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Episode 293: Everybody's Favorite Punching Bag

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joint like somewhere outside of Rome in Lotte Co talking to some food manufacturer that I can't say exactly what you're doing is not my stuff to say but in her stead I have everybody's favorite punching bag petercam I was recently described as the black sheep of the cooking issues family doing all right then right

transfer good so if you have any questions call him into 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 so I just got back from China and you know that I was embarrassed of being Korean so I try to basically avoid anything in Korea in Korean Korean descent in Korea and I was I was pretty on interested in being there

nothing nothing nothing we love hearing more cookies using a self he thinks himself so I want a host like the depictions of Americans in that is the most hilarious part of interchange Central role in the film monster flick / commentary saying in South Korea like you're in this new creatures growing in the river every American and it is hilarious caricature of what it what it means to be an American just like

straight up like you know like there's any kind of guy in a hilarious but like is it larious that is what people think of us have really conflicting memories of American soldiers during cream there a Korean War American soldiers could give him my candy and he viewed them as a sort of my savior's have came in if my mom it was a bit some of that then also she was harassed I think by soldiers to sew from south or where they do they have to come down the family was that all kinds of hardship

horrible if I have to ruin everything it was hilarious also to our translate in China she was sorry for you know I went to America I feel sorry for you guys with the food you have bees in a Pizza Hut and is like this is what American food is she like you guys don't really have good food in America I'm like we're in a where do we ate at Applebee's as like across the country I mean Applebee's me and it's all over the place okay I've never actually been to that Applebee's like I mean like Applebee's and it's like every other restaurant like a TGI Fridays

serrated and Olive Garden terms I would say it's a little better than all else what I said it was Macaroni Grill above or below Olive Garden Olive Garden near so far above all governmental regulatory macaroni grill pan fried macaroni and cheese that's good anyway if you really want like garbage American food come back and I'll take you to Golden Corral where they literally like in you to a cow to Golden Corral commercial

the Run commercials yeah they must anyway and the chocolate fountain chocolate would like my how many levels are quotes you have to put around chocolate and relieve you ever have you ever used truck is not about them beside food or other purposes I mean it's just disgusting anyway you don't know how you want this translator like this is still a persistent myth the cafeteria food at the factory where I was I was there for the spins all by the way we just have an update spin spin spin spin spin

update so I got back from the factory was like super super good is really actually a good good meeting with the factory but the look in your email box email this morning if you are a benzo backer didn't get to go out I was like working really a lot so I didn't get to go out to do anything kind of like super fun or interesting when I was in China but I do have some weird dishes check this out grouper in corn sauce kind of corn on the cob over there you know cream corn like American creamed corn right like this was like whole corn kernels have given him some of their juice or not like creamed corn in a corn starch sauce on grouper

and I mean I'm not going to like you know I'm not rushing to go get it and plus I was having it in in Shenzhen in this place was focused a lot on like you know a lot of people in that area don't like kind of spicy or like even heavily salted food so Bland with Bland arresting someone could make a good thing like that it was one of the special guest bedrooms also like I had a different place we ordered frog legs at the moon and Joint that we went to Insurance in some really delicious crayfish actually really really good crayfish and I hadn't had crayfish last time I've been trying to set a good tip of the head off so you didn't have to do even just literally suck the body out by his picking it up that's awesome I love opening any sort of like

sure crayfish shaped shellfish I love opening it up like the front of one of those trucks you know how those trucks the top lift off of you suck at head down south it was really good crawfish not melee you have some really good profit and the frogs legs projects with messed up you know how like a lot of Chinese cuisine is packed up with all the little bone pieces in and you're supposed to sit there and kind of suck on it and spit out the parts of the small bones whatever

packed up the frogs legs into tiny pieces but I kind of need the bone there so that you can stick in your mouth and that's the motion of pulling the meat off of such a lot of a lot of spitting a lot of spitting out of bone pieces well I did not have a quail Miyabi City do with the larger you know what we would consider like you you know average table animals to quell the demon fish stew with okay so like if you're someone serving you a fish head stew is Delicious By the way right you don't have to fish head into tiny pieces because you need the structure so you can suck the meat off of like where the caller is not all that stuff all had fun doing a lot of like

spitting unless not used to it you know what I mean like this is all going to be fodder for the video series I've been telling Dave to do which is going to be a whole you're doing it all wrong video series we goes around the world telling people about how they're doing their traditional food wrong Peter Pan in the absolute worst impression me all right if I went there is like amazing amounts of sauce like broth and sauce left in the bottom of the bowl and no one was none of the locals were consuming it

is a leave it there I'm like what's up and they're like yeah we can do that's like very highly flavored we going to eat that I'm like I actually made all of the Chinese people avert their eyes while I put the broth over the rice made it my birthday rise cuz I knew it would offend them horribly so a Korean food in China actually once he said I was just like her very much at all it's just kind of sax is it from using street from you know it's terrible in Hong Kong at least where I was the water the water is healthy but tastes like like the fish tank it seems like you're that slightly moldy that slightly moldy

smell of a freshwater fish tank or like you know that thermos that you really shouldn't have used again that's what I found my thermos for my elementary school I'm going to use that and then like has that like little bit of like mold Funk it was in there that never goes away is Hong Kong water and in the mall at the hotel anyway and then in the morning give me give me the coffee with that water without filtering it to shoot coffee no it's not bad for you as well treated like in Shenzhen with it tasted fine and a t with it tasted fine but like I said put the water pressure I had in my hotel insurance and was by the way the best highest water pressure I've ever had in my life because they they must be

crap on the earth there's no restriction but like I was being beaten into the floor of my shower by the pressure of the of the water I was like I was like

wish we didn't have to care about the Earth because it was just like

hot pinned against the wall and talk about something that we offer to the Press tell you ever give Dave anybody ever give the Heritage Radio Network what's the worst media Outlet you can think of like this the lowest quality me I'm a crap on a media Outlet

the scoop thing you Dave how about that maybe they just ate the pizza they're paying their check mark like she's been like breathing on the glass but it's also looks like it could be like like an oil stain like someone shot someone in the head whose head was made of oil I found a reason Reddit post on a sous vide want your comment I will provide the link below some comments are definitely worth reading here's the main post text as well

how to read all of the comments or lie credits or sub-reddit are you in Earnest and read it I don't want it that I've read stories on it once in awhile like it's where people go to gripe when they don't have a form to brag about things right and what's it for

I mean like in-depth discussions of like things happening in the news and people tend to really get into it I had someone tell me I did see the beginning of it so this person Alabama Aviator was working with a ribeye so I should say that the state is referring to in this thing is a rib-eye steak yourself this morning rub the steak with fish sauce 3% by weight did not specify which face wash and vacuum seal to stay for a few hours to let it work its magic then I fired up the Anova to get this 103 degrees Fahrenheit in cook for 90 minutes

Next Step was 115 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour and then doing 129 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours yet either here is it between the fish sauce and the low temps the start activate the same enzyme to happen with weeks of dry aging the low heat of a still much warmer than a fridge environment Century takes a process down from weeks to add air to the result was mind-blowing so tender and then I are is it from Aaron Aaron's like any thoughts or concerns with that kind of technique well okay clearly Alabama Aviator didn't die right because they wrote that post so they're not dead however I would never be able to recommend a procedure like that lets their aging and driving in both wet aging and dry aging you can allow the enzymes that are present in me to kind of do their magic to

rise over a large length of time in dryer are also that you have you don't get what's called confinement flavor which is the kind of smell you mean when you open up a bag that's been single for a long time to get that like kind of nasty like like nasty smell from confinement Aroma and it's like from the bag in the flash is off is because there are bacteria that are growing in there that are producing not going to kill you but they're producing some funky stuff that will is typically fairly volatile in the flash off so you don't notice it once it's been allowed to air itself out into it and when you cook it so there's that also to in dry aging you typically lose a good amount of water so you are intensifying the flavor so there's two things that are intensifying the flavor and dry aging meat one is that you are actually breaking down the protein and protein breakdown Prada

are more flavorful right and you're also getting rid of getting rid of water which is concentrating the flavor because you're getting rid of water I guess this is like back in the day when people hadn't figured out how to do Postman nursing on sous-vide stuff and so everyone we're just pulling stuff directly out of the bag and serving it which is nasty right they would do things like dump soil over the top or in this case like fish sauce over the top because what you're doing when you do that is your adding protein breakdown products and in the case of fish sauce like straight-up Funk your fish stuff and Christopher Walken official exhausting think think think

what you doing here is trying to substitute some of the funkiness of dry aging with fish sauce but I don't see them as similar kind of funks right there's not that fat oxidation products that you get out of a dry aging in a in a fish sauce I'm always am ever ever a fan of saying if something is the same as something else I think you can just say something is delicious but saying it's the same as dry aging I just don't buy it right because it's not exactly the same kind of procedure is going on secondly the idea of having a steak getting a ribeye this is getting assaulted for that length of time I have my issues with because and most of the test that I have Ron I find that it's not a tenderness issue but the actual fibers themselves are more spring and taste more cured when something has been salted for a for a long time and it's meant to be eaten like a steak as opposed to a braised now I'm reassessing as I said some of that information

in light of what salt is doing to the connective tissue is opposed what it's doing to the muscle fibers themselves but in general if you're going to store something for a long time like I'll be ordered a couple of days I-10 and it's something like a ribeye I tend to not want to solve it because I prefer the texture of steak that hasn't it hasn't gone through that this is not tenderness it's just a textural different so I can I have my kind of issues there lastly is this temperature regime where you're clearly incubating whatever happens to be anomalous the salt level is high enough on the surface of the meat or long with the fish sauce or salt level is high enough such that you're not going to have any problems at all right

it's not of it but it's not a good place to keep meat for that long I did look up by the way your aunt and here's the thing like the date I was able to find for growing friends botulism toxin botulinum toxin on me. You're not going to get any substantial growth on the on the studies that I was able to look up unless in about 10 hours so this is going to be safe and ever let's say you cook it and then chill it down again you created a large number of vegetative cells if their present if you create a large number of vegetative cells you're also been creating a larger number of spores as you go through the point at which you kill the vegetative cells which means we have a higher load of spores and you would otherwise and so any further degradation you have on storage if you don't serve it right away are going to be compounded right so

you know technically in the in the in the in the post I think if you add everything up it's a fine because it's under four hours until it gets to its is pasteurization temperatures but you know it's just something to think about if you're going to serve it right away I'd say it's probably not that big of a deal but if you're going to do a quick chill is when I start worrying more about that kind of a practice 29th if you don't that is all pathogens and you know anything about that is kind of gravy but he's like he or she is also not cooking it long enough to do a full pasteurization step when they take it up to 129 so they want to say probably won't hurt you but is like on the edge of what like I could print recommended Google try it because I am writing a book on it and it's still you know I have time to test this out

thing I will say is that at these temperatures at these lower-end Spectrum temperatures you do have a chance right now what is it one in a hundred I don't know what happens to me every once in awhile of incubating bacteria that are not pathogenic but that do ruin your food and when you open that it's not a pleasant Funk it's like blue cheesy nasty off you get you get bags and blow off and every once in awhile I have people riding in to cooking issues asking about it and it has happened to me but unpredictable so I just throw those bags away if you open a bag of smells bad you throw it away and the best I can tell it's not necessarily like it always happens when you're working in the lower temperature ranges and it always happens when the bag has been kept for long. I before it gets up the pasteurization temperatures but you could be incubating some you know some bacteria that can survive at higher temperatures that aren't necessarily human pathogens but are

spoilage bacteria and so that's just something to think about as well now we're doing a low temperature sous vide class at my phone rang and back then everyone was really worried about vacuum packing and it was very hard to get a Hasa program so there weren't a lot of people that have done it yet right so it wasn't like a good like the workflow for getting has a plan so a lot of times we would circulate directly in oil and the other thing about circulating directly in oil is that at service time you're not laughing about with a just go into the oil with you pull it out and drop it back in the day even though they want recommended to fill a Presta never recommended that you do it you know we were using the stainless steel wool School polyscience circulator so you can pretty well you know that everything touching it was okay with oil right no plastics or nothing so then you just going with you pull it out and then you do your finish credibly convenient if you're doing

lot of units in a night not so convenient for homework but incredibly convenient for doing a bunch of units in terms of like speed of pulling it out and lack of bags and all that nonsense where is it going for you ask me why do you say blue cheese a whole bunch pork with the temperature on the entire fry Chris stop the scam later doing like bellies belly style right now lykae and the oil is so thick that it didn't circulate pork in oil for in lard right for a long time you'll notice that you get some fat fractionation so you'll get like crystals of higher-temperature fat growing like stalagmites on top of things including different areas but because we weren't getting a Serie Hunter but we weren't getting 100% circulation around it I measured it the next day because of what I'm about to tell you and it was a good

5 degrees cooler in the stagnant places then it was at it was and that was enough to take me into incubation Zone and in the incubation Zone where instead of being like you know in the mid-to-high 50s it was like 50 the entire room stank not like like a mixture of imagine blue cheese so now you've offended a bunch of people possibly in Asia mixed with stinky tofu house now you've offended all the westerners and so strong. Alexander's like the culture is some of the ready cassava in your in your favorite Cameroon and nobody wanted to eat that

and so like you know how is lightning sorry folks you know what I mean it's horrible those horrible you ever like ever like work on something you had something planned like for like the old days in advance is all there and then it just all garbage it's terrible so blue cheese blue cheese on meat good blue cheese mixed with butter like melting into a steak good good this is in from Dan in Chicago cooking issues crew what time is it by the way you might do right now to get it over with

Bob's Red Mill whole grain since 1978 when you Mill whole grain to get all three parts the brand The Germ and the endosperm the brand or the rough about 40% of the whole grain protein trace minerals term is only about 2.5% of the colonel it's actually the sprouting section of the seed what's going to grow into a plant it's usually separated during Milling process because it has a shorter shelf life the endosperm is the main energy storage unit of the see that's where the growing plant gets its energy before I can start photosynthesizing 83% and it's the main source its use for white flour when you get rid of The Germ and the brand just have the white and of sperm left it contains almost all the carbohydrates

13 an iron and some of the other B vitamins as well it's kind of flower is the kind of rough Edge and gives that that's what gives that that kind of color to it also gives you extra fiber that helps you to be regular and you also gets a germ which adds the fat and the flavor which we all like him whole grains learn more at Bob's Red Mill. Com podcast I have Bob's Red Mill products in in my kitchen at this at this very moment or what do you like most about them honestly honestly what I like the most is that is that you can tell someone to use a product and they can go into a supermarket and buy it like I think that's the best aspect of it honestly at a price that everybody can afford

VESID Museum like you're pretty much a low-quality individual if you don't like eggs when they're people who don't eat it because that's an enemy equality menu substitution option episode of Seinfeld egg white omelet and it was like a problem thank God it is the enemy sowed access started watching Parks and Rec in the you know that the character

Nick Offerman write a place he he says I hate I hate low-fat milk because it's water lying about being milk I hate more than Liars is nonfat milk because it's milk vetch water line repair, it's not an omelette and you can't make an omelette with egg white omelet I don't want to get into definition of things because they don't want to get in this kind of definitional like you know tirade that we always get into but I mean I'm sorry letters they're both awesome the white is awesome Forum I don't know angel food cake whatever they like okay Marengo SF on its own. Just don't cut

right, we need to make it fluffy and then I love it summertime volleyball ball it like I talk like two player to watch play there was a particular kind of sand to use for beach volleyball that allows you to play in a particular way sizes the nightmare for me like a huge nightmare for me I like the beach vampire I like being near the beach I like the ocean I don't like sand I don't like sand like like I don't like putting shoes

pain after I've been at the beach I don't like the sand in the car on the way out of the beach like it anyways I'm that guy this the worst the smiley going with like going to the beach for functional things like I like to get clamps I like to harvest mussels and Wilkes I like getting crafts Beachside greens and I also enjoy you like you know what I mean there is like there's Beach Plum Beach rose hips at the expanse of water and soda floating with a jellyfish the actual being in the ocean is fine it's fine but like I'm that guy that if I have to be on the beach I walk immediately to the hard packs and it's right by the water so they don't

have all that sent imagine like when you're playing beef running in soft sand of the freaking nightmare beach volleyball where you're running around on dry sand you're really running though you're just kind of like shuffling around all out running to shuffle around ball race car driving

now that I've done it who do you want to put some bets on whether Dave Arnold gets a two questions today or time everywhere nastase is from to all the questions I always say now you're preventing me from asking if I wasn't trying to do it you start a makeup looks like people who give out crappy people need to be able to take it commercial food storage container as a sous vide vessel that I purchased on Amazon the Amazon description for this product has made of clear break-resistant don't call it a break or brake

resisted everything is resist breaking dude unless it unless it's a Jenga Tower things we resist breaking dumb I hate the language that I'm going to have to use absolutely hate it I know you're going to make fun of him like the lawyers made me say at the lawyers made me say it you know what I mean Italian New Yorker but no matter what no matter who or where you at 8 who you're around I guess I don't know I don't know whatever but clear polycarbonate it is also bpa-free will come back just I've recently been told it is not possible for polycarbonate to be bpa-free is his true have I been duped by Rubbermaid

an Amazon additionally if the container does contain BPA has the food I've been using a sous-vide instill been exposed to BPA as long as the vacuum bags did not also contain BPA Dan from Chicago is an interesting question first of all this out of my head because whenever someone says Rubbermaid there's a store was a store in New Haven that sold drug paraphernalia and Waterbeds and it was called rubber match their commercial with always there is any time anyone says Rubbermaid anyone grew up in New Haven in like the 80s or 90s what I'm talkin about my cellulite fill up your bong from the waterbed last thing you want is someone high out of their mind on a waterbed like is it going to get something

someone I know I went home when the weather was Jen my wife like new someone is water bad ruptured and like wheat all over everything was a nightmare because it went through the floor literally like a ton you know what I mean not for decades it do they even make them anymore I don't have to find out if it's if you had a what's it called do you know the cornstarch slurry bed so that he could like beds like some sort of like

I'm going to get an Oobleck Oobleck Oobleck with water and if you stir it very slowly it's a it's a liquid I forgot to do it it's solid so that it's crazy you don't need to like this you can if you look up Oobleck and a swimming pool their swimming pools full of Oobleck and people will run across them like it's dry land but if you stand still used

I got a question and answer it is made of two things BPA and phosgene don't remember the chemical agent that cause the most deaths chemical warfare agent that caused the most death much much more than mustard gas during World War II bisphenol-a which is BPA which is an endocrine disruptor a chemical weapons and you get polycarbonate now I hate hate when people say that you take two things that are bad on their own and put them together and they're necessarily still bad

because there are many situations where to bad things put together become inert right and there's also situations where two good things put together become dangerous the Devine of thought like that that I hate the most is like I there's a book called deconstructing Twinkies room is booked and they listed all the ingredients in Twinkies and this is what all the Press picked up on Dish ingredient was like I forgive it was also used in explosives right right that's why we said that it was last week you know people say I hate it I hate it I hate that kind of reporters and everyone just ignored any sort of argument that started with that kind of a

you know I would say if you had to pick in the past 10 years okay Twinkies are a great memory Twinkies could be delicious a sponge cake filled with cream is theoretically delicious okay if you have a Twinkie now you will still enjoy it because of your childhood memories but if you handed Twinkie to a third party that didn't grow up with twinkies and expect them if they have a dull taste to think that it is a well-made thing they'll be like that idea of them not to try to give one to my wife

Southern so she's okay she went to school where she say she was going out down there and happy immature walnuts and mountains all that crap whatever North anyway she also hate peanut butter

she know she likes peanut butter does she enjoy Wonder Bread for what it's good at she's not like Wonder Bread even for it which is for you and I hate to say this people listen to be okay because of what they know to be what they want to and to try to put themselves in the in the shoes of someone else to be a problem with my love French food French

Define I would do the different Excel from here on out to just to show how it's made of bisphenol-a and phosphene but serious is that when you put it all together there's no more free BPA so what they do in food grade polycarbonate is they make sure that it's all pulling Verizon if there's no free BPA left and that's kind of the thing and these great things are tested for this right there tested for the levels of free BPA so presumably if they're saying it's bpa-free there meaning that it does not have any freebie PA

let me give you an example glass is made of sand right so if you have glass and it's clear I would say yes that glass is sand free even though it's made of sand you know what I'm saying but where the analogy breaks down is it unlike glass which doesn't revert to stand unless it's been pounded by the ocean for a long long time polycarbonate can break down under a regiment of high temperature or in the presence of alkaline detergents or in the presence of sometimes under a high ultraviolet radiation it can start to break down and then 10 Leach free BPA and so there's a lot of testing spend on saying that high temperatures in in BPA causes leaching excetera excetera and there was one study well-known study in like 09 or something like that so 8 or 9 10 2010 where they literally like

a bunch of students BPA water bottles with cold water and measured their that they excretion rate of the BPA by-products in over the course and it showed like an increase in in their levels vs. people that didn't have it now if you search BPA polycarbonate the BP a blank Institute like bought like all of the good Google search for the first like five things that you see are bought and paid for by the polycarbonate in the PPA industry with a grain of with a grain of bisphenol-a is that even if that is true that the level leaving is far below what is recognized as a dangerous amount now the people who say they're people who say that there is no known safe amount of an endocrine disruptor I don't know what I will say is that you shouldn't wash polycarbonate stuff in the dishwasher probably and if you don't if it's going to be used for food grade but I don't know where I come I don't know where I come down on the on the

you haven't been duped by the way the study is so they did a study that showed that like you know Mouse prostates get all messed up and there's all sorts of problems with mice who are being fed water out of a polycarbonate bottles and the probe is phenol industry points out disappointed out correctly whether or not this is it's obviously still serving that rat bottles aren't made out of food grade polycarbonate they're made out of a cheaper grade of polycarbonate and a lot of the art to making plastic resins is ensuring that you have full polymerization so there's no free be ye an inguinal ksppa there's also you know anything else like a food grade silicone rubber you're sure that there's not a lot of monomer sitting around in and it is so it's an art and these things are tested so friend since the Plastics were not using any polycarbonate in the

spinzall we're using our reading call Triton that is not made out of BPA but any anything like that that you put into a food item you send to an independent Testing Lab to test a material to ensure that it doesn't have any compounds in it that are not allowed by the FDA for food contact so doesn't happen in rap battles and so that that's what they that they point out short answer I don't know long answer is the answer to your specific question which is your stuff in a bag anyway do I need to worry about it I'd say know you're probably a mean if you're in and if you're in a zippy you're in polyethylene and it's got to be a decent barrier to it and you're talking about like watering it down and watering down a further in a water bottle you have a very low volume to surface area to volume ratio because water bottle the relatively small in a large Rubbermaid container

a very large volume for unit of surface area and the leaching of BPA into a team depends on the particular polycarbonate that you have it particular condition weather has been broken down by a damaged temperature detergent and then also the water so all of those things are going to come into into play so I'd say you're fine fish with the polyethylene if you're using an actual vacuum bag with multi-layered stuff where you have like possibly polyethylene and possibly nylon I'd say don't worry about it but you think later okay what's your secret how do you make it what variation do you bring to it do you use in Italy Italy basket / moles from the Indian market thanks Brian I do I do use those mold

went to the Ganesh temple out there in Queens to try cuz apparently this is like the best kind of dosas and at least you can get in New York City would you think I was randomly at like 9 a.m. to guys storm in make a beeline to the counter and ordered everything on the menu to say their paper Dosa was sick of crazy good is crazy and so that guy gave me some tips for idli batter I use suppose either don't know or YouTube to paraphrase NWA Fallout 4 all you who are hip to the fact that I can text him because he's our little steamed cakes cakes

want some cake of the kind of spongy they're steamed their moist there are there gluten-free right because they're not made with gluten and or not has gluten and they're typically eaten as a as a breakfast in the south of India okay so the way you're supposed to make them and I think very few people make them like this now most people I think by a mix or they use a flower and then they add some leavening agent to it but the way you're supposed to do it is you're supposed to take

idli rice or lease a portion Bailey rights which is par cook rice some people put in regular people like to add some friends the one I use as a short grain rice actually pretty expensive as rice goes and you soak it right then you use Aura. Which is the black and both ways I've used up Freehold stuff on hold stuff that I survived also used it would leaving the black hole on I actually like it with the black hole on and then you can if you want to add also so fenugreek seeds you know and the fenugreek seeds actually are functional so it's not just a flavor but like fenugreek have a real kind of mucilaginous texture when they've been kind of Roundup to use soap

you can suck the fenugreek seeds with the with the black Ram with you are a doll if you want but but you soak the rice and the separately because they take different amount of water right so you soak them and then you grind you soak in 4 hours to pendulum temperature outside temperature of the temperature inside rather than temperature of the water off a to Stone wheels that spin on a stone platform and grinding to face now the trick with it is you want to grind I grind you grind it or adults first if the reason is is that they are a dumb as a lot of the structure to the dough and the batter rather and it is it it Eric helps are rated and provide it what do I look like I'm at the structure it's got like the protein in it right there that you need and just I guess maybe also hydrocolloid I don't know but you grind it and you grind it for longer than you think like I grind it for you know probably 20 minutes to make that till it gets real

Aerie then you dump it out then you put the rice in and they are a dog's going to take a lot more water because it's like they said Brian and the rice we had the rice separately and the rice will help grinding the rice will help clean out your wet grinder because if you do that you do any other way you grind the center great by the way with your eye. But if you do it the other way around then you've got the group of your stuff in it at the end so it's a pain in the butt to clean out your your grinder and I would also note clean out your Grindr right after you're done don't let that stuff.

so then you mix those two things together and adjust the water content of the batter if it's too dense it's a pain doesn't work right and if it's too watery it'll seep right to your mouth because of moles are completely perforated and then you let it rise in a warm place until it gets light and Airy and taste fermented and that's that's basically how I do it either getting lighter and lighter and fluffier and fluffier in the problem is is that one of the things I like to do is I'll put I'll I'll spoon some to these idiot Lee moles look like little like almost like egg poaching cups that make sense Peter egg poaching cups

no one uses anymore egg poaching cups right over there any way you could do cheese you could do chili you could do beans you could do whatever and then adding more over-the-top but as my Italy get the batter has less ability to hold stuff in it and so I'm get starting it bleed through at the bottom of my Italy's with the stuff but it's great seeing you steam them for like 10 minutes in a steamer and you probably have these stuffed that's what's not traditional is a stuffed idli so then I serve him like I would like I typically do it with like chili and I serve him like we like shredded lettuce and sour cream and other stuff as though it was Mexican food that's good I like it a lot but so then we went to this place to get next Temple and they had the paper Dosa and this have you had a better paper dosa

South India Airline flight to look man I got to go now but I've had to imagine how it could be better than that because it was so delicious it was the perfect amount of like super crunchy on the outside and soft and on the inside of texture was just so we asked the guy we walked up and for some reason these guys were hit the talk to us about like they're Dosa and I was like man that throws his good what's up with that it's like to use the same recipe you use for for Elise for the garage chick before the crunch oh yeah we don't have a 30 seconds

but I have so I was going to talk to a computer about eggs and whether or not cuz he's done the European thing and the Africa thing and the American thing about like refrigerating eggs or not it's a big pain in the butt top of me we have a back to talk about that when you going to be back before then so yeah let me know these things and when you're in Ethiopia Addis Ababa really brittle like you can be a chicken egg chicken eggs and you can barely carry them back home without breaking one on the way there so brittle you crack them open though and they're so thick that you can't even like you beat it into a bowl it's hard to eat II me to pastries battle to get it all out cuz it won't actually poor out so they can just clean to the ball

what is there crazy delicious in the most delicious thing I've ever had and they're like I don't know if it's just cuz they're mostly yolk what they just have an incredibly creamy and like super Aggie flavor and so it's like as a different product in Lowes food is is that like no matter how old you get there's always like some awesome thing just around the corner and I mean anyway we'll have you back to talk about when you're back we'll talk about the eggs you're going to do some research on the eggs to get back to us and we can talk about whether or not you should refrigerate eggs Etc cetera and get some good food and cooking issues

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