons if you're making macarons in the US and old school old school Italian macaroons here right if it isn't there very influenced by the amount of oil in the Almond so if you're making it from scratch with California almond you're going to get a very different result from if you're making a macaroon with like a European are marcona some like that has very high fat contacts a lot of the California almonds we get have a lower fat content

what they're saying is is if your almonds don't flow well enough there to pinched up you're probably using an almond with not enough fat and if they float too freely maybe you're using one with too much that they were talking about buying almond paste that we're adults rated either with nonfat products or with or with extra fat but it's something that I thought was very very interesting for the the macaroon I love macarons macarons I would like one right now as well anyway so now on to the last paper

we are a paper-based show today instead of an iPad base show today which is very interesting Joe Bluth who is a at Dallas where the Dallas Cowboys right on the first page of Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas yesterday he writes in and said some very kind words about about us and he said he had a couple couple questions so one he was he's probably thinking of building his own rotary evaporator and he's a chemistry major at University of Dallas he's trying to think about building his own rotary evaporator so am I so am I Jo but unfortunately I haven't had the time to do it hopefully sometime very soon I will have the opportunity to do that more on that in a couple minutes but you also was looking for a budget centrifuge and I think we posted on that a couple times trying to find a budget Center to go to budget make sure that the centrifuges safe that's that's what I'm going to want me to say but he has a question that I want to get too and he says I really love

the multi-faceted aspect of the culinary arts that you get to deal with and what you do is something I'm interested in a mixture of organic surfactant kinetic chemistry is fascinating how do you come to have such a great job and what do you recommend I do to move towards such a position okay here's what I say one you know food science is we we don't do food science right we use science to make food which is kind of a fundamental difference like I don't really I don't have like a big I can't do quantitative chemistry I can't do anything like that all the stuff we do there's no real analytical work it's all using principles and ideas with either standard kitchen cooking Ware or things that we've repurposed as standard kitchen cooking Ware so when I'm using a centrifuge I'm not using a centrifuge to do to analyze something I'm using it to try and create a delicious product right when I use a rotary evaporator I mean although I am purifying and Distilling I'm not doing it for the same reasons that I can

it's not part of an analytical study right or even a production like a drug or something like that so what I do is very specialized and it's a lot of Science and I loved and I loved it but what we what I'm actually doing day today is a cooking and so were you know what you have to do to kind of get to do the kind of stuff that I get to do is cook a lot you know and so and not just with science and and and and text us to do a lot of cooking you need to have a lot of cooking under under your belt you need to love cooking you need to love tasting need to taste everyone else's stuff you need to be curious about all different ingredients and what they do and how they interact and I think McGee said it best when he when he know he wrote a book called the Curious cock and that's the name of his that's the name of his second book sadly out of print hopefully he brings it back into prints a very personal book and it's basically just shows it what you know what you need to be McGee

what you need to be in McKinney has to be like a real sweetheart and also smart you know very smart and also read a lot but be very curious and be very observant about food and that's you know what you really what you really need you the second part of it is you have to make friends in the food world that's the sad truth you know you can sit around and be you know know a lot and do a lot and if you don't have friends it's hard to network and get an actual job or someone will pay you and so luckily nowadays it's a lot easier with the internet to get to know people and to become more known in these kind of subject because the subject matter people have small group who you know care about. Technology cooking but it's you know what you can kind of get in touch with him more than you used to but of course the bar is higher than it was you know what's a six six years ago when I started doing this or five years ago when I started working at the French culinary there were fewer people who are known for doing it and The Bard entry was lower so anyway that's

play recommend cook a lot get to know some people in the food world and eat a lot and cook a lot that's basically the answer and a while we get to it and he says thank you for putting your experimentation online is been a pleasure reading about them and hopefully I can try some of them eventually and again thank you for the compliment and I will say that we apologized yet again for the lack of potion we've had recently recently we've been very busy very very very busy and working on some new Ventures so I'm now officially March 1st going to basically be starting my own consulting company which is we've been working on which is why we haven't been posting so much I'm still going to be the director of culinary technology at the French Culinary Institute I'm still going to be teaching classes and I am still going to be maintaining cooking issues as a French Culinary Institute cooking blog and you'll be happy to know people who bother me about not posting that I will be contractually obliged to write one post a week or at least for a month but it allows us to do some other fun stuff

we can take on outside people if they want to work do stuff for cooking issues so if there's someone out there who is doesn't mind getting beaten down cuz we'll beat you down doesn't mind you know who complete perfectionist when it comes to like thinking about things right you know what I mean right and Sasha I'm a pain in the butt and if you if you think the way that that we think you know then maybe you know if if it doesn't bother you spending you know what a zillion years worried about what what's going on inside of a corn kernel during nixtamalization well you know maybe maybe and you want to do this for a little to no remuneration baby you two could work with cooking issues and we hope to hear from you next week

thanks for listening to this program on the Heritage Radio Network you can find all of our archive programs on Heritage Radio Network. Com as well as the schedule of upcoming live shows you can also podcast all of our programs on iTunes by searching Heritage Radio Network in the iTunes Store you can find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for up-to-date news and information thanks for listening