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Episode 278: Drums for Daves

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every Tuesday from Bushwick Brooklyn and as usual I guess they're from Homer because it's a tree so soon that's Homer Alaska ever had before and I buy Florida I mean like extremely acidic is know something either this app was extremely high acid or something had grown it and I didn't know whether that's just the way what you hear

twinkling in the background is not mouth noises please don't be afraid cooking issues people that's nastassia unwrapping the first syrup it's wrapped in bubble wrap and aluminum foil to prevent the alien race from getting to it and I have to say is an it takes a lot of guts too wrapped up in aluminum foil because you never know some lunatic might be like I can't see through with my machine so I'm going to open it up machine and didn't drain a boiler and they'd originally packaged okay but then when they ship it to me a little water head ripped out so UPS completely on the entire thing back in the box over and over and over again when they showed up every single panel is shattered and broken machine basically for free and I'm still using to this day

I'm tickled tastier

that's good it is actually tart but this one is not flawed sjobergs hear it must be inherently charger than what's it called Maple but I think this is delicious is a much Superior product to the one that I did I try before you get to your finger in that it's pure cigarettes does she

not going to go there and track of such things is Bridge Creek Birch syrup 1% pure pure birth cert made in Homer Alaska but thanks so much for my fly out to Portland to have some truffles so more on that next week when I'm back anything good going on a sassy know this is something I think that now there's a sign that Jen and I did back when we were in our early twenties but I think it's just as valid now and I meant to talk to you because she has so many Poor House guess but I used it

like who raised you you know what I mean like where did you come from like how did you show up at my house completely empty-handed make a huge mess and then just hightail it out and leave me with all this garbage right they had dinner but it's also people who come and stay at stay at your place and so what we did is we started kind of the houseguest Olympics and we would rank people when they came over and we can tell people that we were ranking them maybe a little bit we did but it's like we were like ranking people and we really got a sense for kind of who people wear with this kind of a houseguest Olympics clearly when whenever he shows up night Nathan yeah he shows up with stuff the guy doesn't like dessert so like at the end of dinner when everyone's eating dessert

all of the dishes and so he shows up brings you stuff has good conversation doesn't talk about one person there's always that one person that you invite who doesn't say anything and I got my God he's going to talk to that one person doesn't say anything that person in the corner that's just basically anyone Nathan Skyes will talk to them and clean your dishes that is like that's like gold medal like 10.0 floor routine I guess Olympics and if you let people know maybe people get better baby can people get better the next time I see you should read all your friends but they all fail

what is bad as you think you're not as bad as you think the only thing I know about them is Renaissance Hotels me yes yes there is a no longer come over your house and say I'm not bringing any wine because I'm not drinking today and then they drink wine anyway that doesn't happen in a while many years like 2 weeks know some questions from Michigan regarding salt with a music video with rabbits right yeah right I only recently found out about cooking issues in men listening through the back catalogue I'm only an episode 220 but everything's been good

what episode are we on now I have no idea what episode is this the music of Daryl Hall and John Oates best way. To Eunice ass here I thought you went to go see them in concert bad bad for women and what's it called jamming jamming yeah yeah now you know that they're not a jam band well don't jam bands like if the jam bands Jam Bandits played like that on the radio right now by Ayo lever The Allman Brothers the question with a question is why would you assume that haunt me

come out of like Boombox stereo speaker I mean like Grateful Dead is not played on the radio what radio plays at least Grateful Dead song on Earth Touch of Grey on anything they're going to be here like I did back when I was younger the radio now

no offence radio people but the point is is that when I was growing up what's wrong when like like you know reunions when they're all like half of them are dead back when they were actually a band and no one had died yet miraculously that stuff was not on the radio at all you know what I mean not that I know of, stations I listen to Dave Matthews on regular radio listen to listen to where they AM FM radio they should they should listen to am only

oh no he just mentioned calling out since they were talking about music and hung up by the way are we going to go through the Preamble of a little story a little story nastassia Lopez is a classic nastassia by the way I bought tickets to see Billy Joel at one of his Madison Square Garden performances and if anyone who knows us personally knows both adult ticket to go alone so nasty and then get together literally working an event and by the way it was a garbage event remember what it was and she goes

oh my God I'm supposed to be at Billy Joel I just missed a Billy Joel concert first of all I didn't need her to be at the event she could have gone to the Billy Joel concert she knows it she doesn't blame me for this but here's the kicker Dave this is mysterious pure nastassia Lopez nastassia

will never buy again a Billy Joel ticket even though she desperately wants to go but she's going to punish yourself because I already bought that ticket to see Billy Joel again Billy Joel maybe someday maybe someday I'll buy you a ticket or maybe something like cooking issues in Meijer will send you a Billy Joel ticket to this is the only way you get to go see Billy Joel in concert and so I can't read it take it or ticket to San Francisco

I don't think so one of those things that you just forget even exist anymore and now I was very small I took them but I used to take me to see them during the during their practice when they weren't on the road because that's where both true Soul Train like they used to know they were like a railroad only show for a long time so in New York that used to wash all of their animals from the railroad Depot in Brooklyn or Queens maybe through the Midtown Tunnel and then it was where I was going on and so you could go in the middle of the night and watch the entire circus parade all of the animals through the tunnel and out it was night like miniature horse

is good business anyway and end of an era by Oliver Swanner Albright years ago like for 5 years ago where the authors that you can find it on the on the Internet is called the Juicy Secret to seasoning meat where the author's experiment resulted in the conclusion that different meats are cooking methods require different timings for salting the meat for best results to this match your experience and knowledge is there any sort of best practice guideline for which kinds of meat or which cooking method should have salt applied at certain times

and then second question was I once read that Dong Po pork belly where the guy wants had red cook time for pork belly where they that was so soft and tender that had almost a texture of creme caramel how can I achieve this keep up the good work cooking shows teeth so let's go in reverse order for the pork belly it's been a long time since I've made that but if it's not soft I think you have two things most people who do it right they do I look a lot of kind of scraping of the skin beforehand and some people believe in Nederland Miss let's like some stuff kind of come out of it and send it to your initial typically a branch step and then after the blanched and then comes the first which is kind of a brave / team over a bed of like scallions and Ginger with the rock sugar in the retina and I darken the light soy sauce and then after that I should crappie recipes with probably aren't as good just do that until the kind of meat is done the good recipes then take it out of

I put it in an individual steamer and then steam the bejesus out of it with some of the Jews but so that is no longer evaporating anymore and they do that until fundamentally the fat is totally kind of broken down and you know everyone has their own recipe whether they do it skin side up or skin side down most people I know do it skin side down and flip it skin side up otherwise I saw a place that did it three times right so I think a lot of it just has to do with that secondary steam snap I don't know how important the initial scraping or needling of it is only when the skin is not country stars or do you only like it when skins country in a steamed bun or something like this but you don't like just a big chunk of red for I do I love that stuff debut you like you like the gooey pork belly fat or do you like it only one that's the Skins been crucified I could go for that you could go for that

that's why I said paraphrase Caribbean people or expect no different to different notes at once don't care what about the fact that they make their own instruments as pretty baller like I was able to cut yourself but nothing that I cut myself I don't remember this if you people if you're going to try to make your own steel drum the most important things you have to be depressed it outright and that's kind of what I didn't do I didn't have enough heat to really be able to bend that whole kind of drum thing out but I spent the whole damn day doing it

and I just never be really disappointed because as like you know an eleven-year-old I was like man steel drums are cool but apparently you guys were like steel drums are for jerks and not cool not cool I don't know what is the commander know what the cooking issues crafting for the steel drums so much more complicated than you think salting does a number of things assaulting obviously makes things taste better write like so salt in general is good when you're talking about salting meat before

or after or during what you really want to do is focus on what you're attempting to do with with the meat so a very law of assaulting like a long time before with a salt actually get to penetrate into the interior the meat right for a meat it's going to be over cook anyway when I say overcooked I mean cooked above rare medium rare than in general the salt is going to allow the meat to hold on to more water right so you're not only going to season it but you're going to allow the meat to hold on to more water has more water absorption however it also has a kind of firmer texture once it's been salted then it would otherwise Miss is due to a number of reasons why because you're solubilizing some proteins that come out in form of jail with it so it kind of firms UPS assaulting firms to meet and you can think about this very clearly if you think about when you saw the fish

can you let it sit for a long time the flesh gets a good bit firmer the same thing happens when you're doing pork or a steak or or something like this and so when I'm going to eat something that is rare or medium-rare and I'm going to let it sit for a long time right then I don't want to Salt it more than about an hour or two before it's going to get eaten because I don't want the interior that meat to firm up on me this is specifically with kind of low temperature cooking now if you were going to do it on the grill right then you can just undercooked a inside a little bit more and you can salt it way before hand it's probably not going to affect it too much will be a little firmer but it's not going to be a big deal but once you cook the entire piece of meat up to let's say 5555 and a half it's not that it's overcooked if you saw it a long time before but it's just a little bit firmer and it has a little bit low

best of that kind of steak texture that rare medium rare has where it goes from that point of being kind of like where it's still kind of moves independently it feels kind of like you know each other a cooked it still feels like like like and then it goes all of a sudden to being that cooked meat where it's like one piece now doesn't kind of move independently ants that firming that happens when you salt a far in advance on pieces of meat that that you want to have that text Ron and so those are the only real thing that I take into account so that's you know that's kind of the big that's kind of a big difference so what happened is that person the one that they hated the most is they pre salted the heck out I think it's it's been two weeks since I read it but they pre-salt at the heck out of a pork loin which is already kind of garbage e carb it's a good piece of meat but it's typically overcooked and then they went ahead and over

and so they salted it they salted it all the way through now it's already firm and so is going to tend to be dry I think I can't remember exactly at the pork loin was the one that they had the difference in just think you're going to overcook it then salting it in my mind is usually a good way to go because going to hold on to more water if you are ants going to get taxes if you need it to taste more rare and an adult adulterated like pure steak and you're going to cook it for hours and hours low temp then salt right before you're going to see her at a time like this that's basically what I do anyway anyone who disagrees with me than welcome to get on disappeared me to take a call

hey Dave this is Chris from green zone in DC how you doing that it's always worked pretty well except this last time last night I didn't exactly as always as written in the book and the liquid-based he didn't clarify and so I'm trying to filter the booze out of the milk curds and if I'm going to like three coffee filters and it's a giant pain in the butt and I'm wondering what could have happened

yeah exact same Shane milk the same type of milk and I'm using it really fail on me was I've used ultra pasteurized milk Give an example so like I normally use regular pasteurized whole milk but when I went to Spain last time they got me that wretched kind of box parmalat milk which is like ultra high like sterilized milk and it did not work at all so maybe there's some in between Zone and Ultra pasteurizing Zone where it doesn't it doesn't work at you know where it where are partially works you know what I mean

that's interesting I've never tried it with non homogenized milk before I be interested to try with non homogenized milk you say it did form a curb you just didn't work very well opposite actually happened to the current chunkier than usual in the fridge overnight under the clear layer of who's on top the booze was cloudy

also there was a curd layer but the booze layer was still cloudy yeah I wonder whether

I wonder whether it's some sort of like

excess fat in it from it not being homogenized

I don't know I'll have to test it with some non homogenized milk and see what's going on but it could be that it could be that the

something about the fat not not come get it still function while just didn't look right. It seems a tear quickly but this time I've gone through three coffee filters and still not done I hate coffee filter so much I wish I could meet you at we're working I will have some more announcements in the next couple of weeks rights does I think it's I think it's looking I think it's looking better than I think it's looking good I think I think we're going to make it happen when you think I hope so but I like Supermarket like Supermarket milk like Soho pasteurized milk I know it doesn't work with parmalat and maybe it doesn't work with as well with without a centerpiece with non homogenized but it's something

like I said I'd be interested in throwing it into a fuse to see whether it would spin out yeah I would imagine it would but I already let me know start late and Late Show one Sacramento

she's like I don't care about Sacramento just that you can't see that now you made me lose my place a pressure cooker which I'd en pure a Pursuits I do like the ability of the pressure cooker to caramelize vegetables have the most recipes recommend adding a small amount of baking soda to facilitate the my erection remember though you got to keep straight the difference between caramelization which of the sugar only thing in my yard which is a reducing sugar and and proteins and we all fence a caramelized when we actually mean my are but likely like a carrot actually also has enough sugar in it that at higher temperatures anyway actual caramelization can take place and sugars in fact can caramelize on their own in a pressure cooker under the right circumstances i e with baking soda do in a pressure cooker

with a high sugar item there are actor is actually both reactions and caramelization reaction is going on in a basic environment I eat alkaline environment for the ceiling to keep track of eating a small amount of baking soda less than 0.5% I can still taste it I call it is a pretzel taste wondering if the baking soda is absolutely necessary longer. Of time I get the same degree of caramelization look at his question is is caramelization resume my iron is there any other alkalizing agent that can be used it doesn't give that funny cide taste thanks and best wishes made Simon I don't know I haven't won a lot of the test you could just try to cook it longer but longer might mean like twice as long and see kind of what happens it's possible also that if you were to allow more liquid to evaporate off than the temperature would go kind of even higher but you run into some problems with scorching at that point

unless you were doing that kind of credit and jarrah technique I've done some like ultra high temperature ones where I have pre reduce got some liquid out and then put them in an oil and if it's not really safe I wouldn't really recommend doing it and I can get like much higher temperatures that way lastly I wanted to make sure that you you should try it and see what they like the result for twice as long and see what happens but I would also say I don't know where the recipes that you're using I have you neutralize the baking soda a little bit unfortunately baking soda doesn't neutralize to salt and water the way that like hydrochloric acid and and lie would do but it does it know to neutralize it to sodium acetate which has a little bit of a vinegar live like a Michelle if you use acetic acid then it will I think it will go to sodium acetate right yes it'll go sodium acetate and then that

I have that's what they use for salt and vinegar potato chips so if you want a little bit of a vinegar taste to it you can try to neutralize it with a little bit of vinegar you could try to use a tiny pinch of food-grade tiny pinch of food grade sodium hydroxide and then but I wouldn't use HCL for it so you're still going to have an acetate ion in there when you neutralize it but I would just be careful as everyone knows lie in the kitchen can be dangerous if you don't label your core containers and you taste it like a jerk

lastly Zach rights in about low temperature meets my wife family family routinely commits War crime level overcooking of any meat as a result to bring entrees to family events this is led to a secondary problem they won't eat anything that is even pink inside poultry poor can even be I can't bring myself to intentionally overcook and I think they would actually like to eat things that are cooked much less if they could get pass a psychological barrier so is there a way with low temp cooking to greatly reduce the amount of redness in a cooked piece of clothing by hemoglobin myoglobin or otherwise catalyzes degradation at a lower temperature and then the second one you have is have you ever notice it when toasting almonds taste them while they're still hot there textures are not putting an end flavor even seems to be off I think it's more to texture issue could be a player thing because of all of those coming out of especially if you leave the skins on but once they cool they get that great crunchiness and text

what's going on there I think what's going on there is the protein they took a protein gel and when it's hot it with any residual moisture it's just a little bit rubbery and then when it cools down and gets all nice and solid member roasting you're actually flashing off almost all the water so it's I think it's basically just that that protein gel back to your meets the problem is that when you vacuum pack a cook something low temperature in a bag or anything like this you are a lot of the myoglobin is in its deoxygenated State the oxymyoglobin is much more resistant to heat denaturation than than regular oxymyoglobin is so what happens is is that you have a lot of deoxy left it Cooks then when you get it out of the bag it kind of blooms and gets red

also in poultry you have actual actual hemoglobin they're coming out of the bone specialist in younger me so with poetry get rid of all the bones trim out those areas cook it faster than it's been my experience at the fat faster cooking so numbers thinner pieces of meat faster way to cooking are going to get better coloration well more cook looking coloration for you but allow it to bloom up it in full oxygen environment even allow it to go if you were to do things that make it look terrible beforehand like 4 minute mile globin is put in a micro oxygen environment so that oxidizes pull it out and then like exposed to large amounts of oxygen oxygenated meat will turn brown very quickly and so I'm actually experimenting with the low-temperature book that I'm doing a different ways to get around this problem since it is a problem and so as I do experiments I'll let you guys know I'll give you more feedback on how to make me to look overcooked even when they're not cooking issues

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