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Episode 280: Steaks and Tortilla Chips

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we do not have today we have Victor Victor how you doing the cooking issues engineering I like to do a lot of music stuff in general I like eating you like what do you like to eat what's your favorite one thing that I eat pretty often is actually rice and beans I love rice and beans from Brazil so I grew up eating. Pretty much every day

Brazilian huh I'm actually not in a bad mood because I was listening to kind of like where I'm musically come from early early 90s Connecticut Rock On The Bus like I found like I used to play with all the time you may not know this people but nastassia Lopez used to be like the the the non Xenon favor granting backstage Queen of the sea talked about it before I was early 2000s and all of them on the radio like obviously I'm too old to like to be in the Band anymore but I do miss like like listening that stuff like I miss just ending up in like a crumpled

mess of like blood and garbage on the floor which is how all the concerts within you know what I mean like extremely physical style of plant you would hate it I hate it more than anything is like I was all about just beating the ever-loving crap out of my instrument like I would get the position we're like once my wrist would no longer function properly Georgiana the show I was just like how to lock my wrist and remove my whole arm as one unit and then eventually try to bend backwards to have gravity a my arm and coming down to smash the Springs at least 90 style of playing would have been your worst nightmare Nastasia and I you think we don't get along now if we had known each other in those days it would have been a freaking nightmare call your cooking questions into 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 Victor where you from in Brazil

closest Impala it's a bit better where I live in one of the Alex a place restaurants when you were over there where else or is he also famous in Brazil I try to go once a year if I can I can I see in the North Easton and north of Brazil is very pretty pretty cool fruits there have you seen the book The Fruits of Brazil is an amazing book is blue on the cover which is actually I've seen it I haven't read it but it looks pretty nice

I think we mentioned it before but there's if you got to look this look up people on the Amazons expensive the cheapest place I ever found it actually was there a Hawaiian fruit like farm that sells reasonably priced copy hilarious thing about it is that if you look in the back under exotic fruit like it's page after page of things that look like they're straight out of straight out of a horror show straight out of whatever that one with that Suddenly Seymour Little Shop of Horrors weird freaking Fruits & Exotics section with the Apple the native roots in Brazil and then you know for their exotic fruit the Apple anyway

no desire to go to Brazil why everyone who has time for vacations like if he's someone if there's a reason for me to go for business I'll go but I mean like here's the thing like I wouldn't go for like the the beaches or any of that and I don't care you know I mean it's just like the food though I want to go for the food pretty good food at the beach though she like fish yeah will people do people make fun of me because I will be dressed in full length Pants full length shirt and a and a wide-brimmed hat with sunglasses on

yeah you might want to invest in a speedo or something then they can see me and Speedo right when we should change my my coffin family show Family Show restaurants at hey Dave I just listened to last week so I cooking issues and was disheartened although not surprised to hear that nobody else was saddened by the Ringling Brothers Circus shuttering anastacio in particular doesn't care I talk to a bartender who's actually glad it close that mention that to go with all the elephants now run like an elephant Preserve in Florida somewhere they just like living out there elephant ears it up Florida preserve and whatever you like I don't even care about that

just as frankly I would have been shocked if circus has made it onto the short list of things that stars doesn't hate difference or his hatred worse

yeah because her hatred is strong since you and I both share Love of Cooking and set the most sentimental soft spot for the circus I like to invite you to join me at the Barclays Center for a show next month my wife isn't much of a circus fan will begin to make it a double date if Jen and or Booker and Dax want to come along as well well I can I'll check it out unfortunately Booker would rather wear a hot frying pan for underwear then go to a show of any type so he definitely won't go but that is a possibility.

I want to book her to Walt Disney World and we took him there's a at the Universal at Universal right is it the Universal Pictures thing that they have their we took him to a stunt show a stunt driving slow explosion show where the heat from the fake pirate and explosions was like so hot I got a sunburn from it and it was nothing but all of that it wasn't like I didn't like the noise or anything he literally was bored out of his mind turned around had his back to the explosions this was a number of years ago but doesn't enjoy shows Booker 70-point I was hoping to get mark on farming Yuba so I'll just read it

long time listener food science student writing from the wintry depths of Saskatchewan Saskatoon right anyway with other pulses last year being the year of the pulse now see you're the reason I was supposed to be here in starch and I didn't really follow through I did my own starch research but I didn't really follow through anyway we have tons of pulse products kicking around in our University and hence the project I gone through quite a few trials including you but making procedures beans to milk the film with one postage of any more promise than the others my understanding is that the formation of you as independent of the fat in the soybean and therefore would mean that most pulses should be able to form some sort of the film barring the different amino acid profile I would like to know if there's any way to increase the odds of filling formation would lactones are gypsy music

card making or any one of those things or transport protein formation do you think that having more water 1 to 10 Bean to water ratio in effect of you and when they're also be a lower threshold it may not allow for Phil information to the in sufficient protein Express extraction and is there an easier way to go about this. Making first a milk with the spins all be useful

and I'll give you the names of the pulse is at the pulse it was successful but we've been using sponsored products that with Brandon names that have no bearing on species they're taking my question by the show love Booker and Dax and can't wait for the new board open market I mean either I cannot wait for the new bar that we are looking for space if anyone out there knows of a place in lower Manhattan that you know is closing down or needs a bar into it let us know so back to the Yuba is Yuba is same thing as bean curd skin most of the time when you buy it you're buying it dried and then you have to rehydrate it but it's like it's using a lot of lot of vegetarian dishes like macdoc and he's kind of thing I think it's a fantastic ingredient but nothing is it delicious one of the most delicious soy products is fresh Yuba and I guess you could buy fresh you but I usually make it when I make it it's kind of a

pain in the butt making you buy because you have to get these kind of like what you do is you make a relatively sick so I know so I would think that he sick or soy milk would actually be better for you Mark at least it's my memories been in probably a year since I've made you both but then you get a relatively wide pan cuz what you're trying to do and you're trying to create an actual skin very very much akin to the skin that forms on top of hot milk can you feed it to Canova a temperature where it's what's happening is is that the proteins are aggregating at the surface of the milk in this large sheet along with the lipids and according to the research I read some of the carbohydrate attended some of the sugar and carbohydrate they sent it forms of proteins can you pull it off and then another skin forms and you can do this again and again but one of the interesting things about Yuba

is it as you are depleting the protein from the edge of depleting the protein from the from the soy milk that you've has actually changing over time so it's super interesting super delicious you you hang them up too kind of semi dry but just like fresh warm Yuba would just like a little bit of like a sauce drizzle over the top fantastic I wasn't able to find any references for making and by the way the what's her name Andrea Nguyen if you want to she has a soy and tofu book that I believe has decent instructions for you by although I was too stupid to take a look at my car before I came the old shirt Leaf book on soy probably has an explanation of you but I would probably go with it within wind book

tell look at it but if you never made you but well worth while now ask for what's actually going on your question for the fat so some of the studies I looked at show indeed that fat does matter so it is primarily the protein and protein will by itself Forma skin but either too little or too much fat in the Yuba will negatively affect your yield and also obviously the texture of it now the larger it's it's kind of interesting you can like when you're when they do the study is looking at their soy milk as it was being made are they noticed that the protein was being depleted because it's protein film but then the the lipid fraction of the soy milk I think was actually static or going up and that's because not as much of the fat would be incorporated into the skin as was in no fit in the bald fade for those who don't quote me on this cuz I was reading this this morning

make sense fat fact Labs that were globules that we're getting Incorporated in because they're the ones that are floating up close near the surface Total Nutrition kind of enrichment product my back to your problem they've also done research on yubo and on Tofu for the ratio of its called the 7s 211s proteins which are the ones that are studied a lot for tofu formation and those numbers and their similar proteins are published for other pulses and you can kind of look them up and see what you're like 7s 11 as ratio is and try to and maybe look at that fat and I mentioned on me when we started talking about this last week an article that has kind of the breakdown of what the soy is versus other pulse is so you can look at them and try to assess kind of what's best now as for using occurring thing when you're when you're adding up hurting agent to tofu you don't add curtain agent to to make you love

you're you're you're favoring aggregation but it's not the same aggregation that happens in that happens when you're making you buy which is I guess heat denaturation as well as partial dehydration and aggregation at the surface where the where the dehydration is it's my guess that stuff I guess as if your nature is Black Ice floating to the top and Aggregates so is it possible that like some slight amount of self-abnegation through like like partial population might help but it might ruin the whole thing to like I don't know it's like I would try it because obviously I'd try it but I don't know on the other side transglutaminase would probably help as long as it was below a threshold that would like what I would do if you would incubate the milk with the transglutaminase to like slightly increase how aggregated the proteins are cross-linked the proteins are not enough to gel it and then heat it to a point where you wipe out the trash

can mayonnaise and now you just have your modified proteins so they can link together up at the top and I would try to get a fat content fairly similar to which leaving is makes sense doesn't really feel like in any form or not the fresh Yuba sloppy sloppy Joe mix actually butt up now got to go to last week's of questions give me one more

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did I really tell people to chill

yeah me and like that or whatever you should never listen to yourself on the air like you ever listen to the show and it's horrifying to listen to yourself right okay I was speaking of sous-vide so I built this so I'm going through a lot of the same problems writing the low temperature to sous-vide remember I said it before on the air I lost that argument right it's it's it's cooking now whether it's in a vacuum or it's not the imprecise evil weasels and marketeering Jack watts of the world have one and everyone free can cause a technique sous-vide even though like I very rarely use a vacuum machine am I still bitter about it and my still angry about it yes it's not cooking for the most part you know whatever

and it's french word like it's so weird you want to meet me to look up obviously understand maybe low temperature is not like you know a rousing word no one's like running to go running off to make something maybe the French term that the temperature is not always low is the exact temperature in like you can talk like that. Doesn't work

or either and yeah so sous-vide I've lost that but I've been working on it and one of them actually kind of dovetails with a question we had a couple of weeks ago for those you that you cook in a sous vide now I'm talking in a vacuum machine for using things or vacuum packed in immersion circulator all at lower temperatures one of them kind of problems is that red meats in particular look kind of bloody to a lot of people and most of us to our Cooks you know don't like Trump eat our steaks well. I was told who was it that told me that Obama also like the steaks well done to me and like tell me that what is it the presidents have to eat their steaks well done because because they're so worried that they're going to get the poops while I have to run the Free World is that what it is it's like it's like in space you're not allowed to have anything that's cooked rare

space because getting the craps in the Space Capsule is like the end of all ends like all that stuff you told me that the story you heard was it that used to have like a setup for doing low temp cooking at the White House cook everything well done anyway right if you're just going to like it was going to take like every piece of protein that you have disappointed

Community French the only yeah but I guess we know anything about like a minute maybe they have a big enough staff I can just have someone sit there and do the eggs maybe they do it Kenji Kenji lopez-alt style and I just dumped all of the eggs in it once and like them separate I seen that where you keep roaches like 10 eggs at a time and pull them out anyways point being that or maybe they just don't do eggs benedict I feel like some eggs benedict and then the next day be like you know what I feel like eggs florentine every single poached egg on it on an English muffin and anytime day or night if I had someone on staff

you like English muffin you like an egg Florentine right we really could have been a daycare Florentine spinach how much do you hate it when they don't press that has been actually believe that disgusting black spinach water all over everything and it stops into the freaking English muffin and it's just like a messy like God of garbage anyway I forget how we got into this to people so so as one of the prejudices that we as Cooks have to overcome a lot of the time with people we cook for is that

and I have to overcome this myself as I'm talking about myself but I think also for a lot of our listeners is we feel like we know what you would like if you had your brain screwed in straight so it's like I know for a fact that you would like the taste of this steak better if it was cooked for god sakes below 57 Celsius I prefer to 55 I can understand if you don't want at 35 but for God's sakes you don't want it higher than 57 you really don't we all have this feeling people who cooked this way that if I just put a blindfold over you and gave you the steak the way I want you to want the steak that you would want the steak the same way with the problem is you can't really cook that way you can't cook based on what you think somebody else should like you have to cook based on what they actually like and if they see meat that looks to read for them for whatever reason weather there a germaphobe like Trump whether they grew up eating shoe leather

so that they need shoe leather in order to feel like it that stuff's going to be good who knows why like maybe they grew up eating their steak drenched in A1 steak sauce we one of those people says are you a steak with scrambled eggs

it matters because of the addition of Worcestershire sauce makes it more steak like

I'm just saying if it's like a piece of something with like sugary tomato stuff on it through is horribly overcooked in your house yet we taste when it's overcooked it's just a person who the average person who looks at a rare steak cook traditionally right thinks it's going to be that Bloody squeegee

well the issue is that the color of a steak is only mean it is related to but not directly related to the temperature which the steak it is cooked to write so you can have a vacuum packed steak that's cooked for a long time at a temperature that is not squeegee you might actually accept let's hear medium rare person but it still looks to wear for you to eat until you're put off by it and the reason for it the real reason is happens is that the actual number of reasons one the protein that sin and we talked a little bit about the Protein that's in steak and meat in general that causes it to be red or not is myoglobin in myoglobin comes in three basic forms in me it comes at as a the oxymyoglobin which of the red one we talked a little bit about this before and the the D oxymyoglobin which is

I can get inside of a vacuum bags kind of purplish and met myoglobin which is kind of the brown stuff that happens as it oxidizes right and what color the meat and again we talked about I just ran some more experiments in fact this morning the color of the meat as it Cooks is directly related to the state that the myoglobin is in as you cook it so I cooked I took a thin piece of a eye of round which by the way I think it's a garbage piece of meat like on its own you ever just eaten like tucked into it around that area and eye of round is a relatively clean cut with relatively little going on if you want but people want to cook that one low temperature because it doesn't have that much connective tissue so they think they can mate also very lean and all these idiots who are like super pro excuse me if you're one of these idiots but like who like super lean lean me like

think it's going to be a good piece of me but just not very interesting piece of meat like it doesn't offer a lot of textual variation across to meet it is not good if you overcook it I mean it's good, and as a London broil or discharge of the piss out of the outside and so it's like kind of crunchy and then slice it thin real thin on that like and then like and then like put sauce on your son like that anyway to Hattie's pieces of the ground and I cook them to very accurate temperature temperature ramp I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to take pictures for the book cooking issues the blog it still exists I have you haven't done anything with in years but there's a section called low temperature for sous-vide primer and in it are series of pictures in charge that I developed when I was working at the French culinary to teach low temperature and see if he's that way back in the day like oh no 809 something like this or even earlier I was seven and we put them

on the Block started in 10 or whatever we started it and I work a lot on trying to take pictures of meats at various kind of temperatures and always found it was very hard because it like how much oxygen was on the meat really changed the way it looks and so today like a plate heater like a super accurate flat and was taking pictures of the meat and meat cooked even very accurately and very quickly just up to 50 50 or 55 degrees Celsius which is rare rare rare rare Brown when it's cooked in full action show my recommended write recommendation to you is that let's say you have this goes against some of my record a front of you who've known me for like a decade or more I always recommend that when your vacuum packing Meats right that you especially if you've just started learning how to vacuum pack that you let meat sit

in the vacuum pack for a half hour or an hour before you have to cook why the answer is because a good chunk of your vacuum packages will be bad if you just started learning how to vacuum a good number on the order I seen some students wear like 10% of their vacuum packs are bad because they haven't figured out how to accurately align the bag along the ceiling arm stay or go get little pieces of pepper spices into the seal for whatever reason they they don't get a good seal and over the course that half hour to hour that it sit before you cook it you can sit in the fridge or whatever you'll notice we're leaks happen because the bag will start to come away from the meat you'll also notice if your bagging something with bones you'll notice that the phone like if a bone accidentally punctured your bag which is no you should take care to wrap bones and things like cellophane you know not polyethylene wrap to protect them

or didn't stop him from puncturing your bag but that half our community France between getting a leaker and leakers can be okay in the sense that sometimes not enough product leaks into your bag to ruin your meat but they can also be catastrophic I've had like leakers where they leak so much that it might as well be in the water bath which is gross you seems they are disgusting. I made that recommendation but for something like a meat a steak if you're going to serve at a relatively low temperature let's say 55 degrees Celsius around there

I recommend cutting it out of your vacuum bag if it came in a vacuum bag doing maybe a pre sear but wait but before you do any of that just let it sit out for like 20 minutes 30 minutes on a rack in your fridge out wherever you going to do it let it oxygen up let them meet get as much oxygen in it as possible now it just is not good for long-term storage stability right because you wanted little oxygen as possible on the meat for long-term storage ability but in terms of the color development of the meat as it Cooks you want to have it out and and Like Oxygen going into it for a while and so it how fast the fuses in is something I'm still trying to look up and I'm trying to figure out a way that I can steal borrow or bagging oxygen probe so I can actually measure the time it takes for oxygen to get to the middle of the steak when you've taken it out if anyone knows anyone out there who can loan me one or or has one has to be one that I can actually measure like

with a probe III die and I are one of a Fiber Optic One Eye Optical rather you let it oxygen up like that then I would do a ziplock bag instead of vacuum for your cook step because it's going to have less depletion of oxygen because you're not going to subjected to a vacuum and then had to go right in the bath like right in the bath and then the faster the heat travels through that while they're still oxygen there the better off you're going to be so let's say you're going to cook your steak 255 I know it's a long explanation but I thinking a lot about it and you know this is a problem people have less they were going to cook a steak at 55

the real life truth is that you're going to take that steak and you're going to see hurt afterwards and so the stuff that's that you not right around the edge and it was even up to like a quarter of an inch is going to be a couple of degrees higher than 55 so what I would do is I would throw it in at a higher temperature I would throw it in at like 5757 maybe even 5857 probably safer let it sit for like 10-15 minutes then put it down at 55 let the bass drop to 55 as it would let the steak by the way since they just put it right in a 55 inch steak right in 55 Talking Sticks day it'll come in you won't overcook the center you overcook by a couple of degrees a little bit of stuff around the side but you're going to have denatured that

myoglobin faster than it can deplete oxygen isn't as is as its package that way and you're better off there you're going to have a better chance of getting a better colored meat for your customer that doesn't like that cherry red the other thing you can do that we used to do all the time is if you pre slice your meat which is a good idea with steaks out and I like doing it to see you bring it out you do your your heart Siri do your hearts here on it I always drop the temperature down to 50 or even lower for I do my heart's here so I don't over cook the meat when you slice it you can do a real fast Flash under a salamander grill or even with a searzall and just D color that top and take it right off anyway I want two things have been Talkin at thinking about more since we answer that question so I thought I'd deal with it and then you know we can talk a little bit maybe next time about the miracle of moisture management how that affects a low temperature sous vide cooking freeway

that up knowing right size no one know I don't care we got a question in from Ben I'm not sure if this is the best place to send this question guess it is cuz here it is we had it right but I'm hoping to clear up an issue I'm having when I tend to deep fry a taco shell made of nixtamalize corn and you know I like it a lot. It's like super awesome. It's at the technique is where you take traditionally corn and you soak it you heat it partially gelatinize it and in an alkaline in an alkaline mixture typically calcium hydroxide or cow and you heat it is partially gelatinize is the Lost Art Unicorn Park to cook said it also turns the outside of that you know of the Corn into a poop and then you wipe the group off it's now easier to Mill which is why it originally did but also

the group that remains is feel like part of the art of mixing Malaysian is how much you cook it I how much of the starchy gelatinize how much you cook it out so much how much water is it take an excetra also how much of the cow do you have and how much should I take out a side calcium hydroxide taste which is what distinguishes a tortilla from a cornmeal flavor and and then how much you rinse off the goop on the outside cuz the group on the outside along with the The Germ from the corn the fat and the other stuff in the drum of the Corn is what gives Masa which is the dough for tortillas it's amazing properties why you don't need to add anything else to it to get it to work the next day after property cooking the corn using a tough not crispy

the only solution I found to be effective over cooking a corned beef and fried is overcooked almost gummy corn the shells are thin and crispy any insight on why does maybe I appreciate it it's been a long time since I've done heavy next Malaysian work and many people many many people have done a lot of work over the past six or seven years when I was inside wrote that post on next musician

it's been a while so I don't I don't have it in my in my fingers and in my blood the way I did back then but the

coughing is usually a good sign when you're making a Fresh Tortilla right so I can most people and remember there's all different kinds of crimes of Masa so poor sir Massa is going to Puff last on a Kemal than a by the way do you say that you cook them on the Kamal before you tried to frame properly cooking the corn and a puffin

Macy's day when I am next Monday I grind press and Fry you're cooking it before you fry it right you still have the front you still have to cook it on a Kemal before you fry it right I mean like that I'm pretty sure you probably already do that because you have to do that but a very fresh especially very finely ground tortilla should puff and be very kind of like light and like that's like a Hallmark of a good style tortilla I also like dancer courser tortillas those will not puffy as much so you could do with the course It's a Grind their I've never attempted to overcook the heck out of corn to see kind of what happens the other thing is that the fresher the tortilla is the more it's going to puff and so I have honestly never fried a tortilla the day I've made it because I'm whenever I'm next to the lysing I nixtamalize for fresh soft use and then

if I'm going to fry I'll fry like day-old stale tortillas not like the tortillas I just made that day because

the amazing thing about fresh Masa the taste of it is actually fine the next day and took it mean that fights okay the next day but what you're never going to get back is that texture pack your back so here's what I recommend one just make sure that you're cooking it out on a Kemal like perfectly well because you need to get rid of some of the moisture in that cooking process and a cook the tortilla together so it has structure in the morning if you say it's gummy if it's puffing and gummy it's got it must be having a zit pus it's probably has the ability to store too much residual water it's hard for you to dry out the tortilla frying a tortilla until it's crispy is essentially the art of removing all of the water from it before it it scorches I'll give an example of how I fry tortilla chips I take I don't I don't may I buy when I'm making tortilla chips I just buy garbage tortillas because I'm going to fry the heck out of them anyway I shouldn't probably meant that but I do but you can throw a tortilla chip

I'm here before you can throw like a cut cold tortilla chip into cold boil and a ramp up the temperature because all you're doing is getting rid of all of the water that turn that tortilla so if it pops is probably going to be more difficult for you to get rid of all the water that's on the inside than when it deflates it's not going to be it's not going to be crunchy fact if you take any Fresh Tortilla and you fry them and you fry them at too high of a temperature right you'll notice that some of the tortillas will start to Brown because the water is left them and you have to pull them out and you'll notice a blinding area on the other parts that tortillas and those will be soft even marginally under fried tortilla chip is gross and tough so like what I would typically do you know a lot depends on how fast your oil is so if you're frying at home I don't know where you're fine but if you're trying at home older oil tends to color your tortillas faster and

younger oil tends to make them more blonde so I always just test the texture of the mind pulling out if I don't if I'm walking the situation don't know what condition the oils in soyuz pull it out and you tap on it with your hands like you tap on it and you can feel instantly with the tip of your finger if you aren't going to burn the hell out of your finger but if you've already brought the hell out of your finger so many times that your finger has no feeling left in it like you can just tap the surface of a tortilla to pull it out for a second there a drink... Feel the service of it and know whether or not you've gotten rid of all the water obviously also like looking at it visually for the amount of bubbling coming out of it as a good sign for how much water you gotten out of it but what's interesting to me is that overcooking it appears to have made it easier for you to extract all of the water from the tortilla and I I don't know why it's interesting that that's the case but I would maybe grind it not quite as fine

would make sure you're thoroughly cooking it out on a on a sitcom all griddle is what we all use even like I use cast iron Sizzle platter sometimes doing to like let him sit around for a while to kind of cool off and retrograde before you fry them so that they act more like an old tortilla than a new tortilla and then maybe take your oil temperature down a little bit and let it fry until it stops bubbling but yeah if you don't want them too cuz you can take a tortilla chip that Puffs and still fry it really crispy like witness if you've gone to a Mexican restaurant that fries and chips you'll notice every once in awhile you'll get I like a hugely bubbled tortilla chip it still crunchy as hell because they tried all the water out of it anyway you want to hate and stassi when they when they when they haven't properly drain the tortilla chips and you get that tortilla chip with the bubble but the bubble still has the oil in it

you never had that happen you never been to a restaurant and they give you that basket of chips and first of all hear nothing I don't like I don't like when it ships come and they didn't bother to unfold a tortilla see how that tortillas fold in half or when they didn't bother to shake the freaking basket so you have like three tortillas glued together and the one in the middle is that gummy nonsense these are tortilla fouls my friend you had that happen to start seeing that is a tortilla fell here at the top order tortilla foul Mexican restaurants for tortillas to make yourself give me some freaking tortillas you like a basket of tortilla chips right

fried and rancid oils that tastes like cardboard freaking nightmare under salted tortillas freaking nightmare and tortillas that they didn't that they didn't bother separate plan to the whale who is know he's a good question what I rather would I rather just to not have to converse with people have the loud internal head crunching that it's at or tortilla brings even if I also have to have with it that rancid cardboard flavor of the bad oil how much how much sauce that do I have and is it spicy enough to cover the

yeah I guess that's the last question I'll do anything

we had a party or something like this you don't I mean the same way you know what it's like if we're at like in like a new situation we sit there and she's like so my water fast because I'm going to I'm going to pick up something to eat or drink it like at a phenomenal rate just to let my mouth is always doing something you don't even say thanks I think like in an awkward social situation the rancid tortilla is better than no tortilla

so long as there's a salsa because it's not worth the temporary feeling okay about much anything just of the crunches I drowning everything out because when you eat that much rancid oil later on in the night you're just like I don't ever feel sick because I'm some sort of like iron device that allows me to roast you just don't feel good feeling sick and just not feeling good about what you've done

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