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Episode 279: Deez Glassy Nuts

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I got with me today no nastassia Hammer Lopez wind and rain storm we had in your I think I look already I'm amazed that they Let Her Fly we have three major airports in New York one of them is the New Jersey so go figure and used a lot easier not to come in and out of the one in New Jersey because now you can kind of like uber back and forth but it used to be you take a New York

City Cab to Newark Studio replacing the Stasi Lopez for today only the evil cocktail Overlord of the universe Donley. I brought the anger and hate everything he's like why are you more are you more kylo Ren or more Darth Vader or Darth Vader no no dad killing thing straight evil interesting tippah if you're going to re-watch the prequels watch it in a language you don't understand with subtitles apparently lot better mean if you can't hear his acting so you know I don't know the guy Christian what's his name

good after that it's horrific I mean Natalie Portman's a good actress and she's horrific in that so I don't know man has anyone ever watch The Phantom Menace all the way through I mean exactly I've tried on several occasions to make it all the way through have you ever watched the two-hour-long review of The Phantom Menace on YouTube this guy reviews all three of the prequels and he also liked has that there's this subplot of him being like a Buffalo Bill ask serial killer because truly only someone like that could review those movies but it's really really good start like the phantom menace with a bunch of weird trade rules it's like it's almost like what's going on in politics right now just starts with a bunch of trade regulations and nobody understands

and then like models on and then all of a sudden Darth Maul comes out and gets killed in like 10 seconds at the end of the movie I mean the only good thing to come out of the movie song that's a great song gonna Williams outfit on I don't know that works with the song when they're actually fighting at the very end but is it better than like the actual like Darth Vader's theme of what you could course can be better than that but it is in the pantheon Star Wars song is one of the great all about that you know what is there anyone better than him

at what he does anyone I don't know whoever just did a good job but win Darth Vader with and if they use the original Uber back from there so it's not so bad but we have two other main airport to here we have John F Kennedy International Airport which is where a lot of the international flights come in first or nationally they make you walk basically the length of an entire country to get from the airplane to the where they check you into the country and Customs three separate lines in the name of efficiency they make you stand in three separate lines you have to go in the line to talk to the computer to tell it what you brought in our didn't then wait in the line to Han

that piece of paper to an agent who stamps your passport so you can wait in line to go to a customs person who actually verify that they're going to search you or not okay people so you can pay $100 and go get the SIM card Global Entry the promise you actually have to show up somewhere to do that you can't just walk in dollars the office in lower Manhattan should be a rich person's freaking right only to not have to go through hell so many scrapes their nickels together so they can finally take that International freaking trip they should have to pay $100 of the government doesn't wear a freaking ramrod of nasty time waste suck crap up your you know what when you come back into the country

that's what you going to do and besides most credit cards will pay for it for you as well

how many feet in fire service status don't pay for it again you have to be a frequent flyer you have to be a special person all the time all right we're talking about this off the air to get there any public transportation to John F Kennedy Airport because you have to take at a minimum at a minimum a Subway to another train and then walking in between that's minimum express bus to Midtown

to give me how to get to midtown midtown by the way you're going and do they not have like lots of stairs a convenient way to get around it is not built for people to use right what I believe they're all Ada accessible the elevator is that there is no traffic like okay there are maybe 15 to 20% of the time during the day when you can get to and from JFK without traffic right so you spend 40 minutes in a car and then 40 minutes later 40 minutes into your car ride you pass LaGuardia on the way home to get into but it's a freaking nightmare because play never take off or land on time because of runways are too short correct

how are we a major city is we got we got a year old but how are we like who we are at level the city and we can write it down so please remember this please remember this name of this article people later on we're going to answer or talk about a question about soybean and pulse protein Yuba skin you buy bean curd skin and we are going to talk about this article so if you are interested in protein of other legumes and pulses just remember this article it's a review so you can just get a handle on what the proteins are by Joyce a boy and its pulse proteins coded processing characterization functional properties and applications in food and feed a review in food research

National and you can find that you find abstract to it on the internet sore if you can steal access to a university you can get it that way I forget what year who see what year was from 2010 so you listen decade-old relatively recent calling your questions leguminous or not to 718-497-9128 at 718-497-2128 so I just got back from Oregon from Portland and I saw them the dogs actually hunting Truffles and now I know how to do the Truffle hunting and I have to say that the fact that I've not been able to get my dog one of my major my large lab to successfully hunt troubles and not his fault I think I was looking in the wrong places here in Connecticut my my truffle contact Charles LeFevre Inn in Charles rough the automatic rifle contact Inn in Portland they tell me they insist that I have truffles here in Connecticut that we all have truffles everywhere

traveled everywhere just gotta know how to look for him so but not culinary trouble unclear unclear Oregon truffle now so if anyone cares to talk more about you know non-european truffles like non Milano's for my perigord and non-magnetic my a white Alba truffles you know me not to worry doing wrong with your dog is it like going to be too close to the base of the tree you like looking in the wrong place like a lot of debris and wooden garbage on the ground to AAA truffles like forests that are relatively recently planted they like like a relatively they live in conjunction with disturbance right cuz they're on these truffles anyway relatively young forest and they don't like I think a lot of competitive like shrubs and wood and all this kind of other garbage on the ground you know what the land I have I was looking and very Rocky

I don't like waterlogged ground so you have to look in places that aren't completely waterlogged in in Oregon so I feel like I'm the better hand you liking of bribing your sons to go like a rake the forest to like clear the debris now where was like the classic like Doug Fir like needles on the ground soft off you know the ferns here and there but not a lot of like you know crazy down and stuff you know what I mean some sort of precursor to the poodle the like I forget what it's called it's called like that the lake Roman oh Lord looks like a poodle but it's apparently older but

and I got down on my hands and knees put my nose to the dirt these ones have what kind of a sulfur almost like horseradish elem hit to him along with some other aromaz it's like I got a lot on with Oregon white truffle smells like but what I'm here to tell you is that a human being with their nose to the ground can smell it I'm sure if you were to like crawl on all fours constantly or like you know we love yourself around face down on a car dolly all the time that you you can find these things to you know I'm saying patch is nice anyway like there's no bad smells there I mean it's not like putting your Aveeno nose to the pavement in the Lower East Side is not just like a big giant pile of Filth

play something I'd like yoga meditation thing where you have to go to the forest and do this whole religion around this side business selling truffles you know the other side yeah they do that they do that and they blow out I feel like I'm saturated with whatever is right here and you start again your lack of it without even thinking about you like them I got an acting just like a dog crates is interesting like Vortex so that they're really directional smelling versus us were like kind of everywhere one of his favorite studies to bring up is this study and I forget what it was it was at some UC school

I don't know like 15-20 years ago some like this where dogs are better than humans but it's not like I don't think it's orders of orders of magnitude better than humans and some contentious kind of argument over this but obviously they use dogs to smell things that we can't read so many there you go I don't know whether dogs can smell more compounds strictly speaking more numbers of compounds we can or their sensitivity to those compounds but there was a study where this person in California I forget who was drugged some chocolate Aroma could have been truck bed that has to talk because of chocolate Roma through the ground and then

put flashlights on students heads and then overhead took a picture of them at night trying to sniff their way and they found it and you don't see them like you can see them do that kind of like like like the hunt porpoise back and forth until they hit the right Trail and then staying on deviating off coming back so humans can do it yeah we can do it it's just longer so the way that they experienced smell is more focused primarily that or Tunisia from the outside directly to the nostrils and the shape of the nostrils make it more directional than us oh human evolution is his theory I don't know whether it still has any credit or not is that we are the retronasal like royalty of the animal world where as everyone else is yeah completely worth on is old so like dogs you know like dogs when you make dog food you're not worried about

how to melt when they're chewing it it's all about me or getting hit in the face getting in the face you know what I mean anyway airports troubles troubles troubles weird last week I hadn't talked about this did I Dave the nuts from start a star chefs or did At Me Now from chefsteps stock using the pressure cooker technique you describe there was also a huge difference in the body of the stock a nice bath and solidified into a gel where is previous Dockside made there would be some gelatin but it would still be mostly liquid thanks for the help I have a question about a chefsteps recipe for deep-fried classy nuts

what do you think about that title Don deep fry glassing nut who doesn't like some plus nuts nuts nuts if you have a feeling like everybody knows it's like they can in their heads just say Deez Nuts at this point on the show with the number of times that we've had like these nuts references I always think McGee's nuts though he's not yet yeah it's replaced Deez Nuts in my mind so when you actually hear Snoop Dogg saying it to his black girlfriend on the phone you hear him saying that he's nuts in my mind space McGee's over what he saying in the Snoop Dogg in the Snoop Dogg way that's going through my head here's another one to go to my head all the time whenever I think of total eclipse of the heart the heart the song

in my mind the word heart is replaced by Jean-Paul Sartre and vice-versa whenever anyone mentions Jean-Paul Sartre I sang Total Eclipse of the Sean Paul started my head Central nightmare tips and tricks deep-fried briefly what they do is they take the nuts whatever nut I think they do picanha recipe but I think it works on any nut and they blanch it for a while in water so there for a couple minutes there's two things by the way that that blanching step is doing its adding some moisture to the nut which is going to help in the next procedure but it's also leaching out the pan so if I were you but it's not going to basically all of the all of the stuff that you don't like when you're

like those kind of burnt bitter notes a lot of that stuff is coming from the skin which is also kind of high in attended especially on something like a walnut or pecan or more or less time depending on how much crap you want to leak out and then instantly throw it into are they do in salted water to so I guess they're salty in the same time which is always a good idea and they throw it into the confectioners sugar and cornstarch and I think they use confectioners sugar bother making their own powdered sugar and any non-commercial confectioner sugar you have has cornstarch and because that's how to keep it from sticking together so then you shake it like a shake and bake in a Cambro of of this powdered sugar and confectioners sugar and then you fry it right and so the purpose of frying there is I guess to keep them separate frying it

temperature you're keeping them separate from each other so not like on a baking rack and you're also preventing stuff from dripping off because any watery stuff is going to said here to the nut inside the oil because it has no reason to go off into the oil and the same time your evaporating the moisture off of the surface of it out of the not entirely too dehydrated again and at the same time you're taking this slurry sugar that you've made on the outside with the water in the night Nathan is coming out and you're melting that into a glassy coding when it's done you pull it out you dry it off so that my phone decided that I was done done reading so it stopped dump them into a Cambro powdered sugar shaking the coat fit well before frying and 325 degrees hot oil several that the contact sugar the crystallized resulting in a clumpy coating very few ended up looking glass e n e i d

what went wrong thanks Quinn from La so I looked at the chefsteps their website and there were like huge numbers of people who are like work like a charm work like a charm and then occasionally people would have this problem typically what's going on in this problem is I've tried the recipe so I can't say but typically what happens to me when you're cooking sugar is either either you've never fully melted the stuff to begin with and so if Crystal stays there and then it just crystallized as it cools down or two

you have something that does fully melt out but a crystal then gets reintroduce back into it and it just crystals and glasses over so you know one would be you know something this never work try to let you know how do you know how if you take if you take sugar and you don't get all the crystals off of the side as it starts to boil then if he at and if you stir it while it's doing you can hit a crystal into it you could crystal out your whole back once you make it to a certain temperature cuz you're not hot enough to melt everything out you're not hot but you're not a supersaturated state you're basically putting that you're basically putting the sugar into a supersaturated state and then introducing a nucleation site that's what's happening so my guess is maybe you're draining it too much and you need a little more water on it

that's my guess I don't know what do you think you have any are you sugar cooking person done sounds interesting I wonder if it has to do with the kind of the powdered sugar is the cornstarch religion affected that much is that going to make things better or worse I mean if I had to guess I would say it would make it more crystalline that's in the in the think my guess is that it's not going to matter too much maybe someone on the chat room knows about this Dave and can can like weigh in on this thing is your oil temperature if your oil temperature was Rida Low temperature Shirley can affect it but I don't know I don't know I don't know how do you say it's powdered sugar so me and these guys are pretty specific today maybe that he's annoying sell powdered sugar though you superfine

best way to do it is to put super fine in in like a vital practice Blitz the hell out of it until it's a powder but it's me try it but not to look really closely on day watch to call on your video and you can tell by looking at the way it shakes whether or not in yet but no don't be still be substituting superfine for powder man on the same if you have no cornstarch

in the real life style I don't know I guess it's probably helpful for something I'm sure it's helpful in glazes I use nothing but confectioners sugar and clear but you know if you want that like blazes on cakes I just I've had too many cocktails where it someone reads arrest PCS powdered sugar and then use it as confectioners sugar and then now I've got should never use what do they use it for it's just they don't understand what recipe calls for Potter 7 week-old recipes no glue recipes so dough recipe C powdered sugar and then there's no place for cornstarch in a normal cocktail which is why for me if you have to choose go some fun

and if Neo I forget what it is I think it's not low I think it's something

not as high as 10% I don't think but it's not an insignificant amount of cornstarch that's in it so I would imagine also that it's going to leave a at least I'm making a

definitely texture wanted to dissolve hey you still go buy that shirt oh by the way next week when it starts his back hopefully we have more information on the spins all how it's going we're still have a campaign going going well might have some news next week about our plans were talking with our factories in China in advance of the Lunar New Year which is this weekend so they basically we're getting our Last Licks in before the Lunar New Year and hopefully have more on Dave's timings updates on how much money we've had pledged to date and how much money were actually going to need going forward and then we'll we'll talk more about it during a lunar new year is the largest and

we think she has been in China for almost an entire month celebrations are probably until like what you have in China people are they go to the factories from they live long way away a long way away and they go and they live in the factory dormitories. We're talking like you know young people like 18 19 20 year old people not like young like like you know like child labor young but like you know first job young and those group of people sometimes when they go home for for the Lunar New Year it's a long way to get there and maybe they didn't like their job so much so they just don't come back and so it takes a long long time for the factory to get back up to speed because they don't know what percentage of their workers are going to get back and you'll maybe that'll change

I later in time in China as as fewer and fewer workers become migratoria come from other provinces I don't not like to it's his interesting and strange phenomena are you guys manufactured in China like something I'm interested to see what happens I kind of wish I could make a wish I could make the spins all in the US we just don't have the quantity you know what I mean like this when I think people don't understand like a small manufacturer like me or like you know you got a cocktail Kingdom be virtually impossible for a lot of the stuff we do to get the numbers reasonable like the US were really good at making a couple and a really really good at making a lot but anything that is not in automation range is like

doesn't exist you can't make enough of something to have it be automated for it to be viable here in the US but then how many jobs are you really providing if you're going to an automated you know I don't know I wish I could call

hi I'm calling from UK

I have a question I'm trying to make a tequila and rhubarb sour where I'm using the rhubarb juice places to take an obtuse using that I'm not using it to him at the astringency it's kind of really if you might want drinking his grades and its balance between the

if if you think I should have a second drink second one of it you got that real kind of tonic drying quality stringency in the mouth and if you had any ideas on how to deal with that so let me go to your procedure first of all this is a heated rhubarb

yes it does the rhubarb is cooked in a pie in a wolf's about 60° for an hour and it was packed genetics and then spun in the centrifuge to take that off silence while I want and a half ounce of tequila and give me ask you this

let me know let me leave backwards here so I've never cooked rhubarb at 60 is that enough to have it taste cooked or did it still tastes Raw

it takes a rhubarb which I've also use is even more challenging to use in a cocktails and cook food Barb I would recommend

me anytime I have a problem of astringency I moved to some sort of stripping regimen but I would do it like on the juice itself so casein like milk is a relatively gentle stripping things that you could do like a milk washing to it before you add sugar obviously likes the sugar will stabilize it so you know they will kind of ruin it unless you want to actually make a milk say about it but then the problem is that a lot of milk but milk wood would do it a lot of other astringency removers are relatively brutal like egg white is a relatively brutal stripping agent is Lego just really tear the hell out of the flavor of the script the hell out of it as a first shot I would just make the drink with an egg white and see whether the egg white if you have two of the just with your current syrup you have right now if it if it's something

can be bound with a protein just making it with an egg white twice going to change the balance a lot of your cocktail but it'll let you know whether or not a stripping agent would help write on it and I like the results and is there a vegan alternative to using milk wash let me think about it

I haven't I don't know my impression. You tried it or haven't tried it but here's the thing I don't know maybe someone on the what's it called will no longer on the message things will know but usually with soy protein so it is a protein right I've never find with it my guess is that soy is

coagulate soy you add positive ions right you add calcium typically or magnesium like double positive which leads me to a gas that the soy plant Lee has a net negative right I have no idea I have no idea I shouldn't even speculate I would try it like Anna and like I like you know it's a it's definitely an interesting idea I've done like it's kieselsol which you add is negative right so you could I've done I've done I forget what it was I did AI Joanne strip where I added a fining agent to do the to do the attachment and then I added Joanne to precipitate it out but that's very gentle gelatin is a good stripper but it's obviously not vegan

I guess I'm more curious as to why it's the second drink and not from the very beginning nothing that first drink so if you could if you would try to making me that liked not rhubarb margarita like a regular Margarita and then you have a rhubarb margarita at your second drink is that still feeling up to a to stringent

oh I don't know if she can build up over time I mean astringency as of five or six years ago which was the last time I actually looked it up but there were still some debate over the mechanism of the screen didn't see but they're at least some people who believe it's a loss of lubricity on the tongue and so you could definitely have an additive effect over time with will astringency I guess what I would do is to I would try another or sour drink first and then have disa second rank as his is it a specific or if you had a double size drink by the time you get to the end of that first drink is it just because the accumulation of a time and stripping with soy

doesn't look like it now somebody wants to know what about aquafaba chickpea. That's more of a hydrocolloid interaction like it's more of a sickening kind of protein that I don't know the charge of chickpea juice but in general you're looking for like in like an hour an aggregator and so it's like something like it's going to bind to polyphenols and so typically you're looking at proteins like the complex with polyphenols are there polyphenols like to compare to their environment and certain charged certain charged things will bond with polyphenols in the right environment Center sing idea I should look into soy likes whey protein isolates

we just use soy protein isolates I should try it if you look up wine fining right which is how you get into this in Wine fine and you will see there's lots of scholarly work on it right you'll see blood you'll see a white you'll see gelatin you'll see kieselsol Titus and Titus and you'll see all of that stuff I haven't you'll see you know PVP you'll see all these things you won't see you won't see so much

I've never seen soy but I may be this and that they haven't tried it but I think that's an indicator what you can do there are carrageenans that are made for finding out beers and they require certain amount of heating probably a little bit above over what you're doing now 60c but there are Kappa carrageenan that are made to add in small amounts to like find protein Haze in in beers other Hayes's in beers maybe they would help I don't know I don't know the interesting thing to try this up Jaylin

it's it will be for a bottle restaurant by the way I am looking into that already has already using a bit if I get some head and I'm not sure if that's a stripping on a lot of agents and drinks so I did some experimentation

years ago with a doping my lime juice with xanthan gum and the reason being that I wanted to know if if if lime juice has two functions in shaken cocktail right it's it it is adding solids and proteins for texturising and it's adding acidity which is why you never shake with clarified lime juice right okay so I thought well if a little bit of body in his good more might be better so I added xanthan gum so we can hold the body better and this is also in like and I couldn't find anyone who liked it that much better that wasn't adding enough to make it for 12 members and that not a whipping agent so you're not going to make a phone it just holds the phone you've got right be very clear on what's xanthan does but I wasn't able to find anyone that liked it better fresh but I was able to find people who at the end of the cocktail what's the cocktail had warmed up a

could taste a different body in it at the end of the cocktail now my question on aquafaba and a cocktail is do you have the same problem at the end of a cocktail

I don't know cuz I've been kicking up quite quickly and a drink which is why I don't like it I don't know you could do on an egg white crack and to do this test for me since you're not a vegan crack your egg white in the morning leave it in your fridge and then use it in the evening and tell me if you can still smell it or taste it but a lot of that stuff is kind of transient and it's hard to do in a bar because you know you don't want to crack out that many in advance but it's one of the few cases where I think people who do do pre crack on their egg white and put it in squeezies it problematic in some ways because doesn't goes right but the you know the technique where you crack your egg whites into a squeeze bottle and then you put it in an egg white if you crack it like several hours in advance prior to service all of that smell flashes away and so it's actually Superior

okay and another thing that I don't think I mentioned in the book in liquid intelligence I can't remember I wrote quite a while ago but anytime we're doing testing for drinks we have a very firm rule that you make one and you drink it right away because that's the way God wants you to do it but then you make another one and you take a sip and then you let it sit for 15 minutes and then you take a sip to let it sit around because some drinks some drinks which work like off flavors friends and egg white drinks on freshly cracked eggs off laborers will develop after a couple of minutes or like in the case of the San Tan stuff like bad textures will come out as it warms up so it's a super good practice I think because you can't like guarantee that all your customers are the people you know what I mean and that they're going to drink in a timely fashion I would also say that

fold-up likely not like a tiny like bite that like kind of clears that away so that they have the next drink you don't have the discrepancy

Philips astringency there's a black acid in rhubarb

trying to figure out and it can be precipitated out and I believe beside for being itself it can add to that kind of a stringency so I'll look into it

no sew just dropping it when I was working with him at all about the super 20in method of killing your rhubarb and then boiling the peel separate to extract the color and then using that water or two then color The Flash I don't know if they are you know if there's like maybe they can look at anything coming out of the skin of it worth a shot. No speaking of that I've been experimenting with us cellular cellular enzymes that break down cellulose because my goal is to make the stringless celery

no luck man I cut the celery into like you know sticks and then put the enzyme into water vacuum Infuse the water into the cellar by the way makes it look awesome like vacuum just straight water infused celery looks amazing it looks so awesome the color now that's it for like a day and a half and it made it somewhat softer but my wife was like not so special na haeun so special is like a man but it did make the strings easier to peel off so then if you if you take your your petty or paring knife and unique the string and pull it you get a much better pull on that so it's easier to make like actual cut peel celery but I've had no luck making the miracle celery which leads me to believe that does strings are probably also lignin like lignified and so I need some sort of enzyme that or something that can break lignin down with his other than another level of difficulty above cellulose but I'm still working on the

the miracle II how nice would it be to have celery that just was still crunchy the packing wasn't destroyed but you know it was not no strings would not be awesome

be pretty great no strings at all

yeah I think so but I think you had a dream celery my friend fell asleep and you're like dreaming of this miracle celery and then you woke up

I don't know if someone developed a variety of stringless celery I just want everyone to know someone develop the variety of string the celery I would pay five times the price for it right so right now I pay like a dollar for a bunch of celery I would easily pay $5 for a bunch of string of celery and it would be like and what you're serving kids like cream cheese peanut butter and raisins or something like this like most people are not eating the celery they're like well they're eating it chopped up into thin pieces in like a chicken salad or they're cooking stocks or something but not a lot I know I don't walk down the street and see people like shoving celery into their face and Refrigeration straight unless they're on some sort of horrendous diet

I need anything that the screen is his salary is the only impediment people walking down the street eating those heavy yeah yeah I mean I don't think it's the only impediment but I think if you had one that was like like like eight levels higher than ordinary piece of celery and it was stringless that you could build a connoisseurship is celery the great flavor let's not like let's not forget the celery the off an under-appreciated celery is freaking delicious and so like I feel that if you if you had the stream of celery we could we could have like a celery Revolution we could we could we can increase people's love accelerate like many-fold I think men like you know partner with the dental associations and it's like a alternative to flossing crazy talk

I managed to find any string with celery I'll bring some to you I will see you there bring your string of celery and Willow

when is Edinboro with Don Lee so what was that all about that will be there this April I believe it's April 3rd and 4th it's the first Monday Tuesday of April and then we'll be back again next year as well so check out tales of the cocktail. Com tales on tour Edinboro for a ticket information right Jo jankovich Road in regarding cast iron hey David Gang you've talked before about vintage cast iron pans having a smoother cooking surface and modern Skillets like Lodge do I saw a guy strips a cast iron pan with something called and Avante quick strip disc available at Home Depot attached like a Scotch Brite pads that are impregnated with

impregnated with like a grinding media like Silicon silicon carbide and are hooked onto a power drill and I looked at one of YouTube things and it looks like it does work to the good thing about those Wheels is they are very gentle because they kind of like move a little bit so I going to take off their going to make fewer deep marks in your pan than what I would use which is a flexible sandpaper discs flexible sandpaper disc is going to be super quick and get it done super quick but you will leave marks in it depending on kind of what grit you choose I hate by the way I hate sanding with a power drill there's a reason God invented the angle grinder and it was because power drill suck for for grinding cuz if you look at the video I saw when you push a power drill down you have kind of a long stick coming out and then the thing at the end and so as you push it down the movement of the diskette that spins tends to pull and process the drill

it's hard and like it can be hard on your wrist sometimes you don't have a good grip on it and it's hard to get nice accurate stuff where has an angle grinder is dead straight like you can control the hell out of it so I wouldn't go out and buy an angle grinder if this is your only application but angle grinders if you do work where you have to sand things angle grinders come in really really handy just remember that when you take the guard off of your angle grinder which I know you will do be careful where gloves because you feed an angle grinder into your knuckle and it's good by knuckle I've seen it happen it's freaking nasty I think they're going to kick us off the air so I'm and also Mark I'm going to answer your you but question your pulse making I want anyone who has information on this to tweet me in their information but we have a

listener who's interested in making you buy bean curd skin with alternate sources like peas and other pulses and legumes and wants to know if something like transglutaminase might help if anyone had experience making you by being Kurt's games with alternate sources other than soybean please tweet me at cooking issues and let me know so I have more information for next week when I answer I have some information but give me more Grant robicheaux listen to every episode man that's a lot of episodes pre-order the spins all thank you for that the question is my sister a joint she would serve a lot of phones to experience but said she eat the hell out of it I am too but since you eat the hell out of a Cool Ranch Doritos flavored phone since she loves a flavor that hates the fatty fatness of eating a whole bag I'm paraphrasing me a small bag to get a smaller bag then you eat the whole bag is not a problem right

really oh yeah try that people how would you go about making something like that more generally what goes into Cool Ranch flavor besides MST no hate here I love MST webs I forgot to write down who they are but feel you search it's called Like Booty Mix Ludington. Net or some like that I forget the person's name who did a knockoff recipe in the good news is most like well-known recipes someone has attempted a knock off of it and so there knock-off for chips now that's not her phone was why you buy that ranch is so freaking easy to make from non mixed whatever so please people don't buy dry ranch mix do not buy it more than that in a second I'll white cheddar cheese powder okay so there's a cheese flavor in there what you going to do in the phone situation you're probably going to have to do in the form of a of a broth or or you could use a powder I get to Hershey powder to make some Torchy's brothy think smoked paprika

granulated garlic when you said I can you clean a powder I would but garlic granulated onion dried tomato powder so there's a little tomato and popcorn salt that size of salt important just returned to making Doritos not in terms of what you're doing okay so what I'm hearing is ranch + cheese + paprika extra garlic onion and a little bit of tomato so how do you make ranch ranch is that everyone does it differently some people use buttermilk I don't it's a mixture of the magic 3 salad ingredient things which is sour cream mayonnaise and yogurt need to make basically any you can use buttermilk I guess instead of the yogurt but any sort of ratio of those that suits your taste I'm heavy usually on sour cream and mayonnaise and light on yogurt but that's me are very same light on buttermilk they would do but anyway then it's in that is garlic some form of verb is urban Ranch so I had always deal no matter what I always do

is parsley be you can add kind of any herb that you wanted a classic so you must have Dill I daresay that are a you must have feel a little bit of parsley and chives do not forget the Ranch at the house is he sell it because I haven't make the ranch do you have the child's Dad I'm like no just substitute movies like it's not the same. I'm like I know but it's what I've got and then I asked me to play at Blue paprika that's it so you make a mixture of that add the other stuff and some form of cheese flavor either Pat or not little bit of tomato I would use a what's were looking for paste because it's got the heaviest flavor and you can have a small amount of it make it all up then strain any solids out anything that can't anything that goes through a very fine mesh strainer will not clog your EC

then it goes more will had your gelling agent of choice and foam away right where you think Don sounds good but I don't see how that's any less fattening

what your Beach basically are

you can just use a spoon and just go straight into the ranch

more flavor or Flavour oh yeah I remember when you're making a song You're reducing the flavor by the factor of a billion because you have to make him very very over flavored Ranch in order to have any sort of flavor in the phone because you're adding so much are so you're going to have to up everything and I mean everything you might need to add extra acid if you're going to lose some of the criminals from the butter but you should still work man don't work it's just seems Sub sub par has anyone made the Cool Ranch on cooking issues

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