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Episode 287: We're Not in Western Beetville Anymore

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45 Bushwick because she is delayed on the ever problematic L train which was going to see if it exists pretty soon routing from afar Easter person passing a person and nothing personal you might affect I just celebrated Passover in LA but I grew up in Easter person on these ghost sorry to have you out during the Passover time working you don't know maybe I should go home

yeah I need the drill at my house Dave exactly to drill I need of two holes in the ceiling of my apartment and there is a complete moratorium on any sort of drilling holes and I would have gotten it done before Passover but I'd lend someone my hammer drill and so I had to wait and now I have to wait if there's nothing more frustrating for someone like me they having to wait to drill two lousy freaking holes three guess that we have we have the option present Peter Pan Peter I'm really happy to see you and thank you all very much thank you and Peter Kim channeling his days of being a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon has purposely turned off the air conditioner in this box

set of a rose seed that can pretty much anything I think about that those kinds of tubers really are like they're alive and I cook with them but they're disturbing looking right they look like something out of an alien movie game over for a lot of people look at the credits was in The Terminator I did not realize this until Theo Dax my youngest wanted to see that Terminator I like that you're ready and I saw at the beginning when Arnold Schwarzenegger comes down and it's like give you your clothes like that one of the price we have in the studio with us by JW Rogers from El Paso who took Peter Nye to Juarez and El Paso a couple of weeks ago

calling in and asking whether he's visited the Old El Paso Factory I seen him a visit to the Old El Paso Factory yet and now he has not visited you can even know if my son has taco sauce can get down with that tastes like produced cuz you're from around like I know what they're eating like beans and their poop farting or whatever they're doing like a Blazing Saddles and they say but we also have here with a regular station I listen people when you're tasting today no mouth noises into the microphone people get very mad at the mouse noises into the microphone

you might know him as at our cook Quest on the Twitter it's an Instagram a little bit commercial and kind of what does it mean commercial of the museum help us a lot with the flavor extubation came in to help us a lot with many development during the Chou exhibition and it is Otherwise Known just to me actually as Captain Koji so he's here with a bunch even working at 3 years but kind of gone kind of crazy like you on anything like you know like a mouse dies in the cupboard who cover that some gun with Cody and see what happens to it and so he's brought us a bunch of Koji products and

show me show her kind of hip to the hip to what Cody is one he give us to 32nd on Koji Koji is basically a mold inoculated rice squares I sugar production as well as enzymatic activity to create so it kind of the world is your oyster in terms of what you can do with a primary ideas in terms of what's out there primarily Japanese arisaka me so and you know in terms of just in general soy sauce those are the primary known

mediums used on yes and you don't have aspergillus you are hosed you're just hope you're ruined so when you give us a it again too quick to 30% 32nd on like inoculation in general or what you do a certain level that for lack of a better term is Al Dente such that the mold will grow on the surface of the Grain and then be able to proliferate not to be too sticky or wet because other organisms grow outside light and then if it isn't moist enough for the end soft enough for the aspergillus to penetrate and it'll just basically not grow and spoil you later and give you something that you don't desire

like she hates the word Spore Imagines for you later kind of molding with her head or read about pathogenic aspergillus showing up on a wild-type fermentation of Cody I've read some story that say odds are that you're going to get a regular like healthy one of red studies that was years ago you have any update the information on that I just feel like you know you could easily accessible it's easily accessible to buy spores that are specific to what you need and in terms of the flavor convergent work whether it's focused on proteins or carbohydrates for sugars I feel like it's so easy to just buy it is it looked at everything in life now it was especially in fermentation World in any of these food World his point of difference in someone's trying to make their own products so I know a lot of people have branched out in

clean beer with differently stranger or in cured meats with different you know what bacterial and or if they're basically a shotgunner for their fermentation in sausages and what not but you don't see that giant a difference in like different exact strength of aspergillus for Koji verses that say yeast for beer I think any of the other flavors that you get are from other micro micro or is it for organisms doing their jobs mostly What aspergillus In terms with what I've been investigating is the ability to create amino acids and if you're just creating amino acids you know maybe some have different ways of creating enzymes for different proteins but in terms of a difference in Umami I don't know if you can parks that ok Google

by the way it's not just for Rice anymore you do ever I don't know if you mention EXO's opening up that questions I have to answer later on but you do see if you view an ocular ate everything like you and oculate like your family

yeah so I brought some examples of things that I that I actually applied code you too but yeah I mean in terms of a cheese that's what I heard so I have the code issues which is basically I'm what I'm calling a miso method cheese because I'm already taking finished Koji and using Create a particular cheese-like substance that you can get on the order that was Flavor in 2 months do the enzyme activity and then it looks like a multi-use tournament looks like a chunk of brown like cooked brown sugar like it might contain almonds or pecans butter pecan or pecan

and it breaks up and it looks almost like like a cooked through like a soda bread with one color all the way through

it has a very has more of a Romano then I would say what do you think guys

what is imagery

yeah okay so Peter Wayne a credible the protein breakdown flavor in it to me honestly is closer to like a Romano because to me especially like a reminder to get like a locatelli Sal Romano here in in the in the US are kind of heavily heavily enzyme have a lot of breakdown breakdown flavors on getting a lot of breakdown flavors in where you think you think it's closer to parmigiano style finished in Orlando still finish start to finish so only two months and also for those of you who work in restaurant kitchens takes about two months and a reach-in or walking so you can do this under Refrigeration conditions safe controls in a way such that you know you don't have to worry about the environment flexing also I pretty much put it environment where it's totally me so nice

I'm 30 what beach and Sounds Theatre was our habitual line stepper or the new line stepper

like you take it up to the break so see if someone who doesn't already know a buddy of mine who works at Commonwealth restaurant in Cambridge we dropped a whole bunch of Cody the kitchen and I said you can pretty much every made refried beans out the accent so I have some of that but we had it on a dinner we did over the course of a few days on our Workshop

Koji so we added some apple butter to make it kind of like a hoisin sauce next Koji and sought to create a crazy O'Malley bombed processed cheese and then on a lark even though I'm I'm big on proteins I took avocado and I made a Misa with it and it tastes pretty cool even though it doesn't have a lot of protein and Scatter pretty crazy flavor and texture so I'm passing surround break we can take bigger with crackers almost like you guys talk for a second while I taste you

good job talking so I found all the stuff in terms of if you're looking to create musos short-term you know the course of a couple months what you look at is if you have some sort of animal protein it seems like in terms of the ends and somatic action it occurs much faster so if we're talking about meets you know in terms so what's the folks have no might have been doing it for a while making you know fish sauces and meat sauces but Dairy was one of those discoveries I Came Upon you know a couple years ago when I was first playing around thinking about what has protein what has you know women allowed fat actually just the easiest way that I found it originally track it was I would just look at nutritional facts and match it against soy beans and then I just went on a lark and just went crazy and started adding everything I did I done baking I've done bought our house bacon it's actually crazy it's not right

it's not right you know that's really hot in fermentation conditions because the because Cody actually creates a price and cheeses I can always tell a full-fat cheese at age because those are lipid breakdown products like to make my my taste buds pop like little mushrooms I can always tell when a second anastacio the hammer Lopez has has graced us to get JW to sit there so that you would yell at him and I

why would you enjoy somebody else's pain so much it's not it's not accurate tell me about your basically I took and aging meets with growing aspergillus with rice flour pack under the same conditions you would grow aspergillus on a grain to create this basically this enzyme pack such that you can cure Meats faster and create aging flavors really fast so on the order of you know a third less time that you would normally hang to dry. So what I did because I was on the cheesecake I just took some Supermarket cheddar and I did this

outside and basically when you do that just has us enzymatic action but back through the through the enzyme activity that I don't quite understand so maybe if we have some scientists out there that would be really helpful to to try to understand this

you try this before so when you try it you can tell me what's going on right now because you know talk about whether you should do the work and decided because I was working on

the poor can you put it in the gravy and you get the procedure of aspergillus oryzae on the surface with a rice pack I would just take some finish Cody mix it in with a little bit of salt like 3% salt to ensure that other microbes would have come into play and then and then I cared it so it only took 12 days to get to the final actually got over the 30% and got to 33% and it creates this interesting it's a lot moister than traditional are cared for so long until we're did curry curry curry drive you like that

yeah I know if you go to a different version of that you're talking about I don't know what might you say Jasmine with this reference

taste like. So pretty chill. Beats in between are dehydrated beets in between or beads we're like you get a giant chunk of bee and it's like not cooking is not not cooked and then somehow they managed to cook the dirt flavor into the beat instead of three big baseball's of Beats as it did when I came up to New York at Loop when I had to cook a lot like 60 lbs a week of Beats inside a lot of baseball be experiencing you just pick up like a beat down your arm you want to hear wise and pick up your teeth are all staying running down the sides of your mouth and your life

threats threats we had that earlier memories a nightmare memory is that we did a salt cooked fish my mom decided to do it and the salt crust collapsed and we couldn't get all the salt off and so it was more like my mom was a fantastic cook and a Pediatric Cardiologist the first one freaking fish with the shopping that's what that's what you're going to be remembered for that one fish

so where we got with the bead sensor so it's a better preparation traditionally it's done with daikon so I just took the rest be straight out of the book of me so easily to bring that back in the publication this is a long time ago and he literally he pick up the phone I was like okay cuz I thought I was going to get like you know somebody somebody. P on at soy organism is up and I was like have you had a I was trying to Ultimate tofu's sure if you could have like choke me with peace through the following he would have liked choke me out with pieces like that is such a waste of edamame why would you try to make tofu

what about saving the world through procaine it's just that's it you want to meet he was not having it he wrote the book of Thoth pronounce which is why I never say her name and so would give her like Reddit cheese do if I could pronounce her name Boyd because I can't pronounce her name I can't remember it and she can pick up the phone if she can't pick up the phone I would have made the you know they conscious effort to remember anyway that's not the point the point is is that he wanted to save they wanted to save the Earth through protein

cook tofu the book of meet me so please do not buy there is a pocket version that's reasonable and then there's a pocket version It's mutilated please get when you're getting it make sure you get the full on Edition when they hacked up one of several additions in their books that have been hacked up in such a way that they don't flow well and are kind of unreadable if you can get the large format one there their they're the easiest on the eyes and the best to read retrograde I took that technique you just make a slurry out of code you use Medora code you've bought you had cooked rice and a little bit of sake and salt and then you have this pickling sorry and you let it ferment out for about a week and then you just add you had typically root vegetables to it because they can hand kind of handle the the the environment and pulled up

and then I just found it to be delicious the other and she they are coming to is that bad or good in my normal realm that that's not too late I've ever seen The Sassy of be incurred life a look of horror within fine now that you and I have an idea of what's coming supposed to be evil eye can taste starch more in this beef than I normally can't a sin B Twitter why that's the case I like when you eat an apple that has a residual starch it's got a note

usually in an undercooked beet or non-starch note which lovers of pea shoots will love our house let's get some questions before we have to go to break questions free weeks behind yes you too but I'm going to handle because it needs a bunch of people talking about it

greetings Dave the hammer and family I consider myself a knowledgeable amateur cook and uncomfortable with a variety of techniques and Cuisines I say this first because my question is super basic how do you make toast lately I feel like my toast game is lagging the bread doesn't get crunchy enough unless it's Bowie. I've had some pretty delicious toast at various breakfast spots but can't seem to replicate that at home I know enough to avoid Saga fighting the Bible say putting on a plate directly after toasting oh my God even thinking about that breathing toast steaming itself on a plate is making me angry it's making me really angry right now but I could use some more Pro wisdom should I look into a new toaster I don't know how do I know if I'm not getting the desired outcome toaster oven versus standard slotted toaster excetra is entirely about the brand of bread do I have to be a crazy person and leave sliced bread on the counter every night

get it appropriately stay off and in all thoughts would be appreciated and loved it show Andrew from Los Angeles first of all you should go and read all my God what's so the wife name is Matt what's his name John Thorne have a book several books are rated main I think it's I forget to have a bunch of books look them up one of them has an essay on toast that's quite good I can't remember the name of the which one it is they have I can't remember the name of any of their books now but it's all like Pig fire stuff like this one has an essay on toes which is definitely worth the read toast is an under-appreciated product and there is no one toasts not like Highlander there can be only one there are multiple toast and so the question is what are you looking for in a slice of toast and I would say the average American penis in a slice of toast want a crispy but not for an exterior but a seal still soft interior my right

a toast they want something basically fully melbeth I'd like a you know crunchy throughout a desiccated Rusk out of this has to do with it with a toasty right now say it again I said a billion times on the air this is all about the miracle of moisture management moisture management technique so there is a huge difference in quality between different toasters that's for sure right on evenness on on everything on the on the programming you can in general get decent toast out of any any toaster you desire but in general if you're toast isn't coming out of the way you want it I would do to toe stings on a I would do to light toe stings with the rest in between rather than a single long toasting to the desired color that's going to give you a little more dehydration on the outside of the bread and after the very first host and when it comes out you'll flash some of the

moisture off and ruin the kind of Base initial very blond cross that you produced and then you put it in for the second time you're going to develop a little more of a durable crush on the outside but you won't have dehydrated all the all the way through if you want a very dehydrated internal with a very very long lasting crust for let's say you're going to put something on top like but let's get there something like this then I would say multiple passes or just throw it in the freaking oven at temperature with air circulation the other thing is as soon as the toaster turns off open the toaster oven after using an oven open the toaster oven let the steam come out when you look at your toaster oven JW do you not see that freaking condensation on the inside of the toaster oven cause your heart pain causes a little first thing I say let's say you're using a toaster oven I would do a you know relatively short toast then I would open it and let it flash off wait a couple minutes toast it one more time light and you should get a good quote

the toast that's the answer Anna pop-up toaster I don't really think I mean maybe moving it slightly because if your toaster is particularly crappy you'll notice that it puts banding on your toes and not just banding on where the Great's are but you can literally see the heating elements running along your toast this is an indication that your toast is probably that's not an even enough kind of perhaps the reflector on the bottom of your thing is is very dirty or not getting a lot of radiate heat back up or there's number reasons but you need to move it to even it out you can do that too or just get a higher quality detail from anyone else agree or disagree on my toast technology nothing further to add on toasting new book if you don't care if you're not into this than just don't buy the new book thinking a lot ahead of time but making your life easy like you're putting your toast in and you're hitting it you're hitting go when you're walking away coming back and it's done

I'm advocating is that in between that you'd like turn it off LED flash off for like you know 30-40 seconds let it cool down a little bit then run for another tow cycle that's all so you know I think you could do the same thing in a pop-up toaster pop-up toaster shoots a toast up and allows pretty good airflow so like I would just set your pop-up toaster to like a lower level than you normally would and then just let it pop it again let it pop and go styling and how long to short segments are toaster and so it's sentimental but it's fundamentally produces crappy toast so what style of toaster Toastmaster toast buds pop up pop up from like 1976 or something like that yeah you might want to do so I could pop up is it

just keep it not in one freaking position you need to dial that sucker in and then like let her go to know the art of toast per se and haven't really paid attention to the quality of the toast and so I don't know American bread for toast I do for a sandwich for a sandwich here something else I would say I'm going to make a small pitch hear a large pitch actually if you're getting a new toaster one of the advantages of a toaster oven is the bagel setting and the bagel setting is the best thing to happen to toasters since toasting because there are many things on earth a bagel is not one of them because I don't toast Bagels but there are many things on Earth where you want toasting on the one side only has a hamburger bun I don't want the part touching my hands to be toasted I want the part touching the mayonnaise and or the the burger that to be toasted

yeah right that's functional and delicious but I want I want the top of my sesame seed bun to be a bun and not a piece of toast and there are many I would always get a patty melt if someone says would you have liked what you have a patty melt I pretty much thinking to stop thinking to stop would you like a patty melt and soon as they say the word or I'm like I'm done cuz that's what I want. Email is like God's like what God would do to a burger that's why it's not even a hamburger in my mind it's like it's not a category of awesome like I love the patty melt but anyway so you don't trust What You Preach toast the inside of a patty melt I don't do I know

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Xfinity equipment for my kitchen I live in a small apartment so I don't have too much space to put many appliances and I wanted to get a suggestion on what I should get next I currently own Anova immersion circulator unfortunately it's not a juul I guess because he don't we had Jewels a sponsor of our program we had Chris on what two weeks ago KitchenAid copycat and a pre-order the spins all thank you you have everything you need that baby machine the re vacmaster 215 Richie ever use that one but I don't know if I should go for another another machine like it or a different type of equipment

best hubby so here's my issue I've never used that all these years later at what week should probably since I'm doing this book that has to be in on it just bite the bullet and buy or steal want to find someone that has one and use it now I'm going to actually go French are very Chef are very mild Vera from FreshCo night while the ICC form of the French Culinary Institute he seems to like it but I've never used it and I will never I can't ever won't ever recommend a piece of equipment that I haven't used just because that would be stupid on my part I don't know the ultimate vacuum it can produce really for vacuum vacuum machine at home is super handy

most things you can do without a vacuum machine by got to be honest when like I'm doing chicken marination or any kind of marination I throw crap in the vacuum machine because it just makes the marination happen faster it just does like backpacking stuff down in for infusions and when you're packing stuff to freeze you want to get all the oxygen out so that packing for freezing is like a really smart idea to maintain quality on long frozen items are you can get away with a zippy but but vacuuming is gender a lot better I own I only like chamber machines I think that this the one you're talking about I can't remember whether has a chamber or whether it's like a chamber like 1 or something like this but I really only recommend chamber machines I will say this mini pack which is a company who makes the unit that I use and the JW Mini pack not multivac oh yeah you know why to get many packets because they care about Cook's Wares multivac could give a rat's behind about you don't care about you or your problems

but they're coming out with it with her coming out with a new home unit called the cube in the next 6 months or so and so I'm waiting with him when that comes out unfortunately I don't think we'll be out in time for my book to be a have a high hopes for it is relatively small unit it will allow for chamber and for external vacuum but I can't comment on it because you're not using see all the good vacuum machines use with call the bush pumped for equivalent it's an oil-based vacuum pump and they just kick so much behind that's why I like food savers are a relatively useless for that sort of stuff cuz they have those little piston pump direct has anyone ever mod modified a FoodSaver for a wolf jar beautiful chart is

tell Will jar is vacuum in and vacuum out all from the top and it collects liquid in the bottom so like I can imagine modifying a FoodSaver with one of their smaller because it takes a long time to evacuate those things that crappy little pump but you can probably handle liquids you can't because you got to put the free concealed our someday I'll just make my own like like a DIY I'll just make like a $100 DIY production because people are here in that business but I mean just like a you know you have access to like a fundamental wood shop or a 3D printer here's a back machine yeah cuz you can't we'll try that sucker son of a gun

I don't know any way that would be good if you could then he wouldn't need a Chambers much but I would I would wait for chamber machine what do you think about you water an airline what's the problem. You got a lot of stuff to try and take me out of my seat you know what I'd rather have him stuff I would rather than put that crew on another immediate flight or just brake look you messed up put him in the cockpit in the jump seat like you have them stay in the freaking restrooms just keep

free free flights get off my freaking plane like tube 2 and 1/2 to 3% of their entire company value on the stock market based on that decision so it's like maybe they should have offered a couple more free flights I'm just saying yeah right I mean it's not if it's not a food related related questions so we should probably we have enough to get him off there a baseball beat how about so I got to have a turkey

bars to all the old have the bar is an integrated urinal so you can call it isn't a question so yeah we we've always thought it was a urinal is not what the lady said someone else called it out and saying that is some good bars in Spain where they have the trough under the bar and that's where you really do a horrible job at wiping up anyting then also you throw like yourself but I think quite possibly some of those brought over from Spain and that would explain to be a much more rational reason it's a it's crazy to think of all the stuff here about people at the Oktoberfest peeing down their kings open meeting like this happens like now

I could see that that's what the lady said why would you put napkin in a trough you are throwing on the floor so I'm still going to have to go down into the trough and get that knocked him out for whatever they're no longer used and I'm sure there's no faster way to get your your behind hand it to you though either throw your garbage or your urine in their personal is your is your garbage I talked to Doc's cons some erroneous straight up a run

erroneously on. Scott it's just Nick Nick is a very head down cook work not say anything that he's not authorized to say kind of an individual that's the point is not these hating on. Sconce is that if you like where you make some comments on this kitchen the answer is going to be no be like no because what if he says something it's not what the chef wants in the freaking say duh

not not not not not chasing some in quotes Grill flavored snacks which you're obviously not grilled I wondered how this flavor is created I did a quick patent search and got some interesting a confusing results the concept seems to be a breakdown of oil and amino acids at high temperatures are they also have some effect I appreciate some explanation is Flavor in the process that produces it and perhaps also some uses for in-home kitchen thanks shy why don't really know precisely how it's done it's a super dark art what happens in the flavor house has to give her talk to the are flavor guys about about that by the chemical compounds I seen create that are like what walk he is loyal like things that catch on fire reactions of oil in the presence of

ferrous metal ionic or fake meat flavors are like very complicated this goes to Rich what you're into very complicated protein breakdown products that happened in large reactors until like a lot of this kind of like reactor based flavor chemistry is all about the exact feedstock the exact temperature that they're reacting it at to get to bring it down to it all very super complicated the reason you can't find information on it is because they don't want you to know like it's all super proprietary how all those kind of flavors work other than the basics that we can all look at which is people have done gcms work on grilled food and kind of seen what has come out right okay so me see anyone any more of us if you answer that question that question I let's go on a daiquiri Dan from Dan

Dan with a daiquiri question from Chicago you like Daiquiris Rich traditional Daiquiri Daiquiri is another form Daiquiri that I dislike but like I said those things in New Orleans or not Daiquiris I don't know what they are crazy. To be honest movie had two in my whole life what you got out of the sky in strike you down

Daiquiri is not like the drink that when you're applying for a bartending job they ask you to make an indicator drink so I like The Manhattans an indicator drink can someone make a decent Manhattan Daiquiris and indicator drink if you had one of those things anyway I can go hiking and go on paper Dan rights I'm working on improving my Daiquiri game which is currently very weak nastassia The Daiquiri is weak you are weak from Southeast Asia in the room right now

Dave have you seen Glengarry Glen Ross Alec Baldwin on the YouTube you do it like every so often just to pump yourself up where you stand on Trump and his Trump imitation one of the great monologues Of All Times all times is the speech that he gives to the sales people in Glengarry Glen Ross where it's just like in music and first of all like a super sexy 80s out ball in my right that's like super hardcore like and just like you know Baldwin at his best got to go got to go see them on The Closer

fevers down I was loved that movie anyways so many good people and it was not about movies fast food okay I'm working on my dad free game which is very weak and I was wondering what particular rum Brands and types you recommend for the classic Daiquiri vs. Hemingway daiquiri vs. we switched up what what room we used for either of those two Century Chicago I mean like if you're if you're abroad like I really like Havana 3 is really nice romantic love 3 but you can't get that here yet even though Castro's dad that he still can't get that here yet I think a lot of that is because that trademark is is in contention between Bacardi and a bunch of other people but that's a good one Florida Kanya the white one is kind of want to standard ones that we used I like that I like any sort of vaguely fruity not solvent smelling not overpowering I wouldn't go ahead

play hogo Daiquiri can also be good luck Jack Schramm you know if I had bartender now at Nomad he was he loved superhero go which is that logo is that smell in certain rooms like Smith & cross and R & Nephew Appleton's all that's why he loved by Pogo in a daiquiri and he even like like an aged rum Daiquiri I prefer white rum in a regular Daiquiri and what works in a regular tie basil Daiquiri you should never make it anyway. So don't worry about what rum to use in Hemingway daiquiri and if you should make a mistake of making a Hemingway daiquiri at electric sugar to it additionally I just purchased a VTX cocktail Cuba was wondering when I'm creating a cocktail with egg white do I use a cocktail Cube during the dry shake and shake with ice or just during the shake with ice use it both Dan both time right now we have an all-clear noodle question

one more question to one more you can even make alkaline noodles a lot of questions I want to answer you know what you're if you're not a cure not a nice person Peter it is not a nice person all right I also has a question on pureeing Salsas we'll get to that next week maybe ramen noodles and noodles require an alkaline element baking soda can be baked to change for sodium bicarbonate to sodium carbonate which is stronger based on a molecular level what is physically different about alkaline noodles from other noodles I'm not a very scientific person by remember reading something about the bonds in the noodles and hydrogen molecules I was hoping I could break it down

Jesse hydrogen bonding but on further research and you guys are probably in all know this but in my mind it's always been gluten Network acidity makes it weaker and which is why sourdough bread is kind of slack sometimes has problems and alkalyn conditions make the gluten Network stronger but as I was researching today just to make sure it turns out it's a lot freaking more complicated than that and I don't know that anyone actually has it I mean I don't know that 100% figure it out I think it's mostly figured out but it's not as simple as alkalyn situations make the gluten Network stronger because there's also starch interactions with the alcohol in it with the alkaline condition everything about a rich I don't know anything about it but I know Alex help me in terms of accelerating the cook time for Cody Race by doing an alkaline bath

basically you did Al Capone bath before we did a steaming and it basically powered the cook time to like 15 minutes versus almost an hour starch like vegetables and things like that starches and I can break down a lot more quickly than they would in a then they would in an acidic environment which is why one of the reasons why so you know how like they say that when you add acid to avenge it we had asked to do a veg like has the problem of the acidity of cause of the chlorophyll to go bad faster it also takes longer to cook when I used to do vinegar baked vinegar I used to cook potatoes in vinegar for vinegar fries and it would take for freaking ever so that's why when you add a pinch of baking soda to something to keep it between right and there's two things going on one I think that the alkaline conditions help Preserve at

weiner but it also accelerates quite drastically the cooking time which is why things go mushy which one of the interesting thing to do is instead of adding baking soda to your broccoli water add calcium hydroxide because the calcium will strengthen the pectin the same time that the basic nature of it will help The Greening so you get kind of The Best of Both Worlds so on the way. I know we have to leave we also tasted from Rich some straight Koji right jasmine rice better me to cookie versus toesies basically brown sugar me so little bit of water and butter and you just pretty much makes it or Blitz it does all that out and then you have a pretty much a butterscotch without any sort of

sugar cookie nice archiquest check out all the many things that he makes with Koji the different range of flavors you get out of all the stuff that you brought today what do you guys think I was very surprised and some Tribe Called Quest is hosting 85 bucks and you get a bunch of food open bar Dave will be this is jarobi from A Tribe Called Quest

it's right it's awesome New York city so I'm on the auction site man and JW be there as well so you can go over and talk to Jayda about his lack of love for his own El Paso brand he's never even visited their freaking Factory instead of soup in the corner and stop hating on you can please come so that nastassia can hate on you in person if you've never been hated on by anastacio Lopez in person it is something to be experienced my right guys shoes

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