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Episode 289: Canon Fodder

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Pizzeria in Bushwick anastacio Lopez cuz she she might be in the middle of the air right now over the Atlantic Ocean or maybe somewhere over a year if she was in Rome for her birthday and she's on her way back today or tomorrow or something like that in her stead we have Donnelly the I decided maybe I should stop calling you since like we work together a lot maybe I should stop calling you evil in public

and I'm just going to go to Puppet Master what do you prefer evil cocktail Overlord or you were in what state you're in Star Wars by the way, your questions to 718-497-2128 at 718-497-2128 you really think Luke and or Anakin didn't think that that stuff was evil with the emperor say that's the thing it doesn't work about that movie when he's like you know

Skype me down and I was here not supposed to let you know I told not to do that we're going to get out like I hate down from people but like you ever read the Old Testament Siri the Old Testament you're like hello like you were there like the people who are on the initial Trek out of Egypt let's say you see the Red Sea part you're walking on dry freaking land right and then it comes up behind you as well as your enemies chill chill I need to go get some stuff

must be that when you're living in that time if you get into the lake no now-defunct women now defunct the universe implode it it's already erased the Crusades yeah but this is it is it I mean like you know I'm sure some of the people that already worked on it are dead now they're Works erased it was not part of the candidates part of this like Legacy thing so you know Han and Leia no longer have twins who are the four

leave well enough alone because it's Disney it's the mouse for the next for the rest of Eternity there's going to be a new Star Wars property every year and the movies are like top-tier Canon like all the books that just kind of like secondary there is no tear within the Canon it's all Canon crap away for Genesis we're going to keep this in the New Testament that will keep that stuff for the old stuff right

so different so they're saying like you know the all that old stuff that actually didn't happen there was a fever dream and said that no one said that again this is not obviously we're not supposed to be talking about religion and I guess not Star Wars either and we're not supposed to talk about which is religion for some true show not a religion show and not a it's a family-friendly show in general negative against the Disney Corporation other than I think it's ridiculous to like add an array stuff out of the

can I get the free roll out of the way actually somewhat pre to people you can't be brought to buy two separate people you can edit the copy on the fly if you want them brought you Half Way East

is this like one of those Footsteps in the sand freaking things to visit Montana and better yet visit blog. Modernist Pantry. Com thank you next from Sophie's dad and the first is a sweet butter flavored fried oysters snacks they suggested use instead of bacon bits on salads I can believe that I can believe that and this is from where is this from this is the product of Korea

try that movie app that open with some during the break with the other one the other one is some kind of like fried crunchy Olive it's a sour cream and onion flavor I don't know where that's from that mean sky

made by duet

hi Dave this is Ron from New York can you hear me yeah hey quick question for some fresh sausage and later on ask him how do you have a circulator and you own a Combi oven that's that might be going to answer your question in a sec but that might be the most ridiculous thing I've heard

and I'm going to make up a number here the past 22 days I will let him know that you know what he's got a Combi oven the electricity bill okay whatever go ahead go ahead and no time and temperature would be have you read the modernist cuisine actually has a good explanation of this so and I guess they don't do look inside but

have access to minors Christina recommend you go look at it but basically what they do is it kind of give you the answer so they Combi ovens what they do is they inject steam into the oven and then like that kind of it cancels out over over there over there. So the temperature actually kind of fluctuates a bit this team is always being created above the temperature of boiling water and then when it goes into the oven they just don't inject enough of it to raise the temperature of the oven Heineken have a Giants fan and they vent out anything if they're not using to keep this is one of the reasons are such monsters on electricity and one of the reasons why something like a cvap oven while it doesn't have nearly the power that a Combi oven has takes much less electricity to run because they're just maintaining it by using the Louisiana method of existing witches

just constantly be soaked in water all the time right so like in Louisiana like yo that's it it's like a hundred percent humidity you live in you know you live in a Delta your that's it you got a hundred percent humidity that's what you got and so it a cvap oven it if you know if your below if you're below the you know if your below boiling they just heat the water up to the same temperature is the oven cavity and then that's it you're in a hundred percent humidity situation now you're not getting huge energy transfer over it's not like it's nowhere near the energy transfer that you're going to get out of a out of it emergent circulator which is a measly $150 investment not a good news is they do have very good energy transfer at the expense of accuracy especially at in the lower registers now when you have a Combi oven that's going to have maybe 10 degrees 15 degrees of swing over I forget what it is I wish I'd known as

connect to get called in cuz I would have just looked it up a modernist modernist cuisine because they know they have all the stats there but it's a good big swing and at what you're looking for in a Combi oven is what I would like to call the integral of the number so they could be if you were to integrate the temperature swing over time it would come out to be relatively even and so then the question is how thick of a food item do you need in there before it basically Smooths out to being an even temperature and so whether or not that makes a big difference in your sausage is highly dependent on how to take your sausages that sounded bad. I was going to say something but the family show Family Show difference in this case again family show the good news about sausages is that

there are sausages where the temperature you cook them to is is important for instance let's say that you're an enemy of quality and you craft a low fat sausage right Alyssa you craft a low fat sausage low fat sausage if you overcook a low fat sausage it's like an overcooked hamburger it's garbage you don't I mean it's like it's going to be garbage would you like never do that but you can do that if you if you're using like low temperature cooking with time to finish off but in general for me like doing a low temperature cook on a sausage is just making sure they're all done through without having them cook forever and it lets you do a real fast finish and they tend not to split as much and cannot to explode your casings as much so I would do I typically do 140 Fahrenheit which is 60 Celsius and you know you know depending on how thick the sausage is you can you know I usually put them in like an hour before I'm going to

use them and then they can just ride there for as long as you want and then you can if you want to if you think they're riding a long time and you think you're getting texture changes but you probably won't because remember around anyway I would just know you could turn it down a couple of notches to like you know one 1:35 which is you know 57 somewhere like that and let it ride now some people are going to think it's too pink on the inside at 1:40 but if you actually riding it at 1:40 which is 60 Celsius and then you sear them off on a grill then everyone's going to love ya mouth of a cook and then so if you're going to cook them park with them and then kill them all the way down and then and then like fry them from from cold you could go a degree or two higher but I really don't think you need to either don't I like my sausage at 1:40 at 60 so you know I would test one and and see whether you like it like that it's it's going to have shades

pay the pinkness will still be in the center when you roll it off and fry it but I'm okay with that again it depends let's say you're doing those little thin ligurian sausages they take like like no time and so you know I don't you know even just to finish off is going to probably deep pink the the inside but if you're doing like you know what your boss is already cooked but if it goes like that form factor like a large Italian sausage and why you should never do with the sausage is try to grill it from raw that's a huge enemy of quality move I mean like it all the way we were always taught to do it was sausage in the pan water cover water evaporates never actually gauging when it's done because you don't know exactly how long the water going to take to evaporate and it spits and puts that scorching disgusting nastiness on the bottom of your panty really better off like

first like 20 or 30 sausages it's not be reunited mean like the first 20 or 30 sausages taste different from the next 20-30 hundred two hundred so I swear I need the year of the sausage bread Solera New York City streetcars. I've had bought it and I drank it years and years ago because it was time out New York they didn't have like they asked me about it I was like have you what did you just go taste it and they're like no you go to check the temperature no they like that's why we're calling you so I can literally which went downstairs I said here's $5 can I have a styrofoam cup full of your hot dog water and then I will say to people certain tests are just easier to run the NASA 1 how to do it especially if you live in New York at the hot dog cart is downstairs hot dog water delicious taste exactly like a hot dog

that's the question it's good it tastes like hot dog so like everyone gets all about like you know leaching flavor out of things and get supervent about like lychee flavor out of things there's no flavor being leeched out of a hot dog now the texture is going to be the texture of a of a dog that has been in water but an emulsified sausage and I won't get into the particulars of this because then down and I'll have to find a chamber one of you to kill you because we have never had stuff in the works but the the you know the texture of an emulsified sausage it already has water in it anyway and so there's no extra water excess water in it anyway because it's a batter you don't even has been a most fine so there's no reason

not to poach them you know what I mean assuming that the flavor liquid that you have it in his fully flavored does a long-winded whatever

did you remove dark shadow know he turned our shot clock so that they are the two strange folks that are eating pizza outside can see what the the radio. It's I have it on my Ramen question I guess we haven't had any questions or the quality of the show the last couple episodes has been fantastic I've listened to a hundred or two hundred episodes guest recently have been doing great job of challenging you and providing their own perspective it's been hysterically funny so just wanted to thank you for that and I wanted to make a quick comment that you often say that it's a family show and I think you made that comment just now

used methylcellulose F50 and all the different techniques I don't know this is really a family show anymore and I actually appreciate a few more f-bombs and then swearing in the show so that's my perspective but I will say this number of years ago maybe three or four years ago I got I got a question in and if it was a question from the other parent of a like 10 year old who for some reason listen to the show who knows why this happened I'm hurting bad cuz I have kids so I don't want to if I'm going to do something that is you know your muff let me know let people let people know but you know if any of those ignore me in the real life right. I have a mouth on me

taking over like a you know I think Don was on we were talking about this before in reference to two bars and to get no kind of how to how to treat your fellow employees in a professional situation and kitchen professional situation and I don't want the salt salty nature of the business to change because then I would have no place in it right I mean like so I'm a big user and lover in fact my my wife gets very angry because my kids are not old enough that I started the pepper the salt into my daily conversation with the kids and she's like mad about it but you know I consider a good fluid rapid-fire ever-changing burbling of curse words to be the Hallmark of a smart person that that one ten year-old experiences is sort of

affecting the enjoyment for all of us adults as I get older I think I'm going to mention Sunday every as I get older certain things like I've liked lost a lot of like lost my control not like yelling at the lost my control like in front of customers like a couple of times like you don't act like they're not a customer but you don't want to do that you really don't want to do that you want to try to stay as you know two zones as possible I will tell you this we are thinking of doing another massage and I think of doing another different radio program like unrelated to cooking issues where we basically get to do whatever we want to the theory of it see what are you guys like this the theory of it and I should get to some regular question question but like the theory of it is that when you go to dinner or not

wait what day is leaving me and not related so don what what do you not do at dinner what do you not talk about dinner politics religion what I want to do and I have ruined so many dinners in my life like so many like dinners obliterated because someone say something I'm like what and that's it you don't and that's it and so what we want to do nastase and I'm saucing I have these arguments constantly off air to like half of our time spent with each other because believe it or not it's a cir like very different like maybe I guess I can't believe in any way Beyond her dislike of biscuits

study shows that like coffee it says she specifically buys crap coffee to make me feel like I'm some sort of you know Fancy Pants yeah that's what it is she she would rather drink crappie caught she's one of those people who incorrectly believes it's more American to drink crap coffee and to me like that I hate you I hate that you know what I mean like I think it's it's bad to be snobby about coffee bad to like look down on what somebody else likes that's bad inherently what but you would also salt the Earth just to make fun of you that's right right and she also enjoys as to make it back to your family show she likes to yuck my yum so anyway we want to do is shut and I'm also like I think all of us everyone in the country probably if they if they have half a brain is sick of the echo chamber where we're all only hanging out with people that

agree with that's why family dinners are so interesting because you don't pick your family they just show up and they have different views from you didn't you know you a lot of the time that you know then you do and so we want to have people in where we talk about food ostensibly but then like a bad dinner conversation it spirals off into religion and politics and hopefully we get a good group of people together that disagree and then we just kind of go off on it where you got a really good massage it to be unfiltered though because she's so buttoned up on the show if we get someone else who has a who's slightly crazier than her on xyr save you then she will be like yeah Dave yeah and then I'll go like ballistic bananas you know what I mean but anyway so we're definitely watch or listen to that show and volunteered to be that they're person mix always needs to be people that we disagree with anyway so I'll keep an eye out for it we're working on it

play when we entered any of his questions tell me if there's a call otherwise I'm just going to keep doing better there is another color that are just like the crappy for the filter for a while now mostly trying to get like chlorine out of water for Homebrewing and I want to try and like look into doing something in the sink and I just kind of curious if you have any recommendations or like what should I be looking for in the system and like how crazy do I need to get with it apartment or house apartments can you own it or you don't own it okay to tell you to do is not going to damage no one's going to know let me ask you this when you look under your sink do you see the probably half inch copper pipe coming out or is that what's called an angle stop which is that the thing that it is shut the water supply to co

water supply off your sink is it in in the wall directly or can you see the half inch copper oh okay do you know how to use a torch okay are you might need to hire a plumber or just find anyone who knows how to use it towards the only danger involved here is that you are that you could burn your apartment. It's okay if you know how to use a torch and you get the shielding it's like super easy here's what most people are going to do they're going to go to the local Big Box store like a Lowe's or Home Depot and you're going to buy the GE is the brand I use water filter and they come there they're basically plastic canisters that a screw together and they have an O-ring an inside of it is a kind of circular a cylindrical filter and you only need the one that does odor which is the lowest that the assuming where do you live

what's what city are you in you don't need the filter out probably lead crypto whatever their filtering out you need just a like chlorine odor filter in the reason you don't want to get a what they would call higher-quality filter is you want the least restrictive filter that does what you need because you're going to your flow is going to go lower and lower and lower over time and if you're going to be doing anything with that you want is high-flow as possible but the classic mistake that everybody makes and I'm looking at you whoever was the handyman of sound bar when we try to install air filter the first time at Booker and Dax

what they tend to do is just unscrew the the connector between the angle stop and I was telling you about and the cold water supply and they screw a t on the problem is is that your angle stops extremely restrictive compared to the half inch pipe and so if someone tries to use filtered water you want as much because the filter drop the pressure so much you want as much input pressure and it in cross section area into that filters possible so long story you going to want someone to put a copper tea into your line before the angle stop right I install a full port on a full Port Richey you can get one of these things with its own stop right but install a full port ball valve that's the same diameter as your thing so you can shut the system off if you need empty it into a one of those GE you don't need a whole house but the whole house

is last a lot longer so you get the whole house one because I think what does an extra like 15 bucks it like that may be so much more when in the filters to like a another tap that you can put into your sink and if you don't want to put him to think you don't need to you can just have a tab underneath just make sure you can shut it off because things like you don't want to pressurize something crappy like a like a picnic tap is there called because what if your beer person you are I'm talking about because I think they could fail at any minute and when you have something connected to city water that could fail at any minute you have failed you don't mean so I would get an actual like line that you can turn off and on but that's a hundred percent the way to go and in fact if you get a good enough filter you can just have that be the cold water supply for your for your sink and you're going to go through filters a lot longer but all your water was taste good out of the cold out of the cold water tap you the one thing I say I would not if I were you attempt to run a film

like off of the normal angle stop that is there it's just going to be a heartache for you you can do it it'll last a couple months and your water through that thing was going to be slow slow slow slow slow but then it's like a $50 problem if you have to hire a plumber now it's 200 more dollars right so now you're a $250 problem unless you have a buddy who can come get sweat the stuff together cuz we're really honestly talkin about fifteen $20 for the copper here maybe and you know a lifetime I've done it in every single apartment I've been in for the past 20 years you know what I mean cuz that's just like I can't live without I can't live with chlorine taste in my in my water especially my Seltzer and yeah thank you very much for a clear one and you can get the not clear one and when you're buying a GE water filters here's the main problem the GE water filters have that they're made out of plastic so if you cross thread anything they become a nightmare and they eat they leave

later and so you want to make sure when you're putting the fittings into the water filters not to cross read anything and to be relatively gentle with the plastic so that it doesn't crack and you're going to need to be able to get the thing off so make sure that you have good access to it to get to remove the bottom to get it off because that that becomes a hassle and please do follow their instructions to bleed all the air out of it before using it or or amino comedy ensues and trails near water what's a chemtrail the airplane liquor the condensation things all right so should we go to a break and come back with some questions

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and we are back so during the breakdown and I tried the fried oysters that we told you about and the crunchy olives made by the Cielo Corporation and here's my feedback they stayed on hated the fried oysters was good

so here's what I wait till you grow bananas into they have crispy clam strips in LA and not really so if you grew up on the East Coast you grew up with Crispy Nadia Jacques Pepin swear to God plan went from being Charles de gaulle's being his personal chef at

took a job being the head chef of as Japan closet Lowe's oh-ho Jose and one of his things it's it is claimed is the the Howard Johnson's crazy clam strip that's crazy yeah absolutely imagine if you had crispy clam strips you bought them in the east coast you flew to Phoenix and say that's where you live and you left them out on a counter and 120 degree heat and no humidity for like a day and then you looked at them and you said I'm going to try that that's what it taste like the Widow why do you want that you are freshly say it's an accurate description

rewind a little bit I'm the guy that when I work at Domino's Pizza in college

as a driver ate a pound of raw bacon because I was bored and when they said why do you do that I said I thought it was cooked I just thought it was bad quality so that's me anyway and what do you think of the country olives the or crunchy I hear we have a hear another call and call you on the air

hey Dave I just got some Motley Crue for usable storage bags and it says 100% building for sous-vide

pssy it's not Pete what's p e p t a g a i don't know if I know that that real quick but different stores that don't know if you know it's clean vinyl as a water bath

I'm sure I look at myself before but I just don't know much about I don't know anything about that that resin off the top my head I like that for some reason it's like out of my head I've no PVD anyway here's my general theory on on on these things on Plastics in general there are certain Plastics that when they degrade might make things that are most people worried about her plastic plasticizers and endocrine disruptors so things like salads things like BPA which is why you know in general a lot of people in cooking applications try to avoid PVC and some people avoid probably carbonate that's going to go to the dishwasher because when he goes to dishwasher and when it's damaged apparently you can get

stop EPA, because I've seen the one of the monomers I believe they probably comments made out of all those again what happens is every couple of years someone asked me and I have to re-up my knowledge on and that's when I know more about it so I took two classes of things right into the plasticizers are in things reason you want to go with PVC is a plasticizer two people are usually worried about so when you're using PVC for food applications I usually buy what's called tigon which is very high Purity you know apparently plastic thing is supposed to be plasticizer leash-free product

in general you want to stay here with home stuff with things that are like known to be incredibly neutral like polyethylene the problem and that's why you know polyethylene rap is so good but polyethylene is very bad at high temperatures it loses its structural Integrity so if this thing is meant for food storage it could be that has a lot of the Ziploc food storage bags versus their freezer bags it's a thickness issue so it's more of a an oxygen permeability issue and one of the reasons that the that those things aren't cooking bags at because they don't have another layer of something that stuff for like a nylon that can withstand like you know higher temperature and so a lot of times when someone says storage is because they know that the service temperature of the of the plastic is lower than with the average cooking temperature because no one is anticipating

no one's anticipating you know you'd low temperature cooking there's not anticipating it and that was the case with Ziploc bags and so the ziplock bag they would say you couldn't cook in it because they assume you're going to do boil in bag and it really is kind of above the usable service temperature of a ziplock bag and but I got your guys at Johnson to you no say that you know low temperature was okay what you find on the line Don from very little information that's a lot of Housewives talking about whether it's safe for the kids and lunch boxes but it has the color shower curtain stuff I know that there's someone right now making specifically cuz I saw it on a jeweled like got tweeted out to me or something like that or somebody tweeted out someone's making some reusable don't know if they're silicone me ask you this out

isn't reusing the bag just like super gross

I mean yeah but I just hate I just feel like I'm so like if you ever like pastry bags right so pastry bags are disgusting to wash everyone hates washing out pastry bags and that's why you have those conical things to to buy pastry bags and that's why you know the truth is is we all like we all put stuff we were all using disposable plastic cookie bags. Pastry bags even if you're only using it as a liner because nobody wants to wash out those cloth bags everybody hates doing it and so like my any of my thick my thing is I'm just worried that you know people are going to be like oh this is such a hassle and then there's not going to want to cook that way because they know when they're done when they're pulling service now you have to take the bag and you have

all the juices and stuff now you got to up turn that bag in your sink let it drain and wash it right away so it doesn't get all stank Duty and then you got to like turn it inside out and let it air out in a place it's not stacked up or it's going to get moldy so I'd be interested in hearing as you use it over time and of how that kind of works out because I would like to have a non throwing away method to do things kind of parent that's going to use disposable diapers or cloth diapers and keep you can I use cloth diapers you just got to commit to it and it's the cloth diaper because it ate some people have argued I don't know whether it's true or false where it comes down that it's just as bad to run the washing machines as much as it is to get the disposable diaper bag that could be depending on where you live right like water is not in short supply here where is in California if you're running your washing machine all the time for disposable. I mean 4:00.

could be problematic right so who knows the answer but I'm very interested to hear people's feedback especially as I'm writing this book I I should be researching this topic more I've been spending more time on things like the crown roast of pork recipe that I'm working on last night he was slightly overcooked slightly overcooked

moisture management good moisture Management on the cross but not the Interior right so I get it again overall pore moisture management I was kind of sad it was so close to being right but a crown roast is very difficult to get exactly right to be over cooking a little bit it's rotten especially with like you know like modern Pour House so close to being right though that's what I kept in Harwich Port good stuff for please let me know what happens so I think we had heard somebody's Darren wrote in he asked what happened to Indy Jesus I don't know and jachens leave if we can send an email to Jacqueline Lee and ask him to maybe you can call in your next week with the story of ND Jesus and what happened to stop you saw him on the street once I think what's up this is Jack Hensley yeah yeah

disease and now I love experimenting I found it doesn't mean much to replicate glutinous food bringing something new to the tables far more exciting and meaningful do you have a framework that you guys like to use when working in the lab develop I don't have a lab right now but yeah whatever I developing new recipes

is I like to look at recipes that naturally don't have whatever XYZ thing is that you know you don't want to work with and then work from there so like I would look at like the panoply of naturally gluten-free foods so inherently you're like okay I'm going to go to like I'm going to look at at cultures that have a corn-based staple and I'm going to look at cultures that have a rice-based staple and if you do that there's like a zillion look up like a bazillion things like you know I spent a bunch of time of the last year working on at least and Emily's are gluten-free and sewed it into the interesting about it is that they developed there are different textures for small there different kinds of but there are also I know you said you didn't want to do this but they're there are adjuncts that are added two things to make them act in a hydrocolloid typically to make up for the fact that you don't have things like loot like Witness

Masa you know you know God's you know when the priests of God is Masa it's amazing ization in general or like I say Italy is it in in in India but then

yeah I don't know what do you think Donna mean just the way of approaching of you have two basic ways right unless you have some genius that can create things in the vacuum you either going to take something that already exists that has gluten try to make it not gluten or going to find something that or he doesn't have gluten and try to turn that into something that is similar to something that has every day if you know if you have gluten gluten gluten there's like you know why would you think that Szechuan broad bean paste has gluten in it but guess what it does but I think any eye is going to sound bad I love stealing ideas from other cultures because they've spent you know hundreds and hundreds of years trying to figure out X Y and Z with whatever they have right so

someplace it didn't have a lot of glutinous your products with gluten in it doesn't have a barley base or a wheat-based culture mean they're going to know how to make good stuff with their stuff right one of the problems by finding dory's like with traditional Asian ingredients specs of the fermented stuff traditionally it shouldn't have gluten but at the Modern manufacturing process to add gluten that been weeks is cheap so usually if you live in a big city with a population that there's probably some grandmother that is making like me so or like get a Korean like that cuz then you can get some stuff that's homemade you're even soy sauce that's homemade that doesn't have gluten I think he's also just more worried about like on the creative sourcing secret gluten and things but then there is just kind of thinking around having you know gluten I think if you try to put yourself in the mindset of cultures that don't have it in general

then it becomes very easy because you know you're using a different palette you're using I'll give you that doesn't mean you have to mimic the flavors but you take like the structure like Don and I were talking like I have been fascinated for years I have like you know for a home probably the largest that I've ever seen a pole so it's I have like 10 of them in my house of varying sizes at all so it's there the hot how do you pronounce in real life that are used for for What's another word Gabriel mean that God will bibimbap when they put it in the Tulsa or is that just a word until I have enough anyway and like to hear to be so here's a thief's mind right you go you haven't even Bob in the Tulsa right and you're like crispy rice egg egg Cooks

Easter crispy rice you need some kind of sauce because otherwise the rice is dry oil hot bowl rice egg right on top maybe that's what I do anyway that bike that's it like that's the framework that's the symphony that's the Sonata that is the structure and then I add whatever I want to it now as long as you know like that's the basic structure so that's how good thievery works till I got with at least I'm like okay it's idli rice fenugreek you know where were you going to put it in a soak it soak it you grind it in a wet grinder. Once its purpose right now you had the basic thing awesome and you can meet any number of sauces you eating for breakfast Ivy don't know if I can make this into a dinner thing he'll I can stuff inside I stuffed chili and other things in

the Italy is though it was a steamed bun but it still in Italy that's good thievery because you're stealing your taking somebody else's culture but you're not tied to it because it's not your culture so you can just take the structure of it and use it for other things mad bad if you're being disrespectful right I'll be disrespectful but I think there's nothing I think inherently wrong with like looking at other kind of concerts in truck what's wrong with saying that you're doing an authentic X Y or Z or trying to pretend that you know you that you know you're somehow they the the preacher of somebody else's culture you know you know here in the US that's where it goes all Haywire but if you're just like hey that I find it this technique or this structure interesting how can we get mad at that be a fan of it but they don't even say you're trying to do that you know what I mean like don't even say that what you're doing is related to what they're doing other than this is why I stole this idea right

tribute always always always so I got one more I got a reply from Jay Inslee he says tell Dave I miss him so much and less one Jesus when he was at a cafe in Williamsburg I will dig deeper into this we will get some information and we also miss the Jackie molecules not that you're not the great Dave but everybody misses Jackie mollen understood


hey Santa by a couple long time ago we got a quick question for you do you have any method for quickly peeling walnuts

you know my grandpa used to be able to break a single Walnut in his hand a single Walnut that's very hard I was going to mention that off hand I can break I can crack walnuts to walnuts in my hand now what you say but not one are you saying that but he was also a jerk so I'd rather have been not so much of a jerk and not be able to crack walnuts here's my question for you will you say peel you mean get the shell off or do you mean to get the skin off of it but I don't have a good technique for it but we should put that out to that you know what this is an interesting problem do you have are you staring at a giant 50 lb sack of walnuts right now and that's why you're telling me about this

I know I actually have to pick a project that came up like a week ago and we and we do about like how much you do in one day that we actually end up taking them home and like my girlfriend I have this like new thing that we do is call that sounds like a good idea. He had to take it there walnuts we all know the joke at the beginning of the Snoop Dogg song with the with the walnuts and then we're going to get into that

there's an interesting problem obviously I know how to do it for almonds and

4 hole that you know what I'm going to ask some McGee Harold McGee you know has access to these fantastic walnuts where there's no tannins in the in the stuff and so you don't need to get your talking about getting the membrane off from the shell or talking about getting the Tana skin off

yes. He has a run-in with the Walnut board so I'm going to see if I can get in touch with McGee I think he's back in the US he was in Japan recently let me see if I can get in touch maybe with a walnut board and see whether or not the Walnut board has any and I'm going to see someone today whose grandpa is a walnut farmer and I will also ask him like what's what's going on is there a good way to do this so that you can buy the extremely expensive low tannin varieties but they're not real it readily available and they're from California but I'll look into this interesting problem I don't have any answer for you right now though

if you don't hear about it remind me because I'm going to be talking to everyone I know that's got some nut inside of knowledge I'm going to be pestering them when I when I hear the best that better wait for those either. That's how I operate in the real life so like I would like when I see someone I'll be like hey you have any ideas on how to get to my work right now bust that nut you know you want to keep the nut hole keep it whole family show you know we love I know you're going to get off the air here here's my question to you before we go but okay actually answer all the questions we've answered like two of the many questions in a backed-up shoot can we just schedule like an extra like we are going to have to do a no-call no-show for we're going to have to schedule an extra like a where we

actually finish these things offer nastase is going to be so mad at me for coming in on the way out I'm going to read this monitor Pantry roll a d 1 do it that way so I can but try this question what is a churro or is it the shape

it is what other words if you were they put if you were to put meat through a churro press it would not be a churro if you were to pour batter into oil and not through sure Oprah it would be a beignet or a donut

but it's specific kind of battery it's not your regular beignet batter or your you know it's it's it's like this like hot batter

I have to look up the churro recipe first of all let me ask you a question are you a fan of Italian Christmas pastries oh yeah yeah yeah you know how they have like all kind of Italian as all kind of like cold fried things like struffoli and all that stuff like yeah so like they don't want to eat a fresh that's the thing they don't want to eat it when I think that they should want to eat it for his money so churros I like a hot churro but I'm a Subway they're all cultures was a terrible truth though they sell like churros guy selling it presumably knows what a churro taste like yeah but the guy would rather have a real true set up if you making fresh if you could it's just that he's in the New York City subway

see I don't like this here's my point is like if you people if you are in a situation where you cannot make X product the way you want to make it then do not make X product make y product or Z product so you do not believe that this person thinks that the churro that he or she is selling is a valid churro you think that it's always you think this person gets up and 0 in the morning loads up the Big Board of churros with all that plastic wrap over it and the cart wheels and I'll do whatever subway line calls their butt out there and sells it knowing that they're selling crap knowing that they're selling to people who won't know the difference and that they have to make this compromise because that's the way they're going to make a living thing you don't need to sell churros you can sell a different product it's not garbage cookies for instance

you could but that's what they sell I'm not this person I don't know but the question is by the way I do. I didn't get to go to the friends and family and I are to do because we were working at Old School yards last night proved that so look out for while he's doing something up but to me the Hallmark of a good donut is it don't have it as good cold not a churro churro has to be hot

space space race is so could you could you put churro batter into a waffle iron and then when it comes out like put the cinnamon sugar on it no no no no no everything now yes but you still need a fryer you can fry the churro and it may be reheated and or how about that you can't find because that would be

listen I can't go too much into the technology of waffles because then I'll be divulging things that Don and I are working on some just put it that way I can not go too deep into waffle technology at this point give us like 3-4 months and I can go into waffle they predict what is it I will have any more we have to do more research and we'll leave that with the cooking issues listener and hear thank you for coming here is our house supposed to be this earlier but here it is right to buy food cooking issues fans just like you Jenny Chris and the crew family share your passion for experimentation have everything you need to make culinary magic happen in your own kitchen professional chef home cooked food enthusiasts no matter what your skill or experience modernist Pantry has something for you they make it easy to get the ingredients and tools you need and can't find anywhere else so that you can spend less time hunting and Gathering and more time creating memorable dishes and culinary experiences

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