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Episode 276: Quality for the Holidays

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happy holidays from all of us here at Heritage Radio Network

Air Jordan network every Tuesday from Brooklyn welcome to the Christmas any holiday really mean you and I happened to be Christmas folk but any know any holiday of your choice happy Christmas Eve wow this is not that kind of a show Dave questions to a 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128

cooking not really am not cooking lady we do not have Harold McGee today Booker is calling me on my phone we like he's well maybe I'll see you at home or are they having the world he's going to get mad at me if I actually put them on the lines of some kind of extreme it's these people my son included Who Loved riding on the trains that's in that's really all they care to do is write on the train to see what and see what he has to say here

maybe whatever it was not important anymore

Sounders train

Hey booger what's up I'm on the radio show right now what do you need

okay I'll see you in a little bit Court Square yes did you have a good railfanning trip

people listen I know I'm in the middle of a radio program here but when your son calls you and he's at least twice and he's out you know by himself on the subway system you take the call and they're wrong about this is how we are these older people add-ons are they might have missed your opportunity to tell one of the fun things to do in New York City during the holiday season is every Sunday they won't do it this time cuz it's Christmas Day run antique trains on from 2nd Avenue to Queens Plaza Longview half line and so you can ride it and like it's if there's exactly two kinds of people on that train we talked about this already you're too kind of people on that train there are like the people who are dressed up in fake 40s and 30s clothes taking pictures of themselves and then there's hardcore Rail fanners and those two groups of people

could not be any more different the hardcore rail fanners like typically are wearing some sort of like railroad a phernalia you know what I mean some sort of like you know 207th Street Track workers paying whatever you know what I mean some sort of like my son Booker has a baseball cap with every pin of every subway train on it and it is missing one anyway so it's a it's an interesting cross-section of New York and it's just the cost of a subway ride until it takes this week as a senior now holiday party

my made pasta and salad like I usually do cuz it's happy freaking Christmas pasta and salad is a vegetarian and Peter can you see what food and drink no fish I don't know about this I'm sure she eats fish didn't Thanksgiving two years ago did they bring some sort of like Meats to some sort of Southern he stay right now with Southern French kids are there was an Ethiopian in southern French anyway point being that did she just suddenly become know I've known her for her

no chicken no fish not as far as I know so you made for Christmas and Hazel

I thought you said you were cooking vegetarian two different types they see if you're basically saying that you cheat. You made pasta because like it's cheap but not because of you because of how to make pesto to and your family did you ever do the meatless Christmas Eve or is that Italian only did the meatless Good Friday not

is that how many fishes is your family do the baccala marinara sauce onions delicious have you ever been to the laundry hamper know I have it when you get that second fridge downstairs it's like you have the fridge in the kitchen but didn't have that second fridge that my mom used to soak the baccala in the second it like right next to the second fridge downstairs and she had it out cuz I guess you was going to change it

I don't cuz I got to take Monroe Junior High School I dumped the entire water thing into like like the clean laundry basket II fridge set up at my grandmother's house thank you what the worst thing is is when you say you take all this time soaking it and if you let it come up to temperature even too high you let it boil even a little bit in the bacalao goes hard to hate that like it to soak too long because I love the saltiness of it I like when it has that that Tang species typically you know that the high rents does card but now they is pollock or whatever they whatever they give the code

a lot of people find it somewhat what is delicious though is it cheaper stuff right and it's just easier if you just basically you it's thin so it rehydrates and socks out really quickly just like bring a large pot of water up to a simmer turn it off throw it in right this is not bark a lot of business with this fish the throat in and then like do that like once or twice your taste things like basically shred it and then make like a mashed potato right almost like a Brown died and you mix it in with with that you can also make it with actual mashed yams and becomes closer to like a Trinidad Tobago kind of thing but like salt fish and and like smash traditionally answer even like potatoes more of a Braun die style delicious and easy way to get into it mother favor

stassi did your family ever eats altata in any form and did you ever go out like to restaurants and get it if you did have you ever had salt Cod fritters bacalaito that's another really good way to have us all cop anyway so you're not supposed to have me so we used to have the black alarm we would always have some form of octopus and we would always have this what made me think of it the pasta with anchovies Devi ever do that won the interviews with the Savoy cabbage what are the flavors there we would do that we've do the the anchovy pasta but the trick with the anchovy pasta is not only not supposed to have meat you're also not supposed to have really Dairy on this night right so it's it's a fish only likes pics Immortal at right so we would do breadcrumbs instead of the cheese

nothing talking about which will what things do you do to brezza I don't know what that is the toss that sounds stupid like start Run start it was a religious injunction against having many wasn't just lent and Fridays it was like Christmas Eve not only no meat no Dairy typically no egg cuz he's are all alike Lenten fast rules built around kind of religious structures from the Middle Ages well you know some really good really good Cuisine why do you think do you think for even one second that the reason that Italian fish dishes don't contain cheese is because cheese and fish don't taste good together anyone that's had a fried fish sandwich with me

American cheese on it knows that cheese taste good with fish rain I mean anyone has had shrimp and grits realizes that shrimp and cheese and grits and bacon are all on friendly first-name basis with each other it's that the all of the fish dishes from the Italian repertoire are designed to be eaten on Fast days where you're not consuming Dairy that's why you don't get kind of creamy fish sauces that's why you don't get if you don't get cheese on your on your fish sauce that's why

FAQ history Factory Folk School

how you doing

so we have a little holiday party coming up and going to make it festive sparkling drink and I was thinking about doing like a carbonated French 75 nice anyway Ryan I like how you're doing it with the full like kind of like East Coast Boston Italian pronunciation you couldn't do it when you're when you're going to let me see what do you know what what what recipe are going to use for what the build is actually I think I have that one of the things is I can't remember it's been such a long time if I don't have the recipe it's because it didn't fit my normal analysis

message because it's got the added champagne afterwards what happens with the kind of normal dilutions equations because it has like post I Lucien afterwards and so I can't remember whether I made an exception to it and try to fit it into like one of the standard kind of drink categories that at that dick said I didn't go into a full-on analysis that style so I don't know but it is a obviously a delicious drink if you're going to do an actual Force carbonate version are you going to be going to clarify the Citrus or no it's probably a sedan each cocktail depending on how you balance it out I might just carbonate it all in the end you could basically priebatsch that stuff and then I would

add a little bit of the fresh at the end unless you want people to be able to pour it from the bottle like themselves a great asset I would also use a little pill to kind of like brighten it up a little bit you know but you know give it a test but that should be delicious what I can do is I can have my family entire family come by your house in Mystic on Christmas Eve cuz I'll be there and and we'll just you know will be rate you as an enemy of quality if we find the cocktail is not up to us. We think Washington Street side of the bridge man what the bridges are there I can be hours on Christmas Eve before I get back to the house

ask you away is but it's a bascule bridge and the people of Mystic they love this freaking Bridge say every couple of years they raised the 8th Julian dollar so they can repaint it you know what I mean and what happens is is that is it the two sides of Mystic are separated by this drawbridge and all it takes is like one knucklehead with you at with a boat that's too tall and a horn and traffic's tied up forever in the middle of town you know I mean anyway anyway party Friday so if you're around want to come you know I'll hit you up on the Twitter hit me up because believe it or not just New York City schools are running on Friday and then like they didn't even cancel after-school programs so that's has basketball freaking practices so stupid any website

nastassia pump made our shirts finally equality shirt so go online and look up let's go to Booker and Dax. Calm and you can see nastassia myself the queen and kings of Auntie quality

merry Christmas happy christmahanakwanzika whatever we call it now print recipe small over there's different temperatures for brazing and some of them and some people prefer lower temperature brazing like 200 to 225 degrees vs 350 degrees the temperature of the liquid inside the Braves can't get up off the boiling point is it beneficial or not to do a lower temperature at higher temperature braids and different depending on exactly how you how you how the whole thing's can figure right so like if you have a a braising vessel in an oven and the

vessel is sealed than anything in the world like the lids on it hurts got foil on top of it any temperature in the oven assuming the oven is accurate above 212 degrees Fahrenheit is going to cause the liquid and eventually the meat and or vegetables inside to reach 212 Fahrenheit because they'll be no evaporative cooler if if you remove the lid for allow there to be evaporation you know it and there are there in between zones write a levels of amount of evaporation then the meat and the product will evaporative leak cool itself and so it will not typically

reach boiling temperature in less than heat and put into the product is so high that the entire thing can actually reach the boiling point now meet will never have reached the boiling point and tell the surface dries out and there's no longer evaporative cooling at the surface however the parts of the meat that are underneath the liquid can reach those temperatures if you're in a hot hot oven so higher temperatures like you know 350-360 can be enough to overcome some of the evaporative cooling effects and push the surfaces of meet up above those kind of temperatures where as lower temperatures in the 200 don't because you're never going to overcome the kind of evaporative cooling effect to get the full drying and crust formation on the top of the meat so

we are not answering the question I would say that those lower numbers are safer in terms of like a piece of meat is poking out it's going to stay more braised and not kind of crust over as much you're not going to get above that above that level but then you know you might be in a situation where your heat input is not necessarily fast enough and it just takes a lot longer for you to get your brakes done that said I really don't think it's going to make too much of a difference I think your main difference is going to be if you see later if you don't if you don't see little difference between a 250 and a 325 is going to be kind of minimal I think it might just take a little longer one way or the other because it's going to go above 212 interesting stuff happened

church now I was all right along with that interesting to see how fast how fast is a breakdown of the time in the temperature or actually a higher temperature has the result of doing that faster if it's sealed for saying you don't really care about the meat being exposed above the liquid you don't care about that freaking down connective tissue collagen the hotter it is the faster it'll happen right so assuming you have the same soap to to convert College in to gelatin requires heat time and moisture right so like obviously it's hard to break down collagen and beef jerky because there's no moisture there I mean so it's it's it's like a combination

never allowed to have it happen but then you're still looking at and also moisture is being released from the meat as it Heats so there might there might be some effect in in higher-temperature situations as opposed to like Sub sub boiling temperatures where there might be a picture worth of let's say you were going to do a short rib let's say for like 3 days and you're going to cook it at like 55 56 which is you know down in meet me behind me to rearrange we can rearrange what you going to cook down there the connective tissue never breaks down now I mean it breaks down it gets off but it doesn't kind of melt out and so I am actually researching is now I shouldn't talk about it but the next books going to be on low temperature cooking for probably four more Home applications not probably it's going to be

cooking at in-home applications but the things isn't the texture of meat in those situation kind of stays the same structurally even though the kids softer and softer until it's probably some combination of the collagen not maybe breaking down as much because there was not as much moisture released because the meat doesn't squeeze out all of its juices as much because you didn't overcome to meet right here this is like a breeze but it isn't exactly the same thing cuz it's not high enough to actually constrict that tissue and melt all that college and it's just softening it breaking it down right it doesn't actually but doesn't actually render it in the same way that doesn't render out you know the gelatin to gel and doesn't suffuse the entire piece of meat and in fact

if what you want is a traditional braised and that you go in expecting a traditional braised in general most people don't want the low-temperature product in that case in that case what's the temperature that that sort of stuff that uses a meltdown probably had to do some research on that but in general in my head right there is such a Time penalty for doing a long-term low temperature work that roughly anytime I go above like 6465 Celsius I'm just like to hell with it and I go all the way up into the 80s so when you're in the 80s right you don't have to worry about over cooking things you also your water bath isn't boiling over alive makes it to me see if you're actually doing a bag work in boiling water it can be a pain in the butt because the

bags can touch the sides of your melt and then and you get like really fast evaporation and boiling you have to replenish your water constantly so typically like when I want a traditional high temperature texture for something like a confit which I like doing a bags a lot because it's easier to store you know what they last a lot longer it took you know a lot that you don't have to have that kind of excess of liquid or fat you can do you know was very little amount of the fat and or liquid in braised it's not quite the same because you don't get any evaporation but I do those in that in the 80s because I want that traditional texture and once you're up like 82 83 you know you're going to start going to get those kind of traditional textures

circle from Carlos edutainment on the show show actually makes me look forward to my commute I was very relieved When you mention that the taste bud blowout pine nuts are a specific Chinese nut in New Mexico we eat pine nuts like crazy pretty much year-round but especially so in the winter months we eat roasted salted peanuts in a similar fashion to sunflower seed pop a handful in your mouth one by one cracker shell and enjoy the night and spit at the Shell and repeat you ever see people like in the sunflower seeds sitting there spitting in the subway my God people people Geez Louise

but why would you think that's okay to sit there and spray shells out of your mouth on the freaking Subway right okay let me ask you a question because my family is people in my family are on the other side of this from me I don't like remember I'm a wasp I'm a 41 of my five-year-old wasp okay now bear that in mind so like I don't like kind of like I don't like dueling music I don't like hearing two different areas at the same time as me and it bothers me in like public situations where I have to listen to somebody else's music is like if I was probably like it cuz I like all forms of music was just kind of like this guy's music for are you the same way because because why

and like I don't know that's not my point, my point is is that there's at least they can do things bicyclers like boom boxes but things and a strap them to their personage to their bicycles and bicycles the reason is that they want you to know that they're coming to hit them and or walk out in front of them which I totally understand because how many times have you had some kind of freaking bike lane and then you're the bad person because you slammed into an 80 year old lady is it your fault

bicycle has James Brown going out on the street is whatever what are your thoughts about those idiots who they invest in a giant stereo for their car but they don't invest in enough Automotive adhesive to glue all the parts of their trunk down and show their entire car sounds like it's rattling self to Pieces when the bass drum hits and they can't hear it because it's so loud their hearing is so distorted out on the inside of the car that they don't know that they're at their car sound like a baby rattle

Play Stereo work done on your vehicle no anyways because James Brown I had a request to do some James Brown I'm not I do own James Brown's Christmas album on vinyl I wish I'd known by Monica said before I finish the pie nothing this. See what her favorite Christmas carols really because of the bass guy who comes in he has Donny Hathaway This Christmas yeah okay here's what I like I like I like Mahalia Jackson's Hark the Herald Angels Sing Mahalia Jackson knows how to like build some crap out you know what I mean like to stipulate in the entire the entire Andrew sisters entire Andrews Sisters Bing Crosby album is like song

all the way through to Mele Kalikimaka that I like that I know I'm forgetting one of my favorites I like Perry Como's version of Home for the Holidays song where he sits around and basically says that Merry Christmas to the people that bought his album and saw his show and that's it he's like I love you because you bought my album on my show

Jim Ringer her teeth I call you earlier

is he is he or she on you

but yeah you're on the air


guanciale I want to make one Charlie last year at a 5 lb of pork cheek sitting around so I'm a little nervous food safety

but it definitely gets to it and Charlie are at 14th and I wanted to try it again this was the porch count during the day it was getting a little warm and it was kind of a little bit and all that so did you solve them flat and then roll

restoring flat on top of them right and stage and they're pretty thin right the pretty thin and like most of it I think you're alright I mean like I just I wouldn't worry about it too much I would keep it a little bit cooler

you know what

I'd like allspice are Juniper but I can't remember off the top of my head and curing salt to it nothing bad I think it's going to happen right from a safety standpoint yeah I mean like you don't want you don't want that happening I don't think you know what I mean like I'm pretty but like I think my safety standpoint you should be alright okay cool

alright Google how do you speak speaking of fact I took you know how like a you know how like a different pork fat have different textures penny where I come from one of the things I did in Spencer is I took it's not I haven't posted yet but what is eccentric I'm working on one of things I did was I took a regular rendered lard right so regular rendered large really hard to bake with because it's too unsaturated right it's not like the back near the backyard or that it would be for any of that stuff so I do is I took regular Lord and spun it in the spins all with some ice cubes around the outside of the of the bull and I was able to get hard lard out of it that I can bake pastry with and then is soft like kind of pig oil that I can use for frying stuff pretty sweet

best biscuits biscuits at for a whole group of people right I mean like you know butter was relatively expensive and you know what oils and or olive oils are not available to like you know a lot of people in the in the north of Europe sold in America and so large was the stuff you know what I mean like lard was the way to go

nard also

extra trimming the fat off a brisket and things like that just to render it down

what time you trim

I think

yeah I do pressure I do pressure cooker rendering typically cuz it's easier than me though I think that saving fat I think it's a bad rap because that's the only fact that most people save is bacon fat and the prom with bacon

corned beef for Christmas everything I let us know how's it going

the problem is the problem with bacon fat people obviously is that it goes rancid fairly quickly so and it's been exposed to such a high temperature during the bacon cooking it's got like also there's everything that can assault fat is happening inside of bacon fat so cooking something in bacon fat right away is delicious but saving the Bacon fat for a long time can be problematic because it develops rancidity very quickly

nastassia Lopez is wearing her for those of you that don't know there's there's one thing on Earth that nastassia loves and that is the rankin-bass production of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and she is wearing so in that production is an abominable snowman was not called he's called The Abominable or the Bumble and she is wearing a a bumble sweater and in fact not just that but your shirt is incorrect because he has teeth right where he's hanging the mistletoe so the bumble bumble so you know

this is not the official Rankin bass Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer driver is the only one we can afford to play that sings Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in order for the general midi version sorry he's dead can't I guess we still have to pay him somebody still owns of any rent The Rankin and bass Corporation

cuz we have to wear a patch and how traffic is like unless it's like Super Mario Brothers like it has been removed in Big Red Letters love the way Arizona smell sometimes like the desert has a very particular smell especially if it's a little more if it's not like one of those

puss hot days they have over there a pretty penny usually $20 a pound I have a friend over to go for the holidays and we'll make sure to replenish my stash if you're interested in trying some I can part ways of it and send you some of it yet please I happy holidays and best of luck with these Benz off things together we do me a favor and when you pre-order the freaking spins out listen we need enough people who are early adopters who have the cash look what do you need me to see it do what do you need what do you need at Citrus I've done Tomatoes I've done coffee I've done a fat fractionation I've done what else I've done like

turn the light on at Dunn butter have you done traffic butter I've done and then what do you need what are we doing the 12 Days of Christmas for the spins all twelve days of spending all spinning everything and so I Paul Adams who's you know helping us out he was like six six cheese is the waiting and then you get like ricotta as I got a genius so I get ricotta but I'm doing it not doing it for taste so I don't go to dipaulo's and get the night's work out that I go to the supermarket and buy garbage ran parade in a garbage ricotta I put it in I spin it nothing I look at it and oh my God that ricotta is so heavily stabilize with xanthan and guar in LBG that it doesn't get rid of any of its way even when it's like if I wish I wish I had my 4000 G centrifuge running I would have thrown it natural to see what it could do anything to it but it's like so hyper stabilized I was so pissed

I took wheatgrass right so we grass is poison I took wheatgrass and I put it in my vital prep I hit it with every enzyme in the book and I got actually a good amount of wheatgrass juice out of it and I tasted it and I was like yes the spins all can do this but you should not do this I was like this is not something you should do this stuff tastes this is horrifying and it's a lot of work I mean like other words you take you take $5 worth of wheatgrass and you get one little shot out of that $5 with a freaking week rest so you're spending $5 and you're working hard to get something that tastes poisonous like why would anyone do that do you like this style fresh pressed olive oil

turn on cider I like fresh cider and hard cider but my favorite is in between the stuff you get when you leave fresh cider in the fridge too long and it just gets slightly effervescent alcoholic and less sweet conveniently for my stingy lazy but the cheap pasteurized cider with potassium sorbate works great by fermenting with champagne yeast and stops right about at the point I liked question any safety concerns when bottling it compared with dryer more alcoholic cider I expect the store bait and atmosphere to be even more hostile to mold and yeast and he hasn't written Hibbett bacterial pathogens but I'm still concerned about the sugar remember there is a teething is a whole technique of making cider specifically where the fermentation is arrested and their sugar left in the bottle and I couldn't find any records safety issues with Keith cider anywhere I couldn't find anywhere anything nothing

is the East killed or just inhibited by the sorbate can I expect or do I need to bottle at the four primary fermentation and then how come pasteurized cider stays cloudy forever will raw cider sediment out eventually gelatinize gelatinous Apple Store at first of all I don't get start to think something happened with The Pact in where it doesn't settle out once it's cooked other I don't know it's interesting to look at it could be a starch thing but I doubt I do know that even in a centrifuge pasteurized apple cider is more of a pain much much much more of a pain to filter out then or to send him an out then fresh apple juice or uncooked Apple you know what you would call cider much much more difficult I'd always described it to cuz a lot of are apples don't really contain a start because if they did contain starch

most apples don't have that much starch otherwise they'd be difficult for me to clarify it all because start doesn't do that much so I know for a fact that cooked apple juice can be a pain in the butt and I've always described that to pectin have never actually investigated I don't really have the tools to investigated

as to your other thing what's going on with the sorbate so sorbate does a number of things first of all the amount of inhibition that sorbate provides for yeast and other things growing is highly dependent on the alcohol concentration so the higher the alcohol concentration the less sorbate is required for for a inhibition for oatmeal growth inhibition also sorbate tends to sorbate won't necessarily kill lose this is what I read sorbate won't necessarily or doesn't kill yeast what it does is prevent yeast from growing so and you'll prevent them from doing it at a certain level it will also I think you know kind of wipe them out but I have two levels were using it it's a it's an inhibition to growth so if you if you take a champagne yeast and you pitch it into a starter right so that the yeast can become active and you have all these yeast cells that are alive they can keep

fermenting in the sorbate up to the level where the alcohol in the sorbate match and they stopped working and then to fermentation won't restart at that point so I think you might have problems adding more sugar and getting it to start again unless you pitched a fresh starter with maybe with a little bit of sugar in which case you might be able to get it to go again but that's that's my feeling and that's kind of how the sorbate work so is sorbet with sorbate I think that you're kind of Auto Keating situation here is due in keeping way it works is you have a packed in the pectin traps the yeast nutrients and the yeast lack of yeast nutrients means that they can't keep producing up to their finish level so they're inhibited by the alcohol earlier than they otherwise would be and you're left with residual sugar and I think once they do that at the end they hit it with sorbet to stop anything else from growing in it but in your case you're not doing that you're just a pre inhibiting it was sorbate and where

confirm it up to where it gets too so anyway I would assume that different brands of cider will have different interactions depending on how much sorbate they put into it

Cesar Delgado rights in about beer hey anastacio Dave Dave and gas in case there is one a long time listener first-time email her I'm wondering what the maximum temperature that spends all can handle my home brew beer and how to use it to spin out all the Hops another gum to come out of the kettle before passing the beer through the chiller from what I know the code break which of the cell is a precipitate after chilling beer are good for fermentation but all of the hot brakes does it form in the kettle do to Boiling and hop residues are best kept out of the carboy I figure the spins off continuously would be great for doing that if they can survive boiling hot water that is stop from bottle condition beer to harvest a yeast on the Prototype I figured you could run starts and threw it which is a sanitizer must I see now that you give a rat's behind for a couple of minutes to make sure it's sanitized and then pour the bottle dregs into it might be a fun experiment for yeast Wranglers in fact in fact Caesars from Cesar Delgado in fact I have some really nice beers that were sent to me

I buy Blanton's to to spin out I drank one it was delicious the name for some reason just went right out of my head but I'm going to try to harvest sugar to use because I have to find something to picture into and then like put into a liquid and mail it back up so someone can repatriate and see whether it works but yes I am considering doing I'm I'm going to do that probably right after I get back from from New Year's the other thing is I think it'll handle it was not going to be 100% boiling by the time it hits the rotor because I have to go through the peristaltic pump first or going to have to get rid of any big residue cuz like leaves tend to kind of get clogged in a peristaltic pump as they go through but anything smaller than like a likely five little fine particles is fine like albumin particles all fine and it should handle it fine to the dishwasher safe I've run I run boiling water through it to do with it what I was doing was I doing I was running boiling 104 nut milk I basically with the way I do

don't know cuz I did a very very stiff nut milk and then let that go through because I didn't want to have to do double work we are the blend twice I blend all the nuts in the final prep wants sucked it through the spins all I need to put boiling water through it not believe it's like you know Shimmer Shimmer I boil in the microwave and then just pumped it through the kind of steep out the rest of the nut milk products to make nut milk so at least in the prototype in the Prototype is less tough then the real one so yeah it should handle the temperature just fine

okay we have two questions from Patrick of Patrick began to develop a series about you nastassia that the president of Eastern organized woman might be the best treatment option for the management of adult ADHD without you or this is Eunice. He has influence I fear that Dave might be holed up in a kitchen lab somewhere filling up notebooks with information they would otherwise never see the light of day that said I think a lot of his listeners would like to hear you chimed in Moore on the show you can see yourself organized and structured Stern I'll agree with speaking of stern last week we had we had sunchokes here after we had too many conversations he went out and ordered a giant sunchoke pile sunchokes and did you get your butt Sunday at my stomach was not so good he were fine

I mean you know I'm an animal but then a ton of evaporation as soon as I pull it off what's going on there is it actually invisibly evaporating or does it speed up how I get maximum visible evaporation I think what's going on here is that when you had it over the flame you have a lot of hot vapor coming around the sides of the pan and up and you are inhibiting the condensation of the water is coming off of the pan because of the extra heat and as soon as you pull it off and you don't have that extra like heat around the outside it takes a lot less time for the water vapor to condense and so you see less visible Vapor but there is probably much more actual liquid coming off of it

when it's on the flame what do you think I'm texting somebody just a pure rate of alcohol consumption issue that was getting fuzzed-up by variable ATVs and serving sizes but I've been paying closer attention to actual total alcohol consumption and running into situations where I woke up feeling like crap from the craft beer alcohol equivalent of 2.580 proof shots which would normally not even register the next morning for me any idea what's going on here scientifically thanks for doing the show I try hard to redeem my morning commute with informative but reasonably entertaining things to listen to & Yandel that balance like a steak with just enough fat on it let me answer your question before your sign-off thing

I think look the cause of hangovers has been studied kind of extensively recently I don't think it's a 100% determined I haven't looked at the research in the past like 3 or 4 years but like prior to that it was kind of showing that prints and hangovers are not necessarily dehydration related to dehydration one of the other theories is that things that are hiring congeners right leg so things like fusel oils higher alcohol other fermentation things can lead to a hangover I don't think it's necessarily been proven however if you're drinking craft beers so it with your not drinking that crap. Probably drinking a lot or loggers going to happen to low temperatures produce has relatively few or congeners if you were higher alcohol if you were a few of all these things so that a higher higher temperature more during fermentation which I guess can happen in a lot of crap years and are being Locker because they're doing it at more Al temperatures would have my ales here they can develop a lot more of these Concha

what we perceive as being good taste but maybe can lead to a hangover so that maybe that's what's going on I don't know $700 on kitchen equipment but I really believe in the project and wouldn't tell me this pencil and want to see this thing work is there anyway you could open up the spends all Kickstarter to General supporter donation that hears it via Patrick's idea after all the hours of cooking issues of listen to Star Citizen Kickstarter get entered in a drawing to win a Spin Zone meets if you are doing a roast let me just suggest it's just for the day before the day before

don't bother doing anything to it just get it in a bag maybe. Eddie came in a bag low temperature cook it isn't talking about rib roast here low temperature cook it through to like 55° right for a rabbit have to watch it then pull it out and then the day of right just put it in a high heat and they put a thermometer as soon as the inside of the meat gets even barely warm like enough so that it's just service temperature is that they're done the sucker. You don't have to worry about it low temperature for insurance people for insurance not necessarily for cooking the fact but the holidays what you want with your fantastically expensive rib roast that you're serving to your whole family and praying it comes out if you just don't want it undercooked in the middle and you don't want it over cook you just want low temperature for insurance and merry Christmas happy holidays cooking issues

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