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Episode 270: Goin' Straight Leatherman

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Uno Pizzeria

John as usual with nastassia the hammer Lopez in the studio in fact I just gave by the way like if you have like a co-worker it's a good idea to bring some some crap back so I went to Barcelona for the first time that Spanish tile gin and tonic to one of these are old and very well known bakeries in Barcelona is called Covina call me to call Amina and means a honey bee hive panties have been making some taking 49

it tastes like a cough drop but it's called that you put them there are more money they're all different any way that someone 849-721-2800 in the cooking issues a style of news that this weekend Sunday is the first day of the trial exhibit their General one day we tomorrow we have our Kickstarter benefit I guess or we had tea benefit or whatever and then on Sunday at the opening so if you want to head down to 72 6262 Bayard Street right off McCarren Park in Brooklyn Williamsburg Greenpoint we all know it's Greenpoint like horrible road called the Brooklyn Queens Expressway the BQE and it basically cuts a whole section of Brooklyn and Queens off from the rest of the universe like towards the water line and generally like once you cross under that you're not in Twinsburg no more I mean

give me David you agree with me on this

anyway yeah sure I live really far away from there so I kind of don't have become so hip that took when I was like you know 20 something years ago like when I work in a metal fabricating shop in Greenpoint Brooklyn call sfws blanking Metals glitter the name of the shop where I inhaling like black metal dust all day long but there's no one there when he was like that like the idea that hipster like when you told someone you were moving the Greenpoint there like where what now it's so hip and green point that the people in Greenpoint never leave Greenpoint so they're like the point being that they're so insulated they're in Greenpoint land they like like why be so close to Manhattan like what's the point

give me anywhere anywhere exactly I guess there is a theoretical G train connection from Greenpoint to the rest of New York City is definitely theoretical lens it's like 20 stops on the G or something to get from Williamsburg to Ditmas to be in the Q R train world ever that's an awesome huge model train shop right on us

missing out if you're a model train person as my skin on my son Booker is a bigger going to say I was going to go home and you're putting on one of those blue and white engineer hats change all day that would be that would be the ultimate secret amazing I wouldn't do you want do you want one why would I guess I can bring home to have a lot of I can bring some tracks

I know I know I know I know I know for the tree the minimum oval is call o27 that's Mom I'm telling you you can get a small track you know that but you have to only certain engines run on the o 2731 poker with loan you one of his Santa face cuz he does not care to go by without a Santa Fe till like this one company MTH used to have the license for the subway New York City subway until they put out a graffitied model and he was like crap on you crap on you

I just don't have the MTA stickers and then other Jokers are selenium tastemakers anyway please you have to build I mean the Metro-North you have to build a little mother man oh my gosh, little man on the inner man right the guy walked around the fact that I have a wife and kids I don't work all day like a dungeon anything leather leather daddy not really sure but there is a nice guy and all that crap was made up they know he was like French dish like he could speak some French China and in the eighteen-hundreds from like I guess just after the Civil War until he died and I think at 8

389-1889 he would just walk a three hundred and something Mile Trail looping from Westchester right over by the Hudson by Austin up over through into Connecticut down the Connecticut River down the river and then along the shoreline on the Sloop it and he would walk about 10 miles a day every day of the year reign when snow the biggest blizzard of the century they had in the 1800 stopped and pray I think 3 days been 3 days behind schedule and he would have sleep outside under his Rock overhangs which they called letter man caves even though they're not actual case cuz I have your case and I can tell you some people giving stuff to eat and he showed all of his clothing their pictures that we can look them up they sold all of his clothing out of discarded boots that he cut the tops off of and Lace them all together and it is like big like a apple to there are there are photoshopped images of my face over the letter man's body because I would if it wasn't for the fact that I had kids and wife you know

those are your only anchors to prevent you from spinning out of control into that world look like I have a place in Chester Connecticut to Chester and like I spent a good portion my childhood in Chappaqua / Mount Kisco New York and used to walk to basically I'm already living the letter man life anyway I already

what's the point of anything

you should walking so existential

I've already lost my house but I haven't paid my bills I've already liked by the way we're to question a couple of weeks ago on Hickory syrup and I report back that I made some so Hickory syrup is not like maple syrup in that you don't make it from the sap of Hickory you make it from the bar and I know what okay so don't know the most famous kind of hickory tree in terms of the nuts anyway it's called the shag bark Hickory and there are some other ones that many of them have awful flavored nuts like the pignut Hickory taste in the bitternut Hickory clearly are terrible tasting hickory's there's also the mockernut which doesn't I don't think taste bad but it's just very difficult and the shellbark which is very on the Shagbark anyway I digress the nuts are delicious and I love

they're delicious they are like in a pecan is a good nut which is closely related to Hickory Nut but the hickory nut is actually in my opinion is superior nut is much harder to get to sew and smaller than a pecan so they can win from a commercial standpoint whatever whatever yeah those are good. We won't get into it because not family friendly what nastassia did at the effect when we were making those things so angry that wouldn't let you behind the bar at the YMCA it's not safe for work what happened in that situation that's me up the next time we have and unexpurgated cooking issues and you know someone can call in and request that they get the nastassia Lopez YMCA pecan story

Johnnie Walker and carry laws it's nightmare religion dietary laws Shagbark Hickory one of the interesting things about it is that it is one of the most aptly named trees that exist the bark looks Shaggy almost like like a 60s rock. Feather it out hair you know what I mean like it's comes off in big kind of strips in Slayer it as it comes down the tree that peels off what that means is you can harvest the bar rather easily without damaging the tree because you can just about to be suspect I have some pictures of the bark I'll post it later after I post my obligatory post for you know who has to get mad at me

do money you have to do a certain number of posts and they don't pay you the money until you've done said certain number of post and I'm terrible that instead of stars have been riding me like a trick pony whatever please okay I'm a bad man and stipulated so the show someone asked me about making it any takes trips or tips or tricks that I had so I went out into the woods cuz I know where I have a Shagbark Hickory actually on the neighbor's property but whatever their fit what the hell are they harvested enough for about 3 l of syrup are harvested in like under 2 minutes cuz it was like well so you follow these techniques again with no measurement I took them back inside I scrub them to get any sort of moss lichen or like you know buggy like you know you know caterpillar d10t traps off Note

I snapped then snapped it in two pieces that would fit into my oven I toasted him in the oven while I bake them in the oven at 350 eat at 375 for like 10-15 minutes until I started to get the aroma out opened it the oven let him flash off and get to know dry snap them into small pieces are fairly small pieces like I don't know like an inch and a half I wasn't too anal about it he was the one kind of tech trick I did I didn't put him in a vacuum machine and suck the vacuum on them in water like to three times to infuse and rapidly so they be rapidly infused water would flow to the top I thought that was a good idea that I put them into a big pot with water I covered it and added a little more but I want to keep it a fair I want to have a very high seat people have problems with this becoming bitter and so I didn't want to become a bitter and you see the way you do that is you do relatively quick Steve for the relatively large amounts of prey

Rockin into not as much water so I did that and then I brought it up to a boil

turn it off cover deadliest eat for awhile kept checking it when it was brown but not too bitter I strained it discarded the bark back outside then I reduced the product down by a factor of 2 so I started with about four hours of stuff the liquid for 4 and 1/2 ever do sit down actually more than twice reduced it down then after it been reduced down to little less than half I added equal weight in of sugar starting into syrup knows it and it was good so Amanda recommend if you have a vacuum you do vacuum infusion so that you have the water on the inside really quickly I recommend like bring it up to a simmer and then letting it Steep and keep testing it while it's going so it doesn't get too too bitter and I recommend training and introducing it substantially to increase the flavor profile before adding sugar and I've used it so far in I'm in an old fashioned with it that was delicious in my opinion

I was just you know with 3/8 of that Hickory syrup and two of whiskey and a Dash or two of a mango and orange twist I also because it does have some tan antenna is a slight has a slight bitterness in the back I did a I used it in a shaken sour which is actually interesting but not with her but I did a daiquiri I didn't aged I didn't aged rum egg white Hickory syrup Daiquiri and it was really good in some of the Ya-Ya just for the just for Giggles I tested in an isi whipper Niecy whipper to see what would happen I was like you know what I hate doing talk telephones right always more I can do whatever I want what what if I want to put this cocktail into like

Chris shook it still out and The Sassy at the cocktail filled like three glasses like what I was like what the hell this is good but like do you want to drink a phone

pumpkin that's a good idea jackery on top of a pumpkin pie that be good in the bottom of the cup Cafe cup

little bit tipsy on the phone everybody in the club Everybody in the Club Gettin Tipsy and thanks for whoever brought it up. I recommend going on for June to that could hear the question on Friars from 80 in Russia leaving about the fish and chips

as opposed to like french fries chips nutrition deep fryers in British fish and chip shops work by the thermal mass of the huge fryer warming up fire by gas and recovering after the addition of bucketloads of gold potatoes to make chips I see I see commercial line Friars mini continuous prayers I guess they make potato chips like lays or tortilla chips that have PID controllers and turtle compared to the oil if I want to increase consistency and temperature recovery is it worth adding a PID Moscow Russia and PS4 answer this question PS anastacio is there any chance you could get Mark Ladner on to talk about the Del posto Copic on the air I'm interested

next Tuesday to do you know what the Mario Batali pizza restaurant every time you're there and I don't like seeing a spritzer with with lime and I'm doing a apricot into bourbon casino and I'm going to do a Italian basil Nitro muddled gin sour

my neck

I think of that little bit of striking in that son of a gun

how many hours like I don't know I think I'm like something till close what time do they close 4 in the morning if he really doesn't matter as soon as my kids are asleep in my wife's it doesn't matter what time I come on kitchen light traveling in cities because people the cities used to pick on him so you would have made the main the main route and for those he has never been to the Northeast here like a lot of that kind of land where he used to walk around is Forest it now but back in the day wasn't was all cleared for it to trees around that's all second growth and see if they would just like to hang out in like you know cook whatever the heck he was the meeting cuz he also had I think I can tin pot a lot like me he would carry like 60 70 pounds of gear around for no reason

for no reason at all the time he's only walking 10 miles a day is doing the snake in the 1880s come back some sort of horrible mouth cancer that was eating away at his lips for the last year-and-a-half of his life and someone try to take him to the hospital and then why you didn't know why do you engineer Dave like why you sitting there engineering I just because they pay you but why you need the money so you can eat leather man ate any money walking 10 miles a day

incidental use pretty much like if you could you didn't really want to talk to you so there's one group that took a like that like we give him super whatever he stopped on you take it wouldn't talk to me or anything but the one time they set up like a camera with a sheet over it and then as he was sitting they drop the sheet and took the picture and there's a picture of him where he has his kind of like

and it would take like hours for it to take a photo by the 1870s it's a little bit better than like in the 1860s when he never went back to that house again so like it would happen if you were nice to him and he like like you he would come back to your house every or your whatever every 34 days but any talk not much to show up and then but if you were mean to him or like we're like trying to force him to give you like never show up at that time in the US are a lot of wood called anti cramp laws because a lot of people were displaced from like traditional Farmland traditional jobs

earlier and they were widely hated and a lot of people like past anti Tramp laws and in fact there was lots of feedings murdering of trans people like had of all sorts of terrible things to vagrants so this is not just a modern phenomenon and he was the one exception people like ye Union in fact like he's one group of people basically got the snot beat out of them for messing with the Lettermen can you post a photo of the weathermen nastase talking about the one that to my face on the lettermen's but I didn't spend that much time photoshopping it like I didn't really want to do what you going to take the photo is obviously pose yourself in the same sort of post the person was in and try to match the angle of the camera I just like found the fastest photo I can find on the internet cut out my face and stuff

that you would have to be like living like leather man for at least a week or so just to get into that mindset question should I add a PID controller to my wife or a mix between the food anyways

come on this is one of the family shows so anyway

so you don't want to do that here's why in a continuous continuous frying is exactly what it says it is it's continuous that means you don't want any change one way or the other half are extremely there to be very long and they're very very highly regulated so you know the first like two three four hundred pounds I don't know depends on the size of a line but the first whole bunch of stuff that comes out of the dryer is not going to be right whatever until everything comes into equilibrium and so typically these things take a long time to calibrate then they run them so like to have a PID controller on there because they want to keep the oil at a certain place at exactly the same temperature they know that they're adding X number of pounds of potatoes are tortilla chips every hour and it eventually know what keep average heat input they need into the oil to keep it at the at the right point and there's a gradation probably definitely in the oil temperature from the beginning of the line to the

to the end of the line but everything stays constant because they have a relatively constant he didn't they have a really relatively constant potato and they're also adding fresh soil because the miracle of continuous frying the miracle of it is that you can you absorb oil you add oil at the rate that it is absorbed by your potato or your tortilla chip and if you get everything just right then the oil is always perfectly conditions brand new fry oil is not good an old file is not good reason brand new frying oils not good it actually is too pure and it doesn't Bond as it doesn't transmit heat as well to the ship's a little bit of breakdown makes it slightly more polar and transmits the energy much better to the chips yeah she wanted to slightly breakdown but you don't want too much and so many continuous fryer you can keep everything Perfect by adjusting the rate of product in potatoes are tortillas and the rate of oil in so that the oil in there is,

Bentley right so it's all about juggling these kind of that's why you can't make just a few things in a continuous fryer and for that PID is perfect perfect everything is perfect all the time the oil is always the same the potato chips or whatever always the same everything takes exactly the same amount of time Awesome by contrast in batch prying you are dumping a load into a single batch temperatures going to drop and you to get that temperature back up now here you don't want a PID now you could have a PID that realize it but just very aggressively tune so that Rockets back up close to your finished temperature but then nose to slow down a little bit as you're coming up so that you don't overshoot a lot so there might be a situation where you where you can win over a standard like bang bang thermostat but depending on the amount of temperature rise you're going to get usually let's say let's say you dump a bunch of stuff into a deep fryer and it temperature drops real low

turn the heat way on and your rocketing up through to your set point now if you have only a small amount of product in there maybe you can overshoot a lot but odds are by the time if your fryers really powerful by the time it hits that his back is temperature you're still boiling a lot of water off out of your products so you shouldn't get that much of a rise out of it theoretically especially if you have a good convection and it which is why real to Friars are awesome because they don't tend to locally overheat your oil because I have a much larger surface area to put heat into the oil anyway so if you have an actual commercial fryer with a bang bang thermostat on it it doesn't tend to overheat your oil and they're pretty awesome and really you don't need single degree control over the oil temperature anyway you just don't want it to get too too low and you don't want it to go high and you want you recover to be fast so I would say no do not PID at all though

are the converse I'm going to go back on to see if you're going to pot fry I think having a using one of those controlled by conduction units for frying can be very useful because it's very hard at home to pay attention to a fryer all the time when you're doing a bunch of other stuff it's very easy to overheat your fry oil on on a stove top and so one of these and my brother one that I got sand or any other ones can be very useful in keeping your fry oil so it doesn't go up to too high and certain of those like the Breville can't have like an aggressive setting where I can get back up to a temperature aggressively that's not as much as like on off but it's much more aggressive than the more standard pids and a lot of PID technology by the way in terms of cooking and a lot of what's different between different circulator just how aggressive their strategy is

Anthony from Nashville for a new spot and what kind of changes will you include in the new bar and why maybe it's me but seems like you didn't talk about it too much on the show which is why I had to get information from the internet sorry I can bring up a sore subject anyway you guys are great I love the show Anthony from Nashville and the problem is is that there's only so much that I can say because

because I'm not allowed to say like exactly like who's going to be involved or what you know what the arrangement is going to be what the name of the eccentric cetera because we're we're all in negotiations for these things at the moment I can say this I'm looking for space I've looked at several spaces I haven't found a space yet that I think is his right ask her what's going to be different or the same you know what I what I want to be the way I think the core of Booker and Dax was the bar the core was that we were going to work very hard to make the drinks as good as we can make them and present them in a non-pretentious style we were using a new techniques and trying to focus on

a twerking on Flavor so it's very specific idea behind a drink creation and from a customer service standpoint we really wanted it to be like I say friendly and non-pretentious and I know a place that you be comfortable to go and hang out and have some fun so that was a goal I think there hopefully I think succeeded on those two counts I think in the future I want to I'm interested now in the fact of why people go to the bars and and I think it's to feel awesome right stuff cuz I think you want to look awesome everything looks awesome but that you feel like you look awesome you feel like you are awesome I think that's almost it's not all that is more important like that you know that you just feel good like why else would you go to a bar if you want to feel crappy

those kinds of things more in the in the next go-around not that we didn't focus on them before but I'm going to kind of put those Prime and Prime place and also I want to make our carbonation system a little better as a bunch of like twigs and things depending on the people I'm working with new techniques might be available to us at War before because I was so I might not be as vehement about not using some techniques I don't know I don't know I just not that it's a sore subject it's just a certain things I can't say and I found also that like until you have something concrete to say it's usually you know best not to say much at all right side

Jeff and Los Angeles riots using a circulator to do a brewing Network hop sock around the circulator as insurance in case anything is it looks like a teacher my circulators I have a polyscience professional and another one state that they shouldn't come into contact with food and quotes of the article so what's the deal is it safe to do with either or both my circulators if so is there any particular cleaning that you recommend before or after to ensure long life for the flavors and party to the war

thanks for your help FYI with some of the most the podcast Jeff from Los Angeles also I stand corrected the Blue Man episode which was there not safe for work was even funnier so there you go not a family show a bunch of reasons why people don't say things are food grain I can tell you this as an equipment designer don't want to pay to get it certified as food grade poly science stainless steel circulators we're not didn't have NSF approval I even though everything in contact with the food was in fact food right now there's two issues that you come across with a bunch of is it going to is the food that I find the unit the answer in most of these cases is no you don't want to plug it right so you want to make sure nothing can clog the circular circular part but in general no

not going to hurt that thing to although I forget which one it was but one of the lower price circulated Channel with Johnny and Hunter and we couldn't get the one circulator to go in oil cuz we were doing that oil water test anyway I think that's either she was a problem with one of the sensors was like this is weird and it didn't didn't sense right so it would work but I'll spoil so there is a is the food going to hurt that you know and then there is the unit going to hurt the food in this can be in one of a number of ways one the material itself could be unsafe for food contact I eat poisonous or what most people worried about is oils from bearings or plastic leaching out nasty stuff into the food right that's the primary concern in the old circulators there were no be like today in the stainless steel a polyscience ones there were there was nothing in contact with the food the bearings were all up top

and it was all just a stainless steel impeller there's literally nothing but stainless steel in contacts on its take that one as they're as the baseball so they're not rated for food but the plastic I believe is food safe conversation with him but it was years ago I can't speak but I would only ever specified food grade plastic simply because why wouldn't he cost a little more but in general they know the people using it for food contact even if it's not to not going to go get the ratings for it they would make it that way anyway if there are two people with most of them are okay so back to what we were talking about I don't know what do we ask Chris Young on the juul whether or not we could both find out if you would cuz you know we sponsor to show the facts so we'll find out whether or not that one is a food web with the materials in general are food-grade there in contact with the material with the food so that's not an issue but even if it is a food grade material you have to get special certification

the factory charges you more for those certifications of food grade and finally you have to get NSF approval for it which is an actual certification which also cost tens of thousands of dollars cuz we're going through it with the centerpiece getting around us at the pool so there's that would be the difficulty in getting the NSF approval isn't solely based on the materials it's made out also Howie's in the material to use to clean so any portion of the unit that can't be disassembled and cleaned in a way that the people who are certifying or happy with means that it's not going to get NSF approval so in fact even centerpiece another example certain designed parts of the Syracuse are actually not ones that I like I hate them but I have to have them there because the factories tell me that I won't be able to get in a certification for instant unless certain parts can be broken down and wash separately so a lot of whether or not something is rated for food contact might be whether or not the NSF people said that it could be washed

that said that doesn't mean that you can't wash the stuff even if it's got like crevices it doesn't mean it's more difficult to clean out so as long as you're willing to take the time to clean it out I would feel safe serving that stuff to my family what is okay and who writes in about pork apologize for the other week for disliking sweet tea if I had known that he respected eastern North Carolina BBQ so much I would never have questioned his life of a dislike of sweet tea and for the record if you get sweetie and one of those amber colored glasses it's guaranteed to be too sweet that's were talking about those not in fact I'm staring at the most amber colored glasses thank goodness they did not serve sweet tea in this establishment although they do you like the fact you get more more lemonade for your money

and someone serving of coffee and they have this way there like they're serving the coffee and the coffee is too cold for his taste and we want a server at that temperature is like I just want my coffee hot if you're going to serve coffee at some non-standard temperature standard temperature for coffee United States is piping hot like crotch scalding McDonald's suing hot you have to be like the guys like the Brittany had to see how this happened hey I want a coffee right and then you're sure I don't know you sure you want to coffee because of coffee was served like you kind of like lukewarm to go to the whole rigmarole this is why it's hard to do anything that happened after the person has a cup of coffee does it take us to cold

yep cuz the guy that he's like I don't care where is where is the hot coffee what can I do to get coffee. Do you like coffee that's not hot back to Andrews question I live in Boston I'm unable to circulation in my apartment I miss eastern North Carolina BBQ terribly I miss going to a pig roast with one of those big oil drum grills and just pulling some meat off of a carcass what do they mean by pulling me all the parts on replicating it here I probably goes without saying that I can't cook a whole pig in my closet size kitchen but I want the spicy sweet BBQ covering my cooking slash a smoke detector if it could help but I'm not sure what the best way to do this is without endangering myself for losing my security deposit

I have a baby size oven cookie babies terrible terrible a circulator a torch a crappy coil electric stove and toaster oven if it All Began my circulator I was getting a circulator I want to use it shouldn't use any water but I'm wondering if you know enough about the specifics regulator let me know if I'm safe to use of their food so I can't remember whether it was by the Sancerre that wouldn't hurt it by doing the oils not going to hurt the unit I'm still catching up on keeping greatandhra

so what would I do so that he hears a thing so let's just get over what talk about traditional like North carolina-style pulled pork so you're supposed to do in the real world I mean like old school where you're supposed to do is chop wood burn wood down to basically Kohl's put a whole hog on a split on two on there and cook it and flipping once I think for many many many hours at a low temperature and basically you know breaking down of the college Inn's forming a nice what they call like a bar across top of a dryness around the outside then after many many hours the inside is moist and tender the outside you hack it up and you put a mixture of vinegar and cayenne pepper and regular pepper all over it and you eat it okay so

the good news about replicating this at home and in a lot of people get really bent out of shape about how to do it is it is basically almost any low cooking technique is going to get you the internal structure internal Taste of the meat to be relatively accurate so you'll find online many people doing slow cooker recipes or doink louis-style where you're wrapping the pork in aluminum foil and throwing in another what that is doing is allowing you to get the high temperatures without drying it out too much the problem is you're not going to have you're not going to have that crust on the outside so people can get around it too late now if you're going to do in a vacuum bag what you can do you know circulated the problem is you're never going to get a pulled pork texture doing low temperature you're always going to need to do a higher temperature in order for it to break down so if you even if I cook like us a short ribs are pork or pork belly for you know days and days and days so it's very soft I do it at a low temperature this structure of the meat

is never the same I doesn't render out in the same way so the structure of the meat is never the same as kind of a traditional pulled pork so what I would do is get the traditional cut the people do when they when they do a single cut and that's the Boston butt pork shoulder section now you can either you can go wet all the way but you're never going to dry out the outside of the meat and it's never going to have quite that the same thing so what you can do is you can either you can do a rub down with salt you can use a liquid smoke the good news I mean I don't but you could use like a liquid smoke the good news about North Carolina specifically eastern North Carolina BBQ smoked asked to cook and smoke but it's not smoke doesn't taste overly smoke so you're not going to require a lot of it's not like a heavy smoke smoke for a long time so you could you could put it in a low low oven look up recipes on there so you could do a combination of

foil and putting in an oven letting it come up then take the foil off and then let flash off I would do some maybe some salt beforehand and that's it so you could definitely do it do it inside but I would look up I haven't done that specific one but it's similar to the way they do a clue I can't keep talking about for next week I'm measuring alcohol and see if I can bust through this melonpan question

good morning Dave Miss Lopez David in the booth until the members that chat remind Pedro from Lisbon Portugal and I want rhyme it's so good to watch on making it home. That's what it is, however I found the recipe to to the tea and already picked him twice and both times the outer layer so this is a cookie layer was difficult to work with a being very sticky and brittle and I couldn't make a uniform where does this have to do with the butter quality as those fellows listeners from the bakery in Seattle had the problems does it but just water with salt without salt if any difference in could explain the issue I don't think so on the first time the bread dough also contains dry milk powder by the way on the first time I didn't use dry milk powder in the

I realize on the second time with dry milk to deal with lighter and more fluffy what's the role of dry milk in the bakery once again thanks to the show Pedro okay and I also love Portuguese cheese video that they shot for the cookie dough I don't know what they were doing in the video because the cookie dough they made look fine but the method they use for making it was terrible they obviously didn't cream the butter and the sugar in a few want to put you first of all take your butter out of the fridge don't bother warming it up and according to Stella Parks you know the baker who

All rights for serious eats and has her own blog and all this other stuff in fact you shouldn't ever let your bladder get above 68 when you're creaming I don't know I haven't run these tests but she swears on a 10 facts bibles if that's the case but we'll here's what I do I take the butter out of the fridge I hit it with a rolling pin turn it 90 degrees hit it with a bunch of times

KitchenAid or equivalent hopefully with a scraper blade on it with us with the butter and the sugar to whip air into it that's going to plasticize your dough I think them your main problem was that it was a kind of too dense and I wasn't uniform in structure and so it was brittle and also when it's when there's not enough hair whipped into it once you chill it because you had to chill the dough to to roll it out it's going to chill such that the outside is going to be too hard and the inside still going to be too so so uneven chilling might be an effect and the vents go is the less nice it's going to act when you're rolling it out once it's chill to cream the heck out of it will you add the eggs scrape down and whip those until they're fluffy before you're out in the flower and I think along with not over killing it killing it for a longer. Of time but not as hard I don't freezer chill it I think it's going to make a big difference on it because with more are it's going to be more plastic it's going to work better

I don't think it's your butter I don't think it's a saw I think it's strictly that if you follow the recipe the way they do or they just didn't cream the the butter for there could be properly ask for the milk powder did the function can be different depending on what's going on whether to whole milk powder or not if the whole pattern has fat in it on fat is going to tenderize but in general as long as the enzymes have been deactivated milk what usually is out also don't know whether Japanese bread baking people 101 or using uht milk has it been completely deactivated from enzymes which reduce gluten or whether or not they scalded milk before they call for lukewarm milk but the milk powder in general you get a brown version cuz the sugars are you adding extra lactose typically you get a fluffier and softer Potter can you add milk powder natural mechanism I'm not sure of any way so I hope that helps

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