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Episode 292: Chef Richard Blais

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Tamara Lopez how you doing we got Dave in the booth Dave today we got special guest plus Entourage plus Entourage Richard blais that's usually the Applause in here off of a bike or like you know you can wake me up from a sleep and are you crushed it from here all it's all you know is trumpet a low-energy Dave

Play Beautiful you play beautifully instrument it's it's not ukulele guy though it's all its tune to an open chord so you can just give me a musical Genius lyrics every couple of years or every couple of decades I guess at this point in my life I feel there's a ukulele Resurgence maybe remember Tiny Tim crazy yet doesn't remember him

you think it lasted I thought I was going to ask you bagpipes or didgeridoo instrument that you ever want to hear recorded it like needs to be live it is a marshall instrument it's meant to like scrambled eggs the inside of your body you know what I mean it's portable loud as loud as hell you know sometimes just for inspiration if I'm on a long run I woke you up like the Scottish March movie I don't remember much of it but I remember I felt inspired by it so I

at the end of every know he's not looking old person he's like he's being executed at the end because he's given up right and so at the end they're cutting his nuts off and right before they cut his nuts off he goes like what a great like ad campaign else

remember I haven't seen it since it came out Meredith Sigman publicist extraordinaire to Josh Sigman from Westchester New York

I needed to come in with a big crew

how do I say nice so fine are find area in Brooklyn is you got a new book coming out in like is it this month or next month it's today no way this is the lawn chair like this is my first appearance is my personality of a 3-year she's like a Pinot Grigio it was amazing Halloween right after Hurricane Sandy

I was just I mean everyone is so pissed off like they were like that guys never coming back to the show and she loves coding Kathie Lee and Kathie Lee guys back in the day outside summer grilling with Regis right and he never met many years ago and he go I'm like he's calling me shaft just no way back

but it's whatever the hell you want to watch all of the daytime TV on back then in the early 90s and I would do only these three things I would watch daytime TV I would Bondo my Pontiac and I would deep fry peppers in in my little deep fryer things I did before my job started that's amazing my future wife is like what the hell are you doing why am I with you what is your problem yeah definitely the cheapest car ever bought something happened with with Michael right Strahan and then I call it was a big thing that you know it's a big reality show was going to get it I thought it was going to be

in my mind I was in the Rockies been on their show is it with with their chemistry okay but now it's Ryan Seacrest by the way in all of your as I say call of your Blazer way to questions into 78 is called so good with his sauce poke recipe sausage don't count that whole cookbook is it wouldn't even be a boy

the recipe so people can actually cook this you include and I had the same issue when I did you know my cocktail book you include a lot of stuff that the average like Jane and Jo person wouldn't necessarily but you always give away out I have to have to get see I know where you're going with so it's like the one percent of Richard blais fan definition of Alex just a little bit like I'm a Believer in you know if this is the way you actually do it and you're a real life human being diet to do it that way

tell people look I don't expect you to do it and if you were at somebody else's house and you had to cook something you wouldn't be like I'm freaking out of here is a tank of liquid nitrogen in my basement when I say every once in a while I mean all the time I'll be there I have to do some sort of like thing for a liquor company credit going to get in my kitchen cuz I'm on the Shelf yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I appreciate it so I want to talk to you about and I notice in in in this and it's something I think it doesn't get talked in this before we talk about the book in general or any question you ever notice how

Chef's 10 test like find an ingredient that they fold into their pantry and it shows up as a highlight a lot I do this all the time and it changes for me every couple of years I change what what that highlight is so I remember no snoring when I was at a CIA Mia from Mia's CI for a while it was like what is this need and we were all like ketchup it was always you love the calabrian chili oil I do love the calabrian chili oil the first moment that you had a Minds calabrian whenever he goes over there they bring back like you know some of their family stockings like this time it's not as good as last time

the great thing with ingredients like that you associate them with like a particular place a particular thing but you get addicted to the certain kind of know especially something like that to the way you describe it is a fruity heat not sweet but fruity heat so it's like as an alternative to like the classic thing that all that you know most of us has been doing for the past five six years just hit it with Sriracha not punish but like you know that the hot cock brand of sriracha it's more that's a more neutral and doesn't have the oils what how do you get in how how did you get into the calabrian chili will how long you been in a just stumbled upon a jar of it and it was one of them probably was Top Chef or something like that were on these shows you get to carry like 10 secret ingredients that are always in your case and and she was always one of mine. He was always one of mine

Show competition sometime I'm going to need something that bring some heat to the game acidity did a game some salted mommy whatever it is you know drizzle over like ranch dressing because I'm also like I like ranch dressing I'm just going to admit that right here did make for Jen my wife you made breakfast in bed first time ever you're 12 years old about time I would never tell him this and now they give us like to eat at a table that's me but like whatever he did a great job but having done this when I was a kid I was like what does the ocean look like

and how about the sheets like my favorite thing to do is a hotel chicken wings and then like bathroom towel to wipe down here something I do with people's books whenever I get someone's book right first thing you got to read if you got to read someone's introduction to see where they're coming from where that particular book is coming from get a feel for where they want to go right you agree sure yeah yeah then look at a couple of pictures they choose to have nothing to do with a particular recipe to kind of see where their heads at and so the one that I gravitated to is a picture of like just assume that whoever you were photography was like that one that one that but but cake tester love at the cake tester you got the cake tester which is like super Arena

was he reading glasses that sort of stuff that's how I test chicken yes we're showing our age probably a little bit psycho stick a thermometer

I will I will say that I'm doing a couple projects right now that I'm sort of like you know this already cuz you're amazing right but Precision is an interesting thing so like thermometers I mean things all the time I rely on it and like my knowledge is it cuz you don't need to but I would never shove an instant-read into my tester are good enough for me cuz you can't know but it's it's not true you can know you can know if you like Stephen like something stupid like pancakes right if your if your flame as a little off you touch the top of the pancake you like is that pancake Rhonda Center or nah

what is the French fry done so much of it is observational dealer to get my wife bought me a Pokemon Taylor once I still like it's not that expensive I think it's the one all the time you can get the shop all the time that used to have a really inexpensive store called lectors where you could go just to buy beater stuff and then they went out of business in some now either you're going to a department store in New York you go to the department store or you have to go high end of times or restaurant lot of times like there's no middle zone is not a middle Zone

antique shops those are always cold side by K knives they're not it's all good in culinary school I had to kill a turtle with its really like dark story so what kind of kitchen Fellowship which is very prestigious just so we're all clear like they give away one of those a year someone brought in a giant turtle like you know someone out in the Hudson River brought in a turtle and they were like we need we need the fish kitchen Fellowship guy to come down here now I don't even have a name at that point I was just the fish kitchen and then they're like you got to cut this Turtles head off and it was kind of sad about it I was just doing my job

uptight about turkey you know the people are very upset about turtles write the book is being out my book so good is being out performed by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pizza cook lawyer for killing them take the X might take any superhero group against any day so now they don't get later age there are immature Ninja Turtles Mutant Ninja Turtles is a thing you'll get to like stay a teenager forever you can act like a freaking teenager forever but you can't actually be one forever

I was never a fan so I don't even know which ones which I mean do they what do they like my girls actually like them get out Turtles probably only apparently if a turtle goes into its shell there's a couple of ways you can get the head out for the finger the other way so I'm glad I showed up today yeah strong yeah this is a disgusting story I'm sorry

right exactly scary thing was that Turtle haunted me for like 4 days after it was just dead yet the feet don't know it's dead yet every publicist in this room is freaking out right now we should just be really careful.

almost every piece of meat you ever eaten I'd venture to say every piece of me that you've ever eaten was it 1 point in animal Turtles while you might like them while you should not take turtles that are properly taken from the wild because they take a long time to replenish and you can crash supplies and so you should not take wild-caught Turtles unless you I guess they're allowed to a specific place all of this is true and I think they're cool they are not smart they are not the smartest of animals here's a here's something that I judge so if you eat beef you shouldn't worry about killing a turtle turtles don't have their they arguing about this I want two things I take his does an animal have a sense of play lyrics to play Castaway by other than avoid things that hates and you know get food and sleep right girls pretty much no Play The Byrds obviously there

how's that can play monitor lizards are the reptile family like can get to that level where they they have those kind of interactions but if you don't have a sense of play pretty much I don't feel that bad about it so that is your notes to the publicists separated from the food that we eat your right to taste you know we made like a traditional like turtle soup with Sherry and was it worth it I mean you know I clear very rare exception of fish and Crustaceans like the work of killing something makes the food to me not as much fun I don't know something about it

use all of it right where you buy them you know what I mean like I should worry about too much but it's still a bad form to kill frogs right

go to Lisa's in New York City if you go to New York City Chinatown

there's a trash barrel full of life Raj where they just basically crushing themselves High assuming it's a guy I've only ever had guys don't want to hear this could be anyone right rear legs goes like cutting think that with the cleaver takes it to legs off with the legs in the plastic bag they I think they weigh them first cuz you pay on whole frog wait then they take the live rear legless body and throw it into the trash Heap along with the fish guts cuz of frogs and fish did you know that you knew that this is amazing idea why would you take home that whole frog body that you're about to throw away when you know all you want is that rear you know leg you know that was the theory of it

occasionally as well we have just alienated all of your mother you have a podcast with you listening right now I work on my open by the way thank you for just like that's like how my open cuz you're always on radio and audio that's not going to be energy right now I have a goal like to get to that Dave Arnold energy in food what's the subject like everyone in the industry and television and you know people that create food television shows how it is to produce something create a television show in and get it to the media time

what do you think I mean like now that you've been doing it so long wait do you what do you think about it like a lot without friends day is the Food Network I mean there wouldn't be mean like come on me the amount of interest and and there's generated like Country Wide World wise like the food media has done a lot for food with largest I think it doesn't necessarily get credit for I mean at the end of the day into the only sidebar is that you because food is all over the place that you know when as a restaurant or at a restaurant Chef man that want to be a celebrity chef they've never been in the kitchen before 12

you know I wanted to cook books and be on TV shows and you can do that but you know it's not what we necessarily needed a restaurant and like your griping about something and yet on the other hand you're a well-known Chef because there is food media so it's like they get mad about these like young kids coming in and wanted to be a hot shots and you can't have your cake to use another food reverence and eat it as well you know what I mean because you can either on your cake or you can have eaten your cake this is the only two choices you know what I mean like you can't expect to be a well-known show that people write about it and then get pissed off at somebody else wants Fame and doesn't necessarily understand the work it's a microwave that cake Superfast pretty much everybody knows that the solution to this problem is to make two cakes you make two cakes one that you keep for visuals that's the one that I swell and one that has a better icing to cake ratio that you eat to taste

the answer is almost anything you do things like that to of the dish that you're about to serve you can test one so you can pick which one's a little bit better than the other one yeah you're doing TV how much prep time do people starting out if they want to do kind of new techniques stuff they do stuff that they haven't necessarily try and it can be nerve-racking ride trying something for the first time on the camera all these young kids on shows like chopped or Top Chef or something like that and then they're making blueberry snow out of also seen it by this point and then head home and then

I guess you really well you thought I had before but make sure that if you're going to serve people that the technique you're going to use is something that is in your tool kit that's in your you understand how it works you understand why you're using it have to serve deliciousness I mean it's pretty simple, you're on the air

everyone this is Ann Thompson Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

I'm in Allentown but I can eat all the way from Philadelphia I was just in Allentown for my first introduction like really compelling introduction to time and not wanting to experiment with homemade meeting and I wanted to know if store-bought miso paste from Whole Foods would be appropriate for culturing my substrate A friend of mine has not taken charge of a Korean natural farming program in New Jersey and we'll be trying to optimize their rights operation which they claim to be one of the few firms producing rice in the Northeast

all the things that I wanted to use this opportunity to experiment on some novel price train and just kind of play around with meat though so I want to smell your talk to take I want to know why you should archiquest to is like the Miso Master does La camisa workshops a lot of it depends on what you buy there are there are there that haven't been to work with and that are still kind of alive but you can just get Koji I would just buy the Koji it's readily available and you know look up liked tweet Ark request at his Twitter and I think it right that he's been on the show before actually and he can hook you up with like the very the very best in Cochise trains

but you know like the here's the issue when you're doing something like that I mean unless you have a me so that you lovey lovey lovey lovey love and like you're like maybe there's some special Mojo about this I would just use it and he is of the opinion by the way Rich that's archiquest that the strain of Koji isn't necessarily so as important as the substrate but by the Cody its way you're you're guaranteed to have it work if not already been possibly you know treated with something or you know cuz the last time is especially I don't know what Andy says you're trying to make but if they're doing the cashier of me so I guess I made it with alcohol to wipe out some of the you know a little bit of alcohol to stop it from further

yellow bathroom at Denver breaking down so I don't know but I'm interested in this northeast ever heard of anyone else in my friend. Study that a USD chemical engineer there and I guess you ended up working in Ojai California like two weeks ago and amazing Place yeah yeah yeah you brought it over here and you kind of ended up talking to his farm in Pennington New Jersey called Blue Moon acres and they were super opens fadia and it looks like they are kind of heading in the same direction so it's kind of a line

I've enjoyed their race I mean they're still pretty young in terms of the actual program but I figured I might as well like use this opportunity might not get any it depends on what they can grow to like New Jersey anytime but they're not growing a tomato or growing a corn I want to hit them because like they that's what they should be doing but I'm sure there are land types in New Jersey that don't grow great Corning great great tomatoes so there is a lot of great things New Jersey Garden State we forget the New Jersey was a Garden State and specially going to make sure your Long Island we grew up hating not hating but you know ranking on New Jersey but right exactly you give him a pretty hard time Welch's grape juice

yeah we should go from Long Island to Six Flags member Action Park in Vernon New Jersey yeah I had my junior high class trip there yes sick and rip The Regulators off of the go-karts so the go-karts had unlimited speed at night and they would also be drinking so like workers used to buy all that forget the kids workers used to die all the time wondering if his back

Cathy erway the host of eat your words today was Camilla Salisbury author of Bob's Red Mill everyday gluten-free cookbook 281 delicious whole grain recipes we're going to get to the bottom of this gluten-free craze so why are people eating gluten and what does gluten-free really mean people are deciding to go gluten free these days and the first one is really serious is for people who have celiac disease and it's a pretty serious condition but then there is also a growing number of people with gluten gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity and they're trying out on gluten-free diets because they find that eating foods without gluten just makes sense feel better. It actually makes something gluten free what makes something gluten free is essentially that had doesn't have any of the protein gluten in it and a lot of people are surprised to learn that many grains do not contain

in fact just a very small number of grains do does anyone offer truly gluten-free options open up treadmill really understands gluten-free option that means they separate their grains down during the manufacturing process and so they're testing each batch at every step of the way for Purity to ensure that it's gluten-free the wind it says on the package but it's gluten-free you can be assured that it is gluten-free. You're getting the real deal learn more about Bob's Red Mill and all the gluten free products that they offer at Bob's Red Mill. Com podcast

call Ian the air

hey David Stevenson California how you doing where in California

Faith Hayward

Love Jennifer an IV out here by the way thank you

only after and what's the science answer what kind of which style of eggs are we talking here

if you could be scrambled omelette almost going to eat any style this is ironic because I was going to ask you the same question I was going to ask you about how do you season your eggs before before that's how I cook definitely before and I hear some things it does change the egg somewhat and I think in a helpful way so like I never make if you like ya ever do like a sweet egg preparations like a sweet omelette like a tamago or some like this right delicious right but you know when your blending that stuff beforehand you can see the yolks go kind of translucent on you when you add like the salt and the sugar and so you're you're definitely changing the egg yolk by adding that stuff I think in a positive way.

my feelings and so I do it for him and it's making it more delicious that's right I'm also a firm believer in not having a thing that needs a bunch of salt threw out with some salt on top I prefer properly season throughout with a little salt and a little Citrus zest little salt at those little finishing touches that's why I love the past but like so but like in a sandwich situation every freaking layer every freaking layer gets its own saw a little bit so like we I slice of tomatoes and I don't want to sell the tomatoes way ahead of time because

Christmas gets really into destroyed Christmas over your bad person especially because I saw that ever living crap out of the outside of the burger the different layers because they want it because they freaking wanted to eggs real quick I had on my person and I brought on an airplane and it is and when I got served anomaly which most Airlines serve a little

give this guy and I pulled out and just rest with real black truffle and like it was kind of amazing name in value of how do you write the oil and the Truffle would just be a good topping and then you can think of The Omelette is bread and if you put some gooey cheese in your omelet that helps but I would say I'm I actually fly Delta all the time but United has a really good omelette

the last week or two weeks ago I thought they killed a giant rabbit they rip that guy off the airplane I got to keep it real like they make a good omelette for an airplane on what kind of container today in like and how much are The Omelette tears away when you open that foiled thing is it just some sort of hideous nightmare with that look in the front if they're pulling up to the side with you almost forgot to get oil out of the truck line coach is that seat recline cuz if it does it's too good for me and I dare you know right deep code cattle class I mean like I'm one step above the rabbit that United killed by putting in the freezer

they do let me be playing with the rest of the passengers just last you know what I mean

so you're going to you're going to chalk it up to Urban myth that chefs to say what's the Siri what's the theory of operation why I would want to sell it at the end only

you'd have to ask the chef who insist on it I don't know what I'm going to say about this anyone most people that I know even complete nincompoops who are professional cooks that cook all the time if you taste their food and their food is good then you even if their explanations are crazy and make no sense to you it it makes sense to kind of focus on their technique and what they do and why they do it and maybe learn something that you didn't already know like other side from what you and your head think right so the first thing is is there food good and if it is what they do and maybe there's a good reason I don't know and current company excluded most chefs are just assholes

family show about it you're not in like lower UK you're allowed to say gobshite on the TV mouth poop for the god being the mouth gobshite mouth.

text sexual to you until it's why I'm not supposed to add the salt till the end maybe there's some sort of reason I don't know

I I can't see a reason why I would want the inside of my egg not to taste good

giving me over easy I may be over easy cuz it's thin and like you can also by the way here's a here's what you said an admission I don't do the French style curtain scrambled egg I like an american-style scramble like a hard turd not the cleaning card so maybe but no all the ones are soft but maybe they're salted towards the end maybe it affects the current structure maybe that's what I was talking about if they're doing the old school French

but there are a lot of those Miss right that you just kind of pick up and it's like why you doing it because that the last 12 people told me to do it this way but I've never thought about why I'm doing a hundred percent and sugar 100% affect the temperature at which the protein sets and probably also the current structure so maybe that's something to do with those French reich's you don't talk about the super slow slow slow slow cook time which I saw that stuff right at the beginning of salt salt is your buddy love the boquerones more than the Salted anchovies I can't keep up with like what school did post

can salt guys they're really good they recently so for those you buy anchovies packed in salt they they used to it for my whole life they came in a giant a giant but I'd like for anchovies giant canned that's a kind of like it looks like an oversized tuna fish can you know who I'm talking about right and it's metal right and you have to open it and then sitting around in your in your in your fridge must use a boat ton of anchovies and they can can sometimes right through that just moved to a plastic tub so I'm a place for me I buy them just for the 10 cuz it's so I noticed you do your squats blossoms and not in a Masa flour to get the extra crispy crunch on the Masai people under use my so I can fly but is not a native New Yorker

and like my world has been open to all things Mexican basically so we have some traditional Mexican foods and I think that what you're looking at a Squash Blossom relleno but I like the texture of a better than cornmeal a little as a grainy right right but also like it maintains it you know how like when you fry in a cornmeal it like sogs out pretty quickly so Masa is hard the way corn is hard has a crunch for down to get songs out as fast cut myself a couple of things I noticed that you like to mess with the names of things to piss off Puris I'm assuming it to piss off. You have

steak tartare recipe in here called carne asada we make up words into linguine we just call it linger because I create a list of food for my favorite pun in this is you do Wu-Tang Clan there you go there you go and I'm selling this talking to stop here though. You'll love some fun Asia brace yourself here okay no freaking tomato

Scott kapers it's got all is not the right time for you but it's got out of his in there and capers no freaking tomato Green version of it so give me can you give me like I know when we start talking about Italian food the authenticity as she gets pretty strong so they don't like whatever and I thought you said I'm like what is he going to cover this with any bread crumbs I like that's right I love bread crumbs on the pasta by the way my son Booker loves it he puts too much on it cuz it Mount bretter St Porres like bread crumbs all up in pasta

do you like you have to make the bread crumbs toasty and delicious and they have to be or not you're really not servicing the dish What's That Brand that comes in the tub you don't tell me about the tub of breadcrumbs on top of the bread I will text that what's that brand don't don't sleep on 4C on my mom's go to work we need bread from seasoning I've never had Long Island chicken cutlets like that day never does a salisbury steak ree molds the freaking me back on the bone first of all Brandi view the grew up where the television Salisbury steak that's my go-to TV dinner Cliff there is the cherry cobbler and if you work a little of that cherry cobbler into your demi-glace from the Salisbury steak ready to go

Swanson's hungry man looking Salisbury we've I would love to put it on the menu and maybe the book will drive California to pick up a will. I will say that you know the first question in California you do the menu testing questions about the 75 items on this can you get gluten-free and you know what can you do that requires an advanced mine they can have that the herbs and the garlic that's about it at that one

herdfans one of vegan face ready for it not Meatloaf beatloaf I don't hate because I don't hate that the lie that's a lie I love I love beats what I don't like is

when they taste dirty and they're in giant chunks I like a pickled beet speed I like a beet salad I like beans in things I like party hydrated beats I'm going to take it to a place where you might you wouldn't know that I would go there I like canned beets sneak up on you like later in the day when you maybe you're going to the restroom and then like your picture looks nice in here and you're like the soup chapter the book is one of my favorite cuz they're all sort of soups that are meals like I know you could do the nice little puree soup with some croutons to like these are all seems like a big bowl of it and your family

gumbo kanji some of the stew recipes we have in there they're like meals Forest when it's like just lots of chunky things for and I like seems like the time the guy you know he doesn't like tom kha gai want to hear delicious biscuits you wait a second you don't like beets biscuits or tom kha gai do not like coconut and I seen this a lot in the past couple of years is that people pushing towards cream and in there in the biscuits so like like mixing the butter Bass Down on Jensen cream so do you like it because the biscuits just a more tender because it's a little extra moisture and whiskey

self-rising flour you know maybe there's a little like this sentiment behind it is well but serve it in the 10 cuz it's like remove it from the 10 that's out soft creamy Supple it is can you say stop over a biscuit is that a word for food like I hate when people do that by the way so I shouldn't

these biscuits Thanksgiving soda recipe and we serve it at the restaurant it's really popular cornbread recipe doesn't have enough butter kidding a little more on new bloop little more cornmeal than flour but like in a pretty close to that kind of classic one one right soak up the cup of a cup of each and two sticks of butter to four eggs you put some in the fridge

hitting the whip cream directly out of the e c I have to tell Dax my son. Every day not not you did so I can have you answer one question but then your chicken recipe interesting because it's closer to like what I would see like it goes directly from you do to marinades for us to do a pickle marinated marinated in buttermilk tenderize and soften right and then directly into the into the flour mix which is very like a pies and thighs you should do it that way I think a bird's you through that way but to me and all because I'm a dry dust wet thing and you go right out of thing but do I get lockers that are dry a little bit if you can get it looks so shiny like it looks like Nashville

okay I write any questions amazing name blood comes out good but when I start to cut it juices are everywhere and when I transfer the touch to a play the juices continue leaking and it does not look good especially with mashed potatoes I know about resting I tried it too but the meat cools down very quickly and after 5 minutes rest of us are not hot enough and some juices are still running to the place where I played it but still losing the juices what am I missing out on this technique is to score it salt pepper skin down for until it Browns in in in in in a hot oven for 7 minutes I mean to be super simple maybe it's the bird

pain like it's going to be probably going to do a duck breast like this right place a little bit like if he doesn't have two ovens this is why it's useful to have played heater right not to push my own stuff I sometimes will Sears on my plate a little bit to warm it up so that it doesn't cool down your product too much right next to their ears

where's the same go to wrap it up and get to him I apologize will get to I might not by might be in China next week people so I might not be back next week I'll let you know via Twitter whether I'm back we're going to visit before doing the spins all witches a center Fusion working on so I have to go to Shenzhen pre-approved remind me next week how much is a continuously it and forget it walk away from it into liters and liters and liters. Working on it dude working on it all right so you heard it here today first this is his other than the Today Show so we play I'll take I'll take seconds to Hoda and Kathie Lee any day Richard blais is nubuck so good out today go on Amazon take a look at TextMe instead, so could please help me beat the Ninja Turtles Pizza book and jump on it by a book please

cookbook make it be Bob's Burgers alright

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