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Episode 296: Ideas in Food

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every Tuesday from 12:45 oh yeah hey guys

are you doing

it's all in your questions to ask someone +849-728-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128. As usually the studio on the Stasi the hammer Lopez how you doing miss me the past 2 weeks now took the zoom with me the zoom microphone with me and he needed it bad that I forget where they went to where people storing these things

ask a question I don't think about it and we have is we actually got a question in on pasta machines and for that reason my favorite Fiddler of pasta machines Alex Talbot from ideas in food famously snacky ideas in food is on the line how you doing Alex

your well doing well so I have been on the light so I don't know whether he's going to stick around past this initial question but you know it's he does he might want to call him your questions you know do you know you don't always get to ask Alex questions that live on the radio, give me the question so for those of you that don't know the ideas in food you to have been working with the arcobaleno Are chameleons so I think you know you guys were maybe the first people that I was aware of that were normal humans you know like a production facility that started using this kind of smaller format pasta extruder and it's it's awesome right you love it

number of levels of pasta extruders on a restaurant kitchen

it's okay that your man for creativity and I think the demand for better grains and the demand for really exploring the entire landscape of noodles and pushing the boundaries of possibilities and the Search for really the most amazing is growing and developing your machine like cost roughly how much

show the tabletop tax 18 cost of $5,000

damn that's a lot

you put it on the same scale of the Paco Jet and apocalypse jet is for ice cream in a few other things and I think they're phenomenal but I think with a pasta machine you are actually printing money

you will have your return on your investment in less than 6 months for restaurant 100% I like the person who wrote in the question I think it's just an average person at home who really wants one so that mean that that's the market has really no not really being address cuz there's like it's a lot for someone at home

read troubled and then created a machine for that market expensive but it don't matter no more so you can back out of eax-500 by the way is enough for a house

in fact I've got some friends that have small restaurant

accompaniment get back she got in at 5 so they can make a 12:15 order tonight unbelievable noodles now let's let's just get some of the stuff out of the way

all of the inexpensive pasta machine extruder is rather on the market like that attach to stand mixers at or that were made in the 70s these are all garbage

don't make a noodle understand that but part of it is is

like I used to have a DeLonghi beautiful girl like you thousand what 3 mm and bought one and a noodle my jaws I was working on a flower base and also exotic noodles sticking around waiting for things to happen it's hilarious actually looking at them how slowly the pasta comes out it's like it's like a joke it's like a bad joke


horrible that was my mistake the last time I tried to race car starts but I got the you go for four hundred bucks and I thought I could win the race with it and you just can't can't win the race with you go here's the thing though so

update a couple of reasons that those those things don't work right one they're just not powerful enough right and so you have to use a relative even to get the slow rate out of it you need to use a relatively High hydration dough so your noodles are never going to be as good right

be the least amount of moisture possible it looks like when you're mixing it and the problem with the high hydration along with the low Forest of the kind of crappy extruders is that you even if you could dry it out properly the surface just isn't very good of those things cracked Jello through a screen

I guess you'll be more like I don't want to clean the screen after I push the Silly Putty through it now. The videos but basically it does the mixing for you and then after you do the mixing you start extruding so it's like an all-in-one kind of them a machine right oh hey by the way have you ever used I was considering buying one but they're like three hundred bucks and I'm on a complete spending freeze until we start shipping the spins Al's us even when that works but the used one of those like a big lie presses that you like actually like like screw down to a bench and then you use that looks like a wine press to extrude those things ever use one of those yeah if they have the beautiful Allure of yesteryear

I'm sure you would figure a way to retrofit it was some sort of drivetrain so that you weren't sitting there being in the guy sitting there twisting it for the force

that's not what nastassia says but I think a couple of times but you don't want to do every you're not going to you're not going to be like hey let me make a big lie tonight right I mean

please turn off machine with dinner and make pasta with the machine with the extreme with Extrusion it's not the same as with as with a regular she did pasta dough right in terms of rest times at that stuff just doesn't apply in one of these machines right information about with and rest time not a lot of what's happening this is what we're paying attention to hydration so go with me extruder you're looking at it could be absorbed by the semolina or the Durham or whatever Grant you working with hydration

that's the power right I always when I want to do things kind of quickly at home I always cheat into a higher hydration and then just ended as flour the hell out of it the first couple of times passes through the through the she Theatre until it stopped being tacky and I know that that's probably not the best way to do it but it is a fast way to do to home you don't I mean

you better be cooking it right away as opposed to you I'm going to roll it out and put in the fridge cuz you're going out and put in the fridge and it's going to it's going to keep hydrating and yeah no no that's how it's a it's a right away company got to keep everything really separate because it wants to stick together blah blah blah blah blah

I mean pasta is like like like one of the like moisture like moisture management the miracle of moisture management problems that there is anyway so this is all about the machine and the reason I'm practicing all this to the question that this that poor poor guy from Montana road in is that the miracle of these machines is not just the Extrusion but they also facilitate the proper mixing of the dough and that to make the dough in a separate machine and then feed it into an extruder might be more difficult if you have lips like a KitchenAid as your primary mixer do you find you think that's true or do you think it's false craft Pastaria he's got some larger arcobaleno and what you want your pounds of pasta a day in his restaurant so he has a larger Hobart and intend dry mixes

is Joe and then just dropped into the hopper so he's always be staying one step ahead and and can do it so on a smaller scale yeah you can do it you can you can mix in a KitchenAid and then kick it into something else and extrude it because he doesn't want to waste the time to have it makes instead of just being extruding hundred percent of the time

all the time anymore

he can go non-stop Madison Wisconsin Right Chef pots in the chef in underground Meats in Madison

I lost that they don't get it I'm sorry I did to you and Johnny Johnny Hunter the the chef from underground meet friend of the show out in Madison Wisconsin he uses this is more prefaces questions I'm a big believer in multiple prefaces to every question he uses his large Hobart meat grinder as a Masa grinder which I've never tried but I know a couple other people that have done it they basically what I'm practicing here is it the the actual real Hobart meat grinder is strong enough to extrude Masa dough probably and grind probably strong enough

text rude pasta dough right to hear my questions cuz here. I'll reach I'll redo now poor guy from Montana's question since you guys are professional restaurant equipment producer designers I want to ask you a question has been driving me crazy why doesn't anyone make brass plates to stick into a meat grinder and extrude pasta with a number 12 Hub meat grinder is cheap I wouldn't ever use a plastic scooter is expensive could I get a machinist to fabricate some brass plates for my cheap Chinese Hobart attachment and extrude pasta to my heart's Delight poor guy from Montana right now here's here's here's my thoughts and then you just go off ready one meat grinder auger slightly different from a pasta auger the pasta otters have looked at on the web have a constant pitch rather than kind of an accelerated Pace like a meat grinder has that's 1/2 you're going to want to remove the cutting blade off of the end of the meet auger meat grinder auger and replace it with j

a spacer because you're not going to want that cutting Force right behind your extruding die but other than that I think it might actually work what do you think

allow yourself to get to where you want to go buddy

do you want to get the pasta machine it mean if you want to adapt it for a couple days in a year or so to see if it works but I think if you're going to start your day off so you can have a demand for it to be W shooting pasta dough is

not a long-term solution let's say you're let's say that you are your handle is literally poor guy from Montana and you know you already own grinder because like you know like two or three times a year you grind a whole elk through it because you know the elk you know it's running through trampoline on your garden anyway so you shoot that elk right in the heart and grind it through your Hobart you have the Hobart sitting there you know you don't have a couple of grand I would bet that you could find cuz you're the other thing like I don't know a lot about the plate sizes in in pasta extruders but there are several different plate size is it on eBay you can get individual pasta plates for like the dyes for like I don't know I forget like a hundred bucks right out something like that it seems to me that you could probably have someone made an attachment for the Hobart there at least let you try it

and obviously if you were going to do it professionally you know obviously you know you want to go professionally but I think I think you might be able to get some tests I do think you need to remove the blade to do you think so we think the blade wouldn't be a problem

no I mean I mean if you look at the small meat grinder attachment anyway the smallest the smallest size they make that's almost like a beagle e Wright and see what happened to work but on the dice for those things don't they there what was their Champion aren't they too kind of like gently screwed exclude to the to the face surface like they're not it's not like it's not like a deep through all the way through isn't it or no

big day to extrude like if you were going to extrude something through a plate and it went from it went from being a completely unexcavated to the final hole size and then had to Traverse the entire length of the diet that diameter I think it's going to be a lot harder for the machine to handle then if it's champ champ Road in the back and then like only has to pass through that thin Place once through a small small distance of going through that thin area don't you think so

so it depends on the shapes like a spaghetti die

on the back of the spaghetti so I can actually come out at the Shell now do you think that I know that like for various texture reasons yada yada yada you know brass is the material of choice or bronze as material choice for these guys but do you think that the stainless steel plates would work just as a test to see how well it would work out to go through a meat grinder about getting a bronze die poor guy from Montana came like take the blade out of the back just put a bushing on at 2 to take up the slack and see whether or not he can push it through that so you know through the you know the medium or the or the I don't know how to find the plate and plate he had but just test to see whether it works

exactly right for like Beyond Revolution

they make pasta place for those home style but so it's not too much of a difference as well to use the like an actual proper hydration dough the other thing I'm concerned about is isn't your pasta auger longer for its diameter than a meat auger is

I think it depends on your machine part of the actual compression and hydration is happening in the augering procedure

the machine while you're having a little earlier on right right right but is the neck longer for the diameter of the auger that would be cuz like a KitchenAid meat grinder which I am no fan of I love the KitchenAid by the way but I'm zero fan of their meat grinder the auger is extremely short on that and also plastic to I don't know that you're going to be able to generate I don't know you have the time to get the dough in the proper consistency consistency from that crumbly thing to being perfect go in the Travers time of that of that particular meat grinder because the auger is so short even if you had enough power to you know overcome it you know what I'm saying I mean

removing a little bit slower and you can't do nothing by the way so poor guy from Montana is using a Hobart knock off from China and something I will tell you about Motors is that a lot of Motors really really really really do not enjoy being loaded beyond their stated capacity right and so I guarantee you that the good people at the Hobart Corporation have taken into account the fact that everyone and you know and their sibling is going to completely and utterly abused their product and most commercial like actual name brand commercial restaurant equipment that I've ever used you can beat the ever-loving crap out of it and you might you might snow flip a thermal you might melt the safety you might be no boil water you might burn your hand on the motor but afterwards going to come back to life like knockoff versions like I often find like you know they use cheap

gears TV might break the gear in in a situation if you could have pasta dough is a lot of freaking Force you don't I'm saying and so you want slow Extrusion with extremely high force and so you know you might run into problems with the with the Hobart with the Hobart knock-off there where as as you're saying you know what would like the real one is here it's going to work on Octonauts going to be too fast for it's not but I wouldn't worry that I'm going to destroy the machine because I'm presuming it's built with a level of quality that can withstand that whereas you know it you know if you think the thing might be like a complete sham pain meet but then you know you try to shove something that's really hard into it and you and you fry it take my nixtamatic my Masa grinder wheel turns to Masa like a champ cuz that's what it's designed to do but you put you put like peanuts with sugar you know how do you know how when you processed sugar and nuts together it turned into like basically concrete

Galaxy ever done that one like like the paste turns like concrete cuz I was doing it to try to get Maxima oil extraction and it's these the machine and then like the giant puff of smoke out of the back and came back to life thank goodness but you know you know when you overload something you have to be careful especially if it hasn't been designed with thermal protection in mind just a little bit tip know I'm not poor guy that we have at least two people in Montana that are listening it's amazing I've got to what's your question I'd like you do my Burgers low temp at your little butter in the bag maybe I like when they're done I have delightful bag juice is usually about half boil

half liquid tend to do is brush it on the buns and Grill the buns and it's delicious but they're two problems one is Sometimes using the brush you end up with just oil and just water so I saw that one animal lecithin and Blended in the mall still really really rummy makes the funds really soggy when I was wondering is there a way to get that juice into something resembling a mayonnaise or a spread that I could spread on the van before hitting them on the grill I mean I aleksandra let you chimed in for a second but in a second but like a lot of the a lot of this especially if you're doing this in kind of service restaurant situation it wouldn't when I was working with juices out of bags or anything like this

saucisson on Brazzers excetra typically what I would do is I would use yesterday's bag juice to work with today's product and what that does for you is it gives you some extra time to then if you if you have that you know fat from yesterday then sure you can make a mayonnaise out of it you know like traditionally like with egg white you can do whatever you want you know you can pre boil the bag juice to get rid of the actress, proteins strain it all through with the liquid you know take an egg yolk mayonnaise it or use any of the kind of more modern techniques to do it and then use yesterday's product on today's burger and like that's the easiest way because I find it most of the interventions are going to let you do anything rather than just brush it on aren't a I'm just going to do this while this thing is you know finishing or getting ready to go out because it just takes a little more it's just a little more frantic frantic or hectic if you do it that way Alex what do you think

well speaking with you about a nun on the line about it that actually sounds like a prime use for your spins off in the sense that I would take all the juices of the fat have the liquid and have thus come take the Baton the liquid and then you'll to make my beautiful mayonnaise with a fat in the liquid and then get rid of scum in 1 China and beat you have to scrape production but you you would use yesterday's product you use yesterday's game the same experience but would be your Technique I do have some

let's just go back to your actual problem for sex if you're trying to do it with today's with today's product right what I would do is I would let the issue with mayonnaise and general other than it is delicious is that you want to stay within the within the proper ratio of fat to liquid so you going to want to stay about 80% fat or thereabouts if you go if you go too much more liquid than that it's going to get too thin if you go too much little Neil a lot more fat than that is not right on spot 80% right and then if you go too much above that you could break you're going to get that shimmery look at the top and break so what you could do if you want to do this on the quick as you could Prix start a mayonnaise right so if you please if you take an egg yolk and you know you pre start a mayonnaise but don't don't like let it stay thin but not not broken

don't fully mounted up to its full capacity then you can you can go pure fat from the bag back in along with the mixer alternatively because you know if you read Harold McGee an egg yolk and really we can really take a lot more oil than where we're used to let's say your bag juice to Fat ratio is around 80% in that range then you can pre make a mayonnaise fully mounted up right to mayonnaise the texture then just whisk your your whole garbage together and then into the mayonnaise and it should hold it I mean I would test it now it's what would you add to stabilize it would you add anything to stabilize or do you think this would work I think would work

do we lose Alex Dave maybe he'll call back in I think it'll work mayonnaise is a little bit I hope we will call back in mayonnaise can be a little bit tricky we we used to teach the class with the Harold McGee at the SEI we would we would make a gallon of mayonnaise out of one egg yolk and it's always a little bit trying like you know is like we always get like really close to the gallon and then it would finally break but you know like I know you can you can do pretty well it's just about keeping your liquid to to Fat ratio proper and also obviously have to add salt and whatnot or mayonnaise is God awful and it's nice to have a little acid in Oregon man is I know I don't like mayonnaise without some acid in it because it's just that it's in kind of insipid garbage I've never made a mayonnaise with butter I don't know why maybe because I'm a low quality individual

so we can sell another three t-shirt but the but there's a Famous Recipe his name just went out of my head but he was the might still be for all I know the head chef of valrhona chocolate famous guy I don't know why I can't remember his name and one of his like kind of Famous Recipes is a mayonnaise made with cocoa butter with like chocolate cocoa butter and he has to keep that mayonnaise a kind of at the right temperature because once the cocoa butter solidifies the mayonnaise breaks and so it's like keeping it warm but it's a warm mayonnaise and so I can do a butter takes longer to solidify then

thanks Dana cocoa butter. But you probably going to want to keep it in the range where the butter is going to be fluid because mayonnaise is built around a fluid oil Bob is here but not so hot that you curl the egg yolk and I'm saying I'm fat by the way this is one of the reasons that I really liked it so low temperature Meats in general steaks specifically I often like to finish with liquid oil like olive oil one because I find it delicious like a finishing oil like a new Italian style thought you liked that write like a like a steak with olive oil on top but also because I just adding a little bit of liquid fat on top of the steak help prevent that waxing us that can happen if you let purest Akon steak action like sit around too long and can do and nobody likes Amanda maybe somebody likes that waxy I guess on a roast be

sandwich that wacky waxy texture is what you're looking for

but not what I'm saying you don't talk about that wax you know I'm talking about that waxy that waxing but yeah I'm not at work and then we can fuck around with him or it's difficult when you can stick in the water base of the of this stuff right and then if you emulsify at the entire thing will be thicker but it ain't going to be mayonnaise you know what I mean meme mayonnaise is like you know a minor miracle like I love mayonnaise to my attention a couple years ago there some people that don't like mayonnaise and I just don't understand that like like you know I just don't get it cuz mayonnaise it's like such a miracle kind of a product but anyway let it let us know how your

Manny said were the main fat thickeners that people use to thicken fat I don't happen to like them because the ones at least that I have used require a lot of a lot to take stick in the stuff up properly and that out for sure yeah is that available at Meijer

it was like 1% if not less really never Unruh played around with that like you know back when I last time I worried about this was literally 10 years ago and you know and all all we had then was like mono and diglycerides and stuff is nasty to use as a thickener I mean it's awesome stuff but it's nasty to use it as if they can her because you're using like five 6% of mono and diglycerides to thicken your stuff up mean am I wrong about that if you had any good luck with that stuff now right

no I

is it worked out really well and she was trying to figure out what to do with this stuff when it first became available until people were doping it directly into oil a huge rates actually thicken the oil but not only is it nasty at those levels but like the texture is wildly temperature dependent and so you know you have it would go waxy super quick as it cooled off you know what I mean

anyway so any of those things could try some traditional mayonnaise or you know whatever you know what what else is talking about and what percent what percentage do you say Dad

go back to my note could you give me 30 seconds on the new thing called the internet I can look on our website you see Twilight well hopefully this is helpful and you will have great success either using a traditional technique or or a modern technique and then let us know how let us know how it works out beautiful out there wait what do you say Alice 1% 1% yeah where were you guys used to be in Colorado right now

Colorado for four years and then we actually spent the season out in White Sulphur Springs White Sulphur Springs there

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all right we'll have a caller caller on the air what are you got for us

okay and then infused the meringue with the yeah

okay here's a trick of powdered egg whites powdered egg whites come in various different qualities so like way back in the day I'm talking like in the 90s I haven't researched it recently liked a lot of Chinese a lot of egg white dried egg white came out of China and it had like very particular properties as opposed to other ones I forget it was really likes for certain things and not for others but the recently the powdered egg whites have seen her all relatively new to a relatively clean the issue with the powdered egg white if you want to allow proper time for hydration in the wrong about this Alex or no

hydrated but I be using concentrated mint

get your or liquid and then and then the powdered egg whites and to make the make it happen it's like buying commercial mint tea is the easiest way to get a relatively stable liquid mint flavor and then dope it with mint oil actually attempting to get to Midway was real and mint tea is real trying to take mint from the garden and getting a stable kind of mint flavor I find to be exceedingly difficult If You Ever Had Me Like perfect luck with that Alex or no I think it's really hard to show grassy has been properly Almaty has been dried once it's dried my impression is that it's relative It's relatively more stable and then it's being steeped in hot water which also makes it

Tivoli more stable but you will not have the freshness that comes from the oil it'll be a different flavor which is why I would dope back in a little bit a little bit cuz I guess it will theoretically will destabilize the egg whites but the little bits not going to kill you but I was opening for freshness why what do you think I was that again

I couldn't hear you color


wait I wouldn't use just straight oil I would use because the oil is a certain portion of the mint flavor and like a lot of that's the flavor that you would lose from cooking them it from blanching it which is what's going to basically what's going to be happening when you're making the mint tea or going to get more of a cooked mint flavor I really think if you want an integrated mint experience especially if you want that color from the moment that you're going to want to you're going to want to do two steps you going to want to buy the mint tea steep it and then add the oil if you want just mint flavor sure you could just use regular egg whites and dope it with a little mint oil I know after it after it I would say probably after you whipped it when you say I would probably after you whipped it I would stir stir it in it and pipe

if I went to Switzerland while in there right and it's going to kill it somewhat but like once it's stabilized whipped sugar you should be able to get a little bit of it and which is all you're going to need real right you know prior to piping and yeah you could fake it then with color but I think you're going to be just have like a much more integrated experience if you

if you make the tea and then use the powdered egg white and by the way like you can have a portion of it be powder that's like you know you know Johnny iuzzini used to use a lot of powdered egg white in conjunction with a actual egg white when only a portion of liquid base needed to be highly flavored you need to be bolstered so you know it's not an all-or-nothing proposition

dust the customer and what you got to do with dried mint will Nitro model Mentos still unless it's blanched is going to go really low black so you have to blanch it first and as soon as that meant hits as soon as I hit heat it loses the magic of fresh mint it's not there anymore it just it's not the same it doesn't have that hyperfresh honestly like another thing you could do is you could do a Nitro muddled Mint or a dried mint into the meringue straight without worrying about it and then after it's cooked missed some of like missed a small amount of

oil on the top to get that and that'll probably also give you a lot of that I meant to take some miniscule amount of mint oil to bring that men penis out so you find that like adding even a little bit of mint oil to the meringue we know makes the meringue cuz I'm sure you're both of you seen that you add a little bit of oil and you you get a lot of bubble popping it's not that it's it's not as much of a disaster as you know the old cookbooks and lead you to believe but it's definitely not your friend for like a boomerang that stable enough to sit there and pipe and then and then bake out

well yeah I don't have any access to Natural yeah I'm working on that but what if I see how the IRS is going to help you in this situation since is not really an infusion problem I think you know it's also not really a whipping problematic egg whites are a lot better in except for cocktail style egg whites like meringues are a lot better like with a beater you know what I mean and

and let them sit in your egg whites for a day in the refrigerator is that right most of the the oil that flavor stuff is on the bottom of the leaves and these little kind of like this kind of like you know whatever I forgot the name of them so it's a little oil things on the bottom of the lease yeah and then

that's the issue isn't that meant is perhaps the most susceptible to Leaf damage in terms of flavor that swampy spinergy grassy flavor of any common herb it's the most acceptable so like you know and if there's any Oxygen around it when it's doing its thing then it's going to go kind of Swampy on you so you might want to like if you have a vacuum machine if you wanted to try an infusion in your egg white a freshman I would definitely try it under a vacuum to try to get the oxygen out because there's enough residual oxygen in a mint leaf to make it go swampy just on its own as soon as it starts getting damaged because it's going to get damaged from being under the liquid and you don't have to say what do you think I'll send you think so vacuum is the way to go here I think you can get an egg whites is a hilarious procedure if you have somebody else doing it you have to be like really

you have to really look at your bag because once an egg white start spoiling the bubbles don't pop readily and so your bag tends to fill up pretty quickly with a bubble so you going to want to use a way oversized bag and you're going to want to have plenty of room in your vacuum chamber and you're going to want to keep your finger on the stop button so that you don't otherwise it's going to be kind of a loss as to what more of a pain in the butt egg whites or milk for this kind of a thing but you know they're both kind of pains in the butts in a vacuum is Chivas in my experience and vacuuming those things are just watch out cuz they're paint them call them incompetent even though you would have done the same thing and then force him to clean it that's always the way

before the Freshman would you know if you were going to blanch it then you might then you can do anything what do you blanch them in then you know all bets are off you can do whatever you want you can blend it you can do no roll it into a cigarette and smoke it because you know you've already lost the stuff that you're trying to keep in there for having you know having it be hyperfresh so I mean I mean Alex he might disagree with me but I would say that if you're if you're going to blanch it then I would just don't sweat it that's Blended and attitudes for egg white and feet away you know what I mean at the end I like folded in I really like the powdered dry idea like really finally powder and a spice blender and then and then fold it in at the end is always I think that actually is a nice way to go and then maybe missed him a little fresh mint oil afterwards what do you think Alex that might be the easiest of all of it

Amity and then with egg white that's the most integrated but if you didn't want to go through the pain in the ass and doing that your idea of powdering to dry then maybe with a like an additional

little bit might be might be good what do you think Alex would have loved as well like in the in the meringue proper but I guess just a dusting also denied a bunch of different ideas to try to explore it's it's like giving him some ideas in food with his cooking issues

alright thanks alright we'll listen well I didn't get to all the questions today but thanks so much I have a question on some coffee brought that I will get you next time in pressure cooker Alex thanks so much for coming on the show it's always a pleasure to have you I will be back next week with more cooking issues thanks for listening to Heritage Radio Network food radio supported by you for a freshest content and to hear about exclusive events subscribe to our newsletter enter your email at the bottom of our website Heritage Radio Network. Org connect with on Facebook Instagram and Twitter at Heritage underscore radio

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