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Episode 28: Dave is Back!

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hello and welcome to cooking issues to show host of cooking issues here with that nastasha the slope of a different questions live the studio at 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 here on a sleety Brooklyn Tuesday although it's not as bad as they if it was not supposed to get really bad did I think of them okay so we have a question from Paul Paul writes in hi Dave my one year old kids love eating with their hands who doesn't like you know mine

9 year old have to break him getting this and then I get this one's a hand just want to Fork jelly jelly or Jello to us Americans is a particular favorite I don't want to give them too much sugar so I want to turn fruit juice into jelly using gelatin we get locally-produced orange juice delivered weekly so that seemed like a good start I use 1.7% fish gelatin this is the key here fish gelatin which is truly more than enough to set by the way and they're not laying the granules bloom in 1/3 of the juice he did the other two-thirds to boil egg mix into two parts and stir until dissolved Tony been in the fridge 2 hours now but I'm not convinced it's going to solidify do you have any tips I prefer to stick with fish gelatin if possible I don't think you need to boil all of it I think you could probably need to probably be no do it that's it in a smaller amount cuz I think you're gonna be altering the flavor of the Juice by boiling boiling some much of it I think the main issue you're having here is with the fish shellfish gelatin I think we spoke

Adele in a bit last week right or the week more usually isn't as strong as regular gelatin it's a lot lighter the jelly in on a funtab Pro 8 bases also fish gelatin tends to set at a much lower temperature than regular gelatin so it is going to take quite a bit longer to cool off and set in your fridge so it might be that you just need to wait longer because you pretend you should be enough it's never probably going to get as hard as it as a regular gel in the other problem is fixed gelatin is I don't know what brand you using but unlike beef gelatin or Pig gelatin official is extremely variable in terms of its qualities so friend seems like a cold water fish gelatin set a ridiculously low temperature in so you know it's not really mean I don't know but from what I read fish Cold Water for Chocolate Mousse is Pep to work with so you probably using a warmer water fish gelatin Fitzgerald news also more sensitive to acid then some the other job and for you but it shouldn't be an issue with orange

because when she says that acidic so I would just say wait longer or perhaps you might think of moving to a different product other than gelatin so you could use a gel if I don't know why you want to use fish gelatin whether it's because you're worried about whether it's because you don't eat red meat or whether it's because you're worried about maybe BSC in a in a in a in a beef gelatin PSE bows on spongiform encephalopathy for all of you people are they taking I used to not eat gelatin actually for a while because I was a little paranoid way back in the day about mad cow that's what bovine spongiform encephalopathy is it sort Jakob creutzfeldt whatever BSE so at what what what I would do is what we what they did they did a study where they took a cow they injected brain with mad cow right and then they turned it into gelatin and then they were testing to see whether they could get any prions could free on bases he's out of the gelatin and they couldn't trust that or don't trust that escaped but

I don't know why you want to use fish gelatin specifically if it's because of the Red Man issue you might want to switch away from fish gelatin go to entirely vegetable based product seaweed base in which case I would use a mixture of Kappa carrageenan and locust bean gum which is a commercially available gelatin replace it has the advantage of setting much faster I hasn't text her fairly similar don't know that doesn't melt in your mouth the same as gelatin does cuz let's face it nothing does but if you're just making jelly is it should work for you you can get that from CP Kelco but I don't know that there's something couple names in the supermarket that you can get that work I think maybe some of the kosher gelatin Direction carrageenan base so you might want to move to that if you want to. I was researching everything I did not know

and that is a people have made a microbial based out now so there's now certain strains of yeast and bacteria that can produce gelatin either not commercially available yet but it could open the door to a completely vegetarian like actual straight-up gelatin being produced down the road so we'll all be looking forward to that latest you are on the air

hi thanks for taking my call I have a question about the perfect chocolate chip cookies my perfect chocolate chip cookie is people I can stand and Christie but I go for the thick and chewy right and I was wondering if well this is an excellent question and I like the way your phrasing the question is that you say you say my perfect chocolate chip cookies one of my problems with a lot of recipes that people give is they'll say the perfect chocolate chip cookie and there is no such thing as the perfect chocolate chip cookie so you want a little bit thicker what problem are you having now at what what how is it that you're doing it now how are they coming out and then how do you hope hydrocolloid will help you

I also like a kind of a really buttery say so I think maybe I'm using a lot of butter and they come out sick but they're not very chewy they they have a rich buttery taste but very soft and I've never cooked with heart hydrocolloids and you know so I don't really have any experience with them but I hear you talk about him a lot I was just wondering if maybe I should try that but yours are some some pointers with it the butter I'm surprised that they still stay thick with a lot of butter unless you reduce the sugar content on him because the butter should help the spread more they should spread more with a higher butter content but I could be wrong though it's been awhile since I've read there's a book out there that you can get online called crackers and cookies at Cracker and cookie technology but it's been about eight years since I read it so I'm a little behind in my in my reading but let's let's go ahead with it now there's a there's a group of people who they're feeling is it possible to make the perfect XYZ in trouble

cookies using one of them without using anything other than traditional ingredients and those people are against using things like hydrocolloid in a chocolate chip cookie just because they say it's not necessary these are the same people who say don't use anything fancy senior tempura batter is because the top-end Japanese chefs don't use if not I don't I don't necessarily believe that I'm just mentioning that off that you know off the top but it sounds like what you want is something that's going to reduce spread during reduce spread during baking my right keep it thicker

turn out where they're really thick but they're kind of cake he and I wasn't really what I was going for it either right well I would I would try so Francis off the top my head and any sort of the any sort of the products that add to Scott City to the to this stuff would increase would increase and decrease the spread the problem is is that there's not much of a water phase in chocolate chip cookies right and so to get to use a hydrocolloid sorry you're going to need to have something that you can put into the water today so if you look at you look at base of a scanning electron microscopy pictures of starch granules in cooking systems after they've been cooked you'll see that a lot of the starch granules are still pretty much on on messed with and that's because there's not enough water present in the system even at the high oven temperatures to really make them fully swelled and break so if you're basically going to need to find something that can cause a thickening

action in extremely low water situation because basically what do you have in there that's liquid probably just the egg right so I mean one thing you could do this is the problem with Hydro collagen cook it now not saying it can't be done but like you could for instance clarified butter add to 20% water back is butter with a hydrocolloid in it and which case I would do something like xanthan gum or perhaps something like methylcellulose right or you know it's going to be hard to hydrate a hydrocolloid into the egg or the you could in which case I would do something like that then which I know has what's called a yield point so it basically if it's not going to really affect the cookie when it's done because you use won't taste it when you're chewing on the on the on the cookie but it should you know decrease the spread a little bit but you cannot spread and cookies is something that

he's been studied quite quite a lot and so you can usually decrease the spread by adjusting the butter sugar ratio right because both of those things as they heat or going to tend to increase spread to increase sugar recipes increase the spread and increase butter I think she probably increase the spread where is increased flower decreases the spread but increases cakiness right especially especially when combined with 11 so is there 11 or in your recipe right there is right if you assign from just using hydrocolloid see if you wanted to decrease caking it is when you when they do an increase flower they probably also increased 11 or you can go the other way and decrease 11 or a little bit and that might help I don't know you know it also adjusting oven temperature, just described as it goes and the temperature of the bad as it goes in can adjust the spread somewhat so you might want to go in with a very very cold a cold batter like drop them real cold so I'm in the oven

that much of a result out of a out of hydrocolloid unless they are unless they are you kind of pre-function Lies but I could be totally wrong about this because you know I've never tried it but things like xanthan things like metal smell methylcellulose the property that gels when he gets hot so if you can get them at the cellulose to get into the egg white or the Egg somehow when it heats up at the Metro cell will set in actually form of jail and prevent spread but then when the cookie cools off again the cookie the map of cell will go back to his normal non gelling form so that you know that could be interesting am I actually be interesting you can add that you can probably add a little bit of extra water phase that the Cookie doesn't call for because it's not going to increase the spread a little bit might make it my niggaa chewier I'm not I'm not sure I have not tested it but that was my next question could I mix the hydrocolloid with a little bit of water pre incorporating it into the batter and then I'll see you at that says you can but cookies are such low

mean except for cake style cookies like for instance like Driftwood New York black and white cookie or things like that but that have a lot of walking a black and white cookie is essentially a cake that's made Flat right and so we all know what those cakey cookies are like but in general like a traditional cookie like we're talking about very low water formulation you know what I mean basically just I want water from the eggs and the roughly 20% by weight water that the butter is that you put into it you know now it would be possible to do it with but it's a problem I actually haven't thought about but it is very interesting and I'd appreciate it if if you ran some tests or a that you kind of got back to us but what the results were

great I'll do that thank you very much for your help. No problem good luck

what is a mustache on other people but she ends up just basically what do you mean like supposed to be the hammer on me instead of on instead of on in like father like she's supposed to be like to be like my personal more like someone comes gives me the beat the beginning of this is right after the radio show next week I'm flying out to Florida and it's the first time extremely excited I'm going to the North American food equipment manufacturer show in Orlando I was going to have my wife and kids slide down so that we could do the whole Disney World thing but my wife had a project come up so she can't do it which is unfortunate cuz my kids never been to Disney World

tell you all with a stories of the latest greatest developments in North American food equipment manufacturing but there's nothing I enjoy more than looking at new equipment seriously like walking around and I usually go to the National Restaurant Association show that with the NRA everyone's like that and I am I know the other NRA in Chicago every year and they have some equipment they are but this is apparently like the great the Great Grandma of all equipment shows in the US so I'm going to go down and I'm going to report back on what I think the future of restaurant food equipment is going to be as according to the restaurant if I get to actually walk to show it all because it was not her going down there to chill out basically for the unified Brands who make up a piece of equipment that we use at the school called on the Randall Randall a text it's pretty cool a fridge anyway so we're going down there and so Nils I have to do a dog and pony like every hour on the hour for a couple of days talking about the merits of accurate Refrigeration so excited

next. I will give you the report when I get back right now I'm going to go to our first commercial break calling all your questions to +718-497-212-8718 for 97212 8 cooking issues


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tell about it

welcome back to cooking issues calling all your cooking related questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 alcohol-related making alcohol stuff like tips on drinking or making making alcohol making drinks with alcohol by Dave quick question I noticed when you pour champagne and orange juice for mimosa or something is that lack of nucleation sites or both mean certain things that you pour into cause an instant foaming because they have foam forming ability so friends since like you'll notice if you squeeze a lime into into a drink and then pour with cells you get that big

stomach bubbles on the top of it right but you're not going to necessarily get that the little bubbles by she will because I got a new plate off of that awful things so the first probably going to have not probably the first issue you going to deal with is what is the actual one of the properties of liquid are pouring into in are they going to increase foaming or not now there is a difference between like foaming which of the head is going to form on the top and then actual bubbles that are going to form in the liquid so I think you're probably right that that if you dilute something you're going to have less bubbles coming out because the amount of bubbles coming out or related to the actual percentage does all CO2 there in the in the product and because you've deluded it down

you're going to have less total CO2 per you know per gram so assuming that your orange juice is cold and everything all of a sudden the amount of CO2 coming out is going to be a lot lower than if you poured in Spades Champagne so there's that affect and there's also to make you mentioned when you poured into it you know what a new glass a new glasses 10 that mean this is not what you're talking about that's why I thought you were going to go so you know there's a new creation sites on glasses in the form of dust specks and a little imperfections in so you actually few hyperclean if you pour like you know what was it called sodium dichromate cleaning solution to stop used to use in or go totally eat anything that's on the inside of the glass and dump it out you'll get no you'll get no bubbles and there's a there's actually a book you might be interested in about that it's a science of champagne it feels a lot with bubbles and it's written by a gentleman whose a champagne scientist up his last name is up that lock is impersonating might be a Healer or something like that fell out of its the science of champagne

not that expensive it's a thin book that's written you know it's equation free so you don't have to like beat your head against the wall to get through it it's a really interesting study of champagne and the physics of champagne in the physics of bubbles it's definitely recommended read a pretty shirt still in print and you can get it get it through Amazon I'll caution you though everyone always lies about the amount of bubbles that are present in Champaign like the champagne numbers are always extremely high. Never know I've never noticed that they ate there actually is that much carbonation in a bottle of champagne it as the what they quote on in their literature which is interesting to me whereas like American sparklers are often over carbonated which is why they tend to lose some of the intended loose somewhere like the fruit notes and they tend to seem less complex and I think it's cuz they're over carbonated which is why by the way this ties into your question believe it or not that I think that American sparklers are really good choices sometimes for like him a most things like a mimosa because they'll have more residual CO2 when you water down the when you water down your running shoes

okay we need this make any sense okay so interesting tomorrow tomorrow right tomorrow yet tomorrow we drop off the Martha fuge so I think as we talked about earlier right we talked about this before I show Martha Stewart's like I want to send a few days but I only want to pay $300 and then she talks anyway so we found her a centrifuge for $300 and this one again it had this one was brushes the brushes do I need to replace the brushes on a motor to replace the brushes on a motor thing works fine I had to go so yeah it works works great back at work better than mine works better than mine because mine refrigeration unit was broken and I was secretly I said to miss Tasha I was like you know I should give her the one with the refrigerator is broken

smart to give her the good one what the heck's wrong with you right pretty much but you don't have to defend your speech but you already have yours and you buy one for somebody else and you're like oh my God it's better than mine and there's that moment where you want to switch it out just not happen anyway so we're giving her the good one but if it is a fire under my butt to go fix fix mine so anyway so I did fix my butt is a pain in the butt because they change out the board Electronics board was like a like $1,000 to change it so I just bought a used to be to buy a temperature controller online like a PID temperature controller that work it would cost you know over $100 well over $100 now they're so cheap there so many people doing a DIY do-it-yourself temperature control stuff that you can buy a temperature controller out there delivered like in 2 days for like 30 bucks 34 and I just put my own temperature control on my refrigeration unit and now my Refrigeration

find thank you very much I turns out I've now fixed pretty much every part Center for you should get this could be your new job here is what I hear that I was thinking highly now finally got a center Feud Wylie has a 3-liter centrifuge of course his new fancy fancy not a 3-liter Center Fusion one of our interns former intern again so they still working with his Piper Christensen just got hired at WD congratulations Piper

so he's running their centrifuge night and day and they're they're coming up with some new interesting applications but you know I've been a centrifuge evangelist for a long time now several years probably and I really think people should buy more centrifuges I really really do you know right now I'm not recommending that a restaurant go out and you know by 100% or Fusion have this giant thing sitting in there in the restaurant and like maybe it works maybe it doesn't and who knows with the lifetime of the centrifuge buckets are because I don't know if you guys know Center fuse by the way for the people who think what the hell is that song about son if you what it was but if you're thinking that what it is basically a machine that has a rotor that spins very quickly and it creates centripetal force and that and that actually separates product based on their density so we use it typically to separate oil from nuts Princeton or to clarify juices and we can do it very fast with very high yields we can also like do nut milks things like that get very very high heels

videos of blood came into play here comes into play in a centrifuge or they typically what we'll do is we'll fill the centrifuge tubes with blood to spin it and I'll get the serum on the top in the red blood cells at the bottom and they're running tests and stuff like that so when you buy a used Center for you if you have to assume that it's had really evil evil evil stuff in it and so you have to completely as I said and canker sore about my friend at 8 at the NYU like to put me as bleach the rabies out of it so you could you bleach the hell out of it and then you and then you pressure cook the buckets to to to do it anyway so this this type of Center or Centre Fusion you know although there are perils to buying it used is extremely good and so what you can do is do what you do is buy it and fix it but I think restaurants could afford to buy a new one I looked at it online and you can get a very good quality centrifuge for about seven $7,500 that does everything that are says -2 Refrigeration

okay and and so and and nothing will you will pay for itself if you make juices or you're doing things like that the increase in yield all these expensive ingredients is going to pay for itself I don't know why more people aren't getting it because it's not like it's it's not some kind of a crazy presentation tool like no one has to know you're doing it just all the sudden you have these amazing clear juices like these amazing you know not not who I was just such a great tool so what I was thinking it's like what if we started start a business but what if we said Hey listen you by the centrifuse will tell you which one to buy and then we'll come in and train you how to use it will show up yeah you need like you need like some enzymes they don't cost that much the enzymes you need like an up a bag of n a bag of enzymes I'm pretty much ready to rock and roll right that maybe some of this some kind of Saint Anna scales scales like 20 bucks so it's not not bad in fact our new intern Brooke we were getting a scale from Martha and it was all messed up she clean it

like it was brand freaking new I like right now I don't want to get that tomorrow to either I've never seen someone clean a scale that what you would not believe people you would not believe this I would. That's gay that's gay was like Hospital quality when she was done with that do you say we had yeah baby. We have a color color you are on the are at and I don't really understand why I hope you can help me figure it out so ignore the instructions to cook the coconut milk until my cruise only turned out a little bit jalapa is like I would reduce the milk from what but not cook it all that all the way down to get separated and I will get the start of gelatinous

directions because it needed you know how you follow a recipe if you don't know why something before you skip has separated and then I got a fresh coconut milk to Buck it up before service and came out great going to have to except for those of you out there presumably if you're cooking it till it breaks your you're making your own coconut milk by making your own by the way you've made your own never know but he does talk to what you're what you're talking about you know fresh coconut milk and make it like you would almost any other than what you owe you great the coconut and then you blend it high speed with hot water and you squeeze them and it's delicious you love it but

fresh coconut milk and this is why I'm asking brakes extraordinary really quickly when you're cooking it where as canned coconut milk and I don't know why it takes a lot longer to break you. I mean you can boil coconut milk for a good long time before it before she breaks on you and especially why is it always know what it is about the canning process I'm coconut milk that makes it less sensitive to Breaking then then when you make your own coconut milk I also have never read the ingredient label on coconut milk to see whether they have some sort of process additive to it when they when they do it and I'm not sure but as to exactly what's going on in the milk when it breaks as opposed to prisons and I can tell you pretty much what's going on in milk milk when I break you don't I mean I can tell you pretty much let me know somewhat what's going on in soy milk when it breaks when it when you curl it rather but I don't really know what's going on in coconut milk but it's a very interesting question

and I should we don't have any of our Thai intern driveway could call up a good question for we Poppin to hunt down David Thompson see what he says about it but it's an interesting question but I wish I had an answer for you on the top of my head I don't but I am I will research it further you should do it since you do a secondary test if you have the time for is all we all know except for nastasha everyone in the world thinks a Thai food delicious right so I mean like I think this warrants a side-by-side I think it's definitely weren't a side-by-side test to see do it do it the same way side by side in the pot and the only thing checking is the is the is this breaking things could it also be that it was much more reduce to me when you had to add more to bulk it back you just adding more coconut solids and flavor or not

you know definitely I mean either way I end up with I'm putting in three cans of coconut milk more or less one way or the other way I'm cooking one came down to a break from The netting the last two right at the end and the texting us to the total volume is pretty well. In the other has the store horrible almost like he was jailed with a little bit of auger kind of foggy in a couple of weeks I can talk to him about it because I know he's interested in these kinds of things but I don't think cuz he had to cancel the event I was going to do with him but I'm definitely going to do more do more research if you don't hear anything from me on it and I'm in a month within a month or so on the radio it means that it slipped my mind and then you should repasar Us by email in the meantime I encourage you to run some more tests

and by the way things to slip my mind all the time but we should work on a run some test if you can and get back to us if you get some results and if not we'll get back to you all right okay sounds good. Talk to you soon to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 cooking issues

we're going to have a boy

coming back at you with cooking issues still trying to call in your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 by the way we're sitting in front of the ZZ Top album an old ZZ Top album TV dinners which has like the old school like Swanson Style TV dinner on it so look at the pictures of ZZ Top's in front of me gorgeous gorgeous picture of some really poor quality fried chicken corn some awful form of brown biscuit and some horrific mashed potato this clearly been piped out of a tube while anyways so give me a shout out to a n d Malco who called in a little while ago with a venison question or email and then in fact cooked venison with the ability build his own immersion circulator between love DIY people in pubg I buy products although we also love that you go to tell the press and by his circulators but so Andy and email that you can look them up on Facebook you posted some pictures and look at man and either

the pretty dang good is venison looks pretty good although you didn't say in it in the Facebook thing how it tasted you guys have a picture of it so I'm hoping it tasted as good as it look all right so I want to talk a little bit about a fundraiser that we're going to do on March 27th 3 days before my 40th birthday by the way my God I was doing a fundraiser for the Museum of food and drink which is a museum idea I I started you know well over five years ago but then kind of put on the back burner when I took the top the French culinary cuz I haven't had time but the idea is that we want to create a museum not right away mean we're not we're not be no good me up with grandiose but not in that way on the order of the Natural History Museum started small and you know Patrick here at Heritage Radio heard about this and we were going to restart we're having our first fundraiser and it's a fundraiser to get you know the some money to hire someone to start the administrative process and he actually get the ball rolling to get the

something rolling and the fundraiser is looking pretty awesome so it's on March 27th at Del posto it Sunday Sunday in the afternoon if that's what how much it cost 250 that's not the point. The point is right two hundred people $250 Museum of food but so far I've agreed to participate rights we have all of you Saunders from pegu Club is going to be doing drinks and everyone have a theme song I don't have a theme for Audrey yet history theme to the person's haven't figured out what I want to do for Audrey but she's in Thomas from Death & Co is in maybe you sent that death & Co by the way which is a fantastic bar here in New York. Think I was at the name of an artist who used to draw the paintings the guy people to speakeasies back there in the probation so maybe they want to do something probation Bass A little yeah yeah maybe up to play on the death & Co

then during the cocktail hour cesare Casella from selling Mario Rosie and he used to be the Sultan of beans what does he know about the Emperor of beans and now he's a sultan of Sulu me anyway please give me bring you some salumi I don't know how we're going to clean it up he's going to bring some with me no matter what no matter what it's going to be delicious Saloon me but whatever chezaray you can have Rosemary everywhere Rosemary's going to be growing out of his ears sticking out of his hair and their pocket you know I love cesare incident on the Shady Side of gliders going to be there I'm giving him Roman Reigns he's going to do Roman so he's busting out his old his a patient's cuz he's got the official spoke to do Roman Cuisine but what he doesn't have that sounds like the guy at the end of Wizard of Oz there's a fish sauce and I think I mentioned it Sunday right before I called is Sherry that comes out of Japan that's made from a squid guts they have one made from I believe mackerel that's the one I have is squid guts and what's cool about it is

is that it's a dead ringer for the actual ancient Roman fish sauce the high-end fish sauce it was around the time that is coming out has made entirely out of fish guts right this is the gharm so sure I'm just like high-end Gorham and I had opportunity to taste them it was made by Sally Granger who's in pieces expert Roman expert and is probably finish this point was working on her Ph.D in Roman fish sauce is so she gave me some of her to taste it was three years old two or three years old I don't like paying this stuff tastes like a Siri which is a very it's a fish sauce but doesn't taste anything like a fish sauce that tastes like fish sauce mixed with can meet which is really cool stuff so anyway I'm going to give Mark some of this stuff because it's the closest thing anyone's ever tasted to ancient Roman fish sauce that you can actually go out and purchase and there's a bunch of a series is one in particular that that tastes really good comes from the north of Japan from us

text Jimmy got Dave Chang David Chang I'm going to put them with country ham because he and I share this as a bond country and we both love country ham so it's either going to be some sort of country ham theme which fits in the museum in fact the first exhibit at the Museum day was a country ham that I put together no 6 years ago now where we tasted a bunch of American hands and we ate them basically in the style of prosciutto but don't call American ham prosciutto its own product please please don't call it prosciutto or I was thinking kind of a like a pre pre red pepper Korean dishes so going back to what Korean food might have been like I might even like what it was like before the introduction of all of the ingredients that came from North and South America so we're talkin no Peppers which means no spicy peppers of any kind you know tomato any of that stuff I thought that might be interesting can you tell me a joke

Panda Cafe famous for having a little bit of a temper you know they've got a little bit of a temper so you know like when he would goes ballistic on people in the kitchen they say they've been Chang banged it said Raise Me Up so well known for his temper so I was saying what he can he can recreate the dinner that Vlad tepes the Impaler gave to this group of people that he's been locked into a barn and let the barn on fire and let them all burned to death but I was getting into stasha actually emailed that to him and he was like hell yeah I'll do that you know some sort of like Romanian Impaler theme the dishes we got Wylie Dufresne my brother-in-law is going to come in and do something but I don't know what we're going to give him yet is it as the as his theme because I don't want to make him just you know how you're going to do technology or whether you friends going to be technology right if we got to come and eggs is easy cuz it's his famously is his favorite thing is eggs but but everyone does everything say any given more thought to what and by the way this is an invitation to give us themes for the museum based we have a

Nils noren right yes he's going to come in and know who else who else has a green car logo has a grade from Roberta's yet great so should we get him some sort of farm-to-table like that you like that calling vs I'm someone in their own place like my eyes because they're come out of kitchen right now and beat us over the head with a lead pipe table maybe give us some suggestions for chrissakes did Johnny Johnny Johnny iuzzini I think he's I'm not sure I think you might have it I don't know what time I'm going to get him he from from Milk Bar cereal I mean if she wants cereal milk ice cream

so if you want to do it with you she's doing a dessert and then Brooks from Del posto is also going to do it and I'm thinking giving him a Italian Jewish because but you're my family always comes from the Italian X Jews were expelled from excuse or expelled from my what's the weather like in Spain Iran Inquisition had to go to Italy they've been converted and became Lambo truck that's the addonizio fam it's my whole step father's family so and there's a lot of really interesting kind of Italian desserts of Jewish Jewish ancestry so maybe that maybe something else I invite you guys to call in and I get give it to you or give us your feedback on what you think would be good now

thanks one was realized recently that I've taken on some projects that I probably should not have taken on I'm going to tell you the story about projects that you take that are mistakes for you to do so is this person that came to us and they're saying said Hey listen listen listen this thing we need to come up with a drink and we want to drink that goes starts out cloudy and then turns clear

so I gave it some thought right and I was like no it's very difficult is very easy to make a drink that starts out clear and then goes cloudy that's like to use you choose affect so you have something in a high alcohol I can oil that's just that's dissolved in a high alcohol system you add liquid water to it and as you add water to it all of a sudden the oil isn't soluble and it basically goes into his suspension but it doesn't such fine droplets that turns cloudy right and so that's tues opacities all of these Liquors that you add water to and they turn cloudy but that's exactly the opposite of the message that you guys want to portray right hey look we came up we took something that was clear and we opted you stated it made it cloudy right so they don't want they don't like that so that was out so then I was trying to do all these experimental taking something Claudia suspension and then altering its solubility and making it so clear again so we tested I'm at the cell from hot to cold haven't got but didn't work we didn't use and I don't want to hear anything about it we use milk of magnesia right which is a suspension and then we increase the

Trinity so it went from Cloudy to clear and we got to work but it didn't taste so fantastic right and also the effect wasn't as dramatic as we wanted we wanted milk-white to water clear and I can get like somewhat turbid to somewhat Lester bit that's where we were so then the more I'm thinking about it the more I'm like really shouldn't get into this because he and I really don't like presentation Church anyway I really like to focus on stuff that makes things taste better but this person is asking me it's kind of an interesting challenge but if you know what should not not my normal line of work I really don't like problems that are just presentation face so then the problems we're having with the Cloudy cloudy to clear

and she comes back and she's like well also could be blue because our logos blue and white of course it's freaking blue like that but the least natural color on Earth blue right so my car at work on it and I order some blue corn in and I am thinking so much that I'm going to be able to do this with the blue corn that we ordered right over 250 lb sack of blue corn I'm so confident that I could do it right because I figured that in in Peru they have purple corn chicha Morada but that blue corn I can get that actually blew it I'm going to be able to make a blue corn syrup with it right so I call her back stupid don't ever do this I called her back and I said okay I can do it's not unlocked now I'm locked into doing this so basically I say that I'm going to put blue corn syrup I'm going to put basically you're going to make a you-know-what Atomic style drink that goes on top of it were going to carbonate it's going to mix can be blue or can I use liquid nitrogen until the glass is going to be fantastic right sounds fantastic right. No no blue corn comes in it's freaking purple right it's freaking purple there is no real

blue stop now then you'll so you go do some research I should have known I couldn't actually get it for you because all of the blues that we're dealing with are based on a group of guys be a group of chemicals called the sign is right and these things are there pH dependent that's a problem at all these drinks are fundamentally acidic and so all of these at the sign and go read in acidic and they go green and alter basic and can be made to be blue in the right pH rain that PH range that basic PH range is not delicious right is not delicious so we're using an egg white drink with no acid and and blue corn juice and we got to kind of blue tasted me how bad is that taste and smell really bad and it snows it's very precisely a specific smell that I cannot describe on are vile vile vile vile vile stuff right

can I add some basicity and make it more blue and by the way nixtamalize blue corn is a delicious for tortillas and what you know if you had a blue corn tortilla and Bee looks fantastic but we couldn't make a good drink at all the drinks a terrible and then we don't you start going crazy and you're like look here what I can't do I can't use blue curacao and because I've been an insult not insulted but basically insulted a famous Japanese bartender for using Blue Curacao because not because of blue food coloring interesting because the quality of the curse that was terrible right and so basically using a small amount of a very low-quality ingredient to add Jeff to color effect and I ain't no I said why don't you just use food coloring is like without be too easy to go out and then someone else happened why are you adding why are you adding freon to taste bad when we having a little bit of an ingredient that tastes bad. Not really acceptable right so now I'm I have Karma came back to bite you

use blue food coloring I think I don't know someone help me hear this is like this like the worst nightmare in my world and I'm doing a presentation trick right which is an awful idea a presentation check alone and I've I'm reduced to using blue food coloring there's a fantastic beautiful blue flower out of tile and it's unavailable but you know what happens when you add acid to it turns red you know why because it's freaking pasyon and it's making you go you know what I mean there's just no real way around this problem I really don't I don't know what I'm going to do but it is a lesson do not say yes unless you know you can deliver and it's been cooking issues come back at you next week cooking issues