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Episode 273: Stassenfreude

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studio with the hammer Lopez how you doing we got a special guest from The New York Times Wilson no relation to like the music musical Wilson up to like

we are Wilson stories but I don't have any good ones probably but I don't know any of the stories and I sort of boring sorry I found out my last name means yesterday strangely Eagle Eagle power anyway, your questions for me to do things for having us in to thank you the hammer for inviting us out here on the show it talk about a book work cited be here to see you as always you slow down your book I can't touch him soaking wet

you can call me I buy some idiots umbrella from falling on your head but they funnel you through these undrained things puddle they can't be jumped or 4 days or anyting of course I'm not wearing waterproof shoes right course not in front of you just stops like let there's an alternative lady turn back turn back or go to golf course you see that looking at that ugly people in New York. People in New York are like cattle men women walking around Cal like staring off into space moving slowly

I mean I do what I do is I look like one of my feet are going to get wet right so I jump in and like that the first what hits my test done cuz I'm wearing sneaks what's what's more fun what's more fun than walking around all day with a wet foot that never dries because because it's been raining out in human what's the what's the best part the fact that your foot will potentially never recover because I'm still suffering from the same athlete's foot I had probably 30 years ago my first episode of the sweet sweet stench some Booker Sox wear socks New York is not a town for the cyclist unless you one of these hipsters in those sandal things but if you wear sneakers if you are a fully encased foot

Wisconsin at the poorest confidence color of cracker do you have to go orange when you're over there at Del posto bringard slipper clog slippers so it's like you're cooking in your jammies exactly should I buy you a silk Chef's outfit

I wish I could dance like that you know like white skin right now is fundamentally of sandpaper if I touched the still garment with my fingers touched my face it was rip off their do you like Bixby note silk mess all over my face and a second separation with Sakai the Japanese French chef and he had like silk pajamas on and he's like a slipper clogs the guy was like floating around kitchen Stadium like he was Hugh Hefner something I said I'm thinking to get to pair of silk jammies you think you're better than me

I couldn't afford on how to get us like my mom said you can have that like weird satin stuff with that stuff May. It's explain plastic used to make his pajamas especially to catch on fire if you don't even like that that's what way back to the book thing restaurant that's going on I just entered its 12th year so we have quite a bit of material that we wanted to cover Michael and I've been spending the better part of God I think the first conversation might have been as long as five years ago so

but it's been an interesting thing is that Michael really encouraged us to create a book that was approachable to the home cook meaning of getting rid of some of that professional restaurant speak and so we actually did in a very unorthodox way we chose the dishes and photograph them first and then spend close to two years going back and deconstructing Andre end engineering all the recipe so that they contained you know sort of Lei home kitchen language which I guess the only negative part of that is a very very long recipes because too long wording or like everything yeah yeah exactly so and I take a long time

recipe to what they do and they are but yeah so they're incredibly sorrow and something that you probably don't see very often and we spend a tremendous amount of energy you know laboring over the language to make sure that it was understandable for people that weren't you show up at the restaurant with the gold thing like pasta is laying there like recipes

extruded shapes are like actual stuff to mix match Misty, don't start 3D printing pasta Mark will happen to have a fist fight

I don't know where's the where's the centrifuge I did last week I can try to hear because we had to go do something but I'm printing out some remaking the lid so designed to constantly feed new product in till I had two princes I think I left her to part of the patented process of making the spins off the thing in and that's what allows it to do continuous feeding so I was building a new a new tube system on the bottom to increase the clarity of continuous vs. back mode and I did like I don't know I did like

two and a half of strawberry in a row yesterday and it's perfect. She took it to Ochoa's making strawberry cordial for the drinks I was swinging it a hookah last night how to say Dolce there's an entire chapter just on gelato and sorbetto which is unusual so they can give me a question last week without cable answered it right with you I just received the Del posto booked this week and I'm enjoying it very much what caught my eye are the gelato recipes that use egg yolks but are not cooked this seems peculiar

reminds me Marvin Gaye why do they still think in the mixture like a custard wood are they draw for texture or flavor I'm looking forward to trying the recipes out soon but would like to hear David Marks thoughts about this topic thanks Ali Nasser now I have my own thoughts on this going way back from other peanut for pastry chefs

well you know definitely

computer most of these recipes were at least initially formulated by Brooks Headley the pasta genius I mean the pastry genius now Spiro T Burger and then pastry chef Justine McNeil swerve completed the initial thought but you know Brooks is always been a firm advocate of the hang and of the really chewy viscous texture so that it hangs around your mouth little longer you can taste it a little little better you know you can really similar to mayonnaise you know sometimes you're rolling the dice graininess

Sam Mason when I first got to know him after WD open in like I don't know that go 3 year when it came to realize that he had a bunch of ice cream recipes where he wasn't cooking the egg yolks but it was still a touch of Base wasn't silly stop in New York make a Philly style ice cream at you think someone would do a good Philly style ice cream maybe you can't maybe it overturns and I don't know I haven't tried anyway happy Superfresh happy Superfresh anyway so I was like why you don't cook a egg yolks and he's like I don't like the aroma and taste of the cook egg but I like the texture they've the kind of like super smooth texture that the egg yolk spring and so they could deal with not cooking egg yolks if what they're not going to bring is the

how to cook creme anglaise which is not going to have that sickness that said the sticker you cook your creme on glaze taste so you can't like win on that account like if you're trying to thicken up your your on glass base and thickening on Glades bass is really good if you're going to serve it as a sauce right or if you're really worried about meltdown so like you know a sticker on glaze base will do a slower meltdown than a thinner on Glades base and being with basically the all this is scrim but next day what you pay for with that sickness is a test we hated it be hated that ain't tasting you know what I'm talking about if you like for a pastry chef who cooked with eggs all day long that residual egg knows that you get like after you wash out of stainless steel stainless steel Bandit add eggs me like freaking that egg smell

no he started pasteurizing the eggs low temps we would use pasteurized he owes so they would still an egg yolk you know up to 57 pasteurize it for like an hour and and it still is raw smelling you know what I mean doesn't have that cooked kind of eggs and Michael do you remember any of the conversations happening when we were developing these recipes related to the the I remember I remember it being brought up is a potential safety issue and then we decided you're probably really wasn't that they would be pretty rare that anyone that was cooking out of this book was going to have it for a safety issue with their eggs but also if it tastes too eggy doesn't taste Italian I mean there isn't like it there isn't any sort of an inherent agyness in Italian gelato

Italian gelato he's stabilized to the freaking gills when you are if you're going to add stabilizer is that you need to you need to punch the flavors upcoming that's why I like Italian flavors their smooth but they're so Punchy because they have to add so much flavor for that level of what I want you to try sometime in the next week or so it's not like commercial quantity like you couldn't do it in the restaurant but

the paste that's left over in the like a Greenie like pumpkin pie texture at least a peach that we did but it's so freaking smooth and then because what you do is you take your fruit for fruit of choice you hit it with the pectinex it wipes out the stick the structure and everything and they just cook it right and then you just when the hell out of it with the same enzymes to Steelers used to do sacrifice a casing for their Wards and stuff and you get this hyper energy spin it to get rid of the liquids right I just have this light hyper concentrated super sweet no sugar added sweet potato puree just act like a little

applications are just infinitely small amount of fruits like strawberry what not like you're just not used to having something that's so smooth that's so high solids me nothing so I friends I'll give you an example so when I did I did a 1.75 actually I did 1.75 kilos of strawberries yesterday in a batch to do continuous mode on my Santa Fe and I got 13 I got thirteen hundred and fifty mils of juice so if you think about it that's like seventy that's like 70-something percent yield which means that the residuals that leftover are solid because

play with available commercial talk about that now so I should give the pitch right because the spindle chugga chugga the spins it's the only centrifuge designed specifically for the Kitchen and Bar 699 we're going to put steps on Thursday and then I guess candy in San Francisco on Thursday try to push that will do a video on Facebook live at the ships that can show it but

that's nice. See right there at a time but it also doesn't call continuous mode where you just stick the pipe that you stick a tube in a pump sit through and just feed it through and continuously operates it and so I can orange juice you can probably do you can probably do like I don't know a gallon or two at a time without stopping maybe at a time because you don't want the solids to overflow the Riveter but something like lime juice or grapefruit juice or orange juice gallons because there's not a lot of solids in there everything depends on what you're at and what you're doing

really the best application one of the best I'll give you some applications for chefs forget the bar applicant by the way I will say this now something to people so they get this if you do not pre-order if we do not sell a thousand of these pre-order that we can't afford to build it and we won't build it in less than Angel comes in which we don't expect right so if we don't sell a thousand of them they just don't get made I mean that's it and then I'm just left with that one prototype why I called the people in China that has not seen I've been working with for 2 years on this project and tell him you know what sorry folks we. We walk away I mean that's unfortunately so if you don't order it when he grows up he's like why didn't you just use Kickstarter why didn't you just kick-started why you got to do something that's not a

so Dawn doesn't talk like that by the way but the point is is the reason one of the reasons why with Kickstarter

part of it was Miss Asia mean to be honest I hate Kickstarter but we taking the risk on ourselves this is what I think is not clear where the kickstarter if you if the campaign gets funded you all of your money is gone into a hole and then you either get the product or you don't whether you're depending on whether or not the people who are making it a competent Baba blah you know that money is gone you can't get it back that's part of the thing about Kickstarter one of the reasons we did this is we didn't want people to feel like they were taking a risk is one of the weird kind of incorrect notion that people have about they feel safer on Kickstarter somehow because it's cuz as soon as I can paint over your money goes into a pit that may or may not in you may or may not ever get your reward

in our campaign you can get a refund up till the up till the very point at which we ship you the unit so there is zero risk to pledge in the spins all campaign zero risk you pledged now what you're telling us is that I'm going to spend the money right that we need to build but at some point you like you know what I hate awesome things it turns out that it turns out to be a quality after all and you know okay fine boom here's your money back and that's one of the main reasons we did it is that the risk the risk is on us so you should feel like super safe going out there and and and getting it anyways and remember you don't you don't buy it we don't build it

I would like everyone is chasing Stars we're like back in the day or anything but test and they're the stupid they make a mess we had one of the people I know are good people like it more business I'm for people getting business and if it's like Awards and like accolades like this or what it takes for people to go to someone's restaurant who works hard great. Yeah I mean like I wish that wasn't what health but it does and so therefore I'm glad when me and my friends get these things but yeah that's right

anyway so I was like trying to get all those Awards we'd be like if we didn't think the song was going to get him to like you wake up and smell the redzepi you wanted me to be yourself anyway so that's not there so many years before she moved to MIT recently she said that one of the main things they do in a centrifuge is herbal oils and so they do crazier boils so like they do like almost like one herb to Herb to boil so it's like pesto thick right and then they spin the solids off so like I don't do it because I think it's kind of weird

anyone so it's basically pesto up to about four hundred grams of herb but it's The Sweet Spot is around like two or three like three hundred grams of herb and then you know the balance oil but it can be any amount of oil you want doesn't have to be within the 500 and then you act like you're so you just subtract out the weight and rotors Lancer use 400 grams of herb you take like 75 grams of water put it right in the spins all started and then feed the oil in all the water goes into the rotor and you get this pure intense green highly stable herb oil with no water in it and it's like you can't possibly make this herb oil without a centrifuge unless you sit there and you twist you know like one of those fine bags and get like three drops you're not going to get any yield weed

we get something like 80% of the oil back so it's like like super awesome and so I did a pasta actually with I did I did a basil oil and a parsley oil mix them and just because my kids are like my kids are like I don't want any herbs in my in my pasta but I love that kind of fresh parsley or fresh basil they just toss the oil finishing oil toxic off of that and they were like they didn't complain because they actually don't dislike the taste like just like the idea of a of a least I really like again big enough for restaurants but I really like center tooth butter while used to make centerpiece butter because it's well, don't post it was like when I get back maybe like I would like to know what your schedule is I'll come back next week when I when I'm back

listen you want to make a really reduced. Really reduced like fruit thing to swipe Buster like the garbage strawberries I had yesterday what's good about them is it relatively low bricks which means that you low sugar and the good news about that is is that you can boil it way the hell down before the temperature gets too high so it stays pretty close to the regular boiling point so it doesn't get brown notes and you can reduce it way down and then don't you hit the sugar back into balance out the acid because a garbage strawberry is low break Syosset I could have gone twice as much but you can't reduce strawberry puree with pectin in it right so so I only reduces by like twice I could have done it by like 4 and he know and hate it with with some sugar before you can hear the hydrocarbon

but really fruity it's really bright yeah I was like I thought about this as I was walking out the door I was already late so I put my widest fry pan on my stove cream at Subway the one that would get here on time I took 0.0 0.2 to 0.4% they have a vaguely kind of a ferment fermented Aroma but there you know and this one only uses one enzyme anyway House of the color is so brilliant

let's say you want to have a centrifuge in your restaurant or bar right what do you do if you can invest $8,000 on something that takes up half of your prep area know that requires training for someone to balance it no because here's your thing let's say you could afford it right now Mark what's the worst thing happens when you were lying on a piece of equipment

some knucklehead goes and tries to use it when they're not qualified another way right right so you have two or three vitakraft so in a knucklehead breaks divider bread which invariably have been to jail for having a centrifuge right and then you can get a backup because they're so cheap compared to like the big size centrifuge p.m. anyway that's what's I think they like what I was thinking about it like one of the main aside from the size and the car is just the lack of backup I was so nervous like I think I have always had to Center Fusion real one big one to Booker and Dax because I needed them and when one died and we were down to one I like a fool I was constantly on edge that it was going to die in fact did died and I had to run borrow Wiley Center to use and so I can borrow his interviews what's a real kind of a nightmare to be so.

send it on such a large no 300-pound saying that cost no 8 Grand it's very low something that's gone through this energy was like not necessarily like huge quantity but like all the clarified Citrus all the new all those things to clarify everything you're going to carve a fishy going to be carbonated me to squeeze a lime and something afterwards me fine but he know if anything is going to freak out if you need that I just enjoy it clear to him anyways so you know how many of these benzos would you perhaps have on-premise for 4 for the actual like wheeltime capacity of the big centrifuge but you can't ask it with four different products or you could do continuous hook you up for spins alls you have the actual like real time actually faster because

clarify faster than a normal centrifuge because they have less distance to go so yeah you're actually at a faster throughput with force force benzos and you are with 110 thousand. Goodwin when we reopen which by the way I'm looking at space but when we reopen the movie called back so I don't know what's a good bar names you say the Arnold name means again at the bar last night Eagle power and they're like no

so you walk into whatever the actual bar name is right whatever it is right below walking to Rochambeau and you're like I want to go to Eagle power and make them take you downstairs into like a little egg boiler room and that you were at the Eagle power bar that's it that's it you are evil power or we just like clear your service and your men you can do like a special service in the eagle power and we put a box around you so you are in the evil powers on there the other the other specialty bar primi tens because I have so many recipes are like cream syrup so you're like really typical that's a bartender's worst nightmare is creamy creamy Tim's worst

shooting brake

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we are just video of some of the earlier prototypes in the thing look like it was going to take off tomorrow so I was scared for your life kind of the spin is like a pleasant noise, right I mean when things go wrong you get sad right now really what is the side like that you've heard the food to go

from the equation prior to service so that when you're in service you can just go and I'm a bunch of Kooks are fantastic million to other people work there any have what 8400

it's big like a whole High School can have their graduation if they had the money the whole High School can have their graduation party they're so fortunate to only have 400 was kitchen wise a Cook's Paradise back to front of house I was like I was like like a kitchen that luxurious will never be replicated again but then we can luxurious I mean you have news I mean but you do a lot of you do it like a lot of work in there doesn't necessarily go out to the floor right or do you suggest very luxurious me to sign language super luxurious probably most people don't don't know about that one time I took a walk with Mario early on during the demolition phase before the construction actually started and he simply took a look at the room

and took his orange clogged and Drew an imaginary line and said

new dining room pass this point

and that's how the kitchen

but not having to like not having to be in kind of crushing evil desk for kitchen what's that like you know before I accepted the position was that you know if I'm going to be working in this profession as a chef I'm going to be working many hours and I'm going to be toiling away and I might as well be in a nice nice environment it's it's bigger than that it needs to be and I don't think all of this necessarily all that young cooks really appreciate what that what that means and what reality is like because it's it's not reality but we just try to be sort of you know gracious about it and not take it for granted and yeah we're lucky on the front of house because you have more than enough space right for what you want to do so assuming I guess the bigger your space is do you think that have

a really nice allergic Pleasant kitchen it makes the restaurant more sustainable because you have left turn over. A lot of people who leave in there like man I wish I had left and they come back no I mean we also treat our people well you know we believe in a new sort of World Order of altruistic business and personal management in so we treat people well I met your girlfriend Asia

it's not as if she just enjoys stirring the pot so much that you can text her and she can't stand if there's no Strife she's not happy Peter Kim for Museum of food and drink the term for you familiar with it stars in Florida so you know since I feel like we're on freaking NPR 50 bucks how much is it how much is it on Amazon

really knows like 40 bucks if they sold other ones and listen listen listen The Strand used to be a freaking Mac I still go in like looking at it in this internet era and used to be that everything that this man is half off basically you know I'm even new stuff was like half off and like they would take old books and it would Market half off of what it cost in like 1963 and so I would pick up I bought I like my you know the my old larousse my old pal Pratt you know that they old I felt French the classic Frank one I picked up my 70 station near for nothing V bucks

their prices actually creep up so I used to like more going there when it was so pissed hot in the summer because it wasn't air-conditioned back in the day and the employees would almost like like shoot you as soon as talk to you because I'm just so freaking hot everyone's is dripping and smells like hot wet humid book all summer and what I like about as there's no people there and you know how I like you know how I hate dealing with people I love this freaking out of my way I'm trying to get away

if there's an excuse me because 8 they don't want to touch you whenever they like excuse me I need to know now I'm also doing this by the way I am getting so much meaner in the kitchen I found over the years because I have taken the same attitude with my family that I take with like any anyone when I'm in even a regular kitchen and I just realized Thanksgiving why they think I'm a jerk because when you're in the kitchen and you say excuse me what that means is or what that means I'm about to continue walking through you unless you move it doesn't mean I'm going to wait for you to move out of my way and means this tray of stuff is is headed in a straight line and if you're in that line you're going to get shoulder but your family that's what it means that excuse me means in the context of the kitchen

and you were beside you or we were talking about last week I hate the the spoon to the nuts trick I don't like you know why I hate it I've always hated it first of all it hurts like hell and I like I don't like I don't I don't get it you know what I mean like I don't know what I like I'm okay with Pat on the shoulder but like the whole like grabbing someone's junk from underneath from behind or the hitting with a spoon so I met a guy who got a spoon to the nuts and got an infection. Blood poisoning and almost died as a result you know if you weren't going to get rid of the stuff in the kitchen to make it like

a decent place to work for women like do it for your own nuts like you save may be your own stupid it's do it was also like being constantly on edge that you're about to get hit in the nuts with a spoon when you're trying to work is not conducive to good work how do we get to this URL it's not a Dave Arnold 3 like like 3 on the DOT

celebrity that's a long URL now jebus Heritage Radio numbers like 1 2 3 - 9 / Heritage Radio. So apparently donated this 1st 2016 and December 1st 2017 experience will occur on a mutually agreed-upon Tuesday to take for your photo

to go on the radio show with us and then you get to eat lunch with us for 500% if only I told my kids you know what you should sit and finish your lunch you know why this is fishes five thousand bucks that you're throwing away right here on a Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday the most expensive pizza you ever buy is this Thanksgiving Thanksgiving special request from Tom Fisher in Philly last summer in 2015 it's been about a month making large amounts of clarified strawberry and raspberry juice in my Center to use and started not to spend all the and stored it in my refrigerator

my garage intending to make the zeroth later I made a strawberry syrup and never got around to making the raspberry imagine my surprise when today I found about 2 L of raspberry juice at the back of it still crystal clear and smells Delish in the question is delicious delicious the question is is it safe to see the Marathon Man the movie marathon man great movie is it safe is it safe for that awesome and hit me when I'm ahead and guide the dentist oh my God crazy I'm losing my mind is it safe given how many are raspberries it took to make that much shoes I'm hesitant to just order a drink that sucker what you had is Raspberry wine my friend if you filled it well enough it'll probably be carbonated and you'll probably see a yeast layer the bottom but I've had OJ that I've left in my fridge for months and months just to let it ripen up and that stuff is good and it won't kill you

if your if you if you apply next week it was delicious I'm assuming that I was right and you didn't die but I went to Boston and tell my family and enjoyed someone else cooking for Thanksgiving one of those M Wells torchieres Canadian meat pie Stars your Thanksgiving turkey

South Coast Massachusetts

sastasha to Seven Stars like yeah by the way are we the country of gravy is there any other country that makes American style awesome great I'm talking about like Sunday gravy for your Massachusetts people you know Italian like grade was actually sauce but does anyone make American Style I want to call it kind of God gravy gravy gravy anyway why are thinking about that here's what I did this may be with the smoothest without a hitch Thanksgiving ever what I did was I bought three 14 to 16 pound turkeys instead of one giant one I took two of them Bond him out cut I cut them all into chicken size pieces so I've also I cook the type of salted them down and cook them in like milk milk the small amount of milk and sugar under back till they were cooked pulled tendons out of the leg pieces and I were all bonus accept the thing it's took him out hot let him flash off on

racks are the skins got real nice and dry and then a buttermilk breaded them like like chicken fried turkey pieces then I took the other turkey that was left holding it was a whole bird and put it on 14 or 15 pounds is easy let it air-dry for like the first time when I took all the bones I ripped out of the other birds I hacked them up cook them in the roasted them made a double pressure cooker stock ones that started with chicken stock one have to go on another one phone at the oppression up the the veg in that and then took some of that injected that a little salt injected into the whole burden to the breast and so did brining it with its own here with its own kind you know cannibal Brian and then let that are dry for a couple of hours

turn the other stuff back in the gravy with the roof I misjudged a little bit how much Roux so I had to answer Berman e at the end you don't I mean sorry about that anyway, so then I had the chickenpox bird my commercial deep fryer outside with propane deep fryer that you know and then pulled that and then while that was resting at the table did all that like crank the temperature and did all the pre-cooked chicken fried turkey and I pulled it out we had his giant table full of free games only imagine this why are dried basil scenarios and the other thing is it that when you're frying in a commercial deep fryer as opposed to any one of those that the problem with them the turkey fryers they sell you where you cooking in this 5-gallon jugs and you go down is that it or

turkey sub sit if you have any moisture on the inside you create a fountain and I think that's what a lot of the reasons they overfill the oil and they get this like boiling sound effect coming through the center of the turkey and it overflows and Miss calculate the displacement in a commercial deep fryer so you still up and it's not like it's not a big deal at the top of the labeling labeling over the top to get it done with you actually not bad because that part of me you don't want to overcook anyway so back to the gravy? Does anyone do gravy the way we do gravy

Bruno is it like real thing did it come from New Orleans

what do you like

Lycra do you like mashed potatoes no I think dirty is helpful so I know some people not going to mention them Wiley who is like butter only I don't want to add any liquid to my potatoes I want to add all of the viscosity with butter roll Patrol Style Style eye cream in my I like the cream and it yet I bought a wiley now doing and oh he went a couple of years ago he was cooking at peace with his mom is mom had him a food mill he opened the door to her house and through the food mill out food note this is food mill is the one the biggest enemies equality this out there in terms of your life I don't think there's any cook who likes food meals that uses them know you have cooked

Seafood milk for you when was the last time you sit there and Mike took the food mill and you're cranking it and you're cranking it and is only that tiny freaking wedge that works and it gets to get the claws and then you have to back it up every 2 seconds it takes 18 Thousand Years your scalding your knuckles the bull sliding around its garbage garbage garbage and I know they use it at Del posto every freaking day starts though they make tomato strainer it's like a tomato strainer to order a large version of it

I tell you what it's a lot of freaking easier to use in a food mill really good ricer I bought it cuz you like me as much texture if you want I think I love the right somehow on equipment like a it's not that I'm physically strong but I can break anything especially if there's a lever arm on it so I bought these and so far north norpro

potatoes with you all right so what I love the way I break my ricers is cooked potatoes and I roast potatoes in their jackets right and then I saw them home then I saved it squash skins and I fry them up as a leftover right it's a huge pain in the ass and if they cuddlies hot potatoes and like Nightmare and all this so this year what I did was pee a lot of details like standard foil wrap and threw them in the oven baked them so they wouldn't take on any extra water you could do a long day without them breaking apart then all you had to do was like quick-snap the foil off and throw him in the rice or boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom never had to clean out your because it didn't have the fall of the skin on the potatoes anyway that was thanks to Michael and Chef Mark Wagner for coming in and talking marginally I could like pulling teeth to talk about your cookbook go by the freaking cookbook learn how to make the fabulous

organize yourself you read a Girl doll that talk and the way the recipe to organize for 4/4 Home Folks and I will vouch for you knowing you for many years that you don't like things that aren't the way you want them right and so I'm sure that you put in eight boatloads of work to ensure that the results at the people are going to get our pretty damn close to what you want them to get if they follow your instructions is that true and save I would absolutely agree that it's a psych

yes but it says follow the instructions they are going to end it and they are and are not enemies equality they will be able to produce with this recipe I mean each piece of the recipes were tested as we went along but then the final recipe was tested three times once in metric once in American and all this was done all the final testing was done on a four burner stove in an apartment with a recipe tester so it works we literally did it as if someone at home would be

I see Granbury buddy knows it is at most cookbooks ain't nobody touching those recipes play don't care so like a lot of the cookbooks you get out there there's completely untested recipes especially this is not knocking chefs but like what happens is we don't have a lot of time and see what happens is is that you have your internal specs and then you try to butcher those internal specs directly into a home recipe doesn't work doesn't freaking work deliver even be able to really get this ingredient the way we want it so why bother I'm talking about cookbooks from you know restaurants like they'll post those who are the top to your stuff so that we should just write this down cuz it's another outline for chefs in for people to look at how the food is put together and all that stuff there's some cookbooks out there with it fine print in the back I mean if something very high end restaurants to say basically you can't make this up

right Wheel of Time people by Chef cookbook Joseph see how she thinks or how a restaurant operation operation for something about this is a long tradition in Europe of chefs books that are written by chest for chest not so much here in the US in the US almost all cook books are published even buy like hardcore restaurants yes I would like like our are published for non-pros they have to appeal to non-pros and what that means typically is things get done down at one of the first ones that I know that you know it's like the chef doesn't really want to alter their recipes and doesn't really like know what it means to cook at home because they're a chef and so it's hard it's hard to get that get that balance one of the first cookbooks

broke the American mold and actually was just like I'm just going to give you the professional recipes and if you don't want to stoke all your anchovies in milk than just don't make this recipe with French Laundry cookbook way back in the day TK or were you know any of the stuff is like that is like they're like I'm just going to tell you how this thing works but I think this like like what you're trying to shoot for here is different you're like I want you to actually get this result without having to operate like I'm in the French Laundry which is supposed to win your case so it's like I think it's a different and almost harder task and the reason for doing long I mean that the real question is why the work for that is that we felt like marks food calms all the foundation of March food comes from very very traditional Ruiz

Italian cooking and a lot of that cooking start is sort of passed down through the homes in home chefs I mean our home Cooks let's say in the family's so going back so we're like this is we should make this work at home seems like this is a Time food that's sort of found the foundation of this food is home cooking as you keep going back and back and look at these original recipe so we got to make this work at home to carry on that tradition some set my sister you know like if you go to the Post which I encourage you to do you know everyone there is very few know keyed up on you having a positive. Select for the diner for the customer and I think the same respect for the person that's the defining kind of service and even in back of house also characteristic of del Potro so makes it

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