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Episode 290: Nitrogen and Old Eggs

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broadcast station in Rome Italy how was it good I got to go back next week next week for business business Milano the okay so do you already have the itinerary my theory I told you this is that like is that three out of four men in Milan's name is Luka l o yeah I know I'm not dealing with Milano's

The Original Milano is like a gift from God the mint Milano not as much human they have all the other players took me off first the Cookie Out full size that is straight-up gross you what do you look like a freak it is I say it when she's doing a little odd that the teeth bite say she's trying to strip it to chocolate-covered crumbs I guess ya on travel do you see all those awesome airlines that they have in this would a plane flight back from Tokyo to La like a fist fight like before they took off the course of a to American dudes

he tried to choke out a flight attendant

there was a guy we heard about that member a friend friend of a friend of a friend but then my favorite story The more related to cooking issues is it via her to sign the bunny this happened I think during the last week so United Airlines you know and battled airline that it is

this story took me so by surprise killed all right killed and then would not return the body of Simon the giant bunny now you like what it like under the radar was is dead but was already over 3 ft long

okay like three and a half foot long rabbit yeah in the Stars he's making the three and a half foot rabbit arms with still growing and was slated to be the world record largest Bonnie like they calculated that the gas was it was going to come in and over for maybe 4 and 1/2 ft to be the world's largest rabbits bread by this lunatic woman ex-playboy model in the stories gets crazier and crazier ex-playboy model with every detail in England right takes Simon the giant bunny sells it to some extremely rich rabbit fancier here in the United States right

get on an airplane flies all the way from London Heathrow to Chicago O'Hare Airport here's where it gets weird hair O'Hare right here right there right and then all the sudden like no rabbit and then she wears Simon do like it's dead and what the hell happened because it's inexpensive giant bunny they want to make sure this a couple and they don't return the body to body or not I mean no no no it doesn't get to see the shoes

doesn't they don't get back to body to like we cremated it oh my God the story comes out it made it to Chicago O'Hare alive gets off and some knucklehead puts the crate in a freezer and just killed it just freezes this freaking giant rabbit to death Simon the bunny was freezing to death

open what I mean for Christ's sakes Tommy's that box moving Tommy Tommy's that box moving put in the freezer put in the freezer slow it down I didn't like what the heck happened in return the body if it was me here's what I think I think that Tommy and the other guy whose name I don't know why I'm making it all up Chicago chuck chuck so Chuck and Tommy I think they hate this freaking giant rabbit because they're thinking when am I going to get a chance they're both fans of rabbit rabbit to eat giant freaking rabbit I'm kind of curious what it tasted like but I think that like pre-made is some sort of like you had some sort of what's the word I'm looking for euphemism for eating it what do you think's does Tommy put in the freezer somebody that I think I'm kind of curious

their pictures on the web of this lady with her other Giant rabbits so sucks sucks this sucks to be her giant rabbit self cooking things I enjoy very much this week I had my first of the year and then I think it's late in the season Shad you ever have the shed ever get your shed not shadrow everyone here is a shed the fish is freaking it's my soul Festival in Philly law start phoning out Shad got an extra set of Y bones that go into the meat and so you takes like a like a fish boning ninja who can like do it in a bone it out and then they reassemble the filet so looks old but if you lift it up and falls apart like a piece of lace work and I'm talking about dead anyway and you like to meet to write like a giant Herring it's so delicious

my boat load of this stuff in Connecticut in an atom where I buy Shad there's like one lady left a note out of bone these things and so like you know when she's gone like the Shadows gone as far as I'm concerned eat the bones anyways so where is it going with the cooked on the grill but here's the problem Stars I went to doing it my super high heat multi multi step Pandora style like I always do now which I have something that you enjoy later that I can't say on the air is not safe or not safe for public consumption but this is my review of the Pitt MIT Grill glove watch the hell out right so like I've been using this Grill mitt which I bought so I can work on the Pandora and Grill and I had my all the shed I had it in those you know what those like them they're almost like clamshell Grill holders that are men so you can just like put a bunch of stuff so it doesn't you don't have to put a spatula underneath it cuz that's the only way

Bluefish off and on multiple times cuz you don't want to break apart so I have it like in the in the thing and I put it off on off on but like damned if that glove didn't have a giant like it just like burn through on this site with right into my thumb and still hear her

so I had to you know Blue Fish Red Fish Blue Fish as well no one ate Blue Fish Blue Fish right it was a blue face because blue fish is a real you know it's a tough fight it goes close to the shore so it's good it's also good fish from both of real tough bite sharp teeth mean suckers like if a blue fish run is going up the up to Shore and like you wait out to it it'll take like a hunk out of your out of your ankle you know what I mean like there's they're there but they're delicious because everyone fish for him forever but no one ate them and so this is the cooking tip that I have never actually tested but to this day like like 30 years later I still do when I was like twelve or thirteen we were in Cape Cod and this guy was like Hey you want some free you want some free fish and they would like what so you that he caught all these Bluefish and he basically feel the trunk of our car with blue pictures like let me tell you a secret he's like putting mayonnaise on it before you grill it and they

this is what he said these words it's ringing in my ears 30 something years later grease gets out grease that's all I says well whenever I grill fish mayonnaise salt pepper mayonnaise it's just like I don't even know how to do it otherwise it's like it's like when you were a kid and someone says to you

blue fish has to be real fresh urine smells bad that work least gets out grease I don't know who knows me and my I like my blue fish the way I cook it you know what I mean I don't mayonnaise what the what what are from the snack food like capital of the of the East Year from Philadelphia mean you have to like mayonnaise if you're from Philadelphia don't you I don't think so having made it was revolting you know what you want you might you might jump in here and punch me in the in the head but I put mayonnaise on cheese burgers and cheesesteaks I put mayonnaise on a Cheesesteak Grease You're nothing about me or nothing about mayonnaise is it doesn't actually go bad you're my grandma used to like a sandwich with mayonnaise on it was out of the fridge for more than like to play

2 seconds should I come and she throw it away because of the vinegar why is it states so much oil there still a little water in it then liking other stuff doesn't if you go to New Orleans and then we talked about Sunday show if you go to New Orleans and you and you know that their man is just out you know what I mean is 8 billion degrees they're saying right now do you think the modernist Pantry. Com

Darren writing I'm a student with free access to Scientific and technical literature that's good good good as you what have you learned in terms of finding reputable information quickly authors are increasingly Under Pressure to publish her sometimes funded by institutions with specific commercial interest for the more inclusive than abstract or sometimes where did misleadingly making scan reading rather difficult or trying to do if I don't trust almost any health related news that I get in the scientific literature and you can usually look for those things for you know the letters that are written to kind of attack them right away or especially if they're going to make it like a particularly outlandish claim they'll be

letters in in the in the actual issue where the stuff comes out that you can kind of look at it when it comes to other thing I do when I'm looking something I print and I do a search and I'll PDF out like hundreds and hundreds of documents and then in general yeah the abstract is only give you a general idea what you're doing and then I usually hit the message real quick to see what's going on and then I skip almost everything go to the discussions conclusions and then if it warrants it go back and see whether I agree with how it got there but for actual cooking ideas and and techniques you know it's a lot I think easier to scan because you can get a really you know quick idea whether something that is present if they're like 15 lot of times they'll be like oh I bought 15 lamb to do this experiment and is sponsored by someone who grows lamb you're like okay there's focus on on

sometimes you can see the articles are really really interesting another way you can do it if you can go to like review articles on things like meat texture French of them have done recently go to the review articles and then instead of trying to go forward or backwards if you find a recent review you can borrow backwards into the articles that they cite so usually if you read a good review article by a good person sometimes they just do like a poop spray of citations but sometimes they give a nice kind of focus citations or in the body of the paper the reference what they're talking about until you hit the links on those go back and get those papers and then furthermore you can see kind of excited the review and you can go for a little bit that way find something you trust and then kind of work backwards but yeah it's hit or miss and it takes a long time to research anything I have like

couple thousand pages of stuff on meat texture maybe fifty of those pages are useful and so it just takes like a lot of sifting through a bunch of garbage you know unfortunately is what do you think of the Big Green Egg barbecue I can't afford one yet but I'm pretty intrigued by the design and they seem to be all over the place yeah I'm not like I have a stassi and marks Big Green Egg up at me know my place in Connecticut but I don't use it that much because I'm not much of the storage I'm not doing a stored heat kind of cooking beans right now you know steady even kind of thing I'm more into the either very low like low temperature stuff or kind of jet engines screaming radiant heat and orb actual exposed fire like you should see a pic of the Shadow might put up and stassi aware it's like like we're like fire is licking up around it so high cuz of all the breeze getting out the grease that it's like you know threatening the light light me and my cocktail on fire is good

is hoping Amazon video on Family show to start a family show Jessie Road in what can I do to make salsa have a nice consistency besides appearing more in a Vitamix not first of all it's a very specific kind of sauce that you want to be that you know that pureed out on right at me and starts at what do you think of cell so what you thinking like you're if you're from Los Angeles to wait what's your zodiac says you saw that what do you think like chunky like pico de gallo kind of stuff I was wondering if you had any recommendations I. Serranos onions Poblano's and pineapple and it came out like little small granules of fruit and wanted to have a sexier texture without adding another flavor my question is is the pineapple roasted and the other thing is if you got a good texture with the tomatillos which answer me to get skins pretty pretty easily but Tomatoes depending on which tomato you're using

as you know it's kind of wondering whether the texture is from the pineapple primarily or from the skins on the peppers they were tougher than the ones you were using before and either case if you really want it you know I would take like not all of it I would take some of it like the pineapple hit it with like an enzyme like FPL blend the hell out of it let it like kill itself down like that then you don't want to use it straight like that actually will settle out and self clarify then heat it to kill off the wall by the way if you didn't cook the pineapple like that's also going to lead to a granny or Texture so cook in the pineapple can help cook it off then then Blended maybe it's moved to let me know I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to go for here so we not give us more information about ice I've been fascinated with the Innovations of my phone decided to mess with me

iron bar tend to concentrate on developing in-house ice program as is common in the US this is a non us question we get our sources are Crystal Clear Eyes products inspect it certainly helped bring us to the Forefront enhancing both flavor and visual appeal I was interested to read about your experiences nice preparation at bars across Chicago such as the famed Aviator and I listen I when I went to Aviary I saw their eye stuff man I was I wasn't involved I've never liked lifted a finger other than to drink a drink at at Aviary but yes I saw some of their ice production stuff I'm tryna understand the types of Technology music bars accompany create Innovative and functional products that compliment ones drink I'd appreciate if you could provide me with some advice and methods to take advantage of artisanal ice in cocktails with first of all we know we used

three basic kinds of ice we used what I call crappie ice and the crappie ice we would use for stirring the crappie ice we would use to icings town and general dilution related stuff like that we use something called Shake ice which is 2 in base pay to win but not very high quality cloudy 2 + 2 + change change ice cubes for shaking we call that shake ice and we do that for the texture right because it has texture but you had that one plus one or two small crappie Ice Cube's almost almost cursed your that stuff almost crappie tubes and I have to get the dilution down and then we use cut ice and snow for cut ice we would buy sheets and then slice of sheets so you can buy a fully cut ice cubes that are perfect squares I don't think there is nice as the ones that have that you to machine cut size but then you cut the last four sides with a knife and it gets a little bit of a rake

Liberty and ID look nicer what do you think of me I never actually asked you what do you think which one do you like the look of butter

you like the look of them are you like dealing with him I guess I can't separate it what about when the precut ones, they don't fit in a glass and some have to cut them all down which is 100% of the time yeah I hate that I don't like the way they look and I much prefer that the ones that are partially hand-cut but for you sound like you it is hard to distinguish between what you think is easier but weird is I don't understand why you would think it's easier or harder since the number of times I've made you cut Isis an event is let me see Zero since you hate doing the lottery

they'll fill a balloon with water go buy something called a the buy something called a chiller like a you know a circulating Chiller probably science isn't the one that uses the one I had this is it circulates either alcohol or glycol or something like this at a very low temperature and then they'll fill a balloon with water and then they'll spend the balloon and they in a motel used to do a similar thing with other things will spend the balloon in the in the in the stuff and freeze a layer of water on the inside of the balloon rip the balloon off poke a hole drain the water out of it freeze it solid and then they can fill it with the drinking cap cutoff set the kind of stuff that's a cup like a presentation ice trick I never did that stuff cuz it that's not my style but that's like something something you can do other people they buy they like spherical ice I am not a fan of spherical ice like spherical ice is not my friend like I'll tell you why when you

anyway you can buy these spiracle ice molds that you take a large Cube and then you melt it down using the fact that aluminum like 10 to know things very quickly and you melt them in the Spheres and I don't know if anyone ever built it but you're supposed to build like a little baby easy to build like a circulating water through the aluminum block to keep it warm so that you could do fast route but here's why I don't like that like if you had a drink and it's that there and it kept spinning the ball so it looks like one of those like sculpture things that you see in Chinatown or found see like those things. The rock ball things ball on a thing in the water that you don't like the waving cat what about the intertwined bamboo nothing nice to say about Chinatown tchotchkes oh yeah Johnny Cunningham so I can never make my my show idea that I had for years which you know it's exaggerated

I never met her now it's too late but would not date wouldn't be able to have been a great show on HGTV or soft skills at their you know I have another one that's a really good business idea I'm probably never going to do it if anyone does this idea out there you owed acts like several million dollars ready for it and Sassy you make you make Peeps marshmallow peeps that I told you this one chocolate marshmallows right in the shape of poop emojis

with the chocolate with the with brown with a granulated brown sugar on the outside marshmallow poops and you sell them in the thing millions of dollars dollars actually marshmello poops I want anyone make the check payable to Dax Arnold I'll give you the address and like emoji and secondly I believe that you wouldn't have to pay the I swear to God this is the name of the corporation didn't just born Corporation you would not have to pay the just born Corporation in my non accurate legal mind right my mine on trained non-lawyer legal mine because it is satire and as such would not actually be infringing on their copyright because it is satire in the way that Garbage Pail Kids baseball cards when I was a kid weren't infringing on products like scope and you're waiting to do a gray area of the pool

sweet marshmallow Puffs how to get to where were we what we talkin about ice to take a break and come back at the music

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killer whistle can you set your whistle

you got to go

things blowing out so I can be sure to check out their new kitchen Alchemy block cam for free recipes tips and tricks and don't forget to follow me on social media to keep up with what's new and exciting in the world of pulmonary ingredients and tools and yes that's what they called nastassia

they are friends they're selling has been so they're going to make an enzyme kit that people enzyme kit says last week's episode but I was like I feel like I was like last year when they when we did this last week's episode got me thinking about slushie machines specifically makes a machine as well as a South Korean company called icetro I'd like to buy one of these but as you'd expect there's very little info available online and I can't find them for purchase anywhere Willy standard slushie machine work is not know where are the specialized machines doing something differently yes machine you will solid thanks to keep up the good work Nick okay so I'll tell those stories not about a slushie machine

no it's about it's about a Taylor soft serve ice cream machine so ice cream ice cream Savant Sam Mason came to the French Culinary Institute you know like well over a decade ago so when he was still at at WD 50 and he's like hey Dave I want a carbonate ice cream my case am I don't know but you know what we have an ice cream machine year and you know I mean let's try it it's all like I like take the ice cream machine I try to see what I was best as I can I shove a of a you know a CO2 line into it and we try to carbonate the ice cream man and makes as it's going and that sucker like I blew the gasket off and like ice cream base went all over the pastry kitchen this is on the second floor pasty kitchen that they turn into the family kitchen member that place ice cream base everywhere and then the pastry the pastry chef never let me they never let me live it down so how you going to learn

spell I mean how you going to learn unless you feel so the answer is no you need a special machine that can hold the the pressure now here's another thing to keep in mind when people want to carbonate things that are that are slushy you cannot carbonate Feist let me repeat this again you cannot carbonate ice right what happens is you use in a slushie you have a good chunk of the water is still on Frozen somewhere like like north of 50% of the stuff is still on Frozen it just has crystals in it and when is that cold right you can get like a hyper carbonation feeling just because the liquid that's there is very highly charged with CO2 but remember that you can't set your machine to freeze it even close to solid so close to like I would guess what I got you know what I don't really know the water percentage of versus Ice percentage on a commercial slushy I don't really know do you know says anyway

percent but it's all done under pressure and so you cannot do with a regular slushie machine someone tell me that they've done it tell me how to do it and I'd be happy to easiest way to approximate it is just to do the old school like you know super chill it in carbonated thing in your freezer like hit it if you don't have a machine that would do this is Andy Ricker had a machine from Thailand where they took a windshield washer motor windshield wiper motor and they hooked it up to a giant like bucket like almost at the washing machine bucket and you salt and ice and it put the beer and it was like he would pull out the beer pop it and hit it and we just crystallized up like that into a beer slushie

that is a a true not germane but possibly interesting fact about Andy Ricker besides that I don't want to see it I don't know why I Daniel rights in the planning stages of rebuilding our kitchen and had a question I've heard you talk about how day is home oven can really crank did you install a commercial range okay listen to bump up the BTUs I've been doing some research about installing a commercial range with my contractor family members read the wife seem to think I've lost my mind you might have lost your mind so that here's the problem right it depending on your jurisdiction commercial range might be illegal in your house right and the reason is that commercial ranges don't have the same kind of insulation on them that are residential range does could also have issues with your

with insurance Country excetra Now what I did is I bought the commercial line of a company that also makes residential ranges so that everyone could say oh he's just putting in a wolf oven that's like an oven the people have in their house you took some hiring in your high-end like you know some sort of like home Chef which by the way is a word I hate home Chef oven nothing means nothing home Chef cook cook cook has honor bright like a chef who runs the kitchen right unless you're paying your kids and your family to cook for you your kitchen right you might be the best cook in the world you might kick the pants off of any you know actual Chef the fact that matter is you're a cook and there's honor in that my wrong about this stuff anyways so you have this but no offense I'm sure it's fine but my wolf really really really really screams and I did modify but don't tell anyone I did and it is not necessarily smart for bunch of things because as you know you will not have a commercial fire retardation system

cancel in your place so I don't recommend anyone ever do any of the stuff that I do I mean I just don't recommend it. It's awesome brother that can get as close to a salamander as possible and burners that can help you 5,000 is weak weak you can get like I'm putting air quotes on like like prosumer ranges that'll do like upwards of twenty-five is just incredibly weak hear what you want to look for the when you're buying a commercial rain don't mind if I arrange please don't like don't get like kicked out of your place or like you know how it like it's suit or better yet or where she had brought up on criminal charges because you killed someone because your house burnt down apartment building burned down but the especially nowadays and New York Evo gaswork you know it's really really really touchy but when you have a very high-powered burn

a lot of times you lose low and throttling capability so you want to make sure that for instance like let's say you were going to which I don't recommend bore out the the orifice on your gas jets to get a and you able to increase the are insects that you weren't red tipping too hard you were getting nice blue flames on it but you were getting a bigger flame let's say you knew how to do that right off and you won't be able to load to get a good swimmer so like on my oven because I told Mike the Plumber because I was told that I had to do it legitimately I with the plumber I was like please install this regulator in front of my gas oven because any even semi commercial oven need a regulator on it and they didn't install it even though I told him to in the same way that they didn't install freaking quarter-turn ball valves on my on my water Plumbing even though I told him I would pay twice as much even though they only cost a nickel more and they like there's no reason to ever use non quarter-turn ball valves on any water fixture in in your house for the shut up

pointed didn't install the regulator and so my oven in my my burners scream scream but they don't Throttle Down and so I'm thinking of one of these days like doing it myself putting the regulator in properly anyway I think I might have answered this but like Shaggy like the character to make a syrup but nothing about tapping hickory tree a guy in a house down the street Taps his Shagbark are you familiar with chicory syrup buy a tapping and not infusion any thoughts I'm a Shagbark so I can tap uses Citrus Beckley for my phone BD I don't book I would do is do you hate this person if you do not hate this person with a passion right go ask for some of their syrup and CLR are the sap and see how it taste and then let me know how it is I mean I have no you know I only have one of the most of the day

on my property are mockernut some better nuts Pig nuts I don't have like a I have only a couple of good Shagbark so I can't really tap them but you know curious to know I think a lot of our listeners would be curious to know I've had a number of birth certificate and they got to talk about recently on air and they tend to be much more acidic and I think one of the reasons I don't know is that requires a lot more boil down so there's a lot of their I get to call congeners and it's in there would be a maple syrup anyway walks hey I Dave nastase and David and any honor door Dishonored in the case of Peter Kim guess we are emailed me this morning

when I got there really an answer and he finally got his pity party like I should be so honored us to be someone's Dishonored guest you know any way Peter can they let they love Peter Kim because I don't know if you know he pushes he pushes the buttons Peter Kim speaking of today and not just because he's a gas but because mofad Museum of food and drink a dino just got raided by grubstreet one of the top like not that not even know we were like number two so I didn't even know see how long the list was chilling Museum to take kids to in New York so Booyah just below the American Museum of Natural History

it is a pretty a butt kicking Museum edit did you go see the mummies you to go see the mummies

I go to the Gift Shop episode that is purely like the Shady crappy things that like I had to stop doing once I had kids because I was no longer proud to do them and be a father but ways to get around paying for X Y and Z nastassia Nastassja is like the queen of such tricks to scrounge around at the Met on the ground for the buttons cuz here and then you can be like oh my God

I mean like you're the one that which ones you want to suggest it is that that like who has me at the look that person in the eye and tell them that you were that cheap that you won't pay anything for what is undoubtedly one of the finest museums in the whole world even though honestly at this point in our lives we can afford to go to that museum it's not like we're like being like being like to your 20 years old and like I don't like it or not having any money is still in your head right when you're going up to pay for it I gave you can't suddenly jump out I don't know I don't know I don't know we have another question in from Darren I mention I'm an aerospace engineering intern and apparently designing a two-faced heat exchanger for metal 3D printing the resolution these systems is pretty awesome thank details of less than a half a millimeter which is by the way pretty good so the parts can be very complex if you guys meeting I've had access to say

laser sintering what would you like to meet for the borrowed kitchen I don't know that's a really interesting question I'd like to hear from the cooking issues listeners what they think like the best 3D metal printer that damn thing I would just wake up and be like you spoon I don't like it anymore and I print a new one right with you I would just do all sorts of

I would make my I would go on SolidWorks and make it you know a juicer that I can print out of metal for no problem like you know finally the ultimate juicer I would definitely do that I would print a bunch of metal jiggers because right now I'm using plastic figures I would like you have so much stuff out of print if I had children says a lot of Espresso Parts so I can pay me for an espresso machine deep right now is printing out of aluminum he can print check this people he can print titanium and magnesium how sick is that titanium but in general people for their portafilter I think stupidly by the way I'm going to go ahead and say that they like brass brass is more stable but it also sucks energy up so when it does go out of temperature it throws all the other temperatures off I mean I could go for a long time about like you know old school versus kind of what I think the more modern approach to certain of those designs not that I'm an expert anymore anyway

see what else we got here John a new listener I saw her podcast turn my bike combination for home carbonation and a tank for TAPS in home when is dedicated to soda water if you have a refrigerator that holds kegs and I would say yes but otherwise if you're doing a 5 gallon corny keg and you're putting soda water in it you're going to have to put it through a cold plate which you have to ice down right to either you keep the water cold and have to do the carbonation on the 5 gallons or you're putting it through Coldplay Coldplay is I think beyond what anyone is going to do anything once you get a cold plate if you're actually going to get a cold plate you might as well just get a carbonator which is what I have you know like a Mac and Big Mac carbonator which is

expensive but they pretty sick and then putting it through a really good valve and I use one of the nice compensator on it but you know I think if you have a beer system already with it like a Kegerator or a fridge is dedicated to holding beer than 100% I think you're right like a 5 gallon corny keg is a good way to go I think four people at home you know you don't want to use a SodaStream the good thing about doing it in the bottles with the carbonation cap in the liquid bread people which is what I use for cocktails is that you only have to chill the bottles that you're about to use right and so pretty much everyone can just stick a bunch of 1 liter bottles of water in their fridge and then carbonated when that when the time comes to this is John referring to me you keep saying nitrous it's not nitrous kits nitrogen get you high and then you go on say nitrogen only stays in solution is very high pressure so when something is dispensed on nitrogen he wants to come out of solution get beautiful waterfall effect like guess you can have a variety of Glen but Guinness went to 75

nitrogen in 25 CO2 what I'm talking about I'm talking about nitrous I specifically do not want nitrogen you know I want nitrous which is very soluble and allows you to get really interesting texture fix commercially the only things I've ever seen that have been done with nitrous A&W and Sunkist did kind of creamsicle and root beer float drinks that were charged with nitrous they didn't really catch on now people are doing coffee beverages with nitrous + 200 + and because it provides a very Lively effect without having the prickliness of carbonation so in a nitrogen situation other than just having the kind of waterfall effect you also you are able to dispense at a higher pressure without having too much CO2 in over carbonated beer gas situation but yeah it was specifically doing nitrous nitrous is difficult to sort because as you say it will get you high if you have it back in the tank I used to have at the French cooler

Institute and we had wanted Booker and Dax as well like the one rule I really had that was hard and fast with our interns where you may not cough the nitrous you may not Huff the nitrous is one of our only be at when I carbonate on a mixed gas system I'm definitely not pushing nitrogen fact if anyone tried to push nitrogen in my water and I'd give him a Stern a stern look and an NA a Stern talking-to you see my stern-looking talkin to ya anyways there's a company called steel beer kegs hook them up and it will natraj make them on the Fly this is a great asset to our blue Brewers not to worry about getting the proper amount of nitrogen solution 2K they can simply pull the beer after fermentation Kill The Keg something up and let SodaStream do the work I don't know that product I am interested there's a person that makes an inline carbonator that basically just circulates a 5 gallon corny keg

carbonation Stone a bunch of times people to make the beer gun with any way your sister what time is it does your sister or your sister or Claire

sister all right so naughty naughty Lopez Road in who she's at the home and Country Garden Town & Country smell during the show anymore we frightened the hell out of her

set her free

damn sure you didn't I remember when do you know the eggs are old not talking about like the boat and I'm talking about the latest 25-22 some of them if you're too young to worry about the quality of the eggs at this point you don't need to go on a freezer on a freezer binge like other people who shall remain nameless besides the true or false a good thing that the city thing to do now is to freeze up a passel of eggs so that you might want to use them later

it's not the cool thing to do is not the cool thing to do what I say so we're not talking about that kind of a classically first of all if you just look at a package they have a date on them with the number is I think it's like four months or tonight. If you threw away the package you just said do the old float test if the egg sinks it means that they are sell the top is relatively small what happens as an egg ages eggs are porous and they gas cell and it will get bigger and bigger so an egg that goes in the bottom is very fresh and egg that stands up in a bowl of water is man and then an egg that floats it's not as bad but it's older so it's going to have a lot more thin white vs thick white it will also have a thick white and so it won't make As Nice of a fried

I don't have a big big air sac in it but it's still probably is not spoiled it still probably okay

most eggs are fine especially you're going to cook them you know what I mean like most eggs are fine when was the last time you had back when I was a kid if you wanted to throw rotten egg someone Halloween time you had to like store those things for weeks and weeks used to do that when you were hanging out at the storm a long long time eggs don't want to bet are we are we are we have a quick question said was reading this article from February this year the New York Times from Kim Severson about refrigerating eggs and it's like a freaking Patriots and Europe Asia and other parts of the world leave beautiful bows and eggs on their kitchen counters so what gives I should have started this day because it's a whole thing we've dealt with it before on the washer but it was not so if anyone wants to hear the whole

why we refrigerate are eggs in this country like a lot has to do you know personal with anyone's interested in hearing the rant on a email Nastasia and see what's going on otherwise we finally caught up on questions boom cooking issues

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