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Episode 295: BACON, pt. 2

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usual with mustache and a hammer location is not here she is in New York City and Dave is also not in the booth because we are a pre-recorded from the Ace Hotel in Pittsburgh but we do have just like last week the evil cocktail Overlord of the universe Donley I guess he's supposed to be benevolent I thought you liked being a secret evil evil the operative word is Secret

so we've so refresh me because it's a little late in the evening I know you're much more into this kind of Star Wars Universe timeline which it like when is he good as he's good when he's Senator Palpatine know when does Amidala still listen to it

when will his name is what that's why it's a secret Overlord in the beginning he secret bad who is the password of I swear to God folks his title is in a national mixologist for Pernod Ricard that true story Kevin it's just Nashville David about Canada I think we have we have something grandfathered in Canada to America you been to Mexico look like Mexico it's best place on Earth do they have their own Kevin Denton or are you the cavendon of Mexico as well call Kevin and you can't call him your questions because this is pre-recorded but if you could you could have called in about the bar program at WD 50 or an older about what

doing at Panera card now but by the way the reason we're doing this for the past week and a half to be doing a multi-city tour discussing new and interesting bar techniques or down and I have been doing demonstrations two bartenders in Pittsburgh Denver and San Diego about kind of new techniques in the barn is free but also they've been doing presentations the folk good folks from death and Company and and and what not have been doing presentation. What was their presentation of training important I think people don't people it was actually really good talk people don't take training don't take training Sunday don't take it seriously they don't think far enough in advance but how important training is both in it in a culinary Ashley standpoint and I guess they do people take training more seriously in a culinary standpoint not in front of house but in back of house but Bart Know bar training I think it's an important

important thing and it's taken seriously people who are working as consultants doing multi like multi they're doing multiple bars they can always be there right what think you made a good point earlier that like if you really want to know something you should have to teach someone how to do it right if you train someone then you really have to know what you're doing in the first place and I feel like those guys really know what they're doing and therefore are really able to articulate good training as a dumbest damn saying in the whole freaking world like if you can't in The Culinary world and many other worlds as soon as well if you can't teach it means you don't have any idea what the hell you're talkin about you and I mean there are people who are just non-community kind of savant to a really good price

michener's but you know the inability to be able to articulate what you're doing and teach the next like group of people how to do it just means that you're may be useful for your customers but you're not useful to the Future profession so crappy crappy saying and we have new guest today wrote a book that just came out this this year called the Bloody Mary and I would say it's the lure give me the full of War legend of the classic cocktail of brunch and beyond for every little school kid who's ever wanted to Aspire to make a Bloody Mary Lorraine Legend the book itself the Bloody Mary book published by 10 speed in March of 2017. Basically establishes the background history of the Bloody Mary

how it came to be named the Bloody Mary and also 50 recipes three different categories encapsulating classic recipes Mana recipes and then housing party large-format recipes give me some quick history so bloody mary is it some sort of Mary Queen of Scots thing or what it means she didn't drink tomato juice what we come to know today as our are favorable first cocktail of the day so what's the what's the current accepted history of the Bloody Mary cocktail established in in corresponding with Mary Warren Barton who is a socialite Philadelphia socialite if there ever was one

Laura Barton if I had the $50 to go down to City Hall I would change my name to war Bartlett right over the next after her first name which is nice but unremarkable when it could have been called the Bloody War part sounds like a scotch group in Florida there was a

George Jessel was a vaudevillian Entertainer comedian-actor when have you ever seen a masseter in the 50s really is that

barrel chest is back at Bob Hope was at the time he was probably life 1850 cause a lot of trouble in Florida some vaudevillian dude 20s he was looking behind the bar after an all-night drinking out outfit with all his friends and they were trying to stay off it was 8 a.m. and he grabbed

I'm sorry I wholeheartedly believe either but it gets associated with every Bloody Mary story that's ever been Mine by bazzi Wikipedia fact that Kevin Denton showed me the Bob Hope was born in 1903 years old like before 1950s to be a hundred he died in like last year in Smirnoff Peddler and and Mary warbritton her hanging out sweating there sweating their took his his off a 1927 Florida and the guy happens to find a buttload of tomato juice behind the bar why you would have tomato juice in 1927 in Florida only God knows

what happened

he makes all of these are you basically assembles wurster sure lemon juice vodka vodka what she calls vodki because I was a potato a rancid smelling spirit this isn't okay go ahead it brings all of these all these items together along with a tomato juice which is just only recently been canned the Sacramento Corporation in Michigan and once he puts for Mary Warburton and all his other friends everyone's deemed it an actual acceptable Savory drink they're all talking drinking and having fun still up all night and the drink it spilled on Mary wore Martens white dress and she jokingly says George now you can call me a bloody mary wait till

weird like is it just a blood references in a sexual reference is it like is it some sort of like your dad was in the band yet but like it's Gametime very much not to like you know this but this is one of those stories it to me sounds like a horse hockey also like I don't know whether you've ever had a drink next by a vaudevillian in the morning when they're hungover in the piss hot heat but she shared me know at that time of day that sounds like crazy talk to me

not vodka town like no one in Florida then was drinking vodka know you know you know Martha Stewart wasn't even like alive and much less drinking so no one was drinking like like vodka and Florida at that point and

you know it just seems very not sort of feasible actually developed in and was eventually I think it's a published was because of Fern and pets you pee pad to you as his nickname was the King Cole bar st. Regis in New York it's like it'll be like a 10 oz Martini but that's a nightmare give me to 5 oz martini

what has happened to 5oz martinis is what you want but also go for the mural Humpty Dumpty beautiful mural painted with a recently did a anniversary Bloody Mary party a couple years ago

what's the name of the man who brought basically what I am liking to say is the gesell

on the Cadillac ATS you took it out onto the highway and developed it so there's been a hard enough time locating the identity of who created the Buddy Guy died when did Pesci die late 60s early 70s Show article that George Jessel created it but then I developed it so what do you put in the main causes Jessel do exactly which is why I think that's what he garbage out the Bloody Mary is pet peeves it's patio so I get Patchy the credit for establishing to let him but I like listening to David one ring true for those of you who aren't in the cocktail world is like the cocktail writer about history par exsalonce but I enjoy the hist

trees of the cocktails but I find them almost always to be garbage and unsatisfying and most etymologies I find unless they are they just don't have to do it you have to talk about it people as before but it doesn't really talk about why you think XYZ thing is important right so let's get to them more important meet rather than trying to think of like these knucklehead hungover fools in the twenties in Florida which why would you live in Florida before air conditioning

why would you live in that there's no Deet right you had no need you had no air conditioning you got in the 70s

hey without air conditioning it's just skaters and Gators all freaking day Palmetto palmetto bugs sulfurous groundwater like Florida is fine now because we have civilization to override be inherent nightmare that is the flat sandy bar that is that state of Florida fine place but not in the freaking 20s right house that are in fact like these cows that are bred there's a skinny scrawny weirdo cows they can stand hanging out in the humid heat poor soil Palmetto eating like bug nastiness that is Florida prior to modern technology

San Michele sheep of the Fleur mini I've never had a Florida Cracker cow someone out there no bad about the son of a cow it's a cow it's like in fact there's a whole sub there's a guy named red what's his last name I forget he's a a pastor and a pallet maker he's alive today don't make fun of this man is a real life with children and he made out of nylon because in Florida it's so humid that if you make a leather whip it will rot into nothingness and in like two seconds flat above until the kangaroo leather is the best of kangaroos everybody knows that kangaroo leather is the finest with making leather in the world this is like if you don't know that why am I even talking to you like if this is not just a freaking given

kangaroo leather is the toughest suplest best cracking whip leather that God has ever created and then there is no further discussion for us to have about any subject can kangaroo leather. Com you know the guy David Morgan who made the whips for the Indiana Jones movie he he obviously Australian kangaroo high for his better with some times with some kind of BS regular like how belly on the inside and just Kangaroo on the outside for his lesser whips the yeah Australia is the best

whip producing country in the world by far and it's because they have the best raw materials they are the DRC if you will with me and it's just a known fact and fee with Strange's is that all of us as Americans are completely obsessed with the bullwhip because we grew up with Indiana Jones and his crappy Fedora which is by the way War a crappy Fedora it's like I'm just going to go ahead and say that I love myself some Harrison Ford he wants push me aside and an art event years ago and I was like I was shoved aside like a piece of garbage by Harrison Ford I finally made it in the art World in New York and

you know I love Harrison Ford but that is not what the traditional Australian whip is like they they use a different style of whip in Australia and I think since they have the kangaroos we should probably look at their style of wet because they probably have something to tell us

just saying I don't know how we going to do you like Bloody Mary's Flowers weird my question so I do a lot of work with cocktails sometimes like I do a lot of work but sounds like we do order that I might know I don't know I would not over that I would have a glass of rozay instead so do you actually order the Bloody Marys and why is it only a breakfast rank is because Gloppy and don't want to drink Lobby stuff at night

or what well it was the first cocktail ever learn to make I had to learn to make it in order to be a bartender so that was part of my introduction and a huge part of it if I wanted to be a p.m. bartender if I want to learn how to make cocktails at the make a Bloody Mary at brunch part 1 part 2 was bartender side what's a brunch customer like

when I was learning to make Bloody Mary or what the modern-day version of a brunch customer is like and their correspondence or communication is sometimes a little gray with the people I understand that you're still trying to wake up you're trying to get like you should either one of mimosa or Bloody Mary Bryan like there's two things Gone Big Water once a big water Drinker kind of confusing but at the same time you write the Mimosa book

I don't have to make a lot of emotions and my 20-year career is barking I actually didn't have to make a lot of money they had to make I'm Dante what are your thoughts on the Blaney I don't think much about the drink Bellini can be delicious often is not the same feeling about Bloody Mary so why don't you tell me why so many Bloody Marys are garbage and how you make when it's not good


follow up on your previous question I actually my pallet had to evolve that's how I got to like Bloody Marys and surgery and gave him a little bit more what did you just called your palate is somewhat being checked which is important but at the same time first

well why do you choose to write a book a Bloody Mary's you say it's the first make you had a perfect second like why or what makes a bloody mary good and so many are garbage and why are so many garbage and third I'll tack on today

why is only a breakfast drink is it because nobody wants to drink Lobby drinks at dinner

I don't need him to chime in Dave has plenty of opinions by the way I don't mean to be in a pejorative way I got so involved in it the more I started writing about it and researching and developing the Bloody Mary's was I actually don't like the viscous soupy thicker versions of Bloody Mary's I think they're the bad Bloody Marys are the prepackaged Bloody Marys at their house made I'm a little bit more inclined to try them and actually in the books or that I've been doing everybody's been been telling me that their responsibilities Mary's and how they enjoy them that much more in the last 5-10 years has been directly related to

people who are creating them

creating them from like the ground up and I think that's important actually because you're channeling a certain kind of

texture and dimension with however you making a bloody mary if you're using pre-packaged Bloody Marys, please please please please play you don't pull out the Kraft singles

Kraft singles are great on certain things Kevin Kevin dad is giving me the stink-eye

I'm just glad she's play Superior like singles are better than most bloody Mary mix I know it's apples oranges but in the grand scheme of things true three bags Bloody Mary mix two random ones for you one V8 is a base instead of other stuff

well I have to backtrack a little bit I had a V8 V8 or tomato juice I never drink it. I think I tried when I was a little kid and I didn't like the taste of it is at least a love the weird little cans with a pull tab in the absurdly small teardrop shaped hole in the VA right go ahead who don't like Bloody Marys are more akin to actually being open-minded about liking stuff like that it's actually a vast impressed by like how people feel about like

it was a gateway drug to despacho for me because I never liked the Bloody Mary but I do like to spot you know what I don't like Blended gazpacho that has been put through a vacuum to suck the air out gazpacho that looks like a freaking phone meme s what if you like any what is the San Marino the one that's made with the bread like turn leftover bread that just means that you hate quality you hate everything this is why you cheat and use a blender but on a vacuum machine so you can suck the air out and get the color back and they can spot you this was literally the first thing I taught people how to do in culinary school with the vacuum machine is take tomato puree and stop it from looking like nonsense that comes out of a freaking blender

it's so gross gross disgusting people don't like that so I'm playing my wife and you're going to you're playing me convince me I don't I don't like drinking in the morning I don't want a bloody mary you're a dumbass convince me

play New Year me yet convinced me I don't understand why it's not like drinking in the morning like 3 in the morning and all things coffee Dave we have kids this is irresponsible why would I want to get more so now you're going to take the Virgin Mary and he's trying to hurt me

why should you not have alcohol in the morning cuz I do what I want

why should you have alcohol in the morning coming from three bartenders it's a well-known fact that once you're in the airport there is no time

we're convincing okay I've got a real simple if you don't want to bring the morning don't do it no one cares no Pier pressure if you want it you can just wait are you guys are the three of you saying that I can walk into a bar in the evening time when the sun is gone down and say excuse me I work in the nighttime this is the morning give me a bloody mary or can I say I'm a regular person this is the night time for me and I would like a Bloody Mary


so this is yet another barrier to good taste that has been thrown out the window like when you're allowed to wear white clothing when you're allowed to order a gin and tonic but you could say it. But I can do anything I can do I can shove pencils up my nose like blackhead you don't order Bloody Marys at night do you have you ever wondered has never give me the location of the tender stop the man who wrote a book on Bloody Marys while trying to get to the man bought a book on Bloody Mary is here we have Donley's supposedly benevolent cocktail Overlord Kevin Den Grand Junction Co Ricard USA and I have a man that says he doesn't know what I you can this be honest Mary's which is occasionally

typically when I want some you know what the best time to have a Bloody Mary is on a long morning flight when you don't leave first thing in the morning like first thing in the morning I just want to go to sleep right when you bored at 8 in your arm like a three or four hour flight the thing is the mrs. t's spicy Bloody Mary mix related to mr. T character mr. T's a human

at any rate it is a fool once you have that like sometimes you want that chilled salty Savory thing to sort of press the button that some peanuts or some garbage like cookie is not going to press cookies morning flight man when you fly cattle class you don't get the delicious cookies all right you're in the back and you're like I'm going to split this mr. and mrs. T's with somebody next to me because 16 out of 12 oz is too much of it and you need to cut it like with a little bit of water but when it's a little water down and a little salty and little Savory that's kind of a lifesaver mid-meal particularly if you're flying and changing a bunch of time zones and you're getting in like we're closed for lunch at 3 or it's morning where you are now like it's sort of a mediator of time zones where you can have a Savory thing anytime

I like it but I like it best cuz I'm not a morning Drinker either I don't like taking the morning and you know I don't do brunch that off and when I do is with kids and not with that also I'm not drinking like a I like Bloody Mary not in a full cocktail format I like it in a shorter shot format in a group before I'm about to have a bunch of Raw Bar because to me like those like go together really well so like you're going to have like the equivalent of a half a cocktail you going to shoot a real fast and you're going to have it right before you're about to pound like a whole boatload of like mussels shrimp oysters that kind of stuff that's a wind crab crab if you're going to have a lot of crab Bloody Mary tomato delicious is a good mixer for sure if you're a weenie that has to have cocktail sauce with their Raw Bar I mean that she is going to pour cocktail sauce on my raw bar

but I mean told that we've already have not answered a single question which had many so I was so we're going to go to commercial break in a minute I'm not saying I have to cocktail sauce to my Robert in fact like if you take the time to dip crab meat into anything you have wasted time you just need to shovel like crab meat in your face as fast as you can give me all agree we all agree for the love of God that crab is the most Superior crustacean that exists crab is infinitely Superior to lobster crab meat I think make it better. Yes I love sucking on shrimp heads but for meat

Second Street Med Travis king crab by the way have you ever and you guys ever had live King Crab cooked directly not frozen foods owned by the moon anymore

you can work for a company that does it for free you think I paid for the king crab on over here STI commercial and listen for those of you that haven't had the world's most dangerous catch live like live king crab is as delicious as you think it is it is just crazy delicious cuz crab meat is the sweetest most Umami Laden delicious crustacean meat they can be bought do you think masochistic crabs keep butter on them

are you familiar I think I spoke about this years ago are you familiar with the movie was it called was called night shift with Henry Winkler and yet be the tune of the mayonnaise while they're still alive Canon that's that's what one should do

barns country is created by food around kitchen professional chef home cooked food and dizziness no matter what your experience creating memorable dishes in culinary experiences, today so I can know any way to check out their new kitchen Alchemy for free recipes tips and tricks and don't forget the ingredients in tools

Donnelly has brought us some interesting Kit Kats what are the sake Kit Kat white chocolate Kit Kat that taste like sucking white chocolate

Hillel chocolate fat

Kit Kat taste like so I can receive free scanning to call do you know the Chocolate Rain fellow Tay Zonday followed me recently I put this on my Twitter feed I did see yes he is followed 604000 other people before he followed me and I later found out because I kind of called the robot that is Tay Zonday is Twitter machine and he's like well if people follow me back I keep them and if they don't I don't so that means he probably followed 8 billion people before me I'm probably literally the last Twitter person on Earth that Tay Zonday has followed

but I'm sorry I did go back to the same truck that ran once because I was following questions hey Dave Nastassja David in the book Dave is not here in Pittsburgh. If you're there nice and of course that everybody's favorite punching bag peterkin last Peter Kim is not here he's too lazy to come out to the 7th of July to report on because he is very interested in the special Ethiopian egg Sony DLP they have two kinds of eggs like Foreigner eggs with your like the normal eggs that we have in special Ethiopian eggs and he's going to try to run down he's eating some in the past couple days ago to try to run down with it is he's also going to try to tell us about interesting Foods he had in Instagram

she wanted to follow Peter Pan on Instagram I recommend that you can post pictures anyway he's not here so we can't beat on

I have some down time soon I was hoping to have another look at the miracle of moisture Management in comsol this is the program this is this is Nick Devlin who I'm working with yeah that's so like look for more stuff coming in future and by the way his wife writes books including some gluten-free cookies and work with my man I don't never met him from the river Cottage you ever know about these books reading these books if I tell you good that we have bar people here cuz I know nothing about the modern flip options as far as a safety for those nervous customers the internet is a minimum of 1 hour 57 degrees up to 2 hours for sous vide pasteurization yellow temperature like in the show

I personally what are your thoughts on the time secondly what would the shelf life of a batch of eggs be after after pasteurization I've also read that can be harder to who hip after you pasteurize them and it might affect the texture of the flip song need to run some tests looking forward to going to spend all later this summer and celebrating with a gin and juice to the bar of course you and juice for my favorite drinks at getting done when we open the bar again are we going to do this again are you going to make me have only only cocktails which I gave you two options and you said yes and one of them's write a modern flip don't see me flip dog don't give me that what can we flip to find foot in a flip coffee cocktail classic drink no coffee in it

lemon Hart

Amaretto do you like that I was never dr. pepper fit together when you started having soda I asked you you don't like dr. pepper Kevin I got to go back because I know we already talked about a bloody mary why would you ever order bloody meant no offence why would you ever order a Bloody Mary Mary with vodka when you can just have it with tequila instead

throwing it out there

or dr. pepper

actually there's no name for a bloody bloody wanted with tequila

Mario Mario please like these people have been hanging out with us all week they don't know about the Mario Brothers Mario Brothers Mario Mario okay it is Mario Kart and Mario Brothers there different

they're going to Bloody Mary flip by the way or pray that is freaking disgusting and throwing up in my mouth a little bit

eggs in purgatory right beforehand and turn it into some sort of like omelette question degrees want to get up to 57 but the fact that matter is salmonella is what you're shooting for it'll probably pasteurize earlier than that I usually do 57° for about an hour or two hours is not going to hurt it or you can drop it 57° C is like 135 Fahrenheit and after about an hour or the egg white will be slightly thickened but not a lot 2 hours it's going to be a little bit more preschool be thick and you'll still be killing salmonella if you drop it down to 56 after that first hour and the inside of log already Hotsy might want to do that I've never asked

run the test of 57 vs 56 I have a sorry 57 vs 1 hour vs 57 degrees for 2 hours I have run with Ken to go to after he got falsely accused of serving raw eggs that mention them on the menu at KU Club years ago raw egg vs. sous vide pasteurize egg vs. box pasteurized egg a garbage product is people made for garbage consumers they should never be purchased or used if you see someone purchasing buy them or use them you should provide an intervention you should throw them out and you should excoriate your super market for selling them they are a bad product but

pasteurized eggs do you make yourself are pretty good but not quite as good as raw eggs but it's not that big of a difference but they're at their totally safe and they keep they keep a long time me to ask frankly keep a long freaking time so eggs that you pasteurize I certainly going to keep a long freaking time I would say that you are not affecting the keeping time you're pasteurizing them you're also possibly washing off any wax on the outside of the egg shell so that's probably the point of mood I would just say that you have not affected their keeping it at all

are some people really freaky about it

I mean I agree with you Don some people here's an interesting test if someone can run for me that I didn't you guys are all familiar with wet dog right so can you take an egg white and you crack a fresh egg white into a drink and you shake after a couple of minutes you may or may not get all the you off and do the aroma that I call with dog

very similar to using transport a monosomy glue on something to get this wet dog, and you know famously people put bitters on the top of their egg white drinks and people's dream cruises pretty now is to cover up the stench of the egg white and so one way around this is to crack your egg whites a good two to three hours before shift let them flash off in a quart container close on Put-in-Bay afterwards you can close them and know it. Because you flashed off all of whatever the precursors to the wet-dog are but when is tested whether or not wet dog happens after pasteurization

take a shower. To is like osmotic oils and things like that if you put kind of like when you put eggs in rice with a truffle and it sort of absorbs that roughly flavor before you crack them I've never heard of this I can't remember the compound what he was going for the fresh cut you know this like a truffle you know you put a egg in the thing and the Truffle I don't know I will say naught osmosis movement of water across a semipermeable membrane so it's a semi-permeable membrane to have put only water the movement of water not moving anything else moves so when is it like an aromatic compound how does that happen in reason

awesome sword kneel with picking up so I can say for sure about the stuff I think the first one first one I heard it talk about it but Nick lives in England so can go but the question I don't know whether pasteurization is going to affect the wet dog or not the next question is from Nazi I recently got into kegging sparkling water but right now is just filtered tap water which by the way is the best you know what you know what

like seltzer water should just be ripping purified water ripping delicious purified water I think I'm wondering if you have dabbled into trying to mimic mineral water from specific sources for any additions to make it taste better and if so do you have a good jumping-off point is it worth it any other way to top up my fizzy water game

okay okay okay Darcy O'Neil from the art of the drink and from his well-known soda book from like six years ago, called fix the pumps which is apparently a boob reference to know that each other has got time to fix the pump because that's the which I don't really like those references scum bags scumbags but anyway yes he's also in his real life work job chemist and did a bunch of work on

researching old articles for are zotz mineral Waters and a lot of the mineral Waters have been classified as to the exact mineral composition and so he has a lot of recipes about recreating is mineral water so you can look them up from kaimos who is the famous compiler of hydrocolloid recipes called texture something also has a comp compilation of all of these water recipes I've never had one of work I have bought a bunch of the stuff and try to mimic for instance some Waters that I enjoy play So Close you some water that you can purchase that I enjoy our girl showing her I enjoy girlfriend cuz I like had to leave mineral on you so I can roll Steiner I like fish Catalan to they gets delicious I like regular Vichy I like these are all good water

and I've tried to mimic some of these Waters and I have been in a word unsuccessful now quite rightly that you have to add things and certain orders and the solubilities really hard but boo puppy the boss but the way that real mineral water to form is deep in the earth in rock under high pressure over a long. Of time sprouting up like you know under pressure and then you get them like that and then in fact especially carbonated mineral water because why would you drink flat mineral water when it we are not animals like what I can drink any sort of water that's flat I can drink garbage the word for water that is derived from rainfall is meteoric

so any water is primarily derived from recent rainfall is meteoric water and if you're going to drink meteoric water then just drink tap water unless you live in Florida or the tap water is garbage or if you live in Hong Kong with tap water is garbage where else who else has terrible tap water

anyone not going to shout out your favorite horrible tap water Los Angeles for a long time had bad to have water and I sure as you're being mean like they like boys and Firewater aldea all the other the older you know the the the deed salted oil deposits a water-rich wateridge like not only does New York at delicious tap water but we can shower and poop in it and not have to worry about it raining in India the 2010s my produce

you know what I mean it's like honestly all I can still think about is the the joke that if you're not part of the solution you're part of the precipitate New York that's one of those things that could also go back to the water very fortunate New York water is relatively soft has not time to pick up a lot of flavor if it has its from urine poop and effluent to expose all of the pollution is recent pollution like bacteria nasty nasty stuff and you don't want that this is marketing fools like the Fiji people say that their water is X number of thousands of years old but if you really want that ass water you have to go millions and millions of years old

Lake Tapps of deep-seated stuff and if you really want to do that and you live in the New York area you're going to want to go to Saratoga Springs Saratoga Springs has the most badass non meteoric like millions of year old water that you can possibly find and that stuff is salty and crazy and good in small quantities that don't make you rush off to the bathroom because frankly highly mineralized water is like it's it's like Belmont Stakes for your butt makes me want to go like nobody's business it's like coffee on steroids if you made coffee with the stuff we could taste horrible by The Who is so don't do it but if you have I have had a coffee with it so I drank like the most hardcore of the Saratoga Springs water just have to warn three which is the most highly unmixed water the most deep Earth saltwater

third of the salinity of salt of a ocean water and that stuff and a coffee is supposed to like have to run while you're set on spray to the bathroom try to get there in time and I have to report back not to brag but I am Iron but I have iron but I was not in the super poop you know that's interesting right I can do like a real nice you got a little weird like a radioactive thing going on the back of the throat

pressure so if you if you let those things go flat all of a lot of the interesting minerals precipitate out so you're part of the precipitate in this case and use the water has died so it's very hard to take uncharged water not under pressure and recreate the same mix that you would get from the spring so the answer is I've not had a lot of success has a long way to say no long explanation to say no

rent near same time New York is still like from your resources the way you're referencing water Saratoga Springs being like the best of the best right like I mean I mean like I think like I think that Saratoga Springs they don't bottles of the stuff that you call Saratoga Water is garbage meteoric water it's garbage no offense to them and they're blue bottles that is not the water millionaires that's not what people traveled hundreds of miles a thousand miles take the Cure in that's just like water that was ran a couple of weeks ago that are not the stuff and stuff

I have a years-long dream Don and that years-long dream is to go to the Timmins zinc mine in Ontario Canada to go to kilometers deep into a hole in the ground and find the spring which I happen to know I'm told that the water that Springs out of it is extremely valuable and can't be wasted but I also know that the scientist don't capture all of it and then it leaks out at a rate of approximately 2 liters a minute and at this water has not gone through the water cycle in approximately 2.4 billion years and that's incredibly salty and that this guy wants to use it in the cocktail and some freaking Canadian scientist won't let me have it even though I've emailed her several times saying that I am in fact not a crank and I'm a real person

with real credentials who would like some of her water

modern-day Ponce de Leon you are

okay we have a question from Dan and Rubbermaid containers Rubbermaid if I'm not answer your Rubbermaid BPA questions Texas back we got a question from Victoria British Columbia in Canada and I see we got here hey Dave the hammer and other day was not here and question from Canada I know you love us even though you like to give us plenty of grief hate your brother you are our brothers and sisters from up North so you know why wouldn't I why would we not give you grief you like you can't agree but you know we love you

so yeah so how do you know that I don't like you never talk about that don't think about them he cares enough to hate you I hate Canada Canada you know what you know what I hated Canada member that like. Of a couple years and never forget this show like American money always kicks Canada's money but right by does not like it's just our money is historically in my life worth more than the Canadian dollar so like my wife and I to go to Niagara Falls enjoy the better of Canadian side of the falls we have the garbage Falls the US has the crap you're part of the Niagara Falls situation but you can go over there and if you don't have a lot of money the American dollar is so strong

yeah it's me doing since you want honey do it you don't even so Point me that number a couple years ago when the Canadian dollar reach parity with the American. Yeah and I was like this is what we get this is our punishment

question yes I love a sooner show I've been a semi freeform reader of your blog and I've been happy to have your shows to listen to while I make a small batches of ice cream over here in the west coast of British Columbia keep up the good work you have a love affair for Crosby's molasses I do Northern people Northern what like freaking name north of the north Midwest today have Crosby's molasses on their cheese curds or not pastis are pasties are you calling that's only Minnesota

play the flowers question Crosby's molasses what gives you live in the US so why not get sorghum syrup I will gladly mail you as much as much as you want in trade for any good sorghum syrup I've never had good for him to get it does not believe that if he's ever had a good Philly Cheesesteak Philadelphia gets to own freaking cheesesteak cheesesteak is inherently delicious concept and also very well executed on it many situation what could you possibly not like about sauteed shaved steak with melted cheese and sauteed onions on a roll done if you took those rules and you have a great friendship

Olive Philippe's Los Angeles with meat and the sandwiches

that's that's like a that's an item for thing or it's like a multi neck and blank whereas the Philly cheese steak is great and that you have goofy singles or cheese whiz as a processed cheese no matter what I just haven't met the good Philly cheesesteak yet so I'm I'm open to it different than the original interpretation of calling something by its

because I'm not from Philadelphia I feel like I can make a decent Tri-State so what's your thought on the chopped cheese Bodega Uptown how

but thanks again the next episode to write out a Philly cheese steak but it's chopped cheese Harlem dish called sharp cheese you walk in you say cheese please

but you chop cheese is the actual dishes call and two cheese steak that they had them cheese into the meeting you had this you've had this okay so it's yours if you could only see this outfit

I have a very fetching salmon skirt anyway point being what kind of rolls of sharp cheese on

turn on the hero and had to do some sorghum syrup if I had a decent sorghum syrup I would call Shirley Dave right now and be like here is my decent sorghum syrup send me as much Crosby's molasses as you can but I'm not have any of you guys had a decent or is it a traditional sweetening agent and so will be good to get alive during that time and remembers that she used to work at the schrafft's factory in Boston and was like

it still smells like molasses in the summertime since August back she is from Boston

and she was the last surviving of the three main odds on my step father's side and vividly vividly remembered that because she was born in 1909 so she was like 10 years old when that happened so that was a legit thing and she imagined this little old lady in this Factory stuff in candies in the schrafft's little cups and it's kind of sad recently the last of that whole generation in my family and my stepfather family died so I have no more connection other than my crazy stories that whole kind of a generation Molasses Flood was amazing I think it was my memory serves me it was like it got hotter than normal on that day they'd overfilled it was a cheap reading glasses at a little bit too much water fermentation started the container was also built poorly and Kaboom and imagine how did your uncle died Jimmy

he drowned in molasses you like what you couldn't outrun the molasses in January he was kind of slow

I'd like to drop it now you know what I mean good like how do you tell people that your family members were killed by a wave of molasses

horses were killed by a lot of people killed in interesting ly they had overfilled the Molasses because people it was just prior to Prohibition now might be a little bit of a concern that story because the people that own that molasses tank with one of the few people that were actually license to produce alcohol for industrial use and so they could have continued to produce molasses but well known fact by everyone in this kind of alcohol room here is that probation killed Medford rum which no longer exists which was drunk by Paul Revere on his ride and is still commemorated to this day in Medford Massachusetts by a dram of rum at a particular door stopped when Curtis told me that even though when I grew up going to my friend no idea when Curtis the rum historian Tommy that and also

Merlino without it all the pre-prohibition people wouldn't have a job with a with Sasha have become so famous if there hadn't been a probation and a crappie in a room in a regular mirrors or we had garbage cocktails would he have been so well-known I never thought you'd be such an optimist but you've managed to find a bright side to Prohibition so you like that looks just like him

I served if you just said something that no one ever wants to say assertive anyone's good guy okay second question for tiger tiger or a Tiger Tail ice cream which I understand it is a very Canadian flavor is this true will it sure is crabbing in American flavor I'll tell you that no one's hurt at Tygart that we had to look it up on the internet do you not get Tigertail in New York City we do not the weed is needed no not yet I don't walk into bodegas at all I want to see my ass I shocked I shop in a funfair I shop at A Fine Fare which is like right equal to a key foods and it's E-Town right

the money to pay the middleman Bodega I don't I can't I can't afford the convenience of shopping right downstairs from where I live people anyway Tigertail Kevin Juanito's to Tigertail is with a black licorice swirl and it looks really wild it's free psychedelic it's popular in Canada but seldom found elsewhere by created by Morgan car according to Wikipedia You Know How likely is it that the person who sent this question created a fake Wikipedia page about the Tiger Tail everything's a nonzero number

now that's not true every probability is a nonzero number greater by myself live in a box done and Brian and Kevin get out a lot so I'm assuming that this doesn't exist in New York but you're going to say

Americans hate licorice let me repeat this Americans hate Licorice and so I don't think it's ever going to become probably here but I would like to try it I really like creamsicles or vanilla is like kind of just like stomping that in the dirt

do you not like liquid from the last issue that you were deserting ice cream eater because you did not call for a specific brand and I'd like to come in your defense Kevin that unless you're buying ice cream for yourself whenever you ever been offered an option of two different brands of ice cream in a like retail establishment ever I think it said it's a full non-starter and also I would love to throw in the Mighty Kevin Denton those crappy unified brand ice cream sandwiches that way like you know a half a gram for Leader by slim signature

I'm taking their making my own ice cream recently and I think that's the only way to go

Scream Machine

so I'm going to do a picture of rebel and have them you know be your next sponsor because their home ice cream machine is pretty dope

the ice cream out of your machine I'm sure it's good to men and it's made what about the next day and crystallizes in a dresses

it's creamy and delicious okay I'll tell you what are another question after you this is the other answer cuz I'm a real I'm a real butthead when it comes to this how many minutes what's your batch time in men

I don't know roughly

6000 dude ice cream used to be frozen freaking 10 minutes or less or your Crystal size

says the man that usually has liquid nitrogen all the time 60 minutes we're friends so what I want to do is I would like you to force me I am an honest fellow and I will have I would like you to make ice cream and store it for the day I will come over to your house all the way over in Brooklyn and I will taste it and I will see whether or not you're stored overnight ice cream is actually as good as someone who spent millions of dollars on an instantaneous freezer that can free stuff instantaneously and it's spent. I don't know their whole life working on producing Lee awesome texture that is sometimes some of us can't afford that nice million dollar ice cream that you have 1%

and then works for one of the largest liquor companies on planet of the earth and can get liquid nitrogen delivered his office I need to him day of the week and can make ice cream as quickly and efficiently as anyone else so I don't want to hear it you know sometimes things are done best inefficiently that's why I like a nice Slow Burn on mine anyone says ice cream I don't get to taste it you ask a couple of facts 1 what is the freeze time that's the easiest thing to see how long it take to freeze because everybody knows fast refreeze it the smaller the ice crystals and a small the ice crystals in Chicago on the show a few times that you used to roast a sewer smell coffee be used to roast your own coffee using a Whirley Pop

I'd like to try it myself with my popcorn loving girlfriend has some concern that if I use a Whirley Pop It will be forever tainted with coffee flavor is this the case or will it be okay to use for both purposes so long as we give it a good scrub any other roasting tips would be greatly appreciated thanks Connor Chicago have a smart girlfriend ruin your Whirley popper popcorn it will turn your popcorn into garbage coffee oil popcorn and you will not want to eat that I guess what a Whirley Pop is not that expensive is you're going to roast your own coffee to two batches of green coffee and a roasted coffee in a Whirley Pop and you paid for the Whirley Pop the problem with the Whirley Pop is that once you start up his right Brian Wright Kevin you over to Papa's you guys know really popular pop

once you start cranking that Whirley Pop you cannot stop and like I am a well-known on human and so like I can sit there and just crank the Whirley Pop until it's done because I don't care whether I have physical discomfort or whether I need to pee or whether the house is burning down or when the dog is peeing or barking or whether my kids are shouting at me because right now what I'm doing is making coffee many people are not like this and so what happened is they stop cranking it and walk away and then it burns is the problem so I have a 3D model somewhere on my Instagram Twitter where you can download something that you can convert a Whirley Pop into a motorized thing for Fairly cheap as pretty good but the Whirley Pop is good just got to keep cranking

I've since moved on I built a drum roaster it's actually not quite as good as the Whirley Pop because I it's too complicated to get into but I still wrote it on my own as a first step into it a Whirley Pop is great Some people prefer the flavor of air air air popcorn popper coffee roasting is so there's basically in the home coffee roasting World there are two fundamental kinds of people and they're the people who like drum roast kind of coffee and those people typically are Whirley Pop or if they have money Harvest you know they're the the mini drum Roasters and had a lot of money I buy habits Burns Jabez and I pronounced it back in his life sample roaster and then there's the air popped people who are based on how to be a Civic model of rooster are roast in a roaster

feeling on this

do you like arrows to could do like are you Mormon espresso person or more of a of a drippy drip pour over drip good good be good good

you know I I think I'm more of a working man on the coffee I like your coffee you know turning into a class using again because I roast stuff in a popcorn machine completely like boiling water on the stove that I found on the street and then reassemble that kind of rich anyways

it's me this is what I'm trying to say America we have to get past this idea that because I like a particular kind of food at the class issue

just because I like to drink espresso doesn't mean that I hold my pinky out when I drink it does that's also true yeah I got one more question I just last week depending on when you read this you took it to a question about a low temperature proxy for dry aging I've not been able to stop thinking about driving since this is someone who did I got like a wormhole down low temperature for Meats to try to kick-start the enzymes in needs to tenderize it relatively quickly the issue of trim loss from formation of the bad kind of crust during dry aging process seems right for analysis / optimization from someone who understands the miracle of moisture management

I think I understand it more than most people that I think that all of cooking is fundamentally all of cooking two things one getting the temperature right into the miracle moisture management because almost everything cross like tater tots french fries

Jellybeans what's your problem moisture out of the air to disinfect actually moisture problem skin on it by name another food

you're everything beans and jerky there is a jerky brand in Denver and then I'm not making this climax jerky when you're getting on the airplane you can buy yourself a package of climax jerky

okay never want to finish so on the top of the moisture management and use this title necessary listen Sean nobody else but you and I believe in the miracle moisture management Don also police Miracle moisture management is a good title for a book but we're believe it or not in the second book in the intelligence series I'm driving with your pretty good and it looked into the literature on the subject including dry aging beef in a bag a highly permeable to water vapor and he going to give the DOI number which is nice but I'm left with the sense that more can and should be done soon as my wife birth my wife's birthday present to me this year is allow me to create my own dry aging set up which would include the fridge and turn off fan UV Source you be sources interesting actually so UV radiation

ion meat will prevent bacteria from growing through what I had and I don't think it's been studied on long-term dry aging with UV is the possible rancidity caused by the UV light because fats are clearly going to go rancid quick runner UV light to not so dense than question him. Wireless sensors I'd appreciate any thoughts you may have on the subject including safety optimization and whether or not you personally think it's worth it I'm probably going to do it no matter what you think awesome which is my favorite kind of person I love to show you love and spins on thanks for your time so Sean I don't really know the answer to your question I'm going to actually put it out to the readers have done more listeners rather have done more work with dry aging but I'm going to give it a kind of more thought somebody else had a question Josh had a question which Donna tell me I'm not going to have time to get to but it's about whether or not you can do the old dulce de leche trick with honey no you cannot so dulce de leche I took

make it cuz I'm a cheater I don't make it to Grandma way which is over an open pot stirring for a long time while the concentrates my erection I do it by taking sweetened condensed milk and putting it into a pressure cooker which is the way 99.9% of people who aren't like good normal people do and questions can you do that with honey will that happen answer know you need a lot of give me the milk proteins has protein but not enough to have that the kind of soil stabilization thing happened you might have some different but let me know because Don tells me that I'm out of time and next week back live in New York from Bushwick Brooklyn with more cooking issues thanks guys

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