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Episode 283: Milk the Way God Wanted It

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radio network broadcasting every Tuesday 4:45 or 97212 a joint as usual in the studio with Nastassja of the hammer Lopez house the way you were here I was not in New York with my son had to take my son to Dad and I think you know what the problem is is it like you have no catchy nickname

play like I know that nastassia enjoys not speaking into the microphone so that no one can hear what you saying but tell her microphones what what and look it's just like curving away from her throwing the hate down on us. So you know what the sassy that's a wise microphone that is a wise microphone living away from you I know David that's go wow that's a serious like like spitting bubble gum solution and he pulled the microphone out of its socket and then jammed into the socket sideways got to love it that's why I get the big bucks yeah I'm sure. Come on. Unlike someone I known as if I said it

like the Baseline is it would take away from you is one big pile of evil feelings

cuz I because it also deals with somebody else so we can talk about when someone's talking to you and you're really mentally nervous and you're not nervous nervous not the right word but like mentally excited like your brains turning really quickly and the other person is saying something and you in your mind like anticipated everything that that person is going to say and you can't wait for them to stop saying it so you can say something else even if you're listening to them in absorbing and enjoying what they're saying it's like you like want the conversation to be like 3 or 4 minutes ahead because you know what that person you're also in your head like a mouth happening where you're literally like in order to stay focused on what they are saying instead of racing ahead you literally mouth the words that they are saying as they are saying them

and so it's incredibly irritating the people when when you know anyone doubted so like nastase has caught me doing it on several occasions and steps and so she's supposed to punch you right in the face when I do it

read Dad's right anyway so like I want people on and then like I get mad somehow when they say something because she thinks I care about like my voice tag which is about the case which line of words nastase would just sit there with the look on her face and say not one thing that you're just like if he takes too long you like cut them off and you it was you that you were all co-hosting

that is why don't you just like the first one to stassi will take an offhand comment like seriously if this dude out here with a baseball hat is eating a pizza right now came in met us for the first time and make a comment if it was 10 to stassi is liking should bring it up for the next 15 years in defense of some crazy idea she has or the other it's just in case it's just true now she's doing me now

openness sad news but I'm not going to do the sad part of that my Grandpa died over the weekend he was almost 98 he was 97 in Florida yep he was David Eugene Arnold the first the first of the line on the third and last because my wife was like it's got to stop somewhere it's going to stop with you feel like I'm like I'm David Eugene Arnold of the third course my dad's number to but he was 97 almost 98 and sharp sharp up till the end unfortunately I didn't get to see you I just old age using sleep he just died over the past year and so he could get around a lot and said once you're like lying in bed most of the time like he attempted to generate fairly quickly but

I hear the funeral has been I can have to go to Florida but the guy didn't get to see him as much as I'd like in the past 10 years or so but it's one of my share some food stories so upset I like a lot of these on are already but you know in an honored him out I'll say you know say them again the he he grew up in Pennsylvania and so his brother actually work in a pretzel factory during the Depression and it was from like that branch of the family that you know at all Arnold's true Arnold's love pretzels and hate fake pretzels hate like non like a pretzel sticks because they're not pretzel shaved hey pretzels with added fat in them because they taste like crackers they don't taste like pretzels and so like you know from him I've inherited kind of that kind of side love love of pretzels but he also used to tell me stories about how he and his brother who died at like age of like a hundred one

would like during the Depression like a people in the neighborhood would cut open pumpkins and Just For Men thumb and one of my great food regrets is that something like 20 years ago when I went to visit him at once he was making dandelion wine and all these like weird wines that were liking harking back to his Youth and I was too stupid and snooty at the time it was 25 years ago till I can enjoy them and so I was kind of a dick about them if I can only go back in like taste in with an open mind of he's such a better human being I am now should always take into account like The Culinary Heritage of your of your you know of those who come before you anyway couple more things about him so he was a radar designer and during before World War II was working for Westinghouse it was actually I think running or on the design team that designed the famous radar at Pearl Harbor that was ignored by the military as they has the Japanese were coming in to attack so his radar actually saw the wave of of a plane

it was ignored interesting fact we kept on doing radar design over the years and from that I have several food related stories he would tell me about the people in my dad I think it's cuz he did some radar were you know when he was young just like his old man how they would at Thanksgiving in the early warning in the early warning radar stations in a way out up in the boons they would put a turkey at the focus point of the of the pig radar dishes the giant early warning radar dishes and fry and a tribunal microwave turkeys with giant radar dishes he also said that I should think it was our Radars magnetron which is the same thing that runs a microwave oven the Indy velour is that a array seiontec you know the company Raytheon Raytheon check noticed that a candy bar in his pocket with melting when he was getting close to use microwave and that's how he came to the microwave oven as being a kind of good idea anyway so the other story in this is not food-related that related to the microwaves is that

is that the store in this may not be true but that so young soldiers used to fry like this flash fry their nads when they will go out at night as a way of like temporary birth control but that's got to be a possible because who would do that what lunatic would do that what else he he was the one who I wanted to try years and years ago to convince to help me build a microwave and he always refused to help me decide my dad always refused to help me build it would actually going to damage csosa again briefly so in and they they used to use compressed air cannon to Firebirds into windshields this is been covered on MythBusters leaves to Firebirds in two windshields to test the windshields for impact resistance and I forget why MythBusters cared about it but the thing that always intrigued me as I said before on the show is that Grandpa said the teeth

take the birds and cook them afterwards and so I've actually built I have it sitting in Connecticut and once it warms up again I'll never got used for anything so I have a chicken gun if anyone wants to like me to fire stuff out of the chicken gun I'm pretty sure I can do whatever I want with the footage now we can fire stuff out of chicken guns and cook them to see what kind of nice tenderizing effect firing a bird out of a chicken has

wow chicken sound effects so there's that when I was in grad school I built a chicken gun based on a Delta 88 spring at the car for those you don't know what card it didn't work so well compressed air is really the way to go but not least almost every day or not the second last mile he's almost every day he would make himself a drink that he called the Bonnie Prince Charlie which he assured me was a kosher name for the straight guy was actually a rusty nail which is scotch and Drambuie and if you want it if you never had Drambuie Drambuie make sure it's a scotch base with honey they say Heather honey and some spices although in reality what a rusty nail is our is my grandpa called their Bonnie Prince Charlie is essentially a scotch old fashioned so you can look yourself up some honey simple syrup if you don't want to go out and buy the Drambuie and make yourself a scotch old fashioned he had it built on the rocks and you can do that you can store it down if you want a little more dilute the standard recipe for

Rusty Nail restaurant Bonnie Prince Charlie's he called it his 3/4 of Drambuie in an ounce and a half of scotch which is preposterously sweet specially if you're going to drink it as an old-fashioned if you're not going to stir it down so I would shave that Drambuie back or up to scotch or both and last but not least he was the person who said to me in his mid-to-late 90s that if God wanted you to drink skim milk he would have made it come out of the cow that way anyway and so he live to be 200 I always assumed I was wrong you add it to another long list of the things that I'm wrong about you days anyting any food-related anyting food-related no not really

Chattanooga to interesting food-related Stafford maybe if I have time we'll talk about later so person listens on the radio and Evelyn and the UK has introduced me to the idea of this software console which is a physics modeling program so I've been doing some I've been doing some modeling some heat heat modeling on low temperature cooking if you have some time later I can talk about some of my preliminary problems and results because what I really need from the cooking issues it meaning you guys who were listening is trying to write this book maybe I'll talk about an hour really briefly I have to write this book on low temperature cooking now the book is supposed to be specifically low temperature cooking for that's useful in in a in a home right so not like the crazy stuff that you know I was doing back at the French Culinary Institute and not stuff where it's a billion steps to get a result like you know like my motto is typically been massive amount of work for marginal now

Improvement rice ask like that's my motto massive work minimal improvement improvement but minimal compared to the amount of work I put in and so this book has to not be that so that's the mental theory of this book is going to be massive amounts of kind of thinking research thought hemming and hawing at the outset and then to use to make simplified recipes that people can do at home and a lot of a lot of it is what it is I'm going to focus on things like kind of like a party tricks right so like how to cook like your holiday roast or you're like a crown roast of pork things like this that really kind of you know have died out because they kind of suck traditional that roast not but like crown roast of pork because they kind of they're never quite right you ever had once asked you see him and 70s pictures now she take the whole like to imagine like a rack of lamb butt pork butt French doubt and then turned into a tube so it's like a like a a Monarch's crown and then you stuff it

stuffing in the middle and then you'd like roast that sucker up and you serve it and like it's just it's a super ball or 70s I mean previous but like you know I remember from the seventies it was like a thing people did back when a porpoise a little fatty R&B people were okay with things that were just Cookin to oblivion mean for you to have this thing but the problem is is that I used to do the whole fish fry goldfish to the problem with frying a fish whole thing or frying anything that's been cooking anything that's bent is not only that it's large and so you're going to tend to overcook the stuff on the outside or uncooked the stuff on the inside the problem once something is band is that you have very very different kind of thickness of the outside gets overcooked way before the inside does especially if there's like a lack of air circulation on the inside of a say a crown roast or at the bent part of light a whole fish on say if you've been two whole fish into a u shape with the sign that I do a lot so what are the great things about low temperature cooking

is you can pre-cook the whole thing all the way through to a low temperature right and then you can let it cool down and then you can roast it on high heat and you're just looking for the color on the outside and call this like temperature sous-vide for insurance purposes and you can do something like a crown roast really easily and not worried that you're either going to overcook or undercook the middle is great right problem is is that I've been trying to figure out exactly how to tell people to cool it down is similarly even if you're doing like the classic that like every every night low temperature that I do is like steak steak every night but like that's my kind of usual like everyday I'm going to use a circulator meal is like States right so it's takes I always tell people and I've said this before in the air a little bit I tell people to you know cook the steak whatever you going to do 55° then let it cool down actually forced to Circular down to about 50 degrees so that when I sear it it doesn't go to high in temperature now

the problem with this technique in general is that if you're going to if you're going to do it you have to use relatively thick steaks like inch and a quarter inch and a half anything sinner than that and even if you drop the temperature from the say 55 which is what I cook to Celsius you drop it down to let say 50 Celsius you're still going to overcook the center if you if if it's thinner than that so already ate like you're kind of limited because you have to use these thicker meets if you want to do this kind of a technique so I mean in the past I've done techniques for a smaller cuts of meat are you low temp it and actually chill it down keep it in the fridge then bring it out in like flash-fried a couple of times or Panda couple times in the inside comes up the temperature you're the problem with a thick steak if you drop the whole thing down to 5 degrees it's a 250 is that once you sear it yeah you have an overcooked it but the insides a little cool and that you've had him for stopping people do low temperature meats and like one of the issues as it's not warm enough on the on the on the plate right because when you integrate the temperature across the whole

anyway so it turns out there from the classic preparation where you keep the animals head alive and skills alive you wrap it in moist towels and then you fry its body so that its head still alive while its body is cooked which is pretty cool let's let's forget the cruelty I also don't like the texture taste right not only is it not only is aphoristic right not only is a horrific it doesn't even get a good not even like a cultural difference so because like you know there is you know hundreds of millions of people who want their fish like crunchy like that you know what I mean like to trick

it's just a party trick to show like freshness right it's just a party trick to play God yeah it's a party it's a party trick I mean look whatever yes

so she just thinking about that yeah I first saw that when I was a kid on an episode of a show called that's incredible one it was a little bit different they didn't fry it what they did was they filleted it left the body there and then they replace the fillets on the living body of it also is here sitting there in the gills are like that Bob you know what I mean for the fishes like

it turns out that the technically best way to when you're cooking a piece of meat the the rate at which something keeps up is dependent on the temperature Delta okay so the difference in temperature that's why I like you know it takes a long long time for the inside of a meat to get up the last couple of degrees because once the meat sweats that the main body of meat is started heating up you have very small temperature difference between let's say the part of the meat that's in the very center from the part of the meat that it's right next to it and what's the temperature difference is very small the heating the temperature increase rate goes down and down and down so you're the rate at which temperature can increase in a piece of meat is related to the difference in temperature between the Heat your spine and I mean it between the temperature in a region that you're supplying he from and the temperature region you're you're putting heat into so when you push a piece of me

it down only 5 degrees right you're pushing it down and you haven't pushed it down that far then when your searing it you put a very high temperature Delta on to it right you know that the surface of the meats going to get up very quickly to about a hundred degrees C that won't go above it until a crust forms but that piece of meat there's going to be about a hundred degrees C so you're going you've reduced the the inside of them the whole inside of me by 5 degrees but you're applying an X and Xs of 50° temperature Delta to it and that horse is a pretty big temperature Spike through the meat so you have to chill the meat down quite a bit in order to have it not overcook when your searing it so the correct answer is to actually force a large negative temperature Delta into it and put the meat into cold water for a couple of minutes and then put out the cold water and then sear it and then it all averages out the problem is is that it's technically right that sounds like technically more of a pain in the ass if I have to pull out a piece of meat out of a circle

later and then throw it into you know a pot of water in the sink with the cold water tap on it for 3 minutes then pull it out and then to the question I have in my mind is is that if this isn't technically best way to do it and it doesn't require a thermometer measuring everything just requires timing is that too much for people to do at home or is that a reasonable step is that still like something that people be like oh yeah I'll go do that or is that like I'd rather just not do that mean I need some mental advice from people out there over what is considered reasonable steps for people to do on an everyday kind of cook also like you know how do people want to fit a SUNY the people aren't going to go buy a searzall or even if they are like what's the best way like the people have a problem with deep frying

finish the people not want to be brought home two people want a pan their stuff when they're finishing people want to be able to oven finish this stuff I got to figure out what people want to do cuz I have to separate out in my head what I would do from what I think other people want to do and then just provide them with the best protocol for what they want to do that make sense it doesn't anyways to do a lot worse when you told me a little bit better and and also like I have access to like I have access to stuff that most people don't have access to so I'm going to assume that

because I organize my life that way you know like I'm assuming that end in warmer weather months people can finish on a grill so that you know panning because it makes so much smoke is kind of a pain in the butt and also deep frying all those technically Superior I just don't know what people are going to say we got we got a robber in the chat room saying Siri using searzall or in a pan never fried Robert in the chat room across the only issue is frying is if you have once your fry oil becomes even a little bit degraded it leaves a kind of a fry taste on the outside but like nice hyperfresh because it doesn't have good properties but like oil it's in perfect condition has no kind of all flavors to it you deep fry like a rack of lamb like you do a rack of lamb and you deep fry it for about

I don't know a minute-and-a-half 2 minutes of deep fry that rack of lamb and the crust is perfect all the way around so nice but then you have to like if you don't like it then you tell it a paper towel and then you can brush with the no butter or whatever else you want same mistakes like a good steak that's like deep-fried all the way around get the perfect kind of crust all the way around it but if your oil is even a little bit bad it's no no good at all anyways Roberts listing is reasons he says it's messy what do I do with the oil dangerous kids around expensive I'm lazy wife won't go for it threatens Lionel and I think it was peanuts the Christmas special when he's like what you know why should I listen to what you say and she goes I'll give you five reasons and puts up her face and he goes those are good reasons

I don't know what I'm doing and I'll pass I'm going to El Paso pretty soon anytime people want to send me somewhere they like to put me in the middle seat in the back of the airplane on the seat doesn't recline you know that one seat on the airplane it doesn't recline they like me to be in the middle in the back and if they were able to they would always organize it for rough weather flight snake but they always send me through a cell of thunderstorms people hate me like it turns out nastassia want book me on the story before on the Arabic nastassia sent me on Spirit Airlines right when somebody else with pain

with somebody else is paying the like you just booked your flight whatever you want she could have flown me first class on like a real Airline like you don't need it wouldn't matter they wouldn't have blank she spent she sent me Spirit back we like and I sat next to a woman who had a fake service-dog there was like I was like what the hell she's like you to say it's a service dog if they argue you still like all right

died in the dog run and take your dog apps like I was like I was like why am I here why is it exists and the only reason she did with me on that trip which was supposed to we would have had a nice lights we would have had nice flights to Taipei

got that plate because you hate me know that was a real dumb

okay question from Gordon glowingly about squid bass Japanese fish sauce is Shiri some of the issues are you sitting there all Felicia, summer macro based but the one that I happen to like is not just squid that they use the squid bodies is the squid guts in the squid blood and it's a delicious anyway talk about it as Sherry many times on the podcast I've been trying to find a way to buy it and I am stumped Dave is there any way for me to get my hands on this stuff I'm a regular Joe consumer not a restaurant or / business in the US Seattle thanks okay so there is a store in that I have not tasted this one but there's a Japanese fish sauce I don't know what it's made out of his not one that I've tried but it's Japanese style fish so that the Corti Brothers Corti Brothers. Comm they sell it they call it a shorter o s h o t t u r u but I've never tried so I can't really say

I will say that that the company that used to bring in the to my two favorite Japanese fish sauces the one is a theory which is fantastic although I've tried some a series I didn't like as much so you know this particular one I don't even know if they care anymore of they carry one that looks similar to it and the other my other favorite fish sauce is IU Ayu which is a Japanese freshwater fish typically served like you know grilled on skewers to look like it's swimming we had that we went to bed that fish sauce is incredibly delicious it's mutual Trading Company now there's a New York Mutual Trading Company there's they have branches all over the country there's a New York Mutual trading company that has a that has a showroom here in New York I called them and they don't have stock on the IU and they don't have a PO in for it and they're out of a chery now and they're not going to get it back in until April however the

San Angeles, Los Angeles Mutual Trading Company they might have it because I asked woman said that they have entirely different systems and so they might have it in stock I saw that I didn't have a chance to call them cuz I was on my way out and they were just opening as I was leaving the house cuz I'm on New York time there and I'll a time so I will call Los Angeles Mutual trading they have a showroom in Los Angeles so they might be willing to send it to the showroom and then ship it to you from there but just so you know the IU fish sauce which I highly highly highly recommend their stock number on that is 1604 and the ashiri which looks similar to the one that they used to carry but might not be the exact brand I mean I can't read any kanji on it is item number 20340 Mutual trading company but check the LA branch and they might ship it to Seattle out of their Los Angeles showroom anyway

okay to call a question in from um I'm assuming that to um and not um right amazing name what's your name and I'll be awesome sure I find this topic fascinating would like to add my vote haven't speak more on the topic I of course want to hear more about the new bar sayings Booker and Dax is my favorite bar and I felt rejected and alone since it closed thanks for the show um well we're the same place a date with the dang bar figuring out a new place to open a never thought I knew was hard to find a space in New York City in the in the area that I want to buy didn't know kind of how hard it was going to be late it's frustrating that you literally have people who are willing to pay for something and no space to put it into so frustrating you heard of such a pain in the butt

what neighborhood would you go to for a Bar Hell's Kitchen kind of like a college bar you would be right it is except for there's no college students in that area so what it is is reach recent College grads are the Holland I want to know what it's frightening to look into at Holland super frightening but super friendly so we're looking for looking for that ass for collagen I mentioned it briefly and I'm going to mention it in regards to another question that we have a lot of research on muscle

structure texture and taste for the upcoming book and I think I mentioned briefly on the air like a couple weeks ago is that everyone always say is oh The College Inn in me is what makes it tough right you've heard that a million times studs right but you know what kind of think you don't think about it you're thinking more about like connective tissue you can see aren't you most the time says you could get but it's not that at all it's like every muscle has three basic layers of connective tissue they have the silver skin which goes around the whole muscle and that you take off right then they have the connective tissue that goes around each individual muscle fiber right and both of those things are pretty constant the one because you take it off and the other one because like different muscle fibers that you know the the amount of connective tissue around an individual fibers varies but doesn't vary and the croissants and it very but don't

that much as much from muscle to muscle what does vary quite a bit is it is the intermediate kind of connective tissue which is around with called I don't know how to pronounce the perimysium right and so that's the individual bundles what is the protozoan animal and perimysium I got to do that because it's myofibrillar busy is the muscle thing I do with my old like Mario sound like muscle but it's like so perimysium is the connective tissue that goes around the bundles of muscle fibers and so when you cut across a piece of me and you look at it and it looks like little columns you not talking about guys write the grain it's the actual connective tissue that surrounds that the brain that connective tissue that College in is extremely variant between different muscle types right and so you have very weak

9 / you know lower amounts of total paramedics will collagen in let's say a tender piece of meat versus a non tender piece of meat and so it's breaking down that halogen which is a important and so part of what I'm going to be looking at when I'm doing the book is kind of different ways to mitigate the effect perimysium collagen on it and that's why I said before that wow like a lot of people's studies on the effects of salt or marination or various different things take into account some effects like for instance if you're doing studies for marination or salting on chicken breast chicken breast has a very different structure for the you know that the that intramuscular connective tissue then does Chuck meat and so what I want to look at is Ken and I

always been an advocate like I said a couple weeks ago for not salting meat if it's going to be eaten a eating like a steak and be cooked for a long time because of the firm texture but this might all get overridden because most of my tests all of my tests were on relatively tender cuts of me and so what I want to look at is the effect of marination and salt penetration on leaves that have very large amounts of collagen in the perimysium because maybe if you break those down in the larger brain things you can actually have a larger effect on those pieces of me than you would in something that has like a fine or structure of muscle bundles anyway so that's what I'm looking at and collagen right now but I have no results to report back but I better soon or my editor is going to tear my freaking head off I have to finish with all of my research soon so I'm doing these like parallel researches nastassia on one on temperatures and techniques in terms of

with my physics modeling and then on marination solving structure and collagen structure on the other so I'm working on those two kind of things simultaneously but they better in a couple of months and up in a book or I'm hose people who I also have a subject I recently bought a quarter share of grass-fed beef from a local Rancher bar from Harris Ranch grass-fed grass-finished beef flavor the grass fed be so often seems to have vegan face and say oh my God I hate to go off at 10 but I love you enough attention for some reason I was I don't know why I think it was because of something that I saw it on the news this morning your morning Joe is on he started talking about Lennon I don't know why and you say so I went to Wikipedia for a minute I didn't you every couple of years you have to re-up yourself on Knology

used to have so someone's like Glenn and I'm like okay I've forgotten most of the stuff I know about Lennon So I did a quick week Wikipedia on them and for those of you that want to know what it's like I forget her name I can't believe Lennon's wife so Lennon's wife I looked her up and the face that this lady has in every single picture is stassi is standard face when she's looking at you

like it's just per standard not like her facial features but just to look in the mouth and eyes is if you want to know what it's like to have the sauce he is sitting across the table while you're trying to explain something or we are trying to like figure out what's going on in life that's the look that's the look

what's her name is Kaya classic like that's when she's smiling though she has like a pissed-off smile on her face kind of but like like some of the pictures that she has like that's it's like her suppressed vegan face I think anyway so why should we think we might come back and we're cooking issues

Bob's Red Mill whole grain since 1978 to get all three parts the brand The Germ and the endosperm the bread about 14% of the whole grain protein is only about 2.5% of the colonel it's actually has the shortest shelf life the endosperm is the main energy storage unit of the see that's where the growing plant gets its energy before I can start photosynthesizing and making its own it makes a huge portion of the eye 83% and it's the main source its use for white flour when you make white flour you get rid of The Germ and the brand just have the white endosperm left it contains almost all the carbohydrates

teen an iron and some of the other B vitamins as well it's kind of flower is that kind of rough Edge and gives that that's what gives that that kind of color to it also gives you extra fiber that helps you to be regular and you also get the germ which adds the fat and the flavor which we all like from whole grains Bob's Red Mill. Com podcast

this episode is brought to you by immersion circulator for sous-vide by chefsteps and with Jewel music video from chefsteps you can do so much more Smoky Tender Ribs ice cream perfectly every time this week and small enough to fit in your kitchen drawer and inspiration you want when you want it brown chefsteps amazing recipes and helpful guys choose your perfect done this for any meat and get notified when your food is ready sauces are just pour yourself a cocktail and chill until you're ready for a delicious dinner for more information and to order yours now visit joule

stina what a long break of the word wheat germ I think it's okay because it's delicious right spot like normally you would hate it is just okay with it just because we can we trim tab two pancakes muffins and all that stuff remember I keep in the fridge though that stuff does rancid you buy the big you don't buy it I always have it I use it a lot smaller container Jeff over at copperworks sent us to the show a couple weeks back I took it home so you know Nastasia and Dave never got to try it but copperworks makes this thing it's called it's their whiskeys are all American Mall it's like basically I looked him up on it

I look him up on the internet and I think that's the story and hopefully you're correct me if I'm wrong if they actually brew a good tasting beer so not like the Steelers Warriors Steelers beer like a good tasting like malt beverage and then distill that and then agent and so he sent us a bottle of that stuff batch number to that's it was delicious as it was delicious I loved it and my wife loved it and so we were drinking it and then I want to get a bottle for my stepfather because it was his birthday and it turns out that that they don't ship to other ship to New York so I gave I gave my stepfather that the bottle that we had drunk through for like a quarter of and I was like sorry went when you're going to like it but I'm going to buy a bottle because anyone lives around New York can get it right you can you can online order it to ship the New Jersey Connecticut or or Pennsylvania but whatever what's going on

The Waitresses outfit yesterday whatever little hipster copper works at you make a delicious product and not standard American whiskey tasting which is what I like like they're not doing just another Riff on a standard American product mean it's it's good or if a car a few another fake Scotch whatever it's it's good it's not shut up face that let his wife face what's your name

remember the name and the only the only word you can say are like prostitute that's the only and and feminine hygiene products

yes and so back to the question so you remember back before the break Erik Erik with a K by the way I bought a quarter share of grass-fed beef and hasn't off flavor that he's having a tough time getting rid of soap is there any treatment I can apply to the beef to eliminate or reduce that taste I've tried heavily seasoned recipes like chili but still failed to mask the taste I've got a freezer full of beat out here so I'd like to be able to enjoy it can't wait for the spins all Erick okay what I need to know from you to fully answer this question is what muscle cut you have cooked and what what you have so far so the bad news is

the bad news is that game flavors and off flavors in commercially raised Meats so typically they they very animal to animal so a particular animal like might have a much higher score for a flavor or gamey flavor and other animals that are raised in exactly the same way in exactly the same pastures and so it's really hard to kind of know now I also need to know exactly what you mean by gamey right so a lot of people with the associate gamey flavor with is kind of a delivery taste right and that Livery taste is often associated in the literature by the way if you read it which I don't recommend because it's it's all over the place like you know no one seems to agree and is also like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pages on it cuz people care about it but the only answer in terms of choosing Meads is it you can't really know from grass-fed or not whether or not it's going to have a

a gay me what are liver flavor it's just animal is animal to animal animal is the more likely it is to have a liver flavor and all flavor gave gamey flavor certain diets can increase the range but really you're you're kind of in a crapshoot animal animal but the good news maybe for you is that it also depends on the exact muscle you using so flat iron steak which is a muscle in the Chuck portion the Flatiron and truck in general has a higher proportion of muscles that might have that defect but a muscle other muscles in the truck might not have it so you might have just been unlucky and cooked a couple of the muscles friends dance to the Flatiron infraspinatus that I have a higher gaming Livery off flavor than other muscles and the rest of your muscles might be better I've had it happen also I don't think there's been a lot of study on a better note

eye of round of had that happen before I don't know which muscles you have what muscles do you have left which ones you've already cooked so knowledge of which muscles you use my AAA make you feel a little bit better about the muscles you have left I don't know why I don't know whether you're a cook the cook the cheaper ones first we have the fancy ones for later or if you're a cook the fancy ones now so you have the cheaper ones later I just don't know how you're doing now once you too you know you're in a situation where you already have a cow that has an own kind of am assuming it's like Livery gamey flavor although I don't know see the interesting thing about grass-fed animals is at me is that they mean it's in the marbling right and so you're going to have less meat flavor in a less marble piece of meat theoretically right because it has less fat in it it turns out that the fat fat and

what is very very important but it's a lot of the flavor isn't he doesn't have to do with those kind of lipids that you see is marbling rather the lipids that are actually in the cell membranes of the individual cells because those are the two polyunsaturated fatty acids the 10 to give a lot of the flavor characteristics to a particular animal or not right and so the short story is that yes that those characteristic flavors can be different in grass-fed and maybe you don't like those but they're also variant depending on exactly what they were eating so if you can't just make a category categorical statement on grass vs not now as to your actual question which I have not answered yet it how do I get rid of that the short answer is I don't know but I'm wondering and I started looking into it but I haven't able to run any tests and if you have a lot of it I would recommend you know some some basic test out I would think that if these are oxidized

some people seem to think that some of these reactions can be oxidation reactions and so perhaps an antitoxin it might help perhaps you might be able to shift these aromaz by shifting these things to a more acidic environment so actually cooking that or marinating them prior to cooking them in an acidic environment like a lot of game people they recommend vinegar soaks and or buttermilk soaked switch or acidic and so like if if the you know the old wives tales are to take gamey meat and to do an initial like bleach of those Flavors Eatery lot of people do like a quick boil but I think that's mainly to get rid of rotten parts or you know overly developed Parts but like in acids maybe an acid might help so I look into that although I don't really understand the mechanism of it that seems to be what people do over the years to try to mitigate the effects of gaming this

Musashi like you said enough shirt

oh man what I have I have Melissa who has a goat cheese question which I'm interested in but maybe I'll talk about that next time she has a problem with goat cheese is because they they kind of harsh or pallet I don't have a problem. Cheese's I have a problem with other out of this room real quick questions I got to get to to get some say in the matter how hard I try I can't help having your vessel visceral reaction whenever I eat goat cheese no matter the quality or supposed go to cheesiness not only does it taste awful but it blows out my palate for an extended. Of time my question is do you have any idea why this is happening or what would be causing it thanks love the show Melissa from Hamilton Ontario know but I will say this

people sometimes have reactions to specific I mean the fact that matter is is that there are things you know many things fatty acids for instance that are different in goat milk and then another milks relate to you a similar experience and so I come to recognize specific things that affect my palate so aged full-fat cheese is undergo lipid oxidation and some of those lipid oxidation products right affect my palate like in a pretty hardcore way they make you taste buds pop you know me like the hurt and like pop out yes so like a cage full fat cheeses do that to my taste but anyway because they're incredibly delicious but they literally blow out my palate I eat my taste buds pop out and like I'm in pain but I buy it anyway and so like

for me if someone says is this a full-fat cheese and in a cheese or not I can eat it be like that's what that piece I know because I'm in pain so like it's very possible that there is some sort of product in there that you react to and you shouldn't be embarrassed you know what like I hate Melanie don't have to like goat cheese my kids like you're allowed to have like one or two things that you don't like but the problem is is when they don't like everything sounds like you just don't like it I have no I think everyone's problem people not liking things is when they don't like it for mental reasons you know what I mean is when you'd like the Furious something bothers you but doesn't sound like the theory of goat cheese bothers you it sounds like which can you steer clear that what you think

so I have two questions on eggs which I'm not going to get to about like freshness of eggs and then why we refrigerate them versus not and I had a huge rant I was going to go off on to the time for we have even a little bit less bricks and a slushie machine but I'll give you a short I'll give you the short of it now on the way out here to question his slushie machine you want your slushie cocktail if you want to do bar style and not like crappy Daiquiri which are only like 7% alcohol when I'm doing them there between 14 and 15% alcohol 85 grams per liter of sugar and 0.6 Is 0.90% acidity boom boom next time on cooking issues

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