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Episode 282: Omelettes So White

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Pizzeria in Bushwick and cook for free videos recipes tips and tricks visit 72128 join as usual in the studio by Nastassja of the hammer Lopez how you doing started

if you're going to do it you got to do it as part of it you know it's it takes me at least five hundred milliseconds to Gary in to that voice when I come in I'm hacking like at Lake hacking up blood getting off the bike and making yourself feel what you need to feel Henry V for me either

Shaq is far OK in a Heritage radioland have any last minute Valentine's Day issues they need to address call them into 718-497-2128 well I mean I wouldn't take I wouldn't take relationship advice from either of us in the lead up to this guy where we know you guys are pimping out Heritage Radio it's like if you want to get behind the scenes in the restaurant world people you don't want to go behind the scenes in the restaurant world Last Place on Earth you want to be you think does anybody think for a second right I mean like Everyone likes those shows where like you know people go behind the scenes and yell at people and all kinds of things are going wrong but if like you fell

like you were behind the scenes in the restaurant world how many people you think would actually try to get into the business and * 0

oh yeah yeah behind-the-scenes your paycheck is like nothing

cooking good food but they hate but they don't see his like I didn't get the good shift because the manager is a jack wad the manager is sleeping with that other person and they got the good shift can I didn't look at my paycheck that's the size of the restaurant that's the behind the behind the scenes

hey it's good man Saul good or like the hardest thing and like I've never had to deal with it so I did not knowing how much you're going to make that's the weird thing not for Cooks but like for front of house people just have no idea what you're going to be busy night they got to call about crab legs

hey David Brandenburg calling in doing well doing well hope you are a nice couple of clusters of king crab legs obviously pre-cooked Frozen at Sea and I was wondering if you had a preferred method of reheating those beyond the usual steaming or if that's the tried-and-true method for a reason so what kind of damage last time I cooked cuz we used to do a thing we would buy whole king crab live which is intensely awesome it's so good you should do it someday expensive but we steamed we stand it and then we we chill that we sold it still a surrogate chilled I would say look they're already cooked at a very high temperature

right cuz that's how they do it and in fact I happen to after you know many years of playing with it enjoy shellfish if it's going to be cooked I want it overcooked but I want cooked at a fairly high temperature so I would say steaming is good because it's relatively rapid I don't think you're going to do anything to the meat that hasn't already been done to the meat and you're not going to bleach anything in or out because it's relatively fast and have relatively small contact between the cooking medium and the and the environment I mean between a cooking medium and that thing you're cooking so plus like those long skinny things in a pile steam get between them really nice Amy you wouldn't want to go boil them that would be insane you being insane person if you did that to throw all that money into a pot and leave for the flavor out of it you'd be crazy not being crazy persons thing to do you know what I mean

what do you do with it

well I'm going to bust out kitchen shears and kind of pre slice up in the shelves just to make them less than a key at the table right and then just a moment doing with drawn butter what kind of what kind of equipment do you have available to you

I got circulator pressure cooker steam basket looking like a sieve at two years a thing right so when you're cooking

when you're cooking a shellfish you want the cook time to be relatively low right that's selfish to finish some of them I think or enzymatic so for instance we used to do this demo where we would cook shrimp at a very very low temperature for a long time and it would turn to Mush right look paste disgusting now some of that probably enzymatic but some of it might also be that the stuff just gets mushy as it's cooked down because of the way the connective tissue is breaking down or time just getting getting mushy right so like today could be that you what you want and you're not could be it's my feeling that what you want is relatively fast cooking times on it that said I think I've heard other people say that once it's cooked to a high temperature that they can do a hot hold on it for relatively long. Of time at relatively low temperatures without having degradation so like

I would test like what you could do if you had like a long long long time right is throw them in a bin in a bag extra water when I mean and then just throw them into a circulator be at like at like you know 60 which is 140 or somewhere around there and just give it enough time to get out of no idea how long it would take to heat up because you have the air gap you got to heat up and then you got to keep the shells not a big problem but then you got to keep the meat but what I don't know is if hot holding the meat would if it would be great it right over the amount of time it would take for you to heat it up vs. steaming are you going to Steven for what like 5 minutes I mean something like this so like I think that's probably going to do less damage if you had access to let's say it, then right then I would throw it in and I would do a hundred percent humidity at some kind of middle range temperature to to see see what kind of what's going on

I keep it probably under I'll try to keep everything under about 10-15 minutes cuz what I normally shoot for when I'm cooking like a like a lobster when cooking a lobster for instance I want to keep my cup * under about 15 minutes for texture reasons no matter what temperature I'm cooking too but again I don't know whether that is only important during primary cook time or whether it's important during primary or secondary when you listen to people talking about hot holding shellfish most of time people are hot holding shellfish they're not hot holding least I should say when people ask me about it they're not hot holding up pieces of shelters for people like Tails or legs for a king crab and so I think your ability to hot hold something in a sauce is a lot different because your text role expectations are very different for something it's in a sauce vs something that is like a whole muscle or legs might that make sense

did I make some left before in the past where I took the meat out put in the bag with some butter and just let it come up the temperature in like 10 minutes yeah that's fine yeah serving in the Shell right whole bunch of legs

no we're just going to be surf and turf

with some sous vide tenderloin not my favorite but it's my wife's favorite butt.

here's what here's another thing I would say like part of the problem with king crab legs or anything like this is that a lot of the ocelot of the kind of presentation style awesome is the big old leg and some people really enjoy ripping me for instance I really enjoy ripping the meat out of the shell right to like you know like if someone were to take the meat out of a lobster for anything other than a lobster roll I would be kind of pissed because I enjoy reading those things up into tiny pieces and having Shelby add stick on my you know the person next to me is face likes to House of Woodcock Dam

I don't know about your wife but some people would love if someone took the meat out of the shell for them but here's the other problem you're spending all that money on the king crab leg if it's out of the shell it's like me they get to it's always a play between this and that but if it's if it is part of a larger course you also have to think about the time it takes someone to extract the meat they could be doing other things like eating their steak so it's like so I remember once I served a first course of crabs like I think I'll forget it was dungeon answer some like this and everyone spent their entire time breaking open that that all the crap parts and then you don't know what he wanted to eat by the time

how to get the meat out of the crab that you get full just with time you just get you know you just get sick of his time to go to bed before you get full full of crab meat

yeah once upon a time it did take quite a while now days when the crabs are so tiny and all-you-can-eat crabs it's not all-you-can-eat crabs it's when do you go to bed when are they shutting the kitchen down my question where in New York can you get all-you-can-eat crabs because I'm at a loss I can't find it credit card be like keep bringing it until I'm done no no not like that I mean like you pay a flat whatever 30 40 bucks and you get all the crap that you can either used to be a place over in in like Brooklyn On The Water Somewhere that did it but I'm talking about on the Roto Grip Road

hurricane years ago are still but they don't do an all-you-can-eat anyway I don't know what's your what's your follow-up question day she'll be fussy about it you cut the legs all the way in half down reserve the shell heat the meat and replace it pre buttered on to the freaking leg that's Valentine's Day for your baby peanut butter

but that's it have a happy Valentine's Day and the first thing my phone is decided to go into tiny type that's been good band name tiny type

and everytime I come from Ithaca

Mystic how much know you got the heads look like but PC has at least three different models of of unit and I'm not talkin like the ones that are thermally insulated versus not I'm talking about a client's like property versus the other one they hadn't even lower grade 1 years ago that had plastic heads on it were for a consumer only

they all are completely interchangeable so you can stick the head of any unit that easy as ever made for a whipper obviously the the cells are siphons are not interchangeable with the date with the whippers but any model they've made and I've tested models up to about 25 years old are completely one-hundred-percent interchangeable there are differences between the heads some of which are especially on the newer ones I forget when they introduced this but it's probably something in the area of you know 15 years ago or something they have extra safety features in the in the newer heads if you look at the threads

in the head of one of the any recent one that you're likely to get you'll notice that there was call interrupted threads they had a a a line mailed out of them and that's an escape vent such that if you need to open it under pressure which is actually very difficult to do that line before the top disengages top blowing off of the bottom as you unscrew it the they changed the nature of the different series have different gaskets on the inside by the way the gaskets are also to the best of my knowledge 100% interchangeable so you can take the gasket from one and put it into another the actual I think also the screw attachments I think or 100% interchangeable exception being the old plastic a home runs don't have a screw in whipper tip they have a pushing whipper tip so that's not interchangeable but

all the other aspects of it I think are interchangeable the actual valve Parts on the bottom or not I think those are all different from unit to unit everything else pretty much is the threads on the CO2 things are completely interchangeable never had one that's not true

I think that's true I think that's true 180 which is which is why I like they provided for me when I was writing liquid intelligence they provided for me series of pressures in at in different liquids at different temperatures in different bottles at 18 with different numbers of chargers and they literally would not provide me for data that they knew cuz I spoke to their Engineers they dated they knew it was safe on their unit but they wouldn't put it in in case you used a unit that was manufactured by somebody else they didn't have the safety features that there's did that might blow up

so that you literally cannot put into an easy enough of a pressure that it will then it will explode because it will back that before they tell me it'll back vent through the through the CO2 entry point or through the end 20 entry point rather before it explodes II motor failure pin in an easy bottle is that the bottom that's dimpled in right at Leo looks like a champagne bottle on the bottom that will convert to release the pressure that's that secondary like if all hell breaks loose and you created a special lid that screwed it and sealed it tight right then the bottom would invert before it explodes and then they take every once in awhile I forget how many like thousand they make they take and they screw it into a unit and literally explode it they do it two ways they do at hydrostatically which is not very fine

right because whenever you when you're when you're when you feel something with water and then you put water in it to increase the pressure to explode into a hydrostatic test which is how they test gas tanks literally as soon as a thing ruptures because liquids incompressible the pressure goes to zero because the difference in volume between water under 1000 PSI and water under 0 psi is almost nothing the volume difference is almost nothing sucks you know what I mean from a noise standpoint but I seen their rupture test and they don't they're not like pieces of shrapnel everywhere they have a very nice failure mode like opens up along the side and you know doesn't doesn't shatter just opens up a I would say you were a hundred percent safe plus they're completely interchangeable

crackle how much snow you got up there I didn't get to go to Connecticut recently is it was the snow nice probably about a foot and then the rain came into the ruined it on the shoreline people take their dogs out to go to the bathroom in the snow and then he loves you that don't live in a city when the snow melts in the city the dog poop comes out to play like all the dog poop all over the glacial till you get like dog poops everywhere it's the worst speaking of which I feel really bad major my Labrador

today. On a fruit vendors boxes they were unstacking it in the morning

I didn't notice it until it was too I don't know I don't know it's just horrible horrifying horrifying what age am I going to lock

wow mean like the thing is when what am I going to do about it paying for the whole box of fruit okay I'll tell you a story I was once with a guy I was once with a guy right he was drunk out of his mind and we were in a taxi cab

so Taxi Driver starts yelling at me I didn't throw up so I don't know why is yelling and yelling at me and I'm like listen up I'll give you hear a little get out I'll help you clean it whatever I'll be like in like I can't take another person because I have to go get to professionally clean bubble bomb out all this money so I gave him all this money and I cleaned up all the puke out of the back and literally I'm like trying to get my friend like standing again I look over as soon as he pulls away throws on his freaking dumb and pick someone else up with in my vision within my freaking Vision so I'm not about to pay anyone for the fruit is the box but just a little bit

in truth a little bit of pee on the box is much less disgusting than what you see everyday which they actually spill their product on the ground right cuz pee theoretically sterile but I read still terrifying it's hard to find another call or did you ever get the mint green green green but not you it's not freeze dry but it's like similar to freeze dried I'm wondering whether if you use like this which I can't talk about her process but if if you have like something like that or maybe freeze dried mint pulverise of the enzymes have been wiped out by dehydration whether you can get a really serious mint flavor that way I don't know you ever tried freeze ride

no I haven't but I think about it my favorite bars in DC has an entirely hand-cut ice program so they only shake with one giant hand cut block of ice and they get foam on their cocktails likes imagine just like a regular sour look at me or something

just from the way they shake and I-30 Zhang and like no matter what I do using your cubes using big ice cubes myself I can't get that I don't what size Ice Cube you using

about 2 to 2 and cues made slightly smaller than I would have Makin Makin it would have made it if I could guarantee what Shaker you were using the cocktail cube is made such that it will also shake effectively inside of a 16oz pint glass whereas if I knew you were going to use just like you know

standard 10 Shaker set then I would have made it bigger so that's probably some of it also like those ice cubes the one advantage that ice does have over the one that's pre-made is that it will kind of beat itself into the shape of your Shaker as it's shaking you know what I mean and so it'll it'll kind of optimize itself to the Shaker as it's being used so there might be some kind of Advantage there also and all their friends when I go there

how tall do not call it off because we had a bartender Booker and Dax Michael Smalley who has like super long arms and I swear to God that guys shaking drinks texture are like I mean better than I could do that's for sure you don't I mean like we were using the same my same everything and I'm big fan of saying that not to worry and that we can all get good results which is basically true but man his freaking shaking drinks just because his is your friend maybe he's not too tall to see a monkey arms no not really mean like he's like Shake is like somehow I know what you would never investigate investigated speed of shape but I've never investigated throw length does he have an extraordinary long throat

weird like a circular back and forth thing I guess in all of that and I've never obviously found a difference in temperature of the drink and therefore in dilution but that we did based on texture other than ice floating on the surface of years ago though and we were we were using mainly bartenders who were all within a relatively narrow range of styles using the same with big eyes and see whether or not shaking style can influence the texture of the drink when using big ice and you know what it might be possible because you know

yeah me one of the things I'm wondering is that when I shake with big eyes I'm using regular you know ice mold I switch is not perfectly clear and has no air bubbles and and protections of stuff in it where is there a Carbondale cubes out of giant clear blocks I'm wondering if the ice itself makes a difference where were you know the character of the I Survived those of the shape the thing about the like frozen Shake eyes is it is true that I'll sometimes especially let's say you have hard water and or lot of bad gas and the ice is super cloudy right so it's not just a situation where you have a modestly clear cube with that like white ball of garbage in the middle of it those cubes 10 to rupture when you're shaking with them then you're not getting the

activate anyway right because it's it's basically a physical effect shatter but I have to say our shake ice doesn't shatter either now we are New York City water is pretty is pretty relatively you know soft and inclusion free and if we if we were you know Nan are dumb saying if I was noticing a bunch of shattered shape cubes I would be I would change what we did because they want as soon as it shatters into into pieces if no longer serving its function as a texturizer but now interested in whether I don't have that we get the new bar up and running I'll run some tests and maybe you can run some tests and come come back to me different Shake Styles when using big eyes for that the test I've never run line

yeah me one of the things that my friend has said is that

I sort of kills the phone so he says he just takes is one Cube and he sticks it in a way to not break up with you and then likes trains it as soon as possible he doesn't want to shake her sit around before that's definitely true but the same is true of like you shouldn't let it sit around in the glass before you drink it through the cracks and there was like a huge amount of foam in the 10 and I poured it out through cocktail Kingdom kuriakose trainer thrown into the gloss I'm almost immediately

I don't know why would that happen in a daiquiri to hold phone you know what I mean like there's just not much there different

share apps with stuff in it to hold hold the phone better like gum cigarettes and things like this for that I've never had good luck with that mean like but let you know the that's not to say that other people with anything in life right test what your test and if you don't find a lot of if that tree of inquiry is not bearing fruit you tend to just drop it and there could be you know it could be that if you just stuck with it or change your parameters a little bit you get some kind of golden recipe so I'm totally

cooking something that's awesome so don't believe I believe it I don't believe that I understand the ice being kind of a phone killer situation a little Little Melton kind of pill if I don't quite understand. I believe the results people get and then the trick is analyzing how they got the results and what the actual reason is right so what you know is that your buddy gets Superior results large hand cut ice so then the question is okay if you were to load to Shakers with different ice loads like one regular shake ice and one ice the same size as a shake eyes and a half

do they come out and then if if that's the case then it's something having to do either with his shaking or his pouring procedure or one of those to you know what I mean sure sure you find out because he's running and service it makes sense to kind of reevaluate fresh all of your precepts you know what I mean and then that's how that's how you learn by just constantly reevaluate yourself and just who has the time when you're actually in service you would never have the time to rise up

well you can buy you know you can buy it from Ice karting places and then you have the added fun of being able to break down a block so I do not work for some reason the guy sound like they were all like hemming and hawing about it but I wanted to get one of those two hundred pound ice blocks in not for service just you know as a fun thing for the bartender's to do to kind of break it down but we know we never we never did lend you some cubes in the freezer so yeah I'm sure that like or you could just go there like you know if you're friends with them go their like before service sometime and like run a you know run a test with him you know something like that again

yeah it means I'm going to send you a picture of it looks like Michael smolian and have Michael go go to town on you guys will see if it gets wet shake and drink right back to cooking issues

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renewed and we are back time to do a little more business we don't have an announcement this week for the spins all the countries created by food lovers and cooking issues fans just like you Jenny Chris and a modernist Pantry family share your passion for experimentation and have everything you need to make Larry magic happen in your own kitchen professional chef home cooked food enthusiasts no matter your skill or experience modernist Pantry has something for you they make it easy to get the ingredients and tools you need and can't find anywhere else so that you can spend less time hunting and Gathering and more time creating memorable dishes and culinary experiences the Kooks seek

weapon be sure to check out their new kitchen Alchemy blog at blob. Modernist Pantry. Com for free recipes tips and tricks and don't forget to follow modernist Pantry on social media to keep up with what is new and exciting and the world of culinary ingredients and tools I think I just called you a culinary tools does nice sick burn time anyone has any relatively like that can be taking the pejorative that's like Dad they just called you that now so we had an issue so the we're using a kind of a kind of a fake crowdfunding thing for the spins all called a shrine Asia

girls drinking coffee with MCT oil cashew and cacao and it says it's paleo what's MCT paleo the definition of paleo right right what else CML MCT I don't know what that is so unless you were like my real name is not Grant nothing that is so that would have been able to make coffee back then you can go I think there are wild coffee species that you kind of do that to I doubt that they're using that you know what I mean like so that you would have to go where to get the cashews

and then back cashews where are cashews from I think that they're there Asian aren't they aren't they like or like that paleo person like getting the cash you out of the cashew apple irritating to your skin mean like it doesn't it doesn't seem very likely cashews originated in Brazil so yeah so not possible just not not possible paleo guy in like the Highlands

find like some high altitude coffee Bush right takes the coffee beans cherries off and then you're the story of call these goats write the story is is that they at these coffee cherries fell into the fire and got boint and the goats ate it and then the goats went crazy because of all the caffeine and call they realized it's all hyped up and that's how he figured this was the stairs not right somehow they floated all the way down somehow like I don't know how they made it out into the open ocean right and then around and then they made it all the way

to South America and luckily there paleo pocket still had coffee coffee in them that they then roasted and it's incredibly like irritated my skin if I ripped it seat out of it I can turn that into an edible he's in luck not paleo understand what that means. The garbage thing of stuff I don't understand it I understand it's a funny thing that we use try Naysha like as soon as you stop at the campaign it's like okay we're charging everybody now even though we had told everyone that we weren't charging them so that's why I gave everyone a pre-authorization

until we give the next update and it's going to be hopefully soon we're working with we're working with the factory now to get some updates right okay back to some questions now this is fascinated with the concept of anyone anywhere being referred to as the hammer and asked multiple times a day how he could become I have or any insight you could provide would be to his Delight I'm sure it's like again I told people this many times but life in the Stasi that you get here on the cooking issues Radio podcast you won't let me be the Anasazi I am in real life what do you mean

well it's like you asked and then you are like no don't do that

I guess it's kind of like but like to really know what she's like you have to see how she treats me off air or anyone really like for instance like it could be that she's just like like Nastasia and I can appreciate this about you like you like to kick people when they're down you know what I mean I mean like if you take it so do you know that's where we that's that's the one thing that's the one thing

it's like like this is beyond if you don't dish it if you can't take it she's like if you can't take it on my face Life's too short and dishing it out is so enjoyable that if you can't take it you're just weak like I would never want to live in like an eggshell world where you had to like you know but just like to enjoy it to the point where you're getting visibly agitated not because you can't take it because she's literally feeling time that you could be using to solve a problem with endless queries about how your problems not feeling well present the worst place for Nastassja it's to be is in the cockpit of an airplane with a problem

Fiona mean because you're losing altitude you're losing altitude is going down freaking out that you wouldn't be too interested in messing with the pilots till I feel like worry about actually dying Star Wars going off when we say the same for you when you were grilling her about why she doesn't care about coffee special one for a bit like that I mean like that's like the reason is because also what I know about Nastassja is that she just saying it to be ordered by people who say they like egg white omelets does anybody on earth like an egg white omelet

is a poorly made meringue without sugar it's just like it's gross you know what I mean it just nasty nobody likes it they think they like it it's like my sister with her freaking 1% milk does anybody like that garbage now it's disgusting and what I hate is people who convinced themselves that they like this garbage and and it's really for like wrong health reasons like let's say let's say you literally can't have something anymore because you're allergic to it or I'll kill you right till like if I said I don't like cherries because I can't have my allergic to Thor then I would be like okay the guy is just trying to deal with a problem he has right the guy is just trying to take his sour grapes and turn them into sweet Linens you know what I'm saying

I would excuse that kind of behavior because there's no way that the way your life is yes as usual but in situations like with the 1% milk where what you're doing isn't helping you at all or making a real difference I just can't tolerate people saying that they actually like it just say that you're following it for some crazy Health reason or some sort of like belief you have some mystical belief that they are going to change your life either had on the other side of it just give people what they freaking want like being high feel like

I'll give you an example you know how I like when you cook something for somebody

can we have this discussion before what is your least favorite thing when you cook for someone that they do to you to the food that you've made them assemble and disassemble it like a hamburger and enjoy it the way they want to enjoy it will take my son Booker as I said you don't have some issues with like food but like he has his like think so dry and if you could just have him try to stop at the way you want it you know will be better but you can't force people to do that my ex and chicken for dinner when they because you said shut up. I said to you I said to you but you don't know what it's like to cook for someone is extremely picky but like the

it's a hard as a cook it's very hard to ride the line between what you want people to like and what they actually like you should usually just give people what they want if they want an egg white omelette egg white omelette you know what I mean and then like go in the back room and just punch something I mean like get a get a punching bag drink an extra couple glasses of wine that's a solution there is a solution I'll give you an exact Give an example I'm not going to say who it is but there's someone I've known a long time and they're well-known in the food world at a certain point in college worked at a froyo joint right and all the sorority

people would come in and they would order the fat-free granola to be a topping on their fat free fro-yo right now if you would serve them. Granola they would not have liked it because it's full fat let me give you another hint here there's no such thing as no fat granola so what does person used to do was keep the regular which is basically a method to take oats and have them carry fat for you to put the full and they are eating fats and she was saying is if you told them they had full fat granola to be like can we can I don't like it's too greasy can you get me the granola you used to have she's like it's the same serve somebody something and lie about it

is there any better in this I'm trying to be on a diet and like no she I can't lie to People by food two times have like one I'm sitting there grinding pepper on to the steak and are you putting pepper on that steak I said no because any other was a time that Dax was like I don't want french toast I hate French toast I was like try my Lithuanian toast he was very young and he loved it and like a couple years later he was like he was like

that was the same as French toast wedding at a time like yes that's it was so anyway you know just be be more Nastassja like I guess which is raw tuna 1/4 teaspoon salt pack in 1/2 pint jars as a pressure for an hour and 40 minutes that's a hundred minutes right now dried flavorless every other year so we'll haul ourselves out to the Oregon coast and pick up a couple whole tuna it's like a completely different product all together

I've had the fortune to taste some of the higher-end Spanish and Russian 10 stud my approach to eventually aging some of these out as I've heard this is relatively common for Spanish producers to do so I may be misinformed on this I'm only able to really find basic tame recipes for canning from my local Extension Office targets and probably be trout mussels and clams razors long necks and cockles are easiest to get for us the whole family retains appropriate licenses to get them so his little buddies are easy and basically free to give thanks for the insight and guidance Matt I'm actually done my own

can I have the really like canned fish of all types including I like canned octopus I like can mussels I like and oysters I can't tuna and mackerel

but I have had aged up Harold McGee brought us once aged sardines I think he had also some aged spam and he might have had some tuna remember that somebody got sick Piper who used to work for as claimed he got sick but who knows you last Saw but we had them up to I think was it was it 5 or 10 years old at McGee brought it was something pretty old like that and it was good I mean like actually the the sardines I think there's so much variance because we had both Spanish and French producers I think the variance between the different sardines was almost as high as the various on Aging so it's kind of hard to check out also lucky Peach get something on Aging but relative to getting freaky with it here's the issue the canning recipes are based on the amount of time

and temperature it takes to get the fish up to a point where spores are killed because tuna is considered full is low-acid food right so what they're trying to do is kill

specifically botulism now the time and temperature is that you're using for canning of those things kill all of the pathogenic spores but I think for things like clam you might even asked me to go higher longer to kill anything that might possibly growing it right which is why I occasionally you'll get cans that'll that'll blow even though you've even though you're cooking like that I don't know that for a fact but I read somewhere that clams in order to be 100% completely sterile against everything ever that you're going to do need to go a little higher in temperature and but I'm not sure it's a no I've never gone freaking you might be able to really want to do

lower temp what I would do is this first

I would not I would try to do a lower time temp and see whether it really makes a difference don't try to preserve it just keep it in the fridge for like a week but I go back go back for a minute to start fresh what you want to do is you want to attempt to cook the fish for a you can't cook it for a lower at a lower temperature too much because you need to kill the spores. Right that's why you're trying to make it shelf-stable what you can do is you can see whether or not cooking it at an intermediate temperature even makes a difference right so like I eat let's say you did just regular boiling water canning and you did it for you know you know a hundred and ten hundred and ten hundred minutes whatever it is and then you put it into your fridge you let it Age 4

I know you let it like mellow out for like a week we can have it's going to be fine right then you pull it out and you taste it what is that taste like compared to Fresh canned properly tuna is it better is it worse it might that might be actually worse those higher temperatures right once you over cook the tuna the higher temperatures might actually re soften the meat a little bit and increase the kind of meaty kind of flavors you get out of it so you might find that those lower temperature can fish might actually be not as good so I would run that test just to kind of see what's going on whether you prefer like what do you prefer it straight out of the gate now if you if you do in fact prefer a lower temperature let's say like a boiling water can wear the seal in a can is just under boil water then you can start looking into things like

adding nitrites to it to kill the kill the botulism such that botulism can't grow and then you wouldn't be killing other spore-forming things necessarily but you might make it bacteriostatic such that you could age it with a lower temperature lower temperature canning procedure but I would run some tests for us to see whether or not it even makes sense that makes sense I question on what was it was on aging from Ritz was it about here and said by the way what's the address to send your questions into and Lopez and Lopez. Com

spirits and so what they do is his people have used a ultrasound to basically they flow lick liquor over wood chips and then they can alter the temperature and are rated and they hit it with the ultrasound as a way to speed agent and the question is what do I think about that and what I think is this it might be possible to get a good tasting liquor this way in other words you might be able to get a result that you like but I never think that accelerated aging or accelerated anything is a substitute for the slow very rarely like it is is the substitute the same thing so I think everyone in the world should just stop what they're doing stop focusing on is is rapid rapid infusion and long-term infusion is rapid aging slow aging are they the same they're never going to be the same it's never ever ever going to be the same the question is there different

are they both useful can they both make delicious products and then if they can use the technique that you want to get the result that you want next week and I talked about connective tissue cuz I wrote back about a connective tissue and an equivalent in the UK is working may be honest with some some heat transfer stuff so we might have more fun low temperature meat to talk about next week

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