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Episode 294: BACON

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Manchester Hilton here in beautiful San Diego Hyatt

where is the Hyatt promotional consideration being provided for by the worst feeling the space that I can be anywhere I am a pimp out the place of your choice because I have no feelings when where Friday a Grand Hyatt not at a park Hyatt which you know if you've been at a park Hyatt you never got to go that's it that's all you got a gray State of California I am not joined as usual by nastassia Tamara Lopez because she's in New York where she belongs I in fact because Pernod Ricard is hosting a series of events called bacon which stands for OTA stand for convention

718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 don't bother calling because this is pre-recorded but I am joined today with guest the evil cocktail Overlord Donley how you doing I thought I was the benevolent overlord new evil is the secret evil not the overt evil so what's your what's your favorite like women like who's secretly evil Yoda the devil has not secretly evil the devil is the devil convince you that there is no devil just the secret evil

what year was the Charlie Daniels Band like you have a Paradise Lost Milton

Charlie Daniels Band devil

what are you guys we also have in these not in the studio it's in the hotel room but we also having a hotel room with us today Kevin Den how you doing so I knew Kevin first when he was a bartender head bartender beverage director I don't know what was your title over there all those at one point or another wd-50 restaurant and a by the way we are kind of Brothers in the having the restaurant shut down for losing the space kind of situation any different because you are crew got handsomely paid and they knock the building down where is I was just like Kevin Spacey anymore that's what they told me they like the situation very large building now it's really weird

is that really Williams burgers at like pseudo Williamsburg how close is it to San Mason's ice cream shop

Odd Fellows a blocks to close 12 right around the corner from Brooklyn Brewery it's the back of Brooklyn Brewery on that on the block of Brooklyn was back in the day there was a mr. Softee ice cream truck which is like the ice cream truck of the of New York you know that Mister Softee but this one had only like two or three of the notes work and they didn't sell any ice cream they just went around the street selling drugs and only like two or two or three of them music things work so I was like when you were just doing no it was like

wd-50 and also add Alder right then went straight from there to your current job and that is right at Pernod Ricard is in general in general like a Young Person's kind of game in the in the modern world right so you know you work kind of these like a long crazy hours attended attended drink drink a lot a lot of people burnout go do something else but the kind of like the viable career path after that you can go be you can go try to open a bar you can be a brand ambassador you can go kind of do a your job is a little more rare right it doesn't come up his offense why

describe kind of what you do

so it's I would say about 30% of the job is developing the drink strategies for all of our different brands in our portfolio so every year they have a plan for how they went to Market their spirit and I come up with recipes or ways of drinking that product that they're going to highlight that ear so you can follow the trends and see what people are into I you know a couple years ago the Moscow Mule became like the thing that everybody wanted to go on while you know there's mule backlash really I just started making meals I literally just started making mules like last like last month Moscow Mules but in a different kind of meals so was the back like they typically a poorly made drink so for those of you that don't know it's a it's like a vodka would be vodka and ginger beer and what else

write it in in a in a copper cup if you have the money for it right or some sort of metal cup or sold by Smirnoff Corporation correct in house by the Cock & Bull Tavern in Los Angeles and so it was their house drink and they made this mug and a lot of people stole it and eventually a bunch of the liquor companies including Spirit off decided to use it as a promotional item so yeah

yeah I think it was the sixties so then what's your favorite what's your favorite like go out in New York you like to Gin Gin mule like pagans Gin Gin mule it had on the menu for ever think I like that has the old man that used to do the day two pieces of Ginger with this QR resting on eyeglasses his thing probably made drink right leg how often do you have it out you're like wow that's a well-made drink well I think the whole thing hinges on the acidity right cuz the ginger beer is typically little sweetness to get the right one it doesn't have that Ginger bite that you're after so unless they're putting fresh lime juice in it your kind of losing what makes it exciting to drink for Less nightmare singing like a dark and stormy you know if you just have the ramen the ginger beer it's like what is his Missingno acid

like the jgl you got to have that got to have Val jgl ginger-lime say something about liquor people people that aren't actually in this business like these are for a bunch of crazy reprobates there the most on message people like on earth like I have spent my whole life kind of like needling like professional life needling Like Liquor people like okay so who used to own this who used to grammar noun that so like I was mercilessly making fun of the name I was doing a demo for them at the French Culinary Institute

and I was a french guy that actually showed up and I'll rub your product before they reformulate this is when they first came out why I'm not going to say it tasted like poison but like you know you can draw your own conclusions the words it tastes like poison won't come out of my mouth but the original formulation like I'm not going to say I was it was a long time ago I need to pretty heavy push on it you know they got some pretty good people behind it I think will Goldfarb was doing some work for me where they did a demonstration at that Frank and I didn't the French guy was there and He Mele no one knew me from Adam anyone at that point in my life and so I would only call it Navin like I would only like in all the backstage and everything call it a mad mad and then he's like it's no fun I was like

don't have a sense of humor about the product true

if you're new to it over everybody is

overly precious about some things you know and they don't they take certain things really seriously I would say there's a there's plenty of people particularly people that came up on the operation side to work in bars that then they make the jump over to work for brands that you know have a sense of

humor about what the what they do in about you know selling out all those other things that go along with it and then there's you know brand owners and people like that that maybe you know they're sinking a lot of dough into these things so they take it pretty seriously empathy you know we got to let me disturb a can of water because Kevin you on mine so

Kevin is mine that's being right you have a whole group of people coming into the liquor industry and so hey I apologize a little bit

so there seems to be kind of two classes of people that kind of go into this business on the liquor side MSR in the business are exposed to how this works actually did the job and love product and you know love the bar world and love the people and go into it these are people like we've been doing it for number of years and you know who are now moving in into that world and then you have the marketing people who just came out of school and they could be selling they could be selling cars they could be selling booze silver like right at a college has the first job in their background issy no school marketing a lot of times the executives in the higher-ups there people who also came out of like the package been industry as well as there would be no work for a Johnson

Johnson a family company executive there and now they're running the liquor business so there is a huge disconnect you know from the bottom to the top not only in the marketing side that you've done kind of name in the corporate executive side as well I think that's exactly right and there's certainly a frustration that is bred out of like spirits

I'm like almost anything else like you don't go in and say give me this brand ice cream you know you don't call your ice cream brand at a place you don't call a brain and most places you know maybe when you're buying a car but that's like a big purchase that happens in frequently whereas people drinking happens with relative frequency and then the fact that you call out different brands that you have allegiances to these Brands makes it sort of a weird unique animal and I think if you grew up working in a bar and you love certain brands and you love what sort of there about like you like their story like the people that are surrounding it then you have disliked Affinity towards it so then if someone is coming in and telling you whatever it could be it's a cog it's a whatever he has like we'll know it's not

we spent all this time really falling in love with your Brandon and telling it story when I was working behind the bar like why don't you get that this is something more than just a commodity

right but you also I get the impression that the people who come out of the actual bar world have more of an appreciation for

kind of like how to take care of you but I can't tell you how many bar people I've spoken to have either become brand ambassadors or working on corporate side you know it you know other than ambassadors like in your kind of position to just get like be really angry at people who don't kind of understand how the flow of information or how the how the kind of job works and it's a to the detriment of it was weird as it's to the detriment of the industry and the product but also so much freaking money is spent in such a weird way so I mean it's just crazy right

people make decisions based on surveys and studies and marketing assessments the same way like we conduct presidential polls like you're calling someone on a landline at 10 in the morning like you're going to get crazy people you know the responses that you're receiving for these studies are are not necessarily skewed towards the actual consumer and I think that maybe that is like laziness on the part of the people that are conducting the surveys and trying to get mine real data about how people use their products

maybe it's maybe there aren't good tools for figuring out that information but you know it is

I think bartenders are a wealth of information you know they're the ones sitting behind the invisible line every night like he's dropping on everybody and getting us you know I sent for what people like and what they don't like you can spot the trans you can see what you know what the masses are drinking and I think Spirits brands

try to talk to bartenders but maybe they don't talk to enough bartenders and you also mean that guy again hopefully you don't mind UD lawn with both like kind of like the higher-end cocktail bars and also like us are restaurants like you know similar in style to Applebee's like it's like you know you're dealing with these very kind of different level so what's that like all of a sudden have any cuz you know you spent the entire you're in 04 years the years that I've known you you know you don't almost exclusively with a very like high-end slice of the cocktail world and then all the sudden you're like now you're dealing

it's the most challenging and rewarding part because I think that

when it's blue skies when you're creating drinks with zero restrictions which Wylie was really great about her letting me do whatever I want to creatively that is you know in some ways limiting you know like when you have constraints when you have a certain cost that it has to come in because you know these places sell their drinks very inexpensively you have a set number of ingredients that you can use because if they have thousands of locations he know the supply chain alone forgetting stuff is difficult so you have a lot of constraints and then it's you know if it's all little puzzles right you know it's like I've got X Y and Z I have to create something at this price that hits you know these touch points that people are into he know what does someone in Kansas City want that

you know someone in Atlanta wants it someone you know you're really trying to hit a common denominator with a broad slice of different types of people so don't really think of it as dumbing-down as much as it is like try to be 90% comfortable and maybe like 10% aspirational I try to pull people that maybe don't get exposed to high in cocktail bars like try to bring them up a little bit through quirky ingredients or different ways of doing drinks it's not a

it's not a bad thing to get out of the like Ivory Tower and see what the the masses are into he know and like I just did a big project with a large national chain that everybody all the listeners would know and working with their bartenders like the age range was 21 to 63 like one participant in this training had three of her kids at work at the same restaurant that she did so like yetis multi-generational

like in smaller communities like it's pretty wild think about that you're creating something that then gets disseminated to the four corners of the globe and you want to make sure that it's cool and then its qualities be bulletproof using right totally bulletproof because there's if there's a will there is a way to screw these things up six ways to Sunday like they just put your stuff so that every minute in my life I learn how easy it is to have someone else screw up your idea every second of my life I learn a little bit more how easy it is to have someone screw up your idea so let your say Applebee's because it's coming to my head Applebee's right they have X number of slots on their menus for drinks right so you're there you're on Pernod Ricard side let's say Pernod Ricard down Beefeater for those you write they they don't be theater that's like the religion that they own and so you're going in there with that your Beefeater thing someone from Diageo Diageo owns Tanqueray

and you're coming in and you're trying to sell this new recipe to Applebee's so that they'll be like that you sell them on the recipe right for someone to send me someone like Applebee's or selling them on a recipe ideas to write on a concept and a story that they can push out on their menus and very easy way to execute so when someone pulls the trigger on the Beefeater drink instead of on a tanker a drink or something like that like how much quantity am I talking here like how many cases is that I mean

is it all depends on how popular the drink is but if you have to keep something in stock because it's on your menu and if you have say there's a thousand locations you know there's a thousand bottles that you have to purchase right there and no one's buying a single bottle at the chain so there's a thousand cases so without really even selling a drink that's already a thousand cases so it's it's a big deal and if you get something if you get a drink on the menu That's popular like I remember when I was at Alder and I had a a drink named after a Doctor Dave who is the infamous Lower East Side medic that would take care of people in the food and beverage when

when I tallied that we had sold 10,000 dr. Dave script pads I thought that was a huge deal and then I got to drink on a menu at a big national chain in that happen in like a month you know so that's her to stop scale is pretty crazy once you start digging into it so

and you could get you been on both sides of it so you can you start in the bar world there's the way that that barb the way that the liquor business works is the liquor business hire like nice friendly people that other people like right so that you will have you been you one of these people will hang out with the people who are purchasing liquor we then because we like you when we're coming up with another spec or if we've done an event with you you force us to cover the respect for the events and now we have a Suspect with that product is that product that seeps down and all done this kind of friendship basis

but it ends up actually being a big monetary benefit for the company not that the bartenders are using the product or losing and I've always kind of think like is this kind of okay or is this weird you know what I mean I know what you mean I didn't really do much with Brands when I was a bartender I kind of wanted to be agnostic so I could do whatever I wanted and not be beholden to anybody

that said I think that business has generally been run off of relationships and just because it's a liquor company that's you know hiring you to do events and coming into your bar in spending money like I don't know that that's any different than the Way businesses run generally it's certainly not quid pro quo but if you didn't I would I would venture to Guess that if you like the people that work for a company or more likely to utilize their stuff be it shampoo or vodka or toilet paper whatever like getting personable people paper in my behind that's it does it take care of the cheeks that's why you can't

I buy freaking Scott Seventh Generation would be good to the environment what's your thoughts on paper do you know that every time you save a tree you heard a farmer

I like it's not like your toilet paper is being produced from the Amazonian rainforest mean like there is some dude in or dudette there's some woman in Oregon will it like growing like hair plug trees you know like in though you said you didn't pass them right and they're coming up and then they pulled those suckers and they make paper so as long as the toilet paper is produced in a way that doesn't have it used to be an environmental nightmare from away stream perspective right but if this person if you know she wants to have a farm and she wants to go trees so that I may wipe my butt like you know and I have the money to buy the tree product to wipe my butt like what's so bad about that

well if you if you really like that woman that's got that farm you're going to go with her stuff right much commodify is like she is a has very specific paper towels if she likes she didn't pay her anything but she only uses I was to Brandon viva viva woman with her paper towels find him to be superior quality paper towel is it what's their motto the quicker picker-upper if you believe that it is but it definitely fix it up

I don't know that I need my paper towels to be luxurious although I do detest on the TV when they're marking a paper towel they're like look I can use Windex and then I can I can wipe it up I can wring it out and use it again nobody does this is totally ring that paper towel and if you're going to reuse the towel then you use a cloth towel use a bar towel because of a job but paper towels definitely reused all the time growing up

for real for real in California in California and end to this day like I don't always reuse paper towels but depending on what I want what I washing if I'm using a towel will often like rinse and wring it out and then like continue to clean with it that's fair I mean I do I cook a ton and I just keep it a paper towel around and use that like my side towel and it'll be dirty and then it gets multiple uses I wouldn't wash it and hang it up or you're out and try it now I'm using I'm using a bar towel kitchen towel like that stays with me like the entire. Which is why I like when my kids go to wipe something off the floor with one of the kitchen

and then they try to put it back up on the counter second rule suckers have little red bucket in your kitchen when you put it in

I would venture to guess a lot of I bust out the paper towels when something horrible has happened you know what I mean like I'm picking up glass it spill a blue liquid what I do is someone brings me Blue Curacao is that as like you know here thank you for inviting me to your house I smack it on to the floor I do like a Dikembe Mutombo nothing on the floor and then all that glass and blue liquid is being sewed up in my paper towel at your house the garage know the shop

that is supposed to like the more expensive like a spill absorbing think that's a good way to work and then we're supposed to take it to the dump like a real person Willie Rags which then go like in a separate hazardous pick up come on our own special job you have to drive your hazardous waste add to it and there's a guy who yells at you could do it wrong do it like you're not allowed to put batteries in followed now I have extreme desired it just throws of all my batteries in fire questions about how cocktails work with milk when he got something that I do is feel a lot of me

Wes and I see like when popping up in cocktails using it you know as

yeah something to froth it up I seen way tonic out here in California

in California

first of all meme making fun of you mix whey and tonic it will foam like an egg cream because the way has a lot of foaming properties and tonic has bubbles in it this seems to me to be a nightmare but doesn't taste like I even like the fact that it contains neither egg nor cream like everything about it like she's actually like it but I like the idea of it I mean it's garbage is not a good product but like the idea of it I love New York like

Jewish history cells are based all of that awesome a dreams it's not what I want but are you an egg cream fan or no it's not really a float delicious I was at kid who have it would have the diet coke float I used to literally order Diet Coke floats that's strange to me cuz I like I like Diet Coke because I only I grow these people is probably indicative who I am as a person but I grew up drinking diet coke as my water so like you know how you might come in when I come in and have water

I would come in a Diet Coke when I was an RA in college because that was the one thing though and drank and that meant that as the r a i just had a lot of it and I did end up drinking diet coke and then head mixologist I don't know

metabolism is the uncut stuff when I was in college I want to stay up all I would drink is Diet do I would have cases and cases of Diet Mountain Dew and if I was in a car trip I would just load the back of the car up with Diet Mountain Dew then pretzels because I like pretzels just like box after box of pretzels and then believe it or not this works because it's just the right amount of

Prince is boxes of crayons and diet and you just load that into the car and you'd only have to stop for gas so I would drive from like Connecticut down to like deep Florida like Sarasota in one shot 24 hours straight perm don't do this really stupid young people out there driving for 24 hours straight is really stupid lights dangerous don't think of other people not just yourself it's really really dumb I remember one time so you just like you need something to even keep you like relatively human and see just pounding this stuff and you're going down the highway but yeah she's really stupid I can remember being

so tired as I was driving that I was like I remember this is the worst I shouldn't even say it's so horrible I was a nodded off and I as I nodded I woke up and there was I was like like like kind of drifting into a cop car pull over people always want to do that the brain is not fully formed yet you know it's a dangerous time

we're going to come to I can do a quick break I actually because we're free recording I don't know who sponsor me perhaps it will be modernist Pantry. Com go to for some of our modern I need you to be brought to you by Bob's Red Mill which by the way is not there is an actual do you know this this like now lots of Marcus have an entire section with all these little bags these little like 1 lb bags of like every random grain pseudo brain

and she's like a marketing gimmick there's actually a Bop It is not like when they were first during the promos and they made us do the promos for talking right they said just make sure you don't say Bob's Red Mill what do you mean they hate it when you say Red Mill as though the red and the Miller separate like they might have some other kind of Mill some other color of Mill or perhaps like there's Bob's Red Mill and also Bob's Red Truck you know they probably also hate that but it's like Bob's Red Mill

red nose red Mill red no

sing it's red know it's red no Bob's Red Mill to Bob's Red Mill might actually be but they made me say a bunch of stuff about nutrition and as you know I'm anti nutrition like I am vehement Lee opposed to almost every form of saying that X Y or Z is a healthy thing I find it almost entirely horse crap to me like Health in and this might only make sense to liquor people but the health spending put on sayings in the food world is a Kim exactly Academy of the marketing spend that Dino different companies put out about their liquor which what percentage of what is all gold dripping from

the Angels but like other liquor companies what percentage what they say is witchcraft

I mean everybody Benz the truth a little right so I think I think we might be over obsessed with the authenticity origin story like sometimes a product has just made somewhere in made the factory and that like you could be straight with that everybody like want there to be kind of something bigger right as we as a people want to hear stories right like have that make no freaking sense anyway so perhaps they're sponsoring us today I don't know they probably if they play this if this doesn't get cut out they will probably never sponsor me again but my point is is that let other people make their false nutrition claims and you know it's fine you know what I mean as for me like I focus on taste I think that they have some I think the

about them as you can get some interesting facts you can otherwise cat that's all you need to know you don't need to have you don't need to shave a good source of thiamin do you need to say that no no Kevin what was the last time do you go to doctors on a regular basis do you do your yearly check-up what's you ever had your doctor and every couple years to do blood work up on you right you ever had that doctor say you know what you need more time and well it's because I have so much Bob's Red Mill that diamond levels are off the truck I don't know who's going to bring it to you but we'll be right back

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and we're back okay so listen you were talking about Wade we never actually elk Evans fixing himself at the cocktail and how exactly are you doing the Tecate I want to know how a true professional

prepares their Tecate beer first of all he's using a bar spoon to open it which is an approved method to open what do you think about people Kevin who can't open a bottle without a without a real bottle of low-quality had to figure out how to open up a beer and you didn't have the proper beer opening to improvise right mother of invention is as I've always said that the world is your bottle opener what what here is not a bottle opener everything here was the first time you had to push a wine cork in with your fingers to open the wine

I've actually never done that stand back he's a Sharpie, I think it was a sharper is like a dry erase like a skinny dry erase and then once I just broke the top off which I don't recommend some money today so I can people get a new listen to lot know that I have a particular hatred for South American tamper-proof proof liquor bottles. Is Commerce

I have a hatred for those and the 700 milliliter European bottle which is just a dumb measurement me not to send a picture for The Listener said Kevin and then squeezed a a wedge of lime pushed it into his Tecate and then was a few dashes of Cholula not Tabasco which was his first round he's upgraded

but the Tabasco while I love Tabasco and would carry it around with me like right out of the gate when you put it in the beer bottle like that'll get you right in the in the South Palace and vinegar like you think it's like not possible to stay there is like so they also bribed a bunch of Louisiana judges so they can trademark the name of what is essentially a pepper like anyone should be able to make a Tabasco sauce because it's like saying imagine if you trademark jalapeno sauce you can't do that right

isn't there all sorts of crazy stuff with Avery Island and that family like I don't know yet they're like old-school corrupt Louisiana but they also make like a great saucer when loves sounds a lot like musical Louisiana Louisiana you guys thoughts on that whole props to the City of New Orleans for taking down some Confederate statues that's a long overdue there was a state rep in Mississippi I'm not making this up literally literally said that he wanted to go Lynch somebody for taking down those things

I believe he's a funeral director and it's daytime job not the same think there's nothing wrong with that I'm just saying like just painting as you know Don said painting the full picture is a state ref thinking Mississippi and that is literally what he said

Texas State reps or threatening reminding people that they are currently armed and you know have a gun before other state reps vote on a different proposition so it's threatening people with Violet I remind you that I am armed at the moment

whatever we talk about Kevin had a question about way what's the question are you saying milk and dairy products in lots of cocktails I mean you get around you see a lot of the world that was one of those ingredients that I think sort of fell out of favor for a number of years and like people didn't want to deal with it I was gross and most adults don't drink milk with milk washed and he don't have a head but like almost no drinks were perceptively you'll key and that's a thing but that's the problem with it having on the menu at all is said if it's people there are some people who won't order it

they don't want something milky right

I think that's where way I think is kind of an interesting proposition because there's yes way no way CUA what's up what are the parking is attending the seminar was like then unlike you saying with one of those which one of those ways was the way like Mexican way with tequila movie wherever he would go to Every bar and they'll try to handle a beer in a glass needs a in a bottle way home movie is at random Leo the graph who's here at the conference earlier basically said that these bottles he's tamper-proof bottles from South America

go to have those freaking little balls in them so you can you should be eliminated from the universe and smash that like literally smash the top off without breaking the bottle on a consistent basis they like the adventure of like that would appease keep you from falling back into the bottle such that it would go flying across the room and land in a trash can consistently he did say that you say that which seems I'm not going to stay impossible I'm going to label that as improbable as just being a spy cases of it and there's a certain lawyer bartender from Mexico City that I think we can ask

yes who may or may not be working with us on our may or may not next project which we may or may not announce if we ever get a freedom lease

you should not people you should not get me started on New York City especially on community board 3 and how anti-business how would have just a rancid group of like proteins, they are like they are the nastiness around the outside of a bathtub that hasn't been cleaned properly in the last five decades like that's where they are from the standpoint of humanity they care nothing about what their fellows you all they want to do is crap on the dreams of their fellow-citizens that's all they have no dreams of their own other than to crap on your dreams and that that is what the feels they're so speaking of protein scum

they have a certain goals that I do not think are realistic and you know it's around the world that we live in my own if it is the Mayon that you're leaving me up to is it just spend my days trying to prevent you from doing something is not going to have any bearing on my life is that valid that's your your assumptions that have any bearing on their life they believe it has a direct bearing on their life

I mean maybe they're just getting prepped for congress so on way so I use way we were still talking about way but I've never added direct like whey powder like it's just I've always used a whole milk and then broken it when you think about using way instead of aquafaba with Muffins with by the way I'm not too proud to say too proud to say that I use Alton Brown's English muffin recipe and he uses milk powder and I think Alton Brown has a fine English muffin recipe you can get it on the internet on the Food Network website for the for the serious is not serious eats what they call Good Eats right I think it is good and it uses milk powder I'm also getting I've been

King on trying to do Chinese the lava buns you know the like the custard lava buns and those use evaporated milk and so I'm getting interested in the whole train of thought on mac and cheese with evaporated milk traded and your dad's that kind of like I'm a little worried on somebody's Brett said if you cuz the problem is if you overdose on milk solids you can get lactose crystals condensing out and it's grainy so was one of the reasons not to go to high on milk solids and ice cream was saying is that at low temperatures especially you get lactose crystals and kind of ruin the texture of the ice cream but I've been working on these condensed Dairy things come also like you know. And I would you know if we ever get this bar open like we're going to have to have some for a snack but I'm going to do something interesting so I've been looking at it so what else have been playing not with way I've been playing around I've been very upset

recently with dried mushrooms I've been on a dried mushroom cake I've been eating

Preposterous amounts of wood ear mushrooms just like stupid quantities of wood ear mushroom oh yeah the texture of wood ear mushroom is just like like on point it's on point texture or some of those like kind of gelatinous chewy cartilage in its things but the Whittier gets me there without the like squeamish I'm eating weird animal parts easy to keep in your house and they gained 10 times their weight in water it it it was ten times I got a ten times like this and like and it's just so satisfying and you're like they're supposed to but you know what I realized recently is like that you want to buy the higher-quality with your mushrooms if you buy the cheapest possible wood ear mushrooms they're still substrate left on the mushroom

where they rip it off and then you can get grit so if you spend a little bit more on your winter mushrooms it takes a lot less time in the prep you what I've been working on now do you ever have the river by the snow fungus now so that's that the snow fungus I forget the name of it starts with T it's the one that looks like that looks like a scrubby pad like a white scrubs and those are amazing also I can text you based mushroom that you can do a lot of funky stuff that's I've been working a lot with that another like absorbing incredible amount of stuff but I've been working on these these mushrooms soprano wife huge dried mushroom cake correlation to your children now being vegetarians and he's a quality guy supposed to be vegetarian but there that they're vegetarians who don't like mushroom so Jen my wife was making so Jen's decided for some reason that she's going to start cooking like well if you

learn to cook then I'm just afraid she's going to divorce me cuz what is she going to need me for any more she already learned how to make coffee like like to three years ago like she's like alright Dave I'm going to learn how to use the espresso machine I'm like really you're going to learn how to make your own coffee she's like guess I thought of how to make coffee so she doesn't need me for that you know she's the one that pays the bills so if she learns to cook like I'm done unless you need me for dog walker

thank you yes I'm still the one who but she's doing that right now on here in California but yeah I was not if I was not married I would be homeless like I am like but for my wife and my family I am a non-functional he would gain leg like I like even like truth is like is like I need a support network to live cuz I'm not like you know

what's the word like connected to other people in the normal way you know what I mean like I don't communicate don't do things that people think are reasonable you know what I mean next week we will also be doing this convention will be in Pittsburgh so we can actually bring the same pad back again next week. You need to get Nastassja call in cuz we're going to be on the same time zone but will look for it and so I didn't answer any of your questions from this week I apologize and try to get to next week cooking issues

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