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Episode 297: Velveting, Fish Sauce, Copying Recipes, and More

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12:45 joined as usual with Nastassja of the hammer Lopez how you doing we also have a booth how you doing we have special guest Nick Wong formerly employed currently unemployed cook so if you have any unemployed questions call at 2 to Nowhere right now I'm just hanging out in New York for little bit hooker hates the special guests it is it is international take your kid to work life is it that's what I'm right now so we have

how do you might know him from such things as having a bar named after him back in the day but how you doing

now that I don't have school anymore it's real I consider that a bonus and I

and now I do no work at all the family went vegetarian recently so what's a pescatarian Dax is now what he calls a flexitarian so what is meat products there was there was bacon at the brunch and even though even though it looks so delicious I still reminding myself Booker you know you don't like it when how animals are killed for the for the meat so you are not going to get your food from animals who were killed and then Ducks took us like

and then when no one was looking he accept me he ran into the bathroom closed well yeah close the door but there's a tiny crack like around around the door Corners inside I watched him eat the bacon and I'm like Mommy Ducks was eating the bacon even though he's not supposed to say he took his choice if he wants to eat chicken if he doesn't Google if he says I'm still a vegetarian if you have any questions or any being a picky teenager questions you can call those because you only eat complex carbohydrates crackers is cheese a carbohydrate

fruits are not carbohydrates are they Sugar Sugar held together with some pectin apples apples are basically a bunch of sugar and water held together with some pectin hemicellulose couple couple Lino nutrients in the bathroom

Okay I'm glad you said that but that's a lie that's what we like to refer to as a lie and an apple an Apple eating an apple a day because I think apples are delicious but don't eat apples for any freaking Health reason

I mean are you with you with me on this right it's it's an extra way to get an Apple into your diet so let me ask you a question Booker you think that Apple Farmers don't go to the doctor

or is it more than one apple a day then the doctor comes really quickly it's like a like a bell curve like one apple a day no doctor 0 apples a day doctor too many apples doctor what size Apple everything about too much of anything is bad

I've never heard Booker bust out the moderation

in third grade I got tons of homework

why you still remember what I'm talking about people when you have kids with long memories that they never remember the nice thing to do for him it's only the Punisher Booker can remember punishments from like 10 years ago

are in kindergarten getting getting getting sent to the naughty corner for calling the teacher obnoxious as well I'm sure she was only 16 cooking right from here on out we'll talk and cooking okay so we had a bunch of questions we can get to last week so that's if we start for once in our life with stuff from from Booker don't rub the microphone cover we can all hear that

I bet you're not you know what year was Booker I want everyone out there this is exactly what nastassia the hammer Lopez's like hand guitar pick to my son and make him do something in the hopes that I lose my mind on my son on are so that she can make me look like a bad dad and she's laughing cuz it's true this is what Nastasia Hammer Lopez. Nicky on my right around all right for later like in case we run out of time I got to tell the story about Watson in the elevator yeah I thought I would have I will say this over the past week there's been some food news about a blogger and vlogger in Spain was killed with her cream whipper cream whipper I forget the

Grand she was using but it wasn't it wasn't easy which is brand I use so like I went on I went on the Twitter and I was like look only by the easy ones and the reason I say that is because there are probably other manufacturers that goes through the same safety like checks that he's he goes through I just know that I visited their Factory in Austria I saw them build um I saw how they control the steel I saw how they you know how they do their hydro testing I saw like all the safety like multiple safety things they have like the black the blowout the blowout thread and eccentric cetera and like all the testing you doing I'm like okay these guys in fact he would not let me they would not publish recipes of mine that contained Chargers that were safe in their unit specifically because they were worried someone would try and somebody else's unit that didn't have a safe teas and blow themselves up and so I don't know what this but I don't know what she was making this police blogger when she when she was killed but she was

killed with a apparently also there was a recall on the in and she had but it's just you know and it especially if manufacturers and stassi you think about safety all the time para fine anytime you have a product that you do the swipe insurance when you have to buy that anyway because stuff eventually going to always happen no matter what but you know someone will someone bulb stabbed himself with a butter knife if you give him a chance cuz because people are what make idiots

person ounces are why we have one question

hey David George up the question is my girlfriend is a lactose intolerant right now for the add Elastic Plastic and sign so I can deactivate the last time right

it's really interesting issue so there's not that much lactose and it's not going to change the taste that much to break down the lactose right so you say you have not found a source of the enzyme or you have

there always is and so like any enzyme so they're pretty since when someone says like I'm most familiar with the enzymes I use like pectinex to break down packed in so like there are like pectinex is actually a a whole bunch of different enzymes of which some are pectinases and some are Hemi cellulases and like there's a bunch of them just like one enzyme it's a bunch of different enzymes and even when you have a singular enzyme which lactase may or may not be at probably is I don't know but even when you have One Singular enzyme what they do is they rate based on the activity of it I haven't looked at in a long time but for instance when you buy usually what you do when you buy an enzyme preparation is there standardized to a certain level of activity that's how I like meat glue is sold Furnishings transglutaminase what they do is if that's only one enzyme but they standardized it to a certain level of activity so that you can dough sit out all the same time

presumably like if you find one brand and stick to it I've never bought any I wonder whether monitors Pantry guys can can carrier have carried any of that but it's it's interesting I also wondered whether they add the lactase before pasteurization to the milk or whether you still have active enzymes in that milk being extinct question I don't know if they if they add the enzyme after the pasteurization step then odds are you still have good enzyme in that milk and I don't know whether there's enough residual enzymatic activity to like bust down more milk or not you know any Manny wouldn't have said he want to run a test on your on your girlfriend's GI tract to find out but I'll try to look into it do me a favor tweet me back next week I'm actually I won't be here I'll be in Ireland so like a like if you remember like the week after like to drop plus the radio station is closed for the 4th but the just drop me a line I'll try to check

on Twitter on cooking issues on Twitter and I'll try to find a supplier that stuff maybe someone in the chat room has it supplier

thank you

alright so yes we have the other one that came in is that is that now the people are anti coconut oil again it's so crazy man that's great I love it I know I like the things I've gone through so many of these Cycles in my life but it's terrible you need to eat only margarine and then they're like margarine is terrible you need to eat only butter and I'm like what like it when you see and nothing's changed like back and forth not just change but go from being the bad guy to the good guy to the bad guy to the good guy it's like just ignore if you want to use coconut oil because you want a solid fat then use coconut oil because you want a solid fat the vegetable fat right right right what do you want cardboard margarine when margarine goes rancid which often it does margarine rancid oil taste literally like cardboard

used to make fun of me cuz he used to always throw margarine in my shopping cart just have just messing me she knows I hate it he knows it tastes terrible he would always buy this one specific brand Happy Boy The Boy Is happy because he's cheating you and you're paying money for it

I cheated on I cheated a lot of people with my disgusting margarine at least you know people have trained him somewhat well as his eye Judy from Malden is there really a bad time to drink a gin and tonic I used to drink them all the time before I started drinking darker more bitter things however if there's no craft cocktails Insight or kitchen stuff like Blue Hawaii is around it's my go-to so I don't order them that often anymore but tell me if I'm being a jerk I mean I think it back in the day it was considered like back in the day like a very particular sort of like like hyper like I don't know like Yacht Club kind of a person would be like so good so good so good you know what these days drink what you want when you want you want to mean what do you think Nick

what do you think about in general things like that on this old like pretty like white male English society crap and pretty much. Whole society like if it got knocked down 30 or 40 or 50 year old tags it wouldn't be a problem no fancy you know what I mean but it's like I don't think it's a problem to go against the norm and we think Stars cast of can't really be messed with Ken it okay so here's what I think about that I think that those lately Italian that culture is hilarious because they literally if you had a gin and tonic when they were having their I think we've had this discussion but if you had a gin and tonic while they were having their ATV if you had that right there would be like you're an alcoholic I'm not even drinking you know what I mean because it's

culturally ingrained that they don't even consider that like to be drinking there doing what you do before the meal and so like those cultures I think like icy like a pretty bright line difference between like a just like a culture

where you're like you go through specific rituals versus a culture where it so it doesn't seem to me that that culture is a way to distance yourself from somebody else it's not like we all wear white after a certain Dino after a certain day in the summer but before a certain day so that we can prove that we are a certain group of people I don't see that that the aperitivo culture is like that versus the you know the gin and tonic kind of thing I think it's more just like a show whether or not you were part of a certain class or not and I think all of those cultures pretty much of me I don't care about him You Don't Own Me

figure snickering in the background that's my son Booker Road cannot help himself and we have one more call her

how you doing I am trying to copy Panda Express's beef stir-fry as closely as humanly possible for the simple reason is like the only protein my younger kids

well I have not had it though so what's it what's the proper burst of all like almost all of this stuff so I learned a lot about Chinese American restaurant Cuisine of which Panda Express is a very kind of streamlined and often let's be frank over sugared version of right but

I mean I don't know what this particular recipe but like the recipes most of the recipes the mother sauce quote quotes is like cornstarch and water like and then to that is added flavor so it's like it's almost the opposite of everything else you start with a liaison and then you move into into the flavor base into what's it what's it like what's in it

I've got the sauce I've got the broccoli I got this I'm having a very hard time getting the texture of the beef right

what is it like

in a quiet for some. Of time flashing at oil and then stir-frying it

freezing rain right there the Velvet and can sometimes be egg white sometimes cornstarch so we like you know like I stink really is like to add like a protective layer some people also add

basic things to it like some like baked like baking soda stuff

I don't know I don't know is there anyone who Nicki ever explain what this stuff is velveting didn't I didn't rain gonna velveting tirade once may call you guys learned velveting I've never had the is it is the meat not squashy enough you looking for like kind of squashy yet overcooked meat is that what they have but it's not

it's not to overcook if you know what I'm saying right I mean

yeah I mean like things they don't do that so if you want to imitate imitate what they do to listen when I'm going for like really mushy meat so like like good good meat that's kind of mushy in overcooked is like Tandoor stop washing meat and the way you do that is with acidic marinades cuz the acidic stuff turns the meat mushy and you don't notice The Machinist when you got thin strips because it's not enough meat for you to notice it's mushy and then you over cook the outside it still holds together okay that's how you work like them that's how you work like an overcooked piece of chicken in a Tandoor and still have it taste good but I don't think that they're doing an acidic marinade for in in the maybe Ginger will also do that to me it's but I don't think that they're doing that they're they're probably just doing some form of like quick velveting like a boil to get the coating on which I would bet is like another of corn starchy thing on velvet need to get that locked out later

the outside and then the stir fry stir fry afterwards but I'll look into it I'll look into it do we eat or do we have anyone in the chat room it's live on building techniques and make things and making Panda Express also taste like is it as sweet as it is the beef dish that they make super sweet

aging beef but it's orange because some of their stuff has way too much sugar on it but in terms of trying to copy his home and not quite so sugary and be something that my kids will eat I mean like I said I've got something that works for every other stage of this except the texture of does the Beast have a coating on it I'm sure I have you Googled like a Panda Express clones has anyone tried to clone the recipe is a lot of times like you can get pretty close with like an online recipe clone like Twinkies have the recipe clones

none of the recipe clone seem to be even trying to get their texture what I mean but nobody's getting the texture that I can tell I guarantee they are in a large batch they can probably do so for pasteurization reasons but they're not doing it for a textured reason you know what I mean is there a coating on it or no

yeah probably cornstarch right when you think is cornstarch I'll look into it. I'll look into texture of a Panda Express and also affect the texture and gloss it's true it's true obviously the cut is going to matter to like you almost might want to like get like a like a cut the thing is is like is it shredded or they stay nice pieces

no it's their impact their impact pieces I mean that their Ross life is probably a quarter inch thick it comes out of the west tonight I mean but by the time they cooked it clearly pretty clearly Slice on the bias quarter inch thick

and it looks like me it doesn't look like pressure cooked or anything that looks like meat

it looks like it looks like it looks like very classic Chinese restaurant stir fried beef

that's another thing just get like a Jack Harding Jack hard that ever-loving hell out of it and then and then like do a quick velvet and stir fry and that'll pulverized the snot out of it so then you can use a you know a cut that's got some more structured to it and then just a maybe they check card if you know what I mean

semi-truck I would try like getting attacked piece Jack Harding it to death slices velvet and then stir fry maybe in conjunction with like a little bit like you could try an acidic marinade that will soften it like I say that's how tandoors work I don't happen to like that texture but you know it is a texture you're insane

the combination of the classic Pandora combination produces something that's like generally acceptable even if it's

plant ideal I know much more about how to do Tandoor stuff and more stuff than marinades are some combination of yogurt perhaps Citrus oil in marinade often Ginger and then whatever your spyspace is but like you know all of those things together so even if I'm doing a non-indian flavored stuff I always make sure to have some citrus acid yogurt and then sometimes Ginger and doing some form of Asian because like you know any Euro flavors a lot time to change your can be weird in a in a Savory dish but actually sugar and salt in in the in the tan typically though when I'm doing marination I don't know why I do this because I'm stupid Nick maybe but like what I'll do is I'll salt to meet like a normal thing like an orc like I'm salting it and then I won't ask

call today marinade and then I'll do a lot of small amounts of a vacuum bag and I think it's easier to get salt on the meat then it is to get salt in the marinade but I could appeal a moron

all ready and then we got here we got this is Dave nastassia at all from Quran I recently bought a pasture-raised eggs pasture-raised Pig and opted into keeping all the scratch in addition to the meet as part of this I was wondering if it's possible to approximate tonkotsu broth with just bones and skin what do you think if I made a photon of tonkotsu broth over there to do that song you never made what you just bought it from noodle bars different restaurant never serve the ramen basting ever I use are you never had one freaking soup at sound bar not one Noodle Bar David and a half

you know what you know why am I bad person

I just find it absurd that that didn't sound bar that they didn't even want to know my situation make ramen broth like ever and I never came up there like this is not a skill we need to have like it's like you don't even just a little more down the block so no need to compete with other noodles and other process but not sure what kind of broth do you make

the nun right now but

enjoy destroying like like massive amounts of pork into Combi oven it's all you like to do is so massive amounts of pork into your Combi oven how much pork did you guys cook my Combi oven everyday

it's only when you doing both

beautiful person size, the other right you can put it in your account if I could put a couple of Cokes in there almost as much as I thought if it's possible to approximate time crunchy broth with just bones and skin in my head I feel like the bones will provide a good amount of flavor while the skin to provide body but that's all theoretical this point additionally a while back you mentioned that there is good Porky and bad Porky with regards to skin Nick we there and we were making me the chicharrones at the French culinary

I think so yeah I remember her Nancy that smell when you're boiling the Skins so yeah at least smells like Beaver okay that that would woodsy smell to them you know what I mean but like the smell blue Funk yes like that like pork skins much but it's very potent when you were having your shift drink after work would you want the beer is it came up to your lips to smell like the like the pork skin pot know you would not in the kitchen but it's not as you want hanging around like salmon skin like salmon skin like skin salmon bones it's okay when you're butchering then

when you're eating then we don't want that on your hands all the time be no regards to scan so do you think this would contribute adversely to flavor and then lastly with a pressure cooker be a good option for making this Frosty it is adaption which is on the web so you can't see it because you're listening to a podcast by Mike is that a try finally there's lots of skin this delivery pounds and pounds of it any suggestions on how else to use it 20 lb of pork rinds doesn't sound like a reasonable option there you are wrong this is where you have made your largest error 20 lb of remember you're thinking of 20 lb of the skin as being that's like the weight of the children but you're going to get rid of a lot of like we wait out of that you going to render out a lot of the fat and all that silly like the actual weight of the of the finished Ryan's are going to be a lot lower and and they last

long time in Pre fries own

Yeah Yeah Yeahs looking with his Echo they last a long time in Pre fry mode so you can do them and then

yes yes so that's not too much I might try my hand and put the key no but any suggestions are welcome so thick-skinned so like some classic pigskin dishes are like pigskin you ready for the for the Jersey pronunciation of the all of the people make their brochure with meat but like originally I think it would like skin and like you roll it up and you cook it in the brothel good right good although my special my stepfather used to make something was going to have some Mavis game called I don't even know what it is he cuz he hasn't even weirder it's his English-speaking pronunciation of his like maiden aunts like crazy American but like one generation removed like Southern Italian right so who knows what it actually is

Buddy Guy and he was like that's also like a rolled-up skin thing blood to God hears what I miss a I would make a whole bunch of pork rinds but as for the broth I mean we bought really bad pork skin it was like the porch game that have been ripped off of like the 12th quality pigs and then like thrown into a case and Frozen and then like you know it was always like you know how you ever been around a professional meat delivery area where like the guy throws the meat on the ground outside and it's thawing into the disgusting New York city sidewalks and then they stack other stuff on top of it and they always put the low item crappy stuff like that with the cheap stuff if they're smart like on the bottom and that's where everything is dripping into it that's where the porch can go the same day delivery on the hand truck he won't talk about Nick

that that totem pole of nastiness nap when you're boiling no skins they're completely they're completely nasty completely nasty they smell nasty maybe that nasty ass to go away but often I am not a huge fan of completely Me Maybe you can skim the hell out of it or blanch it wants to get rid of that initial Funk out Blanchett once get rid of it and then and then put it in I mean kenji's tonkatsu recipe is like has like a lot of scrubbing of the bones any way to get rid of the the blood and everything cuz like because he doesn't use roasted pork because he doesn't want it do you want to be blond he doesn't want it to be dark season roasted pork I find unroasted or uncooked pork like unless you do something to rinse away stuff or to blanch it out is Matt has like a nasty a top note on the on the broth so you need to do some form of thing like that with the skin and then maybe it was going to work out I don't think it's going to add a lot of flavor I think it's going to add a lot of gel in a lot of people just add gelatin like so like a lot

people if there's not enough body and they're brought you know like that Puris or like me me me me me but they just throw gelatin and then like as far as you know that's been in consumer not going to know the difference now on the pressure cooker and the less than the idea of the time, to broth is it's exactly the opposite of what you attempt to do in European style brought that you're trying to emulsify all the stuff is coming out into it and so for that typically you need a rolling boil which is why can't she says they're pressure cooker doesn't work so it's other person that you talk about use his recipe but then pulled it out and then I would stick with lecithin to emulsified it may or may not work it may or may not taste the same I don't know a lot of times when things are done in process they taste differently from if you do it one way and then to try to blend of stuff together at the end so it might be different but here's a test at no one's run good for adding pressure cooker stocks taste can taste better rides can taste words can take better have written many thousands of words on this on the on the

you should apply years ago and I haven't done any new experiment so if I said anything now it's it's basically just my distant memory of doing the test years ago so I'm not even try to like comment on that but here's what's not tested inside of a pressure cooker there is very little boiling why because it's already a pressure and it's sealed so once it comes up to a boil and pressurizes your container it's no longer going to boil but if you were to sit there and press the button while you were cooking so that it and I know venting is bad for the in general long-term venting is bad for the Oromo that in flavor the stock according to my old test but it might be interesting on a timecard to broth to just walk up every like 3 minutes let's say and go

and have it like to boil like a lunatic because it boils so violently when you hit that button because all of a sudden you're going from it being like at the boiling point to being like wildly hotter than the boiling points you'll get super violent bubbling with no chance of scorching so it's pretty cool so like like I would say I would run a quick tonkotsu test in a pressure cooker with occasional venting to emulsify and see whether or not you can get a decent result that away do you think we think that it's worth a shot right now if you want to keep going and push in the vent every 3 minutes if you have that much time on your hands while presumably you're still cooking other stuff presumably you're still cooking so it's just like home kitchen

when was the last time when I'm pressured you have that much time to do everything is just going to push this thing and means I broken down whatever meat I'm going to use and then I'm working on other stuff I'm working on other prep until you get that stock going because you know you're eventually going to have to cool it strain it adjusted do all that so the stock it's done early sun-thurs usually prep work to do while it's on the stove in like so like if you sit there you like Jack attack attack attack attack attack attack attack attack attack attack stalker your bad person

go back to attack attack attack attack attack up

now there's the sounds of the kitchen for those that you didn't know you guys were you guys totally anal about that did no noise with a knife or you guys know it's a nice people or do you not care do you not get them really care you don't care you're not like you not like to her with your knife through a tool or you know I like it sounds like it's wrong then obviously you know those people those weirdos who sit there and likes license silence it's takes takes too long to slice in silence

take the exact amount of force into your knife sets that it makes no noise when it when it goes through your object a waste of my life know what do you think of you I think I'm average I never really thought about it I mean we all hate that it's not really my jam how do you how do you work there so long at that's not your jam Nick was the Nick was that was your title over their back when you were their shift famously rough kitchen famously rough kitchen so call me when you take a break call back with your ex famously retro kitchen people I'll be back in a minute cooking issues

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and we're back to mix of saying pigskin spaghetti so don't tell me about some pics in spaghetti for a Chris I'm sure he would be the spaghetti man but you're saying it's hard to pick up because it breaks once you cook the skin and gelatinize is difficult to deal with so I'll say this amount know how he does it but like when you let it cool down all the way if you gelatinize your pig skin and then let it cool all the way it gets kind of tough again I wonder whether he then you can slice it and handle it right and then you can probably retherm it and have it holds long as you don't read them it all the way you don't even as long as you don't melt 100% milk it all the way you can probably reach I'm at now

only break like hell on a plate with it just like I mean you can still get it to look like noodles on a plate it just would be very quick it's like you're being a little brat like a bit of butter whatever like last minute everything is together just needs to get warm through then you put on the plate tell you toss it with the hot stuff and then do you like a quick warm like in the Sally or like in an oven and out or just like to sleep in the pain just like her like chaka chaka chaka at the kitchen chocolate drop late 2018 kitchen never know fuses Milpitas

I will tell the story towards the end I have some stuff I have to get through we have another update on while ago people were calling in about the IU in a series I use that sweet fish sauce a Japanese fish sauce and you seriously you're the one that I gets the squid Got sauce also from Japan from Chicago and and it is in fact available at Mutual trading in Los Angeles so you can call ahead go in there and they're in stock begin my favorite probably fish sauces you guys ever stock that stuff you had it when we used to work with it at that French Corner they're my favorite fish sauce is liked by a lot

check it out anyway so we had a follow-up from poor guy Montana remember that last week's Us so poor guy in Montana tried to use his Hobart clonazepam hasta extruder and actually like it look pretty looks pretty good to know that it looks great see what's wrong with you don't like micro micro that's macro you don't like those like Southern those like Southern Italian like those like Sicilian or like even those like Sardinian pasta to have all that like Roby stuff coming off of them up on the edges and that's from going through the wideye that on the same anyway so what happened was I tried making pasta in the Hobart Mixer was fine it's a beast the Chinese grinder

did not like it so much broke the retaining pin for the grinder plates did make some kind of cool looking noodles are there it is I got to quit twisted and rotated what do you think Nick I like that look like a mother if you drive down a little bit and like and then I cook it off in like a catch a sauce like there's nobody business I can do it just looks very unappealing a my shirts are on the way by the way I order my shirts but they haven't arrived yet at otherwise I'd be wearing it right now Booker didn't order Dax order to low-quality individual shirt what's the low quality individual shirt anyway

people see me with that yeah well I know I'll be wearing it so that that's fine anyway so I like that kind of you guys can't see it but you know it looks like people you ever seen a super magnified human hair yeah like it looks like a super magnified human hair yarn I'm saying we going to wait for catching sauce so we have got a basic physics question this is in from Harlan and DC then I'm too dumb to figure out when I use my cheap hardware store infrared thermometer to measure the surface temperature of fluids I finance a reasonable approximation of the reading I get from a probe thermometer deep in the same environment but obtained with less fuss chiefly this is how I check my coffee water on the Range while stumbling around in the dark each morning but when I try the same technique on a dry pan I get wildly low readings for Essence let's get lit maybe 250 degrees point of the thermometer at the dry

surface however after the oil is added to service llevame read 275 degrees within seconds my intuition here is that if I were to test a surface of the of the dry pan with my hand my brain would not read the temperature as a mere hundred fifty what gives thanks Harlan okay you're dealing with an emissivity problem so do infrared thermometers work as they measure the amount of amount of wavelength of light coming off of it off the object in a particular wavelength I forget exactly what it is summer in the infrared but every object every like material has a different with called emissivity and if that emissivity is different you're going to get wildly different reading so it's calibrated for a particular temperature at a particular emissivity and this is another reason why I'm so like most things in our life or that we measure for cooking are between 9 and ending point 96.9 821 being like the black black black like piece of construction paper black like that's one right and 0 is

like nothing comes out perfectly reflective it doesn't do anything right so the problem is is it water oil all that is like 0.96 very close to the one they all measure relatively actually there going to be a little bit different but once you measure a surface it will always measure that one the same way because the emissivity is you know it stays the same on the surface from time to time and by the way you can get fancy fancy pants are thermometers where you can actually change the emissivity of the reading so they don't crack in the temperature but I don't know anyone that actually does that problem is is that like polish aluminum polish copper anything like this has very low emissivity so like it's like water and is above .9 and oils like .95 then like aluminum pan is like point-to-point for you don't even like lower like much lower and so like even relatively dirty aluminum pan is still a lot lower emissivity than

then most foods that we do and so it's going to read while they different so when you're testing pans you can put a strip of like like heat proof tape down when I used to do what I used to like quickly just paint some stuff on it that I knew I can wipe off that was Matt and that you could see it but you cannot register the temperature of a bare metal pan accurately with an infrared thermometer can't be done anything that people make mistake with a thermometer in NICU seems how many times can you summon truck holds a thermometer like five feet from where they're trying to measure and they pull the trigger and they think that the laser. Is telling them what the temperature is know like what happens is every thermometer and most of them have a picture on the side of a cone and that calling the aspect ratio is kind of what's being red and so you have to imagine in your mind a cone coming out of your thermometer so usually if you want to act right yet to get up on it like I have some very narrow very narrow spot ones that are very narrow but most aren't most are pretty wide and so you got to get

closer to your object than you think and if you're not then she's going to average whatever it's inside that cone is reading so there you go to mistakes people make with infrared thermometers made a mistake is to hand it to your kids and have them run around flashing lasers and people's eyes that's in a mistake all right I hear the weird one I didn't have time to analyze this went to see what you think Nick I'm a mathematician and was recently this is from Tyler and was recently surprised to find a mushroom recipe section on a college professional web page I am perplexed because this is called a mushroom dough and mushroom pie but doesn't make any sense to him so you want it we're going to analyze it ready mix this is at Eunice mushroom pie for the dough for tablespoons is 4 tablespoons mayonnaise


two eggs

just thinking in 1/2 teaspoons soda baking soda then for big tablespoons of flour and why the hell you measuring for big tablespoons of flour once you're on then you're already at like you're already over a quarter cup and then big mean what does that mean this is why you should only measuring grants this is an absurd measurement like 1 tbsp big then you say you know what four teaspoons you know what I mean or like give a gram measurement but like three three four big tablespoons is exactly the kind of measurement that makes me want to punch myself in the face it's like I just suggest me not to do you think I also for multiple reasons not to and then check this

four big tablespoons of flour yet 200 grams of cheese cheese EG mozzarella

rent you fry a pound of mushrooms one or two onions in oil add spices to one or two and mushrooms into the dough and bake 30 or 40 minutes until a nice crust is formed when you think about this Nick I don't I can't imagine what you're making a groupie relatively loose with greens just enough flour to hold it together and then you're mixing this mushroom product into it mushroom presumably as it bakes stays at its own texture which is me but tender enough to not be too tough and so I'm thinking you have to me this sounds like like an overly bound haggis mushroom height is it's like an overly bound mushroom highest not really a addo right like a pudding like a spotted dick or something like this in terms of its ratios you know what I mean

what do you think

I'm looking for the first time what do you think someone said hey Stars I'm glad you're coming over here so we're making would you do it almost sounds like someone like you just opened up a can of like cream of mushroom soup and just put into a pan and I'm going to make this things like blue flowered going to make this right now because I am traveling thing I'm going to see what's going on you know what this is crying for sauce. It feels like it feels like it wants to be the other got to go putting or almost like a scrapple or like a meatloaf he kind of a thing you know what I mean that's what it feels like

kanabec but pie everybody likes a quiche but does not even look across the room

do the Rings gets mixed together right what's your favorite pie that's not a pie

Frito pie Frito pie very strong

you tell your story now beat or what about you you Frito pie fan I haven't tried it

do you agree that Fritos are incredibly delicious snack product

you're terrific we also had someone right in this is checking from Atlanta Georgia I listen for a while but never had a question I do however have a submission for the non-existent enemies equality t-shirt contest we do actually have an enemy quality t-shirt now along with a low quality individual shirt but the shirt that I just made it's kind of cool here waiting naked his enemies equality and it's got an exploding tomato behind open fridge with a tomato in it now

there is recent I eat a past couple of years argument with between Daniel gritzer and the rest of the world on whether or not in fact putting tomatoes into your fridge makes you an enemy of quality and I think at this point it's very complicated but I do like your tomato enemy of quality t-shirt and so yeah look we can we can make it we can add it to our Shopify like we have a Shopify what's it cost at what's the weather was it called

I don't know how she look it up anyway you can buy your enemy a quality t-shirt you can buy your low quality individual t-shirt which is when I'm going to be where I hope it comes by the time I'm traveling so I want to travel around Ireland wearing an enemy equality t-shirt cuz who doesn't also quick update on the spins all I'm almost done with the user manual and we're still on track spends all people so it's looking good have you seen on one more thing before I come to you on your phone right so I can take this out what the question is if you die

and no one finds your body is your dog going to eat your face answer yes he's going to eat your face your face but it doesn't mean that they don't love you because in the wild a dog would eat your stomach it would rip out your insides and eat your soft organs first but pet dogs by the way tend to eat more of their owners than cat how do I do know someone who a cat ate their finger tip once they chopped off their finger in the studio tip and a cat was like nom nom nom nom nom they couldn't get it back country attach it but the other dogs end up just like nibbling part of your face off and then not finishing it am I

do they go for the eyes cuz eyes are soft think they're trying to lick you awake and turned out your dead so they just like or like me but my point is why not I don't feel bad about that do you feel bad about that you cares like if you're gone you're gone you know I hope I'm delicious like I hope I'm tender and delicious for my dog you know what I mean this is why I don't exercise because I want to stay tender and delicious so that my dog to have a good last meal if I happen to go when I'm alone with them speaking of dogs this is the story Nastasia wants me to tell ready for this

okay so I have two dogs major who's the lab and Watson who's like a little like Terrier Lloyd mut thing right that enough and Watson's like a crazy little dog so I'm getting ready to go to China couple weeks ago and I feel the spins all right so literally I'm packed I'm dressed I got I always wear over I always wear like a jacket when I'm on a plane so I can take everything out of my pocket and so did my Jack and into the Jack independent goes I got everything I'm ready to go last thing I have to do before I go is walk the dogs and then I'm about to head out to the airport so I can put the dogs leashes on it put the dogs leashes on somehow the door gets left open am I with loncin where's Watson where's Watson and then

I run outside watches not in the hallways gone so I run down a live in apartment building on downstairs elevator is New York City New York City apartment so if you live in a building that has like a Orthodox Jewish Community if Orthodox Jewish Community cannot touch cannot activate electric buttons one of the many things I cannot do on the Sabbath so from Friday night until Saturday at sundown like all of the elevator like one of the elevators of the to open and shut on all the floors they open and shut on every floor this way if you're going out your legs if you're tired of your older and firm have a handicap whatever. A problem you can just walk into the elevator and I'll take you to your floor without pushing the button to call the Sabbath elevator so anyway so like it happens to be a freaking Saturday morning until the Sabbath elevator is running some like oh my God Watson win the Sabbath elevator so I run downstairs to the security guard in Lego security guard

do you see my dog in the in the elevator and was looking at the at the at the security screens run back upstairs and then otherwise there's my wife Jen is in the hallways just goes

points up and pointed it at the at the elevator and all I see is Watson's leash dangling from the top of the clothes elevator so it's like it's like you see close elevator doors and the dead

did they say run downstairs and somehow I'm like okay look I know he's not in the elevator right because we look at the security footage right on top so because you're not trying to think logically like when you're all freaked out right I'm like the keys on top of the elevator so I don't recall the elevator. I'm trying to like jam the door open cuz it won't stop them like cursing and screaming dropping at 5 and then trying to like chin up to yell up to Watson who I somehow think is on top of the elevator right it's time to manager showed up he's like dude there's no but there's no possible way that he's on top of the elevator how is it going to get there I'll like you're right there's no possible way he's on top of the elevator sound like from assuming he's decapitated he's down in like he's not in the elevator why is there no bloody like pile of dog with head in the in the elevator and what the hell side so I'm like oh my gosh I just run to every floor in the building like one after another by the time I get up to like the 8th floor

17 Watson Runs Out here's what happened this crazy little dog the door shut and the thing starts going and ripping his head off and so he's like his leash in like two seconds flat

how's it going to snap he bit through that thing he's done it before he bit through the leash like this and then that was it he was fine but here's what I'm thinking he was busy upshot of it so what if he had been did then what yes but I mean I still would have had to go to I still have to go to China right right away our I only had like 10 minutes I was about to go to China because going to try would not have made the dog less dead and yet we've been horribly insensitive and yet if I had done that I would have thrown off the production schedule for everybody spends all what would you have done Nick anastacio thinks I'm a bad guy nastase was like no way I would not going to China

if I went to China or just in general

yeah but would you need me to be there

alright listen happy Fourth of July people I'll be back in 2 weeks with cooking issues

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