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Episode 298: Gaming Issues

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45 inverted Pizzeria in Bushwick crap I was in Dublin I was in China working on Spencer's but we're back and we have as usual nastassia the hammer Lopez how you doing I noticed that you have your bike helmet and it's hot as hell but still I mean like the only reason to bike in this weather is because you want to increase your hatred for mankind divided New York me like New York City in this weather I'm fine with it right means fine except for like every second on the bike make your gas tank of hatred must have been damn near empty some for you to like get on the bike to top up that much hatred I mean I'm sure that once I'm sure at lunch time I'll I'll I'll be you know treated to some of the classic nastassia infective red

Subway lowers at hatred either radio network t-shirt over here it says Heritage Radio Network food radio since 2009 it's got a cow skull and like some sort of Star Wars like X-Wing Fighter targeting grid t-shirt

what's with the cow head what's with the grid what's with it together

it's just we're all of those things you're a grid they want well if you go to Heritage Radio Network. Org backslash donate you can become a member today and get t-shirt like that for anesthetic with Jackson before he was head bartender and we're discussing the merits and demerits of having an old school arcade games at at bars what it what are your thoughts what are your thoughts on Old School arcade games you don't have that much difference is a different vibe me what you should have is the log

do I like him I don't know I mean course I'm not allowed times I don't know but there's a game that stassi and I play my favorite favorite

we were driving up from from West Chicago to Chicago to Madison Wisconsin to visit with Johnny hunter from the show and you know the underground Meats collected back in the day and we stopped at this German place in Milwaukee that had the log game. We went back there recently got me a t-shirt you see my t-shirt right my login teacher so anyway they give you an old cut masonry knock it into the into the speaker. And then whoever takes the longest to knock it in face transplant

but he was completely trans the thing about it is that even a little bit wrong a nail goes flying across the room like flying across the room I was reborn when I need some more of like a an old Styles behind the counter so it's like I imagine that anyone like if you and I went there and hit ourselves in the eye with a nail and relax Milwaukee people in the chat room feel free to chime in on that one anyway back to the specifically but like the early video games I really love him

hard to find the old vector graphics games you know I'm talking about Dave and Star Wars there was that one at you know flying the Death Star and it was all vector graphics so cool Star Wars is one of the all-time classic Vector graphic games and was interesting because it was a color Vector graphic cuz it was using all three all three to tell me about a vector graphic game as opposed to raster graphic is that in the vector graphic games they're literally controlling the electron beams like an old CRT style is why you can't emulate them accurately with you can but very hard with the modern kind of screamed they're literally drawing the lines with the electron being so you don't have you don't have pixels really they're literally Drawing the Line and so it has his kind of amazing glow that looks very very specific and very awesome so you think your

asteroids your Tempest but I would like to realize I don't have any license yet people are not announcing where the new bar is going to be we have an accepted I will say this Donnelly and I and I are the partner Greg have an accepted offer right someone has accepted our offer on a space which means that I feel more confident than I have in the past because I've never had an offer that was accepted by all parties that we will have a space that we can announce in the near future but I can guess traffic is there some sort of stupid racial slur in that probably come from

can you can you set the first of all no I don't think so you're thinking of those of the someone off and then someone's like Dave you can't say that and like why I'm like because of this and let go and so you can't you should not do that I've been out of business are free to talk about big things first Reign come back in the break even take a break I had some good

how many a nice cup of yogurt right now pretty good vs what's in the corner store Bobby Flay convince me to buy that know the real Bobby Flay don't think so when we can 99% sure it's not interesting thing I should say and we went to this restaurant saki the second time I've been to this straight to peso Shenzhen nastassia is like 13 million people insurance at and for some reason to separate people brought me to the same freaking restaurant that the expats like in Shenzhen what are the odds of that crazy crazy but I had this really really good

likes semi Fusion eggplant dish I'm going to figure out how to make because it was a grilled eggplant but it was completely flat

like super garlicky super buttery and like a lot of chili and then they put like which is his Fusion e they put lepers I get the butter but then they put Bonito flakes on top so they need a pizza before right where they said it was like that but it was really really good eating stye stops I'm going to I'm going to work on that as soon as I get back to Connecticut and have a grill that I'm going to work with then maybe I'll adapted for a regular place recipe you know that way you don't need to grow but it looks like on that and entree because I was in I was in China so this is the first time in my life I've flown all the way around the world like all the way around like I flew from New York to Dublin to then to London then to Frankfurt then to Hong Kong

then back to Newark

kind of sad fly all the way around the world and up in Newark huh no offense to Newark no offense to a Cory Booker and you know Newark and all that but I mean come on Newark Newark right now yeah what's the one near the turnpike it's like world capital of embroidery you seen this one you seen a capital I don't know I love all of the town in Passaic Ramapo

my wife okay I didn't know Road in on the Twitter question is he's making a walnut ketchup recipe so you're using your unripe green walnuts and you're making it so ketchup obviously originally wasn't the Ojai and style ketchup know it wasn't the Tomato based sauces in general there was mushroom ketchup's there was everything by Bob on in fact if you go back at the end even modern right either the phenomenon that took the New York culinary scene by storm like eight years ago catch up my niece right if ketchup mayonnaise like that sweet and kind of toy thing which is I think it's delicious member we used to put ketchup and nice and everything like what is just need you now course ketchup is what's the brand of ketchup

what brand of ketchup do you use a different sauce that is even if you do not a huge fan of Heinz which I don't understand why you wouldn't be because Heinz Ketchup is delicious but if you weren't a fan of Heinz Ketchup you would still rate other ketchups relative to Hines you know what I'm saying you would say it's like Heinz but thinner it has the flavor of a one but the texture of clients which doesn't happen right anyway mushroom mushroom ketchup made it was okay it wasn't great quality of food person in food as what as a cashier

I'm shot sound like what like what their food production work with Food Network people food they know how to take pictures of everything about food but in this case how could they say same as same as just no high fructose corn syrup has their thing and I was like I don't care if you know what I look I want you to go that far because you know what I have to be honest I don't know that I've had their ketchup as it as it is a tasting but of course it's not the same nastassia Lopez Peter Kim send send send you know the only difference is that there is no difference to the same person write they both have two eyes nose mouth

what's the distance between speed and Kim is like this to though I know they were not they weren't that we don't have that relationship honestly believes as you as long as you don't think they're the same it's like if you say they're the same that's what I'm like with nothing you say has Merit do you like you're willing to just stand up there and say things that are full of facts it's like you know so this is Aiden alternative ketchup is not meant to be a substitute for behind style of ketchup recipe is about 50 green walnuts some salt some two different kinds of vinegar is there you got your malt vinegar cider vinegar and of course this is one of those recipes that you was clearly written by someone because it's partially in

partially announces partially in teaspoon one of those anchovies onion red wine or Port ground nutmeg black pepper Cayenne grate horseradish Ginger and here's the problem here's what it was wondering about xanthan gum so that the issue with this is that you macerate the walnuts in this vinegar melange for a while and then you heat it up and then you straighten it out and they're solids in it right and thin like Worcestershire sauce thin right so it's not at all like a kind of a modern kind of ketchup it that we would have it's not sticking cuz it doesn't contain any real like fruit pulp tomato a fruit

is question isn't that going to be making snotty now I didn't have time to do the calculations on this or look up how much of a teaspoon of xanthan gum ways but you definitely don't want to add an up San Tan to this ketchup to make it snotty I think I got it like I said many times on the show there are cultures Spain or allowed to have really snotty xanthan textures and like it's kind of accepted but obviously here in the US we don't appreciate snot sauce so much you wanted me which is why a lot of people have problems with okra base sauces does stassi do you like kind of snotty okra do you enjoy snotty Spanish sauces I have not but I think I would like back in the modern back when like near the Modern Wave was hitting like real hard on all cylinders like in like 04 in the in the US a lot of like like the like super modern

I'm not saying traditionally Spanish food has Santa and cuz of course is not a crucial ingredient I'm just saying when those very high-end chefs were making a thickened sauces in that era in that 04 or 30405 error they didn't have any qualms about using a good bit of Santa and that's all I'm saying not making any comments by traditional Spanish cooking so yes but when you read the recipe Eddie than Santana's really it's not there to thicken that is not a thickening agent they're using the San Tan as a suspending agent so there's lots of fines fine particles in this in a walnut ketchup that will settle out over time and a small amount of xanthan and now we'll add some kind of surface so if you're going to drink it as a beverage you would kind of notice it has a little bit of that jiggle to it but if you're keeping the amount of Santa and very low like you know we are well under a quarter of a percent and I have to like test do you have to look at this and see what we know what they were talking about

I think you should I think you should be fine it's going to suspend but it's not there to thicken it's there just to spend if you want to thicken it I definitely would not thicken it with xanthan gum welinder quarter percent what I was thinking so if you're using 3-g and 5.6 by testing and add a little more remember not to add a boat ton of xanthan at once even when you're working with very small amounts because it will hydrate overtime and so you'll if you try to thicken I knew it was Anton you a lot of times you'll find the 10-15 minutes later because you haven't hydrated it properly at the get-go you've over Zandt and it and then kind of Vengeance not do so small amount of xanthan just there to spend if you want to thicken it I would use something else like for instance if you thought that maybe a fruit might be nice in there choose like a less sweet fruit that has a lot of a kind of you know a lot of body to

and you could cook that into it but you never really get it to you know to be sick you need to add something that has body until you I wouldn't necessarily thicken it with me to thicken it with something like like LBG I guess or I want to do you think the promise anytime you thicken something you really dead in the flavor out right if you think any with a thickener and you basically turning it into more solid has a tendency to lock in flavor and kind of inhibit flavor least so anyway that's my my feeling what he thinks Claire Road in Clare Road in but not your clear right was it different Claire

I'm just being me I'm just being mean

I still can't believe someone who works in food said that like that they're the same

relay team names

they're trying to sell high-end

why would you just say why we need to say try sir kensington's I like it and I think they said I liked it too so they said I liked it

then that's that that's a valid opinion opinion. It is like my sister and I have become rather obsessed with the flavor of habanero and Manzano peppers I never really worked with Manzano Peppers before but they are a medium sweet a medium hot like you know how to do than a jalapeno but not anywhere near a habanero hot but supposedly kind of very fruity as a lot of those kind of fruity floral notes that you get from a habanero but again I don't know if it's going to really work for them we've been trying to create a dish where these sweet floral flavors of these peppers come through and are not overwhelmed by the spice we thought a buttercream frosting for cupcakes might do the trick since it has such a high fat content that could counteract the spice anise however we had some problems getting enough of the pepper flavor into the frosting to be detectable adding blind

Peppers at the end result in a buttercream that is kind of sweaty into water what do you think about this sweaty sweaty balls because you love Alex thought you loved Alec Baldwin went to Alec Baldwin's wife's yoga class just to be closer to Alec Baldwin I have to say

the buttercream is kind of sweaty and too watery but only just barely Taste of pepper we serve this stuff at a family occasion and nobody actually noticed the pepper taste at all so okay so our second attempt was actually Infuse the egg whites for the buttercream with the peppers for a while to get the flavor in that way we let shop. Pepper sitting egg whites for about 24 hours about a cup of chopped peppers are three egg whites we did three types of peppers habanero Montano and chilaca peppers with the milder basically but the egg whites from the Manzano and a habanero peppers were fairly flavourful but completely failed to flip up at all we even try even tried cutting them with fresh egg whites and no luck what's going on here is a cab station disrupting the egg white proteins or is there just so much more oil in the Habanero's in manzanos I've been in the chylacas is there anything we can do to combat this or some other way to get that lovely pepper flavor into our frosting thanks for the show

send all your back episodes while driving across the country is that move from Connecticut to Vancouver that's a long move over Boots lyrics to High

what in the body is Canadian Canadian customers

Define Canadians anyways I would say I don't know it was interesting I tried to look into surface I did a brief search on Surface active properties and pepper not able to find that if I was looking into I couldn't find anything specifically on whipping egg whites and kept station or any of this stuff that wasn't able to find anything specific but it sounds like from your test that you know that there is something with these hotter Peppers it's probably messing with the egg whites so my my feeling is it that you might want to move on to a different kind of buttercream frosting when it doesn't require with egg whites so a good place to start in terms of like finding out what you want to do is Nyla Jones has a I was like 3 or 4 years ago did something on the serious eats called the world of buttercreams six varieties to try at home

just goes through the various different kinds of Wands but I think the one that stands out that I think you might want to try for this is the kind of flower based so you make what amounts to a roux with milk and then you heat that with other flower and with flower making like literally like a roof and then you let that roof cool down and make sure his skin was informing you that into the butter and that is a prime candidate assuming that the hot peppers don't break the milk which I haven't tested whether super hot peppers will break the milk but I don't think they will then you can get that pepper flavor into the milk and there's a fairly High quantity of milk per unit butter so I think you could do well to get a good kind of flavor into your buttercream that way now

I'd always thought you just made a straight kind of milk flour kind of a roux even those Not Butter but kind of a really sad to make sure you blend that how it like when the hell out of sight doesn't have you don't want like a starch particles in it you want to make sure that you know black either slurry at first slurry the flower with the milk or no just make sure that you break it up before you heat it otherwise going to get, but and I obviously have to cool it all the way or it's going to mess up the butter went after you put it into the whipped butter but was interesting if she actually adds the sugar to the milk mixture and doesn't cream the sugar into the butter and then I had to stop and she says it's a much smoother result then you would get if you cream the if you flip the buttercream and cream to Sugar into it and then out of the stuff I never thought about that before but I would do that kind of situation because I feel that you definitely be able to get a very heavy pepper flavor into

milk face and then whip into the buttercream

sounds like again don't care

Nastasia I think rightly so loves any sort of new hot mess of a server that we get here at Roberta's and you want to describe that you can't

type thing right like craft fair like I just sent to craft fair in New York like when I was when I was walking here in Bushwick it was like I can't describe everything because there's no polite way to describe everything I saw on the way over but it was like I was living just that brief walk from Flushing Avenue over here through Bushwick was like living in a Terry Gilliam movie like Time Bandits or like Brazil's there were like crowds gathered around dead rats there was a giant set of hands coming out of the back of a pickup truck that were attached to a giant white Buddha head there was just like just there was trucks parked in the middle of the road on the street here more like big trucks just parked and then cars driving on the sidewalk like some backwards reality like and other things

it literally I cannot mention on the air looks like living in one of those movies I was like summer camps Pittsburgh you like science science fuse not sitting there like you no telling if someone else is the same as server really is kind of messed up

I can't I can't hey look I don't know you're not messed up he just has to look he has a very specific look you know I'm saying like super specific look like they what do you think about this my feeling on is like a place I prefer it is interesting because I love it here I love it here by saying is is that Roberta's is interesting because it was built on this idea of weird like going to do whatever we want like rock and roll blah blah blah it off like rubber is basically you can do almost anything you want like that but I mean

I did not everyone can pull that off what do you think they'd think that's true interesting like I like looking around at places that were looking to open the new bar I'm just looking at kind of what you know what you as a place the culture that you make in a place like what that gives you permission to do with your customers but also at the same time kind of how that can guide your future so here it's like okay look like established this kind of rock and roll by Bill just going to do it and it's kind of a miracle that this misplaced here for whatever you know like at the eyes when you started it was going to be successful right with it but I don't know I don't know what the odds are but it's kind of amazing day like flourishing this kind of huge snake but now there's a place where yeah you can have cut offs you know you can wear be a dude wearing cutoff shorts so short that I can basically see your junk and like you know where like you know a bunch of like super tight choker necklaces and

like I can see your midriff and like all this other stuff you can do that as a server at Roberta's

and your customers aren't like wow your your junk is up in my face with those hyper short cut off shorts they're just like oh it's your birthday it's your junk show me your job but the thing is I think that's fine but just great you know it's at the interesting thing is is that like how many places can do that you know what I mean like how is it that the culture you choose at the beginning of starting your restaurant allows you or your bar allows you to do certain things but I think also can shackle you right because you can't do other things if you make a choice to be this kind of rock and roll that you can't be like you know we're going to do we're going to spit it up a little bit you know I'm saying we're going to bed right he said Dave Chang said you can be a hundred million air and still be a good person but the minute you become a billionaire you must have killed someone to get there that's hysteria true

hey Dave absolutely love your show hi everybody

you like that movie

don't like that how old is my wife did Lena for two addresses

so different

my son wants to get into welding he should shoot 16 years old what do you suggest for a small sticks welding rig is fantastic question and I will say when I was learning to weld they still made you do the very old-school kind of thing which is you start learning how to use an oxy acetylene torch and then I'll learn to cut with an oxy acetylene torch in ferrous metal and then learn to braze and actually do torch welding and from there that you graduated to weld with a stick welder and from there they taught you MIG welding and then if you were lucky you got to learn TIG right and so that's kind of the progression that we were taught I never I am by the way to Lindy the Compressed Gas people Lindy have an old book which is I think almost free the oxy-acetylene

a handbook which I highly recommend you buy I think it came out in the 40s or 50s it's really cool it's not up-to-date obviously but it has everything you need to know about torches if you care about tortillas which you know why wouldn't you care about torches I'm going to have to say that I don't know that I agree with the old school pedagogy if your child is the kind of person so I could say I was going to teach Dax which I am teaching Dax how to weld I'm not taking him I'm not making him do the the stick and all that I just went straight to Mig and the reason I went straight to megas is it you or you could teach all the safety and everything but if you really want someone to get into it and they're the kind of person that gets frustrated easily like learning to do good work with a stick welder

is much harder than learning to do like decent work with a MIG because a MIG is basically just like a hot glue gun for metal so obviously I think you should learn a stick welder because it's going to give you kind of the control over the you know over your hands and over the the the metal and that the title is really good but I would say get a decent quality stick welder I would also say that I'm sorry MIG welder and I don't know kind of how much space you have or kind of what kind of power you have but they make some decent now like 1:25 to 20 like they can go kind of in both on the small side they're very portable you know it's very easy to get that they know that the kind of the gas hookup for them and if it's if you don't want to worry about the gas and that's why you're doing stick flux core is also a good way to start with

without welding with with with a feeder I just think it's a lot easier but if you really want to start with a stick I mean I don't I don't haven't used a stick on a daily basis and it's got to be twenty years now I haven't used to stick on a daily basis just because I've always wanted to have access to a MIG welder but I would say that like if it was still teach how to learn how to use a torch I would get a MIG welder get them into the welding and then after that I would go to where I never actually went which is I would get into TIG welding because TIG welding is a real art and you're going to learn a lot of the kind of control patients and and in a craft work with a TIG like more than any other kind of welding right and so I think an entree into that especially if it was going to be my you know

my teenage boys who like you know are hard to kind of get the focus for a long time especially for just practicing making weld beads one after another I would go that way the other thing to note is that you're going to want to get someone to teach them serious safety when they're learning to weld and that doesn't just mean safety when their welding for instance like making sure they don't get sunburned from the ark making sure that they don't burn themselves making sure they don't weld on to things that have zinc and and you know get overcome by zinc fumes I am making sure they going to making sure that they don't catch fire to their surroundings there's all this safety but there's the further safety of all of a sudden you can weld metal together which means that you can make very large very heavy potentially dangerous things that can kill you and frankly I was not taught these things when I was taught to well because when they teach you to weld

liberal arts college in art art classes there is no they don't expect you to make big giant dangerous things that can kill you and so if you don't have a thorough understanding of the theory of welding is very easy to do things like make a giant thousand-pound spinning you know articulated kinetic sculpture where the main axle it has been welded on with 110 Volt Welder in the bathroom of your dorm and it looks like a good well because you don't know you're you're behind from a hot rock but instead you really just crystallize on the outside and the two pieces of metal are joined and the entire thing Falls and just barely misses killing you by like fractions of an inch like that is entirely possible if they don't have training in I'm kind of what constitutes a good weld how to evaluate a well making sure that you you can know you get good weld penetration and are using the using The Prado you're not trying to go over the

if your welder so that stuff I would kind of inculcate early but I'm not necessarily a believer in having to start with the stick is it make any sense or no

and you've addressed all my concern us cuz I'm I mean I don't want him killing himself and I don't remember in the house down trying to find somebody to teach him cuz I don't know how to do it my husband knows little bit about it but trying to find somebody that just as I got hobbyist around here in South Florida is little challenging right I would like to know I would make sure that you flip the sparks in these things can cause they fly a long way and they can go really far stick welding clothes off the garage is full of wood yeah you got to be careful get welding curtains and just make sure that you know you clean your you eat the area doesn't have any something really the curtains can help take all the way down because Sparks do go a long way sticks 10 to throw a lot of Sparks because of the coating on the outside flux core 10 to throw more stuff off then straighten big does an

you know torches when you're cutting obviously they're literally burning through the metal they throw off a lot of stuff and so you can kind of really want to be you know cognizant of that that stuff that's what can be made safe but I'll tell you what nothing is more goofy than a welding sunburn you know I'm saying it's like it hurts like hell to me especially like I'm so fair that I know the first couple times I burnt myself sun burnt myself with a welder by letting a patch of skin stay you know 4 hours Plano in ArcLight makes you feel like a real moron so I just BB you know careful of that also I would not get the cheapest possible MIG welder because if the feeder mechanism is not very good it's just you're going to get a lot of jams all the time and it just is a real disincentive to learning

but how you get some books do some research there are probably some art people who will do it who wear any time they're teaching someone to do it professionally there it's going to be pretty hard core and going to cost a lot of money but you might be able to find someone who's doing it for an art for art and then I would just talk to them and you'll make sure that there that they're serious about teaching like long-term safety in terms of what your building and safety for yourself how did I not know you like super simple tomato soup on purple box and see if see what's going on just you know it's fun it's awesome but again it just requires like a little too little bit of caution at the beginning so that you don't kill yourself down the road

yes I have another question to I've got the tank I'm doing my own self or now I've got the carbonator cap but it's not holding the bubble past like the next day like it seems a little flat the next day okay so every time you take a sip and just charge it so what you do is you take your bottles of water are you asking for the filter to get rid of the sulfur note carbonated do you find this or nothing horrible horrible so yes so that what you do is is you make sure that stuff's cold carbonated usually water run like cocktails really only requires a double carbonation to really get it ripping I would keep your pressure somewhere in the area of the round

35 to 40 PSI do it twice and then after you pour your first class squeeze it re re put the carbonator cap on and give it a shake at full pressure again and then it'll be it'll be as good as the first time on the next day if you don't say there's nothing it's going to preserve it because you know it's it's basically gassing off all that CO2 into the headspace of your bottle up to the pressure that it was in in the bottle and so you're too costly decreasing the amount of gas and so like I never put one back in the fridge that I haven't charged back up to full pressure with CO2 thank you I we went to the cup my daughter not the first time to the spice Park couple weeks ago so what that was fun awesome place right Arkansas State Park and make sure you go with someone's going to let you steal some stuff off the trees remember we went twice and one time we can steal the stuff off the trees and the other time we couldn't do it about the trees

you can go the second time if you didn't go the second time the time we went we stole the stuff off the trees that's the thing man if you'd like cuz I don't cuz you're not a huge plant head you just do a flower head not a planet or a vegetable plants you like the vegetable I told you having me last year with tomatoes right one tomato

Bob's Red Mill has been Milling whole grain since 1978 what are the nice things about Bob's Red Mill is it's the only that I know of national supplier that easily available for lots of interesting hard to get grains and other seed products so you know before Bob's Red Mill became widely available you couldn't go get something like quinoa very easily or you can go get spelled easily in small quantities but now you go to any one of the huge number of stores that carry Bob's Red Mill and you can get smaller amounts of these really interesting fun things to play with learn more at Bob's Red Mill. Com podcast

and we're back in about 10 different facets from diet fine dining two basic approachable catering in a recent review of a Blog discussing the dangers of vacuum sealing garlic I was getting conflicting information regarding the safety of it cooked vs. uncooked my question is to you I'm placing my Mi placing my guess our family in danger with the current practice I adopted a batch roasting pounds of peeled garlic isalt roast blast show and then toss with oil in place and a half if I need for a function I can pull out the amount of bags that I need a hand to hold my catnip a corner and squeeze out the fear of Cliff you close to puree sauteed smear on bread keep the rest Frozen please reply by email if possible I don't have the email in case I miss a show in Pittsburgh you're totally safe here's the thing garlic in oil is unsafe from a botulism perspective if you were going to keep it at room temp

if you were going to stored at room temperature in an oxygen deprived environment or anywhere near room temperature botulism can grow and the issue is cooking the garlic is not enough to kill the botulism so that's unsafe you however like there's no you're not making it less safe by cooking it so if you're willing to take garlic fries it in a bag and then eat it later than cooking it is not going to make it less safe in fact it will make it more see if it won't make it safe as a shelf-stable thing so it's one of those things where as soon as you say garlic and oil botulism with the Stars Frozen you're not going to kill botulism by freezing it but you're not going to get botulism 100% just given Road in and I was going to go on a long thing about how to patent cooking equipment by looks like we're not going to have time to do a spinzall thing

to guess it's one I'll answer the rest next week but one question was

why Celsius I understand metric measurements and weight and volume but it seems like Fahrenheit is actually more precise than Celsius and the answer is well not like it depends what you mean by more precise if you're going to cook to decimal degrees of Celsius then I guess it doesn't really matter right because you're cooking to decimal degrees of Celsius and that's really precise more precise than anyone needs to be I think it's just a question of who you're talking to so typically let you know what I was doing a lot of work with my original kind of sous-vide low temperature stuff I was dealing with a lot of Europeans and a lot of the recipes and people are talking to where Europeans and they all deal in Celsius and so I started doing all of that kind of stuff in in Celsius but stuff that you know I've done since I was a child I do in Fahrenheit because my mind speaks Fahrenheits there's no real reason it's just as the world becomes more International as our world in the Americas because in America becomes more International and you know what the internet it just it's easier to do a lot of these things

in Celsius what he thinks does he wants me to give the update so for those of you who are just coming to this is that the beginning of Lenny Kravitz it ain't over till it's over no definitely not

see how that's not going to your head TD Dean Team

had to get some cuz it ain't over till it's over the world's first of next week about patenting a really understand if they have an idea for a kitchen implement or anyting else kind of what it's like to go through the patent procedure and what it's like to actually start up business Highway in such a topic so I can talk to Jeff about that or anyone if anyone's interested but so here's where we are we've gone through what's called pilot production which means they have made the actual units with the actual Parts with the actual workers on the actual line that they're going to do the production run with this week they're taking that production pilot production set they've made What's called the engineering build run the tests to make sure that they are going to withstand the quality controls that were imposing on them for the mass production run that testing should be done this

the rest of the parts are in the first week of August and they are all going to get built between August 7th and August 10th of that we've also decided to ship the dispatch directly from China to customers and so we are opening up the orders again when like tomorrow or the next day so if you place your order by I haven't figured out what the actual cutoff date but I think it's basically the manufacturing date by August 7th April we're going to open it up again if anyone wants to order one and they ordered our potential and cut off date is but I think we're on August 7th if you ordered by then you will get yours with the first batch that comes in until I was really have a fixed number but if you order them then you get otherwise have to wait October because going to put the rest on a boat and ship them over here on a boat tomorrow at 2 modernist Pantry in Amazon to sell from here

we've been dealing with individual rotor balancing properly and again meet meet our QC but everything's looking good everything still on sketch so I could update size

and I'm going to be going to tales of the cocktail on Thursday and on Friday I'm actually going to do a spinzall seminar at tales of the cocktail and I will have their in the house one of the actual production units as well as some of the engineering building it so anyone who's going to be in New Orleans can come check it out I'll probably Instagram at a few pictures I have a couple pictures of the actual assembly line of people want to see it but I don't know I don't know whether people actually want to see the assembly line or not

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