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Episode 274: Food Mill Regrets

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every Tuesday from roughly 12:45 or 1. Dave in the booth what up everybody's favorite person to beat on Peter cam

once again here just read Hayden Bay cave direct client of and and short-order cook as it turns out for the museum this morning drink like you guys nastassia right or wrong there like they believe in that old school old school office world it's like in space and they still have the same like weird office arguments like see them away their sauerkraut

it's like you think you're trying to get away from like offices to get away from that I have noticed the spoons are stacking up and I almost peed on these emails you don't read any emails that come in and you just send me a little needle

show me.

city folks that I don't respond to email if I only got three emails a day and they were important that I would respond to them but it's something totally worthless incredibly worthless I used to have I'm terrible in meetings people I used to have this tactic in meetings where I like people would start just saying a name things is crazy and like wasting time now to start going I mean this what you were doing to me you're up early in our time into The Ether hurrying act like I'm a firm believer people in never responding to emails and I might take it too far but I think everyone responds to emails to off and there's a there's a mental cost to switching back and forth between tasks all the time maybe this is why people don't ever get anything done

well there's something called teamwork Dave that requires something called communication and then it either has to happen by phone email or in person we're saying is that that nothing ever got done before the age of email to go back before they had email conversation back way back when everyone yes where you say you know what like you don't really need to meet every 30 seconds which is what email is an email is a meeting every 30 seconds right I have to get angry how many people at the CC and then you have to craft a response and then they have respond to the response and so on and so on by the way truth life is like an email saying I don't like

what's the point is what's the point just be especially people they all work in the same box walk over walkover you know there's a reason for emails that we truly people I can reach over should I choose to what you know I never would I can reach over and touch nastase on the shoulder however they would send an email from me to the way I can be staring you in the eyes and be sending you an email maybe they want to have to like so it never happens again with sauerkraut spoon solo I talk to you

did I have never worked in an office where you don't have some of that sort of day-to-day crap I may just have to you don't actually know you do you actually do not you can choose to say you know what people I am looking at my email four times a day and that's it four times a day realize that after I respond you I'm not going to see it for another quarter of the day cut down on not the ones not the external use those emails the ones PeopleNet didn't weren't in their position where they felt like they were going to get a response within 10 seconds there wasn't be like changing hearts and Minds I'm not saying that productivity is punished and it's more about like the amount of emails you send it to terman whether you're a good human being or not in kitchens this becomes a nightmare because you can't actually sit and have a real conversation with someone because they're constantly being interrupted by text from from other

actually there's a huge cock of people that just can't get anything done because they can't focus for 30 seconds to a minute and a half on the actual important crops being told to them live and instead focused on free game that text besides you seen this many times right especially with one people are bored at work like once you get people who are bored at work then all they do is focus on their texts that's it in your mind but there was a golden age when things got done that stopped around the 90s like in a knucklehead way always tools are useful I'm just advocating like I say not being constantly plugged into something that can pull your baby with maybe you have a job out there people that doesn't require you to think but if you have to think they're being pulled from conversation to conversation every 20 seconds is not helpful helpful

is it you know what is it that's like what is it about the kitchen that you know you think is hard for people to get it's hard for people to stay in the flow of the kitchen because they get bored and they get sucked out into other things and then they lose track of what they're doing mental their metal floor what they're doing in the kitchen and so they don't take out of the oven they don't have the time he's workout right when stuff comes out of the oven because they're a bad cook well maybe but maybe part of the reason they're a bad cook is there not focusing on the flow of what happened to the kitchen good kitchen work is supposed to have a little bit of that in the flows and like I'm working and this is what I'm doing I'm not doing some other garbage right I'm doing this now so that's funny

it's going to keep dropping

just here to get just here to needle you man I haven't done the show since from chefsteps first time I visited chefsteps in Seattle when to add Jamie Boudreaux's bar Canon very very nice nice place just won some award or something I don't know this ridiculous liquor list I have ever seen

in my life like the crazies like they act like they can't print the liquor list because they'll be like a phone book so it comes out in like iPad form to give you an example of they I don't know I don't know what they have a whole bunch of like super super old whiskeys like super old like from like 1,800 they're like $1,400 a shot as a waiter I was like is that very good that that that whiskey he's like no but when someone likes the exam like you know Microsoft or some like you know Tech Dude shows up there and makes a giant deal he's like what are you got this really expensive dollars each is guy bought $2,800 worth of whiskey Two Shots $20 worth the whiskey you're going to love that crap they're going to like it it's anyone's cognitive dissonance if you feel like it was not really exciting right you would have to be so rich like you would have to be you have to be billionaire Rich to be able be like you know what

I can be I can be entirely objective about this $1,400 ounce and a half pour of liquor that I just drank yet they have said it I wasn't facing a chaiwalla bottle can I do look around because that's the kind of guy I am so annoying I was the only vegetarian Nastassja like I said that I said you're still enjoying his cookbook I said maybe you should write another book because there's how many people does he likes

yeah but I think there's five people that she likes and only one of them is vegetable I guess you're right flank pain for sale

all right fair and demonstrated the spins all they seem do they seem to enjoy it did a Facebook live why would I want that his people can text in as you're doing it true people ask questions like this but with people

so anyway doing that like a one and I can't talk about the spins all which is a new centrifuge I'm selling on modernist Pantry. Com I'm not so sick for so sorry

now it's just said so modernist Pantry. Com us spends all we got we got to sell more of these freaking Center Jesus people I think it's a lot of people out there don't know why they wouldn't be not you people if you listen to this right mean you know why you want to send it to you but they need a lot of people just don't get why they would want to send them to you then we think of these modernist kind of techniques and I'm like just like being able to make strawberry juice all day all night is like enough for me or banana Destino or any one of those I want to know what would happen if you put molasses in it is pretty much a solution so I don't think it would do much to it so that's another thing is that I've used to centrifuge for so many freaking years that like I I kind of know what a centrifuge is going to do and what it's not going to do but when Kenzie said what should I spend in this and there was a bunch of responses to him about

like we should try to spend in a centrifuged I kind of realize that people don't really understand what a centrifuge at this kind of level is for like it's not for clearing meat stocks although I'm trying to think of a way to do it for that it's you know if you take milk if you take milk with cream yeah I can I can separate it out but and if you take cream I can make butter but like molasses I can say is a solution there might be some crap floating in the molasses so I can get out but I'll give you some examples of stuff to do like she was some sugar stuff so I did a someone want me to do chocolate milk I'm like I don't think I'm going to get a lot out of that so I wanted to do at a chocolate cream pie made like a cocoa cream and then with some sugar in it and I spun it hoping to get cocoa butter. Cocoa butter butt and what happened was I got an amazing

I got a triple separation so I got like a chocolate buttermilk which I used to make pancakes it was very good then I got a very light chocolate butter because basically the only chocolate that was in it was in the way that was in it and I got a hypersmooth kind of like cocoa paste like Nutella but totally smooth and liquid because pretty awesome as well have been totally hydrated and I ended up mixing those back together to make like a chocolate butter Buckeye chocolate compound butter feels really good to give me that kind of stuff or like Greek yogurt like to take yogurt I can remove some of the way then do that you know I can you get like that you can either do Greek yogurt or like a yogurt cheese which I made so it does that on that kind of dairy but it's not it's for for a clarifying juices but it's not for like breaking stocks it's not going to take things that don't ever naturally settle or break on their own and make them break you know if it will spend blood down I'm told it will spend blood down because it's at the same speed I got a lot of people ask me about that I guess the Ford

my blood sausages or whatever and that that will work but seriously drop like this the circulator went from about $2,000 immersion circulator went from about $2,000 in 2002 to about $800 in 2005 mostly As a result of Philip Preston just wanted more stress to have them and soda price got dropped because when only Labs were buying it ladder relatively inelastic Market there's going to pay whatever you ask and so when the chef Market kind of got big you know Philip do the price needed to drop so that was kind of the first big price drop $800 is still relatively expensive but that was a kind of the first explosion in into the market and that's kind of you know I'm taking a bigger price jump so I'm going from at 8 to $10,000 machine down to like a $1,000 machine

so I'm trying to hit some of those early adopters who would have gotten an immersion circulator back in the $800 days then we pop pot bam who was one of my interns came out with the number 2 in the number two was to my knowledge the first commercially available sub $500 circulator and I think it came in at like three hundred and something originally and then Phillip came out with one and then get a whole host of others have really driven the circulator Market way down until now it's hard to get someone to pay more than $250 for a circulator when you have people acting like chefsteps Joule is added the app and the Wi-Fi capability and so that market is really

expanding mean that's the one that's where I previously inaccessible thing has really gotten into into kitchens because it doesn't happen very often is it there's not many technologies that are taken from other Realms that have like instant and obvious kitchen applications like to be a blender was like they have laboratory blenders but like the blender was intended to be a piece of equipment so you know what other things are always going to be inaccessible like puffing guns are like extruders or you know topic scooter some things like this is becoming more popular than $4,000 level so there aren't going to be that many there aren't that many things that I've experimented with where I'm like yeah that needs to be really popular immersion circulator was once you say which one of these Technologies is really going to make a big deal to ask me back in you know before and I and I so I can clearly

and it's one of the very few things I've been right about you know in terms of future predictions and so the other one that I've always wanted I wanted I wanted to be more accessible to people but the but the reason I'm not building rotovap is that although we could make a more accessible Road of that road of that it still is not going to have the wide range of use for people that a centrifuge would just because it's always going to no matter how you know cheap I make a rotovap no matter how break proof I make a rotovap no matter how bullet-proof it is it's always going to take a lot of skilled operate one well and it's going to take like a fairly steep learning curve where is with a centrifuge once you learn how to use it here pumping product out and so yeah and also like a rotovap no matter what is going to require chilling so you either going to have to bust through a bunch of ice or you're going to have to bust through you know by a chiller if you know it needs heat needs all this needs all the

Bachelor stuff and a lot of power and so yeah I always thought the centrifuges the item that should be available in the kitchen but what I really need is someone to design one for the kitchen many ways but we're not selling enough of them so if you actually ever want there to be a culinary Center Fusion who knows maybe in you know 10 years at the market or five six years at the Market opens up more maybe they'll eventually be a $300 centrifuge who knows he don't I mean you know if a $200 centrifuge but I simply aren't making enough to pay for the for the for the production run if you don't buy it we won't make it. As much as I can.

I really like you hate having to take this. You will never touch again cuz the list grows every every day about my centrifuge but so because I'm working on a centrifuge I'm getting a lot of tweets saying about this coffee machine you heard of it spin spin until it's a centrifical coffee machine it's actually something I've been interested in so what spin does is they will show you the inner workings of the guts of it but what it is is it's got a bunch of like you know application who attached to it you know you can like make a coffee while you're on the road so that by the time you get home it's cold and ruined if that's what you want to do I'm kidding but Alexa Alexa Alexa is that a real human name or is it named that because it's not a real human name

by the way turn on his emergency regulator like that he was connected to every single Appliance with what Bluetooth

I think I can I think Alexa is just on your network and so he can probably do a bluetooth enabled device or wired wireless device or even a wire device I think it's just a question that I don't know how it works to be on a thing about Alexa I don't have Remember The Wizard of Oz The Wizard of Oz Wiki site taking off

my favorite like Wizard of Oz and then we put the resume because I don't know put it into the into a basket Drive spins it up there by like evening and like Neo pseudo tamping the coffee grounds down and then introduces the hot liquid to the basket while it's spinning and in general because of the force at a theory is a generates the equivalent of a certain amount of pressure so by altering the speed at which BAC it rotates it can produce something that is espresso like or good coffee like now a lot of people on the internet are like that won't work and and people that's me do you think that will work and the truth is I have no way to know because I haven't tested it right so I will say that there is no way I believe it's going to produce something exactly like espresso and here's why when you were when you were making a puck and espresso Puck write your

say you're trying to create a hydraulic pump that you know compressor is extremely evenly you then saturate that puck the puck kind of inflates and as you force water through at the find migrate to the bottom increasing theoretically get hydraulic pressure the same time your decreasing the amount of solids left so your your weight of water goes through a faster anyway it's like that when you are spending a basket and lay the water in at the same speed your compacting pressure is the same as your theoretical liquid pressure walking turn on Nespresso pod clearly your tamping with much less Force then you are putting water through and see what's equivalent of like maybe 20 pounds of force over the entire disk of coffee pot vs 150 psi you know of the water pressure coming into it so clearly there's a differential there that you can play with with espresso that you're not going to be able to play with with the spin the other thing is the main thing I mean

it's going to be different also in an espresso as soon as the pressure is released it stops this is actually going to pull more stuff out of the coffee grounds because of the centripetal force then you would get if you just forced water under pressure to different kind of a situation now I did just as a test take some espresso grinds mixing with hot water or spend them in the centrifuge for 30 seconds I got I got all of the ground back out I tasted the coffee it tasted fine because I wasn't pushing it through I didn't get any aeration and so I didn't have any the body that you would have known almost back up and had some of the espresso flavors that you would normally have and I had zero Grimes in it because you know I was able to spend it fast enough but I mean at least answer is I don't know I'm willing to test out a spin machine if someone wants us to test it out but I don't know

how many could be a way to do individual servings well as opposed to like those cups I've never had a cup bass machine that I thought was the greatest thing on Earth you ever had at the worst time is Peter what people are focusing on when they're making a single service thing is is this and it's like not what the way I focus in life but this is a valid thing is this single serving better than what the average Joe Comeau will make given a system that they have to control so if you're dealing with like the EC pods for instance the question is is this easy Todd as good as the greatest espresso that you can make no even the guys that at Eataly to make no it is not and they will admit that but is it better than what 90% of the people will make ya and so if you're one of those 90% of the people that's going to make the garbage Express

Stanley Illy pod is a good solution for you except for the sustainability and the fact that you're feeling all the plastic Into The Ether and spin theoretically if you like coffee at made is going from being to Bean to cup so it's not going to have any of those sustainability issues

Vera Bradley Bramble by the way makes the with the automatic writing stuff which I am was very dubious of does make a cut better than about 90 what 90% of people do I just think there's so many things easy ways to make copy that okay maybe not espresso but like I don't see why you don't know you hate it when the water over the pour over a moment of my life is when Peter brought a picture of himself in like a precious moments like furry outfit and it was not for some sort of Cosplay thing it was his parents made him dressed up for the Hallmark store

where they used to work anyway I'm trying to 1 adapter for the liquid bread carbonator cap which is the capital is people and one for a direct injection into an easy whip her into the whip cream whipper out I hope because I don't really like that the soda ones for I really just all you need one I have not had any luck getting direct injection from CO tank to work by CO2 tank to work properly I've tried pressing a small Barbed fitting around the easy puncture valve and some CO2 gets him but not much is this a easy puncture valve have to be pressed down for proper airflow would love any suggestions on how to get this working thanks Brandon okay Brandon you in a little bit of a pickle here here's why you do not need to press on that valve to get it to work however we remember when you're putting a a cartridge on to that thing what happens is

the cartridge gets punctured pushes against a true rubber grommet and is injected into the EC under high pressure cuz remember that cartridge contain either nitrous or CO2 normal temperature in the atmosphere of roughly 800 PSI so it's shooting in there and shooting in a a particular weight of CO2 or of nitrous a weight not a pressure and so because of that the check valve doesn't have to be proud to have a particularly low with a call cracking pressure and so there's a good five PS I haven't measured it in many years but it's a good five PS I am over pressure required to get any flow at all through that easy valve what what I used to do in the day was I would build an adapter that actually had the cheapest easiest way to do it if you don't have access to a machine shop or anything like that is to take your your Barb then push it against the thing gently then screw like put some real

agent please put a boat ton of release agent like do not allow epoxy to get onto your actually see whipper cutoff you know say I'm talking about the thing that you screw the Chargers on with cut that off and then in bed the thing in bed you're at your bar fitting and all that into it and seal the top of the poxy this way we screwed down tight you have a fitting that can screw and unscrew on to it easily but it's never going to be ideal because of the pressure drop your getting across that so if you're trying to set your tank to have the correct pressure for carbonation with a normal carbonator cap into the free flow situation you're never going to get the same amount we have to force it through a true that check valve and that's going to become even more apparent when you're trying to shake and get that last little bit of carbonation in because right there you're driving carbonation in under what is essentially equilibrium pressure so it's difficult when I really wanted to carbonate in Easy bottles up from a tank and I did because when I open Booker and Dax

originally that's how I thought I was going to do it I took I made it I took an old EC whipper head you can get them on eBay real cheap that are plastic that used to make plastic whipper heads for their non-commercial for their homeline what is the screw threads are the Same by then cut everything off of that thing that I wanted I bought like you know screw-in valve at tapped out if I put basically Bondo on it tapped it with a drill and a tap and then I cast it in a cast at first and silicone to make a mold and then did a bunch of food grade polyurethane cast make a bunch of carbonation heads that fit directly onto an EC whipper they use e c brand of gaskets seals excetera excetera and that's actually what I was going to use to open the bar with but it takes a little bit of work but me okay take a lot of work but if you're going to do it for a living it's and you really want to do it it's worth while anyway yes

alien writing about sous vide saw say on Ray and ask about making sauces with the liquid left and low temperature sous-vide bags I'd like to use this to make a simple pan sauce just mixed with stock or red wine but the delicious smoothie liquid quickly curdles whenever I hit it further to reduce at leaving my reductions with weird textures yeah we are just freaking gross it looks like she is my best bet to curl it and straighten out the Kurds yes darling or at least get some play Ratatat thanks for the tips Julian I don't know actually that you're not any tips to prevent curdling that you would really want to do like you could probably very heavily salted or very heavily sugar It Be by the way to do it is it as soon as it comes out just break it really quickly and then strain it and like it and it's just it's just a protein that didn't solution and it's never been raised at

picture that makes it that makes it curdled and so it comes out and that's it you know the same way that if you cook a fish too high a Leica that liquid will come to the top and then once the Heat hit it goes white turns white is that same sort of stuff it's the stuff that when you start heating floats up to the top of pond scum when you're cooking meats and you got to get rid of it actually tells right eating the raft heat it and then straight As a side note a lot of times when you do that the liquid will actually self clarify because the proteins has a coagula it will hold on to some of the Cloudy bits clarified I talked about self clarifying cordials to lose some of the products

there's not a lot left so I don't know whether you want to add some product to it then curl it then strain it we should take a break

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and we are back so Christmas tree farms in East Asia do you know how long it takes to grow Christmas tree

7 years so I'm told in Oregon I know a guy who's a Christmas tree farmer in Oregon and he was like that's about seven years for the trees to get fully mature it always weird me out to see right after Christmas how everybody just check surge you don't mind wiping your butt with paper and flushing it down the toilet instead you get enjoyment from a tree it makes your whole house smell nice it provides jobs it's like a low-impact farming that you can do it on a truck man did you get one from New York State

I don't I don't have a tree why do you not have tree I saw hipster walking down a tree with something that looks theoretically nice but is not here's what they did they had a big piece of tree that they cut a disc out of a drill a hole in the center and they took the Charlie Brown tree right and they shaved off the bottom of the trunk like a cork so it would fit into the hole in the tree but this is a far cry from the old-time old-timey cross that's okay because you're not shaving off all of the xylem how the hell is this little tree supposed to drink if you shave off all of its xylem dad said a tree is basically a cut flower I mean like you know what I mean you have to treat it like a Cut Flower and would you sit there with some flowers

depends on what the book nastassia yeah, we apparently they have like one that's okay do the say it say it

that's funny that's true do you learn French initially with a African accent how does that sound

the way it's supposed to be treated and got a Christmas tree and then I took the Christmas tree in the basement strip needles like 1500 pint ranks for MTV

what was the one right I didn't even know I did that that's no that's the event we had one red one person who I used to be a Reese's I shook me all night long another person that poured because we were just there was just boom boom boom and we were carbonating out of the new Ram 1500 drinks ridiculous. Knows how many drinks Christmas trees went for $2,550

that is very nice that we're not going to call out who bought it but we eagerly wait you coming and sitting down and cookies remember though when you show up a cooking issues going to get dragged into conversation and also I think it's at Peter and we also behalf of cooking your program Peter griego Carlos Zachary Thomas Tad Mark anyway thanks so much folks for a supporting cooking issues in Heritage Radio Network

next we got a match from Seattle during the Stasi and Dave thanks for the show my question covered cocktails acidic things like lime juice orange juice and even some sodas tender really upset my stomach I'm a big fan of margaritas me who is really delicious what do you suggest my question has three parts what do you suggest I use to bring lime juice is pH up to 7 so I can see what cocktail taste like with lime flavor but without the sour baking soda comes to mind by suspect that will compromise during slavery it will and you by the way you're never going to get it all the way up to seven hours think I'm guessing soured pretty Central to the drinks taste but only Loosely correlated with the actual acidity such that there are substances such as are substances packing equipment sound at the lime juice Oliva drinks pH closer to neutral any thought to some options and finally you have any ideas for a solid lemon lime do substitution that I could work

is it a bar asking for a margarita shaking with an antacid tablet seems unworkable for multiple reasons I tried my cat making myself just a Cointreau tequila and simple syrup drink but it wasn't particularly good and I don't imagine you would be I remember if you are going to reduce the acid you have to also reduce the Sugar by a lot lot and if you're going to make low-acid drinks in general this is not answering your question but I wish I really answering when you're making a drink that doesn't have any acid in it like an old fashioned like typically to add brightness to an old fashioned and it has a minimal amount of sugar so it's an old fashioned is not very diluted and has about a quarter of an ounce of 3/8 of an ounce of normal at 50% simple syrup in it and the essential oil from like either grapefruit or a lemon or more in the shower sometimes a line while I'm not a huge fan most the time of lime twist that fresh bright inherently sit the citrus note of those oils gives you a sense of fresh

which is part of what acidity Briggs is impressionist so you should always start by if you're going to reduce the acid if not eliminate the acid adding Twisted thing because that's going to help punch up the brightness also reducing sugar content substantially is going to allow you to use less acid anytime you have a high sugar content you're going to require more acid to balance it out so if you were allowed to have minimal amount of acid like they're in sodas like you say you might want to switch to carbonated Margaritas carbonated margaritas have less sugar more water but less sugar overall and also less acid and they're delicious but I would not do baking soda to it's going to make it salty and weird I would actually try I was going to try it myself but I don't have any left at the house sodium citrate so sodium citrate is salt of citric acid but it acts as a buffer and I I did some basic calculation so the classic Margaritas fact that we use

has in it about is about 172 ml after it's been shaken and strain and contains about 1.34 grams of acid acid attacks remix of citric Malik and that end up being a molarity of 0.04% and a titratable acidity of a roughly .78 orange juice on the other hand has an acidity of 0.8 titratable acidity of 0.8 I test it online and you look up the pH of something that has a citric acid with the molarity of .004 how you get a pH of 2 .29 however orange juice which has a very very similar titratable acidity very symbol similar molarity has a pH of 3.32 almost up to four and the reason the pH is higher is because not all of that citric acid is going to you know

I told him I'm not going to turn to acid there's not going to actually reduce the pH as much anyway so what you're looking at with a margarita is basically the acidity of orange juice and so I would just head with orange juice because it's a lot cheaper to test for issues than otherwise and I would add to your orange juice for every like 172 grams of orange juice if you add about a gram and a half of sodium citrate you might increase the sourness but you're definitely going to also increase the pH you might be able to knock it up like like a whole point which is a log level 10 X 10 X less acidity you said that I should recommend a pH meter to you so that you can get one I don't use them in the bar because I care only about that that taste which is correlated more to titratable acidity in less the pH but for your case where you're actually trying to reduce the actual acidity you get a pH meter go ahead and get one

me telling you to get one how to get one get one the one I use is the extech I pick me up a little bit of a pain in the butt because you have to change out the sensors and once the sensors dry out they kind of lose their efficacy there some cheaper ones out there now on Amazon that I don't have any experience with the X Tech is not that much more expensive and I know it works so anyway they go to twist

hi my name is Charlie and I'm calling from Brooklyn and a couple weeks ago but I had a question about food Mills what you were complaining about last week so for the holidays my family makes homemade applesauce and we like cooked on the apples and then throw them in the food male skins on but it's a pain in the ass cuz the kids get stuck under that Crank that other ways to make out that's a good question and so I just assumed that this is kind of like related to what you were saying I just did some experiments with tomato juice and spinning tomato juice to get the paste out of it and we had this argument with Mark Ladner about food knows the way he does tomatoes and it is true that tomato done through some form of

strainer like that is better the tomato paste was so much better and the juice is so much better I'm sure we had applesauce it's so much better I don't know of a good when you can pass it to a Tammy but that's also pay by passing it through a Tammy do you have if you can get a big Tammy for pretty cheap and then just a plastic scraper and Scott such a larger surface area and how much applesauce we talkin about

a gallon gallon and a half o ya get a big salad bowl in a big Tammy and then just pass it through this batch because you're basically doing that with a food mill anyway like let's not pretend that a food mill is anything worse than in a better than an ineffective Scraper on a on a really crappy Tammy that's hard to like open up and clean you know what I mean when I would like to experiment with but I haven't is there is a bunch of hand crank tomato strainer that are meant for like you know old grandma sauce right now I don't know whether there any good or not KitchenAid makes a tomato strainer attachment for people that make a lot of tomato sauce it might also work for applesauce I don't know you know it's designed to let through enough pulp to have like a body thing but to exclude the larger things so it's not going to be as fine a grand Something Like A Champion but that's very little through or even like the Breville juicer which let's let's slightly more pull through

it's a sprained it meant to let that we know most of that particular through but exclude like seeds and scans and stuff like that so I would try also I would I would look into whether there are reasonably priced to try it for a gallon and you're not going to no one's ever said I wish I didn't have this Tammy when it comes time to also said flowers you know what I mean I feel obliged to use it and was too expensive to throw away and that's wasteful and I feel like a bad human right I there's nothing but regrets in food no land

cheap on Amazon now what is Food Mills labor pick up your labor value your time does our garbage anyway let us know that we just back or whatever let us know how it works

how do you say question in on grinding spices someone wants to know how do I grind small amounts of spices because you know they use the word Li blade play spice Grinder like the one that we had to grind marijuana thing I use the marijuana grinder for grinding spice that you can carry in your knife kid but at home and then a mortar and pestle can take down like a single clove into a fine powder that you can put into anything that you want and so I don't like it is a pain in the butt to use a mortar and pestle on really large quantities of things because things kind of slide in pop around stuff like that but if you can take a small amount of spice and just go

and stop using email I was not even I didn't have ya Darren Wright said about Martini Madness hello it's Darren the bartender's where I work for recently given a little speech about an APUSH to win a competition called Martini Madness in the Sonoma Valley and although I have nothing to do with it being a line monkey I have a few questions regarding the subject the only two rules my phone decided not to the only two rules are that is made with an olive and also that uses prohibition brand Spirits which is a company based out of the area and who I thought long and hard on the Olive in the drunkenness responsibly and came up with an idea which requires floating the cocktail even though I'm pretty sure the clientele are not going to appreciate this entirely I want to make a sun-dried tomato orange and lemon water that is thick and ever so slightly above the average density of vodka around .91 6 at the density of iron

where is in a water is 1 and sugar water is higher than one so it allows vodka infused heavily with Manzanilla Olive flavor to easily flow tab of a talk with the time will the thickening also serves as textual contrast as his pairing as a favorite pasta sauce for my family and I thought the idea of pulling the straw out from the cocktails you drank it would be a fun concept to my question is would xanthan gum or a lightly heated Joe and Louis will provide a better texture to actually drink while giving me appropriate density to float in a fuse vodka or do you have a better solution and this is not exactly radio talk but I would happily set up a payment plan to purchase a spinzall if that is something that could be set up before or after you reach your target goal the Olay Olay Olay or otherwise I can't justify the cost for personal use it this time but either way you guys are badasses for bringing such an adventure to the market and if we can do what it says I can't see why any kitchen wouldn't find a use for it as we say verbal Bravo gram yet from your lips to God's ears are

but I don't know I haven't thought about it and you know what we'll see what happens in the future we get it funded we actually have them in stock then we have a lot more a lot more leeway not back he's very often flexibility people dancing in Passaic and has a very particular look to it a feeling to it that I know that's not so pleasant like I mean if you're going to do Santa and you want to keep it well under a quarter of a percent Halo a diesel fluid gel I think would be your best bet but happy we really really light now I'll have you know that I happen to have they told you before some tomato water sitting around in my fridge and I took it out of the fridge and floated some vodka on top of it and just did it on the back of the bar spoon I was able to get a pretty good float there was some mixing along the line but

what's a good old-fashioned pousse Cafe technique was enough to float vodka right on top of the Tomato water okay so but if you want to take a nap because you want that textual difference and I would do low ISO Joe and another thing you can do that doesn't Jack the sugar appreciably and you want to eat drink too much of me to give him the runs as you could hit it with an ensuite or a low sweetness sugar and probably like isomalt or some like that but it will increase that sweetness I've done densified cocktails with that or with no Lo de glucose syrup because I add the boatload of density and you're not actually thinking about your does increasing the density of it which is I think what you want to look at it if you actually want to thicken it sure go fluid gel but if you just want to increase the density I would go with something like a low d e but very almost unsweet almost no sweetness glucose syrup or something of that nature good vodka will float directly on the top of tomato water and of course the oil told him that you said to be careful when you pour it right

and we're about to get kicked off the air but lastly we had nothing I just want to shoot you a quick thanks for speaking out against sexual harassment the hospital hospitality industry on the show 2 weeks ago as a long-time kitchen worker I've been witness to many acts of casual sexual harassment sexism in Plano bullying in the restaurant directly I sometimes behave the same way my ignorant you so I know how easy it is to not realize or understand that it's wrong no one should ever be made to feel uncomfortable like that especially when they go to work and I think you deliver that message clearly and effectively on the show I know a lot of bonehead Cooks who think they cat calling at the hostess and alcohol addiction or just fun parts of being in the pirate crew a lot of the same guys as well as many like them I'm sure are frequent listeners of cooking issues and hold you in high regard so I think it's great that you can use this platform to spread a positive message that hopefully will touch them lies thanks and keep up the good work Anthony from Nashville and he says PS I would be super stoked

two turned out to be the miracle of moisture management which I doubt it will be Anthony I think I know what the next books going to be about we can talk about it maybe next week on cooking issues

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