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Episode 29: The Perfect Espresso

nine times out of 10 when someone is taking the time to break away and do their own thing it's cuz they either have a specific point of view or a specific passion that really sort of speaks to maybe not a mass audience but the customers that I have in the customers are barterhouse tries to culture and and cultivate I think are are are those type of people who want that story at feel like if they pick it up and allocation of an 80 case made wine that they've got something special and it's something that only they have or maybe one other person has so that's kind of what we specialize in and you know it may not be business savvy to the nth degree like we're not making a hundred thousand cases of Pinot Grigio and logging them all over New York but the customers at get one from us our kind of believe in the same stuff we did which is supporting small farm supporting these young wine makers who have a passion for doing it and Supply them with the market and we allow them to get their product out there too

otherwise an untapped a group of people

hello and welcome to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network Live every Tuesday from 12 to 12:45 I use mr. Jones's buy a telephone from Sony Florida where she's driving around in an RV with Piper and Grace two of our former into a nice night calling all of your questions calculator. Otherwise to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 has to be a sponsor for today they are our wine sponsors for the Museum of food and drink fundraiser coming up in about a month-and-a-half and listeners to the show might remember that we'd sample some of their line bouza tannat Baseline, show that couple months back and we enjoyed it right now

all right people get tickets to the museum event I don't know how do they want you tell me insulting me on on the radio internet should I haven't finished the invite yet yeah call me out as a very soon you'll be able to sign on and get tickets to the event and tastes Museum themed food by the likes of Mark Ladner Wylie Dufresne Carlo from Roberto's

Jacksonville Postal Christina Tosi of amazing bartender we have Thomas Simon for friends over the head with sticks and they're going to come in and make some delicious products we hope you will help you come in that day on that is going to be Sunday March 27th it's going to be in the afternoon so we're going to get your drink on early in the day for a very good cause. Okay it doesn't invite people people please is it all right she called me out once twice you need to call me out twice that you guys made in in this Tasha viewership or listeners from last week we remember that I had to basically become a hypocrite and sell my soul to the devil and create a blue drink with blue food coloring how did it come out

it wasn't your best it was good people enjoyed it and I believe in Minnesota and I don't know right side and said I was here in Minnesota Minnesota I've been working with oils and spices trying to confuse a Roman to the jams and jellies upon completion of course hero me the fruit and spices and oils as wonderful as they're warming cooking but it's mostly lost and cooling gel I've tried infusing the jams at different stages of cooking and a pound of herbs to release oils used commercial aromatic oils Etc most of their mom is lost after they come to room temperature however any comments or suggestions but you're losing the aroma because one Via Roma is flashing off into the air I doubt that's the case because now you're cooking and probably ceiling it to two can it I would presume so I wouldn't take their flashing off I also wouldn't think they're necessarily being just

play by the heat during the during the process of making the main culprits are more of the aroma is locked in until you're losing some simply based on gel strength and the second thing I'm I'm thinking is that these Aromas probably are a lot less volatile at room temperature so what I would do since the of pectin is basically you know you don't think it'll melt that's not going to totally release when you hate it I would say he didn't see whether the aroma comes back you could just be a temperature phenomenon where you just need to add more of these Roma's because they're going to be consumed cold or heat a room temperature or cold out of the fridge so I would think it's probably one of those two things either de Aroma some cells are being locked up in the pecking Network as a Jose are being yelling or two J's Chester temperature related from the temperature related phenomena and you can actually check quite easily just by making something and not adding a sufficient to acid or sugar content for the product to jail

and just adding it to you know to get to the realm up the waiting for it to cool but not gel and see whether or not the aroma is still there and be good first test but I'll get back to us with more details about the procedure and everything like that and we'll try to work on it I was hoping to have Harold McGee call in today but he can't Unfortunately they would have been a great question for him that's right up Harold Deli right size e o and I are going to follow up I Believe on last week's show someone called in and their question was they wanted to make cookies but they didn't want them they want them relatively thick and spreading out too much but he didn't want them to become cakey and I had it may I ask whether they could use hydrocolloid I had a couple of half-baked suggestions and then last week we spoke to Christina Tosi from Milk Bar who's also doing a dessert at the museum event by the way and Soto's and I were talking and she actually says that you can add xanthan gum would you can buy

Hyatt Whole Foods you can just go in the Whole Foods in and buy it say what it was name is not Red Rover like Bob Red Mill something like that bag of xanthan gum and add some I don't know percentages I would add probably on the order of a half a percent by weight of the flower basis or something like that I don't know and she said actually it does help limit spread but the most interesting thing she said was try using high-protein flour in your cookies bread flour or similar in and basically she said look it will stop this it will stop the spread and keep it thicker or as long as you don't increase the leaveners it's not going to make a key and because there's so much fat in the cookie recipe butter in a cookie recipe you're not going to get significant gluten formation even though you're using a high-protein flour so it's not going to make it chewy in a bad santa 2 protini way but will limit spread and it's the easy way without changing a lot of your formulation so I thought that was interesting and a good follow-up I can at least

like we follow up on some of the stuff I've been listening to your show for a long time and I loved it and he has a question regarding is I or E seat massager what's the current thing they like they like isi Seltzer makers the Christmas party, she sells her making machine they make a whipped cream Chargers eccentric cetera whipped cream siphon and we use it a lot to do a rap infusions using nitrous and you can look on www. Cooking is for more on that but Joseph wants to know he's interested in the thermal whipper so we can put hot or cold poems and was wondering what my recommendations are okay

shut the thermal whip whippers are different from the normal ECG whippers and they're basically just whipped cream makers and if the thermal whip is insulated like a thermos all right now the good thing about the thermal whip is if you feel the thermal whip with hot water really hot water and then dump it out and then put a hot product in to do a phone it stays hot for a long time. Similarly if you want something cold if you put ice water into thermal whip and chill out the inside and then dump it out and put a Coke product in it stays cold for a long time so it's it acts like a thermos and like a cream whipper to do sausages creams or if you want to keep whipped cream out on the counter for a long time and coffee shops in area something like this it's going to keep the quality High because the temperature is not going to change too much right now the downside of the thermal River is is it even though it looks relatively big it holds a relatively small amount of products right there so much space to be insulation around it's also very expensive

compared to a normal cream whipper so you're dealing with a lot more money for a smaller volume of product that you can put in the Whipper at any one time so in fact it looks like a 1-liter whipper but it actually has a capacity of a half liter whipper now and that's not her Foreigner against I'm just telling you what what that what the reality is that it now the other thing about it is is that if you are working in the kitchen right so you could take one that's not a thermal with and you can either store it in the fridge or you can store in a hot water bath to keep it hot for service now it's much more convenient right to be able to just put a hot thing and have it stay hot or cold thing and have it stay cold but you're going to be paying for that luxury by reduced capacity which actually isn't bad if you're only making a small amount you don't want to put a small amount of stuff into a big whipper so I can actually help if you give him a small quantities but you're going to have a smaller quantity and a higher-cost it just something you have to weigh out there's nothing there

there's nothing that the thermal whip will do for you that the other ones can't do they just make it easier to maintain temperature all right choice or so I hope I hope that answer your question help you decide which one you want it by force we had Thea cooking issues fans of the of the easy folks right and Sasha worried I would never block that oh my God I would never block that like that like we have so many people pounding on our doors and calls but let me tell you since we're about to go to our first commercial break I would like to hear some callers at 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 cooking issues

welcome back to cooking issues calling all your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 here for another half hour or so of course the stash is hanging out in Florida driving an RV up and down the coast so she had to stop the RV so she can call in how's how's the driving going to stasha shop so you're so you're staring it at the RV is it a sweet ride

5 people into an RV awesome shows are Piper and Grace giving you the giving you the the Harry squint to get the hell off the radio in it

go go go swimming then I'll go get food and gas with some comments on our sponsors in my relative either a enthusiasm or lack thereof for them so I thought I'd share some some feelings and maybe make it an apology to 21 but a while back we have a sponsor but I think I still sponsor 360 cookware they don't have me read that one anymore but basically it's a it's a line of cookware that it claims to use a steam technology to enhance the speed at which food is cooked and also I don't know a lot La can you treat or something like that and I was told that I was kind of rude insulting to them on the air in fact. She told me that afterwards and then I kind of try to make up for the week after I just want to say a little bit about what happened with that here's the deal right to my whole life is based around food and food equipment is and things like that and so I always take with a shoe

is grain of salt any sort of claim made by any sort of Corporation to anything can do anything outside of my realm of normal experience and the problem isn't that the problem is basically is that I read I read the sponsorship thing without up actually ever having evaluated the equipment so it's hard for it's hard for someone like me to straight read something that somebody claims is true had to come out of my mouth without me being able to to verify or no and and I'm also inherently skeptical of any claims right so and you know it seems it and that's probably why I don't have me read these things anymore but it doesn't it doesn't like I know about that company it reflects on my on my lack of knowledge and she's hard for me sometimes if I get caught off-guard and I don't have that the time or the resources to do the proper research it's hard for me to say to say something either good or bad so I can come off as snarky

so I apologize but that same I heard we have a sponsor here Sam Edwards and actually was Sam Edwards our sponsor sponsor today Sam Edwards from that's why I said Edwards and Son ham and I've known him for a long time and makes delicious a hand products and this we were actually remembered that and went back and tried the actual ham the surryano ham there's being sold at Murray's Cheese on his way through Grand Central and in deep thought it was delicious ham so people I do not steer you wrong also I wish it wasn't called surryano ham I wish it was just called delicious Virginia ham from the S Wallace Edwards & Company but that's another story that I've already gone through brightness Tasha yeah he really thinks anymore I mean I don't know if you catch me when I'm not you know when I don't know what's going to go on

I don't know what I'm going to say you know we had a question about The Martin Center few story that we talked about Martha Martha Stewart Center few story not like you say Martha you're talking people know what you're talking about then obviously you can just say Martha but she there a bunch of Martha's in the world where there's only one over anyway I like the Martha Stewart Center few story and by the way Martha Stewart last week canceled on us because of the inclement weather and so Martha Stewart's Center fuse is still chilling at the at the French Culinary Institute being moved from hallway two hallway because he has no home so I wouldn't you know we're scheduled for sale around anyway so

better we can fix it up and give it to Oprah and it was hilarious I went to the centrifuge link and it's an old Clay Adams Jr Center Fusion the most hilarious part about it is that it for those of us who enjoy a good-natured ribbing of our Canadian Northern neighbors but they can meet all Canadian engineering standards Association. It is a motor with a two test tubes that its wings around in the air like swinging the test tubes around it you know in the air with no kind of with no kind of covering and it was a whopping on eBay 159/99 which is preposterous for centrifuge of that type ridiculous me cuz it's unusual basically it's completely completely dangerous they still actually make manual centrifuges that are completely open like that and they come either two or four test tubes may have a crank on him and I've considered buying them several times Kent kirschenbaum my buddy from NYU actually enjoys these I just because they make like you know an awesome kind of like helicopter noise and they there

incredibly dangerous which I assume they are but you're currently only use really for petroleum oil analysis cuz you could take them out in the middle of nowhere and spin samples down to check in I guess oil levels and there's a certain or you can or solids level him dirt samples but unfortunately unfortunately I believe Paul said does that Unfortunately they don't receive G levels high enough for us to use them for a juice clarification videos that I shot of the inside of our Center fuse that I have yet to post because I'm a jerk 2000gs is about the minimum where the stuff starts really clarify an appreciable rate but even even at that at that thing a 2000 Gees it looks like it's clarifying but it doesn't form appellate in the bottom of the centrifuge a package that strong enough to be able to really decanted properly without without like you become a hazy we spending some of the crap so really you want like three to four thousand Gees which unfortunately these guys won't do that thing

do just under about a thousand cheese and the other problem is is that 450 mL of test tubes isn't really enough to make a make you know fruit juice for your even even to close buddies much last 200 close buddies and so are you know what all that we've considered buying one for demonstration purposes I don't think I'll be a centrifuge will do it will even make it safe right we'll build a box around it you know what will shine doll up I'll get i'll get our intern broke who's the master cleaner and she'll make that thing look better than it was new it'll look like I don't know anyway and it's perfect if you really want a dangerous old Center fuse box may I suggest that you go for the sorvall or if they were known before they change their name to serve all this Servall ss1 super speed aluminum center is just basically just a 1/8 position 50 mil rotor aluminum rotor like from the 50s looks like on a motor

and there is little that is scared me more in my food cooking life than firing up the sorvall ss1 danger fuge and having that thing going at full speed and saying the kitchen just throw that away or do we save it for sentimental reasons my inherent problem is is that if I own it I will be tempted to run it for some reason or another terrible idea an awesome awesome paperweight and a terrible terrible idea to use can a sentence some questions and one of them's on Ultra pasteurization milk and it's cheese making properties and it still making power properties and so recently I was working on making mozzarella cheese from scratch although your most people in the making mozzarella especially if you haven't done it before I recommend buying the card first

testing and mozzarella skills on just the actual pots to fill out the part on making the the cheese in the in the hot water that way you can perfect that that portion of it before you go to the actual part of making the Kurds although we all know that I would also do the same thing and go directly from milk to Tucci's there's no way I would buy my card so I obviously think you won't do that but I said I reckon I should recommend any way instruction everyone use is to avoid Ultra Patrick pasteurized milk because if they don't form courage properly and so he's not using ultra pasteurized milk for after that I went to see why it's actually quite interesting when you pasteurize milk you denature a certain point part of the of the Whey Protein so basically I think it's a bit of globulin right thing as a teenager they have a tendency then to absorb on to or too complex with the casing and what happens when your when you

cheese when you make curds with Reddit which is the enzyme that used to make him most Cheese's is that it basically Cleves off a hydrophilic part of the kasing kasing myself and makes it such that their more hydrophobic and because of that they tend to aggregate together and form a cheese curd right now if you pasteurize your milk too much too high temperature or for too long the denatured whey proteins basically glom onto the casing and prevent them from from forming a good gel from from aggregating together in forming a good gel so ultra pasteurized milk we really can't make a good strong could strong Kurt Kurt out of it has been some studies recent I didn't get a chance to read it too much though if that's not the only thing going on because they try to they basically removed all of the whey protein from milk so it's just basically a Casey and suspension then they heated that and they still had problems with getting attacked and get properly fitted been cooked a higher temperatures there's actually more than one thing

going going on with it but a lot of people have been there's a bunch of reasons why you would want to pass rise to a higher temperature one is because certain cheeses have eye infection with A+ Stadium Cairo of Butera, which I have to try pronounce a name correctly what makes butyric acid later on in the cheese ripening and can make it smell out of them when what's a good word vomit vomit and so they try to kill that with ultra high temperature pasteurization but it really stops a cheese from ripening property later in the in the process because it also destroys some native milk enzymes that are needed for the protein ripening of further down the line so that's why I spent my morning reading about that kind of stuff but he actually wasn't interested in making cheese but it whether not ultra pasteurized milk is going to make a difference in frothing for cappuccinos and I don't know I assumed it would because the protein in milk is one of the things that's helping form a stable milk phone when your when your frothing cappuccinos and so I would assume and you know as

don't know milk loses a lot of it's about not as we all know if you're a cappuccino head or milk frothing head you know most people recommend not taking your milk as you're phoning it much above mean they don't recommend taking it much above 1 140 a lot of the times Fahrenheit really 150 and in that range otherwise if I don't take it up there my wife thinks a drink is too cold but presumably inhibiting the formation of phones with a similar reaction where you're basically an inhibiting the ability of the casing to act as as it has a good phone stabilizer is my assumption I don't know I could be a hundred percent wrong but this is my assumption so I would assume that ultra-high pasteurized stuff does not foam as well although I have not tested it what was more interested in is it turns out that he was also asking because he has a little thing called an aeroccino and even though he's that the fellow that road in about the Aeropress apparently the aeroccino is not related to the Aeropress it's a little thing

Foams Foams melt by having a little squiggle doodle Springs Google doodle doodle doodle but anyway which hello spring around and heat the milk to create a phone and a good phone just by agitation and you don't need an arrow squiggle to do it you know when I when I'm you know in the wilds and by that I mean at my mom's house or at my mother-in-law's house you know I always foam milk by shoving a whisk into a coffee mug heating the milk and swirling The Wiz back and forth between my hands you know spinning it almost like I like a chocolate like a coffee or chocolate frother like a Mexican chocolate frother and it works okay it doesn't work great and I think you know it might be possible to to get a decent and the question for any kind of phone head with coffee is not can you produce bubbles cuz any moron can produce bubbles it's whether you can produce a microphone right so if the real coffee has if you show them a phone that you made your cappuccino machine even if you really like it right but it has lots of big bubbles on the top or like Dash dishwasher soap that's crap

and they want like a dense stable or semi-stable the very dense kind of microphone almost there bubbles are so small that they're almost imperceptible when you look at them they don't look like a big batch of bubbles it just looks like a dance creamy foam and that's what they're looking at and I have my doubts as to whether or not you could use a spring to do it although I'm probably wrong I'd like to see someone I maybe I haven't time to go on coffee geek which is a great website for you coffee has to go on to but I haven't had a chance to go on and see whether or not anyone created a really nice microphone with one of these little with Doodles as I thought it would you think of a better name but even more interesting than that is that hand is an owner of a Timber Liberty lever machine right now for those of you out there who don't know about lever pulled espresso or don't drink espresso and if you don't drink espresso

do you like espresso as I do you know what you're going to get some point spend a lot of time researching lever pulled machines now I myself am an owner of a micro Chamblee which is a small lever lever operated Chim chimneys espresso machine manufacturer espresso machines to make the best espresso that you could possibly have my my relationships espresso machines goes back to the mid-to-late 90s when I was a going to Restaurant Auctions in New York City and buying restaurant equipment on the cheap I realize very early on that you know there's no way I was going to buy myself a a home a home espresso machine because you know everyone on the internet and I'll swing in the professional professional Baristas were liking up there is no hole machine that can make real espresso and back in those days there really wasn't I mean there was there was the rancilio Silvia was I think around

when I think and people are modifying it but no one had modified the machines to level with their modifying now it's really the only thing you could do was you could get a real commercial espresso machine which is what I did went to an auction and I believe I said this on the air once before but New York Times has auctions in the back of their are there used to in the back of the help wanted ads and restaurants are closing all the time here in New York so I went and this one I was super excited because the restaurant have been shut down because of they've been dealing drugs out of the restaurant and what that meant was the whole building at just been padlocked and all the food was still in there and the stench was enough till I completely like blow your pants off it was that bad as stench was so awful and what that meant was is that none of the normal restaurant equipment dealers R Us could stand it right because you know they had other things to be doing with their lives and dealing with this heart stents 4 hours me on the other hand as I just X grad student with about two nickels in my pocket and desire and Desiring a professional espresso machine that cost a

thousands of dollars was like this is an awesome opportunity so I stuck around bought a two-head rancilio commercial espresso machine for like a hundred and change dollars and paid paid a a literal just got out of Riker's X crack dealer crackhead to drive it to drive me with it in his station wagon back to my house mile off at the time I realized I didn't then do so little about espresso machines at the time that I didn't realize at the pump was it super important part that was separate and I accidentally left it in Disguise car and I had to call him and like go to hit to his house and retrieve this pump might nightmare anyway it got me launch me on my on my love of espresso but I became interested lever machines the time because another way to generate really good espresso without having like a big pump is it just basically use your hands that have a a piston to foresee espresso out because espresso is as I said on the show

for not possible at the lower pressures at the people using you really want somewhere in the area of 135 or so plus or minus a bunch of PSI of pressure pushing coffee at very precise temperature through a compressed coffee pot you know in 20 to 28 seconds that's espresso right that's that's it that's all you got there is no more so so many Who deliver machines are great and there's always a fight between true letterheads who said the lever lever espresso is better you know and the people who use the pumps and say the pumps are better now there's two basic lever style someone that everyone gets the the lap of the pavoni look like you know you're a piccolo right that's the court when you see in the stores it's all shiny Chrome in that one when you pull down on the Piston you're applying the pressure to the actual coffee pot and putting the put in the water through in all commercial espresso machines and interesting ly in the chimbley micro in the micro chimbly lever machine which is a whole machine all the commercial want your hand

can you pull down is engaging a spring and then when you release it it's the actual spring that providing the pressure and four years many people wrote and they're in their blogs and whatnot that the reason that lever pull machines were better is because or different anyway is because never pulled machines had a constant pressure where's the rotary pump that we use in modern espresso machine is not as even a pressure right and that's why they say that that's the difference between the two so it basically then the difference is in a nutshell that you get more Crema in a rotary pump machine but you get a smoother tasting cup in the Liverpool machine and and I'll think about this and then if you know what I did a lot of research on it because about for five years ago I went to the National Restaurant Association show and someone was pulling shots at 11 pool Victoria Arduino which is not an aesthetically not my style cuz it's all in your gushing Walk Hard up with brass and I'll crap like that but but this guy pulled Two Shots went out of that one out of that and one out of a alarm at Soka which is a sweet machine sitting right next to it

and Sainsbury's the same beings and the Arduino blue the Walmart circle out of the water was one of the best cups of espresso with Demi the best espresso I've ever had in Chicago's put it that way but it was one of the better expresso I've ever had and resolve right there that I was going to figure out of the liver machine and here's what it is that makes a lever machine better than a machine or to my taste better it's not that it's smooth it's that the pressure changes right cuz I've been thinking if I was going to build one of my own how do I compensate for the fact that a spring is going to exert more Force when it's at when it's compressed more and didn't Sasha get lost. It's going to take more force winds compress more in Les Twins compress less right so and it's not that that the rotary pump is more is less even it's at the spring pump actually changing his pressure from the beginning of a shot to the end of the shot which makes for to my taste a smoother better cup and so one thing I've been working on for the past couple of years but I haven't finished building at all that I have done handmade test

set it is espresso machine where you can adjust the pressure during the shot and the true story is that if you manually adjust a pressure from from high right satin at a neutral part of the shot little bit over 140 and then drop it down at towards the end of the shot you can do a letter from a shot with a lever pull style shot with a rotary pump jacks telling me that we're going to go to our next commercial breaks or calling all of your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128

welcome back to cooking issues calling your questions 271-849-7218 that's 718-497-2128 someday we'll play that song long enough to get to the down D funky deep part because you know it's all about the down D funky date one more thing interesting is that about going back to Paschal ultra pasteurized milk Jack says he's not been able to adequately ultra-high pasteurized milk and even like that the fancy organic stuff in the reason for Saturday ultra-high pasteurized that stuff is so that you can increase the shelf life for Guess could a small distribution runs nation in general is we have a new clarification technique in our Center fused that I haven't written about yet where we use a combination of silica Saul kieselsol and Titus and which of the polysaccharide unfortunately drive from shellfish so you know it's not for vegetarians in our centrifuge in with 98% yield for more it's crazy

it's super fast it doesn't involve agar any other nonsense it's awesome and it's all stuff you can buy to home brew shop but unfortunately have to own a center food but what's funny is it doesn't work on pasteurized Tropicana orange juice and so if anyone out there has speculation as to why I can clarify fresh orange juice and fresh grapefruit juice but I can't clarify pasteurized orange juice but I can clarify pasteurize grapefruit juice please let us know because it's something that I can't I can't figure it out so I don't know don't know what's going on got another question in actually more in a more of a while back someone asks about different Ubers so we did a kind of tumor of the world you know sayings and one of the things we mention is that well a lot of two or tubers like cassava have a you know can have a potentially deadly levels of cyanide precursors in

do I need to be I treated properly that other ones have very high levels of oxalic acid and so you know what you could probably one of those is taro so we were talking about that tarot you're the same stuff that you make you know cantero putting out of them all all that Taro chips all that and that's it and one of our listeners brought to our attention the fact that there is a probably a more touring now but less known disease called oxalosis and so basically causes kidney stones if you have kidney stone that means you're not getting rid of your excess oxalate but it's something I hadn't thought about it but what he said is it there's a science is crazy because the list of foods doesn't seem to make any sense so you can't you can have all the ingredients in French toast let's say but you can't have french toast and that you can't have

there's a whole last list of things that you can't have I would encourage anyone to write in and tell us anything they know about this I'm interested in it. Mom just got over a really really bad bout of kidney stones and so it's something I'm interested in so if anyone writes and we'll do a little thing on on diet and oxalic acid in oxalate oxalosis but definitely something that we should be more probably more for something I had really really thought about it tells me that I have a bunch of questions I haven't actually gotten too because I've been yapping about stuff that I'm interested in so I'm missing out on do you know cuz it kind of technique what kind of technique do you want to use it mean you can do low temperature cook on a brisket but it's not going to have the same taste and texture as you would have liked a classic text

style brisket because it's entirely different cooking technique both are low and slow and a classic technique you're using that the poor heat transfer of the cook of the median and + Tap the evaporation off the service of the me to ensure that the meat doesn't dry out too much during its long cooking. Although that sounds contradictory I think it's what I meant where is if you do it low temperature typically going to be doing it in a bag I would probably cook it on the order of the length of time that I would cook if you're doing low temperature and you want it basically I throw it into a ziplock bag with a little bit of fat I would I would say depending on what you want between 60° Celsius for about fifty six hours or I would try all the way up to 63 4 degrees for like 40 40 48 hours or even as high as 65 for Note 4

for like 36 hours or so but if you want the brisket to have that cured taste then obviously you're going to have to put some tender quick or some night right into it to get it to have that cure taste and then evacuate down because that that to penetrate faster but I haven't read the email so I don't know exactly what what is being looked at I only just off the top of my head like different things you can do to risk is that is that answer the question is Tasha having not right now when I do Fried Chicken at home I still love that recipe Carlo here at Roberto's has like a crazy recipe that I think is derived from the pies and thighs a franchise with the clothes and then reopen here in New York and they have insane insanely easy recipe that really makes me kind of upset because because I liked it but it was kind of goes against all of my knowledge of

chicken making in that estate it take it directly out of the brine the chicken they don't dry off the skin or anything like that they throw it directly into AP flour I think with maybe some salt and pepper on a note remember if they added baking soda baking powder but no egg no nothing no milk and then fry it directly I thought was pretty good what do you think the Sasha I'm going to research on fried chicken but currently the problem with fried chicken when I make it home is that a fried chicken has to be fried at a lower temperature than french fries and onion rings and so the way I always use my temperatures and then and then passed out on my fries which is fine at dinner but at a party if it comes kind of a hassle because you can't follow your fire temperature is up and down like that 7:35 p.m. deep fryer at home which is a commercial deep fryer so what I do now is I I do cooking for when I called low temperature for insurance eye bag and cook insurance that is not like you no insurance like your house is ibag all of the chicken in the mill in a very

small amount of the milk Brian very small amount just enough to get a good seal on a ziplock bag and I cook the the breast meat at the 64 for about an hour Celsius and I cook the lake at 65 and a half for about an hour and then I pulled them out and when they're hot I pulled them out of the bag and then put them on a great so that the skin can dry off just from the heat of the that bring up a chicken and that's a crucial step when people do a low temp before they fry that they forget to do on a chicken because they they let it cool in the bag and then they pull off and they get really bad adhesion of the flower and batter to the chicken skin so the secret is pull it out when it's hot let it flash off in the open then I do my traditional my traditional reading technique on it which is goes into a buttermilk egg make it goes flour buttermilk egg baking soda baking powder in the back into flour and then and then you fry it and then I can fry the chicken at a very high temperature same temperature as my fries and I know it's perfect every time I don't have to worry about it going over or under I don't have to stick

knife into it and stick it against the my bottom lip to see whether or not I cooked all the way through which is what I used to have to do all the time so it's really good way of doing chicken if you have an immersion circulator some access to a low-temperature otherwise you have to just cut the chicken pieces smaller so that they cook cook through faster

so duck confit sous vide or low temperature if you don't have an actual vacuum machine is a interesting interesting problem so we don't do low low temperature in other words we don't cook it any lower temperature than you would normally cook it because comfy the texture comfy is only achieved at the higher temperatures you'd associate with normal brazing however sous vide is a fantastic technique for for doing coffee for several reasons first of all you still have to cure that the duck legs before hand right you have to cure them with salt and know whatever she normally rub and let it sit overnight but you don't need a lot of fat is the primary think it's great you don't need a lot of fat to do to do confit sous vide you can basically back of the leg by itself and maybe an extra tablespoon of fat if that she let you can seal it really hard because I have a backbone in it so you need to seal it pretty pretty hard and normally when you steal po'trait poultry on the bone the promise the blood is sucked out of the red stuff sucked out of the bonus

Lynn pinkness to the meat that doesn't go away even when you cook it at coffee is cooked so high they don't need to worry about it then just throw it in the simmering water in the bag for you know 3 hours or so until you feel that you can feel the bones through the through the duck meat you know it's done pull it out let it cool down you know a little under counter for 20 30 minutes then you know put it in the fridge or in an ice bath and chill it down and it's perfect it's so not Messi compared to normal comfy you can do individual leg portions by themselves so you can easily you know if your family at 2 you can you cook the breast for in a one thing and then just comfy just has two legs and then serve them whenever you want and so it's really super easy for someone to comfy especially at home when you don't have a zillion legs lying around and you don't have like buckets a duck fat and you have been saving duck fat from rendering all the brass like they do in restaurant the things never going to overheat it's never going to go bad

is a fantastic technique for doing a duck confit but I would basically just use simmering water or if you have a circulator said it's about 85 Celsius and run run that way until it's done and I think it's I think it's great I mean it's not necessarily better than traditional coffee and maybe it's probably a little moisture is not a silly better but it definitely is a great great way to do a duck confit especially at home that have any more than I missed know cuz it's time Mia comes up I am going to soon write my post on UPA hedrick's fruits of New York series The Greatest pomological reference library of all times and yesterday I acquired the last two I'm actually missing one more but the last two of the series and so now I am the owner of the greatest pomological reference series of all times this has been cooking issues will see you next week

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