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Episode 271: Robot Butchers

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join as usual with the hammer Lopez I don't got. Dave in the booth yo Paul Adams formerly a popular science and however unpopular

was the editor of popular science's web content in general but I'm especially was their drone editor and their food and litter not drones and food yesterday Nomad the restaurant Nomad might be the first we haven't spoken to them about this but it makes sense that they would be the first like drone operated pepper grinder

what do you think that makes sense because like they're always at The Cutting Edge of that kind of thing in like you know you want like pepper to just kind of a pier you don't necessarily want a waiter with the giant pepper grinder

Aberdeen's kitchen downdraft trading Gantry in an XY like fresh parmigiano Gantry I think drawings are optimal for slicing meat the butcher robot is actually one of the most difficult robot problems that exist because in fact ization takes command by what's his name Siegfried Gideon which kind of the classic work on

the rise of mechanization like one of the interesting things about assembly lines if they were off like first really apply to food preparation problems like baking but also things like butchering pigs but the problem is is that unlike things like guns and cars they can't be fully fully automated because pigs themselves aren't widgets as the pig as much as we can and the chicken is what not but still requires some human intervention because just like a little lot of stuff so people have been working on the The Butcher robots only make it actually take a non widget and break it down so it appears that there's a ways to go to shreds a bit. Everywhere that's be a pretty hardcore during a pretty hardcore.

pork I could see you doing pulled pork like you throw a pork shoulder up in the air and fly a drone through it you could really just kind of have a grating effect size with you with you burn a restaurant down there tend to do that with prosciutto with you just walk up to the restaurant and just like light your drink on fire and throw it in yesterday I had my first of the four Mondays I'm going to work at Otoe slinging drinks and stassi I hated the drink that I made for her so I was just a little about it I liked it a lot of other people liked it a lot Central Italy thing so it turns out that

if you add water to it and then a problem with the straight carbonating like tomorrow spritzers is that they tend to lose body as their W-2 down the bridge thing is to have kind of low alcohol drink right so you're not clocking in at like 13% protein 40% your clocking in closer to like 9:10 % 889 10% so when you're down there and in fact this is exactly what the problem is losing body like the sky see you don't want to dope that up by adding sugar because the whole point isn't to be pounding a sweet soda is to be found in something kind of refreshing and bitter and what not the answer is glycerin leave them take a lot by the way so like you know a whole liter bottle of a product can you know what have like 15 Mills or so of Glycerin or less

Flats the way lesson for said I put in my playlist never sent so maybe was 15 per bottle of chicharo and salt and then I served it with a squeeze with little lime wedge you could squeeze in and it tastes remarkably like a Coca-Cola strangely even though the ass is not there but they said that the over notes of it so we called it Roman Coke get it get it get it for the first time ever I serve a carbonated drink over ice kind of like Spanish. I put the ice into a Collins glass through the Collins class down dumped out the extra water poured in the drink and sassy like I don't like it I just realized I hate ice in her carbonated drinks that's why she didn't like to drink if I just poured her the freaking drink and in a wine glass she would have enjoyed it and you know what

like crap on me for not remembering what Nastasia likes after all these freaking years I was so caught up in like the fact I was doing something I hadn't done before that I stop thinking about what nastassia like whenever like I was calling her but in this case it's like it was totally totally my fault

a lot of people don't like rocks yeah they shouldn't let her drink on the Rock then it says on the Rock when I've never done it in my life so by the other hand like cuz it would think about it is because I remember very unusual things that come up a lot like surprises cesare Casella friend Chef salumi maker extraordinaire sparkling wine and he wants that with ice in it sure if that's what he wants so I get it for him sis I don't want him to have to walk up and deal with some bartender person who's like you want what I always as soon as I see him if I'm working bikes get it for him that way there's no sort of any sort of interaction right before I think

cesare has earned the right really anyone has earned the right to have a drink exactly the way that they want it as long as you know what you're getting into within reason

Abraham Ruiz around a lot like you know if someone wants to do something it's literally violin revolting you know at a public place will they they shouldn't do that like your ability to have your drink the way you want like stops when I reach I mean and certain things hurt me but if I'm not a customer is not a problem I mean if you see someone having ice in their in their champagne does it to see someone do something horrible.

what do you think about like when someone takes like a fine wine and dumps like Pepsi-Cola into it like would you be likely to get up and walk out quickly does it hurt you when I eat good food and intensely quickly

Jiro Dreams of a fast fast food that's basically fast is fast casual restaurants yeah Mark had dressed casually because he was still on you still have casual does flea has formal looks formal pants

whatever it was yet we all like men's men's formal pants you know they have a second button on the inside that you can't say to know that yeah so like formal men's pants like have a little button over on the left side like right where the thigh is and I don't know why it's there to be to be honest I don't know why why they had that to even out the tension I guess when the button that's on the right side of a boat tell you can't wear that kind of pants if what you need to do is rip those suckers down cuz you're set on spray that's a short situation I'm anti short shorts or some sort of baggy thing last night while I was at a funeral they're like oh my God I'm sorry and I feel bad for saying about it

very froggy Little Rascals froggy

describe what happened that Sherry probably still exist I got a text Gerard he can't eat that Sherry now we're going to do show my step father's father like died on Fridays 96 96 years old until he was sick for about 2 weeks maybe so you know prior to that $96 119:28 like a horse live in his own house you know love love life a hundred percent of the time love life was the last

in a long line of butchers so like for Generations basically there was an alternation and names it was he was Arc Angelo Angelo Carmen addonizio and then it went back then his father was Carmine his father was arcangelo the next father up can you guess that Carmine all butchers from like these tiny towns you know in avellino area in in Italy they came over the you know the Grand Theft the graph of what would be my great-grandfather Carmine that was his name nanu that was the name that they called him to his face had nicknames that they were called not to look behind their everyone everyone in the family has it like and they're all mean like horse's head 3 curls like all sorts of some of them

are the politics so much and I'm sure I did but they never told me what I should ask someone saved up bought a butcher shop and had his own shop in the in the North End of Boston in the 20s called addonizio Brothers cuz and they would go inside the drawers father Paddy's arcangelo Papa who just died he was the last in generation that was running this kind of old style of butcher shop where they would drive a truck up canvas color truck pick up live Lambs skin from arms in New Hampshire come down to Boston slaughter them and then hang them up in the shop in the old days so there's a picture from the thirties by which I know if I get to go to copy an Instagram of like sheep with the fur on hanging in the shop in Boston with a live sheep in the back that they were like no not really talking about Gerard my stepfather remembers like him bringing live goats in

goats like smashing one goat butted him and see if he hit his head live live all this life life put into doing their own slaughtering they would slaughter their own cows although I don't think they would go by and they were like a real old school. Butchers in the North End of Boston and just crazy insane stories about getting ripped off like preventing a reckoning bat even if people that are ripped you off like these guys would rip them off on the price of live lands so they would drive the truck in and then they would put their have canvas in the back of their truck to they put all these rocks in like a hold in the truck that couldn't be seen then they would weigh the truck then as the lands are coming off they would like dump the Rocks onto the back onto the ground and then when they waited they would have the difference in that because this farmer had ripped them off or something else on like a land that they sold them before I crazy

that you're no one want to lose any money like everything everything was you know down to that to you bought a live animal and you sold every scrap so I quit with cows to take the skins or over and sell them to a Tanner who would make leather but with they they sold a lot of meat to actually the Chinese community and the Jewish community in in Boston until they hire a rabbi to come and do the the koshering thing right so one of the things he would tell me is that and this going to horrify people so prepare to be horrified so like what would happen is if they would like they had to pay the rabbi to do the certification on the animals one way or the other and this is good for a rabbi point of view because you don't want the rabbi to think that it's like you know that their paycheck is dependent upon how many animals they pass right so one of the things that used to

search for inside the cavity was that the that I guess that the long the pleura was not attached right or something like that wasn't where they were checking and they would stick their fingers in and just verify that the end separate out the pleural lining from the thing so that it was all kosher they would they would kosher the animal just like not all right but in the in the same way I kind of I don't respect I would never do it but it's kind of interesting story right the other thing is is that Gerard's grandfather so the great grandfather in the in the twenties twenties or thirties made a bunch of brandied cherries and I had one when I was a kid they were still good in the in the like 80s which is when I had one and they're still I think three left and now I have to regret I what I wanted to have to get together and have the last three cherries

now it's too late we'll have to wait for

another generation to have three generations for the last three cherries maybe we'll wait for the cherries to be a hundred years old but I sure whether he still has the cherries anyway hi this is Jeff from Las Vegas thanks for taking my call

I'm great I have a question about canning I'd like to do some canning for the holidays for friends and family and I was looking at some some recipes to do that anywhere really pretty simple recipes things like strawberry sugar lemon juice but they say that you can't double the recipe and so I have been having a hard time figuring out when can I double these recipes for not double the recipe somebody call me if you have an answer well till

do you have the recipe in front of you

I don't I unfortunately I don't have the recipe in front of me but isn't involved

yes oh it's it's a water bath canning and you know straight up the breakdown say like the strawberries add sugar and lemon juice cook down and then and then processed through water bath canning right things that can go wrong with recipes that say you can't double pole three I guess there could be actually something that is like changes when volume to get Scaled up in scaled-down but usually what happens is in a recipe that says for instance boil for five minutes you're going to evaporate a different amount of liquid out of that recipe in 5 minutes then you would if you were doubling or tripling the back right so one place of rest we can go wrong is at that stage where you're doing the initial boil with the sugar and the acid and the strawberries

Matt case you know I think obviously with a larger batch you're going to need to boil at for the same surface area of pot you're going to need to boil a little bit longer because and it's not a safety issue like what you worried about their is that the texture of the product is going to be right so I typically don't ever listen to what a recipe says in terms of minutes anyway on a boy over something like a jelly or preserves I always just pull some out and test it and take a look at it and see whether it feels right better recipe the problem is also you're not typically boiling those kinds of things and told her I'm very high temperature because you're not relying on the sugar to see your only relying on the high solids to help set the pectin and the pectin that's doing the setting right so it's hard to test from a temperature standpoint usually so that's one reason why people can say the recipes can't double butt

you can kind of get a feeling and I always just if you boil longer like it late unless you boil a long time in which case you're going to hydrolyzed it packed in because of the extra acid it's in there you know we like having it simmer for a little bit longer to evaporate off more water is not going to really hurt you is probably going to give you a little bit of a harder set the same way there for doing like a cranberry sauce and you and you don't you know boil it long enough you don't get rid of some of that water then you know you get a loser set on your cranberry then if you evaporate more water after using white or pan is another thing now the second thing is more of a and by the way let's be honest like jams kills you it's going to be that you didn't pass rise and get rid of all of them old so there's no reason not as far as I can tell me if I'm wrong but there's no reason not to double treble Quinn Quinn Chapel at whatever you're going to do to it a recipe as long as the individual containers in which UK

and are all the same size they should react the same way as long as the vessel your canning in so if you have a pressure canner can actually bring all of that product up to the right temperature right so as long as you as long as your stove top has enough thermal output to get a larger canner up to canning temperatures right then everything should be a okie dokie as long as the size of the can stop now if all of a sudden you're going to be like well I have a jar the size of a number 10 can well then you know that's going to take a long time to heat up in the middle and that's not that's not so so good but you're dealing with what I like to call a non deadly product right strawberry with sugar and and and lemon juice is not going to be deadly it at worst will you know you won't kill all the yeast and you'll get some sort of nasty yeasty moldy thing in it but I know your chance

death are very low well because of that we are chances are 100% right but in terms of that I think you're okay

so it should be more of a text roll thing then because you're just not getting the evaporation in the larger quantity that's my guess and what do you think the more water you cook off the better your preserving will be if you have

yeah me sometimes like preserves can be too hard you know it depends on what can a level of of pectin and also the other probably like sometimes you don't want

made a lot of the also like to text like when the more the strawberry breaks down but you need to Strawberry to break down or he won't release the pectin and then there's no when they're right I mean it's like you just don't want a Super unreduced Jam because it will not keep nobody wants a really watery Janice. See what happens when someone hands you a jam and it's so watery they like rolls off the side of your toast so works right you're like to make a small batch you can make a batch and see how your strawberries work cuz you could always add pectin if you need to you know

do you need to boil it and do it but I mean not not ideal or add more sugar is this helping or no

I think so yeah it's the best explanation I've gotten so far so and it gives me a good place to start is that there might actually be some reaction right so like if you you know if you're like traveling the amount of baking soda and are in a mile road reaction think it might not scale right because you know you're probably added a little more than you needed that first time around but doing that three times in a row might not scale outright you might not break down the extra there might be more residual at me I don't know there might there is there's a possibility I haven't run into a lot of things that don't scale but there's another thing that's interesting like in cocktail batching

the other problem is that when you're scaling you're usually saving a product longer than you would otherwise and so when that happens things can change and so sometimes people think it's the scaling they went wrong while now it's the whole time that went wrong when you have to analyze well what is different now from when the first time that person made this recipe right so is it is it the fact that you're using different equipment when you scale it up probably is it that you're using it in a different way I see four different like the time maybe you know those are the main things that look like what what actual process variables are changing when I'm scaling it up or down typically most molecules don't know how large their environment is beyond a very small scale and so you know they can't know what's going on

that's pretty clearly what's going on you're going to write a recipe right your editors will will will beg you to make it as simple and stupid as possible and I think in a way that they're right there's a whole bunch of people out there in Amazon review land who don't want any actual information but then I feel like that's not us right to people that are listening to this show or or or or me like we would just prefer to be told quickly write like this is why this is like this like you could do it in the introduction to the book you can do it you know short thing at each individual recipe you know c-section on scaling recipes write the prince c-section on scaling recipe but no one ever does this and sold in there like they they they they probably gave these

they probably get these weird like Mets and especially people who are technically minded if someone says something specifically like you may not double this recipe right it's more like well you know what I mean and then if they don't write that that that you know section to go with it this is why you know and then you put a big thing at the top of it and says you make if you're not going to ever think about recipes ignore this session yes but if you are not letting me a quality read a section

assassin I think I like I understand what you're saying about the evaporation and and surface area and what not but is there anything I should be looking for particular types of ingredients or something where I'm actually creating a dangerous situation by kind of doubling or or something beyond what the recipe calls for Dangerous situation I'll give you an example

take a cube of mushrooms that is like 5 feet on a side and packaged salad and then all you're going to do is a pasteurized those mushrooms are not going to kill the botulism in it you're not going to wipe out the spores so you heat that very slowly over time to take a long time to those mushrooms and it's better to get up you have a very good chance of developing some botulism toxin on the inside of that 5 foot block of mushrooms that you're cooking at a low temperature because you've made the recipe to big and you can't keep it adequately and the recipe if you get the recipe then said okay well I'm going to take those mushrooms up to boiling point and hold them there for a day you would actually Wipe Out the botulism toxin to that wouldn't be a problem you still wouldn't Wipe Out the spores necessarily right but it would probably be safe to eat at that point but just taking it

we're at taking mushrooms in a 10-pack bringing them up to patch reservation temperature or whatever you want and dropping them down is a hundred percent safe in that situation as long as you're not trying to hold them as long as you realize you haven't wiped out the botulism you like you get there safe to eat at that point right not to keep forever so you're that situation or like friends and some people cook too many pieces of meat together in a bath and they get back blows because they have local bacteria grows because the product doesn't heat up fast enough because they've overloaded their equipment right that's where the thing that's where it usually starts getting on say if it starts getting unsafe when there is equipment overload and so that you're not adequately Heating in the x or with the profiles at the recipe you know the recipe ask for most of the time and that's that is also still just a quality issue but sometimes I can be a safety issue give me another one let's say you're using you know a curing salt or something like this if you

Gail up your recipe to the point where you can no longer efficiently coat all the pieces of meat with your with your salt if you're doing a dry assaulting well now you got a problem you want to meet or if you increase or let's say you're making a sausage and you have to do your primary fine but all of a sudden you know you've been making recipes and KitchenAid you know and now you have to scale it up and you're doing it in trash bag trash can so you know like 50 gallon trash cans and you no longer can move the the the product around and don't have adequate whatever so it's like when I'm scaling up usually I'm asking myself and my introducing a problem based on the events going down to go to same way like there's some minimum amount of water you can evaporated like scaling down is actually to me the hardest like special sauces trying to make a very small amount of something is almost impossible because you know you heat up your your pan and by the time you get around

add is the next ingredient the other thing his turn to like caramel for caramel to bottom of the pan so it's like to me is scaling down is up is a bigger problem but you're always thinking about how the shift is changing what's going on with the product and I think if you saw me you're thinking that way you'll be okay

well thank you very much for your time I think you have a good day so so here we are planning on hopefully on Black Friday because we just can't stand not ruining Thanksgiving for ourselves right it's just like we can't stand it like at any time that nastase and I had what might be a decent Thanksgiving we're like you know what let's ruin that you have a fight with her family or maybe like Thanksgiving at 7 p.m. which by the way is fine and then Sunday she hears something so we are planning on going over to get ready for a Booker and Dax centrifuge presale to happen

on the Black Friday and the reason why is that we we are almost done approving the tooling so we need to pay for the tooling it turns out that you need money to pay for the tooling and a bunch of other things but we are going to we have the Prototype that is fundamentally a production of production prototype reproduction prototype from the factory so we're going to show you a video of that it does 500ml at a time it's a little bit bigger than a Cuisinart food processor it also has the ability to do a continuous centrifugation so we'll have a video out about that and I have tested all of the relevant at all or some of the relevant recipes so I can talk about that a little bit of an advance but for shafts it's going to be really great for herbal oils fantastic

herbal else can do it in large quantities for bar obviously you have you know all kinds of citrus juices like strawberry juice I can do Tuesday knows you know it's it's it's going to be a lot cheaper the retail price we think we think we think don't hold us to this we think the retail price is going to be said of 9999 but then we want the presale price don't hold us to it 6 9999 be cut because we're going to a pre-sale probably not a Kickstarter I don't want to stay here going to partner with but you know who they are and you probably like them but the Christmas stocking are going to talk to them in fact like later this week until iron it aloud so hopefully more news next week but the

what we're going to do is sit is it unless we have a certain amount of Interest we're just not going to do it at all so we're doing we're basically saying you you sign up for the pre-sale if we get agro number you know of sales a pre-sales and we need to sell quite a few like I forget what it is for a go number but it's not a small number because it's expensive really expensive to make one of these things then then your charger presale and then we hope to deliver some time in like June next year in that in the area the more details to come as the Black Friday approaches and good news it will work in Europe with Transformer

you like that so it will work on 50 or 60 Cycles but it is a 120 machine but all you need is the Transformer and we'll figure out which one you need to buy so I don't want to hear is not like the searzall where it's a free international nightmare to be much easier to work with is there anything else I should mention discount price again never again

now and also to revise something else on the on the booker and Dax cooking issues such as anastacio started work again on the enemy of quality shirts

now you have first of the month going through my head on the first of the month

here's my question I'm doing great thank you

after Thanksgiving I've got to do some huge format cooking

and I would prefer not to have to buy a gigantic pop and by gigantic I mean like four or five feet across some wondering if I was just buy a great pic and gauge sheet of steel or metal shop is there anything I have to do to it before I could let

to contact with us for cooking and stuff like that I need to touch the food

well I I asked that partly because I don't really have a menu in place yet I was going to kind of figure out what my cooking tools are going to be first and then build a menu around that so got a really it's like either or is one better at 1 to give your Express for food you can get used food grade barrels right and the problem is most of them are coated with with paint you can burn them off I don't know if Chiefs or seems like you might be easier just to get like a giant cheap used pot somewhere but the answer is is that cold rolled steel is fine you have to rub it scrub it and then you're going to have to probably season it or it'll or it'll rust out you can season it with you get spray grease like like Pam and a weed torch then you can you can season anything you want it just takes time to season the stuff out

rebar I haven't studied rebar in a long time rebar is often coated with stuff so you're definitely not going to want to use the green rebar but I don't know whether or not regular rebar at 5 the way for those rebar is the is that is the steel pieces that are meant to reinforce concrete and I have that weird kind of pattern on it and rebar has this one advantage it is so cheap rebar is so cheap and you can weld to rebar but I just don't know whether anything's in it you know that is going to cause you problems pool rolled steel fine so really quickly so you think if I bought oh yes

yes I mean I mean seldom stainless but you can get them used like I don't know I've never I haven't bought I used to being back when I was younger I used to go get ones and just burn them out but like that was its disgusting you never burned out of 50 55 gallon drum before it's disgusting and like the paint fumes were just going and going and going so we like we were doing Grill so we're doing the ol 55 gallon drum grills and so we just torch cut in half and that was a paint that was a paint nightmare to begin with just burning the paint off a torch cutting so we wouldn't have a plasma we were using old school I got c1701 a plasmid back then and some of did I didn't and then we just put them up on on cinder blocks and just fill them full of stuff

burnt them for hours now there's now a nasty nasty and we were in our great for it we were just using like that expanded mesh stuff that actually stuff works okay I've no regrets on that but that's the kind of place we can do something like that you put rebar underneath it till like support the great and that's where you want to worry about worry about that but I don't I'm pretty sure that those drums will still hold water once they're cut open and you want to do it the long way

I mean that's what I would do if I got one just cuz it was both give me a little bit more often I don't know how the top seals work on that there's some that they have removable Tops on them and those things have elastomer seals I would stay away from those but the old like the ones that are actually just shut those things should work at the very least 50 or boiling you could just put some silicone sealant on the inside of that thing in those State they'll stay good to go special if you don't need to use it wherever you know what I mean to do in fact I want to say that I saw someone doing nixtamalization and cut in half if he 5 gallon drums I think I saw someone doing like a large-scale nixtamal under fired horizontal half cut 55 gallon drums that shape is a lot like a walk at you get a reduced surface area as it goes down so big because you get reduce surface area as it goes down it's easier to kind of control kind of what's going on so if your if your

why all the way down then you know once you get low you can go from like I'm okay to I'm hose really quickly cuz it Doesn't kind of taper down and also for expansion and you you have more expansion space if you're boiling in something that it has slope side because the higher up you go that more volume you get per unit height and so it kind of helped on helps for self boiler problems and the insides of those things are relatively easy to clean out the line of Gunk around the rims is a little can be a little bit tricky to clean out but the actual slope part of it is relatively easy to clean out what you're going to want to weld probably something like like angle or something on the cut edges for two reasons one to provide stiffness or something it's no longer supported around itself and to so no one cut themselves on that on the cut edges

really quickly like I have no idea where to start where would I find one of the me a minute to find it like at Jetro or like we're HDPE or you know I think they use those plastic ones which aren't going to be good for you I want to look on craigslist for this sentence like on Craigslist people have this problem where they have like boatloads of these suckers like sitting around or Ebay I wanted before I go to McMaster and pay full price there's tons of people around who and if food was shipped in it you know it's

2 grade I mean it's like you don't want to buy one that and someone was shipping hazardous waste in you know a bunch of these things we didn't end up buying them but you or make anything for right Jeremy Road and thanks for all your work researching teaching methods to make food delicious food I just took out the delicious because you know if you have and how much we had nowhere Solutions or not and by the way speaking of delicious next week I'm teaching a class at the international culinary Center on cocktails your time is running out to sign up and running out doing liquid intelligence should be fun

play the country hams had to leave early so here we miss the after party on my God now I have that song going through my head and re-ignition best song ever the best song ever. She has she said yes he grudgingly said yes I do like the song looking forward to hearing about your next Incarnation when it's ready we can talk about this last week and again. Jeremy I answer the question Jeremy if I didn't answer your question then get back to me. He's just being like I can't stand listen to Dave anymore so you know I don't know want to hear it companies team this is Queen from La I heard you briefly talking about XXX 2 extraction chicken stock and when I get back episodes and I'm intrigued enough to try to want to make my own using a Kuhn rikon pressure cooker I'm a pressure cooker chicken stock many times but only extract and flavoring collagen from the bones wants with.

Fresh. Then pressure cooking game if you can please elaborate more in the procedure it'll be greatly appreciated. I can't seem to find recipes online thanks for your help Quinn yes that's how you do it

Jamaican if you're Browning it with an almost always do I don't really make white chicken stuff right off and you make white chicken stock ball I must always Brown almost always around me that's me so you don't put it in you smash many bones in and you just fill up to cover the bone so you're trying to make the richest stock possible so your you don't want to add too much water to Classic mistake everyone makes a stock as they try to make too much of it and they had too much water and then and of producing it down which I think not what you want to do so you you pack as much in there with some more pop more onions obviously although it's going to be quite so sweet of the problem with pressure cook stocks is that I need flavor drops off and then to counteract that you increase the onion amount but what that really doing its increasing the sweetness so you have to be careful on that don't triple mirepoix right you're mainly looking to meet it up so what I would do is add that much more so after the first extraction of

the pressure cooker and a short stocks so now that you're trying to do like very fresh tasting stock so you're not doing like a 45 manufacturing you're doing shorter extractions on the bone to make you're not pulling everything out but everything tastes like really good and I see you're doing like 25 minutes like 20-25 minutes second ring let it come down naturally otherwise you want to multiply the fats in so don't do the fast release on it right and then you strain it out fresh carcass maybe not mirepoix hit it again then taste it to see whether or not you want to add any more fresh veg to it and then you can like you know tuna stuff out there maybe throw in a little pepper at the light at the last one bring it up and then you will have like a very very extracted like very like Rich stock and you can do it in like an hour and a half and taste good but I don't need that much stock in my house and I tend to accumulate

a lot more chicken carcasses then I have need for stocks or soups and so a lot of times I'll just do like a double or a triple and I'll get a much more flavorful I think in my opinion flavorful like fresh bright stock at today just don't need that much of it to make sense. Bernard Moustakas overdone but but but Dave says that we can go and to get but since you're not time I won't read that the rest of the day I'll answer the question regarding dried peaches and who's Dino yield so you can drive peaches lower and steeno you'll quite a bit so he tried pre-blended dry pictures of 75% of their weight in water in the yield went up dramatically so which is good because you know that work

he's opening a new bar and he says we're at we're doing a new Barber considering adopting a prediluted pre-chilled batching approach for the stir drinks on the menu is it likely to be about 60% of the men you date is the speed of service and ensure consistency I like both of those things the restaurant is located in a small rural town where the fun finding and keeping of skilled and capable staff is likely to be a permanent challenge to all so simple and make it more simple to do staff training excetera the restaurant total of 50 c2122 bartenders Refrigeration kit is expensive and all that we use at the bar to adopt a set point of let's say -4 to -8 Celsius with a conventional freezer who's highest temp wouldn't normally be about negative 15 Celsius setting for a compressor delay protection

experience with these type of plug-and-play controllers and is there anything we need to be aware of if you think they'll have an impact on the compressor lifespan that makes a hole patching approach a nightmare waiting to happen so

it has a protection to the problem with the compressors and Generals you don't want to do is called short cycling where you turn them off and turn them right back on right away because the compressor has to like push against it's a nightmare it's like really shorten the lifespan which is why they have a 3 minute cycle on it I think 3 minutes might be a little extreme for 4/4 KK and you could probably deal with a couple minutes more I think that if you're using a conventional chest freezer the nice thing about a conventional chest freezer is when you open it the cold air tends to stay in it and so I think that should work fine I didn't and could those conventional home freezers have the advantage that they're super cheap so like if one dies on you you can just go buy another one and your PID stuff should be almost Plug and Play to get to go in so I think you shouldn't have a problem there are we think all sounds correct what is the cost is just we we never got it what's the word a service properties of the gasket went bad what's nice about the rent

how is like the ones that we had weren't designed to drop the FX freezers they're very accurate they go up and down but they're they're not designed to drop the temperature or something or maintained it to it they're designed to try to maintain it there is our big drawer Igloo coolers so you would open them in the temperature would stay very constant cuz the cold air would move in and out with the drawer that's very well-insulated so you get very minimal temperature drops which is good so the more insulated your freezer is which a lot of Home chest freezers are very well-insulated because they're meant for like you know hunters and whatnot who don't want to have a lot of energy and put into it and so they're fairly well insulated so that should work you know what I mean I think it should work but the problem with reach and chest is that it's hard to get a first in first out system because the stuff lower is hard it is hard to get to say you have a stock rotation issue but whatever right to left

up down right left you the total it's hard to literally put stuff into one of those things and to have like five bottles tall you and I mean lower in a rack for your bottom rack like that around everything but takes a little work in conjunction to reduce the opening of the freezer what are your thoughts on the insert in started that inside the fridgerator bottle well so it's basically a bottle well that's refrigerated the one that you showed me doesn't really go that low enough I am looking into a similar problem but I'm going to definitely move to a glycol and glycol based refrigerant system that allows me to keep bottles exactly where I want them so the wave of the future in terms of this and something I'm working on like I say right now is refrigerated like then you have to like glycol off the outside that's what those he going to a wine store in The Killers that's all that stuff is a refrigerator I'm pretty sure that's all it is a refrigerator glycol not using salt right

assumed it was water water house water can't you think you're actually going at that high of a temperature

for wine I guess I don't know

probably not as many as I could do so and then maybe we know we haven't we talked about Valentine Leslie to know from Portugal give me a call back and we'll talk about it next week go vote

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