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Episode 285: Calling Issues

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every Tuesday for my cat ashore so it's like not like a full Italian pronunciation give me the shore like Dinah Shore but with Tata

you know funny story I once I met Ben Stein the comedian and he has my name and I told him that he was like oh like Dinah Shore yes I don't know if he was like wandering around the campus of my school this is at a school with shall remain unnamed in central Pennsylvania many many years ago is a comedy show I think he was just there to speak about life for Nixon or whatever he has to say dude he's like super conservative shockingly like super conservative political beliefs everyone loves Bueller

Buhler David school did you go to school I went to what school do you go to California where do you live in your Lake Connecticut because I actually lived in Connecticut years old almost 46 years old I mean where I went to school pretty immaterial other than the fact that I never went there but Penn State which is where my grandpa just died came from and you lying you know whatever like they have great ice cream

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hello this is Darren Young fan from the kingdom of a question in the Netherlands are they super worried about about the sea levels Rising

oh man I am so sorry I really can't hear you on my end maybe I should try and call you back into Sprint can you hear me now color

give a call back give a call back and we'll and we'll try it again in the meantime

that was not going to call you on here


having some bad luck with calls today listen you tell me what are you there hey how you doing

how you doing I had a question about pressure cooking stocks in aluminum pot to pressure cook chicken stock and concerns with that there are people who are worried about aluminum in any event I'm not one of those people but like we do need to be worried about aluminum in excessively basic conditions or anytime you're setting up sort of like kind of a galvanic Cell between metals or like if you have heavy detergents going into it or if you have I guess I'll certainly wonder what night

in chicken stock I don't think it's going to be that big of a problem if you know I'm sure you've used over the course of your life various qualities of aluminum pots and what you know what you notice is that they get they get picked it out especially like the lower quality ones get pitted out a lot and that Metals going somewhere guess where some of its getting scrubbed out but that's getting bitched out most of it happens when you can form like a galvanic connection like an electrical connection between dissimilar metals and a liquid medium I eat your food in chicken stock which I know isn't especially acidic or basic I doubt that you're going to have that many problems and I myself am not worried about I'm not worried about it in very very long cooking items I've had some things discolor when they're cooking in the presence of aluminum foil in the sous-vide what were talking like you know days or at least many many hours is so like a short

pressure cooker I don't think it's going to cause that much of a problem now you could get people on back in the day people used to worry about aluminum pots because there was increased aluminum content in the brains of autopsied Alzheimer's patients and Savannah question was aluminum cause Alzheimer's like a lot like a lot of the baking powders that we use I think it's also one of the main ingredients in a compound I think in underarm deodorant and so we come into aluminum and kind of non-natural formats okay pretty often you know what I mean and so they did a lot of research and I think it was determined that you know that it is true that Alzheimer's patients put more aluminum into their brains but not the thief that you and I meant to say really are getting aluminum into

through the food we ingest and deposit in our brains and that's causing Alzheimer another word I think the current research shows that it's a it's a result rather than a cause that makes sense so what you what you need to worry about more is like is it affecting the flavor I think honestly I've never noticed it I've never done a side by side in the American pressure canner vs. like because that the other problem with the American pressure cavatina pressure canner is it it is a big ship to steer so you have to takes a while to get her up to it to the pressure and then it takes a while to stabilize it out you know what I mean and you have all those fidgety falsity knobs on the top of it that you know tighten it down like a submarine bulkhead I don't have just that one big knob he's had like all those little like you know those little black so we can be kind of fidgety to get it going but it does make a whole boatload of

stop once you're done the other thing have to be careful with on those units is they take a long time to cool down too long time to cool down so you need to do like a natural temperature drop on just because you're going to be there forever you know what I mean we're as a meal for stock I don't really true you might get more it you're probably going to get a cloud of your stock if you force cool it rather than let it like come down naturally but you might be able to cut your recipes a little bit shorter and then to account for the fact it's going to take a long time for the thing to it kind of drift back down but that's what I saying I've never noticed an aluminum flavor on something that is cooked slowly in an aluminum pot that is not acidic is not basic and also doesn't have any other metal implements in it you know what I mean so you know I've noticed and kind of mixed metal situations you know where I know the aluminum is leaching I don't know where is my mind telling me there's a taste or not

could be you know it's hard to say but that's just my my general impression because in general you know I everybody knows that a lot of their stuff in a restaurant maybe not a high-end restaurant but in like you know medium restaurant is cooked in aluminum because large aluminum pots are so much cheaper than large stainless steel pot so much cheaper for a given level of inequalities and so you know unless you know when was the last time you were at a restaurant where someone like had the soup and was like

you know what I mean like it would make sense to do like some side by sides just kind of for fun to see whether you can blind you know triangle test to see where you can taste a difference but I kind of doubt it outside of the you know that the very basic things that that I meant you hear the people make that pressure cooker they make it for two reasons They Don't Really call cooker they call it either a canner or a sterilizer depending on what lid you're using and for those of you that look it up on the online it is by far the biggest pressure cooker you can get they don't call it a cooker because I got presumably like they're like who coached that much but the cuz if they're not aimed at Pros necessarily and almost I've never seen a non stainless sandwich pressure cooker a side-by-side with one of the reasons I've never I've never really done it but you could do a standard soup side by side

to see what's going on and quotes I cook a stock is probably why they don't have a version of it with like an interior hard anodized shell you know what I mean that would make it a lot easier if you want to go super fancy you could take it to your local and they can make it like whatever awesome color you want along with the hard anodized coating you can have like the sweetest pink pressure canner in the whole world you know what I mean I don't know whether that expensive to get something anodized but what I don't know is whether or not the food anodizing people do have like a special bath or whether there's any sort of food grade Nest to like what a man does the never looked at my hat look at getting parts anodized before a lot of aluminum Park cards people want them all different colors because they want like you know they want this piece to be reading this piece to be green beer

as you know they're spending a lot of money on their car so that everything has to be to go so and when you have another Man Apart anodizing is the way to go look at a bunch of lights before they got swamped by all the LED people like think of all the anodized cool colors maglites came in they don't I mean or still come in as soon as possible.

Great energy and then you guys can you recommend the canner rack of the top of that has doesn't have the Jiggler valve it just has like the the regular weight at the camp there's there's two the canner in the sterilizer the sterilizers kind of a pain in the butt because it's got a long kind of tube that comes out of it and that tube is to guarantee that you vent off all of that are that's inside of your pressure cooker to pressure cooker that is not talk about that often except for I guess by pressure cooker cognoscenti is that you want to actually allow steam to escape for like you know you a minute or two at the beginning of the cook and the reason is you want to purge all the dry air out of it and have it all be still now it seems like it seems like that doesn't make sense in it first blush when I thought about it seems like it wouldn't make a difference but from what everybody says it actually makes a difference and the

can of people that pressure sterilize are people who are using me a sterilizing equipment to use for surgery especially care about this sort of thing and so you know any general now and if you look at friends dance like you know how to like yeah right so when it comes up the temperature like the side valve kisses for a while before it shuts off and that's and you know I'm saying that the low side valve and that's inherent in the design such that you get the dry air out of the pressure cooker and all that's left in there is Steam and so that that's why it does that. So you know if you can if you want to be like why the hell did they design it this way why didn't they just seal it and that that's the reason so with these guys they had what's called it a very nice geared pressure sensor on the top of the pressure cooker right one that's far more accurate than the crappy ones that you get in Uno in a standard home pressure cooker but then they also have a weight on them and the way

looks a little bit like around Tinker toy with different size holes drilled in it and depending on which hole you put on top of the vent valve of the pressure canner it puts it in different radius and therefore a different amount of pressure it's going to be pushing up on it and therefore you can adjust the the overt meet like when the steam starts the inventing on it based on the weight that the weight and the circle diameter of that little paper toy so what you do is you leave the Tinker toy off for a little while at a lot of steam come up and then want to see him comes up you put the Tinker Toys and then you adjust the pressure such that the Tinker Toys not venting anymore and you're just using the pressure gauge determine the pressure of the of the stock to it I mean that's how you do it but it's still considered advisable to to let that thing vent and I did a bunch of tests we're like you know I artificially increase the weight of a tinkertoy such that you

you have to keep the weight centered or it's kind of a mess but I already Fishel increase the weight of a tinkertoy when they have to be careful in a professional kitchen is some knucklehead is going to lose that weight they're going to lose it when you are hosed so back when it was living at the French Culinary Institute I literally tied I tied it to the handle of the which is not smart enough provocation because of Health Inspectors going to be like what's this piece of string tied to use not in a surf anymore just to make sure that I wasn't going to lose that little thing because the whole piece of equipment is functionally useless after you use lose that you know what I mean it's just one of those things because you know this was that like that mid-seventies but they used to make giant Tinker Toys out of plastic that you can literally make things you could sit in right so I was fortunate enough to have a set of these giant

two ways I can still like you know if you were to scale am up to mine you know we know adults eyes like the long tinkertoy pipe would be like 4 and 1/2 5 feet long like this you know what I mean I mean when I was I'm sure it was only 2 and 1/2 ft long cuz I was he no like shorter but in any way so hopefully this will this have been helpful I would like you to either call back or tweet over on at cooking issues and let me know how it works out so that I can help you no further Cruise in there in pressure cooking Endeavors awesome thank you so much to thank you

yeah I can hear you pretty okay before was better thousand and then but how to make homemade chicken pot pie Raleigh I like low budget but I don't even have access to a kitchen generally during the week so I'm currently thinking a lot about preparing for the advanced and preparing good food

so what can you recommend and when you're considering something like a chicken pot pie is that best to store in a semi or post cook peace or its constituent sort of pieces like a dough balls and questioned so I've never stored I mean I've had chicken pot pie for us all be cleared Dave you like chicken pot pie an actual chicken pot pie ie one that has a bottom crust and a top crust one that was at 1 time right right in a modern person right if it's okay so like your American right so you've been hung out and you been to school in America

no no I grew up completely in Europe I like people who sounds like an American but they seem from here you crazy are You Serious Pie that alright alright alright in the Stasi therefore likes you because of the whole Swiss thing to listen so like in America a crappy pot pie even though I feel that we are like you know one of the passions of pot Thai nests in the world like there's this terrible idea where they take a hotel pan and they put the pot pie mix into the hotel pan and just put the crust on top so just be sure we're not talking about that kind of second-tier pot pipe okay so the issue with a pot pie and storage once it's baked is just making sure that the crust on the bottom doesn't get kind of overly soggy

so you know late but I shall wish I'd run some more tests I don't buy Frozen like pot pies I admit when I was a kid I had plenty of Pinot Noir Stouffer who made the pot pie Swanson tomato pie I have plenty of those growing up but yeah so what's the best way is probably similar I'm trying to think of what what app I'm trying to figure out whether you should just make the crust and freeze it and then blind bake or whether or not I don't know how thick you could get an actually literally cook the pot pie from Frozen entirely from Frozen let me I'm trying to it might actually not be so bad you don't even like so if you're looking at it I'd have to have to get our friend Nick Dublin to run some console. But I don't know how long it would take the standard pot pie cuz if the group is like I'm a Believer in three pre-cooking the goop out basically the chickens already cooked everything's cook right so then basically

you just need to thaw the goop and then cook the shell you might be able to freeze my build a freeze and entirely raw pot pie and just do it I don't know though anyone on any one of the boards Dave has a cooked a frozen a pot pie and then cooked it think it's possible

I'll let you know how it goes and I'm like when when you like consider like whenever you're preparing meals in advance and I know you have not that much time during the week

like I mean it sounds like an excuse I really honestly don't have access to the Kitchen recipes can you recommend to repair like on a whole weekend cuz I'm happy to cook the whole weekend what do you have what do you have for reheating capabilities

a microwave

but that's about it so I'm like in a pretty dire situation I mean I mean the obvious ones are things like I mean soups like you want something it doesn't degrade right but if you're looking for an idea that isn't just like the standard non non degrading like anything that is a stew or we know this is something like this is kind of like easy and easy call problem with those things is reheating till I can see you're at if you're let's say you're in a dorm room some sort of like an ideal circumstance and you have a quart container of a soup that sucks knowing those out sucks real but the problem is if you take let's say something like soup and freeze it in a ziplock format which is what I tend to do or chill it in Ziploc format Flats like the easiest way to reheat something that is not know a large object like a roast is to spread it

into a ziplock as thin as possible and then freeze them in flat sheets on sheet trays then they become basically thin bricks that fell out extremely quickly and also pretty quickly but the issue is if you want to be careful when you microwave it because if you have oil in your thing it can locally overheat and melt out the Ziploc because Ziploc bags there they're melting temperature is extremely or where they lose their structural Integrity is not a safety issue but it's extremely close to the boiling point of water so it's very easy in a microwave to locally overheat a ziplock bag and have it lose its integrity and that kind of sucks but you can do things like you can do things like I've done this recently where you take the Frozen Ziploc and you score it and then you break the thing into sheets and then put that into the microwave in sheet format and they just melt down into your bowl easy as pie

or if you happen to get ahold of it you know him you know cheap circulator or even sometimes just hot water in out of a tab you can thaw those bags very very quickly and then put them into something to reheat them like a microwave but it really really sucks to reheat quart containers of soup in a microwave I don't know if you've ever tried or stews is horrible giant spinning and then you shove the spoon into the core container to try to get it to and then spins around and spirts up into your freaking out and you think you're like oh it's only going to be five minutes until I got dinner on the table and then like 20 minutes later to like it's a microwave I thought it was quick what's your problem you don't even I hate that hate so you could do you could producer certain pasta sauces and whatnot can also be back. In the same way so that if you have access to let's say like a simple Hot Plate you could boil out your

pasta and then you can have your sauce pre bagged in a proportion pre bag and you can be in hot water as you go and the noodles themselves will do a major bit of reheating on that sauce as long as it isn't dead cold as long as it's not like I like it depends also like if you're doing a sauce that has a huge volume right then you're going to really cool down the pasta quite a bit but as long as you're doing a sauce where it's a relatively small volume if you even if it's just warm deposit it will still be good I noticed a she enjoys cooking some pasta

flushing out of shape our deposit there and then I can have easy access to it like even if I do have access to the kitchen I just beat up that whole cooking process that's a great that's a great tip one more question do I have time for that

I'm fascinated by your spends all and I love the low-temperature tips that you got everything on a Toltec enthusiastic you know what unconventional like budget-friendly tools can you recommend people like me in that the tankers I must not afraid of getting some basic electronics and rights are you are you what are you what are you

okay so all right all right so you should be able to do some stuff is that still like a real baller area of engineering or no

basically mechanical engineering with some extra thermodynamics thermodynamics is probably too cool engineering field I think anyway I mean stuff that people use obvious either the first thing you're going to need you're going to need an immersion circulator eventually you know you might want to tweak out your own version of steam injection or like massive control a huge believer in massive oven control and you can do that you treat are you telling you totally can you know what I mean so eat like a if it's especially easy if it's electric it's not it's not that hard even if it's gas you have to be a little more careful with the kind of

with the safety stuff but I've tricked out Electronics I've tricked out gas you can do lots of cool stuff like you can do you can do on your own steam injection into it you can do your own versions of forced convection on the inside you can do independently heated bottoms and tops you can kind of cool stuff you can do messing with your oven as long as if you own it it's no problem if you don't own it you just have to make it be able to look okay I also always after making this mistake several times I always put a like a human switch in where he was like okay a normal human now can come in and use my oven and then I would put it into my mode where you know everyone's like Mike can I just before the why can't I just use your oven today why does everything have to be so complicated you know what I mean it's like all that kind of complaining so it makes your life a lot easier just have that switch on it like you know normal

I love it that's great

you might know if you I don't really actually find it all that Pleasant myself but other any cool like food combinations that come to your mind with regard to cooking or or mixing with an awesome use for it and enjoy it with never cooked with Tristan mean like Liquor International liquor person but he spent a lot of time here in the US he has a Jennifer company I don't have the stuff just ripping off a tongue but I've never cooked with it we used to use it you know a bit at the bar and the I don't have respect my hex it wasn't my spec but Tristan will our original manager at Booker and Dax he had a drink called balls deep I'm sure the recipes online that is like it's an old-fashioned but it's one of these inverted Tango drink so it's got a boatload of

we also used to do a bull's Jennifer and apricot that's really good mix so you might want to think of apricot and Jennifer with cuz they go together quite well but I don't have and I've used mixed with it on number of occasions I just don't have any specks in my in my head you know what I mean it's the kind of thing where you're working on a project and you're like oh you know what Jennifer be good for that be like once you start like appreciating how long have you been even have your whole life you said you've been there a Switzerland you grow up all right but your half. Are you are you a fan of salty licorice or no

do you like most such thing she's not Jennifer

start the more you use something more the you like it and the more you like it the more you find uses for it so I really born loving most of the things that we end up loving a very few of the things that we use find a couple uses at you like you put a peg on those and then Branch out from there and you'll find more and more that you like the real trick once you like something is finding something that a non lover will like that's the real trick

yeah okay that's that's great news show me a PetSmart Ellen and I'll call in and if I have any more questions or our date we go to commercial real estate commercial

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call Collier on the air


are there this is a Paul raphaelson from underbelly in Brooklyn and I have an idea in response to a question that you filled it in previous podcast what would you rather have first choice

okay so my idea you were you were asking about home friendly ways of Browning proteins after low temperature cooking I just wanted to mention something that I've no idea but I don't care about a lot of people doing it I just mixed together a secret sauce of dextrose and baking soda and just before Browning it enhances the mayard reactions and it can give you a really nice crust in less than half the time but it normally takes a hot pan to do it in

baracutanga leave experimented with baking soda as my reaction I think maybe even some non my some non my are Browning reaction so they obviously like adding a reducing sugar is going to speed my yard and also it will literally caramelize which speeds Browning and you're going to have the more basic environments that's going to enhance brownie so this is a lot of people have done this with

AR test it is in fact there's some I think they were from the Netherlands actually going back to the last caller that used to do this on browned Meats for things like Ragu Sauce or like Bolognese or so something like this to enhance the Browning of the meats especially in situations where it's hard to get good brownie because of excess moisture like when you're doing ground meat in the bottom of a pot there's also you know obviously the steps in the modernist cuisine crew are very Pro a little bit of baking soda in in vaginal pressure cooker to enhance the kind of brown kind of cooked flavors that you get in those environments as well so it's known there I have done some experimenting with meats that way years and years ago but my problem with it is always been so they could very hard to get it sucks that you can't tell that there's been baking soda on the out

and you also have to put or at least we always did they we don't have to eat tell me put some acid on it afterward to neutralize it and you can't get some weird kind of foamy of that but maybe we're just overdoing it on the baking soda Maybe by cutting it with a little bit of sugar also worried if you have sugar on it

any sugary Glaser or soy basing that like you said you have to go with a lower temperature because it's easy to Scorch it such that it it tastes burnt if you had like a marinade like a Teriyaki marinated sling have to be careful that you don't Scorch it in the pan that's easy to do but if you noticed have you noticed any sort of like basic or baking soda any kind of flavor or do you neutralize it with an acid afterwards what I have done with some trial-and-error is really reduce the amount of baking soda in the mix so what I've done for a while is about a 1 to 5 ratio of baking soda to text Rose and then really the only issue is If you sprinkle it on dry if you overdo it a little bit and also doesn't really have much shelf life because it's the glucose pulls moisture out of the air and gets clumpy and then it starts to kind of my car dies at cell

but tell but I just started doing and which which is kind of promising as I make that same mix and I just boil neutral lab refined oil like safflower oil or something doesn't dissolve but it stays separate and if his apart from oxygen and moisture in the air you lightly with the pastry brush and so far they really well in a really nice consistency in the oil on a dislike coach the Russian Ice with me just a little flattered on after you dropped the meat and Bam you did say bad that happened you did that happened

but yeah it is so I'm still experimenting with the oil but I think it's

experimental so like a lot of back in the day

the issue with low temperature cooking right is it you want to put a across store or a Seer ever you want to call it and what you're looking for on the outside of the protein relatively quickly so you don't undo all the good work that you've done with the low-temperature cooking right I mean that's the whole goal so you know one of the issues with crust formation or searing in general is the fact that once you cook something if no longer has good contact with the pan so therefore when your pan searing you tend to put oil on or in your case you can brush oil on and that'll help make up for some of the fact that the meat is no longer raw when your searing it right into this is all good practice but it's also always been the main practice of everyone and I recommended it and always have that you get the pants screaming hot right screaming hot and the idea being that the hotter the pan is the kind of better off you're going to do an experiment that I've done in general when I was using but the thing is I did my experiment

extremely powerful equipment write extremely powerful thick pieces of cast iron extremely powerful I used a French gas-powered crepemaker those things have some serious serious like it's seriously strong so I don't know whether my number is actually correlate as well as I would want to to a normal kind of a home situation my feeling is it that remember that the surface of the meat it only needs to get above the kind of Browning temperatures can we think mentally right what's the fastest way to cook to see off a piece of meat while it's charging the hell out of it in a in a super intense Grill situation which is one kind of flavor or to Pantano deep fundamentally deep fry and I know people don't want to deep fry but you can get such a good crust so quickly deep frying even though the oil is never really going above 360 degrees Fahrenheit maybe you can actually get

a good result in a pan

buy shallow frying pan frying in a small amount of oil without making all of the fire without making all the smoke and so last week I actually did a test in my house where I feared a piece of meat in a pan and I didn't turn my vents on you know I have good vents I didn't turn my vents on to see whether or not my wife could could we complain and all this other stuff so what I did was is rather than heat the pan of the screaming which is what what I normally do I slowly I put oil in the pan cold slowly heated the pan up to deep fryer temperature like 360 right with us asking you look like you're not maybe the whole pan had maybe 1/2 cup or something of oil in it and then once it was at 360 and I had it kind of like settled I let it kind of heat up the entire pan come up to that then I stuck my meat in and then at that point I cranked It Up full so that I would even put the amount of energy into the pan that was required to

how to get the oil back to its high temperature and to try to Brown the meat right then when I pulled it off to flip between sides I let I let it come back up to temperature do I use that I are back up to 360 flip the meat did it again and then did it that way so you weren't when the screaming hot pan your oil never really gets that hot cuz it doesn't really help you to have the oil that hard just gets dangerous and makes a lot of smoke and I was able to actually see her a piece of meat quite well I think in a kitchen virant without event and I could smell the oil a little bit I'm not going to lie but you know I did it without a commercial deep fryer without event and I was able to get decent results but I'll definitely want to check also look at this kind of especially with the oil and the and the glucose is kind of baking soda idea was your second question

I have a pretty pussy stove is because it takes a long time to get it into their really long time for to recover the heat I have a really crappy stove that I have access to like really super garbage still that I have access to that I want to try but I won't be at that stove for another like week and a half so I'm definitely going to try it on a crap your stove what at what I'm really interested in doing and I've been trying to figure out kind of the best way to do it is I want to kind of measure I want to come up with some kind of standard measures that everyone can do for their own equipment in their own stove right so pretty much a ribeye is the size of a ribeye you know more or less in terms of its face face area and you know a porterhouse is roughly porterhouse size me change it a little bit but you know we can kind of guess or you know if the way we can kind of

yes that's what I want to do is I want to try to figure out some Metric some tests you can run that and I'm trying to think like do I want to have someone boil water and you don't have to do if you don't want to but just to kind of figure out not only how many BTUs or because you might not have gas right you might have electric not only like how much heat is being used but how much heat does your oven pan combination really put onto a piece of meat because that's the important point right that's what really matters and so I'm trying to do a pot even your testing up when you're testing like burners the typical test you would do is just put a pot on and you know see how fast I can boil water put a glass lid on it and see how fast I can boil water on one versus the other exact same pot exact same amount of water at the same temperature of the same lid and you can get a very good idea of a kind of how long it takes so that's one measure right but then you can also test your if that boy

you can take the lid off and see over 5 minutes at full bore how much is evaporated off and it's very easy to do the math to figure out okay I boiled off you know X number of grams of water want to come to a boil the heat of fusion I'm sorry the heat of vaporization of water is why and this is how much energy is being dumped into the pan the problem with that is is that you have to I think run it with the pan that you're going to use right and so I'm trying to figure out what a and once I have it I'll say what I do but I'm trying to figure out then you'll know exactly how effective your stove are your stovetop can be at these kind of at these tricks but I want if there's some minimum amount of energy you need to input into the oil to get it up to the temperatures the flash off enough liquid to get a good price on a piece of meat right oh nice haven't figured out those numbers yet but then it just kind of what I'm experimenting with.

day we got to wrap it up and I'm talking about and techniques used invert sugar or a trembling trembling in a solution like this is there a functional difference between starting with the syrup or just using a mix of powder glucose and fructose solution yammy the trampolines that are very it's very high very low liquids right compared to sole Solutions I shouldn't think that there's a difference

yeah just seems like it just seems like a really simple thing and I could not get anyone to could not find any information anywhere about that it seems like I shouldn't be any difference but I don't think it is easy in large batches right when you're doing scaled out stuff in large batches especially if it's written for that they take the water weight into account and so like when you're doing a lots and lots of stuff and you don't want to have to make those Solutions up like having those like giant gallon buckets of trim laying around or whatever they come in you know but they're getting to be more than that you know what I mean to say it can't I like I like having them around when I was at the French culinary but maybe but the question is interesting to me because I use trembling for everything and I don't use fructose or anything so he didn't care

water toys batches of ice cream if he has any how cooking at home and cooking like in a restaurant isn't always the same problem you know I mean yep yep all right well thanks for calling in next week I'm going to get Carlos to your question on sous vide cooking and serious eats and Kenji versus chefsteps I find it very interesting will talk about that next week we'll get to Ron's curing chamber questions and more on mocktails from a k and a host of other other interesting questions I got some ice questions and we'll get to it next time because we had callers remember callers always take preference cooking issues

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