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Episode 291: Salumist Elias Cairo of Olympia Provisions

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Brooklyn the hammer Lopez and even more kind of like if even worse than mine I was surprised I thought I was giving you the good one but now it's all crooked I got Dave in the booth how you doing Dave

wow whatever you use Skype to call 271-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 because today in the studio we have two special guests we have allies Cairo from Olympia Olympia Provisions I was going to say Olympic and then you'll shoot me in the face LOL support you in Portland Oregon and I are going to a special dinner at a Dopey and fantastic so I'll just say for those music going to Portland legit I'm going to give it to cooking issues legit stamp also also have in the in the studio as Samantha what you last name Samantha

cilic and you are a food PR person I'm with her ass so what's so like we're going to get this out of the way now so did you start out wanting to be a food PR person or are you just a gent by the way do you find the term flag offensive or not all right so did you start out as kind of a general-purpose flag so you could either be selling thumbtacks or food or cars are you one of these people that actually enjoys food strictly food and beverage in there they're really care what the hell they're selling

so we got a bunch of cool stuff calling calling your questions like I say so you for those of you that don't know why is he's like a hunter a pure Master it's like I see only two restaurants right to rule restaurants in than 3 fast casual like hot dog beer bar top places have a year-and-a-half ago right it's a billion years to remember my kids decide last week in the middle of me writing a book that has a lot of meat cookery that this is going to be the time that they go vegetarian you want to talk about it happens and so here it is I'm like you know what am I going to eat whole freaking Crown Rose by myself I'm going to eat like I'm going to be like at Chateaubriand for one like what like what the heck am I going to do

what time does not like that I'm not like that so I don't know how it is important first of all you guys over there at Olympia Provisions the only people in Portland who are guaranteed to be working and I mean what is it what is it with Portland in the lack of like work I get psyched all the time for being hard-working Yeah Yeah Yeahs on the subject of working at American equality how do you pronounce the title American charcuterie Olympia Olympia Olympia provisions

hotels by Olympia Provisions from an American tributary like a really really beautiful book and and I mention this to you and you actually said I think I left my memory is like Jacques I didn't have that much sparkling wine that day that you know one of my favorite series and cookbooks in the world is the time life series of cookbooks that came out in seconds starting in the late sixties and going through the early seventies where they go around the world and the cool thing about it is for cookie now she can get them like $2 is there still free people go out right now go on eBay not that food photographers aren't real photographers please don't get me I don't want to hear it but they hire people who like where you know like prison Sports Illustrated photographers or you know General subject photographers and so

these books have some of the sickest photography like anywhere and so it a lot of the photos you have here have no cleaner modern they're not from the 70s but they you know it's printed on that kind of matte paper so it's got an awesome kind of flat feel to it and you know you've got a lot of like you know not straight recipe shots in it and so anyways I think it's a really really really beautiful book and I also I like the way that it's you know. It's also personalized reminds me of like right now days is going to be obviously more not that he wasn't technically minded don't get like you know for totally slow cooking by hand write was I think an extremely personal book that was tackling some technical subject before anyone else had written on this on these kind of sub Detroit for I still think it's okay

personal but the tackle look real issues in the kitchen and you can tell when you go through it to this is written I know some of the recipes are your summer like you know the pastry chefs and red flashing people but written by people who actually know what they're doing it's not like you made this once and now you've written it down and that's it which is you know and I know what you think of books do some business for free videos to reschedule program going back to like a like a work ethic and in Port Lucie group you were like roopika Greek family in freaking Utah Salt Lake City

Mountain Creek Ski cold Winters and he brought all of this hard-working Greek friends for the mountains to come mine it and then they came back and told her children how amazing Salt Lake City is Lisa tell the story goes there's a ton of churches out there and yeah is there a big culture clash between like you know that the Greek Orthodox and the Mormon is there is there like a call Elias Elias are beautiful people there's a little quote and then there a little story in there that we got called to the principal's office because we spent too much like garlic in the kids couldn't focus on my father walked in the next Super Greek like your children smell like detergent out of school

is a quote of about your dad wear paraphrasing what he might say to you are you lazy or just stupid so true she loves you because that's her whole attitude is going to like about you spend some time cooking in Switzerland it is crazy do you see this place as yet he worked at this restaurant where it's like someone just don't know how the hell they got the the building there but it's like a carbuncle shoved onto the side of a freaking Mountain place called that was just on the fucking living room where is it that's in the northeast corner of Switzerland that's in the can tuna appenzeller but that whole region is called sangala so like Austria Germany the boat and say

absence of all that right there in the mountains right above their head when they're hungry and so like the idea of going on an all-day hike to eat like a huge smoke me to Chuck-E-Cheese in like some fruit is just what they love to do and I will be out there hiking thinking you're pretty cool unlike a 7 year old grandma will fly by you and I both love the yodeling game on The Price is Right and who we making fun of temperature you need to add that in your book the CV temperature like a yodel never remember the tune of right we can never like for some reason it just leave your head and you can't get it back in your head and then there's those Tunes like the theme from Quincy that go into your head you can't get him out of your head

yeah yeah yeah you know where Rockford Files for that matter the Rockford files I feel deserves to be in your head and me and you know Rockford Files to Sanford son whenever those theme song is coming to your head your life by giving it all right so before we get too far and a couple of Bones I have to take some metal fight about it now we're both lovers of nitrate and nitrite obviously in curing and you make a lot of time using points about no not kind of worrying about it's a lot of people are worried about especially over probably on the west coast to get all the trouble I mean like it's only been the last three years that people have gotten through my armor at events that usually I can maintain my kind of I'm happy to serve you customer's always right kind of a thing it's only been the past couple of years is somehow it's just like too many hits and I'm like I was like it off

free family show that like that you know what I'm saying anyway so you say that it's 100% illegal to cure Meats without nitrates or nitrites but super long hair stuff like dry cured hams I push you to diparma you can do without nitrates not make you need to not that I think it makes better but the classic Italian one now it is made without that stuff and furthermore you can do anything legally if you have the hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend it as a safe price to prove it

about Oscar Mayer now is doing their nitrate-free nitrate free hot dogs cured with nitrates naturally found in celery Jokers like they should be everyone should be skewered this is Whole Foods fault like is 100% their fault it's garbage I mean that the food can be taste good but the labeling is garbage still smoking on all of your labels and all of your food on your menu to write her right this contains no salt other than that naturally found in the ocean

they're using for their nitrate think they overload the manure with nitrate the spinach is there salt in there nitrates at the same thing my favorite thing is that called Switzerland right where I did my friendship and I was like you know what are you guys doing about nitrate just total brain fart like what are you talking about we give nitrate to our children when they're sick is good for you the vitamin I don't know what the hell's wrong with you Americans

I just think it's night like this the kind of picture I like like hot dogs and then like a couple pictures later this this question how the hell did they get the food into that place depending on where this place is pretty amazing the one that's not the Asher is because their whole thing as they have these two gigantic Limestone water pits behind their that that's the only water then get up there so that will the water filters through the cliffs and lands on his lamp stamp it's as soon as they're out of water they're completely close to the year and then they go back to carrying me hunting me and raising me to take an amazing this place up there to put into perspective with two cokes does about 500 covers at lunch and they do a rosti which is you don't boil potatoes and that there's a tram and goes at the backside of the bring it across on mule but still like the water and all the me to the Father and Son bring up on the alert like twice a year literal Pack meal pack mule

Ibex there this is the past two at a time like this cliff and you run across at that one the only way to get anything up there is with me also everything is brought up on Google and they do Stine books at 4 which is those Ibex that are soured like sauerbraten and then they slowly braise it and then they stick in it with blood it's what makes us then they can it and then they put it on the mules and then they take it up top and when you get there you're also going to have roshdi steinbook fat for applesauce in sour cream is talking to a sherpa and he was like I was like yeah how come you know you're nothing but fat freaking Mountain yeah we need so many calories are that for climbing Everest

did you get to go hunting with Jagermeister of the valley so he own this hotel and butcher property hunting master and not a liquor he was a name the liquor so if you wanted to shoot an animal in our Valley you had to go to the yard and ask him if there was any unhealthy animals could you hunt it where should I do what I'm after you shot the animal you bring it to our restaurant in our butcher shop and we process it for you you know there was tons of different ways we could process sell it back to you buy it off you use it in the restaurant but we would cure and ferment and make all about me. I would like to know 2-300 wild animals a month is literally like a traffic cop for shooting an exactly like every single day for animals and he took me a couple times with him I was never able to kill an animal be like after a year 3 of me like cutting up animals and working my ass off he's like tomorrow we go hunting and I was like

crazy like to take the one with the busted on it's not so good in the picture it's very hard to find elk of there until it's very small herds and he got an elk from his like all the other Jagermeister is Matt so there's this young elk hunting up you follow it until it's sick and you kill any followed it for 14 and he kept everyone of it sheds so every time it said it every year he followed it and that he finally shot at stuck in a snowbank so like it was on his deathbed and he's like I said the other day actually Austria crossword I see you're out there come shoot so how's that for cooking with stiff musky but I love that like I like game funks you know have you been to the Spanish people who do the Rays super old cows like you know Jeffy

Soundgarden Harold McGee will or like the seven-year-old can I buy my mom know but I mean like you know it's the saddest thing in Spain obviously everyone in America shies away from old meat in general but I mean just cooking stand points are you

I mean that the people respond to the different texture well over there for like when you're cooking for an American you can't really translate that kind of a recipe totally old like a five-year-old Ibex liver for example on you to eat liver raw lit like the wild animal liver is so sought-after you're not serving that to anybody in America are like their to undertake right you know what I mean like they were like you know I don't. I love your liver absolutely right I mean you'll see people hunting at least two-thirds of the animal out there and you're just like your app that does not right it's like animal brought out everything utilized everything enjoyed very very much so like a circulator is like I feel like everything I make text looks natural fermentation I know it's amazing

old meet some curious about it like that you know I've cooked super old meat only occasionally and you only get it from like weird people in there there's this guy in Chicago who used to that kind of meat but I sense found out that he basically not only should he go to prison he did go to prison for doing like a legal

animal practices so I don't buy from him anymore anyway but I'm looking to get like an old bull Alex up people worried with older elk now about chronic wasting or is that people not worry about that anymore like he worried about it a long time so nice attacks right every every year that's where you shoot the female, I usually use those for my meeting and that's very often ethically thought they kill the cats the very young baby elk or a cow and I like that feels like them deal of it and I've never been able to do that yet to shoot like a six-month-old elk I always shoot the mom Alex if you're shooting the young one it's like well he had a bad shot anyway it's like he was going to die baby anyway so kill him now I don't know why I try to get the most amount of me

are we going to die to have to spend a lot of time like making sure that the the catheter boxes me the cow that you're about to kill isn't about to know cuz I have a calf about it what it does feel like I think people would be shot that looked at the numbers a long time ago but in the east coast in hunting area isn't like the percentage of deer that deer now because they don't have anything else here right now but the percentage of deer that are going to end up in a hundred plate is extraordinary Lehigh right I mean like it mean like it's more than you think I mean it's a 3-day season of Mike 4000 L compared to get killed in a day or so a bird hunting in Oregon we talked about it lately and I know that you wanted to get back into bird hunting at some point in your life never gotten to do what I've always wanted to

in Italy I went on a BS pheasant hunt it was it was there fake it's fake planted presence in bird dogs fake I didn't feel so good about it yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you can get it shooting I utilize it once a year the real customers and said they were testing out like their new dog on us and so this is how this works though people they they take and they just they disorient the Pheasant so it doesn't immediately take off right now that is really and then they put it in a bush you know what Bush it's in right

and then they let go the dog and the dog just sitting there scratching its here

and I like hey if I though we're shooting a piece on Ancient Ancient cooking techniques and I wanted us to actually go get the animals even though it was Roman even though the Romans actually would have raised there pheasants in captivity and just broken their necks and not there wouldn't be all those like you know buck shot to get a group of people and they know they had you know they raise pheasants and they know they definitely I'm sure the Romans if they were going to train their dogs are done a better job started chucking things towards the bush to get the dog to look at the bush

this is a true wild Oregon chukar not so that leaves when you shoot these they're up on the Rimrock way above like the rivers like the John Day this one came off of the John Day and they're not native to Oregon but they're the most amazing gamer there invasive years 30 years ago so the size here they're bigger than a pigeon is quite squawfish size they are very plentiful and they're amazingly live up in the sagebrush and so they eat a lot of sage and so their flavor picks up I got real Wild Sage Russell

but yeah they're super fun and they're like one of the hardest game birds issues lately your dog will Point them but maybe sometimes a half a mile out and you know you'll you'll get up on your dog and you'll know which direction are going to fly in 20 to 30 or more flesh and you'll miss all of them and then be no one out of ten you probably did so I'm looking at this terrible at plucking Birds by the way I'm just terrible about this right now are we on a game board right so I know like I know like on like I have done pheasant not just in that time in Italy but in France know you go to France you can buy pheasant on the on the Federal Way there a shop so you don't you go there and once those feather set man chucker like those desert Birds chukar Quail Grouse and all the ones that have more fat live in a burlier from hot to cold climate are much easier to pluck them pheasant peasants are the most difficult word to plug in the whole world

play they're just ruin this game back to the wing that which is ideal and then the dog grabs and brings it to you but yeah I know you're not one of those kind of guys are usually not but I was hunting with this guy and we had like one of those great days where we each got like our limit which is 15 of those birds in a day as an amazing amazing day and he told me that he enjoys the flavor of freezing a mole hole with a gun that is that's what we got and I have three of them that I have in my life and there's a chance at all like this let the flavors of all up in his freezer then he plucks in the drawers all the guts out and then he roasted or Cooks it further sweet does drive before he

before he cooks it it's not like it's disgusting eating it but for nastassia watching her face was the most this is too so we can go hunting a small bird right flavor probably changed a lot depending on what you puncture write the biggest flavor I always say about like the Grouse is the best that you don't Grouse live in the forest the sagebrush extremely select another desert Hungarian Partridge live in the sage they pretty much have one diet but a grouse like a mountain Grouse in the spring eats berries and then once it gets into clear later in the fall of Deeds like rosehip and Gooseberry and then in the midwinter it needs Pine like pure Pine Woods Alpina juniper berries and that's

the biggest flavor difference cuz you can see it when you open up that birdie open up its crop right here you'll see what it's been eating so this one should be full of sage and seed and get the smaller version of a chicken. Saluta 100% he's actually taste like that I haven't ever I've never Frozen a full bird and eat it myself so it thanks so much I've never been no one's ever brought a whole bird on the feather to to cooking before I guess you should answer some high-tech Day weekend look like

hi Dave this is Colton from Vail Colorado

where are you guys

I'm okay so Chris Wallace big fan of the show and big fan of liquid intelligence I actually use that book a lot more in the kitchen than I do for cocktails but anyway great book so I got a couple questions first one is on Ultra text okay why do you say I'm texting not spurs by the way

I'm sorry why are you using text and not Spurs

it's just what we have at the restaurant I work at 9

but anyway so we make a spinach tree at the restaurant and we've been having trouble keeping it green for more than a day and one of my chef said that what he usually does know what usually works for stuff like that is she rang the spinach to blanch and shock finished with a little bit of ascorbic acid ultratex and a touch of like a neutral cooking oil but I don't after all the research that I've done I can't find a reason why that would work do you have any thoughts on that and he's like I don't say this so Ultra text for by the way I would switch to spruce up a precooked starch what it has the ability to do that a regular starts wouldn't have the ability to do is absorb liquid so basically what you're doing is just

you just play music West bring some of the liquid in with the Stars so maybe that's helping you out a little bit it's also going to help run out on the pier a so I don't know if it's going to help with The Greening but it's going to help with that gross run off that spinach puree has we're out you want to talk about it right that he's water also an ugly color typically in my experience is it's the same product as a as ultratex but it's free agglomerated so it's like it it it looks more like it looks more like like Bisquick or something it dissolves easier not they're going to have that much problem with clumping and spinach puree but if you were still in pure water it would ascorbic acid is going to prevent any enzymatic action but don't think

not to worry about with acids is too much acid in start destabilizing the chlorophyll right but I don't know I don't know why she got any good keeping spinach. Patrick's old school I just died. In a blender to keep it really really cold as ice water add the cook shallots. Just barely in a Vitamix into put it instantly on ice do the towel thing about you put it in the towel and then you twist the towel and twist it and twist it twist it yeah and then it just seen all that liquid comes out yes I don't know maybe like you get a lot of

Harleys for the boundary of to add a little bit of water I mean so will you find that your Chef's recipes working for you're not working for you you just have another mechanism

yeah I mean I just kind of wanted to prove them right or proven wrong the best way to prove the best way to prove something right or something wrong is offline at home make it a different way keep it for however long and bring it in and be like hey Chef I made this what do you think and then see what they see what they say I mean the worst way to do it is to change the way it's done on the line that's the absolute worst thing you can get a time and then I go right yeah but like any I'm just going to go ahead and say what you think is that if you do something on your own time with your own product and it's good and you bring it in and your Chef doesn't have doesn't want respect that and take a look at it maybe you should be working for different Chef absolutely got to be a creative covanta goes like fun I love and anybody comes that I mean I mean I make 7000 lb of sausage a day and I still listen to people salami about the technique that uses of have an idea of how to make it more

let's talk writer improves it like you know I'll take any Dogma that I'm running down for years you you show me that there's a better way I will adopt it immediately absolutely and I think that's a sign of

I mean it in any field that's a sign of intelligence and you know what I mean I think it's you know it becomes problematic when if someone goes so hard on Dogma especially like in print and on TV that comes hard for them to change but that's when you you can tell if someone to real like you know if they're really hardcore about what they do and not just about being who they are you know what I mean absolute change so anyway let me know what you find out David got any Spanish freaks on the on the chat room tips and tricks I had a wall that question in a couple of weeks ago about how to get easily get the skin botanics skin off of a walnut and I can buy 9th and I don't know where they get the ones I haven't spoken to him yet

whether he has any tips but I said I was going to talk to a guy whose Grandpa was a walnut farmer but it turns out he doesn't grow walnuts the only grows almonds for a man to see call Habits and it's and it's unfortunate because he would have had that this guy like you know 60 years ago was in an airplane accident he was flying he lost his leg and one I still like an almond farmer but I figured if anyone knew how to do it but you know it's easy to get this cannot easy it's a pain in the butt but it's technically easy to get the skins off of an almond but the walnuts I don't know if he can you blanch a wombat what do the towel rub going to roast him and on top of it I knew that this even try to get the skin through the rug course he has the way I do and it's still not like a perfectly right and you can't get that this person wanted whole has the good thing about an almond as you can get the skin off of it and still have it be in beautiful set of a beautiful shade you know what I mean but the good thing about nuts that I think people as long as you don't soak the bejesus out

that sucks that you actually leaching a bunch of flavor Adam they can take a good number of like get it wet going to try to get it wet going to drag me in the Dupree you know what I mean when I give you hate how it tanagar minute. Oliverio Walnut does your tongue and makes it all fucked up Blanchett for a second. Arrested at least I'll get all that Glitters that's a good tip right there for a sausage maker and I'll wait around and do the woman and sausage thing competitive for sure when the cello and whatnot I think they're delicious specially with game when you serve a pate what do you think about member like 5 or 6 years ago or maybe even longer now 10 years ago like the big thing straight right the big chunk that I have to say are you hot or cold if you could choose only one would you choose hot or cold

cold because I can have it in more places 99 out of 100 shift yet but I just love hot so why should I actually really like the old school like just quick sear like lightly lightly warm in the middle like maybe some like you know maybe some you know what I mean like no no acidic accompaniment and no country starch I need an acidic accompaniment country starts with Pate as well just like someone give you a big plate of of like eater Pate or something and then nothing nothing to break up the unctuousness

an old school friend Chef shall remain nameless what's the news with the little Cornish all right which I kind of like going to I'm going to set to go to a kind of like if they're not my favorite pickle I mean detector is bad right to be murdered at that age they wanted to grow bigger I want to be more of a pickle I mean like I like the way they look kind of like Siri but it's Samantha Dave

right off of a stock once I was like this is garbage anyway but that's not the point that's not the point so I was like hey you know it'd be good and he's smart he's old school french guy was like I really like like a coarse grain mustard with my country Pates like

American and walked away what he said they wanted freaking ketchup on it and that's the way that they enjoyed my pets a more to you / pungent accompaniment to a country Pate than a freaking cornichon no matter how strange it is absolutely perfect

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Trooper premium British Beer handcrafted by Robinsons Brewery in Cheshire England and created by Iron Maiden. So we're going to be having with our lunch date I mean like this beer come from this Friday and Saturday so I'll give you some props if you can tell me why Iron Maiden is particularly for someone like me an important metal band why man played with three fingers he played with no doors like the typical bass player plays with two fingers a thumb thumb

what's wrong with you you know what are you doing with the original t-shirts with the witch's name Eddie right there like fantastically expensive now it's crazy. Those things were unconsciously expensive at the time they were new they should go way down today that should be the that should be the purchase that you can slap for later in like I can't believe I spent $40 on that concert T-shirt but now you're sitting pretty it's like old programs like I have the original 77 Star Wars program apparently that's the worst something anyways Huda spent forty bucks for that program you don't even like in I was a little before we get back into real stuff

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how you doing how's it going to be outside outside or do you not listen to Ludacris if you're actually from Atlanta or do you do that I'm looking to make my own fish sauce and I was wondering if there's a reason why traditionally pretty much any other kind of fish maybe even like fish perch trout per second and I'm sure I said some stuff to say about this you know with the bootleg weakness will come in that's a certain point so

here's the thing like typically fish sauce is made with like fish that you gather kind of in abundance and you aren't cooking as a whole kind of a fish and so like you gather lots of these oily face like you get lots of macaroni you get ones that are made me typically you know most traditional recipes are built around a less waste phenomenon and so like anything that you would like steak out or cook you wouldn't turn into a fish sauce sauce is like that famous Garen which is the wrong one changed a lot depending on what grade you were buying and what are of the Roman Empire dealing with but like one of the high grades at a certain time was all guts so it's just need a mackerel gas

yes I would say it would work with a lot of fish there are some people who believe and I've never done that test that the smaller fish have a good gut to meat ratio and that it's the it's the guts that are like kick-starting all of that like stuff that's going on I've heard people say that do I have any experience I don't. A square based fish sauce using Frozen squid I will be a problem I think it should not be a problem but mostly most of the squid that I buy that's frozen is cleaned already do you have a source of I mean like the best thing to do is if you get squid is like clean them scrape all the cleaning stuff into the bucket to make

fish sauce and they don't you know do your duty or whatever you're doing with it are you a fan of turning Squid inside out before you stuff it will you take that you take the mantle and you flip it inside out so that when he cooks it like squeezes into the stuff ain't never done that guy he used to like before he would turn it inside out and he say we get a tighter a good idea and by the way how do you start the permutation on a fish sauce

we started making it wants to the same thing I'll tell you about we were in Italy we're doing the Roman thing and we just hacked them up and then they put salt in but I've never liked made it through from beginning to end but if there's a bunch of people now who done it and made some really high kind of grade high grade fish sauce I love fish sauce fish sauce is going to be using a lot more of it now because the kids are pescatarian now to see how long this lasts right on some bird I need to hold

if you make that choice like hey you made that choice Xtra that's your choice I went vegetarian for a while for a skateboard by skateboard broke and Salt Lake and I'm have any money and my bug bites so much meat be in Greek and they're like to go a week without eating me will buy a skateboard and so I like took the bed when I got two girlfriends vegetarian in that week and I was going to turn in for like 3 months that's pretty impressive as soon as that relationship ended back to the meet Lambert was it part of the was that part of the reason the relationship ended or no skateboarding spit roast lamb intestines were you wrap all the intestines around the spit and then you'd like cookie like The Departed what's it called again yes delicious absolutely make it with go yeah we were weary stuff that we take out the goat carcass with debone it then we reach that we chop up the intestines of the liver the heart of the kidney for these hot days

she's a man to put inside of the rap go and then fire roasted whole thing that's delicious you call a porketta it's more like a hole but instead of and rice. On the bed so good yeah yeah anything when I'm perfectly dressed up and has a million trixter that are you are you what do you believe are you believe or do baking soda it pour over pour over if I had a pot big enough I would love to dip it in the water in the water and then I saw the shit out of it and then leave it overnight and salt and then start with a low temperature

the 90° I crank my oven all the way up until it just thought about on fire than that turns into a little kid ever going to go before we do chat room is demanding an update on the spins all that you promised we have this hey I'm sending we have the picture of the first off tooling with this is a centrifuge that I'm working on it so we have the video of it of the first off to only one running the 100-meter to Scotland ever going to send it out and it will probably send out a more substantiv one next week and then after I get back from China we will send out another one that probably the ones we're going to definitely send out before they ship date happens

all right so we didn't get to we had a question on adding silver powder to a cocktail I don't think it's necessarily a good idea do you know that the colloidal silver you guys heard of colloidal silver so people take colloidal silver and it's not the same thing but they did some people think has a health thing but if you drink too much of it you turn blue permanently like that silver gets into your skin on a new-look not generally not a good look bruised up you know you look like you are like an applet in Appalachia there were these there was a group of people that didn't happen it like turn they were blue naturally like that had some sort of like genetic thing with it so you look at you and look like that was kind of kind of messed up next week I'll talk to you about deep fryers and what deep fryer I use and how to choose a deep fryer and all that good stuff you know she's a deep fryer wisely I'm just someday maybe I should invent someone wanted me to invent like work on a new oven after he spends all but I think like a really good I'm not going to do this for a really good deep fryer they got that like a regular person could use in her house

your house tonight because like a real deep fryer is like so much better than then the one that you get in your house cuz we have those like deep fried chicken places where it's a pressure deep fryer Blaze coming on to cooking issues

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