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Episode 299: Smoky-Wan Kenobi

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usual witnessed Asia ugly Hammer Lopez how you doing Stars we got plenty of special guests we have again with me because this is you know this fifth or sixth month of take your take your child to work life

I should be be able I should be having my Independence back by December or Booker is here one half of the team Booker and Dax

we were sharing a mic for sharing about you can share of an assassin assassin hate finger the mic Booth how you doing I'm doing how are you doing how was your how was your week or eating issues I have what is it that's called the Ursula parade it's got a clams on it it's delicious

funny one or two little poopsies what's an article about that end in seen that show in like 7 years it's pretty good memory you know what I feel it like don't you remember an electric smoker how do I start when I was twelve okay and it and its entirety VHS DVD or Netflix on the plane that that was you watching on a plane that was what you chose to watch on a plane it was one of the choices

I kind of grew out of it didn't threaten you constantly with like buying a frozen cereal and dresser and I believe I mentioned once that. The kids were stealing my toothbrushes when I'm away it was a great strategy because kids just don't care if they're like oh this is a toothbrush I'm being forced to brush my teeth so I will take this toothbrush which is horrible horrifying we have a Nick Wang formerly of sambar

in French Corner how you doing hello

clapping noise that's a fake Applause Tim okay so Tim supporter of the Heritage Radio Network when he tells your story here what you do where you're from and is that your family when they come in California been out there hanging out in Michigan and who you work for Apple can you get me a free iPhone 8

I've never heard of that before. A biscuit Steve Jobs goes to come back and drill a hole in his head instantly fall over by the SWAT team probably true as much as I love all the Apple products how much a few things could make my life so much better that they refuse to do because they prefer to run the way make me work the way they want me to work instead of allowing me to work away that I have to work so she has an iPhone 7 plus red

start of that night in the bad way like good Monster High which book is go out and then we'll bring in our experts Onyx we got some experts on it and we'll see what's going on. If you guys had any sort of cooking and eating issues in the past week I feel that this is unusual boring eventually nastasi can talk about the comedy show that we went to last night our favorite whipping post he he got with you by the way as any of you who know her in person know is incredibly mean to people like incredibly

now that's right but dismissive anyway she's just missing

what do I say

you're so awesome people right and so what happened is Peter so will this is to show them Estancia is actually nicer than Peter Kim is in these situations so the MC for this event I mean admittedly nastassia Peter Kim decides she didn't turn my left so I'm not going to that and didn't even crack a smile so the guy starts picking on him it just got worse for everyone and stassi and I would like dude just crack a smile and everyone's life can be better like he'll be funnier

because of because of my dad talking about how me and the stuff. He said his ringtone to whatever in the stuff they called him it's your mean to me that that is true when it stops he calls me and says you are mean to me you are mean to me

that is that that is me and me I can have Nastasia saying is that what you want you want us to Asia saying

yeah you know Willy Wonka you get nothing your ringtone for me when you call my phone what should what should my phone to I think I know what I should say

do you know what I think I should say shut up Dad. I only do it when you lick do things intentionally to annoy me like when he talks about poop or something is crude language I use crude bathroom commission Booker very serious now is the family show there's no cursing on the shed

we actually answer some questions on HQ questions what do you like to cook by the way I do all sorts of stuff I mean like maybe one of those steps

I don't know putting me on the spot

what what do you hate to cook what do you hate Mystic Connecticut there are tons of mushrooms growing

yeah but they're not the kind you can eat

are they going to let him think about what he wants to talk about cooking wise I'm going to get to Jeff Jeff question on patent because that would be stupid so I'm not going to read that stuff allowed on the year but I will say in general the question is like how do you patent something how do you go about patenting something Jeff did a preliminary search I'll go say to this it has to do with plumbing all right and it has to do with the fact that he had a specific problem have any of you guys ever like hired a plumber plumbers are fantastic right because they make water appear and disappear where you wanted to appear and disappear and this is a great thing but the problem with any sort of professional person is in general what they want to do is do

job and get out right which means that they don't want to do anything outside of what they normally do because I'll tell you this and it's for a good reason Plumbing has this nasty tendency that if it feels like in maybe maybe a couple days maybe a couple weeks maybe months maybe a year maybe two years so plumbers really really really like to use systems that are very well proven because they know that if it breaks your going to blame them because you are you pay for it to come back and fix it basically at no extra charge so so they like to do things a specific way now certain of these things are are horrific if any of you care about your children or the world stop every plumber from installing those crappy angle value of the angle stops that have the twist knobs they should not be

any fixture any water fixture that you have any water fix you have in your house has a McCulloch stop so that you can turn it off to either remove it or fix it and the old school of this has a stem valve on it has to be turned multiple times and it and you can feel it spring it's got that nasty oval shaped head on it right and these valves are notorious for not working they're worthless you can't shut them off so if you have an old one you'll notice it as you screw it all the way down your faucet still dripping right because those vows as like water goes through them and whatever happens to be in your water calcium carbonate some other form of garbage accretes onto the valve and then it can't close anymore 100% + 1/4 turn ball valve to fix this problem and they never break and they always use reach under and which really is called a quarter-turn you know why it's called the quarter turn neck

you turn it a quarter of the way yes quarter turn valve handles are in a line shape and the reason quarter turn valves are in a line shape is they provide an instant visual indication even in relatively dark areas whether this sucker is on or off right because in Broadway show all of you know anytime you see a valve with a handle on it for the rest of your lives anytime you see any valve with a handle on it if the handle is pointing in the direction of the pipe that valve is on any time that handle is pointed perpendicular to the pipe that valve is off and if anyone in the world ever makes a bow that is not that worldwide standard of on and off they need to be pilloried right point being

that even something as simple as moving to quarter turn valves which are only like $0.50 more plumbers don't want to do it because whatever we've always install these crappy things that are worthless and so they do it now you're trying to get them to go away outside of what they do they just don't want to do it so Jeff has a plumbing solution he feels to something that is a problem that we all have that we don't know that we have yet that can possibly be patented so that's where that's where we are it is a it is there's no new creation of parts in this scenario but there is a an agglomeration of parts in a new configuration that provide the functionality that he feels is not necessarily A dressed now we got Brian on the horn Brian you on the horn

I am here all right so in General Tso one thing I think it and I want you to talk to you I want you to talk about whether or not you should do a patent search right because that's an interesting fact that people might not know that sometimes it's it's not a good idea to do a patent search kind of like what in general what can be patented what camping by the way Ryan to patent attorney Anna and a food lover out there on the west coast just so you know and like what can be patented what can be patented like what the super interesting you actually have dealings with the actual person who may or may not be a numbskull in DC who is reviewing the Pats the actual patent reviewer so why don't you talk about like how you can get lucky how you cannot get lucky just want you walking through it a little bit

sure sure yes so I'll start with like what can be patented generally anything that is new new processes new devices new manufacturing products all that's pretty much wide open there's a couple of caveats kind of exceptions products of nature things that are naturally occurring or kind of too abstract can be subject of patents but you know what this guy has a new combination of parts that has a new functionality that's definitely kind of in the realm of things that can be patented

obviously there's some requirements for for patenting you have to be new and and basically non-obvious and that has a specific legal meaning of that kind of gets into your searching there right has anyone done this before is this something that is is not an obvious question of whether you do your own patent search is kind of interesting because as you as you mentioned you go to the patent office patent application is not something that is you know just put in and you get a check or an ax it's actually a kind of a process with the patent office I guess what you really have to understand about how all these rules and there's this examiner when you when you put in your application that I picked up your application and it's his job to go out and search and find out whether anybody done this before and give you his opinion and inevitably it is his opinions going to be you can't patent it's already been done I mean that is like 95% of all the application

weather going to be filed there often go wrong there often like dead wrong though often just pick a patent has nothing to do with what you're actually doing and saying that that it's already there right when I was going to be very special people where you're dealing with like complex chemistry or biology you've got phds on the other line you really know what they're doing but in other arguments these are guys with undergrad degrees or maybe even know relevant background and they're going to pick it up and the whole impetus for them is everytime they send out an action rejecting your patent they get a little quote of credit from the patent office and they basically get paid so they're often is she doing the minimum amount of work that they can you issue a rejection

oh sorry yeah so art is basically just what we call prior art which is some publication or something that's existed before hand so you know in in the case of a plumbing thing it it might be one of those ball valves right they just existed this other one existed someone would put it together in this way and therefore it is obvious so they issued a document says we think you can't have a patent because it's obvious and here's the the references that show that and so he stepped in or you can do it you can do it yourself you can do post a negotiate with the patent off basically explain to them why this is new and interesting and why you should get this right so for me it's like you recommend by the way Brian is not just a patent attorney he is our patent attorney

for the firm if you want to because and we'll talk more about using a patent attorney in a little while but the business and what you explain to me and you say whether I'm right or I'm wrong or being a tad Nuance to it but it's it's the assumption is if you're in a particular business let's say making kitchen equipment that you are versed in the art because you were practitioner right so you're out there you use kitchen equipment on a daily basis you troll the internet you see what people are doing you know what your competitors have done you know what's out there and therefore if you come up with something that you believe is novel right and your intention is to make it no matter what don't do a search because if you do is search and it turns out that someone is patented it somewhere right and you have knowledge of that patent then you are far more liable for infringing on it then if you just did it apply for patent did it

and then I found out later that someone came with my pet like that right yeah there you know one is to do what you doing a search you get a better view of what's out there but you're right if you're in the area if you're already an expert maybe you already know what's out there but I do have clients that that want to do searches get a better feel whether they're eventually going to be successful in convincing a patent office that they have is new and interesting is going to be expensive process right you're you're looking at tens of thousands of dollars over a number of years and it be horrible if 3 years down the road you discover that that's something spot on is there and it does happen so so you can spend a little money up front and do a search and find those references I definitely recommend you use an attorney or a specialized search firm to do that because that addresses the second point which is that that liability is

13 can be valuable the bottom line though is it cost money and you're not required to do it right the whole reason you pay the patent office money is that they can then this guy off to do a search and give you an opinion you're not required to the second issue is the liability issue that really only comes up if you're practicing right so if you're not making product you're not actually going to manufacture something you're probably not going to be at much risk of of what we call infringing someone else's at but yeah if you know about a patent out there there's a statue in the law that says that whatever damages they can get if they sue you can be tripled if they can show that you will willingly infringing and one of the aspects of that is just knowing that you knew about the past so yeah if you find something and you say oh my gosh this guy patented exactly what I want to make and then you make it any way you can be in hot water that's why you're going to do a search

use an attorney get some legal advice it's not something you want

if you aren't going to make it in and there is something that you're building on it is still patentable that right

yeah so that's an interesting it's an interesting kind of wrinkled there can be no lot of people think the patent are kind of discs monolith that lets you have all rights to this idea it's really not the case you can have passes to build off each other so go take the plumbing idea if you're using three parts in combination to give some new functionality that might be patentable but each of those parts may also be patented right to your left with situations where no one can make this three-piece combination cuz you have a patent on it but then you can't make the three piece combination without actually getting rights from the the people that have the patent on the three pieces so there can be these kind of blocking pads just because you have a patent doesn't mean you have all rights to go out there and get back to him if you have Internal Documentation that is not been disclosed and just closes another technical term by the way people

can you nullify someone patent if you show that it's prior

no not generally so that the law is usually going to require some public disclosure so if you have some documents that you shared online 5 years ago maybe that's enough but if it's private it's usually not going to going to notify that changed a few years ago there was a change the law back in 2012-2013 that the change some of that going forward private documents like that are almost never going to be able to to get rid of a bad what if it's actually in the item you're making butts hidden from view is like a software thing that nobody knows and you've used it as proprietary thing but it's actually on the market already that nullifies a patent doesn't it

so it's that is an instance where it nullifies your own patent you can't secretly use something and this is by the way I'm going to just call you this is a little bit of a gray area but generally speaking if you're using something and getting sales from it you even if it's secret even if it's not public you can't go out and patent it but it's not clear that somebody else could because the whole thing about the Houston currently use something for 20 years like they kind of came up with the recipe for Coke and then publicly released let's say that was patentable it's possible they could get a patent on it even though Coke has existed for 50 years because it was Secret

and it's possible if that was kind of I don't know that the the formula for Coke would ever be really patentable you want to talk about recipes cuz I can General like we're always told recipe they're not paddling what cases of formula actually patentable

yeah so that's a super interesting thing I don't think it's the case that recipes are not patentable I think it's just the case that there's so many recipes out there and usually someone's done something similar so you know you take some of the modernist technique to them come up in recent years Eustis like agar fluid gels or hydrocolloid most of those stems from industrial process and if you don't look back there are a lot of patents on the industrial process you look at medicinal uses of of various various Foods or herbs those are subject to Cotton looking freeze drying or any of these like mass production things for the food that goes on to your your groceries help those are subject at recipe

it's potentially profitable the problem is that that most of the time you're going for taste right you talked about this a lot on the show that you're you're optimizing for tasting experience and that's not something that padlock with a lot of emphasis on right where is shelf life longevity spoilage those are kind of things that are a little bit more persuasive to go pass new new texture systems even can be put on like low-fat systems are often patented a lot of low fat fat replacement systems have been patented I know because the way that a lot of chefs like figured out how to do things in the early 2000s was weeding patent literature on a constant basis literally Wylie Dufresne would sit around on the computer and read patent applications for like an hour a day to find out new crap he could steal for fine dining

absolutely I think it's also just a question of Economics right if you're if you're just producing recipes for wd-50 you're not going to want to spend thousands of dollars happening this cuz you don't really care if some guy in Australia is stealing stealing your Estes is because I know you probably can't see us but when you're choosing a patent attorney if you wanted if you decide to patent something by the way I have three applications out I think two of them have been granted so far we got one in the mix and hopefully another one coming up Ryan I'll talk about it later but one of the things is that you really really your and your lawyers are going to produce the patent for you what that means is is there going to sit and they're going to talk to you about what your invention is there going to render their opinions on it and then they are

I'm physically write the document out you are not if you hire an attorney which I recommend you do highly recommend highly they are going to make the drawings they are going to try to figure out what the claims are in all of that stuff and it's much much harder if the person that you're dealing with doesn't know anything about your field or doesn't care about your field because it's very hard to get people to understand what the invention is what the heart of the invention is and you even as the inventor might not understand the heart of the invention from a patent perspective and so I encourage you to don't necessarily just take the first lawyer you talk to make sure they have a feeling for your field right that they have a feeling for what they think they're going to be able to get buy a pageant ever because here's this thing you know as Brian said the first time two times three times your patent to patent examiner is going to come back and saying you can't get a pet

and you need a lawyer who understands your product well enough to fight for it to get the claims you want admit it right because you're going to give up on your going to have a whole bunch of claims saying you know my invention does XYZ bop bop bop bop pattinaggio exam was going to say nope nope nope nope nope nope nope and in general it's a bit of a bargaining practice where you're going to get rid of some claims or put some stipulations on some of your claim in order to get that patent granted but the more the your lawyer understands what you're doing and can being an advocate for you not in the legal sense but just in that sense of being an advocate for you like that better chance are that you're going to have a better patent or that you'll get the patent at all just at the fair, Tryon

oh absolutely yeah I know I think this packaging is like I said you're entering a government bureaucracy and you're only happy kid is your attorney and I think to me one of the key aspects of a good attorney is the ability to take these complex technical invention and distill it down to something simple and explain it in a plain English way cuz a lot of these guys they work on all different technical Fields they have no idea a lot of them don't even read the application that you file a just read the claim and so they don't understand you got to have someone you can go on there and within 5 or 10 minutes not only explain the invention but get these amateur on your side that this is a cool invention that it's worth protecting it has some really good benefit so you know I think when you're looking for a patent attorney you should be able to explain the invention to him and he should be able to explain it back to you in a clear manner maybe even better than you but it yourself because you know you're the inventor you're not dealing with trying to toot

the story but that's what an attorney does an application should be because that's the bottom line is if you ever try to enforce a patent you're going to go in front of a jury you know 12 people with no technical background and you're going to need something to show them and explain to them why your invention is worth protecting and that's that's what I can do for you anyway you want to give a plug for your firm or no do you want people telling you I'm with I'm with Shinobi Martens Olson & Bear wear on the west coast but we've moved National we actually just open an office in New York so I'm going to hopefully come visit you guys soon hopefully we have a third largest IT specific law firm in the nation so I'm really happy with it a great room nice thanks Brian thanks for calling in and Dave should we take a commercial break

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between an iron and some of the other B vitamins as well it's kind of what you think of when you're thinking of flour is the kind of rough Edge and gives that that's what gives that that kind of color to it also gives you extra fiber that helps you to be regular and you also get the germ which adds the fat and the flavor which we all like from whole grains learn more at Bob's Red Mill. Com podcast people are worth while for us to have it done and by the way when you patent something even if you work at a company the patent goes in your name and then but it's owned by the company you work so it's like you know

it feels good feels good so I nick nick had a question of your Law Firm Canobie Lake that they're like Pat and Jen dies that's what that's their their steak when you trust it's basically Brian's like literally you call he's like hey I listen to your show and some of your complaints about patenting he's like let's let's talk I'm a patent lawyer and then when he was like I work and it could be okay

you know what they change their name when they when they made it to Ellis Island they change their name away from the Jedi name cuz the guy couldn't write it down right that's where is there a patent on on Kenobi there but you know about the Obi-Wan Kenobi jokes right no you don't know about Obi-Wan Kenobi

oh my God Affair could be done that on there before right Kenobi jokes in Temple of Doom racist use his name and you mess around with it like you know what what Jedi is always in the desert

Obi-Wan Kenobi or like you know what likes to cut hair

play Obi-Wan Kenobi just keep going on and you can come up with like hundreds and hundreds of of like Obi-Wan jokes you know what I mean but why would you like when you know what Jedi believe that knowing is half the battle

GI Joe Obi-Wan Kenobi for those that watch the GI Joe cartoons

I'm saying I'm not saying that I'm recommending is what I'm saying when you're sitting around like working like like at some point in your life you'll just start rattling off Obi-Wan jokes and then the person next to you like 5 minutes later if I say something like you know something of the same that are open one eventually in like 5 minutes he will do one that's what's going to happen one of those guys he's not going to do it soon as we wrap is going to have an early lunch or at lunch today we're going to be eating that new pizza with whatever it is what was it against us for the clan based Obi-Wan joke or some sort of like octopus pays for pizza based Obi-Wan joke movie joke

the movie movie movie movie

you know like I know what should I ask constipation Obi-Wan Kenobi

I mean I think you guys get the big the basic pattern of the Obi-Wan joke anyway

it's not Joey just the thing anyway so I mention it's a little bit last week 10 RuPaul Road in and I'm going to say it again just because might as well go through it a question why Celsius I understand metric measurements and weight and volume by seems like Fahrenheit is more precise in Celsius and last week I believe I just said cuz can you got any thoughts on this how do you cook Fahrenheit depends on what it is to so what are you cooking Celsius is in Fahrenheit I'm not dealing with people that are but know about that stuff a lot so it's easier to translate on to medium rare and rare for what they now right okay okay so what are you cooking Celsius

so you cooking Fahrenheit listen I really think it just has to do with I think it just has to do with whatever you whatever you grow up with him actually milk more technical so even though it's Celsius degree is in fact 9/5 larger than a Fahrenheit degree it's no more or less precise because I can just easily quote decimals in in Celsius in fact I mean it's rare to go decimal and Celsius states where to acquire anything that goes decimal and sells Celsius the only thing is like if the 63 degree egg is the only thing really that I've ever had to use kind of decimals and I'm frankly some steaks like you can a decimal higher or lower two can make a difference at service time because of just where it's going to get on finish but in general the decimals not that important to Celsius degree is pretty much good in

what you think Nick I feel the same way use Fahrenheit for most conventional stuff cuz that's what all all Robins or a calorie that like 400 Fahrenheit or whatever meme Define resource in Celsius though I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that a circulators are signs pieces in the circulator speak Fahrenheit if you want them too by the way so this is a kind of a little bit of a but they are scientific instrument and so most people who use them professionally use them in Celsius most liked low temperature work really came to this country through Europe through Spain primarily even though Bruno guiso is kind of like that you know granddaddy of low temperature cooking or is he calls you stepped on your shoes

cuz he's not like he's like he's like it's not that it's low temperature it's the correct temperature the shoe stepped on anyway but he's like that but that's what it's like and who are you should know you speak French now till like the point being that you know it's because most of that stuff came in Via because most stuff came in by Europe it's Celsius and at the time you know cooking schools I was teaching at the French Culinary Institute so all of my work was in Celsius because I was dealing with Frenchie's and those guys ain't cooking in in Fahrenheit anyway also placing my first order from modernist pantry and wanted Booker when you clear your throat they're go away from the night tonight. A. T h Booker some microphone etiquette you know what I mean

it's fine I'm fine you know the last time you were on people enjoyed having you on

I will find out and let you know the truth is no one would say if they didn't cuz we'll be incredibly rude that's one of the reasons why I thought it'd be really good to have the bar named after you and your brother because as soon as people like you need me to collect my children's names and then they shut up like to cut off criticism right if you design your work around cutting off criticism like you end up like having less criticism to deal with right I'm not constructive criticism you want constructive criticism but like that's why I like a little bit of self-deprecation can cut off criticism mean it's a it's a tactic I use to try to prevent people from bothering me about things I don't want to be bothered with that you know I'm saying low quality individual cut off discussion done okay I'm placing my order for Manas pantry and wanted some advice on getting pectinex my older son Henry

Jarred Mandarin oranges and I can't justify spending $4 on a jar if there is a better option than 10 the road in a question that's what we are doing here people are writing and calling and questions and we are answering and that is how this works

how much is by the poorly named Geisha brand is the cheapest brand in my Supermarket poorly named I love a man or so because he want to say something he can he wants me to say something and he can pass on me for one way or the other right he wants me to sit he wants to go swimming so that he can bust out he want he wants to bust out a defensive Chinese accent and then blame me for it would go to a supermarket and buy the horrible it horribly flavored Mandarin seltzer water the garbage right I mean I think so

fake tasting to me you might love it do you love it anyway so the stassi is like buys it for him and then to cos

say it nikmat Mandarin every time every week for years she would come by you this stuff and be like Mandarin your people and then I was right my wrong about this and then when she would make you I mean I still drink this is delicious but I'm thirsty that's right regular cell service good the whole way my main gripe with flavored seltzers and John DeBerry who you know loves flavored seltzers I feel he is a paid by the Lacroix Corporation

they never taste good down to the last drop they don't they don't like pasta Maxwell House test the size of your bottle it's a big bottle of the two because we're always using them for events Tim what are your thoughts on the flavored seltzers lots of bubbles I feel like I feel like we would get along all right anyway so first of all we feel everyone here feels you're spending too much money on your Mandarin oranges I'm just going to go ahead and say that start also considering purchasing sodium citrate presumably for cheese right but she's melting I'm presuming and I haven't actually use we use that one yeah I mean do you want the God's truth is is that like I don't have a problem making like reading crispy

I also don't have a problem getting breading the stick like everybody has any problems I do not have these problems like bread I can make breading as hard or as soft as or as crisp as I want it to be I will I'm glad add additives to it but most of the time like reading out of his or her there because they expect some form of abuse during the frying and storing Andre frying procedure and it's the abuse that the additive is guarding against right excessive oil take because of improper frying technique add this excessive oil take because of multiple frying on something it shouldn't be most because remember the oil is sucked into the coating as a sucker cools down so if you do a double Fry on something it's like a Korean Fried Chicken not a problem because it doesn't have a thick absorptive layer on the outside you do a double Fry on a french fry not only not a problem

necessary right do a double Fry on a thick breaded chicken like like a Popeyes style fried chicken and you can get into some issues with a whale up take you know what I mean or like double triple fry like on a cake donut base yeast donut base can actually withstand a refry because it's got that kind of like you less porous surface on on it right but like so my point being that a lot of times recipes that don't need it what do you think Nick next level on my industrial scale volume or some like that were going to deal with all these variables just tell the kids to do the right things that are not like most tempura or things that don't stick like I don't know green beans pickles I guess shirt batter find like anything you can do to make those things that are inherently problematic work things

like foods that have the in improper moisture ratio to them so that that stuff's inherently terrible yeah some form of like cells yelling or protected batter coating great but whatever by the way I'm not telling you not to buy that I'm just mentioning I just wanted to get any of those thoughts on things I should get as I'm just starting out I don't have access to the full modernist cuisine series but I do have modernist cuisine at home and then what do you like but my feeling is always best if there's two reasons to get into this one you want to pull off a particular recipe because you think it's cool and you want to try it just for Giggles right in which case just buy whatever you need for that recipe second is you actually want to learn how to cook a particular way in which case choose an ingredient and then work that ingredient to death preferably choose ingredient that has a lot of application and then Branch out from that I always start with agar I always tell everyone if you're going to get into this start with agar you can buy almost anywhere and you can do a lot with agar

you can do fluid gel shellac are you can do clarification for that car you can do you can make jelly with agar you can modify that gel texture of a car to get to get softer textures if you want you can do a lot with agar agar withstand a good amount of heat then if you like what a guard does then moving to Jo-Ann Jo-Ann has a bunch of other applications and very good flavor release if you're interested in you know phones get like whatever your favorite phone or is it work with that for a while before you Branch into multiple foamers I think it's a big fan of really getting to know an ingredient rather than getting a boat ton of ingredients and just start throwing them into recipes as you go just because you know it's when you're messing with more than one thing at a time it's really hard to understand what it's doing unless you have a lot of experience with it what do you guys think

what about meekly meekly yeah that's a good one who is awesome I feel that I don't care as much about transglutaminase as I did maybe like 4-5 years ago but I think it's incredibly awesome because one it's really good for fun special effects at home and two it's really good for certain kinds of restaurant service for portion control and 4 I mean I think like most of time in a restaurant you're not going to do the special effects stuff right Nick most of the time not but like you know I like I like it like you know taking a piece of cartilage out of the steak and glue it back together I think it's a good application I don't know that like restaurants are going to do it a lot but I'm either you can be helpful for certain cut certain ideas and you know it's certainly a lot of fun you know.

let me go through this through Tim's last question her professionally a working small college and approaching the top and getting our kitchen and immersion circulator have a lot of trouble with our Cooks destroying the chicken breast at the school this professionally write destroying the chicken breasts at this we put out daily I sometimes coming out of the oven at 195 degrees Fahrenheit that's warm that's warm that's one sad Fahrenheit or Celsius Fahrenheit but still be crazy but the internal of a chicken breast coming out at 195 I think you've done it it's it's safe but you know why it's safe because you can't eat it anymore the safest food is food that you can't eat. I mean because so I thought this might provide a nice solution are there any other General applications I can use to sell them on this weird feeling 700 and 900 students so it's got to be something that can scale way up now you ain't seen 700 people out of a circulator ain't no way no way the biggest thing you can reasonably do in a circulator

get me what you really want for that number soon as I know your budget is 0 you want to Connie of it like especially because for the for that kind of work that you're doing like if you're not doing special effect work like the way Combi ovens work as they oscillating temperature and so the outside of your Meats never going to be as accurate but the core temperature of your meat is going to be very fairly accurate for something like a chicken breast for students were you don't mind a couple degrees over like Combi oven tomeo Nick, slightly cheaper than a Combi oven but a lot larger than a circulator turns its volume cvap oven right get a cvap, steamer you're looking at a couple thousand dollars but you can keep everything warm very safely it's designed to keep stuff warm in a very safe Manner and they can cooked relatively large quantities they just don't cook as quickly as a Combi oven because it can't push the temperature as fast and it's not as powerful so it's going to take a lot longer for your product to come up to temp in a cvap but it uses a lot less

electricity so it's a lot mean how much does your Combi oven sucked down or did your Combi oven shut down it's like a small house like you, but I've been alone take some more power than entire house yeah I mean they're crazy so I would I would I would do something like that I just don't think you need to get probably five or six circulators going all the time to serve that many people and you'd still be like swimming in water in any and all that kind of stuff anymore time for to deal with Scott smoke question

like make a couple minutes man which one should we do she want do you want to talk about smoke we want to talk about their cooking Nick Smoky River shorter what you want Jedi works in the sea again yeah by the way before I get to this had last week chezaray Casella's New Ham delicious delicious so in a world where I smoke house burns down because Edwards burned down a couple years ago or a year ago and he used to buy all of Patrick Martin at Heritage fearless leader Patrick Martin Heritage Foods by his Berkshire pork which is really heavily marbled and when it burnt down it was so bad literally wild dogs were running up to the smoldering ruins of Sam Sam Edwards Smokehouse and eating these hands I would like pictures of wild dogs eating these hands if partially cured and hung hand it's a tragedy is a nightmare but Patrick need to sell all

Hamm's he's like fresh ham so cesare Casella bought them all and is cured them and it's now making very delicious is prosciutto Styles if not american-style but very heavily marbled good stuff so maybe we'll have you want to chat around the show sometime and sassy and before I finished out I want everyone to know this this what you're listening to right now is our 299th episode so what does that make our next episode Booker you're the math man what is that make our Next Episode by feel you can take over his job for not listening but this is our 299th episodes what's your next episode 300 so next next week is the 300th episode

remember family show so you know very well or very poorly but if you have any suggestions for what we should do for next week I mean I guess it sounds like because I talked about that I'll be talking about out there cooking and by the way about the out there cooking we had I have a question on opera cake right which I guess we should get to next week hopefully the competition is not before next week because this person doing maybe I'll do that real quick they might have, we haven't time for next week cuz I have some good suggestions for you including tips from Iron Chefs

because I'm stupid anyway cooking issues yes you are

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