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Episode 281: The Day After Tomorrow

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Pizzeria on the Air Jordan at work every Tuesday 4:45 in Bushwick Road is closed hey last night he said they were mopping up a murder scene this morning when I came in. David the booze how you guys doing so what the hell man who I respect no offense you guys here because you're not here to be offended but like the freaking guys at like no mad at me MP3 they will burn their freaking 4-star restaurant to the freaking ground be swimming in the in like pools of their own liquor in vomit

they will somehow manage to like pressure wash the nastiness off of their bodies and show up and deliver impeccable service and next day this place

no thanks hey look I like you guys I like you guys I'm just saying but intends to offend there's like sticky on your shoes there's a wine bottle in the entry Harry set up

Matthew question so the porter has covered himself like Batman in a in like some sort of Cape of a recycled bag said he's not showered with the disgusting stuff that he has to like Wade through now he literally has a Batman cape on plastic trash bag as a car makes me so sad piece least there's a disco ball here I might steal that I love disco balls Tyler I took a mirror and cut it with glass cutters included to a Styrofoam ball found my child is in college found my childhood Erector Set motor glued like two by fours together had a bat

back in the day we used to have you some power supplies on a computer so they wouldn't go down strap one of those to my back with a strobe light and like a blender and would walk around playing like disco music with a strobe light in a disco ball over my head I like disco balls who doesn't like the party was the party we had a gig one night and I brought it to the gay guy actually played with a disco ball over my head cuz we're playing in some crappy bar called Poco Loco and walk the guy who made some inappropriate like hand touching of the guitarist girlfriend anyway that the size of point I lost a disco ball that night with Dave case you did not know this kind of grunge Punk

Funk Funk that we were that part of that we were at the same time as your mother's milk was the last album that I liked so everyone that knows a chili pepper not like I was an uplift mofo party plan kind of a fellow and a huge Fishbone fan I was a giant Fishbone fan like so like I started understand nothing doing anything but like that in that era like I was listening to the California stuff I was like Chili Peppers fishbone Beverly stuff as soon as Anthony Kiedis started doing ballads I was like you know what I mean and then what else I don't know I used to listen to

think of that style that's what I listen to I + I listened all the actual old stuff and you know we like Jane's Addiction a lot of people to listen to Jane's Addiction nothing's shocking tickets. We are and you know my partner went to the community board and they're not number is it was on Avenue A three before as much as I love it it's incredibly unpleasant for a large number of reasons which is like starting a business in New York City the reason they say if you can make it here you can make it anywhere it's not the customers

surely if you can jump through the freaking poops to do what you need to do here then you can basically do that anywhere because the city is designed to stop you from doing anything whether that is like you know it's the stop you from liking able to build anything because you literally can't get anywhere to do anything or like before like when you when you go in the suburbs and you buy something you can leave it in your car for like at least like 5-10 minutes is 35 tons of crap that I need to actually do or build something that which is why I hear do your people hire people to do the simplest freaking things because everything here is impossible to starting starting a bar which one of the reasons I like it like I like things I like self-punishment right which one reasons I like you know kind of like New York but I mean starting a bar in New York first of all if you want to get a liquor license in the city right

if you don't if you don't want to apply fresh what's that I wanted to be on Avenue A with by the way I do here's the thing that you need to take somebody's liquor license who still operational you need to take them on as a twenty 27% partner for 2 years otherwise it's basically a new application now they might Grant a new application to a place that already had an application fee never know they might not know what I'm saying so you you're taking someone in for this this two years you know if you try to get a new liquor license they're like no other like beer and wine only right and choose their think it's this neighborhood already saturated they don't want the bars and what the hell do you think you're doing listen I'm probably 40 6 in March I remember what the East Village with Alphabet City was like in the 80s it was a stinking hellhole all right now what is it these people want to go back to like what is it is it for like five year.

like between when the heroin addicts left the park and when all of a sudden like all of the NYU students and people started coming into bars is it that five-year. They're jonesing for a mid-90s regularly or is it or is it that like these old geezers who are on this think what they really want is they wanted to live in their leather pants and grunge and punk life back when it when I was at the school back then and now they just want to live in mellow senescence for the rest of their life with nothing else happening need to beware other bars are and they don't get that right so they're literally if you want to listen to the needs to be like what they say not a saturation of places around so you can be in the neighborhood that doesn't have a zillion other restaurants around you because if I'm going to go

one place for lunch or dinner one place and then I'm probably going to go either to another part or do something else a bar on the other hand right either you want to be near a bunch of restaurants are people will go to you right before they go to dinner or right after they go to dinner at the second thing to do or you want to be where there's a bunch of other bars around because a huge chunk of your population is going from one bar having a couple of drinks and then going to another bar and having a couple of drinks they don't want to spend all night with you and Sobo and also if there's another bar near you and are full you can send them back and forth to a different bar soap bars especially cocktail bars they all want to be together local hellhole bars like my favorite hell hole bar is the Holland Barber haven't been in years but I was a regular at that bar something your Port Authority which is the nastiest the nastiest kind of place I've ever lived

you show up at like 5:30 you start you go out to get a slice of pizza and you come back and you close them down that's the kind of bar it is and so they don't care right neck that they don't care and he's Community boards that you know you're not you're not like doing a club bass thing where a bunch of like you know underage kids are going to come to party all night you take into account they can still give you the freaking license and somebody get this a restaurant beer and wine license is in the East Village New York beer and wine license only with marinara never the possibility of liquor right now you can get along with a beer and wine license at a restaurant along with guess what 10 p.m. Max on the service 10 p.m. X on the service what is this are we are like what is this San Jose listen you need a certain stuff in that neighborhood people are out

ridiculous so anti freaking business that's really takes me the heck off heard you I heard you start to drop an F-bomb I already don't get sidetracked it I want you people to know something today's program please a sadist because I used it back in the day. Listen to the end and by the way they are against oh by the way to the people who we will come back

oh my God Sunday Sunday Sunday amazing Yonkers Raceway to listen

set that has enough of the anchor with with the table does not take you off like that's crazy right have gone in and for whatever reason they've gotten investors they put all of their own freaking money plus all of their own freaking time into trying to trust people think that like restaurant or somehow these fat especially here in New York it's like a lot of crooks who wanted to find me their own restaurant a scrape together everything they have they call and they get an investor who basically at this point I'm right because they put a chunk of money in effort to try and open a place and they think they can get it done with a beer and maybe it wasn't meant to succeed anyway but restaurants are so hard anyway there any sort of crap you stack on top of it makes it that much harder it's by the way that's great in the background is like bodies being screwed around on the floor

the bird is outside I'm not providing me sound effects does a real actual sound effects the only yeah it's like you know we're going to come in here after after the show with luminol to see what kind of what's going on I'm sure people have done if people have done fake infrared camera app by the way the new book I'm using an infrared camera trying to figure stuff out and doing a lot of fun stuff in the new book we'll talk about that later if you have time by the way if you have a cooking question you're around related question how hard it is to start a restaurant and liquor licenses and Community boards wish that we didn't get that space used to be years ago it would be easier

but I know we looked into it prior to that and it wasn't that onuris at that point you know that the community boards have really tighten down a lot a lot depends on every Terraria blocks has a Block Association and if that Block Association is a really squeaky squeaky wheel they all that though you're the hoes at another very strong community board is they'll just phoning complaint after complaint after complaint after complaints and actually for a while and then they showing front of the SLA which is the Liquor Board and they'll try to get your liquor license places in this neighborhood because I'm at East Village again basically perfect for like bars

is no one else wants to but there's no way to rent it what you going to do we need to weigh to do open another Juice Shop don't you shop licenses to saturated

never thought I'd be like the hyper pro-business guy but do you know where the hyper anti-regulation guy keeping our neighborhood nice I'm not trying to say these people don't have a right to try to like look out for their neighborhood I'm just saying they are blunt-force instruments mentally they don't they're not thinking it should I move into what do you think of these Village I'd say there's a lot of bars you know what it is

did you see do you see Nancy Pelosi's Town Hall like a huge chunk of them in quotes don't believe in capitalism even meet I don't know what the hell she here but shouldn't you like renounce it but how do you not believe in capitalism over your Twitter account how does that work more bodies that was a crazy here okay

question in I have a question on thermodynamics and this is from Simon still in Charleston South Carolina you know I still not been to Charleston how crazy is no actually we have such a reason to go. Maybe I don't know how come I'm sure I can I'm sure I kick it soon maybe your friends of modernist Pantry can get you are so freaking cheap we're so cheap they like in literally unless someone calls are behind we never go a pretty cheap if I have money on it

person background info buttery sugar prep on the ramekins stored in the fridge until fired when I go into an averagely crappy tabletop convection oven I like averagely crappy that's that's my new life's motto that's more like a life more like a life strategy averagely crappy it's likely cuz you know why it's so awesome because the assumption is that everything is crap right so you start base line of crap so it's not like average goodness it's average crappiness it's a it's like it's like I told you my favorite thing about the German language can be encapsulated in the side-by-side translation I saw once where the English said works great and the German said does not cause problems and say

it's like you always measure in degrees of emptiness you seem like you know how how empty is it which is a good what year Millennial Friends real Millennial to come on the show and explain this crap would run the stuff your sister

repeat that the majority of the time is spent bringing the Ramekin from the fridge temperature up to the cooking temperature instead if you were to put the battery into a silicone mold same size shape and then simply to fire simply put the puck in a room temp Ramekin reduce the cooking time do this hold water or is there a better way someone said that it would just turn into a molten cake that this is a crazy idea that wouldn't rise excetera thank you Simon still well from Charleston South Carolina well work fine but if you're talking about like a fridge temperature Ramekin right so you're talking about let's call it 4 degrees Celsius

arise from 4 degrees C up to a room-temperature Ramekin of like 23° Celsius it needs to it's going to rise over the baked I'm up to like a hundred roughly a hundred degrees Celsius and if you get some dehydration of the way around the edges and it's brown and which it is so if the souffle edges are Browning at all that it's getting above a hundred but let's just call it a hundred which is the boiling point of water Celsius so what you're saying is is that you're worried about that first 20 degree or 22 degree rise in or not even probably 20 degree rise in in temperature when you're looking a from fridge temperature at an overall 94 degree temperature rise so I would say

that in the baking time that takes your souffle to to go through I don't know how much of a jump you're going to get on on the cooking by having the Ramekin being

room-temperature maybe some I don't know but it's a it's an interesting question I mean it's something that like you know you can you can probably study with a thermocouple you know just take it if I wasn't working so hard on like reading thousands of pages of incredibly boring meat science books and text you people would not believe how boring and contradictory meat science documents and books are like nachos boring contradictory and actually measure in the two cases kind of what's Happening Now on the other side would have Frozen souffle work I don't know that is standard souffle recipe would work as a frozen situation cuz I've never tried it but I know there are people the Cuisine Solutions guys friends dance developed a tubular souffles

also develop some tubular souffles so what they do is they literally now they're hydrocolloid base but what they do is is there freezing there freezing Souffle in silicone but actually in Long logs and cylinders freezing them solid and then slicing them into pots and dropping them into ramekins and cooking them off and they're working fine working right now again I know what what needs to happen there is everything needs to First melt and and then rise before the outside sex too much but so I know that it can I don't know that it would work with a classic souffle recipe but I do know that it can work to have a frozen to play but I'll try to look into it over the next week or so I don't know if I can have time for this kind of stuff with several days in advance to do some work and to call the people that know that have worked on these systems

how much are going to win was they got that basically have these incredibly dense store Vlogs of souffle that they could ship across the country chop them into discs and any monkey could then have a good souffle at there at therapy no point of service at the restaurant and so that was a huge win for them but I don't know I don't answer is I the answer is I don't know that I'm so sorry not very good not a very good help today right side play ramekins the souffle was pretty popular in the 70s and 80s so when you went to a high-class they would show up and they would ask you at the beginning of the freaking mail

the baller party this is a baller serious-minded will The Sinner Be Heaven 6th May because they're going to do this preparation they're going to get their freaking Michigan teen something 20 minutes to cook it whatever and then this is the four people have figured out how to like par cook and then finish cook their see all these like stuff that people can do so they

TSO like in the end they would ask you and then invariably this is why people to upsell your dessert invariably be like do I want to work that hard bring it bring it to the table and they would stick the two spoons Intuit bus that sucker open and then pour the sauce in which is a ball it's baller nice awesome souffle that is like really good where it's like steel creamy but not going to be on the inside and like has that nice fluffy thing it's risen high and you can see the steam when they bust that sucker open that is a baller dining moment but I feel it's falling by the wayside doesn't really fit into this structure of most you know kind of hip restaurants you know I don't know whether it's to stay door or whatever but I haven't I haven't been asked that in years I haven't been asked that we have you seen my recently

get it was a good day with orange flavors chocolate flavors contrasting sauce depending on which way you're going these are all good but like passionfruit I love passion but one of the things I don't like I said it's a million times about the way we in America we think a passion for his being nothing and like the basically all of the passiflora species all have radically radically different flavors they all share that like weird acidity but in terms of like musk Enos and like yeah sometimes the overriding note I don't want that people know I like those fruits I like eating those fruits

so you know what I want into a YouTube hole and when I was researching things went to YouTube hole and then I realized it like you know the old technique I had gotten for Grants is basically you slice that sucker in half and then you beat on the you break a little bit and then you beat it with the back of a spoon and you get the stuff out of it but I saw these guys like these pomegranate ninjas and they take it did you see that terrible second Hannibal Lecter movie where Ray Liotta gets his head chopped off now where they wear what's his name that Hannibal what's the famous actor what's it mean he cut the top of Ray Liotta's head off and then removes it and then surgery Liotta his own brain meme C&C this state you see this terrible movie and a gross scene

and you lift the top off like you were looking the top of Ray Liotta skull and you have like this thing's there and then here's the cool parts. Here's the part they going to like then you can see how there's a Septa SEPTA to go around you can see them right like the five typically I think five going down and then you take your paring knife and you pair a long wear those set the art Town not too deep just the skin and then you can go and you break apart and the all of them are just there they're just they're drop juice on his table not one drop of juice and I was like sir thank you I wouldn't I was looking up

Japanese shrimp shrimp techniques shading techniques technique has been garbage garbage in the cut down the back move right to devein to devein the shrimp now my peeling game is okay because it's basically just a Brute Force technique I don't think there's any sort of like there's no sort of like God's way to take the shell off of a shrimp if you take it to me the old trick of taking a paring knife holding it upside down and unzipping the shrimp from the back also scores the back so you can get to the van fairies and the baby have that line down the back of the shrimp which I don't really think looks that good want to look nice if you want to have a raggedy bad you don't like when is butterflies out I mean like I guess I can live with it it looks like it's on purpose

hey crap on all of my teachers and every cook I've ever looked at for not doing this the guy just takes a skewer right Benz the shrimp close to the tail shrimp skewer like basically if the shrimp have a backbone like right underneath its backbone and then just lift the skewer up and the van comes right out with the skewer and if you still got through at one location in the shrimp and you're basically like it's like how to explain this it's like imagine if you would have been me and shove a skewer I'm going to go to his family's Total Recall you shove the oh my God So Bad Axe accidentally said these words Donald Schwarzenegger son

mash up in my head now anyway so you shove that the skewer under my spine and then you lift it out to my body stays there but imagine the spine just like comes out spine comes out on on the scary but invariably you cut the vein so you get part of the even if the shrimp come clean now so there's not a lot in the vein but the vein is there any way it's kind of unpleasant I got shrimp at a place in Brooklyn like a like a barbecue place on the water and it had all the veins in it Coop sheets and I went back and I was like I was like I was like giving up that kind of place it takes them out and I was like that kind of place to charge me money

pre-cleaned IQ

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all right and we are back so time to do a little more business right right there if you got to do some business Greece

520 normal voice I'm not going to do cuz I haven't actually read in advance so I don't know if I can maintain full Sunday Sunday Sunday monster truck voice for the entire the challenge me people I know I can but I just don't know what it's like that style of voice what it wants more mellow voice because I have no idea what I'm about to read. They don't support entirely what about to read cuz I have no idea what it is okay to buy food lovers and cooking issues fans just like you Jenny Chris and the modernist Pantry family share your passion for experimentation and have everything you need to make culinary magic happen in your own kitchen professional chef. Give me the easy to get the ingredients and tools you need and can't find anywhere else so that you can spend the last time hunting and Gathering and experiences

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living and come on people I can't help it over and over again part of you has never taken as a child is not going to get my poor little I was never taken to a monster truck rally is a child are screens for Internationals especially Canadians and our collars people Internationals you over tighten and it spins all people we're still waiting to get back in touch with China still not back online people are factories in China are not back online until next week which point we will reconvene

I take that very seriously

we will get back together with those guys and figure out exactly what the current estimates are on ship dates and will get back to you guys but looking looking pretty good how much is a new looking good German School still wish think Jack and Daiso still wishing Jack love wishing that you Dave love but also wishing Jackie molecules love and he said he hasn't done a known liar Peter Kim the guy runs Museum of food and drink

Liar Liar

known liar what how was the last time you told the truth anyway we apply things discussed here in my cooking many thinks we're at a Ramen Shop and you ruined it with all these Ramen Masters and Peter said and I make ramen at home sometimes and you said you're no liar

too much by Ramin you mean like you know please love Peter

my question is about chicken and other meats in the most people find them disgusting it undercooked categories such as poor my wife is a Haitian descent and has a strong food traditions around proper preparation of these meats a key element of the preparation is an extensive process of washing the meat before cooking to remove an unpleasant in quotes make you gag flavor the washing process consists of the following steps thoroughly wash all exposed surfaces in a meat under the faucet optional poor a kettle of boiling water over the chicken 3 scrub the surface extensively with lime or vinegar and rinse under the faucet repeat the step for a minimum of three acid wash rinse cycle

I like ask a question though I had Mike the color of my jeans today it just fade it's not acid wash whenever do you believe in putting lemon juice in your hair before you put lemon juice in your hair

three wash rinse Cycles marinate the meat in acidic marinade weirdos escaped after I listen so yesterday I'm looking up brioche recipes because I'm about to go into brioche kicking homes not going to show anything I'm going on why are you doing this I can't talk about it so Dax looks at the screen and goes good classic right brioschi

maybe maybe I'm coming up with a new technique for your assumed I'm not I'm not ashamed if it works I'm so jacked about it but I want to wait until the tell everyone and then someone else will take I want to wait, I want to wait until the new Bar opens and then you will see


sounds like like like I said I would make you repeat a step for a minimum of three acid watch remember we're talking about Haitian meet watching people chicken and I guess I'll support marinate the meat in the marinade to remove the unpleasant flavor green pepper onion garlic Thyme and maybe a scotch bonnet pepper let's get a ride over the top of every buy pepper into that and it's good night I mean I like Scotch bonnet but that's up to some strong you don't really think you would but you don't like working with it that much so you don't work at all

however it from what I can tell it is the lime and parsley it is supposed to be removing the off labor while the other ingredients are primarily for flavor Edition the whole washing process takes roughly 15 to 20 minutes to complete properly before the marinade my problem is I do not have any idea what's going on here in just I call the off flavored gamma rays because it's a total mystery to me I can't identify it or tell if it is present I don't know if the wash is effective in removing and if so I don't know when I was officially took remove the last of the gamma rays I have frequently been told that the off flavor is still there I initially thought that it was just a placebo effect she was being skeptical that I actually watching chicken because I can be admittedly stubborn especially in the kitchen can't we all be my friend if we were still present now for some additional confusion we frequently eat chicken at restaurants Chinese Thai Italian Spanish Mexican excetera and she will enjoy the chicken into techno off labor with the assumption that they too or Washington

they are not they're definitely not they are definitely not washing the chicken let me marinate the chicken but I've never seen anyone in a restaurant go through this rigmarole multiple steps in the boy laying all this other stuff Have You Never Never Lie call watch your step know I don't believe any of these restaurants are using the washing process but don't know for sure I pretty much can tell you for sure they are not but I don't know what I'm looking for and it seems to be more more than a preference for a specific marinade flavors and she crosses Cuisines also to wash process is really time-consuming and sometimes ineffective not to mention that result in all chicken tasty Haitian style what was his delicious Haitian Style

I need some knowledge I have never run into anything like this what's the deal thanks Todd okay well I don't know specifically what they say off waiver is but I did some research on the internet and there is a 1 bored I looked at where like a bunch of you know people Caribbean people were like like would literally say things like I saw this guy cooking is chicken and he didn't do the proper washing staff like I was taught by my parents and so I just wouldn't eat it I wouldn't eat it at all there's a very very strong kind of sanitary bias right so there might be a flavor bias right there might actually be something flavor why is going on here but there is definitely an extreme sanitary bias and if you ever want to like know that those biases are real right then just go take a look at go try to watch a YouTube video of someone butchering fish where they discovered tapeworms another pair

sites on the inside of a fish and then go try to tuck into a fish fillets hard because you have an extreme sanitary biased about this so I like I'm wondering whether the times that your wife is prepare the chicken in and it still had the off flavor whether or not that chicken was maybe on the edge or not now that you and by the way the boiling water on a lot of these things are things that are meant to do several things the acid is going to neutralize some of the author Roma's it develop on the surface of meats the pH may have some sort of antimicrobial effect it would over such a short. Of time and you're going to marinate it in the Civic environment anyway so I don't know how important is there but there's an extreme dislike of sliminess and so Meats like chicken even when they're not even when they're fresh right can have

sliminess to then and there seems to be a very intense dislike for that sliminess and also by the way if you look back fat so a lot of people like are very careful and getting rid of any fat on the X on the external part of chicken thighs and then what's return to terms has that kind of Key Land of the fatty looking end of the drumstick so it's possible that some of the other flavor is actually chicken fat flavor perhaps maybe on the Ed or edger rancid or over Rover done over or dislike of that chicken fat flavor in its entirety because there was a huge amount of verbiage spent on the websites about getting rid of fat the other thing is that the acidity will definitely help wash off the kind of natural any kind of natural slime and now the chicken like I say have a natural kind of feeling to them but also as

multiply overtime they create their own kind of mucus and slime which is disgusting and terrible so especially if chicken's have been packaged in a bunch of goop so a lot of chickens are the I buy at 10 to buy air-cooled chickens they tend to not be as booby slimy but if you get the normal ones that are children big ice buckets and pack together they're giving up fluid overtime it's being bleached out of the meat that that fluid has proteins in it so they have of viscosity that's kind of gross they look roast and plus in confinement there is bacteria even not spoilage bacteria bacteria that can grow up and make kind of offer I wanted things are called even in vacuum packs are called in quotes it's a gross turn Consignment Aroma that tends to kind of go away and so scrubbing that with

with lime would probably help alleviate some of the Aromas that are present in a neutral neutralize them and then be might have some bacteriostatic and also like just helped a like wash the thing off the boiling water over it is not going to probably overcook it cuz there for a short amount of time but it will kill the surface bacteria and in fact has been in many cultures including ancient Roman was a standard cook step in something like a bird to initial as initial cook before finish so yeah so there might be an affect there now I am currently re-evaluating my my knowledge and ideas of what happens to meet during marination and during salting so I can't really say what the specific effects are over short. Of time I. The effects are very great over short periods of time

but I am like I say reassessing I'm reassessing my my views on the subject so a lot of people don't like to talk about this a lot of people think that marination is very far into the meat but in fact a lot of the Aromas that are there in cooking which are very important to have whether you enjoy them are really only present at the surface and the composition of a marinade specifically is pH level but also other precursors that are in the marinade can very much effect of all of those that you get when you're cooking them at higher temperatures so even if they are only at the surface can do a lot of a can change a lot in my own view on this is what I said it's kind of like a really get better is the kind of reassess all of your core ideas from the beginning another thing that I'm reassessing is is trying to figure out how I actually tenderization works so

you know when you think about when you think about me it's always you know set of a college in its College in that causes me to be tough and it's rendering collagen during long cooking into gelatin that causes it to be tender again but I've just recently started to investigate all of the effects of what what tenderizing wheel turns out what time is it Dave anyway in case you and specifically the paramecium which is a paramecium and this is one of my head the muscle fibers are grouped into bundles and it's the college in that surrounds those bundles that tend to buy the most of resurgent that's what determines the texture of the meat that part B

specifically change of the eating properties of it be changed by a marinade by assault treatment and in and I'll leave you with this on the way out so is the fact that I have very specific ideas about when to Salt meat and when not assault me based on the texture of it is it radically dependent on the amount of connective tissue in the type of connective tissue present in the meat beforehand answer maybe if you want to know more ask me questions cooking issues

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